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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  October 6, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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role in the upcoming presidential election. reporter lauren blanchard tells us hurricane matthew could pose challenges for the candidates in the cradle -- a critical battleground state of florida. >> reporter: a major hurricane barreling towards one of the most important tossup states in the presidential election. both nominees tweeting ahead of the storm, while running mate expressing concerns on the campaign trail. >> our hearts and prayers go out to the people of florida as hurricane matthew approaches. >> let's keep them in our thoughts so that they're safe and folks are watching from those places, know that we're thinking about you and know to follow the instructions that you're getting from your public safety communities. >> reporter: after buying more airtime in major florida markets, the clinton campaign now delaying ads on the weather channel. while donald trump is adding an event in central florida next week. florida is a state they need to win but analysts say hillary clinton and donald trump must
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be careful not to politicize a natural disaster. >> a presidential candidate visiting a state right after some sort of disaster does post some logistical problems. i think both candidates need to sort of handle it carefully. >> reporter: the nominees are also preparing for sunday nights second debate. clinton is off the trail and hunkered down at her home in new york. while trump is holding a town hall event in new hampshire as final practice. elections officials worry the timing of hurricane matthew could mean problems in florida as ballots are being mailed but they hope there will be enough time between now and election day to get things straightened out. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. the council of american islamic relations has filed a formal complaint with federal transportation officials after a uc berkeley student was kicked off of a southwest airlines flight. boarding a flight from los angeles to oakland in april
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when another passenger overheard him speaking arabic on the phone. all he was actually doing was talking with his uncle. care sites at least four other similar cases this year involving muslim passengers on various airlines. the complaint demands federal authorities hold air carriers accountable. southwest did not immediately respond for comment but it did refund the student's flight and said in the past they've tried to comment -- contact him but had no success. a frantic phone call to 91 -- 2911 is raising new concerns about the real danger of fake guns. ktvu's henry lee has a cautionary tale of a woman who called authorities after seeing a gunman outside her home. pro you can hear the fear and panic in her 911 call. on thursday night a woman saw someone dressed all in black wearing a ski mask and armed with a rifle. >> hurry. hurry please.
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>> reporter: we spoke to the collar off camera. she says she saw a dark figure lurking on a path. >> all i saw was a large rifle. i know nothing about guns. but i didn't see any -- i knew it wasn't a nerf gun. he was acting suspicious crouching, always walking near the bushes. with a large weapon. >> reporter: dispatchers relayed the call. police summoned a helicopter and paramedics. this happened a day after an armed carjacking near danville. >> adrenaline pumping. your situational awareness is going to be heightened. >> reporter: the officers arrived and detained four boys 12 to 14 all armed with airsoft guns designed to look like real assault rifles. no crime was committed and they were released. >> ultimately the most important message is the kids complied. >> i felt really guilty for everyone involved.
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you know? i would have been just heartbroken if that had led to anyone getting hurt or anyone hurting anyone else. >> reporter: on its facebook page san ramon police posted a picture of guns seized from a different incident. they challenged people to pick out the real guns from the fake ones. >> we realized we are not going to stop kids from playing with toy guns. cops and robbers, whatever it was, i played when i was a kid. the most important thing we can do is educate families. >> reporter: police say by telling the story they hope to avoid future tragedies involving guns. in san ramon, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a shooting claimed the life of a 19-year-old man in hayward last night. police say they received reports of shots fired near seventh and b street about 1130. officers arrived to find a man inside a car suffering from a gunshot wound. he was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators say a second gunshot victim arrived at a hospital with serious injuries. police say they are trying to
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sort out the details including whether the two victims are connected. uc davis campus is mourning the sunning --'s a stunning death of a promising biologist in ethiopia. sharon gray was struck and killed during an antigovernment protest when someone threw rocks at her car outside the capital city. another uc davis professor who was in the car was not hurt. they were in ethiopia for a research project. gray was a leader in the study of the effects of climate change on plants. uc davis says gray and her husband worked together in the plant biology department. >> that's got to be just so immensely hard for him. especially considering now everywhere he looks he's probably going to be reminded of his wife. and that's got to just be so sad. >> the university has set up a memorial website where people are posting photos to honor and remember a young woman with so much promise. coming up to blue angels
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take a test run ahead of their big air show. in eight minutes why it will be a first of its kind experience for one of the pilots. also we will hear from the giants johnny cueto, mark will be back to date what he's saying about his starting role in game one with the cubs tomorrow night.
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san francisco police department is said to be recognized at a major conference on autism in the city. sfpd made a groundbreaking training video for officers on how to recognize and deal with people who are living with autism. ktvu's tom vacar tells us how the video can save lives. >> reporter: it took a year for the san francisco police and autism activists to create this training video. >> making this video we were hoping to give our officers an extra tool in which to recognize some of the traits of individuals who are on the autism spectrum. >> reporter: autism activist and a mother of a son with autism. >> a lot of autistic traits are pretty easily misunderstood. we felt that there was a need for some kind of collaboration and a need to really train officers. >> reporter: this can reduce unnecessary arrests. though the tape has experts, law enforcement officers and even a dramatization, it presents something far, far
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more important. >> perhaps the most unique aspect of this video is people on the spectrum talking about themselves. >> my name is joshua schwartz. i'm on the autism spectrum. it's hard for me to make eye contact. that doesn't mean i'm being dishonest or trying to lie. >> i am very sensitive to touch. it can be very, very painful, so i might pull away. i'm not fighting or resisting. >> i like shiny object. i like the reflection of people's glasses but i'm not trying to invade their safety zone. >> people often point out to me that they are not making eye contact. that's just how i normally conduct myself. >> sometimes people laugh at unusual times. they just do it. i don't know why. they're not mocking anyone.
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>> reporter: in their own words. >> i believe that's probably one of the most powerful pieces of the video is actually seeing traits and hearing members from the autism community speak about the traits. >> reporter: the training begins next month for all current officers and for all new officers as they come on board. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. the blue angels are back in town, you may have already heard them. >> i did. yeah. over my house. >> practicing this week for their fleet week performance which is coming up this weekend. and coming up ahead in this newscast we are going to talk to one of the first -- which will be a first for one of the pilots. lots. tracking your bay area weekend weather forecast, at that point of the week where we are coming up on friday. sun set out there tonight, i'll let you know how this warming trend is going to place the weekend.
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the blue angels can be seen streaking above san francisco today, practicing out of their scheduled fleet week performances on friday, saturday and sunday afternoon. ktvu's rob roth met one of the pilots who grew up in the south bay, getting ready for his first air show in the bay area. >> reporter: the unmistakable streak in the sky. the blue angels are back in town. running practice drills over the bay area this afternoon. but for one of these pilots, it's a homecoming and a dream coming true. ryan bernanke grew up in los altos attending mountain view high school and says he always
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wanted to be a pilot with the blue angels. >> i really joined the navy because of the blue angels. watching the air show in san francisco and down at moffett field as a kid. >> reporter: he joined the blue angels last year. this weekend he'll be diving and darting in and f-18 hornet jet over his home turf. >> this is my first air show. so very excited about that. kroening -- >> reporter: training is intensive. they practice sick days a week flying two or three times a day for months until everything is precise. >> just got your game face on. the focus is extreme and it's unbending throughout -- from the time we get in the jet until we are back out. >> reporter: one of the best part is being part of a team. >> it is something you wouldn't even dare to dream but it sure is special. >> he says he also can see people on the ground waving taking pictures. he remembers being one of them. >> you sometimes pinch yourself
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and go i can't believe they are looking up and in this airplane. >> reporter: the airshows are scheduled for saturday and sunday beginning at 3:00 p.m. the young boy from los altos will be living his dream at 700 miles an hour. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. there are a number of fleet week events planned for this weekend. some of the highlights include the parade of ships from 10:00 a.m. till noon tomorrow, saturday the blue angels are holding a meet and greet near the entrance plaza to pier 39 and on sunday ship tours held at 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. >> we are going to change gears and talk about something much more serious. hurricane matthew is moving right now towards the east coast and bill is going to update us on its path. >> another quick glance. it is the story obviously of the week. probably this is the biggest storm, probably of the year. i hope so. look at the motion of this thing. write up the east coast.
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giving you a trace on it, it stays kind of have onshore, have offshore. very close to the shoreline. massive amounts of storm surge and larger surf, rain accumulations will be there as well. and the wins will be there but the hardest winds on the right quadrant, white -- at the right front quadrant. but savanna is going to get pretty good winter but also a storm surge. so we're tracking it for you over 2 million people as we talked about have evacuated this area. it's a huge area hundreds of miles of coastline evacuated because that area, that's out by the space coast. you know, on florida. northeastern florida where they launch the spaceships, cape canaveral and those areas. very low-lying. so anyway, get back to our weather which is nice. just thinking about all those people trying to get out of town. you know, looking at pictures and they've taken the freeways and they've done contraflow so you've got regular freeway
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going out of town but they take the other side and sent everybody out so there's not have a lane or one lane coming in. they are just moving people and then i saw earlier, i don't think i've ever seen -- these are the current numbers right now -- ever seen a state official so dead set on leave, they were telling people, ordering people to leave. i saw one guy down in florida, congressman, democratic congressman said if you are here, too late to leave. you need to stay. do not move. just commanding. sort of a different texture than we're used to seeing. usually sometimes optional but they are saying get and go. so this week is going to be warm, it has continued to warm all week since monday. so as we head into your weekend, saturday will end up being the warmest day, sunday nice too but saturday, temperatures like these san francisco downtown 80. we are just a few clicks a short of -- not a few clicks, many clicks short of a high
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fire danger environment which is good. this pattern can get you the big northeast wind, oakland hills fire pattern but it's not as dynamic, not go see the strong winds or big heat. fleet week tomorrow, perfect. 76 at lunchtime down at kristi field. 78 at 3:00. even the evening in the 60s. 87 in fairfield, 89 in vacaville. and i'm distracted by it, i've been glued to these models all day and watching the coverage. and i'm sure that people are getting out of harm's way but i don't think i've ever seen as big an evacuation area or as large a hurricane warning zone or never a hurricane this big in those areas. last one was david in '79 so it will be interesting to see what happens and hopefully we -- they get out in one piece. >> where do 2 million people go? >> right? where do they go? but just the contract when you look at the pictures from out
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here, and then you think about what they're facing and the stories we are going to be doing tomorrow night. >> it will be about storm surge. don't kid yourself. that water is going to come up and heaviest spots. six, eight, 10, 12 feet. so we'll see. >> huge. still to come, the giants landed in chicago today. and met the media at wrigley field getting ready for game one of their best of five series tomorrow with the cubs. american league playoffs started today with a lot of scoring across the board.
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for the content of this advertising. mark is here now talking baseball. the giants are of -- are already in chicago. >> just kind of fun because it's just such a change from what we were talking about with conversation, just a week and a half, two weeks ago but they know how to finish and i guess that's what it's all about. get them into october and here they find themselves in chicago. wrigley field will be the place tomorrow night. johnny cueto on the mound. last night of course madison bumgarner, the giants seemed chock full of guys who love this kind of moment. brian savion the former general manager now in the upper front office, has said these guys have
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slow heartbeats. they don't get wound up in the moment. conor gillaspie a relative newcomer to the giants, seems to fit that mold. he started his career with san francisco, got traded away and they picked him up this year for basically nothing. today, johnny cueto who will be on the mound in chicago tomorrow night at wrigley, talked about playing in front of a big crowd. he thrives and he loves it too. >> [ speaking spanish ] >> translator: the only thing i can say is that i like to pitch when it's a sold-out crowd with everybody cheering for me or against me and that kind of motivates me. but you look at their team and watch how they play, and i don't see one scared bone in anybody's body. they are out there playing the game of baseball playing hard, trying to play it right. they are among all the groups left, old-school as it gets regarding how they structure things, put things together but it really comes down to
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individuals and players and heartbeats and things like that. i think they got all of that. that's why they've been so successful. >> joe maddon is an outstanding manager. has done a great job with chicago make no bones about that. but he knows the giants have been there before and as i've said before i know the cubs are pulling for the mets last night. the giants know what's happening in october. lots of other things around the world of baseball today. over in the american league, the american league divisional series, red sox at cleveland. andrew benintendi, youngster for the socks goes deep and boston leading early 2-1. didn't last long. bottom of the third, indians go off. what's this roberto perez solo homer, jason kipnis solo homer. and francisco lindor all off rick porcello, cy young award candidate, won over 20 games this season. but the red sox come back from the 4-2 deficit, sandy lyons their catcher with a shot, just hitting the ball out of the yard all over the place.
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right now at 4-3 indians leading in the fifth inning, of course game one. we also have the rangers hosting toronto, a rematch of that very testy series from last year. take a look at some of the activities, the jays put this thing to rest early. adam sunnyvale homestead high, troy tulowitzki with a shot off the boards in deep right-center field with the bases loaded. everybody going to score against cole hamels. and it's a three-run lead in the ninth. just to put a little sugar on it, jose bautista three-run homer, roll credits. 10-1 blue jays take game one. all right. football, remember when the 49ers -- and that's all anybody was talking about. tonight on the back shelf. we'll talk about the raiders and 49ers with the cardinals, raiders getting ready for sunday against san diego. remember last year final game of the year, charles woodson
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final game as an oakland raider, they went up against the same san diego chargers led by philip rivers, and a lot of celebrations as the raiders won that game, they need their first divisional win here and rivers is concerned about his team, not necessarily the reunion of this longtime rivalry. >> yeah. obviously first thing is the division game is what makes it a big deal. and then throw in the fact which i've seen over the last 12 years, again both different cities, in-state deal, and i think that our record is just -- it really is temporary. we can't let that affect our emotion or the way we go about it. but we do need to go get this one on sunday. and to be honest with you i expect us to. >> the raiders trying for the first win at home this year. they have won three on the road. protect the home-field. >> right. good night.
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