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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  September 22, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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altamont pass is no joke either steve, we've had one of our engineers who drives in, not with a motorcycle or high- profile vehicle but with a
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regular car, told me it was pretty windy on the altamont pass. the traffic is okay heading west from tracy's alternate and eastbound 580s low traffic after the 205 junction because of road work but it will be windy so give yourself some extra time and be extra where is steve has been saying, it will be gusty in some areas and it could be dried - bad for drivers and no major issues as you drive in the san francisco. along 280 traffic looks pretty good, no major problems and the traffic looking good on northbound 280 getting up to i was 17. now let's go back to the desk. we begin this morning with a developing story out of charlotte north carolina as tensions continue to run high as more clashes are taking place between police and protesters in that city and you can see the officers fired tear gas and an attempt to disperse
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very large crowd. the demonstrators were protesting against tuesday's police shooting that claimed the life of 40 and urgency in the national guard has been called in after the second night of protests over the fatal police shooting. >> more police officers were injured and another man was shot overnight, doug luzader has more from washington where lawmakers are playing their own protest peered>>reporter: members of the congressional black caucus in washington are planning to march on the department of justice today and in the meantime deletion charlotte are being overwhelmed by protests, looting and violence. police resorted again to teargas in charlotte overnight in a desperate attempt to control protests that quickly spiraled out of control.>> could be at work, at school in my car and i could still be shot. >> there was looting and one man was shot, and not by police
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according to authorities, oliver tuesday's death over 43- year-old keith lamont scott shot and killed by a bullet black police officer and police say scott was armed while some witnesses say he was holding a book and a charlotte police chief call for patients.>> the story is different and now it is been betrayed so far especially through social media. >> he would later make it clear that scott would have a gun. >> no doubt. >> this follows a blue shooting last week in tulsa were white police officer shot and killed 40 year-old terence crutcher and president. obama ignored a question but charlotte is a return to washington yesterday but the white house that he did speak to the mayors of both tulsa and charlotte this is a big topic out on the campaign trail.>> we have two more names to add to a list of african-americans killed by police officers in these encounters and it is unbearable and it needs to
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become intolerable.>> we are going to really fix the inner cities, the democrats a from number 100 years and mostly uninterrupted. and you see what is happening. >> protesters and charlotte continue to call on police to release any video they have of the shooting incident and charlotte's police chief says that will not happen while this is under investigation. in washington doug luzader fox news. >> in the meantime there was a community vigil held last sign in tulsa oklahoma, another city doing with its own controversial officer involved shooting of an african- american. a local church hosts of the service which was aimed at bringing people of different races together and police were responding to reports of an abandoned car last friday with betty shelby shot and killed terrence crutcher and dashcam video shows crutcher going back to his car with his hands up and crutcher's family went to new york yesterday to receive support from civil rights leader reverend. al sharpton .>> we have gotten
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support from all around the world, people from different walks of life, different cultures and backgrounds, different races, and they want justice just as we do. >> officer shelby says she was on the scene more than one minute before the start of that dash camera video and she says crutcher appeared to be high on drugs, possibly pcp, says he repeatedly ignored her commands and with his arms raised went towards his car. the officer thought he was reaching into grab a weapon and so she fired. meantime the presidential candidates may lead campaigns in african-american communities yesterday addressing the deadly shootings in both charlotte and tulsa and during a town hall in cleveland republican donald trump advocated the use of the controversial police technique to prevent violence. >> i would to stop and frisk, i
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think you had to, we did in new york and it worked incredibly well on you have to be proactive.>> but in 2013 a federal court found the use of stop and frisk tactic could be discriminatory and bill deblasio was elected mayor of new york after promising to end its overuse in the city. while campaigning in orlando democratic nominee hillary clinton says there needs to be changed and how police handle controversial situations.>> i have spoken limiting police chiefs and law enforcement leaders who are as deeply concerned as i am deeply committed as i am to reform. why? because they know it is essential for the safety of our communities and our officers. >> the former secretary of state expressed support for law enforcement thing america is safer communities respect the police and the police respect
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communities. discussions on race relations have been bringing young people together at a barbershop in san jose. every two weeks they meet and discuss life lessons and as amber lee shows us last night about 20 students gathered at barbers inc. to talk about current headlines including the two killings by police in the past week in charlotte and tulsa.>>reporter: we cannot seem to escape a black person, usually a male, getting killed by the police and then making national news and it is almost impossible. >> jahmal williams is assistant director of tutorial services san jose state who came up with the idea of getting students together at a barbershop, a safe space to have frank conversations. >> what is there have to be violent when it comes to us? we looked at as a threat. >> the san jose students from freshman to seniors are asking complex questions such as why the suspect in a terrorist attack in new york and new jersey is alive but it lacked
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man whose car broke down in tulsa was killed by police.>> are you saying we're worse than terrorists? >> to angry, sad and anxious to do something. >> getting a free haircut while finding ways to be part of the solution.>> kills me and we complain about the police but we will not actively be part of the criminal justice process, making laws and becoming officers. >> getting training on procedural justice which is a horse giving people a voice in treating people with respect and there is a community component as well where the community comes in. >> two weeks ago the student met with san jose police chief eddie garcia, campus police chief and six others in this it was a productive dialogue about fears in the black community and the fears of police donald trump the support of stop and frisk, these students say it only promotes their perception of police bias. >> whether you are innocent or not you will be stopped and checked which is not going to
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have a good mindset for the people, for the young man growing up from now on. >> they say change takes time but there is hope, that barbershop talk they hope will find answers. amber lee ktvu fox 2news. police are investigating the shooting and this is of a man and a woman in her home at around 9:50 pm last night, officers reported that there were gunshots fired on bella drive, the man and woman have been shot inside their house and they were both able to provide some information to police. they are not releasing much of that information at this point and said only the suspects were wearing all-black clothing and they drove off in a car. no word on the condition of the man and woman shot. the us coast guard is coordinating a multiagency response after an oil spill in san pablo bay and we brought
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you live coverage of the story yesterday) mornings on 2, to omissions were discovered in the water near an oil tanker at the phillips 66 refinery in rodeo and the coast guard says the source and the amount of oil and water still remains unknown but it containment boom has been deployed. this oil spill is being blamed for that strong odor there was picked up across the southern part of play hope tuesday night and it was so strong that since a lot of people to the hospital with respiratory complaints and so far no reports of any impact to wildlife. monterey counties reporting its first case of west nile virus in four years and the patient may have been exposed while traveling within the county or in the central valley, that person was in the hospital and is now recovering and as of last friday the mosquito borne virus was detected and 36 of california's 58 counties, 199 people contracted west nile and four have died. for 11 am, racist graffiti
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on campus, coming up in 20 minutes we will study what was found at san jose state dorms and the investigation that is underway. shocking confrontation, what happened to the mayor of sacramento after he gave a speech last night and the charges now been filed.>> a good morning we're looking at a nice-looking commute on 80 westbound so far as you had out to the macarthur maze. >> ladies it looks like a hair update and guys extra hold on the hairspray, gusts almost 40 for some at sfo and at the altar not pass 48 miles per hour - altamont pass 48 miles per hour .
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welcome back to mornings on 2, fbi agents are still able to question the main suspect in the new jersey and new york bombings because he remains unconscious but investigators are continuing to look into the background of ahmad rahamie in the journal taken from him says he was inspired by al qaeda and isis and he is facing charges including weapons of mass destruction and he wrote in his journal but the sound of bombs will be heard in the streets and revenge against the us government for killing muslim warriors.>> talking about among other things the jihad, pipe bomb some pressure cooker bomb as well as references to osama bin laden and anwar al alaki.
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>> investigators are looking to interview these two men on surveillance video walking into a suitcase that contain one of his pressure cooker bombs and the men took out the device and they left it behind and then they walked off with the piece of luggage. police consider them both witnesses and they say they are very lucky that bomb did not go off. the crews are scrambling to restore electricity in puerto rico after a major power outage that has the entire island in the dark and the blackout knocked out traffic lights and closed businesses, schools cancel classes and hospitals are now rescheduling all elective surgery. the outage was caused by fire at a power plant yesterday afternoon and officials are now hoping to get the electricity back on this morning but many puerto ricans are skeptical thing the island's economic slump is hindering basic government services. sacramento mayor kevin johnson not laughing this morning after being hit in the face with a
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part - with a pie at a charity event last night and mayor johnson was giving a speech on a man pulled a pie from a bag and shoved it right into his face. the mayor's chief of staff said johnson defended himself but did not elaborate on exactly what he did and she went on to say it was a scary moment because at first no one could tell it was a part the man was holding, that man was eventually arrested a sacramento police officers and is now facing felony charges of assaulting a public official to the mayor says he is fine anything to police for being there.>> a scary moment.>> it is scary. >> he has done a lot, he is out in the community. it is amazing to me the politicians and presidents just go out and the crowds and all it takes is one crazy person.>> yeah. i wonder if anyone took video and if it will come out.>> you
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know that is a good point, we don't see any video on twitter.>> right, we will see but good morning everybody and let's take a look at what we have with the gilmore commute. the traffic between gilroy and san jose is moving along well getting up to san jose, no major issues right through morgan hill zinsser this longish commute, we call it a super commute, right now it is doing very well, getting up into the main part of san jose with no major issues. traffic continues to look good. now while we are here i want to mention the closure on san francisco city streets continues, howard street closed between third and fourth and that is going on all week because of oracle open world and more traffic south of market area on some of the other side street. let's go to live pictures that we have, interstate 880 looks good in both directions if you
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drive up north or down south, when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza this morning it is light that went has been an issue, it is been gusty on the altamont pass and the san mateo bridge according to chp that those are not the only two areas, those are the areas that chp have specifically been warning drivers about gusty winds. now let's bring in steve.>> as and 40 miles per hour at the altamont pass?>> yes sir.>> very gusty if you're headed over to sfo, it was 40 analysis 46 but it bounces around, hayward as well, west 17 at livermore, it will be a cool day.? you heard me, cool day, clouds zooming down the coast in advance of the low which was up around shasta last and you see some activity and fire - you see some shower activity.>> chico state.>> [ laughter ] >> what was that from?
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>> are director, king of the hill, very well played. northeast california may be quincie in susanville could get a little pics, eventually heading to the sierra, both 6500 feet this afternoon there will be snow showers so be advised. it is coming right on down west 25 and there is the 24 and gusts up to 40 and not too bad at the delta, but there is a pretty good breeze in the higher elevations, 50 on the temps and they will get some 40s as in danville's 46 and one that creates 4900 i did this yesterday for pam and i will do it again, burr. it is cold, everything stays up to the northern sacramento valley and will swing and eventually, and there is below, the system will stay to the north and that could give you a little rain up in crescent city but for us a cool and breezy
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day, the possibility of some buildups and i was a mendocino and lake counties this afternoon later, 60s and 70s on the temps but the message here is a much cooler pattern. hello fall. it will be here at 7:21 am and summer says if you think you can your enemies of asked? back on the weekend especially on sunday and monday. one last appearance. we could get some rain so we will see.>> i always count on a little bit of heat in october.>> will have a little bit of everything.>> that is exactly the sound they make when i get out of the parking lot. we do have a sneak peek at a highly anticipated premiere and coming up in 20 minutes meet the cast of fox's new show pitch and i've heard it is amazing we will see what all the buzz is about. also
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the battle over alta bates hospital in berkeley and up next the reason the hospital says it needs to close its doors.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, the federal reserve says it will leave its benchmark interest rates unchanged and in a statement the feds said they would wait for further evidence of continued progress towards its objectives and economist say it is more likely we will see a rate hike in december after the elections.
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and massachusetts congressman's of the epipen price increase could be the launch point in changes to drug pricing and a house committee yesterday heard from the head of mylan which makes epipens defender 500% price increase for the medication could now congressman stephen lynch says the public outrage and that jumping cost could help congress change on medicare negotiate drug prices with companies and right now federal law bans medicare from negotiating prices directly with the drugmakers. medicare is the country's largest drug purchaser and the prices it pays can affect all of us. more than 150 people gathered for a town hall meeting in berkeley to show their opposition to a plan to close alta bates summit hospital.>> no one should assume we cannot stop it. >> sutter health announced plans last year to move alta bates hospital services and staff in berkeley to their campus in oakland and sutter health says alta bates is not seismically compliant and will close by the state deadline of
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2030.>> there already are not enough hospital beds in the area, where less than half the national average. >> the nurses union says closing out bates and berkeley will shrink capacity and force patients to drive farther and wait longer for care some people last night's meeting said the hospital should be made earthquake safe to it is 4:26 am and looking for more possible victims, of next the reason police in healdsburg said the man molested - arrested for child molestation may have assaulted more children. and symbols and slurs found at the dorms at the san jose state campus and we will tell you about that investigation that is now underway.>> it is pretty windy out there so if you're driving over the altamont pass the bay area bridges it could be dangerous and we will tell you more about that straight ahead.>> steve what is the difference between breezy and wendy?
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that's the difference, i have seen wind gusts up to 30+ in the city.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, look at that shot, sparkling early this thursday morning september 22, i am allegan savage and from dave clark.>> we're missing brian florez.>> we were.>> we were just reminiscing and he posted on twitter or instagram of pile of boxes, you know moving?>> i
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hate moving.>> one of the greatest stresses in life.>> that is for sure. >> but six months from now. i've seen guests just to the west of dolores park, 25 to 35 miles an hour, look at that. you are good at sound effects. it is a cold morning with wind, sfo gusts up to 40 miles an hour, even some patchy and low clouds, if you are stuck in that and have the west wind it will cut right through you, the low is moving in up in the northern sacramento valley up toward mt. shasta, eventually will spread over toward the sierra nevada and give them some afternoon snow showers above 6500 feet. but that breeze or the wind is with us, for the higher elevations for sure not so much for the delta, low to mid 50s, some 40s, 49 in walnut creek an


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