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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  October 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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joel. >> reporter: ted and heather, good evening out here. good afternoon to you still. i just got knocked a little bit by the wind. in has definitely been more of a rain event than a wind event up to now. i was just watching some local forecasts since the last time we talked. they are forecasting this storm to pass through here. the brunt of it in the overnight hours. we are talking like midnight to 3 a.m. or so, and then by noon tomorrow it could almost be a sunny someday here, which is hard to -- sunny day here, which is hard to reconcile given what we are experiencing right now. the meteorologists locally warning that the wind will continue to stay with us. nevertheless, right now the storm, hurricane matthew, is approaching. i was going to say fast approaching, but that would be a misnomer. it's moving pretty slowly. just going 8, 10 miles per hour which is why this has taken so long. this has been an active hurricane i believe at a
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category 3 or 4 for a week or at least a week and no hurricane has ever sustained that kind of power for that period of time. so hurricane matthew already kind of distinguishing itself. but again the real concern out here is this storm surge because the height of the storm will hit during high tide, guys. >> and joel, that storm surge will be delayed at least where you are because you are not right on the coast. it will be the river, actually, surging. there will be some time period there, won't there? >> reporter: that's exactly correct. so the savannah river is behind us, which lets out into the atlantic and connects to the port of savannah, which is a rather large port. i was told by locals here that the high tide with the savannah river actually is on about an hour to two-hour delay from the atlantic ocean. so, you know, the height of the storm 2, 3 a.m. at high tide, we may not see the effects here until an hour or two later, than is very
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dangerous. i worked in tucson, arizona at one point and i remember they always used to say be careful of the washes there, the dry river beds, because whether it would rain there the washes would sort of fill up with rain and in an instant there would be flash floods. the same situation could occur here with the savannah river if it, you know, overflows the river bank here. guys. >> joel, i know that you have sort of been in that position much of the day. are you getting a sense that people there in savannah did, in fact, heed the warnings from officials and evacuate? >> reporter: yeah, definitely. i mean, there were some stragglers yesterday. i think i mentioned they are having a couple of hurricane parties. but tonight i can tell you firsthand i have not seen a single quote-unquote civilian out here. i have seen police officers and i have seen members of the media and that is literally all. we were down below, which is the lowest point in this section of savannah, which is a river street out here.
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we came up because there were some things flying around in the wind. we want to be safe. also, you know, we wanted to be careful if the savannah river overflows it's banks. >> joel waldman. stay safe. live for us there in savannah, georgia. bill martin is in the weather center. that cresting river is the problem. the storm surge really the key here? >> right. and in that curvature we were talking about on the break, the three of us, that curvature at the coastline where you move out of georgia into the carolinas there is a curve. this storm has been skirting along, parallelling the coastline up until now. when it gets into this corner it's going to be more of a perpendicular hit. that means increased rainfall, increased wind, and the santa barbara river is going to -- savannah river is going to be a problem. wind gusts up over 100 miles an hour. there is the curve. right? right now, what you're looking at, this is going to happen in the next three hours -- let me
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put a stop on this thing here. okay. so when you get into here, what's gonna happen is you have no friction out over the water, right? so the rotation is like this. what's happening is these winds, this moisture, everything's accelerating off the water and it's going to slam into the coast. not only that, but the eye wall of this hurricane has gotten thicker. not only is the wind going to slam perpendicular to the coast and the rain bands, but now it's a larger storm surge. you have rain falling in the savannah river, the mountains, the hills, it's going to be carrying a lot of water. high tide in the morning. you bring in 8 to 12 feet of storm surge and you are going to have problems. there is no way around it. savannah is probably going to be the area that gets hit the hardest. the spaghetti track, that's the models saying which way is this thing going. we are not sure. most of them are doing something like this. in the carolinas, south carolina is going to get hit hard. they have had a ton of flooding. they have two major flooding events in the last few months. this is going to be the third. and then the storm wants to go out. some models bring it back and
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let it sit out here. this storm lingers into early next week. it's a cat 2 hurricane. that's a big deal. here is the timing. we will be back on the 11:00 news, the timing then it will be hitting savannah, georgia. it's going to be all about the storm surge. the storm surge is the story. and that area is the area that will get hit the hardest. i will see you back here. we will update on hurricane matthew and our local forecast as well. hurricane matthew swept across haiti earlier in the week and the scope of the devastation is coming into focus. the death toll has reached a staggering 842 people. many of the victims were killed by flying debris as wind up to 145 miles per hour tore through the area on tuesday. u.s. marines have arrived in haiti to assist survivors of the storm. as many as six think how to
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people remain -- 60,000 people remain in shelters. they are gathering donations and helping storm victims to rebuild. stay with ktvu and throughout the evening for the latest on hurricane matthew. now to the race for the white house. newly released audio and video of donald trump. on the tape obtained by the "washington post" the gop nominee brags about groping and kiss women while using graphic language. we are going to play a portion of that tape now. it's from 2005. it was taken on a bus. that bus pulled on to the lot of a soap opera. the other voice you here is billy bush. he is the host of access hollywood. >> she is still very beautiful. >> i moved on her. she was on palm beach. i moved on her and failed. i'll admit it. i did try to [bleep] her. she was married. nancy. no. this was -- and i moved on her very heavily. i took her out furniture shopping. she wanted to get furniture. i said i will show you where we have some nice furniture. i moved on her like a [bleep].
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i couldn't get there. she was married. now she has the big phony [bleep]. she has totally changed her looks. >> i am going to use some tic tacs in case i start kissing her. i am automatically attracted to beautiful -- i start kissing them. i am like a magnet. and they let you do it, you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the [bleep]. [ laughter ]. >> do anything. >> trump quickly issued a statement today that reads, quote, this was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. it goes on to say bill clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course, not even close. i apologize if anyone was offended. >> joining us now this evening ktvu political analyst joe thumann. how devastating is this for donald trump? >> it's coming at the worst possible time for his campaign as we are on the eve of the
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second presidential debate. other republicans are certainly distancing themselves from his comments tonight. i don't think anyone is defending him. a lot of down ticket candidates who are republicans are now concerned about having themselves even associated in the same paragraph, let alone the same sentence, with donald trump. they are nervous about that even to the extent of being able to walk away or willingly walk away from republican national committee money some of which donald trump has raised. the fallout is huge. and i have to remind our viewers again, women are more than half of the voting electorate. there is not which woman or responsible man that would look at this and say that kind of language is okay. >> you know, donald trump is not the first politician to fall victim to a hot mic. we have seen this happen before. >> yes. >> is it what he is talking about? is it the content of that conversation that you think may prove to be more problematic for him? >> that's a good question. i think we have pondered over the course of the last year when there would be a tipping
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point for mr. trump. he has said a series of things, not just about women, ethnicities, poor people, muslims, et cetera. there is not a group perhaps he hasn't insulted. women have been a big focus of this lately. to your question, i don't know what it is that many voters would find in particular more troubling about this than other things that he said. but specifically the graphic language about groping is not the sort of thing that you would ever want to hear someone say. and to know that in some ways those are not only things he said, but maybe things that he thinks will be troubling for voters thinking about is in the person i want in the white house? it's not a question about would he be the right commander in chief. knowing that about him in a personal way i think will be troubling for voters. >> his reference to bill clinton and his so-called apology, do you think that flies with anybody? >> the apology part of that, i
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am sorry if anybody is offended by it, you have to say things like that. whether it's sincere is another question. the quick sort of connection of that is locker room banter -- >> and he did it, too. >> yeah, and also he did it, too, doesn't excuse what he is doing. i think that was a message to hillary clinton that if this is going to come up on sunday night, the debate now which i think takes on more importance than before, that he intends to drag former president clinton into this discussion as well to try and neutralize the impact of some of this. it's worth remembering that bill clinton was impeached for lying about this. but even though he was impeached, voters sent a clear message to congress they thought he was doing a good job as president in spite of the fact that he lied about the affair. that doesn't mean people forgave him for what he did, but they separated out personal life from what he had been doing in office, which i think was a pretty good job by most people's standards. donald trump doesn't have that
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record to fall back on because he hasn't been elected before. he has to have these words that he has to live with on sunday night. >> sunday's town hall-style debate takes place in st. louis and will be moderated by anderson cooper and martha raddatz. it starts at 6 p.m. and you can watch to right here on ktvu. coming up, a suspected brothel found in an east bay neighborhood. at 6:30, the activities that neighbors say sparked a multi- agency investigation. plus, a woman hoarding dozens of cats is arrested. the new accusations she now faces. first, the blue angels hold their first fleet week performance. a million spectators are expected in san francisco this weekend. up next, what you can expected if you are headed there.
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they're bringing crime, when mexthey're rapists.ople... are you going to have a massive deportation force?
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you're going to have a deportation force. we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall. that's not america. we're all californians. i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. new at six, an honor today for a 95-year-old national park ranger from richmond. betty soskin was presented with a congressional reward. the spirit she showed after she was beaten and robbed in her home last june. she served on the home front during world war ii and she is the nation's oldest park ranger. to san francisco where the fleet week celebration is underway in the air and on the water. the blue angels held their
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first performance this afternoon following the parade of ships. one million spectators are expected to visit the city this weekend. tara moriarty was there today for the full slate of activities. >> reporter: in a style completely american and wholly san francisco, fleet week festivities kicked off with the parade of ships. for san jose native corporal jacob erin, it was a dream come through. >> when i was a kid i watched the blue angels. now it's i am part of it. the coolest thing ever. >> my grandapa was a marine. it's always special. >> these marines trained for two and a half months get through this point. the silent drill platoon, this is to show the public what these men stand for. >> the marine corps is still
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alive. the discipline, honor, and spirit of corp is still there. >> reporter: the first division band wowed crowds this morning. [ applause ] and the highlight of fleet week for most the airshow. the stars of the show the blue angels, of course. >> it really moves me because my fear was a lieutenant in world war ii in the navy. so that has brought a flood of memories back to me. >> something that i am not ever going to forget and i am forever thankful for the experience. >> reporter: if you missed the drill platoon you can catch it tomorrow morning at union square at 10:00 along with the band. the airshow runs saturday and sunday. the tour ever the -- of the ships goes through monday. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. tesla goes before the city's planning commission next
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week. the electric car company wants to add 4.5 million square feet of new space. the company is ramping up production at the former plant. tesla is also trying to meet demand for the $35,000 model 3 which is plans to release late next year. ceo elon musk has set a goal of producing a million cars per year by the year 2020. well, self-driving uber cars have been operating in pittsburgh, pennsylvania for a few weeks, and now one has been spotted on the streets of san francisco. the cars have a camera and radar apparatus on their roofs. this picture was posted on twitter today. uber tells us the self-driving cars are not part of its ridesharing service and that they have a safety driver in the front seat. uber says they are just testing the cars in different environments to help improve their self-driving technology. the weekend is pretty much upon us and the weather looks pretty great. these are the highs today.
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monday was pretty cool. temperatures coming back up. these are the highs. tomorrow we could see low 90s. i think on sunday we will see upper 80s, low 90s as well. saturday should be the warmest day. at least that's the plan of the week. so that's today's highs. tomorrow's highs and that sunset tonight is going to be stunning. some high clouds out there. very fall like. very reminiscent of what you expect to see in the fall months. the reason the clouds are here, that jet stream is getting closer. it's raining in the pacific northwest. it was raining yesterday in del norte county in california. as this gets closer, the high- level clouds break free. there is not a lot of friction so they float out ahead. when you see these, you know there is weather going on north of here. you always look for the high cirrus clouds. pilots, too. that's an indication that the weather is changing because they drift out more quickly. that's a lot of stuff. closer to the ground the clouds
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are influenced by the ground. the topography slows them down. up here they drift freely and more rapidly. here are the clouds we are talking about. the storm is out here and these clouds drifting -- they are high clouds drifting through. it's because we have a jet stream that's pretty lit up and producing some significant weather up in the portland area, north to seattle. for us the weekend looks great. sorry about that. that was kind of a lot of tangent stuff there. 80 fairfield. 80 in concord. in the old days, that's how we did weather. four degrees warmer in napa. we used to use radios 30 years ago. i would call it at the fair lon islands at the sanctuary and use an observer. he would say, hey, we got fog. before the internet, that's the kind of thing you had to to do. patchy fog lingering offshore tomorrow morning. reds are 90s. look at all the 90s pop in. it's gonna be a warm day tomorrow. warmer tomorrow than today. the warmest day of the week, and sunday isn't half bad
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either, but when you come back, when i see you next after a couple breaks we will be looking at rain chances in the five-day forecast. we will see you back here. >> all right. thank you, bill. another piece of the missing malaysian airlines flight 370 has washed up on an island in the indian ocean. a piece of the wing that was found on an island near madagascar has been confirmed as belonging to that missing plane. it's similar to a piece that is found earlier in the year. parts of the boeing 777 have been discovered on coastlines across the indian ocean. more than 200 people on board when that plane vanished. search teams are still looking for the black boxes and the main cabin. a 40-foot tree branch breaks off and falls in a park in the south bay. in to 20 minutes what is now being done following the scare for parents and park visitors. the 49ers quarterback controversy is growing after last night's loss. but will they admit it?
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hear what coach chip kelly said. first, the obama administration blames russia for the recent hacking of political websites. up next what federal investigators say the hackers were trying to do.
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new at 6, the obama administration today officially blamed russia for recent hacking attacks on u.s. political websites. now, the allegations come amid
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mounting pressure on the white house to hold russia accountable for those cyber attacks. on the democratic national committee and other political organizations. russia is also blamed for leaking the material it hacked. federal investigators say the actions were intended to interfere with the election. russia denies any role in the hacks. well, there is new trouble for -- for silicon valley's ceo. they are accused of discriminating against men. a former executive fired from yahoo claims they fired and demoted men. in response, they say their performance review process is fair and not influenced by gender. new at six, sacramento city officials today refused to release additional video of the
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shooting deaths of a homeless man by police. earlier this week sacramento police released some dash cam video showing the moments before two officers shot 50- year-old joseph man on july 11th. the officers are heard saying, i'm going to hit him, and okay, go for it, before driving their cruiser at mann, who they say was armed with a knife. he was later shot by police is 14 times. today the city denied a public records request for the unedited video cite canning the ongoing -- citing the ongoing investigation. a man has been arrested in texas and will arrive in california for pimping charges. he was arrested yesterday on a warrant issued in california. he is accused of pimping adult and children, including minors, from santa clara county.
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his arrest came over a raid on the company's headquarters. they say made millions by exploiting vulnerable children. >> your daughter ran away, she is going sexually you abused and a company in dallas is profiting from that. >> it follows a three-year investigation led by california attorney general kamala harris. arrest warrants were also issued for backpage's other executives conservatives. hurricane matthew battering the southeast coast. we will go back live to savannah, georgia, that is already getting hit with heavy rain and high winds. an alleged brothel shut
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down in san leandro. that is coming up next. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next.
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they let you do it. you can do anything. >> that recording obtained by the "washington post" has audio of donald trump talking about groping and kissing women. it's from 2005, just months after trump married his current wife. in a statement he called it, quote, locker room banter and apologized if anyone was offended. the states of georgia and south carolina now bracing for hurricane matthew with evacuation orders in effect tonight. that hurricane brushed along the florida coast today but remained offshore and the eye of the storm never turned towards land. officials are stressing that this category 2 hurricane still carries strong winds and the potential for devastating flooding. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. even though hurricane matthew has weakened to a category 2 storm, it is still a dangerous one that has left more than one million people


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