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hate moving.>> one of the greatest stresses in life.>> that is for sure. >> but six months from now. i've seen guests just to the west of dolores park, 25 to 35 miles an hour, look at that. you are good at sound effects. it is a cold morning with wind, sfo gusts up to 40 miles an hour, even some patchy and low clouds, if you are stuck in that and have the west wind it will cut right through you, the low is moving in up in the northern sacramento valley up toward mt. shasta, eventually will spread over toward the sierra nevada and give them some afternoon snow showers above 6500 feet. but that breeze or the wind is with us, for the higher elevations for sure not so much for the delta, low to mid 50s, some 40s, 49 in walnut creek and 460 for danville.
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other locations are in the 50s and the breeze holding it up, okay through the sierra right now but it will develop later this afternoon and that is the low that has to swing in and high pressure is on track for the weekend a warm us up today it is school, 60s and 70s. speaking of livermore, tracy, the altamont pass has gusts up to 40 miles an hour.>> that is right, we have one of our engineers who came in this morning and told me he was driving a rather large car and it was being pushed around and to that is what you are doing with on the altamont pass the other places as well, fairfield and delay have the commute doesn't look too bad, not a bad commute as you make it, 27 minutes from vacaville
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villejotwo, and up to 880 not looking too bad, at the bay bridge you will see that traffic is light and across all bay area bridges you may notice the wind so be careful. many students at san jose state are upset after finding swastikas being discovered into resident halls. >> janine de la vega is live this morning on campus to tell us what action san jose state university is planning to take, good morning.>>reporter: good morning, yes the university is investigating and they want to find out who put up the swastikas and hateful language, both were found in freshman dorms. university staff met with students from both of those storms last night to talk about what happened and address their concerns. the swastikas were found tuesday night and one simple was found on the door of the third floor of washburn call and it was made out of name
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badge stickers and the other was drawn on a whiteboard and the common area of a sweet the campus village and hateful slurs were written alongside both of the swastikas. everything has been removed for students or shaken up. >> i do not want to have people take it further, i want people to start getting hurt or people transferring out because they feel unsafe. it doesn't make me feel right or safe.>> they need to do something about it so people don't think it is okay. >> san jose state university president was in long beach for work-related meetings yesterday but is cutting her trip short and coming back to campus today because of this. she released a statement saying that she is saddened and outraged by the news and is working to address it in a transparent matter and university police are appealing surveillance video to find out who was responsible but would like anyone with information to contact them.>> thank you janine. we now know the name
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of the pilot killed when a u-2 spy plane crashed north of sacramento tuesday, the tenant colonel. ira eating, 20 a veteran of the air force from florida and the jet crashed into the southern buttes volcanic range above the pilot in the plane and the jacket, the other pilot survived, the lieutenant have been at the air force base for the past six years and links behind six children. the second pilot system enough life-threatening injuries. the stanford medical center died while filing or climbing near yosemite, she was an experience mountain climber was climbing sunday at the bear creek spire when she lost her footing and fell between 801,000 feet. her climbing partner went down to look for her but when she found her she was already dead. stanford released a statement calling her a superstar think that the medical school
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community has suffered a tremendous loss. police are looking for more potential victims of an accused child molester in sonoma county, paul kilgore who also goes by his middle name of the wayne is in the sonoma county jail and is accused of molesting two boys 10 and 12 years old, police say the boy families apparently trusted him and thought of him as a mentor to their children.>> it sounds like they trusted him quite a bit and allow the kids to go with him, mostly local recreational stuff and also longer, overnight trips out of town.>> police say they were alerted to the case when kilgore brought the boys to healdsburg health club, another mother or member reported in granting things he thought was an appropriate and now police are looking for other possible victims. kilgore service athletic director for the sonoma boys and girls club for many years and no reports of problems while he was there.
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the man convicted of killing an eight-year-old girl in oakland has been sentenced to death, darnell williams shot and killed alaysha carradine three years ago when she opened the door at a friend's apartment when she was attending a sleepover. prosecutors say williams was targeting the father of her friend in revenge for an earlier shooting in berkeley. williams was also convicted of killing a man in berkeley a few weeks later during the robbery. the death sentences for both of us killings. >> my cousin will never be able to send her daughter off to prom or watch a graduate high school, she was taken away in that privilege and i don't think that is right. >> the families of both victims a life without parole would've been a more appropriate punishment because williams would always have to worry that someone was watching him but they say they finally have a sense of justice for their lost loved ones. the oakland city council has approved a $1.2 million settlement in the deadly police
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shooting in june last year and that is when officers found demoria hogg asleep and unresponsive, after using a loudspeaker for one hour and firing beanbag rounds to get his attention police used a crowbar to smash the car's window and officers say he reached for his gun and a rookie officer fired her weapon while another officer used a taser did the family attorney says the officers used poor judgment.>> this was a man asleep, he was out for whatever reason but it was never given a chance to awaken and see what the circumstances were or comply with a particular demands by the police and he was shot.>> the alameda county office review the officer's actions and declined to file criminal charges in the settlement will be divided among hogs three children and his mother the city of berkeley joins the cities of san francisco and oakland and searching for new police chief, chief michael meehan announced
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yesterday he is stepping down from the post after six years on the job and city leaders say man was instrumental in their efforts to reduce bias in law enforcement to train officers in fair and impartial policing. there was no reason given for the sudden departure but there are reports that some of the rank and file officers were unhappy with his leadership.>> my new focus is looking forward and i think there is going to be friction between management and labor in any situation and so i certainly would not emphasize that. >> his resignation becomes effective october 14, captain. andrew greenwood now takes over as the acting chief in greenwood is in lifelong resident of berkeley and a spit on the force for 31 years. an unusual story, they were held against their will and forced to grow pot in coming up, the arrest of two women accused of holding four brothers captive in an illegal northern california marijuana
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farm. a car window smashed and a backpack stolen, all happened in a matter of seconds in the video the police in mountain view want you to take a close look at.>> as we see the commute get more crowded we are also seeing high winds which may affect your drive to work and we will tell you more about that coming up. >> hang on, it is a cold morning with wind, gusts up to 25 to 40 miles an hour for some and a cool day.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, the ventura county fire department is mourning the loss of one of its firefighters, firetrucks dripped american flags unlined the freeway in santa barbara and honor a firefighter brian ostler who died yesterday in a rollover crash and he was helping all
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water to the canyon fire when the truck he was riding an overturned and another firefighter suffered minor injuries and is expected to be okay. the canyon fire is burning in a remote area near the vandenberg air force base and since it started saturday it is burned more than 12,000 acres and it is just about 50% contained, fire officials worried high winds today could rekindle the flames. police in mountain view are hoping the surveillance video you are about to take a look at will help them find a smash and grab thief, this was monday just before 10 am in the starbucks parking lot on pear avenue near n. shoreline blvd. and the menu see smashes the back window of a nissan and steals a backpack with a laptop inside the man hops into a hyundai sonata and the getaway driver speeds off. anyone with information on the crime is asked to put in a call to the mountain view police department. facebook founder mark
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zuckerberg and their wife priscilla chan has announced a new goal, to cure, prevent or manage all disease by the end of the century, they are putting up $3 billion over the next 10 years to fund basic medical research leading to breakthroughs in several areas instead of focusing on particular diseases pick the city were inspired by the birth of their daughter max 10 months ago and by chance work as a pediatrician. >> from making a devastating diagnosis of leukemia to sharing with the family that we are unable to resuscitate their child, in those moments and many others, where the limit of what we understand about the human body and disease. >> chane and zuckerberg said they spent the past two years working with scientists to develop the initiative before going public in san francisco yesterday, $600 million will go to start the bio hub, an independent research center that will be houston ucsf in collaboration with uc berkeley and stanford university.>> a
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lofty goal. that kind of money goes a long way.>> it is. 4:43 am, will check the roadways here early this friday evening. however looking?>> things are okay alex and pam, good morning, let's look at that tracy commute because there are is wind the people who drive on altamont pass all the time no that can be an issue did this is a look at the road sensors on 205 already slow and 580 as well. gusty winds. and even more than normal. sometimes it has when but today is downright gusty according to some people's let me know on social media and even one of our coworkers here said it was gusty. let's talk about some of the other places where there could be wind. san mateo bridge is one, in fact the signs warning you about it as you drive on the bridge and head over to the peninsula on the bay bridge
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traffic is in bad, it is looking pretty good getting onto the bridge from the toll plaza. 445, steve i guess the winds are with us all day? >> i would say so but the altamont pass 40 miles per hour so for those driving that way be advised. even in the city emceeing 25 to 30 miles an hour and sfo is had gusts up to 40, hayward 30 and sfo is had gusts up to 40, hayward 32 w. at livermore 17th so breezy and blustery day and patchy low clouds coming down the coast is the low drops into the northern sacramento valley near reading in just a, northeast california around susanville or maybe quincy, high elevation snow which will eventually fight with the sierra later today. right now not bad but it will be a cold day with wind and showers developing later due west of the oakland airport, 24 with gusts up to 30 a travis which are stronger than adults breezes. low 50s and mid-50s first time but avoiding the breeze we
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would be a lot cooler/on the peninsula and parts of the north bay, woodside mid-50s here for everybody, stanford, atherton, all very close, 28 up in truckee and 56 for monterey and around lake tahoe 34 and yesterday was in the 50s and 60s. everything has changed rapidly after. not in the morning but in the afternoon if you're headed up 50 or 80 the early because by the afternoon there will be higher elevations of from that guy, i love the pattern, i really do, let's hope it holds. our first week in october we make it something but we will see. after that system goes by they tonight and tomorrow high  pressure builds and behind it and it will go right back up on the temps, even hot on sunday if you want to have a nice beach day, 60s and 70s, that is it. fall officially here and the
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autumnal equinox at 7:21 am, tomorrow morning it will be cold and then warmer into the weekend. >> this morning is cold. >> but i like it did it is a change, it is time.>> it feels like fall.>> it does and sunday will text me as a it feels like summer.>> a little bit for everyone. the much buzzed about new show appears on fox tonight, pitch, about major league baseball's first ever female picture.>> it will follow the show rosewood returning for a second season a ktvu paul chambers sat down the stars of both.>>reporter: i have something good. >> fox it showed rosewood is back for season number two but now on thursday nights?>> you will love it, it is sexy and hot and smart in the cases are more challenging, we have amazing new characters.>> mike eddie sabrina who is joining the cast.
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spirit detected you want the cameras on or off on this interrogation?>> eddie's character on the show will be one of those most interesting characters on tv and i'm happy to have him. >> eddie's edition brings more eye candy to the show giving chestnut a run for his money and the heartthrob apartment.>> no one can compete with morris, no one you can try. >> they continued the roller coaster relationship between chester and ortiz.>> how would you describe it?>> i don't know, spicier.>> i like it. tension is spicier. >> ortiz is a world-renowned salsa dancers i wasn't about to pass up a chance with a lesson. >> go forward with your left foot and back with the right and then together, one, two, three, 567. there you go. if god it.>> things are just
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beginning to heat up. >> listen to this crowd to defer the first time in history a woman has taken the mound in a major league baseball game. >> the fox thursday lineup continues with a new show pitch starting kaileigh been very, jenny baker, the show hopes to inspire young boys and girls.>> she is a regular girl and not a superhero but has a lot of focus and great were fekete - great work ethic. >> nemesis is the catcher mike lawson played by mark paul koffler who had to put on pounds and facial hair.>> is this real?>> it is real, isn't it great?>> we've had to trim it quite a bit.>> the show has the backing of major league
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baseball's everything is authentic from the way the ball is thrown to the ballpark and even some of the extras a real baseball players.>> we get to be the real padres in film and the real stadiums come anything associate with mlb we get to use. >> they plan to visit the bay area where they will some part of the show, rosewood kicks off at eight rosewood kicks off at 8 pm followed by pitch at 9 pm, paul chambers ktvu fox 2 news.>> pulses they will be at at&t park and i like the dancing moves, did you see him turn his head? he was a cheerleader if you did not know. >> yes. a pit bull named marshmallow is a bit of a soft in coming up the reason the puppy melted in this firefighters arms after trying to take a potty break and had an unpleasant surprise. i do not want to feel i am a burden the people inside take
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the initiative to handle myself. >> plus a young man's sense of responsibility pays off and up next what happens when a phoenicia police officer found out why this teenager was walking four hours a day.
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the giants, cardinals and the mets will remain in a tie for the two national league wild-card spot after they lost yesterday. the giants took an early lead
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against the dodgers last night in the first inning, a single to drive in but that starter cannot hold onto the lead, more gave up five runs in the bottom of the first and only lasted two batters until the second inning, the dodgers at one with a final 9-3 and the giants go to san diego tonight to start a four-game series, johnny kwedo is questionable to start. and the a's are often after being swept by the houston astros and the houston astros evan gaddis hit two home runs yesterday including this to run jack in the sixth off of starter daniel mangdon and the pinch runner was thrown out, play was reviewed and check it out, slovo, the kolstad and the astros 16-5.>> if baseball has you down the warriors preseason
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is just about one week away and head coach steve kerr talk to the reporters yesterday and las vegas predicts the warrior season when total 66.5, howdy 1.50 the game?>> maybe it will be a tie. >> that is to more than the defending nba champion cleveland cavaliers in the production and the warriors will have a different look this year of course with the arrival of kevin durrant and the departure of harrison barnes.>> in my mind this is a very different season and a different approach. much more experimental. i think our fans should really look forward to watching growth.>> other comments to reporters were expressed support for 49ers colin kaepernick and his national anthem protest and he says it does have people talking about the issues and he says he will
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support his peers if they decide to speak out. now to an act of kindness involving a police officer and a young man villejofrom spending four hours a day will come he was trying to save money for a car in college when the police officer took notice.>> i have been walking for distances since i was about 10 years old good>>reporter: 18- year-old jordan duncan has been walking to work since may after his car broke down and will not ask for rides.>> i do not want to feel i am a burden to people inside take the initiative to handle myself in my own way to where i need to go from point a to point b. >> duncan lives in vallejo and works in phoenicia and it is about a two-hour each way on foot, up and down hills and through city streets to avoid the highway.>> i got used to walking and it is not hard to walk. >> happen to be going on industrial when i saw him walking.>> phoenicia police corporal.
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stopped duncan last friday. he said you walk from work to villejo? and i said at that point i have no other way. >> i asked him to hop in. >> he shared his life as an officer and then he expresses interest in being a police officer and he was so impressed with the teenagers work ethic that he and members of the police officers association surprised duncan at work monday with a mountain bike. >> there's not a lot of 18-year- old out there that are this dedication and work ethic it we want to make sure that he knew how much i appreciate what he is doing. >> duncan was shocked. >> not all officers a bad. >> he quickly learned how to handle the bike and it cusses travel time in half.>> this bike is my best friend. i love it. >> duncan is extremely grateful and after hearing about his desire to be a police officer
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the department is working to get him a ride along in the coming weeks. christina ran down ktvu fox news. coming up in the 5 am our we have new information in this story that we first told you about yesterday morning, but officials believe caused the foul smell noticed about hundreds of people. the father of a man shot and killed by police in tulsa oklahoma speaking out this morning and what the minister says he taught his son when it comes to dealing with police.
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another night of violence in charlotte protesting a deadly police shooting in the steps the state is now taking to maintain order. plus residential candidates react to the latest deadly shootings by police and the controversial tactic donald trump is suggesting to help get criminals off the street, mornings on 2 continues.>> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning thank you for joining us and if you're just waking up this morning at a thursday, september 22 i'm pam cook.>> and i'm alex savidge, dave clark has the day off i will check the roadways in just a moment but first we'r


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