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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  September 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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when officers arrived, they did say that you should pay close attention to this house. we don't know the nature of their injuries, but at least two people were taken to the medical center in walnut creek. we spoke to a couple of the neighbors in that area. here is what they had to say. >> it seems to be a problem area. so you see what i see as we are kicking things in. who knows. it could be anything. >> i'm not surprised, you know, he has done a lot of people wrong. >> and now that woman we just spoke to, she is the grandmother of one of the involved parties children. that this person is not a good person. a felon who has been involved
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with the gunfire and had a warrant out for his arrest. he was one of the several people injured in this shooting. we're still waiting for official confirmation from the contra costa sheriff's office as far as what exactly happened now out here. about 12:45 as soon as we get more that we will bring it back to you. henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. >> and henry, it still looks like a very active crime scene out there. does it look like it will be carrying on throughout the night? >> reporter: yes, they have been here for several hours since that shooting has happened. we've seen police dogs, sheriff detectives here doing a canvas of the area, talking to neighbors, also investigating the scene, trying to collect evidence. we do see some streets blocked off there. they should be here for quite some time. >> henry lee, thanks, henry. and on we'll have the very latest on this developing story on our web team who is also posting updates on facebook, twitter, and our ktvu mobile app. we've learned that the young woman in the center of the oakland police sex scandal
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has been offered a plea deal in florida for allegedly attacking a security guard while on rehab there. the woman who goes by the name of celeste guap was charged with misdemeanor battery. not clear what the terms of the deal are or whether she will accept it. she is in custody though on $300,000 bail. guap is the key witness against seven current or former bay area law officers who face criminal charges in the sex scandal. alameda county workers say they need her back in california before they could formally file those charges. celeste guap was arrested just three days after arriving in florida for rehab. we learned that the contra costa da's office helped fill out the state compensation funds to fly her out of the state and register for treatment in florida. now, alameda county district attorney says that it was not consulted about that move. uc berkeley police are asking for help tonight in finding a man who sexually assaulted a woman during their greek theater concert. it happened on saturday night around 8:00 at an event called mad decent block party.
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that the 18-year-old victim was standing in line for the restroom when the suspect took her to another location at the theater and assaulted her. police say that the attacker is described as a white man. they say that he has an athletic build with brown hair and blue eyes, wearing a floral short-sleeved shirt and khaki shorts. well, we are almost two hours until kick off now at levi stadium where the 49ers will be hosting the new look l.a. rams. tonight's big season opener, football that is not the only headline tonight. public safety is being called into question as well after colin kaepernick's recent protest during their national anthem. >> we have live team coverage. chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the weather at levi stadium. jason appelbaum is live with a preview of tonight's game. but first we begin with ann rubin also at levi stadium with a look at security in place for tonight's game. ann? >> reporter: yeah, there should be plenty of it. santa clara police do have
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adequate staffing for tonight. and at least when it comes to security, it should be business as usual. the 49ers are set to take on the rams and outside levi stadium fans are showing up. the question had been would santa clara police spiraling out of control and the fact of the matter is come tonight. we were not going to have a stadium that was protected by our police officers association. then it became very dire and urgent for us to get involved. >> reporter: this all stems from colin kaepernick's protest in recent weeks. first he chose not to stand for the national anthem in a statement about police violence than practicing wearing socks, dressed as pigs. the santa clara police officers said that they were sent a letter expressing their outrage. but a meeting, they would diffuse the situation and enough officers would volunteer to fill the shifts. >> and as they decided to, you know, show that safety was more important than one person's actions or work. >> reporter: and now others are taking action as well as yesterday the seahawks, they would link arm during their
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national anthem. and four dolphins players would take a knee. a kansas city chief's cornerbacks would raise his fist. santa clara police officers have a plan for tonight's game too. it is a tradition that they would start in the middle of last season. >> our officers do line up at the end zone. and also that they will be living together during the national anthem. >> reporter: at least one organization is called planning something special for the game. that they would fly a plane carrying a banner that says kaep inspires courage. >> together it would be an incredibly powerful platform as he and some of his teammates continue to protest. >> reporter: wan old rivalry between the 49ers and l.a. rams being rebooted tonight, fans like the ones in this family say they're ready to put the focus back on football. >> we bought our tickets before this controversy even happened. but we were looking forward to it after a long time. >> reporter: the courage campaign's banner should be flying overhead some time this hour between 5:00 and 6:00.
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the game gets underway at 7:20. julie, frank? >> all right, yeah, expect to play the games too. thank you, ann. the 49er fans are beginning to arrive now at levi stadium anxious for the niner's season opener against the l.a. rams. our jason appelbaum is on the field now with a preview of tonight's game. jason? >> reporter: yeah, this season opener has a special feel. not only is it monday night football, but it's also against the l.a. rams for the first time in 22 years. and so it is pretty special out here as you said they are arriving as we want to tell you something that is pretty cool to see a few minutes ago. and the football field worth of it, that it will be the air force base color guard or honor guard that had be doing it before the game. that they would run nearly 100 yards that it will be pretty impressive to see. in the meantime they would show up on the team buses about 45
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minutes ago you see blaine gabbert who will start at quarterback. we will see how many games that he would need to play well if he stays in there. if he doesn't, they will be calling for kaepernick in shortorders. he doesn't talk, but the fans sure do and they were talking about this renewed rivalry. >> and i was born a ram fan and he was a ram fan back in the 80s down in l.a. and so i was here to show my support for the rams that they will have a lot more of that. >> and the rams, i never liked them ever. >> i know, that's all i have to say. >> and hey, i guess i didn't train them up right folks, out there for the rams country. >> no, it doesn't matter who they are. everyone is a rival. you know what i mean? and it does not matter if they are in that division or not, but they are going down. >> reporter: yeah, you saw the father and son that they had a
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long-time l.a. fan and they grow up to be a niner fan so go figure. but the other story line is anthony davis and the offensive lineman who retired last year. he didn't play football for the 49ers. but then he came back unretired. then on saturday he didn't show up to practice. there is speculation that he decided to retire again and that davis, he was practicing again yesterday. and that he is believed that he will be here in uniform today and that he does not want to play the guard position, which he was slated to start at. and today that he wants to play his tackle position where he has played over his entire 49er career. and so apparently that now he's going to be the back up offensive tackle. but kind of an odd thing, you know, two days before they will need to play their season opener for one of their players to, you know, threaten at least to retire again and then sort of, you know, tell the coach hey, i don't want to play this position before he said it was the position that he would play in, which was guard that will be a tackle. that's it from here. we will send it back to you
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guys. >> kind of an off again and on again situation as we heard what chip kelly said about that to let them play in that other position. >> reporter: yeah, he'll plait other position, but as a backup right now. he's the backup guard if there is an injury to the starter he'll come in or if he is not playing well presumably that he will be back up to tackle and excuse me not play guard because he does not want to play guard. and so it is very odd to have that happen especially before your season opener at two days before the opener a very strange thing indeed. >> yes, in prime time tonight. all right jason, thank you very much. all right, i see a little sunshine down there, but come kickoff time a jacket that might be in order, bill? >> yes, absolutely. it will be a lot more like october and it seems like it will be cold inside. temperatures are well below average and windy all day and we've got unusual weather pattern for the area right now that will keep those temperatures down at the ballpark on the cool side. so levi stadium, which can be a hot ballpark as you know
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especially in the afternoon. that it will be about 62 degrees at game time. and by the time we get into the 4th quarter that you could be wearing the jackets. temperatures down to the mid- 50s and a chilly night out there at the ballpark by the second half. clear skies for the most part and the winds as they would see that about 20 miles an hour that shouldn't be a real factor in the game. when i come back, we will talk about obviously how cool it is in this unusual pattern and when things turn around that they will need to turn around and warm up. we'll see you back here. >> all right, thank you, bill. download the ktvu weather app on the very latest of the weather conditions across the bay area. bill and all the meteorologists, they are posting the updates on facebook and twitter and instagram. so if you need to know go for it. coming up, some new information on the dui crash that would claim the life of the 3-year-old boy. at 5:30 you'll hear from the boy's father speaking out for the very first time. and up next the latest in the race for the white house as donald trump will demand an apology. and also concerns about hillary clinton's health.
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we'll have highlights and analysis from their campaign trail.
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trump needs to release them. you know, and to say yes, why not be transparent? both of them would live with them and their situation that it will be important. >> reporter: they would make a
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stumble, collapsing after making a 9/11 ceremony in new york yesterday. the clinton campaign, they would eventually reveal that they were diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. this afternoon, they tweeted thanks to everyone who has reached out with well wishes. i'm feeling fine and getting better. the clinton campaign says they will release more medical records this week and they admitted to making a mistake. the first presidential debate is scheduled two weeks from today. and this morning it took a physical exam last week in the results that will be released this week. the republican nominee who is 70 years old says that clinton would recover quickly as he did not release those statements on whether that secretary of state would have the strength and the stamina to be president. he did though criticize her for suggesting last week that half of trump supporters would belong in a, "basket of deplorables." >> well my opponent lands you
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as deplorable ander irredeemable. i want a better future for you. >> clinton said she regrets using the word half. she did not back down from saying that the campaign is built on prejudice and paranoia. >> our political analyst brian sullable joins us. we will begin with the health concerns. how big of an issue is this for her campaign? >> i think that when they get through this 24-hour period and the discussion around the actual pneumonia diagnosis that will go away. but the thing that will linger is the idea that this occurred and the clinton campaign did not come out to talk about it
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right away that it will be the thing that will linger a little bit on this issue. >> yes, they say that they plan to release more details about clinton's overall health in the next few days. it all comes after we saw the video from 9/11 yesterday in new york and after they were stumbling, practically falling before getting into the suv. do you think that the clinton camp was forthcoming in how they handled it? >> no frank they were not. there is not a video. we have not heard much about it. but now in fairness, trump has been guilty of this as well through the campaign. you know the bottom line is that the other candidate, and one in clinton that they will be 69 here very shortly. and so that it is a concern to voters. i think that what voters would appreciate coming from both campaigns is extensive transparency. >> and because it will go back to the whole issue of trustworthiness with hillary clinton and the fact that, you know, that video did emerge. i'm sure they did not want that
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to be seen as people were saying that they should come out last week and that they should have that coughing attack last week in ohio and so that the trustworthiness is that going to present a bigger problem for them now after this? >> it is the steady drum beat i was talking about for weeks and months frankly. that every chance that the clinton campaign has had to just come forth immediately that they seem to wait a little bit too long and it becomes a story. but again it is happening on both sides of the campaign. and maybe that message is to treat them as if they could handle the news. >> okay, now on the same day, trump has not been forthcoming. >> yes, it is the same thing that for whatever reason they have decided to hold information back whether it is medical or financial or
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anything else. as you go back, that you think about their previous campaigns. that it will be calling the doctors because they would have melanoma to show them their medical efforts, which is transparency. we are not seeing enough of it as they would agree. >> we have a little bit of breaking news right now and that they are telling cnn that they did not disclose that immediately because she did not know that it would be that big of a deal that it is just coming out here as breaking news. she didn't think that it would be that big of a deal. do you agree? >> well, had the video not emerged where she was stumbling, helped into the suv by a couple of aides. if that had not emerged this would have gone away. frankly that people have medical maladies and things happen. and i think that had she just been forthcoming or her campaign that this would already be old news. but i think that the problem with not coming forward on friday frankly when they knew she had pneumonia is the
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problem. >> all right, brian live for us in the newsroom. thanks for your inciting, brian. >> absolutely, my pressure. in a historic move governor brown has signed a legislation to grant farmworkers the same right to overtime pay as most hourly workers. california will be the first to require agricultural employers to pay their workers for overtime. the legislation chips away at the almost 80-year long practice of applying separate labor rules to farmworkers. for decades the united farmworkers pushed for the change arguing that current labor laws are racist and unfair. opponents warn requiring overtime pay will be detrimental to one of the state's biggest industries. california will begin fazing in the new law beginning in 2019. below average temperatures today really cooled off. unusual patterns. not completely unusual, but definitely not what you would expect in the summer months or your early september months. low pressure is coming down from the north. the clouds dropped in
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temperatures kicking up the winds. daytime highs were in the 60s and the 70s. so it did warm up a little bit. this low pressure center as you'll see the flow around it, right in here you see those spots right there kind of going this way. that is the way it flows. now we are seeing snow out here in the rockies, we've had snow up in montana and idaho. and that very kind of cool weather system for the season. now along the coast right now you'll see bunch of it out there and showers are showing up around susanville. not a lot. the fog tomorrow with the showers picking up right there that you will see it right here. that these showers, they will linger up on the hill and then the clouds will be around here and they will begin to diminish tomorrow with the fog and low clouds and even limited tomorrow as they will kind of migrate on through. but the takeaway, tomorrow will be a cool day. a little warmer today and kind of cool. but santa clara down in that area as we would talk about those ball games, it is not a big factor.
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but the temperatures will be chilly as you'll get into that second and third fourth quarter that you'll notice those cool offs for sure when that sun goes down. 61 right now at walnut creek that is minus four in livermore from where it was yesterday. minus five in napa. the temperatures will be coming down. overnight lows, when i say upper 50s in santa rosa that easily could be an upper 40 or low 50s. it could be an upper 40 in the inland areas away from the cities. you souled tee temperatures get into the 40s tonight. but on tuesday, that will be tomorrow as you can see the showers with the low lingering up on the hill. but for us we're in this pattern to allow that fog most likely to reform tonight and that they will lift it up tomorrow morning where it will be almost like a low cloud event than a fog event to burn off slowly. the sun will come out in yellows or the 70s. that'll be your day tomorrow. the temperatures are in your 70s with a couple of low 80s. the gradual warm up with that kind of story that we will see this week as they will start
5:22 pm
town crease for wednesday, thursday, and friday. so here is the five-day forecast with the temperatures in the upper 80s, taking a bit of a break with a red flag warning because of the winds. not as far or hot. but this will be windy up there. and this week it will be just kind of warming up towards the end of the week. nothing too hot, but it will be okay. >> and it has been kyle for that time of the year. >> yes, this weather will be good back east. that it is just great, good football weather. >> yes, thanks, bill. >> you bet. coming up, a florida mosque goes up in flames. coming up next a look at the surveillance video that could help lead to the arrest. plus the connection to the orlando nightclub shooter. and later knocked down and robbed near campus. coming up at 6:00, the hunt for two men responsible for who berkeley police are looking for. they are offering hiring
5:23 pm
bonuses for new apple tents. coming up new at 6:00, proposals to entice experienced officers.
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a mosque where the orlando nightclub shooter prayed went up in flames early this morning. authorities say there was damage to the inside and outside of the florida mosque. they believe the fire was deliberately set and that it may be a hate crime since it happened so close to the anniversary of the 9/11
5:26 pm
attacks. >> the video clearly shows a lone individual either white or hispanic ancestry, driving up on the motorcycle, stopping the motorcycle, walking up to the mosque where shortly after there is a bright flash indicating that a fire did occur. >> and that fire happened a day before an important muslim holiday putting the community on edge. the spokesperson on the council of american-islamic relations says that the mosque has received numerous threats since the massacre. neighbors say they have seen people yelling and gesturing at mosque as they drive by. orlando shooter omar was killed by authorities after opening fire at a gay nightclub back in june. 39 people died and 53 people were injured. a syrian cease fire agreement backed by the united states in russia went into effect today. but it's not clear if the rebel
5:27 pm
groups fighting the syrian government will comply. the cease fire is set to coincide with the muslim holiday of eid. they are hopeful that the holy day will inspire both sides to obey the terms of that agreement. after one week of cease fire the forces of the president will be allowed to fight defensively and can only target the islamic state group, not anti-government rebels. >> and i urge all the parties to support it because it may be the last chance that one has to save a united syria. so far the cease fire appears to be holding. one of the urgent goals including the rebel-held aleppo city. former british prime minister david cameron today announced he's stepping down as a member of britain's parliament. the announcement comes two months after cameron quit as the prime minister after losing
5:28 pm
his bid to commence the british voters to stay in the european union. it was a necessary one saying he does not want to be a distraction for the successor, the prime minister of teresa may. and he plans to leavitt front- line politics or wants to continue in public service -- and he plans to leave the front line politics or wants to continue in the public service. rate hikes are falling. all three rose 1%. dow was up 239 points. nasdaq gained 85, and the s&p rose 31. an appeal's court in san francisco ruled in favor of yelp today saying the website's star rating system does not make it liable for negative reviews. the court also ruled that yelp cannot be held liable for distributing reviews to search engines. a washington state locks smith pseudobecause of a negative review in 20-- smith sued because of a negative review in
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2011. how that boy's family is remembering him. plus we're learning about the driver accused of his death. plus, new details on the deadly crash of the small plane headed for the bay area. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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and chp officers in oakland are looking for a 2016 kia sorento on highway 980 as they
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posted a generic photo of that on their facebook page asking for any help in locating that vehicle that will likely have some damage to the right front wheel well. officers say that they hit a motorcycle on eastbound 980 around 2:00 a.m. yesterday, which happened to be identified who died at the scene. it happened in east 9th street. amtrak officials say that none of the passengers on the train were hurt as they shut down tracks in both directions disrupting service in the area for several hours. and the coroner's office tells us that at this point that they don't note name of the victim. >> and the bails bond smith was returning to the bay area with a client who skipped town died in a small plane crash last night at the reno-tahoe airport. it crashed killing all three people on board. pilot had just moved to
5:33 pm
northern california. investigators say that the plane was only about 100 feet in the air before swerving into the parking lot and crashed. ktvu tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: witnesses say the small plane had trouble shortly after takeoff plummeting into the reno-tahoe airport's parking lot last night. killed were 57-year-old bob drescher, a pilot from southern california who recently moved to california with his partner, pam. in a facebook post, pam wrote that bob was the love of her life and so happy and serene when he was flying. his daughter leslie posed for this graduation photo with her dad leaving behind three grown children and two stepchildren. the people that own the piper cherokee only started renting out a space here at the san carlos airport about two weeks ago. the plane was registered to an llc based in albuquerque, new mexico. >> reporter: 46-year-old edward mumbert was also in the plane. mumbert is the private
5:34 pm
investigator and bail bondsman. he was one of a kind and had the biggest heart. mumbert was reportedly flying to nevada to retrieve a client who skipped out of town. that person was 34-year-old ronni hernandez, unknown where she is from. officials say that all three victims suffer blunt traumatic injury. luckily no one on the ground was hurt. although that plane debris did damage several cars sitting in the parking lot. the federal aviation administration and the ntsb, they are now investigating. in san carlos, tara moriarty ktvu fox 2 news. investigators from the ntsb say they will release a preliminary report on the crash in about a week. the full investigation could take up to a year to complete. new information tonight about a deadly dui crash on the eastbound freeway as we learned more about the victim. a 3-year-old boy and the suspect, the wife of the alameda county sheriff's deputy. for the first time the father
5:35 pm
killed in the alleged dui crash is now speaking out. in a story that you'll see on fox 2, eric dunn says that his 3-year-old son was his right arm and an amazing child. ktvu's jesse gary is live at walnut creek where dunn's wife is still recovering from her injuries. jesse, what's the latest there? >> reporter: julie, crystal is still in a lot of pain, however doctors say she is recovering enough where they are considering transferring her to the kaiser permanente hospital here in walnut creek that could happen later tonight or tomorrow. we'll have to wait and see. while she heals, the husband grieves and demands justice for their 3-year-old son. >> and everywhere i went he was like my right-hand man my shadow. he meant everything to me. we were so close. >> what happened? what did you do? >> reporter: this is video of the 3-year-old toddler killed
5:36 pm
in friday's accident in san ramon around 6:20 in the evening. crystal's toyota camry ran out of gas. 12-year-old eric jr. is on the right of this picture called his dad asking to bring a gallon of gas. two minutes later the camry rear ended by malahan. the 39-year-old pleasanton residence was driving under the influence when she crashed into the stalled car. alasiah was killed and his sister suffered non-life threatening injuries. the family and since the accused also the wife of an alameda county deputy sheriff, apparently has bailed out of jail. >> i praise to god to please let justice be served the right way and not some slap on the wrist, a slap on my hand saying this is all that you're getting. >> reporter: the county sheriff statement sent a statement saying, "words cannot express
5:37 pm
how deeply saddened we are about tragic death of the little boy. drunk driving is a selfish and irresponsible crime. we are keeping his family in our thoughts and prayers. we will support them and our employee who has also been devastated by this tragedy." to heading home, he ran up to me giving me the biggest hug. i'm never going to feel the same, having him run up to me. >> reporter: it will be a long road to recovery for this family, talking to mr. dunn saying that his son who they called jr. suffering with survivor's guilt saying he is the one that should have died and has been traumatized by the accident to the point where he is fearful when he gets in a car, etc. so a long road ahead for this family. we will keep you updated on their progress. they have set up a gofundme page if you go to our website on we will have the information on how to help the family in that gofundme page.
5:38 pm
live in walnut creek jesse gary ktvu fox 2 news. >> it is just a heartbreaking story as you never know. i mean 6:20 in the evening something like this you pull over to the side of the freeway. >> yeah, you think you're doing the right thing by saying in the car. >> that is exactly what police said they were doing, they did the right thing by staying in the car. the kids were all in their booster seats with the seat belt, etc. they tell you not to get out to try to walk along the roadway, but stay in your vehicle and they did all that and still this happened. that i guess it is terrible irony. you dot right thing and -- you do the right thing and something terrible. the person who hit them was allegedly driving under the influence, which is why we're going back to a dui that could be prevented very easily by just not getting behind the wheel. call a taxi, call uber. but don't get behind the wheel if you have been drinking or
5:39 pm
anything else. >> it is all about decisions. >> jesse, thank you. it's been a year since the devastating and deadly valley fire in lake county. up next how residents are making the day and an update on their rebuilding efforts all coming your way next. ♪ ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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honey, is the internet back yet? yes!! i need to let her know that i like this! i like, like, like, like... i haven't seen a movie based on a comic book in so long. i know. we're over here internet people! get high speed internet from at&t. with over 99% reliability. at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm, you internet's on. at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ it was one year ago today that the valley fire erupted in lake county killing four
5:42 pm
people. the fire burned more than 76,000 acres destroying 1,200 homes. it was the third most destructive fire in california history. a year later we are also getting a better inciting into the frightening moments right after that fire started. 911 calls captured the fear and devastation people felt as it moved closer. ktvu photographer chris paxton put together some of those emotional calls. >> 911 emergency? >> hey, we have a fire behind the alley in the backyard. >> 911, you're reporting a wildfire? >> yes, there is one across the street from us. it looks like a house is on fire. >> while i have you on the phone can you tell me how big the fire is? >> right now it doesn't look too big. >> if you feel threatened you can leave, yes. >> the fire is close to my house and my wife is disabled
5:43 pm
and i have no vehicle. it is clear on top of us, right on top of us. >> should we start thinking of an evacuation? >> i want to report that there is a fire over by highway 20. >> okay, where by highway 29? we have a big fire, is this the same fire? >> yeah. >> okay, my car is dead. i would like to leave, but i need assistance. >> how many people? >> like ten. ten people up here. the fire is all around them. >> it is okay ma'am, i'll get you some help. just stay with me. >> okay. >> the fire is on our property. dale court in hidden valley lane. we need to get out of the house. >> we're trying to evacuate. my wife has fallen and that we
5:44 pm
can barely move and we need some assistance. >> okay, let's get you to cal fire. >> cal fire, right below my house. >> you need to get out of hidden valley. >> we are trying to. stop right there. there are firefighters out here. >> okay, what city are you in, sir? >> hidden valley lane. >> okay, you need to evacuate, sir. >> evacuate? >> yes, all of hidden valley has been evacuated. you need to evacuate. >> okay. there are no firefighters out here? >> i'm sure that they are everywhere, the fire is huge over 10,000 acres. they're doing the best that they can. but if you live in hidden valley you need to evac-- you need toe slack toe -- that you need to evacuate, okay? >> okay. >> my house burned down and i'm a little freaked out. >> just looking for any information if we can get back to hidden valley. >> very powerful.
5:45 pm
you had a feel for how people were feeling up there a year ago. authorities say that only about 40% of the homes that were lost in the fire will be rebuilt. ktvu ken wayne recently returned to the area. amidst the charred hillside, the dead and burned out trees have a sign of renewal now. he talked to one man who says he is just now moving back to his home of middletown. >> we go to these meetings and they would say one thing and then they turn around and they do another thing. the playing field is not leveled for everybody. just really recognizing the heartbreakers out here. there is not a night that goes by that you don't think about it. >> at least 50% of the people here are gone. they have either bought elsewhere. it is just such a horrible long process. >> reporter: a number of people say that the cost of rebuilding is more than what their homes are worth when they were finished. for those who didn't have insurance they simply can't afford to rebuild their homes. some have moved to other parts of lake county way from the fire zone and others have
5:46 pm
decided to leave that county altogether. on ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 coming up ken wayne will take a closer look at the rebuilding process in lake county and our coverage, of course of the first anniversary of the valley fire continues all day long and on the air con -- on air and online paul chambers is in l.a. with a look at next week's big fox premiers. temperatures are on the cool side today. breezy out there as well. it will be cool for a couple of days then we have the heat coming. i'll time it up for you after the break.
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it is going to be a big week next week for fox as we get ready for season season and series premiers. on the red carpet, paul, you're getting a speak peek on the stars themselves. >> and that is right. that they drew that short straw with a tough gig coming from l.a. it is not so bad you guys. i'm down here talking to fox's biggest stars. their new show and new series and premiers will start next week. but tonight, that lethal weapon, they had the red carpet out here. their premier starts tonight. i'm not bragging, but i want to show you some of the other people that are taking a look here as you can see that i spent my days here talking to a lot of those celebrities yet. i met up with gordon ramsey the
5:50 pm
chef of master chef. and that is a new show that debuted last night. it will air sunday night. in it, heinze's ex-husband comes back as an animated person. it's the twist. they are using animation at the same time i had a chance to talk to taylor and michael smith, kicking off the week from today. gina davis and allan ruck are a married couple in the show exorcist. starting next friday, yeah, gray who plays hakeem on a hot show "empire" comes back next wednesday. >> yes, that is what happens when you are from philly. [ laughter ] >> it's the jacket. >> don't worry about it. >> that is pretty much in one
5:51 pm
spot. i gave it to them today. >> okay? >> how? >> are you still looking for it? >> yes, at 8:00 tonight, watch it. >> reporter: that is cheryl hines. i'll keep bringing you the exclusive news. just go to my account as paul chambers on facebook. tonight it will be the red carpet party. of course there is a whole list of those tomorrow. i'm down here for a couple more days. enjoy yourself down here. real quickly, frank somerville was giving me so much trouble. in all the years here, i wear a white shirt and he is not here. what's up with that? what's up? >> yeah, we were commenting that you have a lot of different shirts down there. >> yeah. >> you've got your stylist with
5:52 pm
you. >> i need to keep it going. >> paul, thank you. we've got a big football game tonight at levi. how are we doing? >> yeah, big football everybody, the game is going down. you know it will be cool as we are talking about those winds down there. the temperatures are below those temperatures. the game just started at 7:20 with the highs today below average. hot spots at 72 in antioch and 74 in livermore. highs today, they were down there. they are not that warm, they would roll in here. a few showers to the northern part. the low is right in here delivering out to the great basin, out into the area. that they will be getting snow out there. but we will be seeing even more up here on their way to seeing those showers and the low pressure for us, just enough of low pressure that could form and it will be deep enough. the fog that is and those temperatures tomorrow morning
5:53 pm
will warm up a little bit working their way south. so those showers will be staying in play. but the temperatures should pop up a couple of degrees and it should be, well, pretty breezy tomorrow. look for strong winds along the coast and the hills. it will be moving up high in the yellows. so there will be a lot of 70s and the 60s. that they might be over the top. we'll see mostly upper 70s tomorrow. and in the five-day forecast, that it will be a good one for fire danger and the windy conditions that would help. but the cooler lower temperatures obviously that will start to warm up. it will warm up feeling like july again. >> keeping you on your toes? >> yes, thank you, bill. >> bill, thank you. some major experience in
5:54 pm
the weather. hard to talk. major advancements when it comes to self-driving caring. tom vacar takes us through a big announcement on tesla and their self-driving fleet.
5:55 pm
honey, is the internet back yet? yes!! i'm surfing!! get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on.
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honey it's not swiping. come on i need it to swipe. i know i need to swipe something. get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on. meanwhile uber is rolling out their self-driving cars.
5:57 pm
new at 5:00 tonight, ktvu tom vacar breaks down the state of those atomist vehicles. >> reporter: in light of an accident of mold s, tesla founder elon musk says that they will rely more on the radar for their autopilot features unless on cameras to eventually accomplish the driverless car. the professor over at uc berkeley's transportation of department says that the radar alone will not do it. >> and more technology on the vehicles will be better than less technology, making use of the radar that should improve things. >> reporter: and san francisco- based car sharing company uber says that they will be testing a driverless taxicab in pennsylvania starting this week. >> reporter: from the technical side what they are doing is what google has been doing for at least the last three years on the streets of mountainview that they will not take passengers with them. >> reporter: and that they would still have someone in the driver seat in case of someone with an emergency and plus an
5:58 pm
engineer sitting to observe and record what the car is doing relative to the roadway, the pedestrians, orcas, and their obstacle -- pedestrians, other cars, and their obstacles. but would they get in? >> that they are all weary of the technology that it will be off putting. but as you would know it that statistically that human error is greater than what could have occurred, the driverless cars. >> i think that they are coming that it will be great. although that i like my uber drivers. but you know what that they probably would and that they have been tested. but i wouldn't have a problem with it. >> reporter: when i get in, i would be a little nervous and feel really bad about their drivers who just lost their jobs. >> reporter: will cabbies be out of work? and more importantly what about all the new uber drivers? will they lose their jobs? not likely here is why. >> reporter: the most important thing to try to make sure that they are aware that the system is not capable of doing all the
5:59 pm
driving for them. >> reporter: and cars that could drive in all conditions, all weather conditions, all lighting conditions, with a lot of cars that could not communicate with is still just decades, i repeat decades off. tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. there is word tonight that three women were sexually assaulted during a weekend concert at berkeley's greek theater. the latest release by uc police and the investigation now underway. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank mallicot, frank somerville has the night off. they are investigating three weekend assaults at cal berkeley's greek theater. each case is separate, but all three happened in the same location. >> reporter: these are three separate cases. they do not know each other.
6:00 pm
these women were among the 18,000 people attending the mad decent block concert at the greek theater saturday night. in the first case an 18-year- old student was standing in line at a restroom while the concert was in progress. they say a man shoved her into a porta-pottity and sexually assaulted her. on sunday morning campus police learned another woman had been sexually assaulted at the same concert. in this case officials at the hospital notified authorities. we are told that woman is not a student at cal berkeley. she just happened to meet a stranger there who later sexually assaulted her. then this afternoon, campus police say that they were notified by a third woman that she too had been sexually assaulted at that concert at the greek. that woman is a student, but no information has been released about the suspect. she came forward though after hearing of the two other cases. >> i feel safe on campus, but a lot of people don't. i think the community as a whole needs to step up saying hey that's


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