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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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cameras panning around. he will have a live report of what happened coming to us. and give for joining us and welcome back to morning thank you. thursday, the first day of september. thank you for waking up with after let's start with some drizzle out there could mostly fog. >> cooler inland today but we have a good system that likes to carve itself out. that helped the fog which has been large and in charge the summer. it clears a little sooner now that is still there and there is some midst. bodega bay water 55. they were
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all the 60s a few days ago. these a little breeze. it's variable generally out of the west and southwest. 60s with a temp the upper 50s and low 60s to the east 60s 70s and 80s and below average this time of year. areas mr. south. >> 431 4:31 am. >> good morning everybody we are starting with solano county. a lot of people -- that's a cool graphic with the traffic. i like it. westbound 80 between vacaville is not a bad commutes it looks nice looks good into vallejo.
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let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza it is lights and doesn't stay this way. the our between five and six are the busiest. soon we will go from this to a lot of people. in the morning commute on to 80 on san jose looks good enough to highway 17 with no major issues. i see on the left and emergency vehicle and that leads me to believe that something is going on. we will scan chp and the police to see if there's something to be concerned with. back to the desk lamp we have breaking news. oakland police right now at the scene of a stabbing right near interstate 583 ktvu , we are on harrison street what happened? >> we are here at harrison and tricked into it one person was stabbed. taking a look at the
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scene a very fresh crime scene for this happened around 3:40 am. you can see there are police vehicles here and one ambulance. as we swing the camera around you might be able to see there is an apartment building in the intersection of harrison and moss avenue . for some reason they seem to be focused on the apartment building. we haven't had a chance to speak with the officers to find out where it happens but we have video that we shot we first arrived on scene in the video you may see as we first arrived we saw one man being loaded into a waiting ambulance. we are hearing that there were two people stopped and one person tased at the intersection of harrison and trained them to pick more than a dozen officers responding. a number of police vehicles were out here. at least half dozen we first arrived and some have left it one of the ambulances has left and we are
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looking for more details on this incident but for now what we do know is that this was an incident where two people were stopped and one taste and no word on the severity of those injuries and no word on how the person that was tased him to be taste or that person's condition. we are looking for a a lot of information and hope to have an update as soon as possible. formers danford swimmer brock turner that was convicted of sexual assaults is due to be released from jail tomorrow morning. turner will have searches half of a six month sentence. law- enforcement agencies are preparing for a big protest demonstration and turner walks out of the main jail early tomorrow. >> we expect a sizable crowd to bring attention that he spent
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just a few months in prison on the decision excuses rate and is not acceptable. that will house a law enforcement because we are hearing there's some angry protesters and we will be here keeping the peace. >> turner is expected to be released from jail sometime between >> turner is expected to be released from jail sometime between 5 and 9 am. protesters say they will have a news conference shortly after. so be a live report from the south bay in our next half hour. in fremont to similar home invasions are under investigation. in one incident there is surveillance video showing a group of armed masked man inside a home. with that from a police say this black and white surveillance video is scary. it shows five armed men waiting inside a house on program loop on sunday night for them family was at dinner with a security system a lot of the owner of the intrusion the call police and then called his neighbor
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across the street respect he says therapy in my house with guns, can you check outside? >> he watched from a second- floor window as the criminals ransacked the single-family home . the owner's wife tells fox to the man took electronics and other valuables in the made off just before police arrived. >> five guys with guns in your house i can't imagine something much worse. he did everything he could to relay information to us quickly so we can get out there that we missed the suspects only by a few seconds from truck fremont investigators said on the 60 they similar crime but around the quarter on hunter lane. there's no surveillance video the victims say between three and five armed men enter the house, one held them at gunpoint and the others ransacked the house. >> detectives say hi dollar jewelry was stolen and cash. they may -- something -- some
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think the areas being targeted. >> it's sad to think we are being targeted because we have goal. that is our lifestyle. you'll scare me from that. >> please help neighbors are more vigilant about their safety. that these broken three back patio door on the 16th they walked into an open garage door but investigators say one of the wanted men show his face possibly providing evidence that could lead to the great capture. san jose police are asking for your help to identify a burglar who broke into a home in july. they say this man got into a home on getting the avenue in north san jose for a backyard and made off with a mountain bike and contractor tools
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always more than $10,000. police believe he is about 35 years old, 5'8" tall and 180 pounds. anyone with information that leads to an arrest and conviction could be eligible for a cash report. the speculation that recent vandalism in san jose might be linked to the vandal or vandals cut down almost 50 newly planted trees. the bay area news group sesselmann splash paint on a utility box that had a colorful mural on it. this happened on august 25 new meridian avenue and dry creek road. residence think the art box vandal might be responsible for cutting down 46 trees on two other incidents. the city announced a reward for information leading to arrests. mother and daughter were convicted and resisting arrest. last year this incident was
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recorded by the body camera and the family claims the deputy through the 19-year-old girl to the ground and the mother try to play deputy offer, but the sheriff's office says deputies tried to de-escalate an alleged domestic dispute and the women were interfering. the women face up to one year in jail when they are sentenced later this month. a conviction also prevents the daughter from proceeding with an excessive force lawsuit against the deputy and the county. san francisco police are looking for two robbery suspects who shot the victim 19 times with a stun gun. it happened at fourth and bryant street around 9:30 pm monday night. police say the man and an accomplice use the stun gun and stole the 59-year-old victim's wallet. the victim was taken to the hospital with minor bruising. the police of a chronicle the victim and suspect may have known each other. the palo alto school district preparing new guidelines for how teachers should interact with students. the superintendent tells the mercury news it is a response
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to questionable behavior and crimes reported last school year. he says the guidelines could include reminders not to maintain physical distance from students and avoid interacting with students on social media and not being the only person a student talks to about personal issues. three teachers in the school district were accused of having inappropriate encounters with students during the last school year. a longtime is the organization that helps apply just making sure they are cared for in the the center is closed. center for the blind shut down yesterday because of rising costs for the facility is open back in 1942 the most recently it reached 3000 the plan provided one-on-one service to about 500 of them.>> they have respect for each person that they serve and they don't see each person as a clients. >> the center provided employment services taught
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braille and independent living skills like using computers and mobile devices. a lack of funding have forced the nonprofit to close the administrators are working with another nonprofit disability organization that will take over some services and an announcement on that is expected next week. one san francisco with a debate how to help the homeless. how the existing shelter system should be changed. motivating employees to work harder. what a new study found when cash, praise and pizza were so the options. there's been a newsroom. >> just kidding. >> the morning commute is okay right now on highway 24 as you head to the title. things looking pretty good but we expect things to change. speaking of change, economic good and looks like it will be a change to equip pattern for some inland
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welcome back. the time in a series against the cubs in chicago this evening after defeating the arizona diamondbacks four, two. first career victory at at&t park for the picture of the temperatures go and in august at 11 when at 60 losses and that was the worst month of the season for the giants are a game and a half back national league west. the a's will begin a series against the boston red sox may return to oakland tomorrow night with the athletics loss to the astros four, for yesterday in houston to wrap up a rough road trip. the astros scored three runs and an eight inning rally to get houston the sweep and the a's fell from fourth place to last and american league west
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since he last played in oakland. >> the raiders playing oakland, the final game of the preseason and why many other teams are scribbling, the raiders roster we feasted at -- appears to be set. the quarterback will play tonight. last year coach so real that all of the stars sit out the final preseason game. to forget you can see the raiders game -- at starts at 7:00 pm tonight. what motivates people to work harder? according to a new study it is not cash. it is praise and pizza. >> a professor at duke university conducted an experiment on groups of workers at a factory in israel. one group was promised a $30 bonus at the end of the week and the second group is offered pizza. the third group was promised a
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well-done text message from the box and a fourth group is offered nothing. at the end of the week the group received the text message and increase productivity the most and they were closely followed by the pizza group. >> the control group came in third in the group that got the cold hard cash came in dead last. >> praises night and pizza is great. i prefer cash. >> you don't mind coming in last. was the introduction? >> yes. you are watching something right now. >> i am watching my maps. good morning to you. that was awkward. it is thursday and we should have our stuff done by now. i'm taking the responsibility for that. onto the altamont pass it will be slow for the commutes.
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we already have stop and go traffic coming through. there are no major issues as you drive through the area of the traffic is going to be slow. it is down to about 10 to 15 miles an hour in some places already. please give yourself any extra time. also on the toll plaza still not too crowded it is amazing how it can be silverlight now and about half hour from now we will see a bunch of traffic. this morning if driving in the east bay you will see traffic is moving. we are off to a good start and hopefully it will stay nice and quiet on the traffic. >> you and i have a data. >> tropical storm madeleine
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describes the south coast of the island the a lot of rain and wind gusts up to 45. it did exactly what we thought it would, curved south. not a direct hit from a hurricane since 1949. there've been many tropical storms but no hurricane. madeleine is leaving out of the chair. there is the track. lester looks like it will go more northerly. that could impact the rain. we'll keep you updated. it is quite for us more and hansen on the fog bank. september 1 study like august not as big the fog is there in the drizzle. storms trying to fire up in big boomers in arizona but not much moisture
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creeping up but quiet lately. vacaville, travis, concorde in oakland airport says north analysis [ null ] 50s and 60s on your temperatures the peninsula temperature so -- low 50%. warmer degrees on the peninsula. 60s and 70s and 80s on a temperatures. these are slightly below average . concorde and livermore should be close eight of -- 85. san francisco should be about 70. about the same tomorrow and little warm-up inland but then cooler and i think you will notice. on saturday into sunday morning . a little couple in the air.>> that's unusual for labor day weekend. >> into next week my keyboard. >> i like to stay a little more
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through october. >> not like the state needs rain. >> okay i will be selfish. >> it's been better. 4:50 am. one of the naked donald trump sectors will be auctioned off. who will receive the proceeds? learning to design a videogame and set of spending hours playing one for the special class teaching some students how to code.
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i haven't seen a movie based on a comic book in so long. i know. we're over here internet people! get high speed internet from at&t. with over 99% reliability. at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm, you internet's on.
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welcome back. at&t is showing how drones can improve mobile phone service in the middle of a thinkpad. during yesterday's giant game giants game the drone team operating a drone 700 miles away in the football stadium in washington state university in seattle. even with thousands of people using multiple devices at the game, at&t was able to use the same communications equipment to fly the drone. the goal, clear connections, less interference and fewer slowdowns for the customers. >> to the speed that they seek some of the downloads and uploads. they can stream and do anything they want. >> at&t says with drone technology that can measure that
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signal strength customers gets in one day. said having teams of walking technicians to it in five days. >> and extracurricular program in south san francisco as young children learning to code instead of playing video games after school the kids are designing them. as lee martinez tells us the special classes on by google. >> most children's stories began with once upon a time but not this one. this kid story begins when school lets out. >> eighth-grader sarah wong does not go home. my mom have to work. >> she is eager to sit back down for another class. i enjoy coding more than school. she is more than a dozen students putting their stories. this summer google teamed up
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with americorps volunteers to develop recruiting class at the south san francisco boys and girls club. they are using their imaginations to create animated worlds. we make rain fall from the sky. >> i want a career i can be created expect an opportunity many do not have in school. >> parents had to replace whatever the elective is with special at the you can have an elective like that. >> is 40% more than -- 1 students to the camp and it was so popular classes expanded into the school year. some of these children began the class not knowing how to use a mouse. now they know advanced math. >> by the time they get to fifth and sixth grade and learning they are ahead of the curve. >> man dominates the tech industry that here, girls make
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up 40% of the coding class. >> i recommend girls do it more because if it is just boys doing it is not fun anymore. >> sarah thinks storytelling with codes can one day help fight her way to success. the courses are so popular the volunteers want to put them in two more sites in san francisco. they have a gofundme page set up to fund raise for 20 more books to get them off the ground. donald trump delivered his much-anticipated speech on immigration reform. what he says he will do on his first day in office if he is elected the truck what apple ceo tim cook is saying this morning about a european position that they are billions of dollars in back taxes. we are looking at a morning commute that does not look too bad for you can see westbound bay bridge traffic moving along
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nicely coming into san francisco. struct that fog bank is moving along nicely. it has been ramped up a pitch which result that will take a look at the cooler temperatures.
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two people stabbed one in
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custody. we will give you the latest . you can not obtain legal status or become a citizen of the united states by illegally entering our country . >> that's all . >> donald trump delivered his much anticipated address on immigration reform -- a 10 point proposal that he laid out as warnings on fox2 continue . >> good morning. if you are just joining us figure for waking up with us. it is thursday with us. it is thursday, september 1 i'm pam cook and i've dave clark. he also knows everything you know about weather . >> just a little bit of wind chill out there. >> did you go berkeley? >> yes . >> all right let's get to it. we have a bigger fog bank about 20 minutes ago sal and i were messing around. imagine that? we did a little raw thing.
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markets anderson -- market -- mark anderson wrote me and said he thought i was doing something from a sense of a woman . >> thunderstorm activity in arizona ever since i left has been nonstop. this from ht taylor. welcome to the show . >> look at that. something over the edge. monsoon has been going bonkers since the end of july and continues. tucson arizona still getting thunderstorms this morning. it is trying a little bit in the sierra's. you can see some popping up. fog is there. a little drizzle. gusts to 30 miles an hour. 50s, 60s on your temperatures.


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