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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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well good morning to you, welcome back to mornings on 2. wednesday, october 12th, i'm stave clark. good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. on ramp to interstate 580 in pleasanton shut down after a ups truck crashed overnight. alley russ husband is at the -- russmus is at the scene. >> this is just off the hacienda on ramp, it's a ups truck, it's got packages inside. chp officer says it's about 10,000 pounds, the driver told chp he was driving eastbound on 580 and eating a snack, eating some pretzels and he lost consciousness. chp doesn't know if he was choking on the pretzels, driver said next thing he knew he felt a rattling, he hit the -- one of the lamp posts here on the
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side of the freeway and then his truck tipped over. right now you can see they have a heavy duty tow truck beyond that truck with the flashing lights, but there is some airbags that they have underneath the trailer of this 18-wheeler and they are trying to inflate those airbags to help the tow truck pull that vehicle up right. we done have a time line when they are going to get this work done, when they are going to open up this on ramp. eastbound hacienda at 580, as they work on this, it could be anywhere 45 minutes to another hour, hour and a half before they get this stretch of freeway back open again, back to you guys. thank you very much. and again the hacienda on ramp to 580 is shut down.
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back heville, fairfield, vallejo 27 minute drive between those two points. into the cordelia junction to 680, some people use 680. live picture of the by bridge toll plaza, you can see traffic is moving along nicely. and the morning commute is doing well on northbound 290 getting up to highway 17, that commute is off to a good start. for today's weather let's go to steven the weather center. sal, we have a little mist out there, a little drizzle, commuters should be advised by that. some higher clouds and low clouds but mostly sunny today, it's tomorrow when we start to increase the cloud cover and there is a lot out there and a lot on the way especially late thursday and friday when rain begins. i don't want to say you might want to gather wood and animals, but, i've seen
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projections about 20 plus inches of rain, i'm not kidding. west, southwest, breezes is there, lows are cooler, upper 40s, 50s, 49 that's by the concord pavilion which is a lot different than concord bow can than by far. brentwood and liver moore upper 40s. can you feel it. 30 in truckee. 50 sacramento, not much change today. about the same as yesterday. 60s and 90s. we will have the -- 90s. we will have the low cloud deck. nothing happens until late thursday or friday but then boy does it ever. look at some of the projections through sunday into monday. i mean there might be more than that especially up on the north coast i would think. would not be surprised by about 4-5 inches of rain. he one will get in on widespread rains here. 60s and also 70s today. back to pam and dave. >> thank you, steve.
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there has been another fire along the ironhorse trail. investigators say about a dozen suspected arsons have broken out right on that trail. this fire started about 9:30 last night. firefighters put it out and no one was hurt. police haven't made any arrests yet in this string of arson. dart police are investigating a a man and woman were walking to their car on the second level of the parking garage just before midnight on monday when they were robbed at gun point. the suspect told them to put their valuables in the car then a woman joined him and two took off in the victim's 2004 silver bmw. the victim's iphones and personal items were stolen, police have not released suspect descriptions yet. time is 4:34, police in concord investigating four burglaries at and lgbt center, rain but community center is on
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willow pass road, they help people as 11 years old and as old as 98. one burglary is also being investigated as a hate crime. >> this is the door they were breaking in. >> robin is the operations manager at the rain but community center in cop cord. the lgbt q center has been the scene of four burglaries. >> as can you see they tried to get in again with a screw driver. >> police say each time the robbers came in through the same glass door which has been replaced numerous times. getting away with laptops, projectors, desk top computers with employees social community numbers. >> we know from our done ors that the credit cards were used to purchase hotel rooms, purchase pizza. purchase gift cards at like auto parts stores. >> the most recent crime happened on the 5th of october.
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that time police say the thieves left behind disturbing why if i at this with hate speech toward the lgbtq community, officers investigate that had incident as a hate time. >> this hurts. it is intended to try to swim date us. >> the crimes are usually happening overnight between 2:00-4:00 in the morning. officers told the center a way they can step up their security which they have done by adding this metal security fence and reinforcing doors. money that workers would rather spend on people of the community. that money goes a long ways toward food are to seniors in the food pantry or for the youth program. everything, you know, costs money and that is a lot of money we could have used forwards other services. >> workers are not sure who the suspects are. but familiar with the inside of the organization. their sacred space has been tarnished, that will not stop them from serving this
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community. >> their safe space is still safe. just because it was compromised and that this -- that we are not going away, we are not scared paul chambers. police are checking surveillance video from the area, they are also increasing patrols to further protect the building. a san jose state university water polo player accused of sexually assaulting two women has left the country. the university says two student the reported the international freshman water polo player had raped them over the labor day weekend. the athlete was interviewed by campus officials and city police. he denied the allegations. the university suspended the student while the district attorneys office investigated the case. now the university says it appears the student has left the country. well cal fire expects to have the wildfire in napa county completely contained by tonight. it's called the creek fire starting monday afternoon 3
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miles west. burned 65-acre whose far, cal fire says it's 80% contained. that is mostly because there are concern bus hot spots that keep flaring up. all evacuation orders have been lifted now. warning drivers in napa county give the right of way to the fire equipment out there. bees are also being flamed for starting a grass fire that threatened two homes. according to the end pep den journal someone was trying to smoke out bows when the grass near by caught fire. it started yesterday afternoon at the edge of the old saint hillary's open space preserve, burned an acre and a half, no homes were burned and no one was hurt. climate change has caused wildfires in california and across the west to be twice as destructive over the past 30 years according to new studies that found temperatures and forested parts of the west increased about 2.5 degrees
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since st. 90 -- 1990 and expected to keep going up. this study by scientists at the university of idaho and columbia university, the very first to identify the impact of climate change on wildfires. researchers say they expect wildfires to become more destructive in the years to come. we have an update to a story we first reported on yesterday's mornings on 2 about a homeless man found dead in the parking lot of a lowe's store of the 38 homicides this year, this was the 9th victim who was homeless. state professor on justice study says the reason is partly do you to the growing numbers of people who are homeless. >> if we are going to have these massive populations of folks that done have the safety of a home and have the other kind of safety providing aspects of a community, that they are going to be vulnerable to all sorts of things. >> police have not found any
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witnesses to this latest homicide. and they do not believe that the nine homeless killings are connected there time is 4:40, i don't know if we'll soon be saying the las vegas raiders, it may be a step closer to happening at 5:00 the plan to pay for a billion dollars stadium. police a couple of golden state warriors hitting the links today, the other big names playing with them at the safe way open pro am in napa. it's still doing well out there for the most part any way, off to a decent start. a live look at 24 now, it looks pretty good into oakland. temperatures have settled in, 60s and 70s on the high side. not much change today but it all begins tomorrow.
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welcome -- welcome back. brain took over in his 13th start the 49ers have gone 4 and 9 including a 1 and 4 start to this season. now it's kaepernick's turn to see if he can do better. says he is excited. >> i'm ready to step on that field, i'm ready to play. it's been about a year since live game action. so, i'm itch to go get out there. >> we are analytical sat done as a staff and watched tape and went over everything, we had a couple days to digest everything where we are, offensively we need to be better and make a move. it's not brain's fault i think it's as a group offensively we need to be better in a lot of
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ways. >> he says is he not happy with the demotion but plans to come into work the same way he has the past three years with team. happening today, steph curry moved from playing basketball to playing golf. the both of them are really good solvers. steph is better than andre. curry was pair weekend tiger woods for today's event until tiger pulled out saying he is just not ready to return from two back surgeries. another big i can't traction in napa will be golfer phil mickelson. both curry and iggy are expected to be back in time for tonight's open warriors practice starting at 6:00 p.m. costing $5, proceeds will benefit the warriors community foundation but we just check
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weekend the warriors website the practice is sold out. war cross open their regular season on october 25th. we are taking the kids to the practice tonight. >> i know you are. >> we got the warriors -- it should be fun. moving on to basketball now. >> you know what it's an embarrassment of rich's we have here in the by area, warriors are expected to do well, raiders are doing well. but hey at least we have a new quarterback. >> we have some -- yes, the sharks, we have great teams in the by area. >> there you go. >> baseball is done for me, moving on to basketball. i want to mention what we have been talking about since we went on the air at 4:00. that big rig that is onity side down hacienda on ramp. these are live pictures of the truck that flipped over. chp says the driver told chp officers that he had trouble while he was eating a snack and
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briefly lost consciousness and ended up on the side of the road here with his truck flipped to the side, took out a lamp pole. fortunately the injuries were not severe. but, that truck is there, it's loaded down with 10,000 pounds of cargo. you see there is -- it looks like a pumpkin but it's an airbag that they are inflating to kind of get that thing help the truck become right again. and -- or be righted, i should say. this is on the hacienda on ramp eastbound 580 closed until they do that. it could be a up couple hours. in the non-commute direction for most people. westbound 580 as you come in on 205 and 580 through the altamont pass, the traffic is going to be slow as it normally is through the tracy commute here. and moving along to the bay bridge toll plaza it is light as you drive into san francisco from oakland. and there are no major problems
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really going either way either into or out of san francisco. 4:46, let's bring steven, good morning, steve. i learned something there, sal, they in plate -- in plate, when the bed is has fallen on its side. >> enough to get the hooks on it to right it, if you will. >> thank you for that. we do have quiet conditions, the fog is there. most locations say cloud i don't to mostly cloudy, the fog is making a god push here. a few high clouds toward the south. kind of a quiet day but cooler. i looked at the moisture streaming across, this looks like and absolute slam dunk for the north coast, not until late thursday into friday. then again off and on late saturday into sunday. maybe one more weak system on tuesday. there will be a breeze over 0 the next couple days it could be down right windy heading towards friday. upper 40s, 50s, there are cooler conditions here, woodside is checking in at 49, stanford 53, so everyone is
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pretty close. san carlos is hanging in there as well. 31 in truck i don't. more of a windy vent and rain than snow. so keep that in mind. this will be a warmer system, snow will be pretty high. don't think the snow levels drop until sunday and even that they will still be high. should be above the pass levels but there will be howling wind up there. for us mostly sunny after the cloud deck burns back, the moisture source beginning to stream across. and it's all tapped into typhoon that is now falling apart. as it does that moisture is moving across specific getting caught up in a fast jet stream and this holds an abundance of moisture, record levels for this time of year and that is going to translate into extremely heavy rain up north, a possibility between now and next wednesday of about 22 inches of rain for parts of del moore and humble county. i would not be surprised if the russian river area north,
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getting from 2-4 or 5, have to keep an eye on this through monday morning. there could be more than that. there is going to be heavy amounts to the north, this is the first good rain for everybody this season, the timing looks to be thursday, then there you go early friday that is heavy rain over santa rosa into lake county as well, that will be overnight. fog, drizzle. mostly sunny after that fog bank burns off. 60s on the temps. turning cloudy tomorrow. south wind might be on the mild side. we bring it on friday, rainy, windy day, breezy break day but still some showers in the mix saturday, late saturday into sunday here comes your next system. >> so pretty rainy over the weekend to everybody who has outdoor plans. >> would have a plan b. >> kids playing sports. >> saturday might be all right. >> a lot of high school football on saturday. >> soccer, i have heard that, too. >> my friend john says why do
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they schedule kids soccer games at sunday at 4:30 in the afternoon, he done want to go. -- doesn't want to go. 4:50 is the time right now, an act of kindness by a hayward police officer, how he helped a homeless family after pulling their car over for expired tags.
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welcome back 4:52, the death toll from hurricane matthew keeps rising, 36 deaths reported here in the u.s. blamed on the storm, about half of them in north carolina. more than 2000 people were rescued in north carolina when their homes became severely flooded. 4000 people are still in relief shelters, the power is still out to a quarter million people. we ain't got power, we got nothing. >> no water. >> no water, no nothing. >> the president obama has sign addis as at the declaration for states including north and south carolina. emergency responders are warning the flooding danger also continue for the next several days. a lot of people killed were trapped in their cars by rising water. in the meantime the death toll in the care rebone from the hurricane is more than 1000. taking a knee during the national anthem has become a common form of protest for pro athletes. but it was the singer who took
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a knee during the sacramento kings first game in their new arena monday night. dropped to one knee while singing the phonal words of the stars spangled banner, she plained her action taking a knee felt like the most patriotic thing i could do. she went on too say i cannot widely stand by as black people are profiled, harassed and killed by law enforcement over and over. fans had mixed reactions. >> to me it was on the wrong stage and wrong platform to do it. we've always stood as a sign of respect. >> i think it's been a god benefit for our -- good benefit for our country to be a dialogue and get action. it's one thing to kneel, if you are not going to do anything after that then what's the point? >> the sacramento kings release add statement saying, we respect the personal decision of lisa to exercise her freedom of speech. now to an act of kindness
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involving a by area police officer during a traffic stop. when the officer pulled a car over he discovered a family in need. >> frequent stops, you always see people with broken taillights. >> johnathan mccloud stops cars with expired tags all the time. when he pulled over a woman and her two kids could tell this was different. >> i could tell they had either been living in the vehicle or they go from place to place in that vehicle. >> the woman stopped in the parking lot on a street. >> she gave me her license, my license is suspended right now. and, you know, this is all i have. me and my children we go from shelter to shelter. >> could have toed her car but instead he asked her a simple question. >> are the kids eaten, she said no, go in here, let's go inside and get something to eat. >> it was taken by a man who saw this officer's good deed. you see the woman and her two
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kids officer mccloud is standing behind her. the man offered money. and quickly left without giving her a ticket of i asked if he told anyone about what he did for the this woman. >> not at all. it's just something i just wanted to keep to myself. >> the man who took the photo alerted hayward pd, he hopes his gesture of good will gives another perspective on police. each person i make contact with i want to leave them with the impression that wow, that officer from hayward, he was a great guy. >> the impact that that one encounter had, that one moment that officer mccloud had with that lady is going to resonate for the rest of her life and her children, too. >> this woman is also homeless and stays in her car. >> oh, my gosh it's so inspirational being someone who is currently homeless myself, hearing something like this inspires me to keep going, it means there are good police officers out there. >> in hayward henry lee ktvu fox 2 news.
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>> great story. time is 4:56, well the pain is still very real this morning for you giants fans, up next what some of the players are saying about last night's season ending loss to the cubs. big changes could be coming to the san francisco police department, the new report coming out from a justice accident review. already have a couple problems out there but for the most part it's a decent wednesday commute as we take a live look at highway 4. it is getting crowded heading over to concord. another pretty good push on the fog bank, a few high clouds, not much change today but bigger changes start tomorrow tomorrow
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f0 good morning. the even year magic is headed for the giants. a top season ending loss to the cubs last night. what the manager and the players have to say about that 9th inning collapse. donald trump and hillary clinton continue to push for votes today. coming up next, find out just how much support each of the candidates are receiving from their political parties. welcome back to mornings on
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2. an jose state athlete banned from campus and accused of two sexual assaults. this is a live picture of the aquatic center where the water polo player was practicing. what he's accused of doing and the problem investigators are having in this case. thanks for joining us this morning. it's wednesday, october 12th, i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check the weather. same as yesterday. cool in the morning. little mix around the bay. not a big deal, but it is there. after the fog, low clouds burn off. but they are making a good surge there. it's going to be a day of 60s and 70s again. clouds are racing ahead. but they won't really arrive until thursday and for sure thursday into friday. decent breeze and still a breeze most of the day. upper 40s, mid-50s. there are more 40s this morning


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