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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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it is about 4:30 am on this monday morning, and we are looking live at the beautiful bay bridge, and it is chilly and breezy. be ready, and wake up with some coffee. good morning and thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 on this monday morning, september 12, and i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook. at 4:30 am this morning, steve, what is it like out there? >> cloudy. this system coming over the land, but not a lot of moisture. we will keep an eye out. your football forecast, partly cloudy, cool and breezy, a northwest breeze kicking in for the rams and 49ers tonight. low clouds and plenty to go around, and with this dry air
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coming in it is rather robust this morning. 24 wind gusts already at travis, east bay mid-50s for about everybody. brentwood, concord, 55, storm activity popping up a little bit south of tahoe in truckee, and that will ramp up tomorrow. this low settling in close around the bay area, sacramento valley, and the sierra. to date is the breeze in the cooler temperatures, 60s and 70s. good morning. looking at a commute right now that does not look bad. we will start in solano county, and if you're driving from vacaville or fairfield, the drive through vallejo is not a bad commute where traffic looking pretty good. no major problems, about 35
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minutes now between vacaville in vallejo, a 20 may -- a 28 mile trip. it will take longer later in the morning but right now it looks pretty good through that area as you make the split toured the cordelia junction. looking at the live pictures on highway 4 westbound, looks like a good start. we have clouds, and a lot of times we cannot see the pictures, but it is clear this morning, and i can see all the way out to pittsburg from this picture. not a bad drive into san francisco. the investigators on the national transportation safety board will be at the scene of the deadly plane crash in reno last night. three people died when the piper cherokee plane crashed in
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the parking lot at the reno international airport. the single-engine plane crashed after taking off, all three in the plane were killed. there is still no word on what caused that crash. it is the start of rager season for the 49ers and chip kelly, and the 49ers a two wins, two losses in the preseason, and the 49ers will host the rams tonight at the levi's stadium we kickoff at 7:20 pm. many fans will be watching to see if more players are joining colin kaepernick in his ongoing protest during the national anthem. >> reporter: over the weekend there were several other players that did join in, a protest over racial inequality, and it appears to be gaining momentum. we had our cameras at the sports bars on the sunday game to watch the fans reactions as
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more teams decided to protest during the national anthem. as it played before the game between the seahawks and dolphins, the seahawks players locked arms and four dolphins took a knee. the kansas city she -- kansas city chief players also linked arms. colin kaepernick refusing to stand in protest of the police brutality.>> i think it is good that athletes come together to support a cause. it affects everybody, not just athletes. the more it is out there, the more people will talk about it, the more conscious people are we can start doing something.>> reporter: the kaepernick protest has sparked the top between the police officers working security, and while the association feels they are
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ignore -- ignoring the concerns, we are told by the police that tonight they will be adequately staffed, and they will have business as usual. tonight's game is a bit of a homecoming for the newest ram, jared goff, quarterback with a record-breaking college career at cal, the number one draft pick. he will not be in the rams uniform, jeff fisher is keeping him off of the field tonight, and he says that he is looking at the long-term career in the nfl and the transition from college to the pros is a learning process.>> there is definitely learning involved, i've enjoyed this. i try to soak it all in. i tried to master what i can do
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mentally.>> jared goff is expected to become the face of the franchise now the rams have moved back to la, and his jersey is a big seller in california. jared goff says he expects to play against san francisco many times, and he says watching the game will help him and later match ups. after beating the new orleans saints, 35-34, the raiders scored 22 in the first quarter, including this 35 yard touchdown run, the first ever nfl carry, and they tied the game with eight minutes left. the saints took the lead back and in the raiders answered again, and instead of going for the tie, they called for a two point conversion, and they found crabtree in the end zone, and the kicker going for the 41
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yard field goal, it was a mess and they would have won the game. we have more on the raiders start to the season. >> they talked about learning how to close the games out, figuring out how to win after trailing by more than 14 points and one of the most hostile environments in the entire nfl.>> i think we are developing the skill, and being able to do this as an organization and the team. the readiness to say we will keep coming all day. we came here to win, and that is what we are all about. >> winning a game like this could be a springboard as the team progresses, and jack del rio never wavered ongoing for two rather than playing for overtime. >> i let them know hardly that when we go for the score we would go for two to win it
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right here. >> the coach gives us so much confidence. when that comes from the top down, no matter your position in makes you want to fight for him and to play for him. and when he said were going to go down the field and score and go for two, we said yes sir.>> after the roberts touchdown to get the raiders within one, they go to crabtree for the two- point conversion. crabtree had a similar play in the building that did not work out so well in super bowl xlvii.>> i went to sleep at about 8:00, getting to bed early. you have to do that. >> there is something psychological about the opener, and 14 struggling to establish the winning identity, the raiders took a big step. joe fonzi. asking for public
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import -- input as they search for new police, and meeting with the teenagers and asking about the high priority for the new chief, and there will be a meeting on martin luther king way that will start at 6:00 this evening, and the city plans on holding several meetings, promising to have two citizens sitting on the panel when they select a new chief. four protesters arrested, and they were marching in solidarity with prisoners, and the bank of america branch was spray-painted with graffiti. the bank had to close one atm because the customer camera could not be used. in alameda county, the district attorney says there is a stumbling block in charging the officers in the sex scandal, accused of having sex with a teenage girl that goes by the name celeste, and she is currently in jail for biting a
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police officer. she needs to be in the area when they charge the officers or the case will fall apart. she claims that she had sex with more than two dozen officers in the recent years, including which she was not yet a team. a crash killed a three-year- old boy friday night, and the driver of the suv had crept -- stalled and was the wife of a deputy, and arrested on driving under the influence. a three-year-old boy died and his mother is seriously injured. his 11-year-old brother in one- year-old sister were also injured in the crash. right now it is 4:40 am, and the biological father of audrey potts is speaking out, and the changes he is pushing for indy parental laws. the housing group and tech
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giant, what facebook employees did to the outside of the office over the weekend. off to a decent start on the freeways, 80 westbound and a look at the other commutes when we come back. changes started yesterday and continuing through today, and a breezy forecast. the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok.
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the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. welcome back to mornings on 2, it is for 40 3 am. gunshots after a rally in many still outside after the peace
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rally in birmingham, alabama, and the police do not believe that shooting is connected to the peace rally. the six victims in the shooting were innocent bystanders. investigating after hundreds of bottles of narcotics were stolen, apparently from patients at the mail sorting plant in west sacramento. the medicine was on its way to the patient, including bruce larry, a veteran in chronic pain due to a series of accidents. the medicines have not arrived at his home and he has filed several reports with the post office, which tells him that they can follow the tracking number only so far. >> every time i checked on it it is in west sacramento, lost at the sorting facility. and what do you mean lost, it has been stolen, and you are doing nothing.>> the va police spokesman said that five
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sacramento area postal workers have recently been convicted of being involved in mail theft but it is not clear whether they were involved in the death of the medicine, and they have tightened security at the sorting center, but lowery says that they will not send any more pills by mail until they are sure that the drug will not be stolen, so every month es to drive an hour to the travis air force base in order to get his medication. today is the last day for the training taking place in the east bay, the law enforcement teams from around the bay area, the country and overseas are running through a grueling series of challenges in dublin. they use a real-life sonority owes to help teach the officers how to deal with the unexpected. the annual event began on friday, and the event was met by protesters that says the training militarize is the
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police officers, two dozen protesters were arrested. a nonprofit housing group and volunteers from facebook gave three homeowners much- needed help. they brought out 50 facebook employees to the belhaven neighborhood, and they spent the day painting, doing yard work, but they did not stop with the cosmetic. >> we will do safety improvements in the home, adding bars and rails, general work.>> volunteers say that they enjoyed the chance to give back to the community. rebuilding together, picking the day in honor of 9/11 and remember it's. it is for 40 6 am, and is everybody behaving? >> yes, but i do have a traffic advisory. take a look closely at the screen, and do not be
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distracted by the new billboard on interstate 880, and there it is. can you see those people?>> that is dave clark and gasia mikaelian. >> yes, and that is huge. it is one of those changeable ones, or maybe not. >> i've been seeing it for little while, awesome.>> it is at the coliseum, and the people that thought this up did a good job because you have a lot of waiting around at that area. just don't get distracted by it. later on it will get heavy and people will look up and think that they know these people. good morning everyone. the morning commute is 27 minutes between vacaville in vallejo. we are looking at the tracy super commuters, and let's take a look at the can get that is already slow out of mountain house and tracy, up through the altamont pass.
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not a bad commute so far, typical. let's go to a live picture, and here is the area we were talking about on 880. not a lot of traffic right now. later in the morning people will be looking at the billboard. here is the bay bridge toll plaza, still light in those getting on the road early will try to avoid the traffic jams. 4:48 am is the time. now don't have the raiders fans going up there to put devil horns on. let's get to your forecast for the 49ers and what a week 10. generally i don't watch football but i did yesterday. it was tough to tear away from it, good games yesterday. partly cloudy, cool and breezy,
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and windy. for those of you that are tailgating, be advised there will be some good wind gusts developing throughout the day. we had this the fog bank developing in advance of this system that is dropping in to visit. you might need that extra hold hairspray. the financial is mainly in the 50s, 53 in menlo park, 53 pacifica and 56 at belmont. 50 in truckee, and we have a wind in advance of this system, south lake tahoe at 56, pines village 51. the shower activity popped up just to the south of them, and it will be windy and the sierra. the fog is enhanced for us, and if that sets up over this year we would just get breezes, but we have some forecast models taking this system back toward us a little bit. it will drop showers over the
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sierra, if not today for sure tomorrow with wind gusts up to 40. they are already seeing 30 so i would not be surprised, 60s and 70s, and well below average on the temperatures. the best opportunity for shower activity will be mendocino and lake county tomorrow. it will be windy and cooler, taking us into wednesday and rebounding through the weekend. it is 4:50 am. the financial info, the impact of the recall on the samsung note 7, the fallout coming up. the dodgers had a big series, and the giants coming back home with momentum.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. alexis arquette has died, and there is a documentary of alexis arquette, and she was a sibling of fellow actors and
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actresses, and the cause of death has not been released. alexis arquette was 47 years old. oakland held its annual gay pride yesterday, kicking off, and entertainment, the seventh anniversary of the oakland pride.>> open has the largest concentration of same-sex families in any city in america. this city welcomes all families, and they are all having family fun together.>> oak glen said that its long- term goal is to help create the lgbt community center and oakland. running for the annual giant race, and here are the first runners that started early yesterday morning at the at&t park. there was a half marathon, 10k, 5k, family relate and a race for the kids.
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it took place along the embarcadero, the seventh year for the race that benefits charities, and there are similar races in san jose, sacramento and scottsdale. the giants are back home after sweeping the arizona diamondbacks with a 5-3 win, and they get off on the right foot right here as they get the leadoff home run. they held the diamondbacks to two runs and striking out 11 batters, and carter pens had a great series, including this to run double -- two run double, and the giants are now three rains -- three games back from the dodgers for the season. the mariners beat the a's,
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3-2, and giving up a two run homer in the second inning and the a's come back to tie the game with a bases-loaded walk and a sacrifice fly, but the mariners took the lead for good on the ninth, and they win, 3-2 sweeping the series. the a's are heading on the roads for a four-game series with the kansas city royals. billy butler signs a three-year $30 million contract, and the a's are on the hook for more than $11 million left from the deal. last month that was in a clubhouse altercation, and the team said that had no bearing on his release, and sources say that valencia will likely be let go before the end of the season. the new miss america has been crowned.>> miss arkansas. [ applause ].>> the 21-year-old
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student from the university of arkansas beating out the other contestants, and miss california was in the top 15 but did not make it into the top five, and the new miss america plans on returning to college to finish her degree in art. the driver that fled the scene of the deadly motorcycle crash, and the vehicle they want to track down, and who was killed in the hit-and-run. people getting on the road already, and although we do not see a big crowd, it still looks pretty decent and we will tell you more coming up. a big fog bank as this low dropsy in, wind gusts up to 40 in travis with a cooler pattern in the week.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, hillary clinton canceling her bay area visit after a health scare during the celebration for 9/11 in new york, and the illness she is dealing with that is making a big impact on her campaign.
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it has been one year since the devastating valley fire in the lake county and why some residents said they are still struggling to recover. your mornings on 2 continues.>> this is ktvu mornings on 2, and thank you for joining us on this monday morning, september 12, and i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. be advised, well below average is for this time of year. it will be fall like with low clouds. and the base of that fog has lifted, and it will be cool and breezy. the highs only in the upper 60s and low 70s, and the breeze is not going anywhere. this fog bank with drizzle, and


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