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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  October 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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in joint meeting to hear from advocates for a $1.9 billion sports stadium complex to be used by the oakland raiders and university of nevada las vegas football. >> bringing the nfl to las vegas is a significant event moving las vegas forward. >> if we get the stadium and we get the raiders, we'll be on par with chicago, philadelphia. the other big cities. if we don't take that opportunity now if we lose it, it will never come by again. >>reporter: the $1.9 billion would come from three sources. the state would up a hotel tax in clark county to raise $750 million. the so-called partisan billionaire in las vegas chairman would invest 650 million. the raiders would pay half a billion. most of it coming from an nfl loan and pricey personal seat licenses. linchpin is getting an nfl team
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that can reliably fill the 65,000 seat stadium. a feat that will depends on thousands flying or driving to las vegas for the pricey games. the legislature divided with many saying the legislature needs to concentrate on the state's real needs better schools, safer streets and improving infrastructure needed to serve las vegas 2 million residents plus 350,000 daily visitors. >> i'm very concerned about thinking that there's 10 to 22,000 people in the nation going to fly here to see raiders game. >> if you look at most nevadans they don't want a stadium. they don't want a stadium paid by taxpayers. >> it's a tough call. very, very tough call. >>reporter: no vote is expected today. but one could come sometime this week and just in, mega casino owner steve winsted there's no single thing in his entire career that could transform las vegas as much as the arrival of professional sports. tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news.
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tom we know that shell nadle son this carson city pushing for the raiders to come putting up his own money. what about the other vegas car seen 0 owners aside from steve win? >>reporter: almost all of them actually at this point in time are for this. when you think about it it's kind of funny because basically what they are doing is inviting 65,000 medical to go to a raiders game as opposed to gambling in their casinos. but they think this is a transformative important thing for the city of las vegas and the county of clark and so they are behind it and they have a lot of sway with the state legislature. >> again that key vote coming up maybe australia said in the coming week or so. tom vacar in our newsroom. tom thank you. >> a little boy hospitalized in boating accident in san francisco over the weekend is now home from the hospital. that 4-year-old boy wasn't breathing when he was pulled out of the chilly katz wattss of the bay. but today an initial at zuckerburg san francisco hospital said the boy has been
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released. 30 people were thrown into the water saturday afternoon and late today the van fran police marine unit said they have located that sunken 34-foot boat using sonar. a salvage company will need to come up with a plan to raise it. new developments tonight in an attack on a sikh man in rich mopped. police say they are responsible have been fired from their jobs. henry lee joins us. you have new information about the men accused in this attack. >>reporter: julie the two men are from out of state and were contract workers for the chevron refinery in richmond. they are accused of a brutal attack that may have been motivated by hate. police say these two men chase little aids dustin albarado punch of and cut khalsa with a
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knife. the contra costa county da will determine whether they will face hate crime charges. the case is absolutely being examined as a hate crime. >> i hope they gil swift justice. we're hoping the district attorney will look at this as a hate crime, and prosecuted as one. >>reporter: it all started the night of september 25th. khalsa was stopped at a traffic light in richmond. a ford pickup truck pulled up alongside and someone threw a beer can at his car. the two cars pulled up to another red light near i-80. that's where at least 3 men got out of the truck and grabbed khalsa through his window. >> they started beating him in the face. they took a knife his turban got knocked off they ended up cutting off part of part of his hair. >>reporter: he suffered a black eye cuts and bruises and play need to have several root can as. while trying to defend himself his finger was cut and may have to be amputated. police arrested chase little from texas and dustin albarado
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from louisiana on suspicion of felony assault. they have since been fired from their jobs with a contractor for the chevron refinery in richmond. in a statement the contract company specialty plant services says it does not tolerate this type of behavior and is appalled by the reported actions. although this incident took place outside of the workplace, the employees involved have been terminated and we are cooperating with the investigation of this matter. >> the bottom line is this is just absolutely unacceptable. it's unacceptable anywhere, but it's particularly unacceptable in the bay area. >>reporter: if the two are convicted of the hate crime they could spend at least an extra couple years in prison. >> hen are you lee in the newsroom. thank you. more scathing personal attacks by the presidential candidates the day after their firey debate in st. louis as some republicans continues to distance themselves from donald trump. today house speaker paul ryan told fellow republicans he won't campaign for donald trump
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after the release of that tape in which trump bragged in vulgar terms about being able to grab and kiss women against their will. hillary clinton at a voter registration events in detroit today her opponent is doubling down on his excuse that it was just locker room banter. >> women and men across america know that is just a really weak excuse for behaving badly and police treating people. >> hillary clinton systematically attacked and discredited the victims of bill clinton's sexual harassment and assault. >> a new wall street journal poll shows hillary clinton with an 11 point lead over donald trump with 46% to trump's 35% in a four way race nation wild. the survey was taken after the video was leaked but before last night's debate. >> ktvu political analyst brian social joins us post debate that big poll came out
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today showing hillary clinton with a solid lead over donald trump 28 days away from this election. has the trump campaign run out of time? >> nearly. it's at a position now where it would take it's approaching miracle status to win this thing. he'd have to have a tremendous third debate and some things would have to happen in the interim to really change things. as we've talked about a lot it's not about the national polling. i don't look at those necessarily. they are an cater. but when you look at the swing states hillary clinton is doing very, very well and that is going to be the difference. >> one thing that surprised me about the debate last night i was just thinking donald trump was going to come out they would ask him the first question and he would say you know what before i answer that question i just wants to talk about that tape. i want to sincerely apologize not a apology but an honest heartfelt apology. >> not who he is. he went to the locker room banter excuse and then immediately and it was all
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prescheduled within the trump campaign to pivot then and go after her and bill clinton. >> mining pence came out today strongly behind donald trump saying i'm staying in this for the long haul. paul ryan said i will not defend donald trump. how big a deal is that for trump? >> i don't think at this point it really matters a whole lot. republicans who support trump are staying with trump irrespective of the position of paul ryan or even pence. and those who like hillary clinton are staying with her. the undecided are where it's at it's obviously starting to break to hillary clinton at this point. >> are we looking at a george mcgovern a walter mondale type of landslide? >> i don't think it's going to be a landslide but if you're looking at the math today, today , it's going to be a significant victory for hillary clinton. that's the platt of it. >> more newly leaked e-mails released today. they kinds of show the tension, the inner thinking of the clinton campaign regarding how she needs to pro with caution
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in her public appearances. can that weigh on her at all moving forward? >> had the tapes not surfaced there would have been a huge problem for her. because it shows duplicity it shows a double standard one public standard and a private standard. it shows that she talked one way to international bankers and a different way to american bankers and the american public. it won't matter now because this tape has a life of its own. the trump tape, and others that may follow and that's going to be the story that's going to keep pounding away at this. so he missed his opportunity from that standpoint. >> however julian assange from wixey leaks has said more tapes more documents are going to be released. do you think that that will have an affect at all? >> the october surprise was the trump tape. everybody was waiting around for the october surprise to be all these wixey leaks wixey leaks leaks.
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they are damaging if they come without this other tape. that race would have robles stayed at 3 or 4 points. but now it's expanding. it's a different race now. >> we have about 9 days october 19th third and final debate in las vegas. what are you expecting out of that. >> more of the same. i think they are going to go at it. these candidates don't like each other they have plenty of material on each other. i don't think it does the body politic any good to have to watch there it's discouraging. >> i wanted to say that was the same feeling i had. the first especially 45 minutes i just was so disappointed. just felt like watching two kids saying well you did this, yeah but you did this. it just made me think in all honesty what has happened to us? >> well one of the things that's happened to us frank is this thing. social media has changed the way that we're doing things. the instantaneous response to things without really thinking about what we're saying laugh the time. i think it's just brought something to the body politic that may not be the best for
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it. and that is it lacks contemplation. >> well we have more to come. >> oh, yes. >> thank you. >> you're very welcome. >> voters who have registered to vote by mail should have their ballots soon. absentee ballots went in the mail today. also in many counties across the state including alameda county early voting got underway. that means if you've registered toto vote you can go to the recommending star's office between now and election day and cast your ballot. early voting in san francisco begins tomorrow. it's certainly good news for tesla, but it may be even better for the city of fremont. the latest from the luxury electric carmaker. they have been here before but it's an elimination game for the san francisco giants. i'm tracking the forecast. it brings rain back to the bay area as we head towards the end of this week. give you the details. ou the details.
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alla lot of it's a hoax.bal warminit's a hoax. it'll get cooler. it'll get warmer. it's called weather. we need some global warming! we need leaders who get it. so that we can move away from coal and oil to clean energy. i'm tom steyer. if you want to do something about climate change, you can. please. register and vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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. after a lot of anticipation we learned today tiger woods will not play in this weekend's tournament in nap and said today he is pulling out of the safe way open. woods was expected to play in his first pga tournament in more than a year at napa's silverado resort later this week. he had three back surgeries last year and wrote on his web site that physically he feels fine, but list overall golfing game is not good enough. woods also pulled out of an upcoming tournament in turkey. his last competitive events was in august of 2015 at the wyndham championship. it's hard to believe that the man who spent 14 consecutive years as either the number one or number two ranked player in
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the world is now ranked 786. the giants have been here before. down two games to zero facing elimination in the divisional series. >> four years ago they won three straight elimination games against the cincinnati reds to win the series. and that's what they are going to have to do again starting tonight. ktvu joe fonzi. madison bumgarner on the mound. >>reporter: as you said the giants have been here before but by winning the wild card game on wednesday in new york they assured their fans of at least one more game here tonight at at&t park. they need to win tonight to assure a game tomorrow night. right now the cubs are taking batting practice. you can see them out there. as they get ready for this game all chicago has to do is win tonight and clinch this best of five series. the giants took batting practice earlier and as we said they have been here before not only did they back in 2012 beat
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the cincinnati reds 3 straight times to win the national league divisional series. then they played the cardinals in the championship series had to beat them three straight times. so in that one particular year they played 6 straight elimination games before eventually winning the world series against the tigers and yes, it is madison bumgarner on the mounds tonight. a guy who's been in situations like this before. >> it's pretty impressive. especially with the young guys we have. they have kinds of followed suit you know pretty easily. and you know it's just really good vibe that everyone puts off here and the mentality that we have. there's definitely no panic. i wouldn't say that at all but we've got a lot of guys ready to show up and play ball. >>reporter: there's nobody you'd rather have on the mound than baumgarner in a situation like this. not only did they win back 2012
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they have won 9 straight. wild card game against the pirates that baumgarner pitched and threw a four hit shut out they won an elimination game against kansas city the let's just last wednesday won again. baumgarner pitched a four hit shut out. talk about streaks in elimination games he has thrown 23 consecutive scoreless innings. so that's the streak that baumgarner has going. the giants know you can use all the cliche's you want wax against the wall no tomorrow. all of them they apply tonight. we'll see you live tonight at 10:00. but until then reporting live from at it park i'm joe fonzi bank to you guys in the studio. >> i like all those cliche's. no one you'd rather have on the mound than madison bumgarner it's going to be so difficult to win three straight against the cubs who won 103 games during the season. >>reporter: you said it frank that's exactly right. they were the best team in baseball heading into the post season. we know about the curse in chicago how they are trying to live that down. so a lot riding on it obviously
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for cubs. but the giants as we said they have been here before. you can't get to 4 and 5 if you don't win number 3 that's the one they have to win tonight. >> we have seen them climb their way back out of what seemed to be the impossible. can't wait to see what happens later on tonight. joe thank you. let's go over to bill in the weather center. how's it looking for the game out there tonight? >> it's looking perfect. i mean the weather at the ballpark 60s now it will be in the 60s at game time probably right into the middle inning. it will cool off fog out at the coast. that will be back in. we've cooled off as you know. certainly cooled off over what we had yesterday. big changes though coming to the bay area forecast. wife been hearing about it. we talked about it last week. but the jet stream right now is doing something like this. it's going to readjust itself as we head into friday. do something like this. so these systems out here these two in particular are going to have a slot at the bay area as we head into your bay area friday and bay area weekend early next week. so it's going to be a wet
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period coming up. at least that's how it looks especially north of san francisco. i should preface that. by the russian river north a significant amount of rain. so that's good. it's a little early for middle october but it's good it we'll get some rain. fog at the cold front right now you can pick it up on the satellite image 79 fairfield 77 livermore. look how much cooler it is today than yesterday. 13 degrees cooler at this hour than it was yesterday. santa rosa. big difference hayward minus 12. minus 14 in san jose. so yesterday was a pretty farm warm day saturday temperatures really drop from here. they are going to stay here. this is where they are going to be for a while. overnight low forecast. upper 40s low 50s. fog at the cold front. little fog around the bay. tomorrow will go a lot as today went which was lots of 70s. maybe a a low 80. there's the fog footprint for the morning hours a lot of it. whole bunch. little aggressive put it into
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the sacramento valley. cut that out everything way will be pretty accurate. you got a lot of fog it burns back slowly tomorrow. there is a temperature footprint for your bay area tuesday. look at the yellows. those are 70s. it's a lot of them in the 60s. along the coast. you're back into the 50s when there's going to be fog lingering right there. so a cooler milder day in the bay area forecast. so, the idea being here as we push forward we're get into a wet weather pattern and there would be great if it works out because of course this is the height of fire danger season. oakland hills fire. if we can get a big dose of rain which we will friday sunday monday tuesday that would put the car bosch on a lot of there. >> it looks like the cool weather pattern will stick around. >> the flow will go zonal. they oftentimes result in lots of flooding day after day of rain. we're early enough in the season the jet stream is not that strong have trouble get
5:21 pm
thanksgiving far south. but it will get south enough we'll be on the southerly end of this massive amount of moisture that will inundate mount shasta. lake orrville with much needed reservoir water. >> rain fours? >> yeah. i think so. i think over a few inches. >> really. >> some of the models suggest over 8, 9 inches here. >> here in the bay area. >> does something like this indicate it could be a wetter winter? >> it doesn't really indicate thinking. when you're outside of el nino la nina. you get these types of weather systems. no. it's an early system and this is the kind of thing you expect to see maybe in november and december. >> good stuff. >> will be wet. >> thank you, bill. >> dumb and disrespectful. the harsh words from an unexpected and respectable source talking about colin kaepernick's national anthem protest. coming up at 6:00 benefit run for an honorable cause. the thousands of dollars raised by a group of east bay high
5:22 pm
school students for kids in need at a rival school. somebody found him crossing the road they picked him up brought him to the police station. >> quite a sight for drivers in morgan hill. the runaway tortoise that brought traffic to a halt at a busy intersection.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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and they lied about it thatfor now they're lying about prop 56. if you don't use tobacco, you don't pay. smokers pay - their fair share of the 3 billion in health care costs all taxpayers are paying now. and there's one more thing: our kids. every state that's significantly raised tobacco taxes has reduced youth smoking. please. vote yes on 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it. you will hurricane matthew has moved on but the storm left behind record flooding and widespread devastation in the south. north carolina was the hardest
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hit. people who live there are now dealing with the state's worst flooding since hurricane floyd back in 1999. the flooding from matthew caused a levee breach in the city of lumberton where efforts are underway to rescue hundreds of people stranded in their lopes. some rescued had been forced to their rooftops by the rising water. >> we cannot let anyone else go missing and we're going to do everything we can to save people. but i continues to send that message please be safe and don't do anything foolish and put your family in harm's way or first responders in harm's way. >> the death toll in the u.s. from hurricane matthew stands at 21. but in haiti, which took a direct hit from matthew as many as a thousand people are dead and there is massive damage throughout that country. the trump taj majal casino closed in atlantic city new jersey early in morning. donald trump opened the taj
5:26 pm
majal 26 years ago the casino hotel went through he several rounds of bankruptcy over the last decade. karl icon grabbed control of that property earlier this year. recently the casino failed to reach a deal with its union wormers to restore healthcare and pension benefits that were taken way in bankruptcy court. it is the fifth casino in atlantic city to close since 2014. 11,000 casino jobs have been lost. u.s. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg had some harsh words today for football players who refuse to stand for the national anthem. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick was the first to sit during the national anthem to protest racial inequality and police shootings of black americans. that evolved into kneeling on one knee for him and other players. today justice ginsburg called the protest dumb and disrespectful. she said in an interview on yahoo that she feels the same way about flag burning. she he it's not illegal, but she calls it ridiculous and a
5:27 pm
terrible thing to do. still ahead tesla needs a lot of production space to keep up with demand. how the carmaker is betting big on the bay area to make that happen. punishment gunman could face killing two police officers in palm springs over the weekend.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. . big news out of fremont. tesla has announced plans to
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double the size of its facility as ktvu ann ruben explains employer space and more cars being produced means more jobs in the bay area. >>reporter: tesla is gearing up next year the company plans to produce more electric cars than ever and expanded production requires an expanded facility proposal adding 4.6 million square feet on to their fremont plant essentially doubling in size adding as many as 3100 jobs. fremont's mayor is ecstatic. >> we think this shows not only tesla's move to free month proves to everyone you can manufacture here in california. >>reporter: tesla released a statement to that effect saying quote california continues to be the epicenter of tesla manufacturing capabilities we're proud to be the state's largest manufacturing employer. springing up around the plant other signs of growth. there are plans for houses, parks, schools and a new bart station. there's also been an influx of new companies cutting are you ringbones and opening shop. >> we're here in an innovation
5:31 pm
district we're seeing companies expands companies come to free moment. people want to be around tesla and want to be around that inno nation. >>reporter: experts say tesla may have a tough road ahead when it comes to turning a profit. >> the challenge for almost any new automaker is to be able to expands profitably because right now based ognjenly accepted accounting principles tesla has been losing $25,000 per car. >>reporter: the company is preparing to launch model 3 next year at an even lower price point. experts say there is demand for this growth. >> i think the fact that it sold so many model 3s prove there's real american demand for these vehicles we're seeing real inno nation happening in america real factories an jobs being built here. >>reporter: the proposal will go before the planning commission on thursday and then in front of the full city council a few weeks after that for final approval.
5:32 pm
in fremont ann ruben ktvu fox 2 news. in one week tesla is expected to unveil a quote unexpected product. ceo elian music tweeted that out but didn't elaborate. tesla and solar city are also expected to announce a joint product at the end of the months. music is the ceo of tesla and chairman of solar city. he proposed that tesla acquire solar city. shareholders still have to vote on the merger which has been delayed by multiple lawsuits. all northbound lanes of highway 17 are back open after a bus fire this morning. the driver noticed flames coming from the back of the van take cruz let's wrote bus after 7:30 this morning near hamilton avenue in campbell. he immediately pulled over and got off the bus with all the passengers. the fire spread before firefighters arrived and filled the interior of the bus with smoke. fortunately no one was hurts and all the passengers were put on another bus. the man accused of killing two police officers and woundsing another in palm springs will make his first court appearance tomorrow.
5:33 pm
meantime a vigil was held outside the palm springs police department yesterday afternoon as family, friends and members of the community gathered to honor the memories of the slain officers. those officers who died have been identified as 63-year-old jose gilbert vega and 27-year- old leslie sir ebony she had a baby girl four months ago and returned to work early from maternity leave. vega was the father of 8 children and planned to retire in december after 35 years on the force. >> we were very sad when our father passed away. >> he helped me become the person i am today and i thank him for that. >> he was really dedicated police officer. he loved his job. >> the officers were shot while respond to go a domestic dispute on saturday. the accused gunman an admitted gang member john felix was
5:34 pm
arrested after a lengthy stand off. charges will include first degree murder. he could get the death penalty if convicted. the officer who survived the shooting has now been released from the hospital. 16 years ago an 8-year-old little girl from vallejo defied all odds by escaping a kidnapper who had already killed at least two other girls. >> her name is mitzi sanchez you may remember her story. for years she refused to even think about what happened to her. but now she's sharing her incredible story of survival with ktvu. here's tad rollins. >> i was excited for that day. it was the day of my birthday party and i wanted to help my mom get everything set up. i was two blocks from home, and i noticed a gentleman sitting in his car. >>reporter: it was curtis dean anderson. >> as i got closer i noticed he was watching me through his rear view mirror.
5:35 pm
and my gut instinct told plea to cross the street. >>reporter: excited for her birthday party met say kept walking anderson got out and asked her to help him grab a roll of duct tape out of his car. >> as soon as i reached into grab the duct tape from the floor board of the car he just leaned over me from behind and he put his hand over my mouth. >>reporter: within seconds anderson was driving away past mitzi's house where her mom was inside getting ready for the birthday party. >> i'm watching my house. i just remember thinking i want to be home so bad. i wish i was home. >> and tonight we'll hear more from mitzi about her incredible escape and the very difficult years that followed. she was hole, had her birthday party, but it was a tough road for her. >> such a brave little girl to see her all grown up. i remember that video of her coming home with her father in his arms all the people out in
5:36 pm
front of their house heartbreaking heartwarming virginia to see her home. >> if you remember back then there was a missing girl and when mitzi went missing she was still missing. nobody knew curtis dean anderson had already killed her. the fact that this little girl got out is miraculous. >> is it likely that curtis dean anderson had plans to kill her too. >> absolutely. there's no law enforcement person who's familiar with this case that would tell you that she was not destined to die within probably hours. >> after going through something like that how after all these years how is she doing to you? >> she struggled for years with alcohol and drug abuse and now she has reclaimed her life she has a daughter. >> that's great. >> yeah. it's a really neat story. >> i just can't imagine her being in that car and watchings ass you drive past your house. >> the fear must have been unbelievable. what's amazing she remembers it with such detail. the blow by blow. what she was feeling as she was
5:37 pm
being abducted. and then. >> what did she say about talking now was there a specific reason why she wanted to talk now. >> she is helping out other families of missing children. so, she has met sierra lamar's parents of she was with mark class a few weeks ago in st. louis for an event. and she's actually organizing an event in vallejo next weekend. >> does she still live in vallejo. >> yes she still lives there. her parents divorced it was very difficult for them. she shares all that with us at 10:00. >> we'll look forward to hearing more. >> thank you ted. >> still to come first it was the original now replacements are catching fire the latest setback for samsung and galaxy note 7. taking bike safety into their own hands. see what activists did.
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5:40 pm
. the port of oakland has a mountain of blue steel boxes growing on their property all because of a bankruptcy of one of the world's largest ocean cargo carriers. >> ktvu tom vacar went to the port where those boxes could sit for years. >>reporter: the ports of oakland is allowing port truckers to drop off cargo containers made homeless been bi-the bankruptcy of south
5:41 pm
korea shipping lines. already 900 containers have been stacked five high on available but always needed space and up to 400 more will ultimately end up here. >> we may be the only port i'm aware of that is accepting the return of the empty containers, the port of oakland. the shore men all work together to keep the streets from being clogged with unwanted containers. >> we have to help each other out, and somebody needs to step up and do something and it's always been the truckers and here the port took the first step and resolved the issue, which is great for us. >>reporter: truckers and cargo owners believe it or not were facing endless stiff fines of up to $300 a day from hahn ginn. for failure to return the contain fears hahn ginn could not and would not accept and believe it or not truckers and cargo owners also were facing up to another $50 a day for not returning trailers that carried the containers. with the containers off their
5:42 pm
trailers those trailers can be used to pick up and deliver other cargos to and from other ships. >> the acceptance of these empty boxes from the bankrupt shipping line just the latest example of how everyone really wants to come together. >>reporter: these containers may sit here for years while the korean bankruptcy court decides what to do. >> the good news is those are empty boxes. cargo owners got their cargo and that's what this is really about. we want to keep cargo moving we want our customers to be happy. >>reporter: hundreds of other ports around the world have yet to act. they are also caught up in this tsunami of containers. tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. >> cycling advocates thought the city was moving too slowly on safety improvements so they decided to take matters into their own hands. why the group says this is only the first step in a long process to make san francisco streets safer. >> only giants are accepted here. we'll show you the wish of this
5:43 pm
year's pumpkin weighing festival in half moon bay. as you can tell from the pictures the winners were huge. winners were huge. . wet weather pattern not tomorrow or the next day but coming up towards the end of the week i'll talk about your bay area tuesday right after the break and we'll take a look at the long-range forecast. they prey on our children, spending billions.
5:44 pm
addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56.
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some bike riders in san francisco say the city isn't moving fast enough to make streets safer for them. so they have taken a rather drastic step now to improve a dangerous turn near golden gate
5:46 pm
park. this is the spot on the eastern side of golden gate park where this underground group has put up their own barriers. >>reporter: the turn into the eastern side of golden gate park can be scare information cyclists. that's why a group of vigilante cyclists who wish to remain anonymous installed ten barriers to give signing lifts their own space separate from cars. >> i'm not against a little bit of an are kemp. >>reporter: normally this bob the city job but the van fran municipal transportation agency decide they'd couldn't wait any longer. >> it takes the city a long time to put anything in motion it's great to see someone take that into their own hands and make it happen. >>reporter: in a surprise twist the city says the barriers could stay until permanent ones could be secured. >> city has all sorts of other
5:47 pm
expenses and this is not a priority. >>reporter: sfmta says it avoided putting up safe posts like in the past they didn't have street sweep earth that would fit between the post. they had to be repeatedly replaced. according to the sfmta public works recently purchased smaller street sweepers already operational in some locations. that is with the sfmta can install permanent posts pending a final design review process. >> it's definitely safer for me it keeps the cars at bay and keeps them from you know wanting to go line that's definitely great. >>reporter: the sftra installed the barriers in 15 minutes in broad daylight last week. the the cost $300 total. the vigilantes told ktvu the fix was quick and easy they wanted to draw attention to importance of accelerating work on larger projects whole street
5:48 pm
trans forations. >> it's pretty dangerous being ago bicyclist in san francisco. well a third grade teacher from washington state took first prize in the annual half moon bay pumpkin weighing contest many with the song we are the champions by queen blaring in the background cindy tobeck stood on top of her giant pumpkin took the scalesal whopping 1,910 pounds. tobeck says she planted the pumpkin back in april and it just took off. at one point she says in august it was growing at about 40 found a day. she called the moment a dream come true. >> this is orange crush because i thought it could crush the washington state record. >> you never thought that you would be able to win half moon bay? >> no. that was just pie in the sky. that was just the unreach able dream. >> how do you even get that
5:49 pm
down here. in addition to bragging rights $6 a pounds tobeck received almost $11,500 from prize money. this is the 43rd year of the safe way world championship pumpkin weigh off. the competition is the kickoff to half moon bay's annual art and pumpkin festival which is set for this weekend. tobeck's monster pumpkin is impressive another pumpkin grower squashed the american record taking first prize in rhode island. his giants pumpkin weighed in at 2,261.5 pounds. don't forget that half pound. that's 351 pounds heavier than the winner in half moon bay. rhode island winner beat out his own son who held the north america pumpkin record since last year. >> that's priceless. dad beat the son. okay let's bring in our chief meteorologist. >> can you believe it grew 40 found a day. >> at the height of the season it could. its those grow pretty rapidly. >> a lot of pumpkin pie. >> she seemed to imply i put
5:50 pm
it there. >> i think there's a little more to it. >> little stuff in there. >>. >> the pumpkin weigh off folks they feed those pumpkins if you're a gardner you know there's a lot goes into it. the fog out there right now is back. it's not the same weather pattern we had over the weekend which was very warm. temperatures today as i mentioned they are running about 10 or 15 degrees cooler than they were yesterday and saturday at this time. so the temperature trend is down. that's fine. and as we head into the next few days we're getting ready for some potential wet weather. in the meantime though we got a little going to talk about. if you look you'll see. we're seeing beautiful sunsets. people sending them in social media saturday and sunday. friday as well. but now you get into this part you're not going to be seeing the sunsets out at the beach because the fog's there. the temperature right now 79 in fairfield. it's 76 in livermore and that's
5:51 pm
11 degrees cooler in livermore right now. 14 degrees cooler in san jose. the forecast is for big changes there's that low pressure center. we've ben seeing thighs these alternateing every wedge. that's what's getting us cool so far. brought the fog back but it pushes through way little bit of energy and brings us rain as we head into your bay area friday. that's how it looks now. and not only that but the pattern looks like it's going to become wet with continuation of these short waves moving through. as we go through saturday, maybe into monday and tuesday and even wednesday of the following week. so this is just through saturday afternoon. we're talking nearly an inch of rain in san francisco. 3 inches of rain in eureka. maybe 2 inches of rain up towards ukiah. this is the first punch. next couple. punches will have little more. some models suggesting 5 or 6 days. >> early next week north bay russian river drains basin we we out could see 6 to 8 inches of rain that's a lot of rain
5:52 pm
for middle october. 68 in vallejo it will do wonders for fire damage earning. 75 in brown wood tomorrow temperatures on the downside 74 livermore 74 in morgan him. the five-day forecast. this will be good. it would be nice with the rain we shouldn't have any issues with flooding because the grounds is saturated and we're going to put water shasta or lake shasta and lake orrville the two most important surface reservoirs in the state. sorry about that. in the state. and we're -- put a half a foot of rain in mount lake shasta this early in the season. it's going to put a big dent in things. hopefully it goes that way. there's the five-day forecast it's going to be a wet weekend. so i think frill especially into saturday morning then again sunday night monday into tuesday. >> great early start. >> great early start. >> thank you. still to come new incidents involving fire and the replacement samsung galaxy note 7 phones. what the company decided to do today and what they are telling people who have those phones. >> also coming up at 6:00
5:53 pm
runway tortoise turning heads in morgan hill as it slowly crows is a busy intersection bringing traffic to a halt. raising thousands of dollars for the less fortunate. how students from an east bay high school are giving back to others in needs in a random act of kindness.
5:54 pm
honey, is the internet back yet? yes!! i need to let her know that i like this! i like, like, like, like... i haven't seen a movie based on a comic book in so long.
5:55 pm
i know. we're over here internet people! get high speed internet from at&t. with over 99% reliability. at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm, you internet's on. . it's another blow to samsung we law enforcement phones for the recalled note 7 are also catching fire and
5:56 pm
samsung issued an alert today to stop using them. rick l has more on a temporary halt in production. >>reporter: samsung is suspending production of its galaxy note 7 preplacement phones after more reports of fires. >> i got the replacement one and it explodes. >> s we thought we were safe with a new phone. >>reporter: what started out as a few isolated reports of smoking and exploding batteries in late august prompted samsung to initially delay shipments and then the company issued abe worldwide recall in september for 2.5 million devices before sending out new ones that same month. but now there are multiple reports some of the replacements are catching fire too. >> the thing just prove and smoke started coming out. >> of it definitely was smoke was spraying out it it was literally spraying south. >>reporter: raps the most serious incident lapd last week when when a southwest airline flight was evacuated in louisville after galaxy note 7 replacement started smoldering inside the plain than plane.
5:57 pm
>> i noticed smoke falling out of my pocket. >>reporter: major u.s. carriers including verizon at&t t-mobil have announced their own suspension of sales or exchanges of the troubled galaxy notes 7 which can retail for more than $800 on its own. >> to have a phone literally ignite in your pocket is really not even using it is unbelievable. >>reporter: in a statement samsung says it is temporarily adjusting the phone's production schedule and hopes to provide an update within a month. in new york rick leventhal foxnews. a northern california paramedic says he was thrilled to help a woman give birth in the back seat of her car near folsom lake last night. the parents to be pulled over to the side of the road and called 911 when it became clear their baby boy wasn't going to wait to get to the hospital. a ever paramedic said the labor lasted just a few minutes. he says the new mother was calm and she and the baby were just
5:58 pm
fine. >> both parents did say they would have stories about how he was born on the side of the road and took to the hospital by the fire department. really gratifying call. had a really happy outcome and it was really good to be a part of. >> taking care of the mom. >> that firefighter says the baby boy didn't get his name right away. the dad had one name in mine the mom had another. they didn't have time to figure it all out before getting to the hospital. the hospital. it's all on the line for san francisco f. fans are arriving for game 3 of the nlds. it is do or die for the giants if they lose the chicago cubs move on to the national league championship series. we're just about 40 minutes from first pitch at at&t park. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. giants have their ace plaid son b pitching tonight it isn't the first time they have had their
5:59 pm
backs up against the awful we'll guilty to that story in just a moment. we're going to turn it over to the race for the white house. the dissension in the republican party. house speaker paul ryan said today he will not defend the gop nominee and the political fallout continues for donald trump. >> all of this comes after the release of that 2005 audio tape containing some very crude comments about women. as jennifer griffin reports trump didn't waste time before firing back at ryan today. >>reporter: a stunning development less than a month before the presidential election. the republican speaker of the house basically cutting ties with the top of the go ticket. paul ryan says he will not defend donald trump opting instead to devote his political energy towards maintaining control of the house. donald trump firing back on twitter paul ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs and illegal immigration and not waste his time on fighting republican nominee. hours later it was on to a rally in must win pennsylvania.
6:00 pm
all of this following a raucous second debate a weekend scrambling to refocus his campaign after that 2005 open mic moment where he brags about kissing and groping women. trump again deflecting criticism on to his rival. >> hillary had no defense for her secret speeches to wall street at international banks that she hid from the public and which were exposed by wixey leaks. >>reporter: running may mike pence return returned to campaign trail after a brief hiatus to digest the decades old tape. despite the backlash pence says he is stands big the gop nominee. >> donald trump last night showed that he's a big man. >>reporter: today the former secretary of state took her post debate message to michigan where she maintains a comfortable lead. >> did anybody see that debate last night? to paraphrase my friend michelle obama, one of us went high and one of us


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