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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  October 11, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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you may have gone to sleep, but they still have a little bit of magic left. we will show you the ups and downs that led to the extra inning win for the giants over the cubs. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning. thank you for joining us on this tuesday, thank you for joining us on this tuesday, october 11, i am pam cook. i am dave clark, and we are checking on your weather, a little bit nippy this morning.>> getting the help in the form of rain on that wildfire, thursday or friday. dress for this low cloud deck because there is plenty to go around, a big fog bank this morning. the delta breeze is cranking up pretty good, wind gusts up to
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30. 50s and 60s on the temperatures, a few high clouds working their way in, but this entire pattern will change big- time after wednesday. partly cloudy, cooler for most, 60s and 70s. the top of the morning to you.>> the very top, good morning. trying to get out of the house early to be the crowd or driving through the tracy area, 580 westbound looking good through tracy. 205 and 580, it does not take long for this to get busy, and yesterday was a federal holiday, but today is not so traffic will be busy. no major problems on at 80 -- 880, traffic looking good with no major issues. the bay bridge toll plaza
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looking good into san francisco. people are evacuating in napa county as the wildfire forces them to flee, has burned 53 acres, 25% contained. the fire started yesterday at 415 -- 4:15 pm burning along the hillside making it hard to put out, and no buildings have been destroyed, the fire is threatening homes and wineries forcing evaluations -- evacuations.>> the winter not said to increase too much which is in our favor, trying to gain good ground while we have that in our favor. >> the weather may help, a high humidity at 85 to 90% and that will help the firefighters. some of vacuum these are staying at a release center in
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the napa church. in the big fire in the santa cruz mountains, the loma fire started september 26 and forced hundreds to flee and evacuate, 28 buildings destroyed, including 12 homes. 4500 acres burned, no injuries were reported, and fire crews will be mopping up in the area for weeks looking for flareups, but the fire is 100% contained. the san jose police investigating a late-night homicide next to the lowe's home improvement store. authorities received a report of a body near interstate 880. they found a man unconscious was visible injuries in the parking lot next to the lowe's, and no arrests have been made, pronounced dead at the scene, and the coroner's office will notify the relatives and make a
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positive identification before the identity is released. with the backs against the wall, the giants deliver once again. >> they beat the cubs, 6-5 in 13 innings.>> a drive to the right. and the giants win. >> can you believe that, joe panik getting a double off of the wall scoring brandon crawford sending the giants fans home happy after a game that lasted five hours and four minutes. we take you through the big moments.>> reporter: the years change but the storyline remains the same, the san francisco giants are just about impossible to finish off. the 10th straight elimination game dating back to 2012 in
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cincinnati.>> getting into the playoffs was our biggest goal, to just get in. if we dive and we would expect to win. for some reason we play better with our backs against the wall. >> reporter: this game had its share of ups and downs, started poorly with the giants, and the usually reliable madison bumgarner gives up three home runs, and the giants but the majority of the game battling from behind. by the time they got to the eighth-inning, trailing 3-2, but the cubs brought in their 100 mile an hour reliever, and the giants get a two run double, connor gillespie. the giants took the 5-3 lead to the night, but the roller coaster continues as the mvp candidate kris bryant hits a two run homer off of sergio
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romo, and the game goes into extra innings tied at 5. and now joe panik hits it to the wide-open space in right center, crawford rounds second, and the giants get the walkoff, 6-5 win, letting them play one more day. >> when your back is against the wall like that, it is definitely out there, the thrill of doing it is very special.>> reporter: the giants live another day but they have another elimination game tonight, but given the history, you cannot blame them that they are thinking they had the cubs right where they want them. it is 4:06 am. the supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg talking about athletes refusing to stand for the national anthem including colin kaepernick. he sat during the national
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anthem to protest racial inequality and police shootings of african americans, and that involved to take in the instead to show respect to the military members, and the justice called the protest, "dumb and disrespectful." she said she feels the same way about flagburning, not illegal but ridiculous and a terrible thing to do. and the 49ers and colin kaepernick have reportedly read to a restructured contract, nothing official, but the sources say the new deal would allow incentives and allow kaepernick to be a free agent after the season, and the 49ers are 1-4 under the starting quarterback. head coach chip kelly has not announced he will start the sunday game in buffalo. nevada lawmakers could vote on the plan for the new football stadium in las vegas,
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and the legislature will continue to special session that started yesterday focusing on raising the hotel tax in clarke county. that money would be used to help pay for a new stadium that the raiders would call home and share with the university of nevada las vegas. supporters say it would be a game changer for the region, but critics say that the money would be better's rent on schools, public safety and wrote making. >> -- road making.>> i am concerned that there would be enough of 10 to 20,000,000 people here to see a raiders game.>> both houses of the nevada legislature must pass the tax increase by two thirds majority, and if that happens the raiders will at the in a felt to approve the move from oakland to las vegas which would require the okay of 24 out of 32 nfl owners. the long-running patent battle between apple and
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samsung, apple says that samsung owes them billions for violating the patent protection, same-day infringed on three patents, and awarded apple nearly $3 billion which was later cut in half. the court will now decide how much samsung should pay, and the court could define the value of the design work in the tech industry. this comes at the same time that the samsung has announced it is stopping sales of the galaxy note 7 smartphones after several caught fire, and not producing anymore replacement phones after they caught fire. and we spoke for some people with those phones that had first been experience with exploding phones. >> reporter: samsung is expending -- expanding production after more reports of fires.>> we thought we were safe with the new phone. >> reporter: what started out as oscillator reports of
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smoking and exploding batteries, prompting samsung to delay shipment and then they issued a worldwide recall in september for 2.5 million devices before sending out new ones, and now there are multiple reports that some of the replacements are catching fire as well. >> smoke started coming out.>> the smoke was sprang out, not just coming off, but spraying out.>> reporter: the most serious event was when the southwest airline flight was evacuated in global after the samsung galaxy note 7 replacement started smoldering in the plane. >> i took the phone out of my pocket and threw it on the ground and it continued to smoke. >> reporter: major carriers including verizon, t-mobile and at&t have said this will retail
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for $8 million on its own, and samsung says it is temporarily adjusting the production schedule and hoping to provide an update within a month. it is 4:11 am. a warning and wake-up call for the students in the south bay high school.>> why would they do this in the first place, clearly there will be consequences. >> the threat that has the school district beefing up security on the campus. hillary clinton and donald trump back on the campaign trail, and their final push for the voters as election day draws near. looking at a commute off to a nice start, driving on the golden gate bridge looking good heading south. we have game 4 forecast similar to last night and a big fog bank.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 4:14 am. donald trump and hillary clinton back on the campaign trail, and donald trump is facing an establishment that is more hostile, and hillary clinton facing the emails.>> reporter: there is a new trove of clinton insider emails and donald trump is trying to shore up the support, playing along
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in the rally in pennsylvania, finding a toddler size version of himself in the crowd. back you want to go back with them or stay with donald trump? >> trump.>> reporter: that loyalty is not found elsewhere, gop republican house speaker paul ryan making it clear to his congressional colleagues that he will not defend trump, more concerned about conserving the gop control of congress. while trump still has supporters in congress, more supporters are backing away.>> if they thought trump was going to win they would not be putting their distance between themselves and trump. >> reporter: but will his debate performance prevent more defection, and some say the party is still behind him.>> we are not opposed to the world, we are stronger together.>>
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reporter: the clinton team relishing the drama but dealing with some of their own, wikileaks has a new email don't -- don't -- dump, showing among other things clinton saying that chelsea clinton is acting like a spoiled brat. and the question now is what is next. >> this is a lot of dirty laundry being aired at a very inconvenient time for her. of course they are concerned about it. >> reporter: wikileaks says there are more in the pipeline, and the clinton campaign is calling wikileaks a propaganda arm of the russian government. there have been rumors that more potentially damaging videotapes exist on donald trump making disparaging remarks about women during the recording of the reality show, "the apprentice." so far none have surface, but we spoke with a heart 11 that
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said if recordings existed they would likely not see the light of day. >> it probably will not leak out because we know that mgm owns the footage, and there are all sorts of confidentiality agreements that were signed, privacy agreements, that would result in lawsuits. >> and the campaign claims they were made up by disgruntled employees. and california voters: the registered to vote by mail should have the ballot soon and early voting will begin in san francisco today, and started in the other bay area counties, including alameda and contra costa county yesterday. early voting means if you have registered to vote cold you can go to your registrar's office between now and election day to cast a ballot. in case you fell asleep, the giants won last night, and
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we don't know how they did it but they came through again. >> i dozed off last night and woke up to the screaming.>> and you thought this was not looking good.>> don't stop believing.>> i don't. the music, ac/dc coming through courtesy of our director. they do this when they are happy. good morning everyone. let's take a look at the gilroy commute. driving from gilroy to san jose, traffic moving along pretty well. i support that decision, northbound one on one looking good for morgan hill through the valley. if you get off and get out of the house early, a nice commute in the south they. -- south bay.
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everything appears to be light in contra costa county, including this trip from the walnut creek area to the tunnel and into the oakland side. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic doing well. it is 4:19 am, and let's bring steve in.>> you can have one night on me.>> thank you. let's get to it, a similar forecast as last night, bundle up because it looks cool and even cloudy. there is usually breaks there, but not right now with that big fog bank. it is tough to get to the west to find current information, i can use weather underground to get some, but still 40s and 50s, 93% humidity with a northerly breeze at 4 miles an hour. as we take a look at the observations, napa at the northwest airport with 5 miles an hour. that delta breeze is kicking up, almost 30 miles an hour.
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52 closer to town, so some cool readings, glen ellen 53, calistoga 51. there's a big fog bank with high humidity. this is good for firefighting conditions, with high humidity and not a big breeze. 26 in the wind gusts, 50s on the temperatures are low 60s. yesterday we had a lot of 40s, and this cloud bank is marching into holdup these temperatures. 49 in ukiah, a chill in the mendocino county. but dealing with a lot of low clouds, and here comes this first of what looks to be two good systems that will arrive on thursday. today mostly cloudy near the coast, but this atmospheric river is setting us up for widespread rain, the first of the season for a good ran --
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rain. the stronger of the systems appears to be on thursday night into friday, and this is through sunday morning. the folks in mendocino county and lake county, even san jose looking at the measurements. 60s and 70s on the temperatures, settling in and clouding up by thursday with brain to the north in the thursday evening. a windy day on saturday and sunday we have another system.>> it was so nice during fleet week, and even chillier at the park tonight. >> i would think so, that is the spot that usually gives us a break. it looks pretty cloudy.>> it depends on where you're
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sitting. if you are up a high in that wind comes through, i have been up there. >> but if you're sitting behind the home plate, nice and comfortable. >> the fancy seats. it is 4:22 am. special delivery for the family north of sacramento. we will see how the quick thinking firefighter brings a new life into the world.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the new airport debuting the environmentally mainly control tower, and the tower received an award for having the special engineering system, it lets it stayed upright and fully operational after a magnitude 8.0 earthquake. the offices and main lobby lit by natural daylight. it has a roof garden, low flow plumbing and energy efficient heating. the mom and dad in folsom have a story to tell when it comes to how the new baby was brought into the world. >> we have a boy, exciting.>> the parents pulled over on the side of the road and called 911 when it was clear that the baby boy was not going to wait to get to the hospital.
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the firefighter jumped into action and delivered their baby boy.>> both parents said they would have stories about how he was born on the side of the road and it was a gratifying call. it was a very happy outcome and good to be a part of it.>> the baby was taken to the hospital, and mom and baby are doing just fine. many disappointed golf fans in napa as tiger woods pulls out of the open saying that is game is still vulnerable, and he is not yet ready for the competition. he underwent two back surgeries since the last tournament 14 months ago, and the silverado resort sold twice as many tickets this year as last year mainly because of the tiger woods return, scheduled to play with phil mickelson and steph curry. i think steph curry is the big
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draw. >> disappointing. two major freeways are shut down after the deadly officer- involved shooting, and what the man was doing on the highway that officers say forced them to open fire. nearly 1000 light blue colored shipping containers sitting at the port of oakland, the fallout from the bankruptcy overseas. good morning, looking at a commute where traffic is looking pretty good in san francisco along northbound 101. a big all bank leading to a significant change in the form of rain, and we will have your updated tuesday cooler forecast.
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in case you missed it, the giants win. we are looking live at the at&t park this morning, and the magic is there. welcome back to mornings on 2, and you will definitely feel the cooldown. welcome back on this tuesday, october 11, and i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook, and a good job in the control room. loving spoonfuls, 1965, well done.>> that was a very good choice. at least someone in the control room is awake. nice job fellas. let's get to it, dress warm tonight. it looks pretty cloudy, and what is it, june? no, october, and fi


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