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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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clark. we are first out on the gate on another hot one.>> yes, that is correct, and it is slightly cooler. the coast and they are still rather totally, and inland is way above average. clear skies and fog roaring of the coast but not an impact on us. it may hit the santa cruz coast by later in the afternoon, and 85 in gilroy but they hit 102, and here are the temperatures in livermore, 100, 97, 89, 78, and 72. hurricane pain will affect san diego, and into arizona in the next couple of days, but i don't think it will be impacting us. clear skies as the fog is still roaring, and not much of a breeze, and slightly offshore with no relief yet.
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50s and 60s on the coast and giving way to cooler temperatures, but still well above average with very warm air. clear and sunny, and the leading into the system will send in a dramatic change of midweek. 70s, 80s and 90s. what do we have?>> looking at a busy commute, but not going to be affected by too many incidents. we start off with a look at the san mateo bridge, not looking bad heading to the toll plaza, or pass the toll plaza over to the peninsula. looking at the commute the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic moving nicely until we get to the toll plaza, a 50 minute delay. looking good once we get back on the bridge. a lot of slow traffic on the maps, southbound 680 and westbound 580 slowing down, from dublin to pleasanton.
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not bad from livermore to castro valley, but a lot of slow traffic on the altamont pass. 6:01 am. new developments coming in from new york and new jersey. after the bombing saturday night in manhattan and the discovery last night of the explosive devices in elizabeth, new jersey, the new york police department tweeted out this photo of the man they are looking for. one of the five explosive devices found in new jersey exploded as the police robot was trying to disarm it. we have alex savidge joining us from the newsroom and what the new york governor just said about a possible connection with the foreign terrorism.>> good morning. the governor of new york said that the bombing in manhattan could be an act of terrorism. this morning the authorities are honing in on beats man -- on this man, ahmad kham rahami
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and they want to question him about the blast in the manhattan chelsea neighborhood saturday. federal agents are searching the apartment in elizabeth, new jersey where we are told that ahmad kham rahami leah. last night they discovered a backpack with five pipe bombs inside near the apartment in elizabeth. one of the pipe bombs exploded as the police robot try to move it to this army it. we heard from the mayor of -- disarm it. we her from the mayor of elizabeth and said that the explosives were dumped in that location. >> we suspect it was tossed and they are due to the ongoing investigation and they were trying to get rid of it. >> the fbi agents are continuing to question five people in connection with the bombing in manhattan saturday that injured 29 people.
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after the explosion in the chelsea neighborhood, another device was found nearby, a pressure cooker that had wires and a cell phone attached but it did not explode. the investigators are zeroing in on ahmad kham rahami trying to track them down, and he is wanted for questioning in connection with that explosion in manhattan. he is described as potentially armed and dangerous, and the new york mayor says it is important to get him off of the streets as soon as possible, and anybody that sees him to put in a call right away to authorities. >> we hope they get leads soon. the presidential candidates reacting to the report of the explosion in new york city. >> i must tell you that just before i got off of the plane that a bomb went off in new york and nobody knows exactly what is going on, but we are living in a time, and week are -- and we better get very
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tough, folks.>> i think we need to wait until we have information to come to a conclusion.>> with the first debate between trump and clinton scheduled for one week from today it is expected that terrorism and national security will be a hot topic. president obama is in new york this morning for the united nations general assembly meeting, and the federal, state and local authorities said they have increased security in the city. new york governor andrew cuomo says that nearly 1000 additional new york state police and national guard personnel will be patrolling the bus terminals, airports and subway stations. we will continue to follow this report and have live reports from the security, and you can find the latest updates online on 6:05 am . mourning the death of one of the city's legendary
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figures, longtime social and political activist rose pak died after a long illness at the age of 68. she was a powerful voice for the san francisco chinese- american community for more than 40 years and played a critical role in the election of mayor ed lee as the first chinese american mayor. and they say that she had incredible political of power -- political power for someone that was never elected to office. >> for all the power that she had she lived a simple life, and her life was really about service. >> she is a giant among giants. >> city leaders gathering near her apartment after getting word of her passing yesterday, and funeral arrangements are pending. we are learning new information about the friday accident on highway 101 on the peninsula that killed and 82- year-old man. the metal bolt may have come
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from a caltrans truck that cash -- crashed through his window. >> reporter: caltrans says that the piece of metal may have come from a water truck traveling on highway 101. the caltrans officials are saying that one of the water trucks was traveling between the job sites on friday, and it may have left behind a large brass bolt, and it is the size of a baseball, likely picked up by the traffic and smashing into the windshield of a passing car and it struck 82- year-old luis schaefer traveling near the exit on 101, and he died at the scene. it happened so fast that he likely never saw the bolt coming at him and they are investigating the accident, offering the condolences to the family and friends of schaefer. firefighters in marin county trying to determine the cause of the
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wildfire near fairfax that was reported around 4:30 pm yesterday at the iron springs road. the marin county fire department said that the fire burned about 10 acres but did not threaten any buildings, and there were hundreds of firefighters from several bring county agencies that were able to control the fire. a fire at the pescadero stores started early yesterday morning and the building is a total loss. investigators are still searching for the cause, and the country store is known for being a very popular gatherings bought for those that live in the pescadero area and also for the tourists. events unfolding in new york and new jersey with police in the bay area on high alert, coming up in 20 minutes what the officers are doing keep the people say. plus, vote this week to make the muni line safer, and
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some neighbors and businesses do not want the improvement, coming up. we see traffic is getting busier all over the place, looking at the east shore freeway and you can see the traffic is moving pretty well heading toward the maccarthur maze. quiet conditions with another warm day in signs of a big change coming up.
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a big day in the silicon valley, oracle 2016 and people from all around the world expected to attend the conference at the must only center, several she -- several streets will be shut down through thursday at the conference continues, and ceo mark hurd will give the keynote address and also part of the leadership summit featuring tennis star billy gene kang. and the san mateo making a big announcement as the go pro unveils carmona, a drone that carries the camera, and the drum will automatically follow the surfers and snowboarders, and the country is expected to shop new editing software. go pro is hoping that the new
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products will boost the bottom line so they do not need to be sold to another and larger company. go pro is set to go an entire year without making a profit. the san francisco transportation agency could decide whether hot changes will be made to l-taraval street to make it available for public transit. the air terrell -- l-taraval calling for only changing lanes, and it will remove some of the l-taraval train stops and add new traffic signals on the street, and the most controversial part of the project is that it will install 15 concrete boarding islands, and some neighbors oppose the plan saying it could hurt the business in the area. tomorrow the agency is expected the vote on a plan to make cell phone service available on the muni underground routes. they have announced the plans last week and if the board gets the approval, the bart officials will negotiate the
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agreement with major cell carriers to expand the existing underground network community. there are 5 miles of underground tunnels and is expected to cost nearly $6 million and could be available a year from now. we cannot go one moment without being online, as you know. >> the phones are sealed to our hands at all times. >> i think i could take to napping on the train if i were able to do that. >> i'm a little bit too paranoid to do that.>> i would not want to take a nap on them overnight, no. >> for a year i commuted to berkeley and i would take bart to school, and just getting on that train would make me sleepy.>> the moving vehicle, just like a baby. good morning everyone, let's take a look at the east or freeway, interstate 80
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westbound toward the maccarthur maze, no problems driving out from the carquinez bridge to the mace, but it is taking 25 minutes. not a bad time. after you get to the toll plaza it will be another 20 minutes to get onto the bridge. looking at your east bay commute, highway 4 is slow through part of antioch, part of pittsburg and in the bay point, slow into concord and walnut greek. traffic -- walnut creek traffic moving well. 6:15 am. did you enjoy yesterday? >> i did enjoy the weather yesterday.>> i know you like it around 75, and you will like tomorrow even better. it was a day for sunshine on the coast and the bay, and it will be nice on the coast but not tomorrow. these are the average high temperatures for this time of year, napa 83, san jose 80.
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today 93 and 90 and those are all cooler than yesterday. san francisco hit 86 yesterday, going for 78 today, still well above average of 70. by tomorrow i think a good 15 to 20 degrees drop will begin, and just a bit today. still above average, warm to hot, but major changes on the way as we get this low dropping in wednesday and thursday with a 25 degrees drop on the temperatures. focusing on livermore, 100 yesterday, 97 today, 89, 78 and 72 by thursday. hurricane paine moving up the coast, and it looks like it will affect the san diego and possibly la, and then turning into arizona. i don't think it will impact us anytime, but it bears watching. all of the trends say that it
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will stay to the south of us. the fog is trying, and this could be a day that santa cruz starts off warm and then plunging into the cool. no breeze yet, and we will see if that kicks up. 50s and 60s on the temperatures, higher elevations in the 70s and very warm for some. a lot of 90s and 100 yesterday. 54 in monterey, 62 in sacramento, and we are clear here but the fog is raring to go but not today. this will bring snow to the sierra on thursday, and it looks cold and windy for us heading into wednesday and thursday, but today we are sunshine with warm to hot conditions holding on in the upper 90s and low 100. 80s around the bay, and these are all above average. don't get used to this. it will change big time, the last week of summer as fall officially starts on thursday and it will feel like it.
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we will rebound into the weekend, and the first week of october looking very cool. >> we usually get warm, a roller coaster, and will we see that? >> yes.>> but we cannot complain, a little bit of everything. it is still hot in boston. some people are cool, and others had a hot summer.>> some people moved from here to boston them -- and then they have it cool here. coming up, a standing on the stabbing in the minnesota mall and what we know about the attacker and is linked to terrorism. and the rams staying here
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and what the nfl commissioner has to say about the future of the team.
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your time now is 6:21 am, and welcome back to mornings on 2. afforded neighborhood could be declared free of the zika virus, and the winwood section of miami has been under the zika warning for two months, and it is a popular place for
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tourists, and a travel warning was issued, and you are watching this brain that took place -- the spraying that took place, and the cdc issued the warning after confirming that the zika virus was spread by the local mosquitoes. the travel warning for the miami beach will remain in effect because the travel warning continues and that part of florida. three surfers bitten by a shark within a few hours in florida sunday morning on the new smyrna beach east of orlando. one man was bitten on the leg, a second man on his hands, and the third victim, a 15-year-old boy that was written on the leg. they believe -- beaten on the leg, and they believed it was due to a bait left in the area that the sharks like to eat. >> it is nerve-racking.>> and while some swimmers are staying
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out of the waters, others believe the attack is accidental and will take the risk. officials are telling people to be aware of their surroundings if they go in the water. pitching a shut out at the game, giving up 46 games, and the panthers racking up 529 yards of offense including the 78 yard touchdown pass for greg olsen. 529 yards the most that the 49ers have allowed since 2007. here is blaine gabbert going in, bringing them as close as 11, and in the panthers get the field goal, and mcdonald is gone, and then gabbert throwing some picks in four minutes, and the panthers win, 46-27. as for the raiders, the home
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opener was foiled by the visiting falcons, and it was a close game. for the second straight week oakland allowed more than 500 yards for the offense, and the falcons taking a 35-21 lead early on. could not complete the comeback, and losing to the falcons, 35-28 and the raiders on the road to nashville to play the titans next sunday. the raiders could be staying in oakland and roger goodell says that no market should lose the team wants, let alone twice, and that was reported on twitter. brian murphy last week the nevada oversight committee recommended spending $750 million on an nfl stadium in las vegas. the golden state warriors are getting ready for the new season and helping the kids as they had back-to-
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school, the back-to-school in the bay campaign begins today with the "get fit timeout" and talking about exercise and nutrition. tomorrow's tom livingston at the sacred heart community service center in san jose, livingston with the warrior season-ticket holders will help to make 5000 mailbags to be delivered to the -- meal bags to be delivered to the students. and there will be a "read to achieve" in san jose and talking to the students about the importance of education. thousands of students strolling through the downtown left it for the arts and wine festival. complete with a flute, and every year several blocks of the mount diablo boulevard are cornered all, and the two day event featuring hundreds of displaced featuring arts and
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crafts. it had a kid zone and a good take, and last year 80,000 people came to the festival making it one of the largest in the bay area. it is 6:26 am. a san francisco family facing eviction after 20 years, and the effort to keep them in the rent control home. keeping a close eye out on the east coast and what they are doing in severance is go. we are looking at a commute that is still busy and getting more busy, but 280 does not look bad up highway 17. one more day and then a big change coming up.
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good morning and thank you for joining us.
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if you are just waking up it is monday morning, september 19 and i'm pam cook. >> i am frank mallicoat in for dave clark. and if you don't like it hot, wait a few days. >> one will do it, no doubt about it. a few clouds but very still, and it will be warm to hot. the fog has not arrived yet, and it is booking of the coast, and it could impact the monterey, santa cruz a little bit later. the records over at the airport, richmond and gilroy reaching 102. yesterday it was 98 in santa rosa and 86 in san francisco, 100 and livermore, 93 in san jose. today a little bit cooler, with the biggest cooldown on the coast. if you are listening, you may want to know livermore reached 100 yesterday, 97, 80 night, 78
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-- 89, 78 and reaching 72 by thursday. we have a ways to go before this gets to monterey. a little bit of a west tabriz but that is it, higher elevations in the 70s, very warm. 68 at los altos hills, and 65 in hillsborough. sunny with high clouds, and that is the big cooling trend that will kick in tomorrow. today it is all about the 70s, 80s and 90s. what do we have? we have slow traffic and plenty of it as we get to the middle of the commute. at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic at the pay gets with a 25 minute delay before getting onto the bridge. no problem on the bridge itself, but getting there is busy. looking at a commute that is busy driving on the san mateo
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bridge, you will see slow traffic as you drive through. also slow traffic this morning on i-80 80 into that area, and the 880 southbound in that area, and it is backed up just south of the marina, making it slower than usual heading in from san leandro into hayward. 6:31 am. we continue to follow developing news this morning following the bombing in manhattan, and the discovery of the explosive devices in elizabeth, new jersey last night. the fbi conducted a raid in elizabeth just hours after investigators found five new explosive devices, one detonated as people is robot -- police robot was trying to disable it. >> it was being dismantled by the robot, and it cut the wire
6:32 am
and it exploded. the others were wrapped up and put into a safe container taken to the fire academy, and the fbi agents will pick it up and transport it to quantico for further analysis. a short time ago the new york city police announced their searching for this man, ahmad kham rahami , to question him about the bombing in manhattan. he is a naturalized citizen of afghanistan. he has lived in new jersey, and the governor says that it looks like the bombing could be an act of terrorism with a foreign connection. the bay area police are watching these events carefully, and we are live in south san francisco where large crowd is expected for the air full open world convention. -- oracle open world convention. >> reporter: the oracle open
6:33 am
world drawing thousands to the city and we've seen the san francisco police, highway patrol gathering in the area, one of the city's biggest convention is expected to draw thousands of people to the area. those that arrived early this morning said they had been keeping a close eye out on the east coast but they feel safe in separate is co--- in san francisco.>> i saw a little bit on the news about what happened in new york, and it is terrible. they have a lot of security here. we are safe hopefully. >> reporter: the san francisco police say that in light of the high-profile attacks they are increasing visibility throughout the city, and the department is closely following any information about the explosion and the discovery of the explosive devices. they stressed that there is no known threat throughout the city but they have increased patrols, and the department is working with allied law
6:34 am
enforcement agencies and asking the public to be village in -- vigilant as always. the city is taking similar steps, and if you took a look a few moments go you could've seen the private security at the oracle world, and clearly securities on everyone's mind this morning.>> reporter: we are live in the south market in san francisco, thank you. the fbi investigating this saturday night stabbing at the minnesota shopping mall as a possible act of terrorism, nine people were injured before the off-duty police officer shot and killed the man with the knife, and isis claims he was a soldier of the islamic state, and the attacker made at least one reference to allah according to a witness but they say that it is still in the early stages of the investigation. >> we are investigating this as a potential act of terrorism but we do not know whether the
6:35 am
subject was in contact with, had connections with or inspired by the foreign terrorist organization. >> all nine stabbing victims are expected to survive, and the star tribune has identified the attacker. their ceremony in memory of the victims of the terror attack held today in paris as france is still under a state of emergency, and the country time that hill from the assaults that it killed more than 200 across france in the past year. the president led the tribute and it was attended by hundreds of people, including the families of those killed by the islamic extremist in paris and brussels. and encouraging, deputies will start wear body cameras tomorrow, and the department purchased 85 cameras, and the
6:36 am
program will cost about $200,000 in the first year, and they say that the use of the cameras will enhance community trust. the san francisco family that has been renting the same home for over 20 years is getting community support to fight the eviction, and leslie ramirez and her supporters held a protest outside of the home of the landlord. ramirez has lived in this home with her parents for more than 20 years but the landlord wants her out so that he can raise the rent. she said that he is -- moving his daughter in the home so that he can raise the price of the home. she said that finding any place they could rent and afford would be impossible, and that the move would be extremely difficult for her parents. >> my parents are seniors and for them to relocate and begin their life somewhere new is not possible.>> ramirez said that her family stop the only ones
6:37 am
facing this situation and says that several landlords have had relatives moving into the property in her neighborhood as a way to get around the rent control laws. she said that in her case the landlord gave them a 60 day notice to move out. it is 6:36 am. toxic algae reportedly showing up in more than 40 lakes, the largest in california history. according to the east bay times, the drought has a lot to do with this recent increase, and the regional water officials say there's not much they can do about the problem. the toxic algae can cause rashes, eye irritation, stomach sickness, and it can be fatal to dogs. the giants beginning a critical series against the first-place dodgers as they tried to make the playoffs, and yesterday the giants lost to the cardinals, 3-0 and now st.
6:38 am
louis has the home-field advantage, and the cardinals are now one game behind the mets for the top wild-card spots and the giants trailing the dodgers by five games in the national league west. kris davis hitting his 40th home run in the 5-2 victory over the rangers in texas, and davis now become the first a's player to hit 40 homers since 46 years ago. and the a's are behind the rangers, and they are playing well. they do a host the astros. >> the giants have six more against la. that i am thinking positive, they have to win a few. coming up next, a fire at the home daycare center and how one person was injured that was not even inside when the fire started. some very funny moments,
6:39 am
and the current political climate as we head the highlights from the emmy awards up next. it is getting slow in some areas, and it has been slow for a while at the bay bridge. we will give you drive times for your commute straight ahead. warm and quiet, and another warm day, but not as hot as sunday. we have a big change coming up. ♪ grocery shoppers of america! take your o organics baby carrots. take your eggs. even your o organics chips. and join the organic movement. organic food is no longer just for the privileged few.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 6:41 am. the oakland police are still looking for whoever saw the bay area musician more than a year ago, and navarra had just finished a gig when someone took his life, and we have more in the bay area on unsolved. >> reporter: navarro was playing the bass and sang for the lucky egypt, a punk rock band, and music was his life. early the morning of easter sunday 2015 they were getting ready to leave after performing at a birthday party, and he was packing up his equipment after a gig cure downtown oakland, and someone down the street fired a bullet that hit him in the neck. >> two men were involved in a minor dispute, and it appears that one of the men was armed
6:43 am
with a firearm. he shot at the person that had the dispute with, and it did not hit him, and it killed the musician.>> reporter: have released the video of two men, woman and a mercedes that they believe are linked to the killing. >> it is a mercedes benz model s4 30 or as 500. it is silver in color.>> reporter: the sergeant, a lead investigator and no longer working homicide but the case is still on his mind. >> i believe we can get this all because we have the photos of the people involved in someone out there knows who these people are. >> bernadette navarro is still grieving over her loss, and she had texted her son wishing him a happy easter, and did not get a response, but instead got a call from the oakland police.
6:44 am
>> there's not a day that goes by that we do not think about him and it is like that he is still here in some ways. >> i try to put myself in their shoes, and my feeling is that i don't think that i could live like knowing that i had information that could help solve the case, especially in the case of my sign, he was completely innocent and did not even know the person that was shooting the gun, and he did not know that person, and i think that is what is the hardest thing, this could happen to anybody. somebody totally innocent, and we do not want that to continue.>> reporter: anyone with information is asked to call the oakland police, henry lee for the unsolved, ktvu fox news. when i join you in a few
6:45 am
minutes we will talk about the ongoing drought, and how it is leading to the california's largest natural disaster, the dead and dying trees, and what that means for fires and other safety issues. and homeowners that are out of a lot of money due to mother nature. also, you can see the man breaking into the ywca in southern california, grabbing whatever he can from the cash register and running off. there are two problems here, the cash register is a toy, and the money is only printed paper, and what the police department is saying, and is may not be the thieves first time in doing something like this. the best were honored last night at the 68th annual primetime emmy awards.>> and the emmy goes to "game of
6:46 am
thrones".>> the hbo "game of thrones" taking home 12 awards including best drama, and they now have 38 emmys, breaking the record for the highest number of awards for any series, and " veep"was also a hit with jody at louise dreyfus taking home an emmy award for the best leading actress. >> i think this has torn down the wall between comedy and politics. our show started out as a political satire but now feels like a sobering documentary. [ laughter ]. i certainly do promise to rebuild the wall and make mexico pay for it. [ laughter ].>> she is funny. she looks fabulous. other winners include "the people v. o. j. smpson: american crime
6:47 am
story." 55 years old.>> she was prettier than ever. let's take a track on the traffic and check on this monday. >> not too bad between walnut creek and oakland, but the drive is getting a little bit slowed near the lafayette bart station, the typical 20 to 25 minute delay at the toll plaza, and southbound i-80, traffic is very slow, and that is approaching this crash. 6:47 am. high clouds drifting over after a hot sunday and record highs, and still warm today,
6:48 am
but we have a slight cooling over by the coast and bay as these higher clouds roll through. average temperatures for this time of year, and as you can see they are all above and also cooler by a little bit compared yesterday. san francisco and 86 yesterday, 78 today. it is always hard to cool off when you get this hot along the coast. people are saying oh my gosh, i know it is still summer and when will the fall arrived, probably wednesday. these are the temperatures in livermore this week, 100, 97, 89, 78 and 72 would changes on tap. and it looks like we will go colder than warmer and then colder all the way through the first week of october. and here we had the fog that is roaring up the coast, but not to monterey.
6:49 am
it is pretty calm out there and very warm with 60s on the temperatures, a few 50s but this is the transition day, very warm for some already in the upper 50s at campbell and saratoga, and extremely warm and the higher elevations. coming into the picture is this leading edge of the system that will dig into northern california, and it could be a snow maker in this here on thursday. there are a couple of forecast models dropping this in closer to us, probably colder will be the end result. look for temperatures to rebounding cooling off tomorrow. i mean a big cooldown. >> did you say a dusting on the top of the mountain? back -- >> more than that on thursday. >> if i say goodbye to summer i can look forward to skiing in
6:50 am
tahoe, so that is okay. talking about the heat, in southern california, neither the rams are the seahawks were overpowering in the return to los angeles but the heat was, 90 degrees outside of the coliseum when they took the field, and temperatures topping 100 in the crowded stadium, more than 91,000 were there despite the heat, and paramedics treated at least 160 people, 14 taken to the hospital for serious heat problems. neither team scored a touchdown, and they did when back on the field goal, and the final score was 9-3. the teamwork on the field leading to the moment of a lifetime for this mission high school football water boil --
6:51 am
water boy. >> robbie has been with the team for four years in high school and he has down syndrome. he normally serves as the water boil -- water boy, but he served as the running back and running it in for the touchdown, and scored for his mother who is battling cancer. >> this team is been so instrumental in helping me to get him to practice and getting him home. it takes a village to raise him and this village has been outstanding.>> we love robbie. [chanting]>> this was all thanks to the prearranged for the teams, and everybody will remember that moment. 6:51 am. trading in the basketball court for the racetrack, up next the curry family adventure
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welcome back to mornings on 2, and it is almost 7:00. a teenager that died in a police chase yesterday morning has been identified as 19-year- old romero of mendocino county. the police officer tried to
6:55 am
pull over a toyota that romero was riding in but they sped off. the car crash just west of santa rosa near a highway 12. one person was ejected from the vehicle, to make others were trapped inside. the survivors are in the hospital in serious condition. it is not clear who was driving or why the driver was running from the police. they say that the speed may be to blame. a deadly car crash in san jose near southbound highway 101 in san jose, and other drivers called the chp saying that a white car was going 95 miles an hour and exited at blossom hill road. the car slammed into the tree, and the tree fell on to the vehicle. the man inside was killed, and they have not released the name our hometown of the driver. drivers in the southeast united states facing long lines at the gas pumps as people line
6:56 am
up to fill up, and finding out there is no gas. the pipeline up and down the eastern seaboard broke leaking hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel and alabama. drivers were stocking up on the fuel causing big lines at the gas station. >> i went to the mapco station and there were so many cars and that i came over here and thought it would be better, but it is the same thing. >> there is plenty of gas until everybody starts filling up to create a snowball. >> most of the fuel is flowing into a water retention pond, and the crews are working to remove the gasoline and water from the retention pond. the company that owns the pipeline has people working around the clock to build a bypass around the lake but cannot say when it will be back up and running. fireworks closing out the paralympic games in rio de janeiro last night.
6:57 am
it was a spectacular fireworks show to in the ceremony but they had torrential rain. there was a moment of silence held for the iranian cyclist that died on saturday after crashing in the race. china won the most, and the u. s. came in fourth place. the next will be in 2020 in tokyo. steph curry everywhere trading in the basketball court for the racetrack to support his wife who was serving as the grand marshal of the indy ground -- indy grand prix of sonoma. before the race they took a test lap around the track in the indycar driven by none other than the racing legend mario andretti. >> it was thrilling, and i had such a great time. it is crazy.>> steph curry said he was nervous during the first turn on the track but riding with mario andretti gave him a
6:58 am
new appreciation. >> an amazing driver, but they were going pretty fast. developing news from the east coast, a suspect has been identified from the saturday night bombing in manhattan that injured 29 and we are learning that the same man is suspected and another bombing in new jersey earlier on the same day, and asserts that is now underway. we will be right back.
6:59 am
7:00 am
a pipe bomb blowing up in new jersey early this morning after a weekend bombing in new york city, and another in a new jersey shore town. up next, the suspect who police say is now linked to at least two of those incidents and a man hunt underway. this and more ahead on mornings on 2. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. 7:00, a busy morning on mornings on 2, it's monday, september 19th. and i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning, i'm mike mibach. dave clark has the day off. steve was out at the ballpark yesterday, my


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