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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  October 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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we will have reaction wrefrment live -- we are live at the ballpark with the preview of the match up with the cubs. tlfrmths -- there are different opinions of who won the debate. trump and paul ryan exchanged the day exchanging jobs. welcome to the four on two. >> hi everyone. heather homes is off today. he will not defend trump. >> a stunning development less than a month before the presidential election. the republican speaker of the house basically cutting ties with the top of the gop ticket. paul ryan says he will not
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defend trump. donald trump firing back on twitter paul ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs and illegal immigration and not waste his time fighting a republican nominee. hours later it was on to a rally in must-win pennsylvania. [ indiscernible ] where he brags about kissing and groping women. trump again deflect criticism on to his rival. >> she hid from the public and they were exposed by wikileaks. >> running mate returned to the campaign trail to digest that decade's old tape. despite the backlash pence said he is standing by the gop nominee. >> donald trump last night showed that he is a big man. [ cheering and applause ] >> today the former secretary of
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state took her post debate message to michigan where he maintains a comfortable lead. >> did anybody see that debate last night? [ cheering and applause ] one of us went high and one of us went low! >> in a new poll shows clinton leading trump by double digits among likely voters. back to you. >> well the debate set records on social media last night. they reported this debate was the most tweeted presidential debate ever with more than 17 million tweets. twitter says the question of republican nominee donald trump's treatment of women dominated the conversation. trump's disagreement with mike pence over syria was also a top tweeted moment. that was followed by trump saying he was a gentleman. facebook also set a record
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with last night's debate according to the social media giant. it was the most talked about debate ever. nearly 20 million user generated comments. 92 million likes. and 76% of all of those were about -- well you guessed it, the donald trump. trump also responding to clinton at one point saying because you would be in jail. when trump said he was a gentleman. -- let's talk a little bit about the debate last night. trump came out very -- hard against bill clinton and then also hillary clinton with the e-mails saying he would put her in jail if he were elected president or at least try to. overall did he stop the bleeding? >> yeah. i think he came out. he was on the offense.
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he did a good job for people who are supporting trump. saying i am still a viable candidate. now that of course does not speak to what we know is the polling today or even all of the social media chatter that went on. i would say that obviously people are paying attention and to the extent that people pay attention, that is good for the body politic. >> what was the biggest moment last night? >> i think -- i -- i expected him to come out and be kind of a different candidate. i expected him after being pounded relentlessly for hours that he would haven't the energy he did and he came out and he was really prepared. he had a lot of facts and he did a really good job. on the other side of it i thought clinton came out a little flatter than she had. this is in a format that benefits her. at the end of the day he is so far behind in swing states that -- >> the damage may be done. >> yeah. the damage is done and he may
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have only contained the damage. >> new poll out. ten points for hillary clinton. it is really at the bottom end of it, this nbc poll. he doesn't have much time left. >> no. he virtually has no time left. i took a look at that particular poll. when you take the -- independent -- the green party candidate out, and other -- and you bring it down to the two people, it is a different number but it is still a huge number. so he has got such a long road to hold here. >> the other thing we have heard is that while he was -- on the apprentice, that there are even more things out there -- things he said that were caught on tape that could be released. knowing the clintons, and the way that they can strike that guise a campaign, would you be surprised if this was to believe first of a few bomb shells? >> absolutely. the tape from the bus was the
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october surprise. [ laughter ] i am sure he has been caught on tape other places. i shouldn't say sure -- i mean to be honest, one suspects if he said it once -- >> he wasn't paranoid about an open mic out there. >> he is just willing to speak to certain people. he was 59 years old talking to a 34-year-old guy. you got to expect -- >> they should haven't been in the same locker room. >> exactly. that was a locker room issue. paul ryan distancing himself from trump. others are not. mike pence all in today after silence for a few days. >> yeah. >> he is going to tie his political career to this. i guess this is his best shot to the get to the white house. >> he does -- doesn't have a lot of choice. you will go with the program. by the way i was less -- um --
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upset -- or not upset less moved by the fact they had a disagreement than what i read. they don't agree 100% of time. that is not reality. not a factor. >> all right. thanks for the insight. >> yeah. >> another 29 days of this. all right. the nevada state legislator convene -- convened a special session. they are considering whether to increase the tax there to help pay for a $1.9 billion stadium. a group of casino owners are pledging to chip in $650 million. the raiders have promised another half a billion for the project. all this news is not sitting too
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well with die-hard raiders fan. >> i think the raiders should stay in oakland. they started here. i think they are doing great here. my opinion is that they should be here. >> even if nevada lawmakers approve the tax they would have to get permission still from a majority of the nfl owners to make that move down south to las vegas. well it is do or die for the giants tonight. a must-win game after falling down 2-0 to the cubs. first pitch is in less than two hours. >> well they will have to win three in a row to move on into the playoffs. >> they have done it before. >> they have. it all starts tonight. joe joins us live at at&t park with the latest. hey joe. >> yeah, guys, you can talk all you about winning three in a row but you can't play game four or five till you win game three.
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and that is tonight. there is nothing like post-season baseball. it is the most exciting time of the year. obviously not the optimum situation for them right now as they are down 2-0 to the cubs. they are taking batting practice right know. the cubs will be out a little bit later. the giants have been here before. the -- the couple of phenomenons that exist, this is all of the cliche that you want to use backs against the wall. there is no tomorrow. if they don't win their season is over tonight as they trail the cubs 2-0. that phenomenon of the even year thing that the giants have been doing since 2010 when they won their first of three world championships were in the even year. again it is something that has been talked about a lot. also the prospect of the elimination game. the giants have won nine straight of those. that is what they will have to do again tonight. bruce bochy before the game a
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little bit -- [ indiscernible ] >> uh -- it is a great battle cry. but, no, we are not putting pressure on ourselves because it is an even year. we don't think we will win the world series every even year. it took 50 something years to get one here. we are smarter than that. believe me -- we are going to do all we can to keep this thing going. it has been fun. it is nice to have our fans chanting. it probably does add a little motivation. you realize it won't be that way. >> yeah. you can talk all you about the streaks but maybe the most impressive one is that madison bum tonight's starting pitcher has thrown 23 consecutive shut out innings in elimination games that dates back to the wild card game in pittsburgh two years ago. the world series game against kansas city when he pitched five. a complete game shut out in new york last week. if you got your money that you want to be on one guy, it would
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certainly be him who is tonight's starting pitcher for the giants. they have to win this one before they can talk about anything to that comes after that. i have to look at the starting lineup. the starting line is up the same as it was for game one and for the wild card game. we did see a couple of tweaks but panic is back in the lineup. so that lineup that we have been familiar with the giants in recent weeks and certainly during the post season is going to be a line up tonight as jake arrieta for the cubs against madison. you bet that at&t park will be jumping. we will see you again later on coming up at 5:00. >> yeah. regardless of what happens to night two fantastic teams and one to believable pitchers going at it. if you have tickets tonight you are lucky. >> oh, yeah. >> great job. we thank you for that. how about the weather? if you are heading out, with more on that let's check in with
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rosemary. >> it will be a cool one, guys. still blue skies over head. that will change as we get into the evening hours. you can see those low clouds beginning to move back and re-entering the bay. as we move through through the evening hours turning partly cloudy and then mostly cloudy. the winds are on shore anywhere from 10-15 miles per hour. it will be a cool evening. at game time 58 degrees and continuing to cool off as we get to the second part of the game and into the evening hours. it will be a fantastic evening out there. if you are going out just be prepared. bring out a jacket. back to you. all right. so far there has been no sign of a sailboat that capsized saturday tossing a number of people on board right into the bay. sky fox over head this morning when the san francisco police department marine unit went out to search for the boat. they are trying to find the 34-foot sailboat. it flipped over about a hundred
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yards off pier 45. officials say 30 people went into the bay. eight people were hospitalized. they are all back home now except for a 4-year-old boy who was not breathing when he was pulling from the water. at last check that little boy was in stable condition. coming up, shipping containers are stacking high at the port of oakland and we are learning that some of them may not be moved for two years. tom will report on what is causing the back up. plus tesla announces a major expansion in the east bay. how the facility will affect jobs and traffic in the area. the four on two will be right back.
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tesla is planning a massive expansion of their existing factory in fremont . ann is there with more on that move. >> next year they plan to produce more electric cars than ever. the proposal is to add 4.6 million square feet on to the plant essentially doubling in size and then adding as many as 3 -- [ indiscernible ] the area surrounding the
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expansion there. >> we think it shows their commitment to fremont but also proves to everyone you can manufacture here in california. we are here right now and seeing companies expand. we are seeing companies come here. people want to be around tesla and be around that innovation. >> in a statement tesla says that this affirms their commitment to california adding quote california continues to be the epi center of our manufacturing capability and we are proud of being the state's largest manufacturing employer. the propose legislator go before the commission on thursday night and that will go before the full city council a few weeks after that for final approval. back to you. >> all right. samsung has said they have temporarily stopped production of their galaxy note 7 smartphones after reports that the phones are still over heating. they issued a worldwide recall
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last month and started sending out replacements shortly afterwards. well there are now multiple reports that some of those replacements are also catching fire. perhaps the most serious incident happened last week when a southwest airlines flight was evacuated after a replacement phone started smoldering inside the plane. >> i threw it on to the ground where it continued to smoke. >> on sunday major u.s. carriers said they would stop issuing new galaxy note 7 phones. customers will be allowed to replace their phones with a different model. port of oakland has a bill blue steel mountain rising. it deals with the fall out. tom was at the port where the fight is taking place. >> the port of oakland is allowing port truckers to drop
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off cargo containers. already 900 containers have been stacked high but always needed space and up to 400 more will end up here. >> we may be the only port i am aware of that is accepting the return of the empty containers. >> the port of oakland, the sherman and the company all work together to keep the streets from being clogged with unwanted containers. >> we have to help each other out. somebody needs to step up and do something. has always been the truckers and the port took the first step and resolved the issue which is great for us. >> truckers and cargo owners were facing endless and stiff fines of up to $300 a day for failure to return the containers that they could not and would not accept. and believe it or not truckers and cargo owners also were facing up to another $50 a day for not returning trailers that
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carry the containers. with the containers now off their trailers, those trailers can be used to pick up and deliver other cargos xo -- to and from other ships. >> it is just the latest example of how everyone wants to come together. >> these containers may sit here for years while the court decide what's to do. >> the good news is those are empty boxes. cargo owners got their cargo. that is what this is really about. we want to keep cargo moving. we want our customers to be happy. >> hundreds of other ports around the world have yet to act. they are also caught up in this tsunami of containers. back to you. well there was so much anticipation and excitement but tiger woods we learned has pulled out of the safe way golf open this week. he was expected to play his first tournament later this week but according to golf digest he
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has withdrawn from the tournament. he said his short game is not up to it and that tiger felt that he had to withdraw because he wasn't at the level where he had to be to compete and now he is saying his next event will be august -- his last event was august 2015 at the championship. >> a lot of people bought tickets. phil among others will be up there. >> yeah. great event. hopefully the people that bought the tickets will still go. coming up, two men facing felony charges for brutally beating a man. also cut off some of his hair. next why supporters of the suspect said felony assault charges are just not enough.
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive.
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welcome back. the palm springs police officer wounded in this weekend's shooting that killed two fellow officers has now been released from the hospital. tomorrow capital murder charges are expected to be charged against this man. investigators were called to the home. his father said his son was acting crazy at the time and that he had a gun and he wanted to shoot police. when officers arrived gunfire
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erupted. 63 year-old jose and 27-year-old leslie were killed. he planned to retire at the end of the year. she had just had a baby four month guys and returned early from maternity leave. the officer that survived the shooting is said to be doing well. the man accused of severely beating and cutting the hair off off a sikh man at richmond are facing felony charges. police arrested chase little from texas and dustin from louisiana on suspicion of felony assault. they have since been fired from their jobs with a contractor. supporters of the victim said those charges aren't enough. they want the d.a.'s office now to file hate crime charges. >> friends of the victim say this incident has not only traumatized him but also the entire sikh community in this area. there is a sikh house of worship and that congregation has about 5,000 members. this case has also gotten the
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attention of the national sikh coalition. attorneys for that organization believe 41-year-old khalsa was targeted in this beating because of his ethnicity and religion. that is why they believe hate crime charges should be filed. it happened on september 25th. police say a group of six men in a pickup truck through a beer can at his car. he stepped out to pick up the can and throw it back and that is when two of the men jumped out of the pick up and attacked him. attorneys say he may need several root canals and that one of his fingers may need to be amputated. police arrested two men for the crime. one from texas and the other from louisiana. they are facing felony assault charges. under california law a hate crime enhancement for a felony could mean an extra two to four years in prison if the person is convicted. the district attorney's office is still reviewing the case. richmond's mayor put out a statement yesterday encouraging people in the community to lend
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their support to the victim and the sikh community. the mayor said he expects a decision on those charms sometime in the middle of the week. back to you. it is an annual tradition of epic proportions. we are talking squash. the results of this year's half-moon bay pumpkin contest. that is coming up. first on ballot measures this election season. we will be breaking down proposition 62. stay right there.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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there is an overwhelming number of propositions on the california ballot this year, 17 in all. we are be breaking them all down over the next few days. >> [music playing] when a teenage boy was accused of killing 8-year-old madison middleton after luring the girl into an apartment last year, prosecutors decided to charge the 15 year-old with murder and to try him as an adult. prop 57 which is largely aimed at easing prison over crowding would take that discretion away from prosecutors and place the decision in the hands after judge. prop 57 would also allow some inmates serving time for crimes
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defined as nonviolent to be considered for early release. the legislator's fiscal analyst said there are 129,000 inmates in the system. 30,000 aring time for nonviolence crimes. 7,500 of them would be eligible for early release under prop 57. two measures focus on the death penalty off opposing solutions to addressing the state's broken system of capital punishment. right now 748 inmates sit on death row. since 1978 the state has carried out just 15 executions. the last in 2006 when allen was put to death. prop 66 aims to speed up the time between the a death sent experience an execution by requiring them to file appeals within one year after getting an attorney and requiring the
4:32 pm
appeals to be resolved within five years. it would also attempt to expand the pool of lawyers who can defend capital cases. the men are here and the women are housed at a state prison somewhere else. death rows are expensive to run. they aim to safe money by allowing condemned inmates to be housed as a number of different prisons across the state. >> prop 62 takes a more straight forward approach and would abolish california's death penalty replacing it with a maximum punishment of life in prison without the possibility of parole. back to you. >> for more on prop 62 i'm joined by supporters of each side of the issue. darryl has prosecuted death penalty cases before. she a yes on prop 62 though. mark who's daughter was
4:33 pm
kidnapped and murdered by davis is on the no-side but is very much in favor of prop 66 which will speed up the death sentence process here in the state of california. i want to start with you. you were a prosecutor and you have prosecuted the death case. now you are on the other side. why are you against the death penalty? why do you want the state of california to abolish it? >> because it doesn't work. it is broken. it doesn't do what it promises to do. it doesn't deter crime. it doesn't provide victims i believe with the closure they really believe they should get. um -- that it has inherit biases placed on it because of the jury selection process. it is objected because it is human beings get too decide who gets to get prosecutes. our criminal justice system is one of the best in the world. however murders and special circumstances are very
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complicated. they require detail and they require a process that -- allows the truth to come out. that is difficult to do if you try speed it up based on what prop 66 want's to do. >> the idea of closure or however you want to articulate it, that is case by case. mark, in your case, davis is on death row. he has been there for 28 years. he doesn't have any -- doesn't have an execution date in -- set yet. um -- will it -- provide any closure when he dies? >> let me give it to you this way. the guy is a previously diagnosed sexually sadistic psycho path. he sits in his jail cell thinking about his past crimes and masturbating at least twice daily.
4:35 pm
my sister is being subjected -- my daughter, excuse me, is being subjected to that twice daily and has been for the past 20 years. she will never have peace till he no longer exists on the earth. >> the system as it stands though is so broken. juries love to sentence people to death but as a state we don't carry it out. isn't it is a waste of money and resources? if you take yourself away a little bit, isn't this is a waste of money for us? >> i don't think we would be putting a price tag on justice. contrary to what my opponent said, there is very much a deterrent quality. there is no question about that. it has been proved in study after study after study. one only has to look at the last individual executed in
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california. he was serving life without the possibility of parole for murder. he engineered the assassination of the people he felt put him in prison and was executed for that crime. he has been deterred. >> if the system was worked better and -- would you feel that -- let me ask you, is it because you don't want to take a life? is that your number one reason? >> just one of many reasons. the biggest reason is -- is the system that doesn't provide a fair -- representation of what should take place. it is a system that -- over the number of years we have found that innocent people have been executed. it is a system that we find there has been misidentification. it is a system we found false confessions. people have been exonerated because dna has proven they were not responsible for the crime they were charged with. if there is any system that requires it to be abolished is
4:37 pm
the system that allows us as a state to exkuts -- execute someone who is not responsible for the crime. they have come to the same conclusions. you can't fix that part of the system. you can't make it any faster. you can't make it any better. that is the biggest problem. and that we are spending $150 million a year trying to make a system work that is broken. >> what do you say to someone like mark in? >> dayn't -- i can't speak for mark. i can offer my condolences for his daughter. i followed the case. [ indiscernible ] i thought i was doing what the community and what the people wanted. i often realized the victims that survive were not abided enough information to get the type of treatment and closure i thought was going to be better
4:38 pm
for them. i have been a -- in the criminal justice for 25 years on both sides. i have seen the pain that takes place with families who have lost loved ones. i see the pain on the other side of people i represented. i don't believe going into a court room and watching this process take place and having someone on death row for 25-30 years will provide that family or that person's family an opportunity to really -- be healed. >> prop 62 is the yes or no and it is pretty self explanatory. voters will decide on that. 66 is more complicated. it is saying let's put some guidelines in it. let's get an attorney for them right away and speed up the process. isn't there a risk if we go with 66, yes, you will get justice sooner but -- to his point isn't that increasing the risk that possibly an innocent person could be killed? >> first of all i don't think --
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i know there is no consensus in america that an innocent people has been executed. much less innocent people have been executed. secondly can i tell you going into the trial that is is starting in a couple of days the individual accused of murdering and -- kidnapping and murdering her has three special appointed attorneys. there is no way this guy won't get a fair shake at justice. they have delayed four and a half years. they are finally going to trial. they has three attorneys on his side. let's speed this system up. let's fix some of the things that are broken. let's get back to the business of executing baby killers, cop killers, serial killers and mass murderers. >> all right. thank you both for coming in. appreciate your time and your insights. you have your own choice. to learn more about this you can read about them on the politics section of the four on two will be right back.
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now to the latest on hurricane matthew. as the death toll here in the u.s. continues to rise, the storm has left flooding and destruction in it's wake across the south. steve has the latest on the aftermath and recovery efforts underway. >> hurricane matthew has moved away from the u.s. but residents are still recovering from widespread devastation.
4:43 pm
>> while we are dealing with challenges, we are moving forward and so we want everybody to understand that everyday gets a little bit better. even though the challenges change, this entire team is in front of the challenge and continuing to do the work. >> we cannot let anyone else -- go missing. we will do everything we can to save people. i continue to send that message, please be safe and don't do anything foolish and put you or your family in harm's way. or -- or first responders in arm's way >> north carolina experiencing record flooding where high waters have stranded more than 1,500 people. it created the worst flooding since hurricane floyd in 1999. there are active rescues underway using helicopters and boats. >> when you got moving water, regardless of how deep it looks like it may be, it is very dangerous. it is very powerful. it could take a car and push it
4:44 pm
off the roadway. >> the rescue team is god sent. i am grateful. >> they are continuing recovery as well after receiving a direct hit from matthew. more than 800 people have been killed in haiti where some neighborhoods were almost completely wiped out by the storm. after more than 15 inches of rain in parts of the street, there are still rivers scheduled to crest over the next couple of days which means more trouble ahead for north carolina. back to you. >> back here at home a nice day around the bay area. a cooler day around the bay area and this cooling friend will continue as we get into the next few days. by the end of the week we are looking at rain arriving in the bay area. here is a beautiful view across the bay. you can see partly cloudy, mostly clear skies from this perspective. the low clouds back against the coastline. the on shore breeze is back. those two combined have actually cooled us off. here is a look at the numbers right now. 79 outside your door in
4:45 pm
brentwood. 80 in liver more. 60 degrees in san francisco. as we showed you in the last half hour, it will be a cool little breezy evening out there at the ballpark with upper 50s in the forecast at game time. 72 for san jose right now. to the north bay we have 72 in napa. a big drop off for the north bay. down by 13 degrees in santa rosa. 13 to 17, that stretch between oakland and high ward. inland communities in the low 80s right now. we show you the clouds along the coastline beginning to move back across the bay. as we get going tomorrow morning a mix of partly cloudy, mostly cloudy skies around the bay area. the on shore breeze will stay with us as well. right now fairfield reporting 20 miles per hour. oakland reporting a northwest breeze at about 16. it will begin to die down a little bit this evening but not going away. we have a trough now that will be other california. we have a low there you can see
4:46 pm
out the coastline. we have a system that will drop in by friday. that is when we are are looking at showers and rain for friday. even a second chance on sunday. the cooling trend continues. friday rain. here is a look at what we are expecting. thursday afternoon rain over northern california. we are still dry. as we get into friday morning things start to change. it could be in time for the friday morning commute. we have got rain here. noontime still rain over the bay area. as we get into the evening hours it does begin to taper off. looks like we get a break on saturday with more rain to come on sunday. [ indiscernible ] then again with that second system coming in on sunday, by the end of it all we could see anywhere from 1-3 inches of rain. all good news. here is a look at what we can expect tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 50s for
4:47 pm
most. we will go cooler in areas right around the north bay. upper 40s for you. afternoon highs look -- similar to today. we will drop off a few degrees in most areas. especially inland continuing the cool down there. 75 in fairfield. 60s around the bay. low 70s in san jose. in santa rosa we will go 72 for you. here is a look at your extended forecast. temperatures dropping a bit more wednesday. thursday introducing the slight possibility of a few scattered showers late thursday. it is really going to be a friday event. looks like we are mainly dry on saturday with another system coming in on sunday. again looking forward to that rain. we could use it. but again plan ahead for it. upper 60s, low 70s in the forecast from the bay and our inland cities. back to you. >> all right. thank you. well frank joins us now with a look at what we are working on for the fox 2 news at 5:00. >> it is likely one of the biggest nongame days in oakland
4:48 pm
raider history. both houses are meeting to discuss public funding for a new stadium for the raiders in las vegas. coming up at 5:00 one economist said this is an opportunity for las vegas that will never come by again the spin continues after last night's debate. >> yeah, it sure does. our political analyst will join us to talk about it. we will discuss trump versus the republican house speaker paul ryan. . >> keye -- okay. thank you. next it will be tough to car -- carve out some of these pumpkins. we will show you the winner of the pumpkin competition. we will be right back. stay right there.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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welcome back. survivors of the fire storm are preparing themselves for an emotional anniversary next month. next week marks 25 years since the fire killed 125 people and injured 150 others. yesterday a rededication ceremony was held to remember those who passed away. officials from oakland and berkeley and bart unveiling the restored memorial plaque that carries the names of all those who died along with a bright phoenix. >> it has been 25 years and i still remember how the sky became dark with smoke and
4:52 pm
ashes. i still remember my family and me being escorted by policeman past piles of burning rubble to see what was left of our home. >> they have a large mural head out of hand painted tiles. there are some other events to mark the anniversary in the next couple of weeks. a third grade teacher from washington state took home first prize in the annual half-moon bay pumpkin weighing contest. we all look forward to this. [music playing] with queen we're the champions blaring cindy tobeck stood on top of her prized pumpkin. her overgrown fruit came in at 1,918 pounds. she said she planted back in april. she said the pumpkin was growing at about 40 pounds a day. she calls this a moment of a dream come true. >> this is orange crush because i thought it could crush the
4:53 pm
washington state record. >> and you never thought you would be able to win half-moon bay? >> no. that was just high in the sky. that was the unreachable dream. i am just -- elated that i was actually able to achieve that. >> that she will receive almost $11,500 in prize money. the competition is the kick off to half-moon bay's annual art and pumpkin festival which is set for this weekend. >> wow. >> facebook has plans to change communication at the workplace. it's new facebook at work service launches today. it looks like your personal facebook but requires a separate log-in so users can communication with coworkers. they said the service can be
4:54 pm
more affective than traditional e-mail. well visitors at the mystery house in san jose now have a new reason to go visit the mansion. the home's preservation team recently found a room hidden inside the attic. it has been boarded up for a century. the room is now open for the public just in time for halloween. coming up military drills in south korea. up next the show of force by that nation alongside the united states. plus another nuclear threat from the north. the four on two will be right back on this monday. they prey on our children, spending billions.
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addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56.
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a show of force from both the united states and south korean military. >> there's concern over another nuclear test from north korea. greg pal could it has the very latest out of london. >>reporter: united states sending uss ron and reagan off of south korea. the nuclear powered aircraft carrier is joined by dozens of other warships known as invincible spirits 2016, the show of military might will run through october 15th. this drill apes showing the allied forces strong
4:58 pm
commitment. north korea conducting fifth nuclear test last month accomplishes the south believe another could come at any time. the drills launching as pyongyang marks 71 years since the founding of the ruling workers party. north. >> north korea shows i am men signs of using new cheer weapons we can launch a strike. >>reporter: samantha power traveling to the heavily armed depolitical tarized zone between the two countries during her time there. power also also holding talks with south korean officials an pledging to work on further u n security sanctions against the north. >> we will exert all the political influence that we can on behalf of the strongest possible resolution. >>reporter: last month's nuclear test was pyongyang most powerful debate.
4:59 pm
and its second in just 8 months time. in london greg pal could it foxnews. raiders fans not focused on a field today, instead they are watching a debate in a state capital how the team's future in oakland could come down to a vote in nevada this week. they discuss bidding and paying for a new stadium in las vegas for the oakland raiders. tom vacar in the newsroom with the debate and discussion there. tom any indication which way law macanese nevada are leaning tonight? >>reporter: let's say it's too close to camp at that time about the best you can say. but the raiders biggest every nongame day came in carson city as both houses of the nevada legislature sat down to consider how it might lure the oakland raiders to sin city with a brand new mega sports complex. the nevada senate assembly sat
5:00 pm
in joint meeting to hear from advocates for a $1.9 billion sports stadium complex to be used by the oakland raiders and university of nevada las vegas football. >> bringing the nfl to las vegas is a significant event moving las vegas forward. >> if we get the stadium and we get the raiders, we'll be on par with chicago, philadelphia. the other big cities. if we don't take that opportunity now if we lose it, it will never come by again. >>reporter: the $1.9 billion would come from three sources. the state would up a hotel tax in clark county to raise $750 million. the so-called partisan billionaire in las vegas chairman would invest 650 million. the raiders would pay half a billion. most of it coming from an nfl loan and pricey personal seat licenses. linchpin is getting an


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