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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the second night of violent protests in charlotte, a shooting, arson and looting and the reaction is that the north carolina governor. a shooting, arson and looting and the reaction is that the north carolina governor a man hit sacramento mayor kevin johnson in the face with a pipe at the scuffle ensued as johnson reportedly tackle the man, mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning thank you for joining us the thursday morning, september 22 i am pam cook and look who is here.>> look is stuck in early.>> good morning, i slept in but the wind was whipping. >> yes mike what time is it?>> it is 6 am.>> he was complaining about having to powder his nose at 4 am.
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[ laughter ]>> very cool and no doubt about it, first if all it feels like it too many, wind gusts up to 40 for some, altamont pass and twin peaks early this morning had a guest at 2 am 42 miles an hour. let's get right to it, it is rather breezy, blustery even on for the day, i we on the southern edge of his low dropping from northern california which will produce some showers, william who is a friend of the show here, do we have this? there he is, speaking of wind and san francisco, coincidentally i just saw the howling, wind and howling, trying to make a joke. [ laughter ] river pretty good breeze come look at san jose would gusts over 20 in sfo best up to 40 with wind advisories for the airport, low clouds and fog filling and rapidly in the system of north will produce shower activity and now open this year later on today about
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6500 feet. the breeze will be the big factor along with very cool temps, low 50s and mid-50s and up north things are picking up rapidly all associated with the low over the entire west coast giving us cool conditions, 60s and 70s. all right sal castanada what would you like to start with their ? >> will start with the bay bridge because already a backup there as you might expect, people who get on the bay bridge about the same time every morning, it will be pretty much the same although today you will notice windy conditions of steve mentioned for a lot of the bridges and causeways like the altamont pass, the flat part of the causeway near the lake candlestick area and the old candlestick exit you will see when conditions, gusty winds so be careful. over the san mateo bridge the chp is issued a wind advisory in the window signs are up and drop onto the span getting over just to the peninsula more slow traffic in the livermore valley
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and 680 southbound is flowing out of the dublin interchange down to the southern end of pleasanton. 880 southbound beginning at 238 we have slow traffic and that will get better by union city. you have an opportunity in fremont to head south without too much of a traffic jam. now let's go back to the desk. the people charlotte north carolina face the aftermath of a second night of violence and destructive protests. the night began with a prayer vigil the groups splinted often marched into downtown and the outrage is over the deadly police shooting over african- american keith lamont scott tuesday. ktvu's lee martinez joins us live from the newsroom with new video emerging.>>reporter: the video shows how intense the tensions are between protesters and police and my site a protester was shot and critically injured and police said a protester who shot by another protester. we had video sent to us from
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fresco user molly stolle who recorded the moment right after the shooting what you are about to see is graphic. a woman in the crowd kneels down and touches the shooting victims blood on the ground and then wipes the victims blood on officers standing around the crowd and shouting at the police they now have blood on them.>> again what you just saw was a woman in the crowd who touches the shooting victims blood on the ground and then wipes her hands and his blood on nearby officers, the night began with a prayer vigil, the groups left the vigil to march through downtown charlotte. the demonstrations took a turn after 8 pm when police in riot gear fired tear gas at demonstrators who threw bottles and rocks at police in a group banged on a patrol car and according to police protesters looted businesses and set fire. at one point a group stormed
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into the hyatt hotel and injured two employees. now the national guard is in charlotte to help local police keep order in the city in charlotte's mayor is not talking about implementing a curfew in the city. reporting from the newsroom lee martinez ktvu fox news.>> we've seen it before, thank you for that update. warriors steph curry is from charlotte and yesterday he tweeted praying for my city, we deserve better than this. a community vigil was also held last night in tulsa oklahoma, another city dealing with its own controversial officer involved shooting of an african- american. a local church hosts of the service which was aimed at bringing people of different races together. police were responding to reports of an abandoned car last friday when officer betty shelby shot and killed terrence crutcher and police dash camera video shows crutcher going back to his car with his hands up
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and crutcher's family went to new york yesterday to receive support from civil rights leader reverend. al sharpton. >> we have gotten support from all around the world, people from different walks of life of different cultures and backgrounds, different races, they want justice just as we do.>> not officer shelby says that she was on the scene for more than one minute before the start of that dash camera video and she says that crutcher appeared to be high on drugs, possibly pcp, and he repeatedly ignored her commands and with his arms raised went towards his car, the officer thought he was reaching into grab a weapon and so she fired first. the presidential campaigns were mainly in african-american communities yesterday addressing the deadly shootings in charlotte and tulsa and during a town hall in cleveland donald trump advocated the use of a controversial police technique to prevent violence.>> i would to stop and
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frisk him i think you have to and we did it in new york and it worked incredibly well you have to be proactive.>> but in 2013 a federal court found the use of the stop and frisk tactic could be discriminatory and bill deblasio was elected mayor of new york after promising to end its overuse and while campaigning in orlando democratic nominee hillary clinton's is a needs to be changed how police handle confrontational situations.>> i have spoken to many police chiefs and other law enforcement leaders who are is deeply is concerned as i am, and deeply committed as i am, to reform. why? because they know it is essential for the safety of our communities and our officers.>> the former secretary of state also expressed support for law enforcement thing that america is safer when communities respect the police and the police respect communities open firefighters were busy last night pulling a group of
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people to safety after their car plunged over a steep embankment, four people were in the car when it went over the side of grizzly peak. it went about 500 feet around that embankment and the fire department tweeted these pictures of the rescue and firefighters used ropes and harnesses to help walk the people back up the hill and the fire department says no one was injured, no word yet on why the driver lost control of the car. police in concord are investigating the shooting of a man and woman inside their home and at 9:50 pm last night officers responded to a report of gunshots fired on bella drive in a 29-year-old woman and 28-year-old man had both been shot inside the house, both were able to provide information to police, police are not releasing much at this point thing only the suspects were wearing all-black clothing and that they drove off in a car. no word on the condition of the man and woman shot or a possible motive. fbi agents are still able to question the suspect in a new jersey and new
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york bombings as he remains unconscious but investigators continues to look into the background of ahmad rahami and eternal taken from him shows he was inspired by al qaeda and isis and he faces for federal charges including using weapons of mass destruction and federal prosecutors say that he wrote in his journal that the sound of bombs would be heard in the streets and there would be revenge against the us government for killing muslim lawyers.>> talking about among other things jihad, pipe bombs, pressure cooker bomb as well as references to osama bin laden and anwar al alaki.>> two men walked up to the cks taking out a pressure cooker device and then walked off with the luggage and police say they consider the two men on screen as witnesses. us coast guard is coordinating a multiagency response after an oil's pale and san pablo bay which is
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blamed for the strong order or odor that we reported on yesterday morning, to oil sheen's worst discovered near an oil tanker at the phillips 66 refinery in the coast guard says the source and the amount of oil in the water is still unknown but the east bay times is reporting this bill came from a possible leak in the bow of that oil tanker, containment booms have been deployed and so far no reports of any impact to wildlife but we will keep watching the situation. sacramento mayor and former nba star kevin johnson is thanking the mpd for catching the man who hit him with a pie last night, shawn thompson faces one felony assault of assaulting a public official, the mayor defended himself after being hit in the mayor seen here at an event last year said the attack wasn't funny and he said until last night he did not know anything about thompson at about 200 people were on hand to hear the mayor speak at the charity dinner.>>
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a lot of people reacting on twitter thing this is why you do not mess with the former nba player and he didn't take it. 6:11 am, racist graffiti was found at the marin county high school targeting the assistant principal but coming up at 6:30 am will show you the outpouring of love and support from the student. tesla model else, some car owners in norway says it doesn't come as advertised, the lawsuit they have now i'll - they have now fired - they have now filed.>> traffic not stopping go yet, more coming up. >> wind gusts on the altamont pass 40 miles an hour, cool morning and we will have a cool first day of fall.
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we're following a developing story in puerto rico work crews are trying to restore electricity, major power outage left three and half million people in the dark and the blackout knocked out traffic lights close to businesses, schools cancel classes and hospitals are rescheduling all elective surgeries and the outage was caused by a fire at a power plant yesterday afternoon. officials are hoping to get electricity back by this morning the many puerto ricans are skeptical saying the island's economic slump is hindering basic government
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services good stanford medical student died after she felt hundreds of feet while climbing a mountain near yosemite, 26-year-old maria berekova was an experienced montgomery she was common the bear creek fire sunday when lost her footing and fell between 801,000 feet and her climbing partner went down the mountain to look for her but when he found her she was dead. stanford released a statement calling her a superstar, the medical school community has suffered a tremendous loss. a new poll shows a ballot measure that would make smoking marijuana for recreational use legal in california and it is supported by a majority of likely voters and the pole by the public policy institute of california shows proposition 64 has 60% support among likely voters and that measures opposed by 36% while 4% say they are undecided. tesla is now being sued by car owners in norway for not going fast enough. they claim their performance model as cars is having an
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insein mode of acceleration and they say the model s has a 469 hp instead of the 700 hp they were promised and that is affecting their car's performance. norway provides subsidies for electric cars and so norway is one of tesla biggest market. tesla says it no longer offers the performance model version of this car.>> let's check in with sal castanada to feel that thursday my commute is looking.>> hello mike and pam and it doesn't look too bad if you're driving to your job in the silicon valley, traffic looking good as we start on 280 in san jose. that's traffic on the right, but is 280 downtown traffic driving up toward the valley looks good in effect all of it is the valley but must jobs are over and the west valley in sunnyvale in cupertino and that is where most of the commute will be going anyway, traffic
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will be busy as you're driving on 101 and 85 as well, we don't have a lot of stop and go traffic others some stop and go traffic in east they already on 238 and on 880 heading south with slow traffic as well. down towards the sunol grade and windy on bay area bridges and now let's take at this bay bridge plaza, it is slowing down and this is as a 20 minute delay. at 6:17 am let's go over to steve.>> pretty windy as you touched on, very much so and so far the strongest gusts of been at the altamont pass at 49 miles an hour, 30, 39 miles per hour candlestick , mount diablo it 46 of pretty big gusts, sfo had gusts earlier.
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48, 280 cooldown since monday. leaves will change color, san jose had a westwind at 20, some winds at 40 miles an hour, clouds amazing, there is some cold areas here and this system is beginning to develop which drops into northern california with a few showers that are hit and miss but certainly higher elevations around northeast california, like shasta but for sure tahoe later on today, so far it is cold, breezy to windy and shower activity will be in the afternoon, west at oakland, they had 22 not too long ago, low 50s, mid-fifties with fairfield 51, nevada 52 berkeley 52 and upper 40s, kelsea villa brisk 46, low 50s,
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27 up in truckee and 50 in sacramento in south lake tahoe of the upper 30s and reno has 40 and this time yesterday they had 70 so it is a big difference, system on its way later on, northern california of easton into the brain basin, quincie susanville and headed towards the sierra later, that is a pretty impressive system for this time of year. mendocino county and lake county maybee could get some buildups later on the most will be to the north and east, we get cool air, 60s and 70s and i breathe so it is rallies - so it is rather cool this morning, biggest warm to hot though into sunday and monday.>> are was staying or are we going?>> no kidding.>> i like that fall
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time with a little bit of a mix.>> and you will.>> and is apparently have kids in elementary school this is when you lose a lot of jackets, they are called in the morning and then they dump it on the playground so keep an eye on those. 6:20 am, a hit list featuring the names of dozens of students and school employees, up next the school shooting plot uncovered in southern california and how that investigation started. plus a pitbull puppies fall off a cliff in the north bay and how firefighters were able to pull the dog to safety.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 6:23 am come after a student was taken into custody in southern california on charges of planning a killing rampage, shocked and concerned. a teenage boy at encore charter school drafted a hit list and it had the names of 33 students and school employees he was targeting and the investigation began last saturday. told san bernardino sheriff's deputies about threats being made on social media. the news has shaken teachers, parents and students. >> i do not want to go to school.>> i will probably not
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go tomorrow. >> you send your kids that they will survive the day and you never think you will not see them again. >> a search of the boys home turned up the hit list and although explosives were mentioned none were found and investigators said the team did have an access to few weapons in the home. a massachusetts congressman's of the abatement - said the epipen price increase could cause a change in medication, congressman stephen lynch said the public outrage over the jumping cost could help congress change on medicare negotiate drug prices with companies in right now federal law bans medicare from negotiating prices directly with drugmakers, medicare is the countries largest drug purchaser and the price it pays can affect all drug prices. more than 150 people gathered for a town hall meeting in the city of berkeley show their opposition to a plan to close alta bates summit hospital.
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sutter health announced plans last year to move hospital services and staff in berkeley to their campus in oakland insider says alta bates is not seismically compliant and will close by the state deadline of 2030. >> there are not enough hospital beds in the area we're less than half the national average. >> the nurses unions is closing alta bates and berkeley butchering capacity for its patients to drive further and wait longer for care and some people at the meeting to the hospital should be make earthquake safe. sonoma county firefighters had other rescue a pit bull puppy that fell off the cliff and it is one of the cutest photos and a bit, a man and woman was driving south on highway 1 tuesday night when they stopped north of jenner to take their dog marshmallow for the walk and marshmallows owners were not able to get a leash at all before jump right out of the car and slid around 250 feet down a steep embankment.
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firefighters used a rescue system of ropes, pulleys and other equipment and they were able to pull marshmallow to safety. berkeley is the latest the bay area city to have its police chief resign, reports that some members of the department were not happy with chief michael meehan.>>reporter: outrageous although san jose state campus after swastikas and racial slurs are found in freshman dorms and we will tell you with students and university officials are saying this morning. be mac web a big back up now and some of the east bay commute and it is also windy on this very bridge, the san mateo bridge, it could be an adventurous trip to say the least headed over to the peninsula.
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good morning everyone and thank you for joining us on mornings on 2 and i am like me back. >> and i am sam cooke and it is just about 6:30 am and it is cold this morning.>> very cold this morning, through the jacket and the car. spin everyone should do that steep.>> good advice. by the way really quick, i posted this on the facebook page, this is posted a few days ago, except for the east bay almost all inland locations had less than average 900 days and the east bay had more so go figure. and the city had a cold summer. partly cloudy, that system dropping in and it is been more of a wind and cool tent process so far and some gusty have been quite impressive. the altamonte pass and 49 miles
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an hour in twin peaks it 42 miles an hour and sfo 40 miles an hour and candlestick .39 miles an hour in fisherman's wharf 36 miles an hour so hang on baby. ssl looks like it is calming down a bit in the san jose. breezes picking up, low clouds and fog filling in for some rapidly and that system of north is pretty vigorous for this time of year with no showers, iceland showers north and east and over the sierra and the breathing cool temps are the factor here, bundle up, nice in the sun if you're when protected, lafayette, walnut creek in east bay upper 40, black hawk 47, livermore is a 52, look at that low rotating in and that will give the sierra snow showers later today at about 6500 feet and above, 60s and 70s. all right we talked about the altamonte pass at 4 am.>> it is still gusty as you and i have been reporting steve, we will talk about that in a moment,
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but it also noticed a lot of slow traffic in many of these pictures and i do want to show you the drive to the macarthur maze will be slow this morning as you drive out to the maze you will see traffic will be busy now and we are going to talk about the commute on the san mateo bridge because that commute has been very slow and that is because of the wind, no major problems though. we are also looking at a commute that will be busy approaching the macarthur maze, i am just trying to figure out why, i'm looking at the chp list i think it is just a lot of people showing up i hope i did not miss anything on the commute but we're checking this to make sure the traffic is still doing okay. we're looking at a commute in the south bay were traffic seems to be okay but there is a crash on northbound 17 near the cats restaurant. traffic coming in on 17 will be extra slow getting down the hill. now let's go back to the desk.
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some san jose state students are not feeling safe this morning after finding out the swastikas and racist comments were posted inside to residence halls and ktvu's janine de la vega joining us live from campus this morning and janine has of the university already launched an investigation?>>reporter: is certainly have and this is just not the way you want to start the school year. these swastikas were found into freshman dorms and it has really shaken some of the students. last night university staff met with students from both of those dorms to talk about what happened and to address concerns, looked swastikas were reported to university officials tuesday night, one of the symbols was found on the door third-floor of washburn hall made out of name badge stickers, the other was drawn on a whiteboard in a common area of a sweet and campus village, hateful slurs were written alongside both of the swastikas, everything has been removed but some students worry
6:33 am
it may escalate. we spoke with a freshman who said that whoever did this lacks maturity. >> a lot of them are used to high school and making fun of people and their out in the real world and they are not used to it and they just need to grow up. >> i don't want people to take it further and have people get hurt or people transferring out because they feel unsafe. it doesn't make me feel right or safe here. >> san jose state university president. was in long beach for work- related meeting that she is cutting her trip short and coming back to campus today because of this and she did release a statement saying that she is saddened and outraged by the news and is working to address it in a transparent manner and university police are reviewing surveillance video to find out whoever is responsible but they would like anyone with information to come forward and share it with them. >> janine no specific students
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were targeted?>> you know, they did not reveal too much about these messages and so we aren't sure but we will keep on probing the university spokesperson. >> this latest incident comes a san jose state tries to improve the racial climate on campus, back in february 3 former students were found guilty of misdemeanor battery committed against her african-american remain in 2013 and the students were accused of having a confederate flag in their room, putting a bike lock around his neck, and using racial slurs. students in a north bay high school are reacting after racist graffiti targeting their assistant principal was discovered on campus and officials at redwood high school discover the graffiti on what is known as the spirit ball at the school's athletic field on the graffiti was cleaned off and students have now put the word love on it. the assistant principal says the students of the giving her flowers, cards and sending support through texts and emails and facebook post and there is a banner and the
6:35 am
school hallway, a 2002 graduate since over 12 boxes of peace and she said the original tag was painful but all the student gestures make are glad to be part of the redwood community. a developing story making national headlines, the violent protests continue in charlotte north carolina over the deadly police shooting of an african-american men. city leaders are considering a curfew following a second night of clashes, a curfew hasn't yet been ordered but the ideas on the table. a state of emergency has been declared national guard troops have come to keep the peace. coming up the impact of the protest on businesses in charlotte. members of the black lives matter movement are continuing their protests in sacramento against the july police shooting of an african-american man. >> we will not be silenced. >> demonstrators rallied yesterday just blocks from where the shooting happened in protesters said there was no
6:36 am
need for officers to open fire on a person who was mentally ill and the police fired 18 shots the day and 14 of them hit the 15-year-old suspect. sacramento's released - camera surveillance video of that deadly confrontation.>> i thought execution, i saw a judge, jury and executioner take place and i did not see them try to save a life to try to take a life. >> the protests were peaceful but many businesses close early after private security company warned them about the demonstrations and when officers responded to the disturbance call back in july they were told the suspect was armed but investigators never found again. a unique dialogue around race relations is bringing together young people out of barbershop in the south bay and every two weeks they meet to discuss issues at barbers incorporated in downtown san jose last night's topics include the recent police shootings left to african-american said in
6:37 am
charlotte north carolina and tulsa oklahoma.>> it makes you angry, it makes you sad, makes you anxious to do something.>> it kills me that we sit here and we complain about the police but we're not going to actually be part of the criminal justice process making the laws and becoming officers. >> two weeks ago the students met with a group of police officers including san jose police chief eddie garcia and the students say was a frank and productive exchange is a talk about the fears of the black community while the officers talk about their fears on the street. investigators in the north they are looking for possible victims in the case of the man accused of child molestation in sonoma county, paul kilgore who also goes by the middle name of the plaintiff in the sonoma county jail and is accused of molesting to you two boys 10 and 12 years old, the family apparently trusted him and thought of him as a mentor to
6:38 am
the children.>> it sounds like they trusted him quite a bit and they allow the kids to go with him, mostly to local recreational suffered also some longer, overnight trips out of town. >> police said they were alerted to the case when kilgore brought the boys to healdsburg health club, another member reported hearing and seeing things he thought was an appropriate and now police are looking for other possible victims and kilgore served as the athletic director at the sonoma boys and girls club for many years but no reports of problems while he was there. the city of berkeley's joining the cities of san francisco and oakland and looking for new police chief. chief michael meehan announced yesterday he is stepping down from the post after six years and city leaders say that he was instrumental in their efforts to reduce bias in law enforcement and train officers in fair and impartial policing. no reason was given for his departure but there are reports that some of the rank and file were unhappy with his leadership.>> my new focus is
6:39 am
looking forward. there will always be friction between management and labor in any profession so i would not emphasize that.>> his recognition - his resignation is active october 14 and greenwood will take over as police chief. city college is considering building educator housing at its former civic center campus and since 2012 the number of faculty at city has dwindled in size as the school says it is due in part to high rental prices in a competitive housing market which it left many educators with no choice but to leave their homes and jobs. the city college board of trustees is expected to discuss the housing plans when it meets later today. a man and woman were targeted in their home and coming up in 20 minutes the
6:40 am
investigation underway into a double shooting in concord. a twist on the growing national anthem protest, and entire wnba team took a knee last night and the reaction from their coach. >> we're looking at a commute getting busier by the moment and many commits are now beginning to get very crowded, like this one on highway 24.>> cold and breezy for many, or downright wendy for some, a very cool first day of fall greets us and i will have those numbers coming up. it was doggie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it.
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the giants, cardinals and that's remain in a tie for the two national league wild-card pots after they all lost yesterday. the giants took an early lead against the dodgers last night in the first inning, starter matt moore could not hold the 1- 0 lead, no he could not any promptly gave up five runs in the bottom of the first and only lasted two batters into the second. the dodgers won by a final of 9- 3 and the giants go to san diego for a game tonight, it is a four-game series, johnny komeito is listed as questionable to start sunday after straining his left groin on tuesday. the oakland a's are off today after getting swept by the houston astros and their designated hitter evan gaddis hit two home runs yesterday including his two-run shot in the sixth, started daniel mangan, the a's got within one run of the knife but pinch runner eric menchies was thrown
6:44 am
out. the play was reviewed, the kolstad and astros 16-5. >> the warriors first game of the preseason is about one week away and head coach talk to reporters yesterday, the westgate superbug in las vegas predicts the warrior season win total at 66.5 and that is 10 more than the defending nba champion cleveland cavaliers, the warriors while the different look this year with the arrival of course of kevin durant and departure of andrew bogert and harrison barnes.>> in my mind this is a very different season and a different approach to the season, much more experimental. i think our fans should really look forward to watching the growth of the team. i think fans do look forward don't way? yesterday he also expressed support for 49ers quarterback
6:45 am
colin kaepernick for his national anthem protest any says it has people talk about the issues and he will support his players if they decide to speak out. for the first time since the national anthem protest started an entire protein kneeled during the star- spangled banner and the coach of the wnba's indiana fever who was miked up for the game praised her team.>> i am proud of you all to do that together, that is big. bigger than basketball.>> remember, took any, locked arms and lower their heads in a show of unity, to members of their opponents team also join the protest but there wasn't much reaction from the crowd. let's look at what is coming up in the next hour of mornings on 2, good morning.>> good morning mike and pam and when i join you in just a few minutes i will talk about how i am one of those old-school people who still uses a yahoo email account which has me and many others worried the personal information may be for sale as
6:46 am
we wait for yahoo to confirm reports that a massive recent data breach exposed information of as many as 200 million yahoo users and what likely happened to those accounts is in fact that information was stolen. a homeless man in new jersey is being called a hero after police say he found a backpack filled with bombs sunday night, but the man says tipped him off that something was up with a backpack and what he did with it. we'll also talk about the attention he is getting in the one thing he says he really wants. coming up at 8 am i am super excited to talk with none other than that they areas of aisha curry will talk about cooking and a few other things, these stories when i join you guys in just a few. 6:46 am i must check back in with sal castanada for look at traffic and it is crowded on the east shore.>> it is pretty crowded and mike asked me what time does the sun,? i am wondering the same
6:47 am
thing.>> poor baby.>> it used to come up a lot earlier and now it is coming up it seven a clock? something like that. steve would know>> 58.>> thanks steve. >> here it is at 6:47 am and we are about 11 minutes away from the official sunrise but it is getting lighter, a 40 minute drive from the bridge to the macarthur maze and so commuters if you are driving these days when it is dark to get a better commute that when it gets light, the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up for 20 or 25 minute delay, no problems on the bridge but it has been windy and gusty on some of these commutes to give yourselves plenty of time. there is a crash on northbound 17 at the cats restaurant and if we put up a map i will show you, northbound 17 is terribly slow, northbound coming over
6:48 am
the hill and getting down to the valley, 6:47 am and let's go over to steve.>> let's get to it, it is the beginning of fall around 7:21 am, i think it arrived last night, with low clouds moving in and there is a really impressive low dropping into the northern part of the state near shasta, will get into the sierra and i think some so later on this afternoon about 6500 feet, fall comes  roaring in, it is 49 right now, mostly clear with 50 miles an hour winds a higher cost out of the west, and big rock mike, near and about 1500 feet has a west wind gusting to 45 miles an hour and getting reports that it is windy on lucas valley road as well.>> i saw garbage cans blowing.>> i believe it, higher guested
6:49 am
altamont pass at 49 miles an hour, sfo 40 miles an hour in candlestick .39 miles an hour at fisherman's wharf 36 miles an hour and i think we saw that at 40 1 am, look at the low clouds, they are booking period starting to bank up in parts of marin county and down towards san mateo in santa cruz county and a little moving inland as well in the low is right here, susanville in quincy in the burney basin, eventually it will slide into the sierra later today. the breeze for must is pretty strong and it will be a breezy and blustery day and if you're stuck in some of those low clouds it is cold, low 50s and mid-50s and the peninsula is stuck, san mateo and belmont in atherton in menlo park is in there, menlo park cooler than with signing you don't see that often. 23 up in truckee, 36 incline
6:50 am
village in south lake tahoe 38 and this afternoon things will pop up over the sierra, it is on its way, if you're headed up 58, if you're headed up 5880 it is the time to go because that is the low moving in and it will leave rapidly, little piece of energy has some late night and early tomorrow morning and in high pressure builds then again, 60s and 70s today. member monday livermore was 101. but not today.>> on monday!>> yes, tomorrow morning will be very cool and a beautiful fall day friday and a taste of summer returns for the weekend.>> perfect. $3 billion for medical research from mark zuckerberg and his wife and in 20 minutes how the birth of their daughter inspired this generous donation. but first a great story, a surprise for hard- working teenager who walked two hours to work in phoenicia and
6:51 am
the act of kindness by some of the police officers.
6:52 am
6:53 am
the oakland city council approved a $1.2 million settlement in a deadly police shooting from june of last year when officers found damoria hogg asleep and unresponsive
6:54 am
and after firing beanbag rounds to get his attention police is a crowbar to smash his car's window and officers say the dog reached for his gun and a rookie officer fired a weapon and another officer fired a taser and the family attorney says the officers used poor judgment.>> this man was obviously asleep and out for whatever reason he was never given a chance to awaken and see what the circumstances were or comply with any particular demands by police and he was shot. >> the alameda county das offices review the officers action and declined to file charges but the settlement will be divided among his three children as well is his mother. the macarthur foundation announced its 2016 genius grants and 23 people get a $625,000 grant and five of them have ties to the bay area. gene luen yang is a graphic novelist who grew up in the south bay and he taught it bishop o'dowd high school in oakland for 17 years and we interviewed him back in january when he was appointed the national ambassador for young
6:55 am
people's literature. maggie nelson is a nonfiction writer who grew up in marin county currently the director of the creative writing program at the california institute of the arts in southern california. vincent fechto is a sculptor from san francisco known freezing unassuming materials
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
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for a second night in a row. violence erupts in charlotte, north carolina over the shooting of an african-american man by police. the video protesters want released. it's all ahead on mornings on 2. this is ktvu mornings on 2. 7:00, welcome back to mornings on 2 this thursday morning, september 22nd. first full day of fall. about to start, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning, i'm mike mibach. dave clark has the day off. steve paulson does not, and we will turn and say hello to our friend steve. a little cool out there? >> oh, yes. >> nip in the air. >> no doubt, there's a little brisk in the air, and it's a decent system dropping in. some low clouds have moved in in advance of this low which


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