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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  October 12, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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manager why he didn't keep mack moore in the game after he pitched eight strong innings. and the justice department gets set to release a report on the san francisco police department, it comes as the city could name a new police chief this week. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning, thank you for waking up with us, wednesday morning, october 12th. i'm pam cook. i'm dave clark. steve paulson how does it look. we are waiting for the rain. that won't be until late thursday. still increasing higher clouds starting to work in. a little mist there this morning as well, especially around oakland, and san francisco. keep that in mind. a lot of high clouds, low clouds temperatures inland continues to drop. if you are up on the north coast would prepare for a lot of rain between now and tuesday. breezes will pick up later, 50s
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on the temps. running cooler this morning than yesterday, that's for sure. we'll get partly cloudies in the morning. mostly sunny, increasing sun on sunday, that is going to lead to some rain, between late thursday into friday and again on sunday is showing some very good amount especially north, around here i think 1-4 would not surprise especially up in the north. 60s on the temps or 70s? good morning, sal. good morning, steve. we are starting off with a problem right off the bat. eastbound 580 a big rig flipped over, it was a ups truck here, ease bound at hacienda. the big rig driver is okay. 5890 at hacienda the driver hit the pole. he told chp he was eating, he apparently did have trouble
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eating the food. eastbound 580 at hcienda you will see traffic is not going to be affected because it's so light. but you will see that alley we a have live report coming up at about 4:30. let's take a look at the commute here. westbound 590 is okay. westbound 580 through the alta month pass also looks good. tracy super commute not too bad. this is a god time to be going there. this is 880 in oakland northbound and southbound traffic is moving along well. bay bridge toll plaza traffic is also light if you are coming into san francisco. so things are doing pretty well here. all right. at 402 let's go back to the desk. definitely a different feeling this morning because there will be no even your world series repeats for the giants. >> giants were ' limbed -- eliminated. the giants build up a lead
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behind matt moore. he also got it done at the plate, hit an rbi single giving the giants a 2-1 lead. giants would add another run and padded their lead in the 5th. joe panic out of the sacrifice fly scoring brandon crawford. giants when to the 9th leading 5-3. matt moore was taken off. the cubs then scored throw runs to lead 6-5. and the cubs closer, chapman got the save, struck out belch. the game was over. the cubs celebrated at at and t park. >> you like to think you are going to get the three out there is, sure, we can look now and say push him even more. we had confidence that these guys that we put out there.
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>> definitely how withdrew it up. we had them on their heels but you gotta give that ball club some credit they kept fighting. >> definitely a punch in the gut. it's a tough way to go out with a lead into the 9th inning. >> so now the chicago cubs will play either the donors or the washington nationals in the national league championship series on saturday. the next few days will shape the san francisco police department for years to come as the city is preparing to name a permanent police chief, the department today faces a review of its operations. mayor ed lee asked the u.s. justice department to analyze the police department following last dose's deadly shooting of mario woods there is a news conference to release an initial assessment. two people who have seen the report tell the examiner that it accuses the police department of disproportionate use of force and shooting people of color. the assessment found the police
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union has too much sway over the accident. the report has about 200 recommendations including supporting the use of student guns while banning a type of police neck hold on suspects. the examiner reports the police commission will meet tonight to select 3-5 finalities in the search for police chief. the names are not expected to be made public. the commission interviewed 11 semi finalists a couple weeks ago, ranging from experience to implementing reforms. mayor ed lee will pick the police chief out of the pool of finalists, a decision could come as soon as tomorrow. time now is 4:05. police in concord shot and killed a stabbing suspect in the back yard of a 'em who. investigators say police open fired after that suspect stabbed one man and a police dog. ktvu christina talked to the police and to maybe neighbors. >> reporter: a stabbing inside
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a home on crawford street prompted an all out search. >> i got home and saw all the commotion, they said somebody had been stabbed. >> police done have a motive for the stabbing but the victim is okay. the suspect ran off jumping fences and hiding in back yards a couple blocks away. >> i just saw someone, you know, i was just like scared, like i called the police bus i was like someone ran through my back yard, what are they doing? then they told me they were locking for him. >> one of the k-9 officers named jell-o was stabbed in the face as the dog closed in on the man. he was shot multip times in the upper body he died at the hospital. >> so, before we can release his name or any photographs we have to contact families members. >> the the dog it is doing well and expected to survive. >> the two officers are also
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fine, each has 15 plus years of experience on the force, they are on paid administrative leave while the district attorneys office conducts an investigation. now concord police have not told us the name of the suspect but say police officers have had contact with him in the past. police also haven't said what exactly provoked the shooting, they say officers would not start shooting only because of the stabbing of the police dog. inmate at the jail in dublin was killed in less cell, guards found the 56-year-old inmate dead just before 9:00 yesterday morning. the suspect is the man 73 cellmate. the suspect was booked into the jail last week on battery charges, did he not use a weapon in the killing. >> we have surveillance cameras throughout the jail. there are not cameras within cells. and that has a lot to do with privacy. our deputies do have body
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cameras. those obviously did not capture this incident. we would turn those on after the -- we were notified of the incident to record the scene as we approached it. >> beth men were being held in a unit for prisoners with mental illness. the suspect was moved out of the general jail population and into an isolation unit. a correctional officer is recover after being attacked by a death row inmate 38-year-old richard pinieri was being secured when he used a makeshift weapon to slash the guard's forearm. he slashed another guard in 2006, he was sentenced back in to 02001 convicted of three murders. time is 4:09 what donald trump says the shackles are off. hillary clinton campaign has new problems of its own. doug luzader has more from
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washington. >> annually released clinton insider e-mails have moved beyond the realm of just the embarrassing and the fouling on divorce happening right now between donald trump and establishment republicans is anything but am equable. -- amicable. >> donald trump still pulls in a crowd, there was last night in florida independent bid for the white house. >> on november 8th so important. the arrogance of washington d.c. will come face to face with the righteous verdict of the american voter, you. >> trump lashed out at many establishment republicans especially house speaker paul ryan. but with problematic polling numbers, shunning the party carries real risks. >> if he disconnects from the party it's between one and i don't know how many percent and points but it makes a difference, he is just a man on his own now. >> hillary clinton, the polar
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opposite, her party support is never more evident, campaigned with al gore. new hacked e-mails suggest that president obama's justice department at one point gave a campaign official a heads up on legal issues surrounding clinton's e-mail server. and perhaps more shocking the night before a cnn primary debate against bernie sanders, democratic advice chair party don a brazil sent this, from time to time i get the questions in advance. and she alerted the campaign to a death penalty question that did indeed arise during the debate. and that is sure to raise question bus how that debate was administered and it will no doubt anger supporters of bernie sanders who think that the democrat be party had its thumb on the scales the entire time during the primary in favor of hillary clinton. in washington doug luzade fox news. las vegas is a step closer
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bringing the raider toss vegas. voted yesterday 16-5 for a plan financing a $1.9 billion stadium. the measure majority has support of casinos races revenue by increasing the hotel tax. this funding bill will go to the nevada state assembly tomorrow. a vote on the actual stadium proposal is not scheduled yet. mark davis is pledging to pay a quarter of the construction costs but any relocation moves still has to be approved by nfl team owner. time now is 4:11, another fire along the ironhorse trail, coming up at 4:30 the latest incident under investigation in an area that has seen a string of arsons. the san jose sharks will be back on the ice tonight four months after coming up short on the stanley cup finals.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. in addition to all of the local and state wide races, there are 17 state propositions on this year's balance lot. today ktvu's monty francis takes a look at two tax measures and a move to legalize recreational marijuana. >> the tax in prop 55 is not new, but an extension of a
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personal income tax increase approved by voters in the last election when they voted for prop 30 extending the income tax for 20 years earning $250,000 a year. a tax would generate between 4 and $9 billion a year for public schools and $2 billion a i don't remember for healthcare for low income patients. prop 56 would also help fund the state's medical program by hitting cigarette smokers where it hurts most, their wallets. the measure proposes increasing the tax on a pack of cigarettes from .97 by $2 to 2-point l $7. you might think this propose add tax on cigarettes is steep, it has one of the lowest cigarette taxes in the country. in new york the tax per pack is $4.35. an equivalent tax would apply to other tobacco products and e-
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cigarettes. tobacco companies have spent $56 million to defeat prop 56. if it passes the measure would bring in an additional 1 to $1..4 billion to state could have officers during the next fiscal year. if prop 64 passes, california would become the fourth u.s. state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, possessing up to an ounce of marijuana and allow individuals to grow as many as six pot plants. voters turned down a similar measure in 2010. this time, the initiative was partially bank rolled by football president sean parker. a 15% sales tax would generate more than a billion dollars annually for youth programs, environmental protection and law enforcement across the state. monty francis ktvu fox 2 news.
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you can take a look at both sides of each proposition by going to the politics section of well tonight the san jose sharks start their quest to the stanley cup finals. hoping to take it one step further this year. the sharks face off against the los angeles kings at the shark tank with the puck dropping at 7:30 tonight. fans can start the season early with a street rally outside the center, live music, face painting, food trucks and a slap shot both. fans can get their picture taken with the trophy. earned for winning the last conference last season. it starts at 5:00 this even going it's 4:17, let's go over to sal. are you recover from last night's giants game in the season ending? >> yeah, you know, it's -- disappointing but not unexpected. >> no. >> with that bullpen, any way. good morning, everyone.
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i do want to mention though that we have a couple of issues that i want to start with here that would be eastbound 580 on the has hacienda on ramp on eastbound 590 driving out toward liver moore. this truck flipped over on to its side. the truck is there, it is going to be there for awhile. the hacienda on ramp will be shut down for awhile as they clear that accident. so far it's not causing a huge traffic delay but i want you to know it's there, we done really know how it's going to impact the morning commute as more and more cars come through that area. we want to mention the still roy super commute, i do watch to talk about that, gill roy to san jose not a bad commute here. driving in through morgan hill it does look good all the way into the valley. let's talk about interstate l 80 north and southbound -- 980 north and southbound traffic is moving well in beth directions. it is still light on the way
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into the city. 418 let's go to receive. all right. sal, thank you, sir. we do have a pretty good fog bank again, although it retreated yesterday. a few high clouds came in, 60s and 90s. a repeat -- 70s, a repeat performance today. friday will be one of the main rain days along with sunday as well. but we have a little mist out there, that's not surprising. a swath of moisture coming across the pacific, a little bit of tap to typhoon/hurricane -- i will show you that in a second. a rather wet pattern for us we'll get some good rain here. west, southwest 40s, 50s, santa rosa says 49. cooler than yesterday. there are a few upper 40s. heels burring 52 in nevada. napa as well. 30 up in truckee, this will be
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a windy vin for the sierra. it is a warmer system. snow level should stay around 75,000 you, 80,000 feet. mostly sunny skies after the low clouds burn off. increasing clouds but then it's all eyes on the clouds, typhoon is falling apart. look at the moisture as it taps and goes straight across, that is what is taking aim at northern california. we won't get much, 4-5 up around the russian river, rain likely, late thursday, more likely into friday. again that is the main rain day friday morning, would plan for that. we get semi break on saturday. windy at times and showers. another system on sun city. timing late thursday to the north and overnight thursday into friday can you see here is the time line coming in here there. so early early friday morning, starts to move into the north. sweep over the entire area on
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friday morning into friday afternoon. 60s, upper 60s, 90s on your temps, i don't think they are going anywhere tomorrow, increasing clouds, rain and wind on friday. showers off and on. breezy. the next system on sunday. >> thank you, steve. you're welcome. 4:21 is the time right now, they make everything from smart phones to self driving cars. the chinese company that set up in san jose and the changes it brings to the american tech industry start, next week. cover girl has its first ever cover boy, will you meet the newest spokes model. s model.
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4:24 is the time. you are looking at little rock, arkansas where a 993-year-old bridge in -- 93-year-old bridge was stronger than a demolition team expected, it should have taken 30 seconds to bring the bridge down, it was structurally deficient, sturdier than the experts thought. the explosives did weaken the bridge. it had to be torn down by happen. three other explosions are to take down the rest of the bridge. comcast was slapped with a $2.3 million fine for collecting unauthorized charges
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from customers, accusing comcast negative option billing charging customers for channels, boxes and other equipment that they never requested. this is the biggest fine the fcc has ever issued against a cable company. time now 4:25, we are getting our first look at the new air traffic tower, dead case ceremony was held yesterday and this new tower starts operating on saturday. it's it 21 feet tall, it has state of the -- 221 feet stall, state of the art equipment. solar power and a roof garden. the new tower is designed to with stand a magnitude 9.0 earth -- 9.0 earthquake. goggle of china starting selling, la echo, global headquarters are in san jose, you and most people probably never heard of it. making smart phones, tv's, smart bikes and self driving cars.
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it's also a movie production studio. in disease it will release a movie called the great wall starring matt day monday. -- damon. told us how leeco is different. >> they are very much a hardware company at their core, even though we sell hardware the difference for us is we are really an internet content and service company at our core. >> now he also says leeco engineers worked together on all platform so all the products work together. americans may not fall in love with chinese products that sell for mid range products. believing october 19th launch will be the part of a new era for american consumer. cover girl is making history. the company has announceddity first ever cover boy. his name is james charles. he is 17 years old, a senior in high school. james is a makeup artist with
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nearly will 30,000 -- 430,000 social media, right alongside katie perry. >> what do you think? >> nice, love it. the 49ers are making a quarterback change, colin kaepernick are getting nods for sunday, what chip kelly said about that decision. but first the string of burglaries at an east by lgbt community center, what was left behind during the latest one that has officers investigating this add a hate crime -- as a hate crime. we are looking at a commute that doesn't look too bad here on the east shore freeway, it looks like it's doing well, we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead. a little mist out there, overall day similar to yesterday, it's tomorrow when we start to increase the clouds and rain is on the way.
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well good morning to you, welcome back to mornings on 2. wednesday, october 12th, i'm stave clark. good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. on ramp to interstate 580 in pleasanton shut down after a ups truck crashed overnight. alley russ husband is at the -- russmus is at the scene. >> this is just off the hacienda on ramp, it's a ups truck, it's got packages inside. chp officer says it's about 10,000 pounds, the driver told chp he was driving eastbound on 580 and eating a snack, eating some pretzels and he lost consciousness. chp doesn't know if he was choking on the pretzels, driver said next thing he knew he felt a rattling, he hit the -- one


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