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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  September 22, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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university. last december when baby max was born, they announced they would be giving away most of their fortune to the public. another night of violence in charlotte, north carolina, after a deadly police shooting, the latest details as the governor issues a state of emergency. plus the important conversations taking place in a bay area bearberry shop. and putting -- barbershop. and putting your change to work, a new meter designed to help the homeless and stop panhandling: plus it's a new comedy with an animated twist, live with two stars of the fox showson of zor -- show son of zor. a great looking morning across the bay area. the wind has been whipping, giving us crystal clear skies. a nice cruise ship, as we say good-bye to summer time, and hello to good old awe tim. two cruise ships coming in.
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>> welcome to the 9, alongside sal and gasia, i'm mike. i want to bring you up to speed on breaking news out of san francisco. >> san francisco police in muni, noticed a suspicious package on van ness, shut down between mission and market. this is new video into our newsroom from fresco user, jake korea. traffic is blocked from market street down to mission, as i mentioned on south van ness the the bus line, 47 and 49 are being rerouted. there's no word on when they will clear the package. though it does appear only he is streets are blocked and the rest of the area is doing okay. a good area to avoid is south san ness between mission -- van ness between mission and market. the city of charlotte is under a state of emergency, riding on the streets for a third straight night. it's a developing story involving protests against the police shooting of an african-
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american man. >> you all can't kill us all. >> long time charlotte residents in disbelief. their city on edge following tuesday's controversial shooting. >> the mayor and police chief wrapped up a news conference, part of which we brought you live on mornings on 2. they addressed the latest violence in the city. there has been an uproar on the unwillingness to release video to the public. the national guard is in charlotte to try and help keep the order there. ktvu's leigh martinez joins us from the newsroom with all the late developments. leigh. our fox affiliate in charlotte reports that the nfl and the carolina panthers will meet today to discuss security at the football games and the possibility of moving sunday night's game. the team's president issued a statement saying the team will continue to monitor events leading up to this weekend's game. charlotte police also announced that they are now investigating a new shooting that happened during last night's protest. the protester was shot and he
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has a life threatening gunshot wound. police say there are allegations that a charlotte police officer may have been involved. so they're thoroughly investigating that shooting. we have also new video sent to us from molly stahl who recorded the moment right after that shooting. what you're about to see is graphic. a woman in the crowd kneels down and touches the shooting victim's blood that's on the ground and wipes her hands with the victim's blood on officers standing around the crowd shouting that the police have blood on them. police had to use a bear cat to evacuate the victim because paramedics could not get through the crowd. the night began with a prayer vigil. the group left to march through uptown. they started jumping on vehicles, and blocking the interstate highway. police say businesses were broken into and looted and fires were set in the city. police say they made 44 arrests. the public anger is over the death of keith lamont scott, an
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african-american man shot by a charlotte police officer on tuesday. police say scott excepted his car holding a -- exited his car holding a gun. his family said he was reading a book when approached by police. >> we want to have everything in place to complete the picture and make sure the investigation has the highest integrity. we are following the wishes of the scott family that want to see the video first. they will be saying it today, i understand. >> as you mentioned, the national guard is now in charlotte to help police keep the peace, but at least five uptown businesses have told their employees that they are not required to come to work today. the mayor is also considering a curfew for tonight. in the newsroom, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. thank you, leigh. warriors star extensive extensive is from charlotte. yesterday he tweet -- steph curry is from charlotte. he tweeted praying for my city. he hash tagged keith lamont scott. we are hearing from the father of a man shot and killed
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by police in tulsa, oklahoma. reverend joey crutcher says he taught his son to avoid conflict with police by always having his hands up during any incident with officers. police are responding to reports of an abandoned vehicle friday when officer betty shot and killed terrence crutcher. police dash cam video shows crutcher going back to his vehicle with his hands up. crutcher's family went to new york yesterday toisech support from civil rights leader -- to receive support from civil rights leader, reverend al sharpton. i said put your hand up, so they know know you don't have a gun. and that's what he was doing. i said put your hand on the car. he was walking to the car, and they shot him down like he was a dog. >> officer shelby said she was on scene more than a minute before the start of the dash cam video. crutcher appeared to be high on drugs, possibly pcp. the police department says that drug was found in the car.
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shelby said he repeatedly ignored her demands. the officer thought she was reaching to grab a weapon and fired. >> questions are coming up about police policies regarding the release of police video of the shootings. in tulsa, police released the video out of quote a commitment to full transparency and doppler. >> in north carolina, however, police have not released video of the shooting because of a allow going into effect requiring the judge to make a decision. that law is meant to protect public safety officer. >> our question of the day, should police departments be required to release all video of officer involved shootings. one person said no it taints the potential jury pool. is it that hard for people to wait for the facts and let the justice system work. >> we talked about this live on facebook all morning long. chiome anderson said all police shootings should be shared with
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the public. that's why the police have cameras. >> lisa greer says if there's nothing to hide, why not, resistance only gives life to speculation. >> we'll check your responses throughout the day. and share more with you at 9:30. now to politics, the presidential candidates also address the issue. while campaigns yesterday, after can american communities in the wake of the shootings. republican donald trump advocated for the use of a controversial police technique to prevent violence. >> i would do stop and frisk. i think you have to. we did it in new york, it worked incredibly well. you have to be proactive. >> in 2013, though, a federal court found the use of stop and frisk, could be discriminatory. bill debels sow was elected -- de blasio was elected mayor of new york. hillary clinton campaigned in orlando. she said many police chiefs are committed to reform, saying they are necessary for the safety of both officers and the
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community. we have two more names to add to a lest of african- american -- list of african- americans killed by police officers in these police encounters. it's unbearable and it needs to become intolerable. >> the former secretary of state also expressed support for law enforcement saying america is safer when communities respect the police and police respect the communities. discussions on race relations have been bringing young people together at a barbershop in san jose. every two weeks they meet and gather and talk about life lessons. about 20 students gathered at bashers inc. to talk about current headlines, including the two killings by police this past week. >> we can't seem to escape a black person, usually male, getting killed by the police and it making national news. it's almost impossible. >> jamal williams is assistant director of tutorial services
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of san jose state, and came up with the idea of getting students together at a barbershop, a safe place to have frank conversations. >> why does it have to be violent when it comes towards us. we're look at as a threat. >> reporter: these students from freshman to seniors are asking complex questions, such as why the suspect of the terrorist attacks in new york, and new jersey is alive, but a black man whose car broke down was killed by police s. >> are you saying we're worse than terrorist. >> it makes you angry, sad, anxious to do something. >> reporter: getting a free haircut while finding ways to be part of the solution. >> it kills me that we sit here and complain about the police but we're not going to be part of the criminal justice process, becoming officers. >> procedural justice is a course where it's really giving people a voice. treat them with respect. there's a community component
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as well. >> two weeks ago, the students met with san jose police chief eddie garcia, campus police chief and six others. they say it was a productive dialogue about fears of the black community, and the fear of police. republican presidential nominee, donald trump supports a stop and frisk these students say only promotes their perception of police bias. >> whether you're innocent, whether you're not, you're going to be stopped and checked, which is not going to have a good mind set for the people, for the young men growing up from now on. >> they say change takes time but there is hope. the barbershop talk, amber lee ktvu fox 2 news. coming up at 9:30. an act of kindness between a police officer and an african- american teenager. how officers helped make things easier after discovering he walked to work two hours each way. also coming up, a homeless man in new jersey being called
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a hero after police say he found a backpack filled with bombs. what the man says tipped him off. the mcarthur has awarded genius grants, next up, the winners with bay area ties.
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. an update on breaking news we told you about at the top of the hour. an intersection shut down because of a suspicious package found at a muni bus stop. busy intersection in the city. >> bus lines 47 and 49 are being rerouted. that stretch, mike and gasia, between south van ness, mission and market. and we're going to see live pictures right now, is shut down. that's a major way not only to get to mission street but to get to the central freeway as you know, getting down there, so traffic is being rerouted. i just got off the phone with
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b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. is not affected by this. >> you can see the robot, right. >> on the left side of the screen, that's what we're looking at. clearly we have a crew at the scene. you see the police car with the lights on. that is one of the robots they use. you can certainly understand why concern is very high, especially given what happened over the weekend in new york, and new jersey. we are working to confirm exactly what shape, if you will, the suspicious package is taking. is it a backpack, is it a box, is it a something else. clearly it is enough concern that sfpd has chosen to close down major streets and they are activating their remote robot. we have seen our pictures of the bomb squad. this has been going on for about an hour, is when we first heard about it. they have decided that this is a credible threat, apparently because they have been out there a while. i want to mention, a lot of times when this happens, they
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find a backpack and clear it quickly. that's not the case this time. >> and you said b.a.r.t. is not affected. >> not affected. >> ktvu on the scene, gathering information, we're going stay on top of the story, and bring you updates throughout the newscast. >> fbi agents not able to question the suspect in the new jersey, new york bombings. investigators continue to look into the background of ahmad rahami. a journal taken from him shows he was inspired by al-qaeda and isis. he faces four federal charges including using weapons of mass destruction. he wrote in his journal the sound of bombs would be heard in the streets and there would be revenge against the u.s. government for killing muslim warrior. >> talking about jihad, pipe bombings, a pressure cooker bomb as well as laudatory references to an war al alaki and osama bin laden.
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>> investigators want to interview two men seen walking up to a suitcase. they took out the device and left it behind while walking off with the luggage. police say they consider the two individuals witnesses. a homeless man in new jersey is being hailed a hero after he and a friend found a backpack containing one of the bombs. >> it was too big to fit in it. it was that bulky and big, so it was sitting right there. god chose me for whatever reason. scared, no, i just did what i had to do. >> where did it go boom, right there. >> that was the sound of the bomb squad safely detonating the explosive. anthony parker called police when he came across the bomb. the backpack got his attention. he was looking for something to put his belongings in. he is hoping that his sudden fame will payoff. he still needs a backpack. a go fund me account has been set up to get him back on his
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feet. it stands at more than $21,000. the u.s. coast guard is coordinating a multiagency response of an oil spill. two oil sheens were discovered in the water near an oil tanker at the philips 66 refinery in rodeo. the source and amount of oil in the water is unknown but the east bay times is reporting the spill came from a possible leak in the bow of the oil tanker. containment booms have been deployed. it was strong enough to send people to the hospital complaining of respiratory problems. we have received no reports on impact to wildlife. the macarthur foundation had 23 grants, five have ties to the bay area, gene luen yang is a graphic novelist who grew up in the south bay, he taught in oakland for 17 years. we interviewed him back in january when he was appointed
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the national ambassador for young people's literature. maggie nelson is a nonfiction writer who grew up in marin county, currently the director of the creative writing program at the california institute of the arts in southern california. vincent fecteau is a sculptor from san francisco, known for using unassuming materials like paper ma shay and card board. jose quinonez, also from san francisco, a financial services innovator, and director of mission asset fund, creating a pathway to financial services for people with limited financial access, and manu prakash, an assistant professor at stanford university. today is september 22nd. fall began this morning at 7:21. already the hash tag first day of fall trending on twitter. people sharing things they're looking forward to this season. top responses, football, cooler weather, pumpkin spice everything. sweaters, comfort food. let us know what is your
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favorite part of fall. tweet us, ktvu the 9. >> oktoberfest. >> now you're talking. coming up next on mornings on 2, the 9. putting your spare change toward a good cause. up next, we're live with the project manager toward a new donation meter being installed in the city of san rafael yell. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one. san rafael city officials are hoping to help the homeless while putting an end to panhandling. >> purple meters are being installed, ready to use one week from today. >> and to learn more, we are joined by marin county manager, leg began mcdonald. -- logan mcdonald. >> take me from be the money goes from there. >> all the donations come back to help the basic need of our team members, our program participants. they are all homeless, and just trying to get back into the
9:22 am
work force. at least that's the goal. >> how many meeter and where in the city are they going to be? >> initially ten all up and down 4th street n. downtown corridor, there's a lot of heavy foot traffic there. >> what or who is paying for the meters themselves, the upkeep, the facilitation of the program. if i pump a dollar into it, who's paying for the thing itself? >> ips is the company that gives us the meters. they donated ten of them initially, and from l parking services will help with the upkeep, and what they do is send us a check quarterly from all the change that gets put in. i have access to a dash board where i can see the credit card transactions and the meter is sponsored for $6000. >> you want to end panhandling. how do the homeless people say if i stop panhandling, i might get this money. >> it's all peer to peer outreach. our team members go out, and it's part of the mission to go
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and recruit other homeless individuals to be a part of the team. one of my biggest concerns because the city is behind this, businesses are behind this. my biggest concern was not trying tost size the team members -- ostracize the team members themselves. they're all totally behind this. >> businesses in the area can sponsor? >> exactly. >> that $6000. >> have you noticed in the city to have san rafael, in the downtown area has there been an uptick in homeless. why now for these purple meters? >> you know, it's totally subjective. i feel as if someone meets to panhandlers a day and as if there's 20, that's on them. all i can go is from what i hear. people say different things. we actually did a survey recently, and 80% of the businesses downtown say they wanted to see something done, so here we are.
9:24 am
>> the problem that you're trying to fix, is many would consider aggressive panhandling or perhaps people who get a couple bucks, turning around and maybe putting that into liquor or drugs that's not the sandwich that the card board says they want to buy. >> the idea is we never know where it's going. we have our assumptions, and we can't generalize. it might be going to something good. it might not be. the idea is if you give the money to us, we'll make sure it goes to stipends. >> and people are getting full- time employment. can you give me an example of one individual you know has been helped. >> to give context we reached our 1000 success of jobs or housing and in marin county, we have gotten over 65 jobs and over 30 people off the streets into housing. one individual i can think off the top of my head, he got a job at pg&e, $18 an hour, that's the idea. we don't want to shove people
9:25 am
into something like taco bell, they're hiring, it's about what's a good fit, and what has the long retention. >> what's the goal? do you have an idea of how much revenue is going to come in through the purple meters. >> total. only thing i can actually see is the sponsorship money itself. that's 60,000, and if we get ten more, that will be 120,000. everything else is icing on the cake. >> these meters are placed not real near meters. people aren't going to get confused. >> that's a good point. actually, paula doubleday our graphic designer, she's done the web site, she's amazing, everything she did with the meters, it's bright purple. there's signage on it. there's a marquee that says this is not paying for your park. you will definitely get a ticket. it's about our program, downtown streets team, and the idea is ending homelessness,
9:26 am
and that's what we're trying to do. >> marin county project manager. appreciate your time. thank you for coming in. coming up next, mornings on 2, a surprise for a hard working vallejo teenager, the act of kindness some benicia police officers are offering up. northern california's first virtual reality roller coaster, of course we sent ktvu alex savidge to mess it up. >> i think it is. up next, his reaction to a bending ride. >> doesn't look like he's smiling. no. father's day -- smiling. >> no. >>
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we dance on the salsa team together, and it's like a lot of power in what we wear. when we're practicing if i don't feel good in what i'm wearing i don't look good. t.j.maxx has that variety. i can get a lot for my money. it's like "yay t.j.maxx!" if you're feeling it, just go for it, don't wait. maxx life at t.j.maxx. welcome back to ktvu the 9. it's 928, our question of the day, two recent fatal police shootings have many people asking and us asking you, do you think police agencies should be required to release police body camera video or
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dash cam video in incidents such as those we have been covering for the past couple of days. one quick tweet from chris, heavy on my mind lately with all these riots. transparency will diminish. violent riots equal marshal law? what do you have. >> chad says yes without question, fueling public distrust. they need absolute transparency when they kill a citizen. we want to thank you for your responses. we asked another twitter question on the lighter side with the first day of fall, what's your favorite thing about going from summer into fall, and someone just wrote, i lost it on twitter. annette ferguson, pumpkin frozen yogurt. >> francisco the world series. >> gasia mikaelian says boots, boots, boots, boots, and boots. i have never had a pumpkin spice latti. i don't spend $5 for coffeement
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you know me. >> the cooler weather, getting dark a little sooner. better sleep. better sleep. i would agree with that. first day of fall. the wind was howling for some here. visibility is good. a lot of smoke, haze in the air the last couple of weeks. gusts at 49, almost 50 miles per hour at the altamont pass pass. look at the temperature drop in lier mother, monday it was 101. -- livermore. monday it was 101. this sunday might be 99. so there's a lot going on here. from one extreme to the other. today is cool, and we'll have a chilly friday morning. warmer temps, much warmer by sunday. >> thank you, steve. you're welcome. we have an update on the breaking news out of san francisco. san francisco police just confirmed that the suspicious package on van ness has been rendered safe on south bend really between market and mission. these are live pictures, the major intersection shut down as
9:31 am
they continue to wrap it up. they found this package this morning. this is video that we had now. at first they were staying clear and they had a robot investigating it at a bus stop on mission and south van ness. muni is experiencing major delays because many of the buses had to be rerouted. traffic is also slow in the area. police would not share exactly what the suspicious item looked like. they have tweeted that they think that this is innocuous. this obviously has been going on after a heightened alert in new york and new jersey. >> we'll be looking into whether or not this was done in a careless way, someone simply left something that would cause this kind of panic or whether or not it was done with some other intention. >> reporter: is there any video near there. >> we're right here in the middle of mission and south van
9:32 am
ness. i suspect there's a number of cameras we may glean some information from. >> streets should reopen in the area. we'll have updates if they become available in the newscast. outrage and disappointment. that's what san jose state students say they are feeling this morning. >> that comes after swastika, and hateful graffiti was found in two dormitories,. >> ktvu's janine de la vega has just finished talking with school officials. what did they say. >> a spokesperson told me that right now, the university president, she's back in town, meeting with her senior staff. she's being debriefed and by the university police on what's happening with the investigation, and what are sort of the next steps that the university is going to take she has said that she is saddened and outraged by what was discovered in the dorms. now, last night, university staff did meet with students who live in washburn hall and campus village to talk about
9:33 am
their concerns. one of the swastikas were made by name badges and stuck on a hallway door, and moved to a window so everyone outside could see it. the second was drawn on a white board in a common area of a suite shared by seven students. racial slurs were written alongside both of the symbols. all of it has been removed. the university won't comment on what was written but they say the language concerns them tremendously. >> a hate crime is targeted toward an individual, so that's what our officers will be continue to go look into today. were cease symbols targeting particular individuals in the residence halls and what can we do going forward. >> seeing that stuff right next door to you, kind of shocking, especially in a place like this where it's a really diverse campus. so like seeing people hate like, hate crimes like that is really disappointing to see.
9:34 am
>> reporter: this news comes as the university is trying to improve the racial climate. back in february, three former students who were all white were found guilty of misdemeanor battery for harassing their black roommate in 2013. students were accused of putting a bike lock around his neck and using racial slurs. that incident caused outrage, and now the discovery of the swastikas, the university is trying to act swiftly. police are investigating this as two separate cases and they are reviewing surveillance video to see if they could try to find out who is responsible for the incident here at washburn hall and the one at campus village. back to you. >> thank you for the update. now to an act of kindness involving a police officer and an african-american teenager. it's the story of a young man from vallejo spending four hours a day walking to and from his job. as cristina rendon found out he was trying to save for car and college when one officer took
9:35 am
notice. >> i have been walking far distances since i was 10 and 18- year-old jordan duncan has been walking to work since may. >> i don't want to feel like i'm a burden to people, so i take the initiative to handle myself in my own way to where i need to go, from point a to point b. >> duncan lives in vallejo and works in benicia. it's a two hour commute on foot. >> four hours all together. >> i got used to the walking. you know, it's not hard to walk. >> i happened to be going down industrial when i saw him walking. >> benicia police corporal stopped duncan last saturday. he said so you walk from work to vallejo. i was like, you know, if i have no other way. >> i was like at that point white don't you jump in i'll give you a ride home.
9:36 am
duncan shared hysons persuasions to be an officer. he was so impressed he and members of the benicia police officers association surprised duncan at work on monday with a new mountain bike. >> there's not a lot of 18-year- olds out there that have this dedication, and this work ethic, and we wanted to make sure he knew how much i actually appreciated what he's doing. >> duncan was shocked. >> you know, not all officers are bad. >> reporter: he's quickly learned to handle the bike, and it cuts his travel time in half. >> this bike is my best friend. my best friend right here. i love this bike. >> reporter: duncan is extremely grateful and after hearing about his desire to be a police officer, the department is working on getting him a ride along in the coming weeks. in benicia, cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. now to san francisco where leaders are claiming victory if their fight for affordable housing. board of supervisors president holding a news conference on
9:37 am
the agreement with the federal government. the board approved landmark legislation prioritizing residents for affordable housing built in their neighborhood. the u.s. department of housing and urban development ruled that federally funded housing projects would not abide by this neighborhood preference law. after long negotiation, the city has persuaded the government to change its course. in a statement today, the supervisor says the agreement is a monumental victory, one that will help keep low income residents from being forced out. as you might have seen on the 9, ktvu's alex savidge is no stranger to taking one for the team. >> roll the video of alex trying out the six flaggings roller coaster, the joker in may. we had to send him to the park to check out another new attraction. >> it's northern california's
9:38 am
first virtual reality roller coaster. >> reporter: i feel like the ktvu guinea pig. i don't know why that is. we are firmly back in reality after taking a ride on the virtual reality roller coaster, kong at six flags, and they have transform this into a virtual ride called rage of the gargoyles. you put the headset on it and it transports you to this virtual world where you are battling gargoyles. check it out. >> oh, boy. uuh-oh, and here we go. >> i kept it clean the whole ride. there you go. you can see the split screen, and you can see what i am seeing inside of these virtual reality goggles. essentially we're inside of a helicopter, charles and i
9:39 am
flying through the air, and battling monsters. you can actually shoot at them. it's like a video game, completely interactive, and i saw the movements, what we see in the head shot is sinked up with the drops and twists and turns on the roller coaster. charles you're an expert. what do you think, i did pretty good, right? >> you did pretty good. >> reporter: you can be honest. >> i saved the city. you didn't save the city. >> reporter: what was my score though, it was huge. >> you got a total of 5. >> reporter: just 5? all right, i misunderstood. i want to give it another shot, you guys. it's really an amazing experience. you're totally immersed in this world. this is something new for six flags. just trying this out at some of the other parks. when can the public give this a shot. >> so we open this ride to the pluck on saturday.
9:40 am
it's going to be exclusive to our season pass holders, and anyone who owns a samsung phone. and it's also an exciting time. >> it sounds like we're playing a little more of the video. there was a little bit of operator error, one hiccup during the ride. i don't think i tightened the headset quite enough. on the video, it was funny, at one point, we were falling and my headset started jostling loose and i'm desperately trying to hold onto headset, as i'm hurdling through space. very fun time. but someone asked me if i wanted to ride it again, because we're sitting here, and i said no thanks. one and done. >> you guys can come on down if you want. but i'm good. >> very cool experience. >> thank you, alex. it's alex at six flags in vallejo. >> he was holding onto the goggles. next on mornings on 2 the
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9. ayesha curry's cook book is on shelves. what she told us about being in the kitchen with steph and the delicious treats he won't eat. an unusual fox show combining animation and live action. we're live with two stars of son of zorn.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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. welcome back to mornings on 9. son of zorn is about a warrior who returns to orange county to win back his live action son. >> cheryl hines, and johnny pemberton, they both join us live this morning on the 9.
9:44 am
good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> fired up and ready to go. >> johnny is very excited. >> i'm drunk you all. >> johnny, is it hard working with cheryl and tim meadows? it's the bane of my existence. it is so difficult. everything about them is just, i can't describe it. >> i can hear you. >> no, it's great. it's like the hardest thing about working with tim and cheryl is they're both so funny, i feel like there's nothing left. >> johnny, you have an animated dad. when you were approached with this, did you shake your head, did you jump on board right away? >> i'm always down for anything that's really weird, anything that seems like it's not possible or like, oh, too good to be on tv, so i was into it right away. i was like this is great. it seems like it's too funny to be on television. >> what is it like to have to
9:45 am
act against something that you obviously can't see. i know it's superimposed so you're acting to something you can't see. how do you get into that? it's a little challenging, but we have a great actor named dan lippert who's 6-7. he wears a muscle suit and rehearses with us. we get an idea of where he is, and how big he is. and when it comes time to roll, he leaves and we're, you know, talking to nothing. >> dan's still off screen reading, and he's a funny guy in his own rite. >> it's strange. >> did either of you grow up with comic books. cheryl i have never once in my life picked a comic book up and looked through it at all. were you ever into it? >> no, not at all. and actually, when i was approached for this show i was
9:46 am
like, i don't think that's up by alley, you know, just like hearing animated and live action, and you know, zorn is a barbarian, and then when i read the script, it was really funny, and it really made me laugh, and son of zorn it's not like a typical comic book. >> harkins back more like cartoons in the 80s. like heman. >> from are the 80s a long time ago. so you're telling me heman, sheera. >> that's an influence, a part of it. that's a piece of it. >> with the same type of humor as, you know, like contemporary humor like family guy and the simpsons, and son of zorn can go go -- go to an outrageous
9:47 am
place and still be grounded at the same time. which i love. our writers do it well. >> cheryl, would you rather work with zorn or larry david if you had to pick? crickets, crickets, come on. >> i would not be able to choose. >> it is impossible. >> thank you, both. >> cheryl hines,. >> it's impossible. >> we'll let you go guys. >> nice to see you guys. >> love the satellite. sorry about the delay. it is impossible to choose, both great optionings. of course de-- options. of course debuts on sunday. fox thursday, have a new look starting tonight. the hit show rosewood returns. there's a new face at the east miami police department. >> detective, cameras on or off for the interrogation. >> captain ryan slade, he joins
9:48 am
jana ortiz and morris chestnut who plays dr. beaumont rosewood. the shows cases will be more challenging. and following rosewood is the series premier off pitch. >> listen to the crowd, for the first time in history, a woman has taken the mound in a major league baseball game. >> kylie bamberry plays major league baseball's first pitcher, her nemesis is played mark from saved by the ball. the show has a backing of major league baseball. the uniforms authentic, and some of the extras are major leaguers. paul chambers joining us in studio. >> i'm pitching pitch. this i got from the pitch premier party. i had a great time there. this show is a great show whether you have a girl or boy,
9:49 am
make sure they watch it, especially if you have a boy. it shows girls can do anything just as well as boys. >> that's what i say at home to my two boys. >> little league world series a couple years ago, a young woman pitched. >> there's a lot of early buzz about this one, in particular. >> a lot of story alones. not just the focus here. >> when you watch the first episode, you have to watch it all the way through. there's a huge cliff hanger. it's something you have to watch all the way through. it's a show the family can watch. it shows kind of like bullies. the guys are hazing the girl. >> did this come about because of the little league world series. >> i'm not 100% sure. i think of course that can help to put that together. >> i'm a baseball fan and have been inside clubhouses of giants and a's. have you? is it somewhat realistic? >> that's the padres clubhouse. >> everything is authentic.
9:50 am
major league baseball totally supports them. everything has to be authentic from how they throw the ball, the crowd reaction. everything is about major league baseball. 100% on board with this, to make sure it works out and is successful. there was no green or red carpet. there was gray carpet. they had it in a bag park where they shot, what was that, bad news bears years ago. so we're all there, huddled around watching the show. it was a great time. and of course rosewood's also coming up. i'm telling you in the noon, got a little special treat, with me and one of the actresses, but she'll see that she has to wait for the noon to watch, guys. >> can we dress the mark paul gossler, he's no longer zach in saved by the bell. >> i said did you do this on purpose. >> they wanted him to gain the weight. and give it more authentic
9:51 am
look. >> the catchers are biggers guys because they have to wear the big plate. it's a good show. >> if i said, you have a girl, make sure she watches it. if you have a boy, definitely make sure you watch if. >> pitch it baby, pitch: thank you, paul. i love having you on. we'll be right back.
9:52 am
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the giants cardinals and mets remain in a tie for the two national league wild card spots. it's like almost the wild card is on a tray, and they're saying someone please take it, and none of these teams wants to go to the post season. >> the giants don't want it. they all lost yesterday. the giants take an early lead, singled to drive in denard span. starter matt moore, he wouldn't hold a 1-0 lead. in the first inning he gave up five runs and only lasted two batters into the second. dodgers won by a final of 9-3. johnny cueto listed as questionable to start on monday. >> i just dropped by keys, i'm outraged. >> trying to get out the door already. >> the a's are off today. they were swept by the astros. astro, dh hitter, evan gattis hit two home runs yesterday, including this two-run shot off
9:55 am
starter daniel magden. the a's got within a run in the 9th. and it was a close play, it was reviewed. look at this video. the call stood. the astros won 6-5. time to go home there. just like you, sal. got the keys out already. why do you have keys? >> he brings so much unnecessary stuff up here. the warriors first game of the preseason just about a week away. head coach steve kerr talked to reporters yesterday. the west gate in las vegas predicts the season win total at 66.5. i don't get the .5. that's ten more than the defending champion, cleveland cavaliers. they will have a different look with the arrival of kevin durant, and the departure of andrew bogut and barnes. >> it's a different approach to
9:56 am
the season. much more experimental. i think our fans should look forward to watching the growth of the team. in other comments e expressing support for colin kaepernick and his national anthem protest. he says it has people talking about the issues and he'll support the players if they decide to speak out. the wife of steph curry loves basketball and has a passion for cooking, just released her new cook back, the seasoned life, and we had a chance to talk with ayesha curry, live last year on season 2. >> this is crazy but my husband doesn't like chocolate and he passed that down to our oldest daughter riley. >> what? >> i know, tell me about it. especially as a woman, you don't like chocolate. what's up with that. maybe she'll grow into it. she's a daddy's girl. >> give her time. despite steph not liking chocolate, ayesha curry says she became a chef with his encouragement.
9:57 am
there's great photographs inside. he has even tried to make some of her recipes himself. >> that was a fun interview. >> yeah, that was nice. she's closing in on harry potter's latest book, and the franchise on the amazon most sold books out there. >> how do you feel? ready to go? >> i got my keys out, i'm ready. >> he's ready to go! remember, tomorrow we have an exciting talk about expensive real estate until the country. what's happening in the bay area, and the premier of the exorcist on ktvu. see you tomorrow we hope for the #. >> # -- on the 9. >> see you tomorrow morning.
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> that's so funny. >> we won't judge, but we're judging. [ cheers and applause ] >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> wendy: thank you for watching our show! [ cheers and applause ]


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