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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  October 4, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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people to san francisco. the blue angels will practice on thursday and perform on friday, saturday and sunday afternoon. tonight the vice presidential nominees make the case for their candidate. we're joined by political analyst joe and writer joe garafoli. and google is taking on the iphone with the release of a couple of new gadgets. we are checking them out. plus, it's day two of fleet week. we're checking in with the spokesperson for the activities happening today that you might want to check out. >> a good looking tuesday morning out there. that's a look at the bay bridge. dreamforce, fleet week underway. and so are we. welcome to the 9, everybody. alongside sal castaneda. gasia mikaelian. i'm mike mibach. and what a week it will be here in the bay area. what a night it's going to be for the golden state warriors
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to open up oracle arena for the first time with kevin durant and 31 hours away from first pitch. >> 31. >> 31. >> it's that whole one-game playoff thing has people nervous because of one and done. >> we go to politics. exactly five weeks away from election day, tuesday, november 8th. voters can cast ballots as early as next week. booths are being set up in city hall. ballots will be sent out by the end of this week. and the number of people voting by mail has been increasing across san francisco and the country. >> we have 277,000 permanent vote by mail voters in san francisco. and that's the highest number that we've had ever. and that's about 57% of the number of registered voters in san francisco. >> the deadline to register to vote is october 24th. san francisco state political
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science professor says research indicates that early voting might not increase overall turnout but brings out people who would have voted anyway. >> the republican presidential nominee donald trump is commenting on the new york times report of his nearly $1 billion loss and the possibility that he may not have paid federal taxes for 18 years. >> i've been saying from the beginning of this campaign how ridiculous, complex and yes unfair the tax system it is. it is an unfair system and so complex that very few people understand it. fortunately i understand it. >> trump said that he legally used tax laws to his benefit. his campaign issued a statement that the documents sent anonymously to the times were illegally obtained. hillary clinton also spoke about donald trump not paying federal income tax. in a campaign appearance in ohio clinton said it's important to recognize what paying zero taxes means for the country. >> zero taxes means zero for
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our vets, zero for our military, zero for grants to send young people to college, zero for health, zero for education. >> clinton says she and her husband have released their tax returns and they pay a lot of taxes. she says she is grateful they are able to contribute to the country. mike pence and tim kaine are set to scare off tonight in the first and only debate. both men are experienced politicians. trump's running mate, mike pence, spent a decade in congress. while clinton's senator tim kaine is the former governor of virginia and a trial attorney. joining us in the studio is joe and san francisco chronicle political writer joe. thank you for coming in to talk about all of this. >> thank you. >> last time you were on together, i had mentioned that i thought trump missed a couple of areas in regard to the
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clinton foundation, benghazi. is it mike pence's job to go after what trump didn't go after last week. >> you will see some of that. and his job is don't screw it up. people want to see that he is going to be the saner person in the white house, in the oval office if trump were to be elected. he needs to keep a steady hand on the steering wheel. >> joe, don't you think he needs to come in firmer, not just steady? make a statement. >> a statement in a sense. i think in contrast to what joe is saying, being steady hand is important but i think that governor pence wants to go after tim kaine tonight and distinguish their records. and the rnc and the trump campaign have already released a new television ad yesterday that goes after kaine for his judgment in can commuting the sentence of a person convicted of triple murder from the death penalty to life in prison. that is meant to question his judgment. even though the two have a lot
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in their background that is similar. he wants to show that they are different. >> are the vice presidential candidates able to take their gloves off more than the presidential candidates? >> i think one of them is the apoll gist. the other is the attack dog. he is more of an attack puppy. >> they are tame. you won't see a lot of attacking. it will be like that's not an attack. >> we have heard the phrase enthusiasm gap. will anything that we see tonight close that gap. >> no. these are not the type of guys that generate enthusiasm. pence is a conservative, social conservative. he makes sure -- he's out there to tell the christian right and the conservative base that trump is okay. i'm here. don't worry about it. >> so you're saying that no one cares about the campaign. >> other than the people on this panel and if you're a
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baseball fan, you're not watching tonight. >> i think it doesn't hurt her, certainly. and she has to worry about trying to turn out the vote. so it's possible that maybe he could make people a little more enthusiastic. honestly most people -- not most people. i would say all people when they cast a ballot are not saying i like that vp candidate so i'm going to vote for this person for president. >> the reverse is not true as well. if you have a bad performance. >> right. >> if you have a dan quail moment where lloyd benson says you keep comparing yourself to keen deand you're not john f. kennedy then you make the person who picked you as a nominee look bad. sarah palin did that with mccain. >> and that is magnified with social media. >> yeah. after the last debate many asked if donald trump would
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study up where hillary clinton came prepared. these vp candidates, are they studying? are they preparing with the same intensity? and how much are they getting coached from their presidential nominees above them. >> i think these guys will be well prepared. they're career politicians for the most part for both of them. the preparation won't be a problem. they will stay on message even though both have disagreed with the top person on the ticket. pence was not with trump on the muslim ban. >> if i'm tim kaine, do i call that out? >> absolutely. just like tim kaine was not with hillary on trade. and neither was pence with trump. you will see there are differences. those will be called out. >> how much of what people think are influenced by guys like you afterwards? afterwards there's a pundit session. and people decide what they
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think by watching guys like you afterwards say what they think. >> i think that's part of it. but i think there's a mistrust of the media right now so i think that some people -- if we were to say red, people would say blue. i think everything is part of the conversation. >> i'll give you a different perspective on that. slightly different. you should only listen to me. >> this joe, not that joe. >> which joe was it. >> cynical joe. >> wherever w my wife and i will watch them. i turn the television the moment that the thing is over. i don't want to be influenced. i want to make up my own mind. i'm fascinated after i have said something on the air to go back and read or watch what other people have said. oh, he thought the same way or he saw something that i missed or whatever. if you're a viewer, you should always use your own judgment on this. don't let other people tell what you to think. you should listen to us giving you insights ahead of time like we are doing today. but always make up your own
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mind. be a good consumer of media. >> there you go. >> we appreciate the conversation. we will carry the debate live here on ktvu at 6:00. we will also be live streaming it on and on our ktvu mobile app. afterwards we will have post- debate analysis on the 7:00 and 10:00 news on ktvu. another big story we have been following throughout the day, bay area traffic as you know is getting worse and worse. now a new study by the mta says the worst bay area commute is the afternoon drive from the east bay towards san francisco. that is not right. >> no. it's from san francisco to the east bay. >> right. >> there you go. >> heading out to the bay bridge. if you are on 101 and you try to get on 101, hey, let's get on 101 at 4:00 in the afternoon. >> not a good idea. >> or 2:00. it's getting earlier and earlier. >> we're talking about bad spots.
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where do you think is the worst bay area commute? that's our twitter question. a lot of people tweeting us using the hashtag ktvu 9. the oc says the most congested is 880 through hayward. i don't care what studies show. hayward is the worst always. >> certified super woman chiming in. highway 24 is the worst, especially in the afternoon. add an accident in the tunnel or after it and you might as well walk. >> and another person on twitter says all of it, 580 between castro valley and livermore is terrible. >> yes. >> bay bridge, 680, san francisco to fremont. no shortage of opinions on this. >> somebody said the bay area. >> yes. >> thank you for talking to us and tweeting us. we will share your responses at 9:30. coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9, disney preparing for a new attraction next summer. the upcoming ride based on a comic book superhero team and
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movie franchise. and google is unveiling a new line of products including a phone that they hope will rival the iphone. we take a look at what is being rolled out.
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>> taking a look at stocks. at 9:13, the dow jones is down by about 48 points. similar story, ever so slightly down for the nasdaq and s&p. happening now, google is getting read tee announce several new products at an event underway in san francisco. the company is expected to unveil two new smart phones, a new virtual home assistant that is meant to compete with amazon echo. it can control the lights and answer questions. the new smart phones are designed to compete with the new iphone 7. we are joined via
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skype by scott, editor at large for tech crunch. i have to tell you, if you're trying to compete with the iphone, all three of us at the anchor desk have an iphone. the iphone has this factor. if i send you a text on the iphone, it's blue. so everybody knows i have an iphone. how do you get around that if you're google? >> google has a big challenge ahead of it. the fact is we might think of the iphone being dominant in the united states. across the world, iphone is not quite as dominant. google has a big opportunity. the goal is not necessarily to sell the most phones or make the most revenue off of the phones. the goal is to make everyone on the planet use google services. when they use google search, g- mail, maps, things that thick build into the android phones, that's when it makes the big money. >> let's talk about people with apple that may switch to google. the new iphone doing away with
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the headphone jack. what does apple have to do to turn enough people. what does apple have to commit? >> it made the biggest transgression. a lot of people are frustrated and might sit out this iteration of the iphone. i think apple could have put cooler features into the phone. this is google's biggest opportunity. if it knew that apple was going without the headphone jack, it launched at the perfect time. >> google's tore advertising has been the cash cow, if you may, for the business. is search advertising kind of taking a back seat a little bit, maturing industry and this is another reason why they're going head on with apple and
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amazon and facebook? >> i wouldn't think about it that way. >> okay. >> google is a big participant in the display advertising business, the ad sense ads which are basically look at a website and automatically generate something that they think is relevant. that is a revenue stream that isn't working as well for google right now. i think really it wants to create an inlet to the future industries that it wants to break into. specifically the phones will be equipped with a google assistance. an assistant similar to siri. it needs to test this and get feedback and learn what people want. that will be the future. not just smart phones but home commuting as well as virtual reality and other things where it needs to have control of the device. so even if this isn't necessarily a big money maker for google, it's a huge opportunity to wedge it into people's lives to expand with other services. >> what about the partnership
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between samsung and google? how is that affected by this. >> i think the manufacturers of phones are a little uneasy when google starts making its own phones and working with other manufacturers. samsung feels a little alienated in this situation. it doesn't have much of a choice. if samsung doesn't like what google is doing in terms of android, it doesn't have another option. >> good point. >> google has built up so much power that it can abuse its partners and there is nothing they can do about it. >> real quick, how do you think this is going to go? do you think google will make a significant inlet into the hardware business? >> i think it may be able to capture a decent market of the android high-end phone space. but the fact is that's really not that big. people who want to spend a lot of money on a phone are going to buy the new iphone. android is for low-priced budget customers who want something that doesn't cost as
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much. this falls in the middle. it's not an iphone but not a low-end android phone. developers, nerdier people. but it won't necessarily convince long-time iphone users that google made a phone and now i need to jump over. >> thank you for joining us, scott. we will be watching what happens closely. >> new at 9:00, we're getting a first look at the renovations at california adventure park. it is being transformed into the gardens of the galaxy. i have to get that right. the superhero ride is scheduled to take off, if you will, next summer. >> nice to see what you did there. the giants are in the playoffs. but tomorrow night it's win or go home. they face the mets. two years ago the giants were in the same position. joe fonzi has a look at the
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team's recent playoff history. >> the giants are champions in the national league west. >> six years ago, the giants needed a win against the padres on the final day of the seas ton to clench the national league west. they defeated the rangers. d the rangers. >> two years later, the giants won three straight elimination games in cincinatti and three straight against the cardinals before sweeping detroit in the world series for their second championship in three years. >> it's back at the wall. >> and then in 2014, the giants were the last team in the playoff field. that season ended in a thrilling 7-game world series win over the kansas city royals. whether the names are you know prehuff, marco or travis, this group of giants knows it's a
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different game in october h it comes to the playoffs, it's just about getting in. >> it hasn't been smooth. but we've got just enough wins to sneak us into the post season. now we're on the same page as everyone else. >> we were confident that we would get into the post season. >> we had faith that we could do this. we never got down or ourselves. >> just like 2014, the giants hit the road for a one-game wild card. win and they move on. lose and they're finished. this time it's in new york. and like two years ago in pittsburgh, madsen baumgarten will be the guy who takes the mound. >> we have been there before with him on the mound. we are confident in him. wouldn't have it any other way. we're a confident group. we don't think of ourselves as underdogs. we know that the mets have a better record playing at home. we don't care about that. we like that. >> that's what you expect every team in the playoffs to say. until the giants have lived for
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three world series championships in five years, no one will discount their chances to make it four in seven. joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2. >> the national league wild card game is tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. the winner will face the chicago cubs in the division series. >> can't wait. >> i know. >> what was it that you said about the mets pitching. >> bring it. we will be right back after the break. >> i'm going to go to your house and watch. >> you're more than welcome. >> let's all do it together.
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>> a frightening threat on social media. that threat was discovered last night. >> auditor account with menacing images of a clown tweeted about death threats. said they would be cupping to fairfield high school and grant middle school. the police deemed the threats
9:24 am
not credible but increased security. >> i trust law enforcement. and they deemed it not to be credible. we move on from here and follow what law enforcement is telling us, which is this isn't a credible threat. >> i really hope this is all just a prank for halloween. if it's not, i really hope that somebody tracks you down and puts you behind bars before this happens. >> there have been similar social media threats around the country for about the last month or so. they have all turned out to be pranks. in pennsylvania and new jersey a number of teens have been arrested and they could face charges. let's go to dave clark in the news room for some of the top stories we're following. >> good news, evacuation orders have been lifted in santa clara county and roads that have been closed have reopened relating to the paloma fire. it is now 90% contained. up from 85% last night. since last week, it has burned more than 4,000 acres and
9:25 am
destroyed 12 homes. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. igation. in the meantime we're learning more about a woman who says she was raped on the stanford university campus by a mail student friday morning. campus police say it happened in the mail student's dorm room. the woman reported it to campus security and security reported it to police. the woman did not know the attacker and we don't know how she got into the dorm room. >> she is deciding whether to make a statement to the police department. we understand that it was traumatic. >> the alleged rape was reported the same day that governor brown signed some new laws that would require longer jail sentences for sexual assault convictions in the aftermath of the brock turner case. he sexually assaulted a woman on campus and served half of his jail sentence.
9:26 am
crews are working 12-hour shifts to clear debris from the commuter train crash in hoboken. the commuter train is still stuck inside the train terminal where it crashed on thursday. federal investigators want to locate and retrieve a data recorder from the front car of the train. officials say another data recorder that is supposed to record the speed and the braking information was not working at the time. and investigators say the train's engineer can't remember anything from the crash. that crash killed one woman. it injured more than 100 other people. those are just some of our morning headlines from the news room. mike, sal, gasia, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, dave. coming up, was it an inside job? coming up, the reason some say they believe the thieves that robbed kim kardashian-west in paris were tipped off and how they are own social media post may have made her a target. up next, how a young man's life has changed thanks to the
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>> ♪[music] >> welcome back, everyone. to mornings on 2. we asked the twitter question, the worst commute in the bay area. adrian said 880 north always backed up from santa rosa to hayward. i literally have to wait until 8:30 to go home from work. >> still on 880, urban legend tweets 880 is horrible all day because of the 92 and 238. >> morning commute 280 northbound from san jose. that's the commute where people drive from downtown san jose trying to get to where all of the jobs are in the silicon valley, cupertino. >> that wasn't the case 20 years ago. >> no. not at all. in fact 20 years ago there was still traffic but not this bad. >> thank you nor your responses. you can reach us on twitter by
9:30 am
using the hashtag ktvu 9. hurricane matthew made landfall overnight. it has sustained winds of 145 miles per hour. matthew is being blamed for at least eight deaths in the caribbean. two people killed in haiti, four in the dominican republic. one in columbia and one in st. vincent. matthew is the most powerful atlantic storm since 20007. international humanitarian organizations with planning major relief efforts for what will be a natural disaster in haiti which is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. 700 family members were evacuated from the guantanamo bay base yesterday to pensacola, no are floor. but hurricane matthew could reach the u.s. next weekend. florida and north carolina have declared a state of emergency as a precaution. steve, you know about this area here. are they get to get it bad. >> this is the first category 4 since 1964. >> wow.
9:31 am
>> it's been a long time. the last time that a major hurricane hit the united states was wilma in 2005. it's been a long time. but the tropical watch has been posted for parts of eastern florida. look at this image though that was sent out. i sent -- look at that. >> wow. >> grinch looking. >> yeah. >> that was an image, undoctored image this morning when hurricane matthew made landfall. how about that. >> got the teeth and everything. >> kind of spooky. we're hearing more about this. this could be a major deal for the carolinas as we head towards this weekend and maybe even the northeast by this weekend, you guys. >> what a live path. >> a lot of similarities here to hurricanes in the past. >> more of a percentage of going out to the eastern sea board than the u.s. >> yes. there's a huge nascar race in north carolina this weekend. i don't think so. they're not going to get it in. >> all right. >> do we want our weather? yes. we had the rain yesterday. not much. it kind of fizzled out after
9:32 am
marin county. cloudy and cool. it is still cloudy and cool. after today, temperatures will start to rebound a little bit. unseasonably cool yesterday. it looks warmer friday and saturday. >> steve, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> people working at a sandwich shop in san jose got quite the scare after a car crashed into the building. it happened after 6:00 this morning on story road. the driver told police that he was parking in front of lee's sandwiches when he actually stepped on the gas instead of the brake. the car crashed through the doors and into the wall. the shop had just opened so there were some employees inside but no one was hurt. people in one san jose neighborhood say wild pigs have taken over the community. jeanine actually saw one this morning while reporting on this story. the pigs have been tearing up lawns and yards on running springs road. this is just the beginning says an expert. >> so you can see they just basically go up and under the grass. >> reporter: it is becoming a
9:33 am
problem in east foothills. homeowners discovering their lawns in ruins, damage caused by hungry wild bores. >> when you see this much damage, yeah it's obvious that's pigs. it's definitely more than one pig. >> reporter: ryan cooper is one of more than a handful hit in the last week. he considers himself lucky. his lawn is not as bad as his neighbor. they are coming from ranch land across the street. >> as it is more and more dry, there is less and less food for them. so they're looking for grub and worm snooze neighbors reinforced a fence with barbed wire years back. but they think that the pigs have found a hole. brian hahn is worried about his dog. >> i walk my dog in the morning and night. some fears if the boars started attacking her, what would i do. >> they canning very violent.
9:34 am
yeah. they will charge right at you. >> reporter: andy is a licensed trapper. he suggests that homeowners put up a temporary metal or plastic fence around the lawn to keep the pigs away. if confronted, make noise. whatever you do, don't approach them as they can be dangerous. >> it will continue. as long as there's a food source here, they will keep coming back. when they get to the tasty grubs. fox 2 news. >> and neighbors tell ktvu that they are working with the owner of that private ranch land but it is tricky since the property is up for sale. if you drive in the bay area, you're likely to spend a lot of time in traffic. a summer winded down, i did a story on that. i told you how much worse the commute has become. now a report from the mtc, the metro poll tin transportation commission shows the worst in
9:35 am
the bay area is where it meets in san francisco. northbound 101 to 880. that is a bad trip. it can take an hour, only 6 miles. since 2010, commute times congested traffic defined as 35 miles per hour or less has grown more than 70%. the rankings mark the first time since 1999 that the approach to the bay bridge has not been number one. that dropped to number two. number three is the morning drive on 680 to san jose from cupertino. that stretch was number 20 in 2014. that shows you how much that has gone up. the fourth worst is 101 from sunnyvale to south san jose in the evenings. we posted the full list on you can find the story on our home page. and this morning we took a closer look at some of the worst commutes. i noticed throughout the morning. take a look at the pictures and you will see the bay bridge is always slow. it's routine 30 miles per hour -- 30-minute delay. on the bottom left is san jose.
9:36 am
we talked about that commute. somebody commuted about that. that never used to be that way all the way down to san jose. 80 westbound at least an hour this morning driving from the bridge to the bridge. mike is laughing over here. highway 24. >> this is a nightmare. >> so all of these commutes have increased. and i was joking with someone earlier today when i started this job, i thought, oh, by 2016, 2015, they're going to get rid of traffic and i will be doing something else. they haven't done it. it hasn't happened. >> it's positive that so many people are working. >> right. >> i like to see that. when you see this, you know, you wish maybe people could take public transportation. maybe they're not doing enough. >> it's crowded on bart too. they're trying to work on it. >> it is interesting. we all grew up here. i remember back -- grew up in livermore. driving from livermore to san francisco for your job was unheard of. no one did it. now you live in tracy and you work in the city or you live in stockton and work in san jose
9:37 am
for your tech job. how the job force has shifted, it is not at all back when we were kids. the authorities say they are trying to work on it. some solutions, including public transportation. >> that takes so long. bart is not even coming to livermore. i have been hearing about it for 15 years. >> a lot of money. >> yeah. and money. thanks for your input on that story. we move to what is happening with the teenager from vallejo. word spread about his 4-hour commute as he was walking to and from work. we told you about jordan dunkin when a police officer took notice and bought him a bicycle. she caught up with dunkin to learn how his life has really changed since then. >> you have to call me for that ride-along. >> i will. >> jordan dunkin and kurt are not used to being in the spotlight. >> it gets hectic real fast. >> dunkin was walking two hours each way for his warehouse job
9:38 am
until the police officer and the police officers association took notice. they gifted him a new mountain bike two weeks ago and the story is going viral. >> i thought everybody would forget about me. but it's still going. >> we have been receiving e- mails from all over the world commending him on his hard work ethic. >> many shows are interested with a possible college scholarship for dunkin in the works. >> the "washington post" has reached out to us. cnn. a whirlwind of news agencies and stories. it's been all over facebook. >> and this gofundme page is getting attention too. it was created by the police officers association for dunkin to fix his car or get a new one and get on track to attend the academy. >> we didn't expect any recognition for this. this was a kind act for jordan. >> reporter: he is getting by a lot faster now thank to the bike. >> i clean that bike like every
9:39 am
week. that bike is still -- still booming. >> reporter: and thanks to the friendship that he has found in police corporal keffer. >> it makes me feel great knowing that i have so many people asking me and wanting to ask about my situation. >> reporter: dunkin is interested in attending community college. he and keffer are working on schedules to make that ride- along happen. for more information on the gofundme campaign go to >> all right. coming up next on mornings on 2 on the 9, we meet priscilla. a dog living at r since january and in need of a home. january. cute little dog right there. plus, we will talk about halloween dangers to pets as we approach halloween.
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>> brown was shot and her husband was pistol whipped. police agencies have been comparing notes on this incident and five other armed robberies that have happened in the span of four days last week throughout contra costa county. here is a map of the areas that they took place. and the police chief, again, i spoke with him earlier this morning. i did hear from him earlier this morning and he has been advised there may have been arrest in connection with the armed robbery that happened in orinda. i contacted the d.a. to ask him more specifically about these arrests. he says he can't go into details. he says the investigation is still going on. but that he plans to have a press conference talking about this in more detail later this week. but it appears there may have been an arrest in the --
9:44 am
possibly in connection with the violent armed robbery in orinda last week. >> thank you for the good news. fleet week is going on and a variety of events plans. >> joining us this morning as he will every day this week, david cruz. what is number one on your list today, david. >> reporter: good morning, guys. number one on the list, the uss san diego is here and open for ship tours from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. today. come out and meet your marines. they are ready to meet you and connect with you. they will give you a great tour of the ship. >> david, are there any tips about coming to see the ship? is there parking nearby? does it cost anything? any of that? >> reporter: yeah. so really, really important, you talked about transportation all day today. we highly encourage public transportation. if you absolutely have to come down here with a car, we encourage ride sharing with our
9:45 am
partner lyft. if you have to drive, please prebook your parking. you can do that on our website. there are parking lots that we have arrangements with out here. and you're going to get a great deal from them and have a reserved space. >> is there a lot of walking? is it stroller friend leer or is this for someone who is really good with stairs and on their feet mobility-wise? >> reporter: if there is anyone who is mobile challenged, they can find out about the ship themselves. it is a true u.s. navy ship. it is complicated environment. you have to navigate it properly. go to our website and it talks about the attire to wear and recommended conduct. >> david, as fleet week gets closer to the end, are you seeing more crowds, today, more than yesterday? >> absolutely. fleet week brings in 1.2
9:46 am
million people into the san francisco area. there are a lot of visitors to san francisco right now along with dreamforce. traffic is painful. today is the best day. if you want to come and tour a ship because friday, saturday and sunday, you know, there are millions of people out here. we definitely want you to come out here today if you can. the crowds are a lot less. >> okay. david cruise with fleet week, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. we have a complete list of events and activities over on and look under the local news section. the holidays are right around the corner. what? animal rescue foundation is reminding people to take care of their animals during the next few months. >> between halloween candy, turkey bones and decorations it can be dangerous for animals. we go over to mike mibach who is joined by someone looking for a forever home here. >> i'm here with the executive
9:47 am
director of arf and priscilla. she has been in the shelter since january. how does this happen. >> yeah. our average length of stay is about three weeks. and priscilla unfortunately has been there a lot longer. she is a lab-pit about two and a half to three years old. as you can see, she knows down, sit. she is house broken. and she is looking for a dog- savvy home because she is an active dog. she needs simulation each day. >> i can tell we have the windows behind us and she has been wanting to go outside and play. is that one of the reasons that a lot of the dogs are inside for so long because families want a dog that is perfectly behaved. >> turn key dogs. >> yes. >> if you have an active lifestyle, i have a lab and she is very lab like in her activity level. and certainly she can be mouthy sometimes. we need to train on that. she trains very well with
9:48 am
treats. sit. good girl. >> she has also been looking at puppies. i want to bring in the puppies too if you're ready to swap them out. halloween is coming up. any advice for people looking to get dogs from shelters who have never had an animal? what would you tell them. >> you have to take care of an animal just like you do a child. the idea is that you don't let your child overexpose on candy. you don't let your dog eat chocolate or put on costumes that scare the dog. everybody loves to dress up animals but they should be nonrestrictive. keep candy away from the animals. as it gets further into the holidays, poinsettas are beautiful but they are toxic to animals. >> priscilla, we need to find you a home. >> yeah. it's -- >> since january. >> it is tony's birthday today. >> tony la russo's birthday.
9:49 am
>> we got her a home. that would be your gift. >> you have given these puppies cute names. >> yeah. these are ruff and puff. they're available like priscilla. adoptions wednesday through sunday. looking for their forever home. any time that you're looking for an animal or shelter animal if you go on our website, you can see their entire profile. if you're looking for a kitten or orange cat or cute puppies like this, you can see the age, breed type and entire personality profile online. >> when you have dogs like ruff and puff here, you tend to want to adopt them together. if somebody is going to split them up, would you say really. >> they're part of a litter of 7. we like to send out kittens in twos because a lot of time people get cats because they're not at home. so it's nice to have an animal that has company when somebody
9:50 am
is at work. >> so cute. how has 2016 been or coming into the final three months in regards to adoptions. >> we're super excited. we have rehomed 2300 animals the last year. and 34,000 since we started 25 years ago when tony was the oakland a's manager and the cat ran on to the field. we're excited about our work, especially our pets for vets program. >> you do a great job. thank you for coming in and bringing priscilla. look at these two. i bet they're adopted by the end of the day. they are adorable and will fly out of the shelter. >> thank you for coming in. get a home. call arf. adopt a dog and cat. we're all about adoption here. >> thank you so much. >> we'll be right back after the break. ♪[music] ♪ let me tell you about my best friend ♪ ♪
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>> police say kim kardashian west's social media post may have played a role in hold-up. she posted this picture of a ring worth more than $4 million. that ring was stolen by thieves. five armed men barked into the apartment and stole $10 million worth of jewelry. tmz report that's investigators believe someone close to the family may have tipped off the thieves. >> somehow these gunmen knew to get in at exactly the right
9:54 am
moment when the body guard was out with her sisters at a nightclub and she was basically by herself. and they were able to get in, get the jewels, $10 million worth, handcuff her, gag her, throw her in the bathtub and get out clean. >> police say the thieves got away on bicycles. at this point, no arrests have been made. >> five people have been named to the hall of fame. harrison ford, maria schieffer and george takei. also tony gwynn and tower records founder. they will be honored on november 30th. the california hall of fame is a museum in sacramento that was established by mariah schriever. >> the county board of supervisors will meet with a group this morning hoping to build a football stadium in
9:55 am
oakland and keep the raiders from moving. it led by ronnie lott. he and another football player howie long are on opposing sides. long took part in a rally in las vegas supporting the raiders moving to nevada. he says building a new stadium for the raiders would bring immediate benefits to las vegas such as jobs. >> all of the hotel casinos and their ability to generate the kind of funds to generate the state of the art facility that could be the crown jewel of the nfl. >> nevada's governor is expected to call for a special legislative session this month to consider using some public money to help build the stadium. 49 years linebacker bowman is out for the season after rupturing his achilles heel. you see it in the 3rd quarter
9:56 am
of the loss to dallas. he also missed the 2014 season after recovering from a knee injury. the 49ers host arizona thursday. and tonight in oakland, warriors fans will be able to watch the game with kevin durant. they lost their preseason opener to toronto. 97-93. durant scored 9 points in 19 minutes. the warriors tonight will face the l.a. clippers. tipoff at oracle set for 7:30. the first 10,000 fans will receive the steph curry back to back most valuable player bobble head. >> all right. we have to mention what is coming up tomorrow at 9:00. we introduce you to the search and rescue dogs working for the san francisco fire department. we're going to take you live to treasure island where they will be participating in a training exercise with members of the marine corps. that and much more coming up. also a lot of debate analysis. tonight is the one and only vp debate. you can catch it here starting at 6:00 tonight. >> it will be interested if the
9:57 am
debate fell on the giants game, which would people watch. >> it doesn't. i'm just throwing it out there. >> i think i know. between dvr. >> i would dvr one. >> you have to dvr it and watch it later. thank you for watching. we will see you back here at noon. and of course full debate coverage after our coverage of the debates on the 10:00 news and right here tomorrow morning on mornings on 2. have a great rest of the morning. >> which would you dvr? >> the debate. >> see.
9:58 am
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