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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  September 1, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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structures, he does so without any climbing equipment, usually police are waiting for him at the very top. this morning, more san francisco police officers are receiving body cameras. we are live where the equipment is being rolled out. and donald trump delivers his address on immigration reform. we are talking hits and miss. plus, all eyes on colin kaepernick for tonight 's game. what is happening in san diego as the team is going to take on the chargers. all right, the song is called holiday and maybe you are say nothing to work today and are starting that long holiday weekend early. levi stadium in the distance there. welcome to the 9, the 49 ers are in the playing at home, but
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instead down in san diego. the spotlight is on colin kaepernick tonight, is he going skit for the anthem? >> raiders play on ktvu tonight. yes, and donald trump is talking about his visit to mexico and his policy speech last night. but firs, we start this morning- -but first, we start this morning in san francisco where more police officerrers are getting body cameras. >> yes, and we are live at the station where the body camera demonstration will be taking place. tera. >> reporter: that is right, we are here at the edge the sight station, and here to the right, a lot of people are here, we are gate getting ready for the- -we are getting ready for the press conference. joining me right now is mike, thank you so much for being with always this morning. --with us this morning. somewhat going to happen? only a certain amount of people are getting the cameras. >> so we are in the process of
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rolling out the body cameras, we have already completed training and today we are here is this week, the officers here are getting the training, and receiving their cameras. and then roughly once every week from here on out, another station will bed ad. so next week, we--will bed ad. so next week we may be at mission station. it takes time to train the officers, 100 officers, about, per station. and other officers around the city are going do be-- >> sorry, it looks like we may have lost tera, tera, we would love for you to come back. the san francisco police are rolling out the bod cincinnati worn cameras. --body worn cameras. san francisco still does not have a police chief. >> yes. >> yes and yesterday was the deadline to apply for the open position. and now joining us live is the san fran police commissioner,
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dr. joe marshal. welcome back. >> yes, i am back. >> how many candidates? >> well, i don't know. we will get the actual numbers at meteorologisting on september--at the meeting on september 7th. there may be a press release before that, but that has not been firmed up. but on the 7th, we will get information about how many candidates. >> one of the main focuses here is someone from within the department or someone from outside with fresh eyeglass we have heard both, again, i have heard both from community members and--fresh eyes. >> we have heard both, again, i have heard both from community members and us aers. >> in order to safe time, i
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know san francisco, being a native, maybe a percentage of the people will be candidates, they are clearly not qualified. are they just immediately ruled out. people who are doing it for the media attention. can we just x them out? >> well, we are going vet everybody and you know, we have to get down to three namings. so yes, people will be weeded out and i think the cream will rise to the top. >> it is three? >> it could actually be three to five. >> so what is the number one thing that people are saying in the forums? >> well, it is a number of things. >> what is the number one in. >> it is marched to say--numb we are bun? >> --number one? >> it is hard to say number one. season that knows--someone that knows san francisco. they want to see reform go
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forward. they want a communicator and someone someone that is fair. >> we talked about the fact that the acting police chief has said he wants the job permanently. and he lives in the east bay and he plans to stay in the east bay if he got that job. how important is it that the chief of police of san francisco live in the san francisco? >> well, is there a law that says you do not have to live in the city that you are chief of. they can 23409 require you to- -they cannot require you to live in the city, you have to live in the area. i just want the best person, i have said that all along, i think the commission wants the best person. you know, where they live, live in san francisco, it will be a factor, but i don't know the determining factor. >> and this new chief is going the be looked at, are you going to build in more things with the commission to watch whoever
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that person is? >> i am sure we will. i don't know if we will have anything forpal on paper. --formal on paper. but we want to move forward: and whoever becomes the new chief, we are going watch them. because you know, we put the person out there, we want the person to do well. >> is september 7th is your next meeting. >> yes. >> and you will get the names and information. >> yes. >> when do you think you will have the list this. >> well, the--list? >> well, the 14th is when we start the closed door sessions. so i will not see you forker a while. >> well, you will not tell us anything. >> i know having done this a couple of times, it take as while, we want to bid everybody, so i can not give you the exact date. i am hoping two, three months. >> november 1, we will have a new police chief?
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>> maybe. >> thank you. happening today, across the bay, oakland is hosting the first in a series of community meetings for input on theirfection police chief. tonight, one of two meetings is aimed at hearing from young people. open plans to screen candidates in november and pick a chief by the end of the year so that person can start in 2017. now tonight 's youth community forum is at 5:00 p.m. at high school. now to the presidential race, donald trump did not soften his stance on immigration in a speech last night to supporters in phoenix, arizona. >> you cannot obtain legal status, or become a citizen of the united states by illegally entering our country. >> trump laid out a 10 point plan, saying he would hire 5000 more border patrol asubsequents and cut federal funding to
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sanctuary cities like san francisco and once again, he promised to build the wall between the united states and mexico and that mexico would pay for it. >> we there build a great wall along the southern border. >> before his speech in arizona, trump traveled to mexico where he met with mexico president. trump said that they talked about the wall, but not who was going to pay for it. but shortly after the the meeting, the mexican president said that they will not pay for a wall. >> and now joe is here, so no am city, building a--am natomas city, building the wall, and deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants in the u.s. did he win any new support? >> with the speech? >> yes. >> no, but he got points, he has now management and they
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coordinated a news spectacle, if you would like with the trip to mexico and it is a large country, and even if you, you know, there was not a lot of things discussed, the visual re- enforced a pose sieve, the- -positive, the knock that he does not look presidential. he came back, though, and of course, he spoke in a different way outside of mexico. >> two different donald trumps that we saw. >> yes, but when you are in politics, when you are with people that you are knocking, you are always polite to your face and then you speak to the base in a different way, and he did that. this is obviously the issue for him. and now people are going to run with it. some of the things will resinate. the points you mentioned are troubling, though, and it is worries a lot of people. there are cities, like sanctuary cities, like the one
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that we are broadcasting from right now, they are maybe at a risk of losing federal funding. >> and how it is going affect san francisco, for example? >> well, san francisco is a city and a county at the same time. so they have other means. but i think any city that is a sanctuary city is likely to fight back on this and push back on this. >> joe, one of the most troubling things that he said, according to people on twitter is that people who are living here would not be able to get any sort of am natomas city, they would have to leave the country and then come back in. what is this going to do to people who are motivated to vote against donald trump? >> well, it is maybe going to square a lot of people who are here illegally. but i think they are already scared. >> and now he actually said it again. >> yes, he said this before.
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there are some questions, though, that you have to address in all of this. he wants to go after the people he called criminallings. last night he claimed that 2 million people here are criminals. i don't know what constitutes a criminal near, it is not paying a parking fine, or did you steal something. it is the same thing as someone accused of being a murderer? also, how are you going to find them? they are not going to come forward. so it is easy to sort of say the things. and last night, for me, one of the other things is the first amendment, first, it was troubling, the vetting that he promised to do. and he said it would be an extreme vetting and we will get the right people in there. and you didn't know what he was talking about there. but it also suggested lie detector tests and do you share our values? well, he was on the stage by a lot of white, blond people. is that the community that he
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was talking about. >> the speech was in arizona, really quick, before we let you go, can hillary clinton win arizona? her husband won it in 1996. it as been largely republican. >> it will be a challenge for her there, because in arizona, they seem to like trump 's message. >> this particular message? >> yes, and one of the key factors is jon mckane. he has said--mccane, he is going to support the republican nominee. and mckane, by the way, he has a primary and then he has to try a win a reelection. and it can be a big vote in terms of what happens to hillary and donald trump as well. >> it is getting closer. thank you, joe. coming up next on mornings on 2, tonight the 49ers play their first game since colin kaepernick 's protest became public.
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stocks are dopping this morning, the dow jones is down more than 60 points. and the nasdaq is flat. we will keep our eye on stocks throughout the session and have the latest numbers for you through the morning. right now, new information on that breaking news out of florida. a powerful explosion rocked a space x launch site a few hours ago. video of the blast coming from a fresco user. we have learned that the satellite was going the be used by facebook as part of their effort to provide internet service to remote parts of africa. the pictures here, and the video as well, posted on social media now. it happened next to nasa 's kennedy space center. the launch pad is usually
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cleared before any firing of a rocket, which are unmanned. no word on what caused that blast this morning. it is a set back for space x, they are led by the founder of teas tesla. and no--tesla. and now an update on the support of colin kaepernick. >> a group of demonstrators protested. it included a group of people who vote wrote a letter--who wrote a letter to the nfl saying that law enforcement should not be claimed for the society problems, including the racial divide in the united states. >> all they see is someone who is being defiant. he is not being defiant. he is bringing awareness to the situation and the reality is that we do not all equally
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experience the country the same way. >> the police officers association released a statement saying if part, that the members are committed to fighting racism in all of its forms. >> and tonight, colin kaepernick will be in a huge spotlight against the chargers, down in san diego, he plans to remain seated during the national anthem, which will be sung by an u.s. navy petty officer, as part of the salute to the military celebration. some fans are twitter are planning to boo colin kaepernick. and we are going to san diego for the game, we will get live reports on the 4 on 2. and the boings, directed to colin kaepernick. i wonder if they are going to start, during the warm ups. >> they are not going to boo the anthem, because its will sound like that. but then i think the boos will come out. >> well, san diego, as we all
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though, it is a military town, if you will. and we have have seen the veterans for kaepernick on social media. and colin kaepernick said i am not against members of the military, i am wondering if some will stand up, and you foe know,--and you know. salute his freedom---and you know, salute his freedom. >> i am interested to see how he plays. because he has been right. >> right, there is that. >> he is with the first team tonight, blaine gabbert is not playing tonight. an if he plays well, then he plays well and the 49ers, i think are leaning towards keeping him any way. >> or he could get cut, even if he plays well. >> well, i was going to say, you know, is his mind on the game, is his mind on the first few minute, you know, what are
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you thinkingn't about? >> oh--thinking about? >> well, who knows. and the raiders are also playing tonight. it is the final reseason game for the raiders. and while many of the other teams are scrambling, the raiders roster, well, it appears to be set. we don't know if quarterback derek carr will play to want. last year all of the starters sat out--sat out the final game. >> and the game is on tonight at 7:00 p.m. again, we will be keeping, we will be keeping an eye on both of the games. all right, cop coming up- -coming up next, a the lengths that--the lengths that firefighters and officers went to save two girls. and while the timing was so hard for fist responders. >> and more--for first
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responders. >> and new trouble for anthony weiner.
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we are learning more about the tragic car crash that took the lyes of two young--the lives of two young sisters. they were killed when a car donald trump by their mother ran off the road and land the into the river. chp reports that the mother did not have a driver 's license. and her 9-year-old daughter and her 7-year-old daughter were belted into their seats when the car went into the water. they are now trying to determine what caused the deadly crash. >> at least one witness is saying maybe too that need speed was involved, anally the bit of--saying that maybe speed was involved. maybe a little bit of weaving. >> the chp says that hernandez passed the breathalyzer test at the crash scene. the chp is now looking for more
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witnesses. >> and this came just a week after a similar one in jenner .n that crash, a 4-year-old and her 6-year-old sister died when their mother went off the road. and into the russian--road and into the russian river. a funeral for the girls was held yesterday. they were boweried at the calgary catholic cemetery. is there now a report that child welfare officials are investigating anthony weiner after he allegedly sent a photo that showed his young son lying in bed next to him. and now according to the new york post, workers with the administration for children 's services showed up for a quote, home visit, to check on the welfare of the 4-year-old son of weiner and his wife. earlier this week, his wife announced that he was separated from weiner after his latest texting scandal. he resigned from his congress
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seat in 2012 after he sent possessages and photos to women online. flames from the so called blue cut fire are now out and problems getting worse for the people if san bernardino county. it destroyed more than 37,000- acres last month. most of the people realized that they had had last everything. that fire as forced some of the families to sleep in tents or set in mattresses in areas where the homes once were. >> is the fire is not--the fire is not over for us, especially the people that lost their houses. >> i don't have an id or social security card, nothing. >> i lost my tractor trailer, my volkswagen, you can not take a shower, no power, no watter. >> governor brown that has--no water. >> governor brown has declared a state of emergency and it is
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not a federal disaster. you need to watch out for phone scammertists who are out- -cam artists--scammertists who are--scam artists who are out there to get your money. a con artist may call telling a resident there is a warrant out for their arrest and they can make a payment to avoid going to jail. >> yes, and callers are also claiming to be a police officer saying there is a problem if the person 's social security number. >> you just need to hang up and then call the real da 's always or the real social security- -office or the real social security. >> and they do tend to pray on the elderly. i worry about my parents. i am saying we are okay, but we need to pass on the message. coming up next, learning the design of video games instead of playing one. a special class teaching students how to code.
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>> and northern california blood banks are concerned about the upcoming labor day weekend because of
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orb our weather could be- -our weather could be cloudy, it is foggy now. >> yes, and you have been talking about tropical storm in floss. they have not--in florida. they have not had a hurricane since 2005. yes, and it looks like hermine is going to become a hurricane. this is national weather service, showing tropical storm hermine in the gulf, the gulf is very warm water. and now it looks like by tonight, north of tampa, but it
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is going right across the panhandle and there are some four to eight inch projection of rain, maybe up to ten. and this is the first hurricane for them since 2005. for us, a big fall like system is coming in over the weekend. a west er i will breeze at 20- -a westerly breeze at 20. oakland, gusts at 20 miles per hour. low clouds made a good push. brentwood, still in the 70s. so we are running about two to four degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. so the temperatures are 60s, 70s, a lot of mist and drizzle this morning as well. and i tonight think it is going the any where--and i don't think it is going any where any time soon. a system out of alaska is going to clip northern california. so going up to tahoe, truckee, it is going the be cool, breezy, maybe cold, maybe an isolated shower or two. 60s and 70s for us, we will
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cool down heading to the holiday weekend. and monday is looking better. >> all right, steve, thank you, right now, we are a day--thank you. right now, we are a day away from the release of brock turner. >> yes, he served three months of a six month sen vis. >> and al--month sentence. >> and now alex savidge is live with more. alex. >> reporter: well, good morning to you guys, we know about the national attention that this case has garnered and the outrange and that is why ebbing- -outrage and that why extra security will be here. brock turner is going to wac out of the doors--walk out of the doors this tomorrow morning- -doors tomorrow morning around this time. they will be setting up barriers here, they are here to the left. they are going to lead them down the street to try to control the crowds and have extra deputies on hand here to
9:31 am
make sure that everything remains peatsful of the the sheriff's office has no reason to believe that the protestors will be not be peaceful, we need to point that out. the former stanford student was sentenced to just six months in jail for sexual assault. turner only had to serve half of the sentence. the judge, who handed down the sentence, is facing a recall effort right now. the santa clara county sheriff says that brock turner is not going get any special treatment when he is set free. it has. >> we are actually--etset free. >> we are actually anticipating a lot of people. and he is leaving the jail just like everyone else does, through the doors here, at a normal release time. >> reporter: once he is let out, turner will be serving his three years of probation in ohio, his home state. he will be require today register as a--required to
9:32 am
register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. and now turner has been in protective custody, about a third of all of the inmates here will r in a protective custody. --inmates here are in a protective custody. it is happening between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we don't know the exact time of turner's release, but okay, we will be on hand here. back to you guys. >> all right, alex savidge reporting live. we are following breaking news, a car has reportedly rolled over and crashed into a building just as after i-80,- -just off of i-80. this is a map of the area where it happened, on tennessee street, near i-80. not clear exact layaway happened, but firefighters- -contactually what happened but firefighters say that a person may have blood pressure ejected from--may have been ejected
9:33 am
from the car and they just ordered a helicopter air ambulance, we have a crew on the way to the location and we will update you with details as we get them. and also just in, we are learning that a police officer was hurt while responding to an early morning stabbing in oakland. this happened on harrison street near moss avenue. we brought you live coverage of this when it broke. and now we are hearing that the officer got minor injuries. one victim is in serious condition, the other is in stable condition. officer was also taken to the hospital, is expect today become .o the--expected to okay. a lot is happening and the bay today--around the bay today. and now here is dave clark in the news room with more. all right, gasia, thank you. a report by the san francisco controllers office suggests that the city might want to shift resources to better help the homeless. a survey found that 45 pa
9:34 am
hundred-can be that 3 pa--found that 3500 people lived on streets last year instead of shelters. and the and a half investigation centers have more- -and the navigation centers have more relaxed rules and they provide social services and emphasize helping people get into housing. this report says that the city 's shelters need to incorporate elements of the navigation centers to better help the homeless. well, apple 's ceo, tim cook expects that they are going to fight ireland. the commission said that ireland gave company an un- mills [ indiscernible ] mills gave the pawn and--gave the company an unfair tax break. they have put the money into an escrow account. and police in fremont are hoping that video will help them capture a group of men
9:35 am
that broke into a home. the police are saying is scary. you see five armed men, waiting inside of a house on pilgrim loop sunday night, apparently, hoping the residents could come home. but the family was out at dinner. their security system alerted them of people in the house. they called the police and they called their neighbor. >> and he says, you know, there are people in my house with guns, and something like to that effect. and can you check outside. >> now, the thieves left before the police got there. they did steal electronics and other valuables. last important there was a similar crime. people are worried that the community is now being targeted. those are just some of the morning headlines. thank you, dave. this morning, a report about hiv in san francisco is offering mixed news about the aids problem there in the city. the annual report shows the new
9:36 am
infests are continuing- -infections are continuing to drop. the rate dropped 17% from from 2014--from 120 2-0 14 to--from 2014 to last year. and black women have the highest rate among all women. and a shipping company out of south korea has failed for bankruptcy. there are reports that creditors will the ships--will seize the ships. and this is concerning retailors ahead of the holiday season. and as we approach the labor day weekend, the northern california blood bangs are pleading for--banks are pleading for donations. >> yes, the reserves have been down nearly 10%. >> and now we are joined now by nicole anderson. thank you for coming in. appreciate the time. we were just chatting in the
9:37 am
break, i could not tell you the last time i donated blood, which is bad of me. sal, it had been a wile. gasia has been better. why do not people not do it and why do we have the shortage right now? >> people the get busy--people get busy, it is ease to do and it is critical that we remember that volunteer blood donations are really what makes your blood supply, both in this community. >> especially in the summer months, people are gone, do you notice that donations are down in the summer months? >> yes, people are on vacation, graduations, weddings, and you usually see a decline over the summer months. and in this particular summer, we have seen an increase in usage in the local hospital. so we have combined a decline for the summerrer months with- -summer months with more use in
9:38 am
the hospital customers. >> i think some people are afraid. they don't know what it is like. you feel different afterwards, how do you feel if. >> it is a relatively easy thing. --feel? >> it is a roll livety ease--a relatively easy thing. the process takes 10-15 minutes, and then you get the added benefit at the end of the juice and snacks. >> yes, i had the cheese its. and we had a mobile blood bank, they came here not long ago and they came to us, i think the tough part is to get everybody lisping to actually go- -listening to actually go to the blood bank: and blood had a shelf life of 42 days. >> yes, and that is why we always have a need. donors are--donors are always asked, you may have gotten the phone call before. and is there a need, every few
9:39 am
seconds a blood transfusion happens across the united states. and it is important that the donor community continuings to donate. >> mills [ indiscernible ] mills continues to donate. >> i--continues to donate. >> i just did a story about serious accidents happening over labor day, is that why you are nervous about this weekend? >> yes, the usage was up over the summer and it is critical that people come in to make sure that we have the supply that we need. >> and how many donors a day does it take to maintain that blood supply at hospitals just here in the bay area? >> yes, in the local community, it is about 600 a day. >> and what happens if you run out? >> luckily there is a community across the united states.
9:40 am
>> how do the hospitals get, you know, if is there a serious blood need at a hospital, how do you get the blood to them? >> well, there is blood on the shelf now. and it is the blood on the shelves today to really save a life. >> and appoint can save how many--and a pint can save how many lives? up to three. coming up next--lives? >> up to three. coming up next, a football player turns a great day into a middle school student. what made that student the talk of the school. >> and mike, today is the start of california wine month. >> oh, chef laura lee is right there. >> yes, he might sample the wine, we will talk about special events and pairings. take one of those pillows and take a big smell.
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a program in south san francisco has young children learning how to code. >> yes, instead of playing video games after school, the children are designing them. as leigh martinez tells us, the special class is put on by google. >> reporter: most children stories begin with once upon a time, but not this story. >> x is negative 26. >> reporter: this kid story begins when school lets out. this eighth grader does not go home. >> because my mom has to work. >> reporter: but chasseing tore sit back down for another class- -but she is eager to sit back down for another class. >> i like coding more than school. >> reporter: sarah is one of dozens of elementary and middle school students coding their own animated stories. this summer, google teamed up with volunteers to develop a coding class at the south san
9:44 am
francisco boys and girls club. they are using their imaginations to create worlds. >> we are also learning how to make rain tall from the sky- -fall from the skies. >> reporter: and a chance that many of them do not have in school. >> if you are in special declass, you have to replace your elective so you cannot have and elective like coding. >> [ inaudible - low volume ] and so we are trying to get kids do what they need. >> reporter: 120 children took the summer coding camp and it was popular and classes expanded into the school year. some of the children began the class not knowing how to use a mouse. now they know advanced math. >> by the time, you know, they get to fifth grade, sixth grade, and they are actually learning it, they are a little by ahead, too. >> reporter: currently, men dominate the silicone valley
9:45 am
tech industry, but here, the girls are 40% of the class. >> if it is just boys doing it, then like it is not fun anymore. >> reporter: and sarah thinks that story telling with codes-k one day help--codes can one day help her write her way to success. and the sol un-veers want to put them in go more--that the volunteers want to put them in two more sites. leigh martinez, ktvu forks 2 news. today is the beginning of california wine month. wine rips is having special tastings, festivals, and food and wine pairings, for more on that, we head over to mike. >> oh, yes, i know you are the chef in house here, but i just had to take the segment over. i am joined by chef laura lee.
9:46 am
welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> i love it. tell me where i can help you out. >> well, we have a fall hares sal did. beets--a fresh harvest sal dad, beets, and mixed grains. so you are going to get the local honey going. >> how much? >> oh, as much as you can get out there. >> and you is a lot of events going on--a lot of events going on. >> yes a lot of blends. >> the vinegar? >> yes, the well thing. >> i made spaghetti last night, you would be proud. >> and just a little bit of the bacon fat because we can and it is great.
9:47 am
>> it is healthy? >> oh, a little bit is okay. it adds a nice flavor. >> is that a flash? >> and you know,--is that a splash? >> that is great. and you know, fat is fat. and so this is so easy, it is just put it in a bowl, mix it together, and then toss that with the greens. >> when do we get to drink the wines? >> oh, we can grade places- -trade places. >> do you feel like you get phone calls and you are so blessed to be in california, because of not on the the wine. >> yes, but the--not only because of the wine. >> but the food, yes, we have everything here. >> and what did i just pop? >> that is roae, reallier-
9:48 am
-orse, real--rose, really nice for this salad. >> and now i am going to add cheese and the bacon. >> and when you are putting together a menu, are you thinking about wine? >> i am, actually, you always think about the wine first. so if i know what wine i want to drink, then i will try to decide what is going to pair well with that and that is how we decided to feature this row say. and then--rose. and we want to do a dallas mavericks lad that is real--to do a salad that is really light and crisp. but the cheese is going to help really, oh, help with the mouth feel of this. and the smoky bacon, i mean, you cannot go wrong. >> so for some of the events this important, it is all about pairing. >> oh-this month, it is all about pairing. >> yes, harvest, pairing, cheers. thank you. >> i will serve this up?
9:49 am
and the people at--this up. >> and the people at home can get involved, right? >> yes, activities in tasting rooms and actually in the vineyards and it is all over. >> yes, it is all over. and let 's not forget about the east bay, and livermore, they have great wines, all over the bay area. >> yes, and they all have great activities, you can find information object them online at--about them online. you will have recipes like this as well as a list of all of the activities going on. so if you are traveling, i am sure there are is great wine being made and a lot of great activities. >> thank you for coming. in a great salad that we made. we, not just me, we. more information at for all of the events that we have been talking about, you can also find it on our ktvu
9:50 am
mobile app. one more cheers for the road. >> cheers. >> thanks for coming in. we will be right back after the break. eak.
9:51 am
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bart says that the trains will be quieter soon. >> who does mott know that noise? riders--who does not know that
9:53 am
noise? riders are used to it and it can cause hearing damage. the exposure can hurt your hearing. we recorded bart noise levels at about 15 december bibles higher--noises than it should be. >> i want to stick my hands in my ears. >> yes, my kids do that. and all talking stops. the engineers say that the reason is just overtime the rails become uneven and when the wheels go across, it causes that speaking. bart says over the next six months, they will start reshaping the wheels and grinding down the tracks. all right, the giants have start a big series against the cubs in chicago tonight. and yesterday, the pipper, matt moore, chuck--the pitcher, matt moore, struck out five batters. the giants had their worst
9:54 am
month of the season in august. game two, so frustrating because the rockies gave up that grand slam with two outs in the ninth. i gave gasia the low down yesterday. >> yes,. >> and now we are a game and a half. >> i almost threw something at the tv watching the dodgers, rockies game. >> and the a 's will play tomorrow night. they lost in houston yesterday to wrap up a rough road trip. they scored three runs in an eight inning rally to give houston the series sweep. the as have fallen two fourth place to last in the american league west. and now to florida, where a little boy who usually ate his school lunch alone is popular after a florida state football player sat down to eat lunch with him. this happened when a number of players visited the psychology at lunchtime and--the school at
9:55 am
lunchtime. and beau was eating all by himself. >> i saw him by himself and i was like can i eat with you and he was like sure, why not. he just wanted off having a talk, you know, we had a great conversation and he is a great kid. because honestly, he is a cool person. enter florida state university, by the way--florida state university invited beau and his mom to a team dinner. and now a donald trump statue will be sold in auction next month. some of the money is going to the national immigration forum on immigrants rights group. the statue popped up last month in san francisco, los angeles, seattle, cleveland, and new york. this is video of the one in san francisco. the auction estimates it is worth between $10,000 and $20,000. the san francisco statue is still being held by the police. all right, what motivates people to work harder at the
9:56 am
office? well, it is not cash, it is praise and pizza. a professor did an experiment, one group got a foe bonus at the end of the week, the second group got pizza, the third group, a text message and then the fourth group, nothing. the group that got the text message got the most and then the group that got pizza came in second. the group that got the cash actually came in last. >> yes, i know, we made this the question of the day today. what motivates you? a ton of responses. this woman said i am old school, praise in a text message is lame. like tweeting i love you, praise in person, or just give me the pizza. >> and lisa tweeted me saying nothing says love--nothing says love lick cash --love like cash. >> yes, and i also got cash and
9:57 am
then a sweet tweet with a lot of--and then a tweet with a lot of dollar signs. >> yes, and another is sayingly take money and leave early on fridays, a little extra time off. >> one says that my children is all of the motivation i need. >> and another says when i have to work holidays, there had better be a bbq. >> well, you had wine and salad. >> thanks for joining us, join us back here at noon.
9:58 am
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it's hot topics week on the wendy williams show. >> wendy: how you doiu do you d? . you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all hot topics all hour long all week. i take it straight no chaser. >> here's wendy! >> wendy: thank you for watching.


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