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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  September 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> we located footage of two individuals that we would like to speak to. >> the men removed the bomb from lug aj. -- luggage. >> they were more interested in the bag, not what they were taking out, they are witnesses. >> it comes after ahmad khan rahami was charged with use of a weapon of mess destruction which carries a penalty of life in prison. >> it was a premeditated act of terrorism. >> the da said that a blood stained journal was recovered, it suggested that he received inspiration from osama bin owe
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sama bin -- osama bin osama bin laden. >> -- osama bin bin laden. >> ahmad khan rahami is expected to be transferred to new york city when he recovers. m in the mean -- in the meantime there is developing news at jfk airport, a flight that just apriefd from the united arab emirates has just arrived that has the wife of
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ahmad khan rahami. authorities want to talk to her. the mother is still unaccounted for. at least report she went to turkey a few days before the bombings. it's not clear where she is right now. there is a number of police vehicles at jfk in new york city. ahmad khan rahami's wife is on the plane. authorities will ask her some questions about what happened prior to the bombings. >> all right in our news room you will find the latest on this developing story. we going to continue to follow it as need be. our web team is also posting updates on facebook twitter and instagram. new information about a shooting near mcclymonds high school. it happened this afternoon.
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the school day had ended a few minutes before so the campus was open. the teen had been shot several times but he's expected to survive. now to the south bay where some grade schoolers were kept inside of their classrooms after teachers heard shots fired nearby. it happened on monterey road at 9:30 this morning. the gun fire came from a neighboring home where police said there was a history of problems. officers swarmed the area and police shut down monterey road. the swat team moved in. it was a frightening situation for students and parents. >> it was scary, we had the police everywhere. >> it was different than any other school day, this has not happened to me before.
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>> we were freaked out. we got an e-mail from the school. this had shots fired. we want to get our son out of harms way. >> the school let students go home at 1:30 this afternoon. the police never located a suspect or a weapon. new information from berkeley where the city's police chief announced he's stepping down. we have more on the resignation of michael meehan. >> it means a lot. the city of berkeley like oakland and san francisco all have acting chiefs. the police officers association said losing a leader could be a setback but there is solid leadership in place in the interim: . >> reporter: the announcement may have come as a surprise to
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some but others said it's not that unexpected. >> i do not know that it's surprising, six and a half years is a long time. >> reporter: city leaders said the berkeley pd trained their officers this fair employing. it was -- policing. it was the first agency to implement crisis intervention training to help people with mental illness. there are other projects that the department cares to continue. is been said that some officers did not care for michael meehan. >> my main focus is looking forward. there is always going to be some friction between management and labor in any situation. >> reporter: michael meehan posted this letter of
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resignation to the city manager. it says he plans to resign effective october 14th. he said there is a right time and i believe after discussing it with my family that time is now. in the meantime the city manager has named an dpree agree -- andrew greenwood as the active police chief. >> we have to make sure that we know our mission as we move forward through these transitions. >> the mayor of berkeley said the chief built a good foundation in the city. he put all uft police policies and arrest records online and the sponsored the martin luther king best fasts. what do we know about the acting chief? he's been on the force for 31
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years. he has strong community ties. people are happy that he's stepping this. he knows the department. so berkeley oakland and san francisco and hayward do not have a police chief? >> yes. in vallejo authorities said an oil spill is to blame for a odor that caused people to go to the hospital overnight. >> reporter: last night folks in vallejo started to notice a strong chemical smell. that included the public affairs officer. >> i called it a burping rubber or rotten eggs smell. >> reporter: 911 calls came in city weud. fire officials ordered a
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shelter in place but lifted it this morning. the fire department checked with the local refineries all of which denied any leaks. >> we scoured the city. we did not pick up unsafe readings. >> reporter: pg and e said they did not have any problems. by morning it became clearer a new problem had arisen, an oil slick. >> we called up local meteorologists to track the wind. we believe that the whipped brought it in. >> reporter: it appears that the investigators are concentrating their efforts in the area of this ship and the conoco philips refinery.
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>> our response team immediately responded to the incident and we notified the national response center and the united states coast guard. operations at the marine terminal have been shut down. the volume of the material released is being determined. the cause of the incident is under investigation. >> reporter: the coast guard is heading the investigation and they have already taken oil samples. coming up, eradicating all disease by the end of the century, the $3 billion initiative announced by mark zuckerberg and his wife. a cool breezy pattern is going to too into the first day of fall. i look at what you can expect coming up.
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>> growing concern over student's safety following aserious of sexual assaults. >> developing news out ef charlotte. protestors face off with police following the shooting of a black man by authorities and conflicting stories about whether or not he had a gun
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new at 6:00 voters are get being ready to vote on
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proposition q it's an effort to get rid of homeless encampments in san francisco. we talked to antiviolence advocates and homeless women about the push for the proposition. >> reporter: she lives in a tent behind the best buy store. >> i use this fishing line. >> reporter: she said she's never been sexually assaulted but she knows a woman that has. a new san francisco police department crime analysis showed 13 reported rained in tent encampments this year. >> the number one reason that these are daiption is pause of
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the assaults. >> reporter: some lawmaker sponsored the bill to get rid of the encampments. >> living is tent is not a great situation. >> reporter: they would have to give innocence to the people in tents before they kick them out and they have to let them know about a specific housing opportunity. >> this woman runs a shelter and offers helps to victims of abuse. >> domestic vi leans and homelessness are -- violence and homelessness are connected. >> reporter: she has noticed an uptick in calls from officers who work in the encampments.
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>> something has to happen. it seems as though proposition q gets close from my perspective. among those opposing the proposition is the coalition of homelessness. they said it's not a solution because it does not create more housing. 800 people will have to wait more than a month for a shelter bed. homeless women feel safer in a tept than on a sidewalk they said. a man is arrested following reports that he inappropriately touched two boys in the hot tub and showers at a health club and three more people have come forward. he used to be the athletic
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director for the sonoma boys and girls club. female students at uc berkeley are on guard after a series of sexual assaults. there have been 5 rapes reported on campus this month. we spoke with female students who said they worry about their safety. >> di not feel safe. >> i tend to try to go home earlier. >> i make sure that i walk home with someone. or if i am not with someone i am on the phone. my mom bought me a taser. >> the police arrested this student in connection with the last rape. they are checking to see if he might be connected with the others. tonight people are rallying
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around the family of a two year old boy that was hit and killed by an ac transit bus, the boy was chasing a ball into the street when the bus hit him. the boy's mother was with him but could not stop him. the oakland police department started a go fund me page for his family. $10,000 has been raised. the money is intended to help the family with funeral arrangements and other needs. we learned the learned identity of the pilot killed in the sutor buttes mountain range. the florida native was a 20 year air force veteran. the second pilot had none life threatening injuries.
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the investigation is still ongoing. a final day of summer. it does not feel like summer. it feels like fall. it has to do with this pattern in place. the circulation is off the coast of california and oregon. we had a few sprinkles reported earlier today and we have the possibility of drizzle. we also have the winds. very breezy in some areas of the hayward gusting to 29. livermore a breeze of 16. 15 miles per hour coming in from the north west in areas over san jose. we have a red flag warning through tomorrow night. they will continue with the warning because gusts are expected to be 40 miles per hour. firefighters have a job on
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their hands over the next 24 hours. 75 in brentwood right now. 65 in livermore. our east day locations have a 10 to 15-degree drop. 74 in sapt rosea -- santa rosa. livermore is down by 18 degrees. here's a look at the numbers expected tomorrow morning. patchy drizzle and breezes are continuing. temperatures in the lower 60s at the coast. 64 in san francisco. lower 70s for the bay and inland, 70s in the forecast. i will have a look at the weather at the extended forecast coming up. sentencing day for the man convicted of killing an eight year old girl. the ruling by an east bay judge and why the family said he got
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what he deserved. >> we hear from the coach about expectations for the season ahead for the warriors. one person has been shot during a protest in charlotte. the police used tear gas as demonstratorred lashed out following the deadly shooting of a black man
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ang oakland man was
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sentenced to death in the first capital murder case in several years. he was convicted of shooting an eight year old girl at a friend's house for a sleep over. three years after alaysha carradine was shot, her killer darnell williams was snangsed to death. the judge outlined the overwhelming evidence supporting the death sentence. family members said he got what he deserved. >> my cousin will never be able to send her daughter off to prom or watch her graduate. >> reporter: alaysha carradine was at a friends house, the doorbell rang. williams opened fire and killed her p injured two other
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children. he was targeting the father of her friend in retaliation for a gang killing in berkeley. the judge sentenced him to death. during the trial the jury saw footage from an oakland police officer's body camera. you can hear her moaning and asking for her mommy. as the ambulance pulled up she yelled out, i am dead. the paramedic tried to reassure her. families of the victims said life without parole would have been more appropriate. >> there will be someone watching, someone will be watching. >> reporter: after more than three years relatives have a measure of justice for their
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loved ones. ktvu fox news is next with a $3 billion knitterrive by mark zuckerberg. >> -- initiative by mar suk, he plans to eradicate all disease by the end of the century. >> we have live pictures as protestors face off with the police. >> plus a huge settlement in the cause of a deadly police shooting last year
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now to today's top stories, a teenager shot and wounded this afternoon in oakland. the 18 year-old was shot several times but is expected to survive. he was on filbert street when he was shot and went to school looking for help. the berkeley police department is looking for a new chief. michael submitted his resignation after six years on the job. no reason given but rumors he was unpopular. green wood a lifelong resident
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and been on the force for 30 years. the wife of suspected new york and new jersey bomber just arrived to the airport on a flight from the mideast. she's reportedly returning on her own accord and not consider today be a suspect. also the only thing, getting our first look at the journal recovered from ahmad rahami after his arrest. you can see the bloodstained panelings and the whole made by a bullet. that book shows he was a follower of al-qaida and isis. you're watching ktvo fox news at 6:30. mark zuckerburg and his wife have a fund to help the children. >> pricilla became emotional as she described what her work is
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going to co. >> from making a devastating diagnose of leukemia to sharing with the family that we're unable to resuscitate their child. in those moments and in many others, we're at the limit of what we understand of the human body and disease. >> now, the couple says it spent the past two years working with scientists to develop the initiative before going public today in san francisco. the husband and wife say their goal is not to focus on specific diseases but research that can lead to breakthroughs in many areas. they were inspired by the birth of their daughter max to give away the majority of their wealth to make the world a better place. >> what can you do to enable max and every child in her generation to exceed all of their dreams of what we think is


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