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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  September 21, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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deadly police shooting of an african-american man. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning and welcome to mornings on 2 on this wednesday, september 21, and i am pam cook. i am frank mallicoat in for dave clark on this wednesday, and let's start with some weather. down 10 degrees from yesterday. >> that is correct, and were not using the ac coming in this morning. it will be much cooler today. most locations started to drop yesterday and we will be continuing that trend through today and tomorrow. the onshore breeze is ramping up for a cooler pattern, high clouds coming up from the south, partly cloudy in the mix. most of this is pushing to the east, favoring the south bay,
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and we have a pretty good breeze, and the oakland airport has a northeast wind. 50s and 60s, 48 at the sonoma county airport, and what a difference of the temperature twins. -- temperature trend. you can see a lot of partly cloudy in the mix in here comes this system swinging in and once this moves over us you will fill the fall. 60s and 70s. or very low 80s. 4:01 am. i hear the 4:01 freight train.>> and when you get past that tracking hear the train you are here.>> exactly. good morning everyone. right now might be a good time
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to hit the road, and driving on the tracy supercomputer, a nice- looking drive so far on 205 and 580 over the altamont pass. now is a good time to go on your morning commute, not bad in the main part of livermore. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, light traffic into san francisco. in san francisco there was an earlier accident at northbound 101 and it looks like they have that out of the way, and traffic is smooth in the city. 4:02 am. the open police are investigating the tragic death of a two-year-old boy, jeremiah was chasing a ball that went into the street and he was hit and killed by the transit bus. this happened yesterday afternoon, and amber lee spoke to the witnesses and the police.>> reporter: the boy was chasing a green ball into the street when the ac transit bus
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struck and killed the child. we spoke to the passenger that was on the bus. >> we felt something.>> reporter: the passenger said that the bus driver stockton we got off to see what happened. >> the mom was holding the little boy, and asking for help, and the family was screaming to call somebody. i went older and pray for the baby and the mother.>> reporter: she ran after the little boy but it was too late.>> she was just in a days in the little boy was lying lamp -- limp in her arms.>> she was holding the little boy.>> reporter: jeremiah died at the scene in a spokesperson for the transit said that as standard procedure the driver was tested
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for drugs and alcohol and has been with ac transit since 1999. they will investigate whether the speed was a factor. there were chaplains at the scene to offer counseling. >> it is a tragic and heartbreaking incident, and we all take it to heart. oakland is our community and our family, and when we have a laws, we grieve as well.>> reporter: described as a rambunctious lively two-year- old that love to dance and run and play, and he loved showering his family with sweet hugs and sloppy kisses.>> things happen so fast with everybody's children, and it is such a tragedy.>> ac transit says that the bus is equipped with working cameras inside and out, and the oakland police will review the video. it is 4:04 am. the coast guard and pg&e
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are trying to find the source of the gas in vallejo and the odor of gas. officials did determine that the smell was not from a burn off at the refinery or a natural gas leak, and the crews using gas leak detectors did not pick up any unusually high readings in the area. vallejo has activated the emergency operations center and city leaders calling for people to shelter in place. they believe that whatever caused the smell came from outside the city. writes erupting in charlotte, north carolina after the police shot and killed an african-american man that they say posed a threat. >> they got off the truck and said hands up, he's got a gun, and then proud -- pow, pow,
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pow.>> at least 12 officers were injured, and demonstrators damaged several police cars and a television news van, and officers served a warrant at an apartment complex. they spotted scott, not the person they were looking for, and they say that scott came out of the car and confronted them armed with a gun causing the officer to open fire.>> he was getting off the bus.>> this man is disabled.>> investigators recovered a gun at the scene but his family says that he was not armed, and the charlotte mayor is asking for calm and promising a thorough investigation into the shooting. there are protests in tulsa, oklahoma, and bid -- and the protesters want criminal
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charges filed against the officer that shot and killed and unarmed african-american man last friday. the video shows the officers tasing and gunning down crutcher who did have his hands up. they found the drug pcp in the car but the family uses the police to use the drug in order to distract the public for the question on the deadly use of force. the san francisco police commission will meet to talk about whether to release the candidates all in the running for the next police chief, and the list of applicants are narrowed down to 11 games, and among them is the acting police chief toney chaplin. the mayor will select out of the top three candidates and they will discuss whether to release the names to the public and the bear will make the final decision. continuing to search for the new police chief, and that is for the
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oakland police department, and people are allowed to weigh in on the qualities they would like to see in their top cop. there will be a meeting at four clock at the lincoln rex center and there is a community meeting that will start at 6:00 tonight at the east oakland senior center. the walnut creek city council has passed proposition 54 in an effort to legalize recreational marijuana in california. there are a series of concerns about the public safety if it passes, and for back of the five city council members agree with the chief. >> reporter: marijuana is legal in california for medical use in voters will decide in november whether to make the recreational use legal as well. on tuesday night the walnut creek police chief urged the city council to urge 54 saying
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that in the cities it is a public safety. >> there are public fatalities and i would hate to see that here.>> reporter: he says there are no regulations for prosecuting people that drive while high. >> this prosecution is ahead of the science. >> reporter: no one stood up for public comments but council members shared about concern on the impact of the youth, crime rates.>> and they say this time for a regulation on the substance that people are already using openly. >> we need to turn the page on the 45 years of failed history of marijuana legislation and moved to the era where we can regulate the quality of marijuana. >> reporter: after a brief debate the council passed a
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resolution, 4-1, joining 11 other california cities. >> anytime the city has enough courage to take a position on something at the state level that encourages other cities to look at it as well, and learn from what we have learned.>> reporter: and the public's appearing to show support for 54. >> we may as well have it on the same level as cigarettes, alcohol and be able to tax it. >> i think it will be legalized sooner or later, and i don't see what the big deal is. it is for 10 am. a deadly crash involving a spy plane in sacramento, and what they are actually used for. we are learning more about the troubled past of the man suspected in the bombings in new york and new jersey, and up next, the warning that the father gave the fbi. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2. federal court papers providing new clues for the band suspected of the bombings in new jersey and new york. ahmad khan rahami remaining hospitalized recovering from one's he suffered with the shootout with the police. those injured is up from 29 and now 31, and the father reported
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that rahami hit his mother and stabbed his brother and had been radicalized in pakistan and afghanistan. >> an fbi investigation found no red flags but authorities have recovered a journal in which rahami discusses shooting the police and said that he recently purchased bomb making equipment such as ball bearings and electronic igniters. ebay says that the parts are legal and widely available but they are working with the authorities on the investigation. being accused of not properly reporting the meetings with developers and lobbyist, and on the website the group is
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spotlighting the coastal corruption saying it was formed to "deal with a very serious problem of the coastal commission." they say that the coastal commission has violated disclosure laws a total of 590 times in the past two years, and the five members named in the lawsuit include beemer in county supervisor that serves as chairman of the coastal commission. the investment group is making a bid to keep the raiders in oakland, proposing to purchase the coliseum complex in oracle arena four $167 million. east bay times says that the group sent a letter to the oakland city leaders promising to renovate the coliseum or to build a new state-of-the-art facility. the goal is to keep oakland as a professional sports destination. while some are concerned that the offer is too low, the $250 per square foot is not a bad
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price. the giants beat the dodgers last night, and two of the best players got injured, and crawford dislocated a finger sliding in headfirst. x-rays showed no fracture so we could be back in a couple of days. eduardo nuñez putting the giants on the board with a solo home run, but in the sixpenny johnny cueto hurt himself while throwing a pitch and will undergo an mri. the giants bullpen finally holding the lead, and the giants are the winners, two point win over the dodgers. oakland gets a one nothing lead, and the games going the extra innings, and in the 10th inning used to back springer up
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the middle and that is the ballgame, astros beat the a's, 2-1. 4:17 am is the time. let's check in for look at the traffic.>> right now we look very good. the traffic is looking very good as well. on northbound one on one from gilroy to san jose, not a big slowdown at all. i don't see anything through morgan hill up to the main part of san jose, and not much going on, just the way we like it. going to the san mateo bridge, 92 is lightly traveled heading over to foster city, off to a good start on the dumbarton bridge, and also on the bay bridge toll plaza. usually it takes a little while for things to get going, and we are in the mellow time right now. we will keep an eye on this and
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we are off to a good start. 4:17 am. hello, steve.>> hello sal.>> i like this cool weather, the last full day of summer.>> that is correct, false starts tomorrow at false starts tomorrow at 7:21 am. it is cooler today, and it started yesterday for some, but most locations took the plunge, san francisco from 83 and now 65. if you have not had your tea or coffee, look at this tropical cloud cover as it continues to spin out this system to the east and south. not a lot, but over the big valley and in stockton and up to tahoe, getting light rain at the lake tahoe airport. around san juan, look at this, not too bad.
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this is pretty far south, and we have lots of rain in san diego of all place is, and you can see -- of all places, and you can see back over the desert, palm springs and up to south lake tahoe getting light rain. a cell is embedded in that area. 22 out of the west southwest for fairfield, and west of hayward and livermore, down 10 degrees compared to yesterday at this time. 48 and a cool degrees for the sonoma county airport. body six, -10 compared to 24 hours ago one these will only get wider on the stretch as far as the cooling goes. here we have mill valley, napa, and 55 in truckee. the cloud cover, southwind and advancing wind in reno, changing big time through tonight and tomorrow. we had these two big systems,
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and this system coming into the northwest weekend to give us a cute drop in temperatures today and tomorrow. 60s and 70s, upper 70s and low 80s for some. tomorrow i think we can say goodbye to any 80s. partly cloudy and a cooler and breezy pattern on the first day of fall, friday morning will be chilly, and here we go again over the weekend, back up again. >> back in the 80s. >> for two days. it is 4:20 am. claims of taunting a female coworker, urinating in her bed, the allegations of harassment involving san francisco firefighters. and wells fargo ceo gets grilled on capitol hill, and what the lawmakers are calling on him to do.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 4:23 am. the ceo of wells fargo facing nonstop grilling from the senator on capitol hill. >> you should resign and be criminally investigated. this is not right. a cashier that steals a handful of 20s is held accountable.
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>> the ceo john stumpf heard the republican and democratic senators calling on him to step down from his job. he apologize for abusing the trust of customers and says he accepted full responsibility for the employers opening 2 million accounts without customer approval. >> i am fully committed to fixing this issue, lengthening the culture and taking the necessary action to restore our customer trust. >> the head of the wells fargo community banking took an early retirement, and some senators are calling on her to refund the company millions of dollars in bonuses they received as the bank hit the sales goals which inflated the profits. home prices still on the rise in california, the medium home prices statewide is $432,000, and the research firm reports that the bay area median price was up, $675,000
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from 642,000 642,001 year ago. realtors say that higher prices and fewer available homes make it a hard market for the buyers. san francisco unveils 70 affordable new housing units, and the development on beale street is a collaboration between the city and the nonprofit mercy housing in california, for families that make less than $50,000 a year. two bedroom goes for $1200 a month, and one family was forced out of their place when the landlord raised the rent. >> i see so many people, so many homeless people, laying on the street and sleeping in a cardboard box. i am blessed not to be in that situation. maybe we can get more of these things happening in san francisco.>> the new development is the first housing project in the city to
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be partly funded by the program that charges companies for the carbon admissions -- carbon emissions. there was a lottery with preference given to those that have been displaced by the holocaust -- the high cost of living in the city. the frescoed user snapped this picture as the employee of starship technology demonstrating the robot in san francisco yesterday making a delivery from the cafi. the video from the company website shows that more on how it works, the centers and the gps guided along the sidewalk and causing it to slow down at driveways, crosswalks or when it encounters a pedestrian. headquarters in london is already making deliveries in germany and switzerland with robots. that is so crazy. they plan on starting trial runs in dc this fall.>> so you
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can just walk along the sidewalk and see this guy.>> it seems like a lot of work since someone has to control it and put everything on it. >> it seems like a delivery person, it will take a while. officers across the san mateo county looking for violations on the road today to help you stay safe. so far, so good when we look at the morning roads, not too bad, a nice drive over the golden gate bridge, not a lot of fog. a few showers stretching from south lake tahoe to santa cruz, a cooler pattern is on the way.
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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2 on this wednesday, good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2 on this wednesday, september
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21, the last day of summer. go out and have fun for us. i am frank mallicoat. good morning, i'm pam cook. i hate to say goodbye to the summer, i always do. >> embrace the fall, pam, you have no choice.>> the fall leaves are pretty.>> summer is going to come back this weekend, right?>> and he is paying attention. >> i was paying attention. the problem is it does not like anything will stick around in the first week of october, in the first 10 days of very interesting, but i am getting way ahead of myself. look at the santa clara valley and out through the valley in around modesto and stockton, a few sprinkles at the berkeley ranch. san jose and down


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