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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 25, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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. the 10:00 p.m. news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> a wildfire forcing evacuations tonight in sonoma county. fire crews trying to get the upper hand on the flames with the high temperatures. good evening. i am ken wayne. >> i am julie haener. the sawmill fire has spread to 1500 acres and right now it is only 10% contained. the fire started near big geysers and geysers resort road. 10 miles east of cloverdale.
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evacuations are in place. ktvu's azenith smith joins us from an evacuation center. >> reporter: yeah. officials and the red cross set up the good shepherd church as an evacuation center. you can see the volunteers are on hand to assist family. last check 40 homes are threatened. 90 people are effected. the good news is no injuries have been reported and no structures damaged or destroyed. throughout the evening we saw fire crews attack the fire from the air, dropping water and fire retart tonight stop the spread. -- retardant to stop the spread. a very remote area, let me tell you. the terrain is very difficult to access, windy. 250 firefighters have been called in and they are dealing with dry vegetation and pockets
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of oakwoodland. firefighters were also fighting the heat as the area was under a red flag warning, it has since expired. temperatures were in the 90s today with low humidity and high winds. >> it is hot. it is steep terrain, rocky, loose. the guys with me have been hiking up steam terrain. >> reporter: firefighters are concerned with the wind direction. knowing it could shift at any time. evacuation orders are in place for geysers road on the cloverdale side from pine mountain road to geysers resort road. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. and we know cal fire has ordered more resources to come in and they are on route. >> are people using the
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evacuation center? >> reporter: i just spoke with red cross and no one showed up so far tonight and they tell you the homes that are threatened are ranch style vacation style homes and sprawled out in the area. volunteers are here if needed. >> all right. azenith smith reporting live in sonoma county. thank you. >> the hot conditions and the wind in that area, let's check in now with mark tamayo to get the latest on the weather. >> yeah. they go hand and hand. this weekend an increase in fire danger as temperatures soar across northern california. the red flag warning expired. this is northern sonoma county. we are seeing northwest wind set up for the region. it will be a factor as we head into monday morning. when the fire started we have
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winds 30 miles per hour this afternoon. that was probably the main component with the growth out there. also the terrain. how difficult the access is. you see the terrain there. right now temperatures, readings in the 70s. 73 cloverdale. hawkeye, 2,000 feet, 79 degrees. still dry. the winds backed off thankfully 7 to 12 miles per hour. this picture was from kelseyville 14 miles away, to the north of the fire. you see the smoke from earlier this afternoon. tomorrow, temperatures starting out in the low 70s. reaching the 90s. a breeze out there. humidity 14%. once again the red flag warning no longer in place. records here across the bay area for today. sunset, beautiful, towards san francisco. haze. air quality has been coming down. the records towards oakland,
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mountain view, sfo and san jose, 97 degrees. look at all the 90s. fifers sunday of fall, temperatures -- first sunday of fall, temperatures soaring. hottest day of 2016 for san francisco. another hot forecast for monday. we will look at the forecast highs for tomorrow and bigger changes in the five-day forecast. our coverage of the wildfire in sonoma county coins on and the late -- continues on and the latest on facebook and twitter. the sheriff's office issued a warning this afternoon about a possible child predator. there is concern about an incident that happened this afternoon near central middle school in san carlos. a 12-year-old boy was walking when a man pulled up. the man was in a silver sedan and offered the boy a ride. when the boy decline he persisted till the boy said he would call police, that is when
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the man called off. authorities were looking for surveillance video. >> it is alarming to hear about it. i think we heard about it in other cases. few months ago. people driving around in cars. engaging kids sometimes. yeah. scary. >> investigators say they don't know if the man was offering legitimate help or acting suspiciously. berkeley police are investigating a shooting. two people were shot. both victims have non-life- threatening injuries. at this point mese are asking residents to avoid the area for now. there are no suspects at this time. the sports world is morning the loss of a golf legend. arnold palmer died today at the age of 87. arnold palmer enterprises confirmed that he died of complications from heart problem. he was admitted to a hospital
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on thursday for work and his condition weakened. more on his legendary life. >> reporter: whether you knew him as the king or just arnie arnold palmer was one of the greatest players ever but he was more than just a golfer. one of professional sports' first stars. arnold palmer born september, 1929. his father was a golf pro at the local country club. he attended wake forest university on a golf scholarship. he turned pro and married his first wife. in 1958 he won the first of four green jackets at the masters. 1960 a come from behind victory at the u.s. open. >> can you blame him?
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>> reporter: about that time that television took notice. >> when television came along it had a tremendous impact on the game. it made people of all walks of life aware of the game. >> reporter: he helped show america golf was a sport worth watching. he dominated the game for a decade and as the wins grew less frequent his popularity grew. he began focusing on business, turning his passion and talent into a empire. golf courses, clothing lines, tournaments carry his name, endorsement deals and the half lemonade stand half ice tea drink is called the arnold palmer . he beat prostate cancer and two years later his
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wife passed away. in 2004 awarded the presidential medal of freedom. >> for all who love the game of golf and for those who loved to see it played, there has never been a sight in the game like arnold palmer. >> reporter: five years later he received a gold medal from president obama. >> looks good. >> equal to the challenge. >> reporter: arnold palmer never retired from golf, he stayed competitive into his 70s. taking part in 1200 terms throughout his career. despite his success he always remained a pennsylvania boy and kept a home there. fox news. tonight the family of a missing teenager held a vigil and march. the 15-year-old was walking to school 4 months ago when
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witnesses say an armed man abducted her near her home over interstate 780. they haven't given up hope of finding her. >> we will have faith that she comes home. good or bad. we want her home. >> i don't sleep at night anymore. when i do i see her face. i hear her call me. >> a 19-year-old was identified as the kidnapper. he was killed in a police shoot out. we are less than 18 hours away from the first presidential debate of the 2016 election. hillary clinton will face-off with donald trump in new york tomorrow night. a new poll has hillary clinton and donald trump separated by 2
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points. nationwide 49 to 47% in hillary clinton's favor. both campaigns are hard at work trying to win voters over to their side. how the candidates are preparing for the big debate. >> reporter: as hillary clinton and donald trump get ready for the first presidential debate, donald trump's campaign manager is not playing down expectations for her performance. she compared his skills to one of the best baseball players of all time. >> donald trump has great presence, a brilliant debater, newt gingrich put it best, he said donald trump is the best debater, like the babe ruth of debating. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign manager said hillary clinton won't have enough time to keep calling him out. he said fact checking should be
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the moderator's job. >> if donald trump lies moderators point ait out. -- it out. >> reporter: both are taking different approaches to prepare for tomorrow night. hillary clinton is staying near her home. last night donald trump was still campaigning. he made a stop in virginia if a rally. he also met today with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the republican presidential candidate hasn't practiced a full length debate but he rehearsed answers to some questions and he brushed up policy ideas. tomorrow night could be the most watched event in tv history. 100million people are expected to follow along at home. fox news. >> you can watch the debate right here on ktvu and following we will have a post debate show with reaction from watch parties. we will also have experts to break down the highlights.
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it starts tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. on ktvu fox 2 news. and then 7:30 p.m. we will continue our coverage with a look at how the millennial generation will be a huge factor in deciding who wins the white house. coming up, a killer behind bars. what we are learning about a deadly mall shooting in washington state as police search for the suspect's motives and she said she has been hearing voices since she was a child. >> this time around the voices were -- [ indiscernible ] >> up next hear from a former psychiatric patient on the illness that almost killed her and the hospital at the center of theivation that she -- the investigation.
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the. the man who shot and killed five people at a mall in wash state friday night is now in custody -- washington stale friday night is now in custody. arcan cetin was arrested inside arrest -- arrested. four women and a man was killed and one of the victims was a 16- year-old girl who beat cancer as a child. investigators are trying to determine a motive. more from washington.
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>> i hit my breaks. did a quick turn. jumped out. there was another deputy coming down and we jumped out with our guns and he froze. >> reporter: arcan cetin was apprehended last night ending a search following the slaying of 5 people at a mall. authorities got tip on his location and were able to identify him and take him into custody. >> he had nothing. he was just zombie like. best i could describe. he did not have a weapon when him. >> reporter: arcan cetin opened fire at the cascade mall in washington on friday night. killing four women and a man before fleeing. >> i heard one and then two and that is when i turned around and that is when started going. >> reporter: law enforcement staged a massive search for 20 hours to find the suspect. it is unclear what the
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shooter's motive was. >> the next stage is to do the interviews and learn more from him. if he is willing to share that. >> reporter: authorities haven't ruled out terrorism. he immigrated from turkey and is a legal resident. the identities of the victims haven't been released pending notification and autopsy. fox news. berkeley police are investigating two incidents of sexual battery friday night by the same man in a wheelchair. the first happened before 6:00 p.m. in the student union. a witness reported seeing a man in a wheelchair touching a woman inappropriately. later police received another report of a man watching the same description touching women around campus. the man in the cheech is a white man with curly -- wheelchair is a white man with
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curly brown hair. looking into troubling conditions into psychiatric emergency room in san leandro. video revealed over crowded conditions that sparked a state investigation but tonight we take a different look. i sat down with a former patient who find out how she ended up there and what it means to suffer mental illness. >> reporter: mental illness. >> bipolar, psychosis. personality disorder. >> reporter: she is talking about a subject that provoked shame among some. she suffered mental illness since her childhood. hearing voices since she was 11. the voices arguing over which of the 31 flavors to choose.
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>> voices wanting different flavors. angry at me for considering strawberry. it was always the wrong choice and they were always attacking me. >> reporter: they were passive aggressive, demeaning, threatening. >> ugly. you are so ugly. >> the voices became more forceful. and frightening. >> this time around the voices were jump in -- [ indiscernible ] kill yourself. go die. >> reporter: last year she found herself at the psychiatric emergency room in san leandro. not sure how she got there. her parents put her on a hold. >> it was horrible. >> reporter: she was told she suffered an over dose but she doesn't remember what happened. >> being there was more harm than -- yeah. they kept me alive.
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>> reporter: she is traumatized by the experience. she says patients were sleeping on the floor because of a lack of bed space. she says she couldn't get a pillow with just 5 pillows for 70 patients. she was threatened by fellow patients and bullied by staff members. >> they had no empathy for us. why are you helping the mentally ill at their most vulnerable and treating them like [ bleep ] >> reporter: today she is back at home taking drugs to keep her in balance. she has hope. >> there is nothing greater on this planet than being in the
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saddle driving a horse. >> reporter: working with horses. spending time with animals who suffered abuse or neglect and getting them and herself on the road to recovery. >> just being around them gives me a sense of calm. and riding -- true sense of happiness for me. >> with the help of medication and her interaction with horses she hopes to never return. >> has to take so much medication. is there any other place people can go? >> the problem is it boils down to insurance and a lot of people don't have the insurance that will get you into the mental treatment that you have so often times they have to rely on public facilities. and really that is a short term fix and getting long term fixes
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is really difficult for a lot of people. >> hope she keeps working with the horses. thank you. in weather temperatures soaring across the bay area. we had a heat advisory for today. we will do it again for your monday forecast. heat advisory for the area temperatures in the upper 80s to 90s to 100 degrees. and a spare the air day as well. air quality suffers. cap in the atmosphere. unhealthy for sensitive groups for the east bay and the valley. moderate levels in the north bay and the bay as well. in the pacific, the storm track heading to the north. seeing more energy up here. we will see what happens in a few days. right now mostly clear skies and mostly sunny skies for your
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monday. 10:00 p.m. hour 70s to report concord, walnut creek, livermore, san jose 77. san francisco 75. santa rosa upper 60s. toward the bay bridge, no fog here. not a patch at all. clear skies. a warm sunday evening. a warm to hot monday. temperatures take a look at the highs for tomorrow. maybe cooling off a little bit. that will be coast side, the bay, san francisco high of 89. hottest location inland hot, 100 degrees toward antioch and livermore. another hot forecast. bigger changes coming up. when cooling makes its way back to the bay area and showers in northern california. we will have all that coming up at 10:40 p.m. still ahead the 49ers they struggle on the road in seattle. >> plus the raiders take on the titans in tennessee. details next in sports.
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jason applebaum here. raiders, looked good. we will get to the 9ers in a moment. the positive, the raiders shut down tennessee this afternoon. >> you have everything i got tonight. everything i got. i get it all from you and you. let's win. i don't care about nothing else. let's win. >> if that doesn't get you fired up i don't know what does. titans 3-0. murray big hole. 22 yards for the touchdown. he got shut down, 10 carries, 37-yard. 41 second to go in the 2nd quarter. roberts takes the swing pass and races down the sidelines. 19-yard for the touchdown. raiders up 17-3. murray dives
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and finds the pylon there. 17-10. raiders up. here it is. 15 second to go. 4th down, looking to tie it up but the pass just over his head. the raiders hold on 17-10. they improve to 2-1 this season. 49ers at seattle. 9ers taking the field trying to beat the seahawks up there for the first time since 2011. but 30 play of the game, 45 second gone, 41 yards for the touchdown. big game for him. 2nd quarter, seahawks up 14-3. 21-3. the route is on. 3rd quarter. the only down side if you are a seahawks fan, herald takes down wilson. you see the replay, rolls up awkwardly on his left knee.
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right there. wilson did come back in the game for one play but he left. mri is pending. gabbart 119 yards passing. an interception. the seahawks beat the 49ers 37- 18. six games left in the giants season as they battle the met and the cardler -- cardinals for two wildcard spots. no crying in baseball. buster posey two run single to right. two runs score. buster posey one hit shy of 1,000 for his career. 7th inning 3-3. myers the single. a run scores from second. giants lose 4-3. mets won. giants are now a game back for the top wildcard spot. cardinals lost. rangers and a's, final home
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game, fan appreciation day. a's up early. two run homer to left. number 12 this year. part of a 7 run inning. a's snap an 8 game losing streak at the coliseum. final home game. they win 7-1. more coming up at the top of the hour on sport wrap with scott reiss. >> love derek carr's passion. good leader. >> makes you want to play -- >> this is -- [ talking at the same time ] >> he inspired the defense as well. [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. coming up, more tragedy for the sports world as one of baseball's top players jose fernandez diesane boating accident. >> also -- dies in a boating accident. >> also congress moves to over ride a veto. closed caption for the 10:00 p.m. news is brought to you by ...
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police in oakland are searching for a gunman in connection to a deadly shooting about 1:00 a.m. this morning. police tell ktvu fox 2 news a man was killed, possibly in a drive-by shooting. it is not clear what led up to the gunfire. three other people were wounded in separate shootings elsewhere in oakland. san francisco police are investigating the deadly shooting of a 19-year-old man this morning in the 1700 block of oakdale in the bay view district. paramedics tried but were unable to save him. if you have any information about this case contact police right away. major league baseball is mourning the lost a player today. miami marlin's pitcher jose fernandez was killed after his boat smashed into a jetty off miami beach earlier today.
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>> reporter: one of baseball's brightest stars killed in a boating accident sunday morning. miami marlin's pitcher jose fernandez was traveling with two friend in a boat at full speed when it hit the unlit jetty off miami beach. none were wearing life vests. no evidence drug or alcohol were a factor in the crash. >> they deployed two divers who found two bodies under the vessel and a body on the south side of the jetty. >> reporter: this was his 4th season but he had the promise of a hall of fame career. a two time all star, 38-17, in his four seasons, winning rookie of the year in 2013. his team remembering him today. [ indiscernible ] just seeing that little kid you see when --
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when you watch kids play little league. that is the joy that he played with. and the passion he felt about playing. >> the pitchhair an inspiring story, defecting from cuba three times. making it to the u.s. on his 4 4th attempt in 2007. he jumped into the water to save his mother from drowning. the marlin's game sunday was canceled. he was just 24 years old and about to become a father. leaders are promising a over ride of president obama's veto of a bill enabling 9/11 families to sue the government of saudi arabia. the first time congress reversed one of president obama's vetoes. the president said he has sympathies for the families but said it would invite lawsuits against the united states and
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weaken national security. the bill passed in the house and the senate. >> i think there were concerns -- [ indiscernible ] >> the families think they addressed the concerns. >> a 2/3 vote is required to over ride the veto. polls indicate millennials will help decide who the next president will be that is why hillary clinton and donald trump are working to reach out to the younger generation. >> reporter: millennials the largest segment of the u.s. work force, the ones who never known life without the internet, the generation who lean left or independent and with whom hillary clinton and donald trump is having problems. >> one has no political background. he has the money behind him and
10:36 pm
the second one has a political background and has the background that isn't honest. >> reporter: hillary clinton assured younger voters she will address their concerns. >> i also know that even if you are totally opposed to donald trump you may still have questions about me. i get that. >> reporter: they both made the round on the late night shows. >> how many words a minute can you type? >> reporter: in august a poll showed hillary clinton leading donald trump among millennials by 26 points. a heed that shrunk this week when gary johnson and jill style were included. in colorado, they take 46% of the millennial vote and there is a fifth option. >> they are not going to turn out unless they are motivated. >> reporter: bernie sanders and
10:37 pm
president obama. >> secretary clinton doesn't want you to pay off depths for the rest of your life. >> i really didn't want to pick hillary clinton. i thought. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: and many young republican voters aren't feeling it either. >> more against hillary clinton than for donald trump. >> reporter: they are not loyal or interested in political parties and labels. only 40% of millennials said they were okay with being called millennials. fox news. still ahead a hot spot for dangerous criminal activity. a look at the new space installed on a street to keep police and the community out of harm's way. >> warm weather in the forecast again tomorrow. mark tamayo is up next with your bay area forecast.
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the oakland police department unveiled a new station on east oakland street, a hot spot for criminal activity. ktvu's henry lee explains it is a small space but they hope the divdents extends. >> reporter: -- dividends extends. >> reporter: gambling, shootings, drug sales but now police set up shop. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: our cameras were the first inside the new community station. a safe mace for officers -- place for officers to meet.
10:41 pm
new stopping grounds for cops and the community. >> we want to be here. here we are. we love it. >> reporter: the neighborhood has been plagued by violent crime and quality of life issues. >> we wanted to create a police presence on a regular basis to deter the activity. >> this is what build communities. this is what puts us on that path. >> reporter: the process took a year but the seed was planted 40 decades ago. the property owner at the time envisioned a substation. the property owners' daughter joined police, city and leaders to make the dream a retality. >> they helped -- reality. >> they helped build it. [ talking at the same time ] [
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indiscernible ] >> reporter: oakland police hope the station will help them break down barriers and fight crime. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. temperatures soaring bay area wide today. lots of 90. we will stick with that forecast into your monday with another heat advisory, day two. beautiful sunset. towards san francisco. and a lot of haze as well. air quality, a spare the air day for your monday as well. hot monday. temperatures in the upper 80s, 90s. hottest locs inland. warmer than today. close to 100 degrees. on the slight, ridge in -- satellite, the ridge in place. clear skies.
10:43 pm
fog free conditions. current numbers, very warm. 77 degrees in san jose. livermore 73. santa rosa 68. san francisco mid-70s. amazing this time of day. mid-70 in san francisco. towards the bay bridge, you can tell by looking at the camera it is a mild evening. no fog. clear skies tomorrow morning. and temperatures off to a mild start as well. 50s and 60s. san jose 63. livermore 62. and santa rosa 56 degrees. warm to hot once again. the area of high pressure built in for today. notice that change. as the weather system moves in and it will move in, we will bring in a drop off in temperatures, especially wednesday and friday. and by the weekend some of the energy to the north we could have a few showers towards northern california. probably not here in the bay area, a few clouds and a drop
10:44 pm
off in the temperatures. this forecast model trying to generate patchy fog tomorrow morning off shore. then into the afternoon, sunny skies. cooler coast side. off shore flow backed off. beaches 70s, close to 80 degrees. inland 90s, close to 100. warmer than today. santa rosa 96. sonoma 95. fire burning up in sonoma county to the east of cloverdale. hot tomorrow. san rafael mid-90s. inland livermore and pleasanton, 100 degrees. san jose 96. gilroy 100. santa cruz 93. san francisco a little cooler than today 89. and the beaches in the upper 70s, 80 degrees. one more hot day, one more heat advisory monday and then a drop
10:45 pm
off in temperatures starting tuesday. you will notice the change thursday and friday and the weekend and possibly showers to the north a week from now on sunday. we will see. drink lots of water tomorrow. >> 75 in the city right now -- >> right now. yeah. >> amazing. >> feels strange -- [ talking at the same time ] >> august didn't -- [ talking at the same time ] >> good point -- [ talking at the same time ] >> nice warm night. >> thank you. central valley farmers ignoring calls for ground water conversation as they drill deeper and faster. farmers dug 2500 wells in the valley last year. that is 5 times the annual average. farmers are digging wells that are twice as deep as the typical well. they say they have no choice since surface water allegations
10:46 pm
allocations are low. coming up, a busy night in sports. a preview of what you can expect on sports wrap after this newscast. >> the 49ers lay an egg in seattle. highlights straight ahead. >> the raiders become road warriors, we will tell you about that as well and the giants try keep pace with the mets and cardinals. all that and more coming up at 11:00 p.m. up next an oil tanker goes up in flames. good news off the gulf of mexico. we will have the latest developments next.
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fire crews just evened a 24 hour bat -- just ended a 24
10:49 pm
hour battle off the gulf of mexico. the oil company says the tanker was carrying 168,000-barrels of gas and diesel. mexico's navy rescued 31 crew members. no injuries were reported. no immediate reports of fuel spills spills and the cause of the fire is unknown. prince william and kate middleton arrived in canada yesterday. this is the first over seas trip for charlotte. george has traveled with his parents. >> we are delighted to be back in canada. that is why we are pleased george and charlotte could be with us this time around. beginning their life time of friendship with this wonderful country. >> the royal family will spend several dazes traveling across -- days traveling across
10:50 pm
british columbia. it was a rare sight in paris. roads were closed to traffic today. they observed their second day without cars. people walked without having to worry about traffic. only public transportation and emergency -- transportation and emergency vehicles were allowed. it is to raise awareness about the effects of air pollution. the running of the wiener competition in australia today. the second year of the race. 100 short legged competitors. they ran like the wind. some came in costumes and put on a show. >> lovely. >> nice outfits. the race is part of the
10:51 pm
oktoberfest celebration and a fundraiser for a rescue organization in australia. >> cute. still ahead, they are small hotels, the mini house with style drawing attention from across the country.
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the tiny house trend is more popular than ever but if you are not ready you can test out a tiny home in portland. >> come on in. [ music playing ] >> reporter: they may be small. 150 square feet actually but they have big style. >> we custom built a lot of the doors. >> reporter: from a private deck. >> cool. >> reporter: to space saving touchesind. >> we worked with a -- touches inside. >> we worked with a couple engineers.
10:55 pm
>> reporter: it will have you living large. >> why not a tiny house hotel? they are popping up all over the world. the movement is getting huge. >> reporter: whether the beach house floats your boat. >> the beach was our first house that we built. a glass stop and underneath there are sea shells and sand. >> reporter: or the rustic cabin, either way there is a little something for everyone -- >> we tried to do a lot of different themes to go with the history and the makeup of oregon. >> reporter: tiny digs features six units in the neighborhood in portland with more planned for the future. they are hopping on the latest real estate trend and they know it is all about location. >> we have transformed this old empty car lot, it was a storage lot before we took it over a couple months ago. the resomes is phenomenal.
10:56 pm
people are -- reception is phenomenal. people are excited. >> the tiny homes go for $145 a night. all right. we have one more day of hot weather? >> yeah. beach tomorrow is the place to be. a heat advisory for monday. temperatures inland 100 degrees. around the bay 90s. we will cool off tuesday and then a drop off in temperatures, big time cooling wednesday, thursday, friday with partly cloudy skies. a fire burning in sonoma county, heat will be factor tomorrow. >> thank you. and thank you for making ktvu fox 2 news your source for news. sports wrap is coming up next. morning news begins at 4:00 a.m. and we are always here for you on and mobile ktvu. thank you for joining us tonight. good night.
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the sports world mourning the loss of arnold palmer, known as the king, passed away at age 87. 7 major titles, 62 pga tour wins and tragedy, miami marlin's pitcher jose fernandez killed in a boating accident, the 2016 national league all star was just 24 years old and the game against the braves today was canceled. hello, jason applebaum, scott reiss with you. more on the passing of jose fernandez and arnold palmer later in the show. >> sad day in the sports world but still a busy day. fans woke up eager to see how the raiders and 49ers would fair. both on the road today. we begin with the raiders in tennessee. there is jack. 1st


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