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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  September 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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help. >> my wife is disabled. >> a 911 call from the valley fire on today's one-year an verse rhode island anniversary. >> okay. an empty levi stadium packed with anxious 49er season openers against the l.a. rams. welcome to the 4:00 on 2 i'm ted rowlands. >> football isn't the only thing on their minds. public safety is also a concern. ann rubin is in santa clara with questions about stadium security tonight. ann? >> reporter: yes, plenty of fans are showing up for tonight's game. the questions had been would santa clara police say that it all stemmed from colin kaepernicks' protest in recent weeks. first he showed not -- he chose
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not to stand. then he practiced, that the protest is now spread. yesterday the seahawks linked arms during the national anthem. four dolphin players took a knee and the kansas city chief's quarterback raised his fist. they took offense to kaepernick's original actions, sending them a letter saying that members might not volunteer for shifts at levi stadium. but a meeting with city officials refused the situation. they say that it was important to look at the greater good. >> that is the sentiment that i get that people realize, you know, we have a stadium and that people will protect theirs. one person's actions that will change that. we have a lot of professional officers here. >> we want to make sure that it is loud and clear that they will be safe to come to any event there. >> reporter: and also the group called the courage campaign, they would plan to fly an
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airplane banner overhead with the message reading kaep inspires courage. that's said to happen between 5:00 to 6:00. we'll send it back to you. >> all right ann rubin for us live in santa clara, aside from security there is a game to be played. tonight the first time in 22 years that the l.a. team has faced the niner. >> that is exciting. >> i can't wait for them to be from l.a. playing against the 49ers, which is historic. >> reporter: yeah, always a better rivalry the bay area verses los angeles. it's a better rivalry where both teams win and lately that it has not happened. the rams have not made the playoffs to have that winning season since 2003. of course the niners have fallen on hard times as well, but you never know, you know, out in the parking lot we would see a bunch of eric dickerson jerseys on fans. they were fired up. coming up from l.a. we presumed a couple of them at
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least. so this rivalry, it is renewed. you know, the 49ers at one point, they won 17 in a row against the rams in the 90s. that was when they spent the first couple of years there in l.a. and then they would move up to st. louis. but you know that all eyes will be on colin kaepernick tonight. that's the other story that we just heard about that. the question is to see how many of their teammates other than eric reid presumably will join them in their protest as he stated that he will continue to take a knee and his protest seems to be, you know, developing and morphing as he talks to more people, but believed to take a knee and eric reid, we will see who else will be joining him. i personally am curious about his playing and whether or not that he'll get on the field in some point if blaine gabbert struggles. it won't be tonight, but i can hear the crowd here that blaine gabbert throws a couple of interceptions, then the crowd would turn calling -- calling
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for kaepernick. he was the last quarterback to lead them to a super bowl. you better believe that he'll be ready to go if he gets called upon by chip kelly. that's the story out here. the other story is that jared goff -- jared goff will not be in uniform. he's not active for this game. high hopes for goff. people expect him to have a long career as the number one draft pick. but a humbling experience for him to return to the bay area and not be able to suit up for the game against, you know, the team he grew up rooting for. a joe montana fan. you know, jared goff will be supporting case keenum. we'll see if the head coach decides to activate goff and put anymore. those are two of the stories. of course we are very aware of
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the rams, but the l.a. rams as you said it's been 21 years since they came to town as the l.a. rams. >> you know that rivalry the giants and the dodgers as one of the most intense rivalries in all of sports. back in the days when the rams were in l.a., the 49ers rams rivalry was just as intense as they faded away when they left l.a. maybe it's going to come back. what do you think jason? >> reporter: i think that it will if both teams win. again if you don't win it's tough to have a rivalry, but you're talking about the events of those days and way back when. yeah in the 80s. the 70s and 80s it was either the 49ers or the rams winning the division title. all, but two times in those two decades. indeed there's a rivalry as of late as we know back in the steve young and joe montana era that they were dominating for quite some time. this year the rams are expected to do a little bit better than the 49ers. but last year they would have seven wins. so they weren't any world feeders for the rams, but they do have two and a half points
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over the 49ers for their home opener. we will see what happens, but yeah i agree with you. i think the rivalry is certainly renewed to some extent with the so-cal northern california team. >> it will be so much fun. seeing them go back to those days going way back. >> way back. >> all right, thank you, jason. parking lots at levi stadium opened up -- opened up just an hour ago. light rail trains will drop off customers on the north side of the stadium. they will be offering new round trip passes to help get niner fans to and from the games faster. the new express light rail trains. rosemary orozco joins us now as we take a live look out at santa clara. >> reporter: yes, it will be
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cool out there. definitely it could be breezy. i was taking a look at where jason was standing. it didn't look too breezy there, but the parking lots, i could see the flags blowing. the winds will continue with a northeasterly breeze reaching 20 miles an hour. 65 degrees at game time. right now it's about 70 degrees. those temperatures will be cooling back and will continue to cool into the low 60s. cool and breezy. we are looking at partly to mostly cloudy skies, even drizzle is expect today develop through the overnight hours likely to join us tomorrow. tomorrow could be just as cool and breezy with a warming trend in the extended forecast. when i come back, i'll have a detail look at your local numbers. >> thank you, rosemary. now to a developing story out of the east bay. a reported shooting. witnesses tell ktvu that it appears neighbors got into an argument. at least two people have been shot. this happened on el central road about 12:45 this afternoon from sky fox. you can see the street is
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blocked off and a large police presence is in that area. our henry lee is on the scene. we'll have a live report for you coming up at 5:00. there is a new development in the case of friday's deadly freeway crash in san ramon that killed a child. the highway patrol now says that the driver of the suv that crashed into a car stalled on interstate 680. it is the wife of the alameda county sheriff deputy. 39-year-old yarnett lilliana malahan is charged of gross vehicular homicide. the crash killed 3-year-old elisha dunn. officials just released the names of three people killed when their small plane crashed in a parking lot at reno/tahoe international airport. you can see the wreckage on top of parked cars. 57-year-old robert dresher, and
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rodney hernandez were killed. the single engine piper cherokee took off around 6:00 last night. the plane was headed for san carlos in the bay area. this crash comes just 12 days after another fatal crash in sparks, nevada. >> my 25-year career in airport public relations, we have never seen any crashes that were there close in time of fatalities. it is unheard of here at reno international. >> thankfully no one on the ground was hurt. teams from the federal aviation administration and the ntsb are investigating the cause. uc berkeley police are looking far man who sexually assault add woman at a greek theater on saturday night. it happened during an electronic dance concert called mad decent block party. the 18-year-old woman was standing in line for the restroom when the suspect took her to another location at the theater assaulting her. police say the suspect is a white man between 5-feet 11. they say he has an athletic
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brown with brown hair and blue eyes wearing a floral short- sleeved shirts and khaki shorts. two of the three people accused of killing a hiker from fairfax and a canadian tourist appeared in court today. they're charged with killing steve carter who was walking his dog on a marin county trail. and audrey kerry who was killed in golden gate park last year. the third defendant sean angle will testify against the other two. that delayed his hearing until next week. some major advancements when it comes to self-driving cars. we'll speak with an expert about the announcement by tesla on their self-driving fleet. and next hillary clinton diagnosed with pneumonia. we'll look at the effects that the sickness could have on the candidate moving forward and the political ramifications of how it was handled. the 4:00 on 2 will be right back.
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we are learning more about the health concerns that prompted hillary clinton to cancel a fundraising trip to the bay area today. the democratic nominee, they left a 9/11 evented in new york early yesterday. -- 9/11 event in new york early yesterday. she tweeted this afternoon thanks to everyone who has reached out with well wishes. i'm feeling fine and getting better. she wrote like anyone who has ever been home sick from work, i'm just anxious to get back out there. see you on the trail soon. and so how serious is this
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diagnosis? let's bring in ktvu medical expert dr. larry brouschett. i know you're not treating hillary clinton, we don't want to get into an area of speculation about her specifically, but just in general pneumonia has a wide range of seriousness, right? >> you can be treated easily and you can move on, but it can be fatal, right? >> that's right ken. so her doctor lisa barbact, you're right. i have never treated or seen hillary in a medical setting, but she did say two things about what was going on this weekend. number one hillary has pneumonia and that two she was dehydrated. let's talk about pneumonia for a second. that's an infection in your lungs. usually bacteria that will make you sick. you can have a little bit of a cough and a fever. you can get pills for that and get better at home. sometimes people have to stay in the hospital to get iv antibiotics, wear oxygen, and really serious cases have you
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ending up in icu on a ventilator that it could be fatal. >> now real quickly doctor, we are seeing the video here where she is stumbling and staggering after being put into the suv after new york city's event. is this unusual or something you might expect from somebody who is suffering from pneumonia? >> exactly. so the second thing that her doctor said is dehydration. i've seen hundreds of cases of pneumonia and tons of dehydration. remember our bodies are 60% water. so if you are outside on a warm day, you know a full suit and you've got pneumonia, that water level may go down a little bit. you can get weak, feel dizzy, lightheaded, even almost pass out like she needed assistance clearly in that video. so pneumonia plus dehydration. her doctor also indicated in a statement that she treated her with antibiotics, rehydrating her and thought she was doing better. i think that those do explain what we see in this video.
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>> and after watching what you saw and being an outsider not knowing specifically about her health conditions, how worried would you be if you saw a patient like that apparently stumbling, almost falling down or fainting? would you be very concerned? >> you know it would prompt me to order more tests in the er. maybe an x-ray, some blood work, and i would want to know more details about what's going on. again i'm not her doctor. this doctor did release a statement in -- in 2015, july 28 giving a lot of details about hillary's health. that's a public document on her medical record. >> her campaign did say that they will release more information about her medical situation in the next few days. what would you like to see that might reassure you that she is healthy? >> you mean that they will release more details about what's going on now? >> they are suppose to release more information about her overall health in the coming days. is there anything that you
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think that would be revealing? any information that could come out that might put voters minds in ease if they are inclined to vote for hillary clinton? >> i mean i would be curious to know more details about how was the diagnosis of pneumonia established. did they do an x-ray or blood work? now you've got me curious what other things that they might be revealing. again her letter in 2015, as a doctor i was pretty impressed at the details of what they did share. they said her ldl, cholesterol, the bad cholesterol was 114 and her blood pressure was 100 over 45 or something like that. so the details that were in that were more than what i expected. and i'll be curious to see, you know, what else they share. >> all right, we will all be watching to see what comes out of it. doctor, thank you so much for your help. >> thanks, ken. all right, one of the political ramifications of all of this political analyst brian
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sulable. first, after she was leaving the 9/11 ceremony, but that the campaign didn't know that there was a video out there, saying she was a little bit under the weather, no big deal. then the video comes out and we hear about pneumonia. how is this handled? >> well not well. and again that it is one of these things that will keep cropping up with the clinton campaign. for whatever reason, they hold information back. and in fairness, the trump campaign has held back as well that it just seems to be the way that the game is played. >> they are having trouble with that. >> absolutely, you're right. in the polling you can see that people don't like that. in this case the question might be had the video not surfaced, would we have ever heard about pneumonia? and as they would say likely not. >> that's right. >> did she stumble? the video is pretty graphic in
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a way, you know, somebody stumbling, having to be helped into an suv who is running for president of the united states. the better off you are. and i think that her campaign, they waited too many hours to really come clean on this. >> likely do you think that their philosophy was because trump has been bringing it up. you know, prior to this that she is not fitted enough to be president. do you think that it is the reason why they did not disclose it that they would try to power through this without disclosing it? >> that's it, ted. that they know it is a vulnerability. and trump has done, you know, a number on her over -- over and over again on her health, bringing up the concussion that she had. and the sort of fit trump narrative as they didn't want to fit it so they veered. >> the other thing that we want to talk about is the basket of deplorable. that hillary clinton said describing donald trump supporters saying that half of
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his supporters could be thrown into a basket of deplorables. you don't go after voters. >> well yeah. i think she walked back from that because that is the last thing that you want to do. that you may need 100,000 of those people at end of the day. you don't alienate anybody. a basket of deplorables is boy congerring up all kinds of things. >> is it as bad as the mitt romney comment with 47%? >> yeah. who knows, you know, we will see over a few news cycles here. >> oh sure. absolutely, the trump campaign is calling for an apology and all that sort of thing. we'll see. it is sort of like the medical condition with hillary and this particular comment. will it survive? 24 to 48 hours of this ever changing media cycle? two weeks before the first debate, one poll that i saw that had the significant amount
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of people. 23% in this poll that says that the day would be willing to make a change in their candidate after the debates. there is a lot of pressure on both teams. >> yes, these debates are huge. one of the reasons why they still have a block of those undecided voters. the challenge for clinton and trump is to convince people in the undecided ranks number one and number two to go after some people that are kind of on the fence, they don't know which way to go and they need to be brought over. these debates, they are just huge. >> all right, thank you. >> absolutely. >> we appreciate it. all right, coming up, governor jerry brown is making history today signing a new law that will help protect farmworkers in california. the 4:00 on 2 continues right after this.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪
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one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette) in a historic move, farmworkers want the right to pay. it goes against the 80-year practice of having separate rules for field workers and fruit pickers. for decades the united farmworkers and unions lobbied for change exempting farmworkers from labor and unfair. the change will be detrimental to one of the biggest industries. one of the biggest names on wall street jamie diamondweighed in on whether
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the federal reserve should change interest rates. it happened at the economics club in washington, d.c. he says that the fundamentals of the economy are strong and he pointed to robust investment in a shrinking unemployment rate. diamond also said that the feds should increase rates senior rather than later. >> you know that they need to maintain credibility and it is time to raise rates. normal is a good thing, not a bad thing. the economy will be going on like this for seven years. it's a good thing. >> reporter: policymakers are set to meet next week to decide on whether or not to raise rates. the last rate hike was back in december. their first increase in almost a decade. well, it's been one year since the devastating valley fire. still to come tonight, we'll look back at their first horrifying moments when that fire broke out and spread in lake county. and next a new development in the sex scandal rocking law enforcement around the bay area. how criminal charges in florida could affect the case here.
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it might be a step closer to returning to the bay area. prosecutors in florida have charged celeste guap with a misdemeanor for allegedly attacking a security guard at a rehab facility there. the self-described call girl had originally been arrested on suspicion of felony aggravated
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battery. those charges were reduced. the prosecutors in florida offered her a plea deal. it is not clear if she has accepted it. guap is a very key witness against seven current or former bay area law enforcement officers who are facing criminal charges in alameda county. the alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley says she hasn't formally filed charges against those officers gauze she needs guap to return to california first. ktvu legal analyst mike cardoza joins us now. >> you're right ted. if she doesn't come back they have nothing. they have no victim to put on the stand. and so poof there goes the case against all those police officers. but for the ones that were accused of going into the police files alerting her to when there would be raids out in richmond or wherever it was. >> she is now facing a
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misdemeanor charge in florida. but from a practicality standpoint is that a big enough deal for her on coming back, testifying whenever district attorney o'malley needs her? >> no, they may not give her little time in jail, which they may say look you're in rehab back here, serve the time in rehab and then we'll let you go. but how are they going to get her back? they have not filed the case so no subpoena on her so it will be up to her to come back voluntarity to the state of california. >> the other question is how did she get there in the first place? >> i'll tell you what that's a great question because that should be investigated. from what i've heard it was a victim witness person who works for the contra costa district attorney who was working in the richmond police department where some of those officers were suspects and charged in this particular case.
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it was victim witness money that sent her to florida to be rehabilitated. so why? why did they do that? >> they wanted to get her out of the state of california because she is the witness that could make life horrible for several law enforcement officers. >> no question about it. and that does, it begs for an investigation. you know, was that victim witness person duked by someone into using those funds to send her to florida? we have a lot of rehab places here in california. so why wasn't she here? and i'm telling you there is where the investigation must turn now. why did someone send her there? was it to avoid helping the prosecutor in alameda county? who knows. >> quickly, how strong is the case for district attorney o'malley? and that it hinges on this young woman. how do you think that she will
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play in front of the jury? >> i don't know whether she will be cooperative or uncooperative, but she has been inconsistent in a lot of her statements. so it will be interesting to see if the defense will have a cross-examination on her that she will not be a very credible witness, but you have the either officers in a different bucket where they will be going into state investigations on where the raise will be and such and so those officers are in more trouble than the ones that the case will depend on guap. without guap this case disappears. >> all right michael cardoza live for us in the newsroom. thank you. >> take care. the city of oakland and the united states is asking for public input as they search for a new permanent police chief. city leaders have been meeting with teenagers, asking about their priorities for new chief. tonight's meeting is open to the entire community. the meeting will be held at martin luther king way that starts at 6:00 tonight.
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the city plans to hold several meetings and promises to have two citizens sit on the panel that selects a new chief. >> reporter: intense training for police officers at the urban shield event that wrapped up today. law enforcement teens from around the bay area, the nation, and overseas have been running through a grueling series of challenges in dublin. organizers say that the urban shield exercise uses real-life scenarios to help teach officers how to deal with the unexpected. the annual event began friday and participants were met by protesters. they say the police training militarizes police officers, but two dozen protesters were arrested on friday. ride sharing service uber is making history by rolling out their first fleet of driverless cars in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. the move comes as tesla made an announcement regarding their radar systems. these are some exciting times when it comes to technology on the roadways. joining us now. well joining us now for more
4:34 pm
information or joined by steven from uc berkeley. steven, first let's start in pittsburgh. what's going on with uber? they are not completely driverless. there is a person in that vehicle that monitors those vehicles, is that correct? >> reporter: there are actually two people up in front of the vehicle. one in the driver seat and one in the front passenger seat. sot one in the driver seat is prepared to take over when the system gets in trouble and the one in the passenger seat could be monitoring a computer to check how everything is working. in a way that it is just like what google has been doing with their testing in mountainview for the last three years. the only difference is that they didn't take passengers along. >> how is it going so far in pittsburgh? >> well i think that they just started, so it is hard to say how it is going. >> but the idea is to eventually get the people out of the cars except for the passengers is that right? >> that is the idea eventually. the challenge is how many years of development work is it going
4:35 pm
to take before the technology is solid enough that those people are not needed upfront. >> so we don't know when we might see the uber cars driving around with nobody actually physically driving them? that it could be years? >> it is likely to be years. >> and let's move on to tesla. they took a little heat for a couple of accidents involving their autopilot system, which critics say is not a true autopilot system. but they have upgraded that system. what can you tell us about that? >> it's a little bit hard to say exactly what they have done with it, but it seems like they are making it a little bit more cautious than what it has been before. and to try to reduce the risk of crashes. and in trying to make it more likely that the driver does not take his or her attention off the road. unfortunately a lot of hype about these systems has mislead people into thinking that they could do more than what they could really do.
4:36 pm
and so that the key is making sure that the driver actually continues to pay attention, keeps their wry on the road. and that they will be ready to intervene when the system gets in trouble. >> and now it is not a truly automated system in a tesla that it is more like an enhanced cruise control is that a good way to describe it? >> yeah, it is available on a variety of other high-end cars from the other manufacturers. it is just that the others, they have been more cautious in the way they describe that system to the users. they haven't used words like autopilot that might lead people to think that it does more than what they really do. >> yes, words do have meaning. we'll see you from uc berkeley, thanks for bringing us up to date on this changing world with these automated cars. thanks a lot. okay. coming up, we will look back at the terrifying first moments of
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the valley fire a year after the devastating fire broke out. a breezy pattern that settles into the bay area. we will check in with your current conditions. talk about what to expect for your tuesday and more on how long these patterns will last coming up. ♪ ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ it was one year ago today that the valley fire burned
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more than 76,000 acres, destroying 1,200 homes. it was the third most destructive fire in california's history. a year later we are also getting a better inciting into the frightening moments right after the fire started. capturing the devastation that it felt as people moved closer. 911 emergency? >> hey yeah, we have a fire in the backyard. >> yes, there is one across the street from us. it looked like the house is on fire. >> right now it doesn't look too big. >> if you feel threatened, you can leave, yes.
4:41 pm
>> i have no vehicle and my wife is disabled. it is right on top of us, probably about a week and a half. >> we are evacuating the entire community. >> there is a fire here on highway 29. >> we have a big fire on top. is it the same fire? >> yes. >> okay. >> my car is dead and i would like to leave, but i need assistance. >> how many people? >> 10. there is 10 people up here talking and the fire is all around them. >> it is okay now, i will get you some help, just stay with us. >> we have to get out of the house.
4:42 pm
>> okay, let me get you over to cal fire. hang on. >> and it is in the front. >> get those firefighters out here. >> you need to evacuate, sir. you need toe -- you need to evacuate. >> i'm sure that they are everywhere, the fire is huge, over 10,000 acres. they're doing the best that they can, but if you live in hidden valley you need to evacuate. >> okay. >> yeah, well my house burned down. and they stranded down on the place to go. i'm a little freaked out. >> and that is around hidden
4:43 pm
valley. >> that will give you a sense of fear and frustration that took place a year ago today. i recently return today that area. as i toured the burned out trees, there are signs of renewal. one man told me that he is just now moving back into his house. >> we would go to one meeting and they are doing one thing. it is just heartbreaking, not a night that you go by. >> and that it is just such a horrible long process. >> for those who did not have insurance is that they could not afford to rebuild.
4:44 pm
some moved away from the fire zone. tune in at 6:00 to want -- tonight in history where it will continue on air and online at outside our doors this afternoon, that it will be feeling a whole lot like fall. a system that will be dropping in to california, even bringing in a possibility to showers. widespread drizzle will be a possibility here at home. we will take a look at where that trough is. but for now we're dealing with those partly cloudy skies. along the coast, low clouds that have been hanging tough turning partly cloudy back once
4:45 pm
again. and fairfield is reporting a gust of 32 miles per hour, where we would have some of those low clouds. 66 in santa rosa and san francisco with mostly cloudy skies, a cool 63 in oakland with mostly cloudy skies. 70 degrees the afternoon. why we would talk about them early on at at&t as well. and partly cloudy skies are expected. as the system continues to drop in, temperatures will remain unseasonably mild. it'll be breezy once again. we want to show you the future cast model and pick it up for you starting out with partly cloudy skies. so it could be fairly widespread as we roll through
4:46 pm
the morning hours, mostly sun any, but cool and breezy for your afternoons. temperatures under the possibility of a patchy drizzle. mid-50s to start your morning in oakland. 53 in concord and 56 for antioch. upper 40s to the low 50s for the north bay. and 54 expected for the south bay of san jose. so it is going to be cool, it's going to be breezy with those clouds in place. afternoon highs are going to be just as mild as today perhaps slightly warmer for some of the portions of the east bay. looking at 77 degrees inland. i would say antioch at 75. 74 expected in livermore. closer to the bay upper 60s to the lower 70s expected. 60s for oakland city. and the south bay you're looking at 73 for san jose. another cool day in san francisco at 64. for the north bay upper 60s to near 70 degrees over areas of napa, santa rosa. so again very, very cool for
4:47 pm
this time of the year. as we get into the extended forecast, slightly warmer on wednesday. then we'll rebound back to seasonal average as we get into thursday, friday, saturday, 60s at the coast. low 70s around the bay. mid to upper 80s expected for the inland cities as we move into saturday as well as sunday. but again, as we get through the next couple of days it will be kind of cool feeling a whole lot like autumn out there. back to you. >> football weather. >> yes. >> all right, thanks, rosemary. the cancer survivor helping others. hear how he was able to learn from his experiences before raising millions of dollars for cancer research.
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4:49 pm
happening now, hundreds of people are hitting the pro canyon country club in danville for a golf tournament that is
4:50 pm
put on by have a ball foundation. the tournament started in 2005 by a man who fought and survived cancer. as ktvu claudine wong shows us it is his way of giving back. >> we've got the pepsi hole. we've got the dr. pepper hole. >> reporter: it is almost down to a science. >> it is nascar that will be fighting through here. to look for about 45 minutes. >> getting everybody in, moving them around, getting back out again. >> it's an art form to get them back in and these guys have perfected it. >> reporter: make no mistake that what happens here is more than just a golf tournament. >> i'm a two-time testicular cancer survivor. obviously if i started the golf tournament that it would be the balls. >> he keeps it light, but his battle with cancer is sobering. >> i was 29 years old.
4:51 pm
i just got married. my wife was pregnant. and i was playing softball fur night -- softball four nights a week. and it helped and i felt something funny. and two days later i got the news and it was shocking. >> reporter: more shocking that his first battle with cancer wouldn't be his last. >> it came back 15 months later. i had a tumor the size of a cantaloupe with a cucumber growing up into my neck and so i collapsed. i was wrapping my daughter's christmas present. i collapsed and went to the hospital. and i ended up going through 26 rounds of chemo overt next nine months. my mom died on christmas day in 1977 when i was nine. and so that day when it came back for me obviously it triggered some emotion and made me think that this might be my calling too. >> reporter: it would not be his calling. he was only given a 10% chance
4:52 pm
to live, but he fought and he survived. and that is when he first decided to give back to the golf tournament. hit goal of raising $2,500 and sending some cash to the live strong foundation. and ended up raising $52,000 this first year. and here we are 12 years later. and $2.2 million raised. >> and to now 600 of those people with the waiting list that they will move up. >> and this is by far the largest that they would have of those country clubs country wide. and by far it is 600 golfers for one fundraising event. >> that they know that it makes a difference. >> and that they have 75 kids.
4:53 pm
and it has created and established and awarded 12 oncology nursing scholarships with that foundation. they spent over $50,000 to eight different organizations over the last 12 years. and the last eight years, we sent money to 20 to 24 different organizations. >> and no matter how much time, that they always remember that while he would beat cancer, some did not and others are still fighting. >> how we live our life has been altered forever from this. and from this diagnosis and what it turned into, what it has turned into. >> reporter: claudine wong ktvu fox 2 news. >> we are making a huge difference. >> yes, good for him. and who doesn't know someone that has been touch bid cancer? it might seem like it is everywhere, so he is really doing something important. >> yes. coming up, hopes are high around the world. coming up the latest on the
4:54 pm
cease fire broke by u.s. and russia trying to reduce violence in the middle east. the 4:00 on 2 will be right back. honey, is the internet back yet? yes!! i need to let her know that i like this! i like, like, like, like... i haven't seen a movie based on a comic book in so long. i know. we're over here internet people! get high speed internet from at&t.
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ a day after the anniversary of september 11 esoteries attacks the -- terrorist attacks, the government is allowing a bill on suing saudi
4:57 pm
arabia. they would change the rule for foreign sovereign immunity to allow them to seek legal action for their role in that attack. he believes that it will leave u.s. citizens open for the same treatments overseas. a syrian cease fire agreement backed by the united states and russia went into effect today. the syrian government and the rebels have both signaled that they will comply this time around. connor powell has the latest from the israel syrian border. >> the sun will set in syria marking the start of the cease fire in the war-torn country. secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterpart striking the deal last week. >> the plan that we hope would reduce violence is suffering and resuming movements against a negotiated peace in a political transition in syria. >> reporter: syrian president alasad using the cease fire to
4:58 pm
promise victory. taking part in the event. after a four-year battle with rebels. >> we came here today to show that it will bring back safety and security. >> if it holds for seven days, u.s. and russia will undertake a new collaboration of the air strikes against isis and jihadist militants in syria. >> we believe this is the only possible solution, ultimately a political outcome. i urge all parties to support it because it may be the last chance that one has to save the area. >> the cease fire is set to coincide with the muslim holiday. negotiators are hopeful that the holiday will inspire both sides to obey the terms. along the border connor powell
4:59 pm
fox news. developing news, a shooting in an east bay neighborhood. tonight the streets are blocked off as authorities investigate that scene. tonight, there are reports that two people were shot. i'm frank allicot in for frank somerville. >> that shooting happened in el sobrante. we have more now on this developing story from ktvu henry lee live at the scene. what else have you learned? >> it is very much an active scene neither corner of el central and lambert where shots were fired around 12:45 as you said. we spoke to neighbors, one of woman said it happened. and a woman called the contra costa sheriff's office saying that someone was calling or firing shots from her
5:00 pm
neighbor's house. when officers arrived, they did say that you should pay close attention to this house. we don't know the nature of their injuries, but at least two people were taken to the medical center in walnut creek. we spoke to a couple of the neighbors in that area. here is what they had to say. >> it seems to be a problem area. so you see what i see as we are kicking things in. who knows. it could be anything. >> i'm not surprised, you know, he has done a lot of people wrong. >> and now that woman we just spoke to, she is the grandmother of one of the involved parties children. that this person is not a good peon


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