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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  October 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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when and how much to expect. and a 300-pound trespassing bear caught on surveillance taking a swim. "the four on 2" starts now. it is the calm before the storms. emergency crews around the bay area are preparing for one of the biggest storms we have seen this year. welcome to "the four on 2". i'm ted rowlands. >> and i'm heather holmes. that storm is set to sweep through starting later tonight. we want to go right now to chief meteorologist bill martin. you have been tracking this system, bill, and it looks like it's expected to bring some pretty significant rainfall. >> heather and ted, it's a series of weather systems. it's not just one. it's a train of moisture off the pacific. mark my words on. this north of here, north of, say, humboldt county, into oregon and washington this is going to be an historical rain event north of us. they are going to have excessive rain, similar to the
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'63 columbus day storm. significant rainfall and wind, and the downside for them, it's warm, and no snow. mostly rain, so there's going to be water. when it hits the hills, it's coming out. here's the moisture. we're going to get wet, too. we may get a couple of inches, maybe three inches, but we're not going to see a foot of rain. that's in far northern california. there's the moisture plume. let's go out 2,000 miles. let's go out 4,000 miles. this plume extends back across the dateline. it is tapped into a dying typhoon, a major typhoon, and it's just got everything you need. this is what a big-time weather system looks like. the reason most likely that it's not impacting the bay area as much, and it will, is that we're talking about the jet stream this time of year being a little bit further north, because we're still basically fall. the jet stream, if it was kicked a little further south, we would be in for it.
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now we're in for it but not to the tune of 12 inches. more of the tune of maybe three inches in san francisco, maybe four or five inches north of santa rosa, then it really unloads right up here. so let's take a look at some of the specifics. heavy rain starts overnight tonight. like 3:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m. friday morning. maybe a half inch to three inches. the wind will be significant down here as well. and the morning commute, hammered. friday morning commute is going to be a wet one. for the next five days, that's a foot of rain. that's in crescent city. you get in the hills, up in the trinity alp srksz any kind of pope 0 graphic feature is going to grab this and squeeze it out. you get 11 inches here, you've got 16 inches here. that's where we are. we still get real rain around here. south of san jose almost two inches of rain. friday morning's commutes are wet. we'll time out the rain cefnt and sigh back here.
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one of the most worrisome areas, fire zones. after 18 days of flames, cal fire officials now say the loma fire is finally 100% contained. but full containment doesn't mean there aren't some hot spots like this one on loma chiquita road. there's a major danger of mud and debris slides since the burnt soil has no vegetation to hold it in place when the forecasted storm arrives overnight. all the dirt's been turned up. we've done all the dozer work, which we're grateful, but that creates slush. we call it peanut butter. so we're looking to make sure that we get everything -- notice there are some sandbaggings around the telephone lines and whatnot to make sure they don't come down. >> residents whose homes were damaged are busy boarding up.
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they say a little bit of rain would be great but a downpour could be disastrous. >> the roads will obviously be pretty wet with the potential for flooding. alex savidge with the warning of dangerous driving conditions. >> reporter: well, the chp is bracing for a very busy morning commute tomorrow. the first serious rain we've had here in the bay area since march, and that will certainly mean slick roads and like al whole lot of crashes. this is a look at highway 101 at lucky drive, a spot that always tends to flood when we have rain. now before you hit the road tomorrow the chp says it is a good idea to check the tire pressure on your car. also check to make sure your windshield wipers are work properly. and biall means, take it slow. >> our biggest recommendation is give yourself time. if the major rain is going to be during the morning commute, then anticipate a slower commute than normal. allow yourself more time to get to work. leave earlier if you can.
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but ultimately, just have patience. >> reporter: this storm is expected to bring heavy rain and also powerful winds that could bring down trees. up in mill valley today, tree trimmers were out cutting away dead branches so they don't fall down on to pg&e power lines. pg&e says it does this work year-round but it is particularly important before a major rainstorm like this one. the utility sleets also be tracking tomorrow's storm to make sure that crews are in position and ready to respond in case of outages. >> so we have a meteorology team that's constant monitoring the weather, making sure we know exactly where a storm might be coming through, so we can have the amount of crews in the right locations. >> i got some things i'm pulling in from the outside, make sure nothing gets wet, making sure all my windshield wipers and everything is set up. tires. i mean, i deliver ice cream for a living, so that's the biggest thing, making sure i'm safe on
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the road. >> reporter: at the man -- at the manzanita park and ride, signs are up. this lot tends to flood during storms. we've also seen homeowners clearing out gutters as well. since we haven't had any significant rain in so long, the chp says a lot of people tend to forget how to drive in wet conditions. some of their advice, take it a little bit slower and also give yourself plenty of distance between your car and the car in front of you. inmarin county, alex savidge, ktvu fox 2 news. the campaign trail running through the bay area for one last time for hillary clinton before next month's election. thousands waited in line you know san francisco before heading in to see the democratic presidential nominee. >> the media was not allowed at today's fund-raiser held at the
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bill grahame civic auditorium but lots of supporters were. tara moriarty in the city where the line to get in stretched hundreds of people deep. >> reporter: there were so many people, basically the length of four city blocks. this is over the course of more than two hours, just to give you an idea of how many people there were. they were extremely fired up. they did all believe that hillary clinton would indeed be the next president of the united states. it began with a surprise visit to hillary clinton's campaign headquarters on van nest avenue. the former secretary of state was presented with a home made picture of herself by the granddaughter of nancy pelosi. then was on to the bill grahame civic auditorium for a lunch. >> i think this is a really cool opportunity to be able to be a part of something big, and when else can we maybe meet a president. >> this year is obviously crazy and historic, and in many ways different than anything else
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that's happened. so i think it's a great time to get out there and vote. >> reporter: the line to get in wrapped around the entire plaza. >> i'm very surprised that the polls are close at all. so hopefully she has this election in the bag. >> reporter: hillary supporters paid between $45 and 50 grand for a ticket. >> every single election people say this is the most important election of a lifetime. i actually think fundamentally this is the most important election potentially in my lifetime. >> reporter: with the access hollywood tape surfacing last week some see this election as a slam dunk for hillary now. >> it's interesting that all of this drama, people are just waking up to. it all existed before. it's nothing new. we all knew it. >> for me it's kind of a no- brainer. i think symbolically to have the first female president would be a huge achievement. >> we have a young daughter, and we sure hope she wins.
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>> reporter: now, you may not have been able to see her leave but you could hear the cheers. this is her last bay area event. she is on her way to los angeles. she is going to do a taping of tell len show, then she will attend a fund-raiser dipper in beverly hills, then it's on to those key battleground states to try to close the gap before november 8th. live in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news jiefnlt florida today donald trump strongly denied those allegations that he groped or kissed women against their wishes, and he accused the news media of conspiring against him to elect hillary clinton. >> we've seen this firsthand in the wikileaks documents in which hillary clinton meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of u.s. sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers, her special interest friends
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and her donors. >> four women have come forward in the past 24 hours accusing the republican nominee of sexually harassing them. today first lady michele obama was among those expressing outrage. >> this is disgraceful. it is intolerable. and it doesn't matter what party you belong to, democrat, republican, independent. no woman deserves to be treated this way. none of us deserve this kind of abuse. >> now, today trump said that he would sue the "new york times" over its story. the times said it stands by its reporting. we're going to take a look now at this from "time" magazine. now, on the left sits cover from back in august showing donald trump's face melting. the caption then read, meltdown. well, on the slight a cover released just this morning for an upcoming issue, and it's a similar illustration with donald trump's face in what looks like a puddle with the caption now total meltdown. that new issue is due out
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october 4th. well, each candidate seems to be facing their own troubles right now and digging out of some sort of controversy for more. let's bring in san francisco chronicles jill garafoley. let's start with donald trump, the groping allegation. how much do they matter given that audiotape and everything else that has happened to this point? >> they matter in two ways. one is the fact that you and i are talking about now and we're not talking about anything else. that's bad for trump especially since's behind. he needs to turn this conversation right now where people are really paying attention to the race to something other than these allegations which are universally panned as just horrible. the other thing it's starting to make a dent in the polls in places that matter. the philadelphia suburbs, a place which is key to wing
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pennsylvania, women are flocking to hillary clinton. we also see the latest poll in north carolina, a swing state that was very tight and has been tight the last couple of psych cats. clinton is pulling ahead there. but ohio still tied. >> hillary clinton here in california picking up some cash. michele obama in her place on the campaign trail. boy in new hampshire she really ripped interest trump, not using his name, but it was obvious what she was talking about. and the way she did it, she really painted him out to be a despicable person in the way that he treats women. she seems like a pretty good person to put out there, and that message is the one to deliver at this point. is it not? >> arguably she is clinton's best surrogate at this point. and what was so powerful about michele obama's speech today is that it was spoken like real people terms. what everyone could understand about it. she speaks not only as someone
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who has achieved great successes in the corporate world and is at the highest levels of the political world, but as a mom and as a sister and as a daughter, and someone with two daughters of her own. and she just -- between her speech at the convention and her speech today, those are two of the most powerful things that have been said during this campaign so far. >> let's switch gears. harris and sanchez. you have been covering this as well, but, boy, it's a race that has a lot at stake, a senate seat, but we just aren't hearing a whole lot of a lot about what's going on. why? >> well, for a couple of reasons. number one, loretta sanchez isn't campaigning all that much. she was in the bay area yesterday, and she did a quick round of interviews up here, but for the most part she hasn't ventured far outside of her orange county home and base. and the reason for that is that she hasn't raised a lot of money. you don't see a lot of
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commercials on it. we're just starting to see commercials from the harris campaign. they would like to keep it as low key as possible because they have a nice big lead. when you have a nice big lead you like to put it in basketball terms, you go to the four corners offense, pass the ball around to try and waste as much time and burn as much clock as you can. >> all right, joe, appreciate the insight as always. thanks. >> it is always good to be here. killed in the line of duty. we will tell you about this somber remembrance today for a fallen sheriff's deputy in southern california. plus, we are getting our first look at a boat that capsized during fleet week festivities. the latest on the investigation coming up next.
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some scary moments for students in the east bay as a suspect search forced two schools to be put on lockdown. sky fox was overhead when police searched the area near spring hill elementary in lafayette. now, this all started around 10:30 this morning when police in pleasant hills chased those two suspects into this area. about an hour later the two men were taken into custody, and that lockdown was lifted. there is no word on what initially started that pursuit. the boat that capsized and sank over the weekend was raised from the bottom of the bay today. this is video from sky fox. san francisco police used sonar to locate the 34-foot cabin cruiser. 30 people were tossed into the bay on saturday when the boat
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capsized during fleet week celebrations. everyone is now out of the hospital and expected to be okay. police said the boat may have been overloaded. a 25-year-old man is now under arrest for allegedly assaulting a police officer in san bruno. that officer was responding to a report of a man breaking into a car in the parking lot of the ihop there on el camino real just west of sfo. investigators say that the suspect then tried to run over the officer who was on foot. he has been booked into the san mateo county jill and is facing felony charges. the man accused of planting bombs in new york and new jersey today pleaded not guilty. ahmad ray rahimi was arraigned from his hospital bed, charged with attempted murder of a police officer. the afghan born u.s. citizen is accused of detonating a pressure cooker bomb on september 17th injuring 31
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people and detonating a pipe bomb in new jersey. rahimi is being held on $5.2 million bond. two boston police officers who were shot last night while responding to a domestic disturbance call are now out of surgery and listed in critical condition. the gunman was later killed in a wild shoot-out with other police officers. the two wounded officers are veterans of the department. one has been on the force for 28 years, the other for 12 years. the gunman confronted them wearing body armor and firing an assault rifle. >> it was two males, roommates type disturbance. and again, domestic calls, as you know, are probably the most volatile. you never really know what you're walking into. >> now, the suspect was identified as a 33-year-old. neighbors were ordered to stay in their homes as police surrounded him. he was killed in a gun battle with police just after midnight. well, thousands of police officers, officials, and
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supporters turned out to bid farewell to a hero today. a long procession taking place before the memorial service for sergeant steve owen, a decorated 29-year veteran of the los angeles county sheriff's department. he was killed last week in the line of duty while responding to a burglary call. governor jerry brown, the state attorney general and sheriff jim mcdonald were among those paying their respects to 0 we haven't. a gang member who prosecutors say ambushed and killed palm springs officers reportedly pled not guilty today. this afternoon 26-year-old john hernandez felix was arraigned on first-degree murder charges. prosecutors say wore body armor and used armor piercing bullets when he opened fire on officers would came to the door. 63-year-old gil vega and 27- year-old officer lester died in the shooting. this year's election has definitely been heated. and with all of the discourse,
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officials are saying more and more people register to vote. details about the uptick when "the four on 2" returns.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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all seems beautiful to me. early voting in the presidential election is underway here in the bay area and in many states across the country. as ktvu's tom vacar reports some areas are expecting a record voter turnout. >> reporter: at this cafe in alameda there's a slice of
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americana that happens in thousands of cafes every day. discussions just as important as breakfast. though opinions here differ on who to vote for, it seems everyone thinks voting is essential this time. >> well, i think more important this time, in my opinion. >> reporter: why is that? >> trump. i don't like trump. >> reporter: some people say, you know, they're all the same, it doesn't really matter and all that. due believe that? >> well, he said some mean things about women. turned me off. >> reporter: i'm a firm believer that it's our duty and right to vote, and we should all get out there and do it and try to persuade which way this ends up. otherwise it's going to be the same old same old. this is the year that everything changes. >> reporter: everyone seems to agree that this election is like no other. >> it's pretty crazy right now. but i think it's pretty clear. i'm not going to say anything
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too much. but i think we need to get out and vote. and then you look at the national election for the presidency, the highest seat in the land, and it's just garbage what they're doing to each other. this isn't politics. this is fighting. >> the most bizarre election i've ever witnessed. >> reporter: why? >> well, because the candidates are so controversial. there's so much controversy around hillary with e-mails and donald trump with whatever he says. >> reporter: in alameda county we're looking at record setting votes. at the beginning of the year our registration was rung right around 800,000 voters. as of this date we're at 850,000 voters and growing. >> reporter: registrar dupree expects a record turnout. >> i believe we will. if i take a look at the last presidential election, we saw around 70% turnout. i expect at least that this time. >> reporter: alameda county, like every bay area county, needs paid poll workers to make sure the election goes off smoothly. if you are interested, sign up
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now. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> well, if you are thinking about flying over the thanksgiving or christmas holidays, get ready to dig deeper into your wallet. there is a higher than usual spike in airfares during the holiday travel period this year. travel experts say flying for thanksgiving will cost you more because, of course, there are fewer travel days that people want to use. for example, flying to new york will cost over $1,000 for a round trip. that's where the price stands now. right after thanksgiving week, of course, fares will drop until christmas week, then skyrocket again. >> they do it because they can. same thing like hawaii. if you are going to go over christmas, it could be as much as $2500 round trip. the closer you get to the travel time, the more expensive the fares. >> of course, at these higher than normal airfares, if they don't sell the airlines will lower them as the holiday
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approaches. contact your travel professional to find the best fare possible. flooding left behind from hurricane matthew continues to take lives. we'll update the res kind recovery efforts. plus, we continue our in- depth coverage into this year's election. next, hear from supporters for and against one of the most talked about ballot initiatives this year involving the price of prescription drugs. "the four on 2" will be right back. ♪
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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well, there is a lot on the ballot this year including those 17 statewide ballot measures. it is the first time this many initiatives have been put before the voters since 2000. in our 2016 coverage bonnie francis breaks down several of these propositions dealing with money and politics, bilingual ed you occasions and one of the most controversial, the cost of prescription drugs. >> reporter: it is not often a state ballot measure concerns the u.s. supreme court, but prop 59 asks california voters to weigh in on citizens united, a high court decision in 2010 that opened the doortown limited political spending by corporations. prop 59 instructs california's congressional members to pursue a constitutional amendment that would overturn that decision. the ballot measure is all about
4:31 pm
sending a message. it's not legally binding, and there's no consequence if congressional members don't comply. there are 1.4 million students in california public schools who don't speak english at home or one in five students. prop 58 would change how many of them learn by overturning a measure passed by voters in 1998 that did away with most bilingual education in california public schools. the measure provides more flexibility to schools to offer a variety of bilingual programs rather than english-only classes. the stated goal of prop 61 is to lower prescription drug prices. it proposes to do this by barring state programs, such as medi-cal, from paying more for a drug than the lowest price paid by the federal veterans affairs department, which gets big discounts. opponents say it would have
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unintended consequences and would actually cause the drug companies to raise prices for veterans affairs. the claim is impossible to prove because it all depends on what the drug companies do if prop 61 passes. one thing is clear, however. the drug companies don't want the measure to pass. big pharma has spent $86 million to fight prop 61. monte francis, ktvu fox 2 news. so we want to take a closer look at both of the arguments before and against prop 61. debora is a registered nurse, co-president of the california nurses association. she is here supporting the mrchlt kathie fairbanks is with the no on prop 61 campaign. thank you both for being here. so monte mentioned in his piece there, he kind of laid out what this proposition will do. deb, i want to start with you. why is this good for california? >> because, one, it will save california taxpayers money for all of the programs that we as
4:33 pm
taxpayers support for patients on medi-cal and the prison population, and it also helps us as nurses provide the care that we know our patients need, because right now they are making life saving decisions based on whether they can afford a medication or no. and we believe that they shouldn't have to make choices between paying the rent and buying their medications. >> kathie, though, you argue that this is a flued measure. >> right. >> why? >> debora mentioned taxpayer costs and saving the state money. unfortunately this won't do that. we understand that -- and i sense the frustration. i am frustrated with drug costs and healthcare costs and the urge to do something. but proposition 61 isn't the answer as it relates to saving the state money, the independent nonpartisan analyst actually said that proposition 61 could end up costing the state money, making drug prices more expensive.
4:34 pm
>> and how it will do that? >> it has to do with invalidating discounts that the medi-cal fee for service program currently gets from drug manufacturers. if the contracts are invalidated, the state would still have to buy the drug, no martie the cost, because medicare -- or medi-cal's fee for service federal program. it wouldn't matter if we were paying more than the va price. they would have to be purchased anyway. >> i have also seen the ad, and it says that this will actually end up costing veterans more for their prescriptions. will it really? >> yes. actually, the u.s. department of veterans affairs estimated that if prop 61 passes it could increase their costs by up to $3.8 billion a year. that is a lot of money. that is a hole that they are going to have to fill either through cutting services or passing those costs along to veterans. that is why we have two dozen veteran service organizations like the american legion, veterans of foreign wars on the no on 61 side. and there is past history.
4:35 pm
this similar policy was tried in 1990, extending va pricing to other federal agencies, and the va at the time worried costs would go up, and sure enough, that's exactly what happened. >> and deborah, what do you say to that argument? do you believe that that will, in fact, happen? >> we don't believe. that we believe that those are scare tactics because we have, again, as many veterans organizations endorsing prop 6 1, and we also have a number of other organizations that have looked at the impact of the legislation and said that it will save taxpayers money as well as the state of california for purchasing drugs and the fact that seven other states do have programs such as this in place already and have saved money is the biggest issue. and then the fact that if -- it's one of those things where the pharmaceutical industry is already put up hundreds of
4:36 pm
thousands, and millions of dollars to fight this campaign, shows what's at stake in this proposition. >> kathie, some argue that this is really about the drug companies wanting to protect their bottom line. >> this is about a whole bunch of things. it's about how proposition 61 isn't going to address the issue of drug costs in california. >> but how it will not? because if the state is forced -- is allowed to pay what the va pays, which is heavily reduced, right, to those in the calpers program, how would that not end up saving the state money? >> it actually wouldn't work like that. it's very complicated. medi-cal is under requirements from the federal government to pay what the drug costs because they have to provide all medically necessary drugs. prop 61 can't supersede. that calpers, you mentioned calpers. they actually worry they will
4:37 pm
face an increased cost under prop 6 1. they also worry they could face decreased access to certain drugs for calpers members. so calpers could lose access to drugs if they can't reach an agreement with the manufacturers to sell at the price, then calpers wouldn't be able to buy it. >> that is something that we should note. there's nothing in this proposition that compels the drug makers to negotiate with the state. and that's the problem. it doesn't protect patients. it doesn't protect people in california. it doesn't protects consumers. it's the first domino to fall in a long line of dominoes that have unintended consequences, negative impacts on a whole bunch of patients. >> but debora, you sort of see this as what happened with the epipen, right? in that you have a company that suddenly raises the price more than a lot of people can afford, and you believe that this would impact a situation like that again, right? >> well, the reality is, is that the drug companies are going to be forced to negotiate. they are not going to walk out
4:38 pm
of a state that is the 8th largest economy in the world because they don't get their price that they want. they want california business no matter what. and it was just like when they passed the catalytic converters and said there won't be any cars sold in california that meet those standards because the automobile industry will pull out. well, they never did. it's an empty threat to use to people to scare them into voting against their best interests. and the nurses support this bill because we believe that patients will be able to afford their drugs if this initiative passes. >> kathie, a final thought what. would you like to say to voters out there as they are considering whether or not to approve proposition 61? >> i think it's important to look into the details. it sounds great on its face. let's all have lower drug prices. who doesn't agree with that? the problem, how is it actually going to work? how will this work in the real world? that's where patients can be
4:39 pm
negatively impacted, taxpayers can be negatively impacted, and it's badly flawed, and it won't work. and debora, the reason we should support it? >> because it actually does simplify a very complex and complicated process right now. and if we have the leverage to negotiate the prices and meet or come below the veterans benefits prices, then we all benefit from those prices. >> all right, debora, kathie, thank you so much for in fact debate. we appreciate it. to learn more about prop 61 and all of the other propositions object this year's ballot you can read about them on the pole particulars section of we should also note this proposition is backed by bernie sanders, and he is going to be in san francisco on saturday leading a rally for prop 61. "the four on 2" will be right back.
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more deaths related to hurricane matthew in virginia, north carolina, and south carolina. this is the area continues to deal with severe flooding. phil cheating is monitoring the latest developments. >> reporter: nearly a week now after hurricane matthew hit north carolina, severe flooding andy vac you waitionz continue in parts of the state. and tens of thousands of people remain in the dark. >> the elderly that's been here all their lives and to lose their homes, it's really sad. >> i'm 45, and i've never seen it flood like in this this area. >> reporter: the state's governor warning thursday that new potentially life
4:43 pm
threatening flooding is still possible across much of eastern north carolina. with five counties expected to see flooding peak in the next 24 hours, as some rivers still set to break record levels. >> we had a truck that can get through the high waters so we were loading people up and trying to get them out of here. >> reporter: right now flood waters have parts of interstate 95, interstate 40, as well as sections of u.s. 70 shut down in north carolina. that we've got a lot of damage on roads, and a lot of these roads are still underwater. we have to do serious engineering assessments. >> reporter: overall matthew has killed nearly 40 people from florida up to virginia and has left billions of dollars in damage in its wake. meanwhile, here in florida, some good news as florida power and light, the state's large utility, announcing it has now restored power to more than 1.2 million floridians. in miami, phil keating, fox
4:44 pm
news. >> well, luckily we don't have a hurricane coming, but we do have a significant storm on the way, bill martin. >> yeah, we do. and commenting on that flooding back east, the problem with that kind of flooding, all that water is draining out of the hills. it's not like flash flooding. it's just a slow moving creep of water that keeps going up and up. it's kind of a slow motion disaster in which some ways makes it almost worse. if they know the water is going to get to you, you know the p sirkz, you know how much water is coming out of those hills, you can calculate how high the water is going to rise on the flood plains. so they know what's coming. it is just causing all sorts of problems out there. so for us we've got something coming our way as well. the clouds out there are certainly reminiscent of fall and winter. there is the system i am tracking. as i mentioned sts over 3,000 miles of moisture which is coming all the way from across the dateline. and again if this wasn't coming off summer, if this was november or december and we had already had rain and we had
4:45 pm
already had snow, i would be sweating it. we would all be sweating it, because this is the type of thing that could really be a problem for us. so heavy rain starts out on friday, overnight thursday into friday. we are looking for some significant amounts of rain, mainly in the north bay, probably the north state. here's the current rainfall. look at all that rain. we shouldn't see rain in the north bay until after midnight tonight. but the clouds are thickening up. what you are doing, if you ever worked a pump, you know you prime a pump. we use that term all the time. this pump integ primed. this layer of moisture, humidity, atmospheric moisture from the tropics is just hanging over us. and when the trigger mechanism gets here, when the low gets here, the die ma'amics, and there's a series of those, it is going to rain. and the first one of those trigger mechanisms gets here friday morning early, just in time for your morning commute. there's your current temperatures. the heaviest rain is going to fall out in the coastal hills.
4:46 pm
so let's say we're forecasting two inches. let's say we're forecasting three-and-a-half inches in marin county over the next four days. marin county in the watershed, they could get up to eight inches of rain. this type of pattern, moisture, subtropical moisture is very, very enhanced by the coastal rains. the coastal rains will drain a lot of water out of it. the coastal hills, the mountains, the trinity alp srksz lake tahoe, sierra nevada. here's the early morning commute. there's the midmorning. it's raining. it's going to be the worst commute we've had in awhile. that's real rain. your wipers are on hard. at 3:00 we start to break out. by tomorrow afternoon the roads are wet but your commute should be dry. here's how santa rosa looks. tomorrow morning it starts raining a little bit. we get into the 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 time period, and then it's really rang about 7:00 a.m. then heavy rain about 8:00, 9:00 a.m., then we push through. that's the back edge of the
4:47 pm
front. so forecast highs the next couple of days are going to be in the tickets. five-day forecasts there it is. this is the main event here and the main event here, saturday night into sunday morning. so it's thursday night into friday morning, then it's saturday night into sunday morning, and then scattered showers after that. so it is the real deal. but we're fortunate. we've got dry ground. the ground is going to absorb a lot of this, but up north, crescent city north, they're going to get so much rain, they're going to have some flooding. >> bill, thank you. coming up at 5:00, a liquor store in the east bay known for selling winning lottery ticket is now shutting its doors. we're going to talk with people who work there about why this is happening. plus, donald trump fires back after beg accused of groping women against their wishes. the actions the republican presidential nominee is willing to take against the allegations that were outlined by the "new york times." and next on "the four on 2" it seems as if service dogs on
4:48 pm
flights are becoming more and more common in recent years, but now the tsa is considering changing what kind of pets will be allowed on airplanes.
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
american singer song writer bob dylan has won the nobel prize for literature. it is the first time that a song writer has won the nobel prize for literature. the committee credited dylan for having created great song traditions. dylan's songs became an themselves for the civil rights movements.
4:51 pm
dylan is the first american to win the prize since tony morrison back in 1993. well, some changes may be coming for people who bring service pets on airplanes. reporter matt king explores the different types of service animals. >> definitely emotional support. >> reporter: one 1/2-year-old sophie lives with patrick and his partner bob. at the urging of bob's therapist, patrick and bob registered sophie as an emergency support animal. if bob and patrick don't because her a ticket soon, sophie may never get that see. a committee meets this week to determine whether animals like sophie can get that ticket. >>'s for someone who has a mental health disability. >> reporter: dr. carla and her dog have prescribed emotional support animals to patients who need them. >> i have watched their anxiety go from a full-blown panic attack to a stable state. >> reporter: after a 16 -page
4:52 pm
intake form, the doctor offers a guidebook to proving their pet's credentials. but websites boast that they can provide a letter after just a three-minute process. >> for small dogs, i don't see that as a problem. >> people abuse stuff all the time. >> i think they're making it more difficult for legitimate service dogs. >> reporter: mary has m 1st. for the last seven years her service dog picked things up, pulled them down, pulled her laundry basket and alerted help if she falls. it took five months of doctors' notes followed by a two-year waiting list before mary could bring jaeger home. mary says they can recognize service animal pretenders. >> they don't interact with me so i kind of can tell that they're guilty. >> reporter: the commit see the hopes to determine whether esa's like sophie qualify.
4:53 pm
on the upper west side, i'm matt king, fox news. >> in the sierra foothills an intrude ser caught on camera, but this isn't a masked burglar. it turned out to be barry. the homeowner reviewed his security camera footage after noticing that something was missing from his koi pond. imagine his surprise when he sauber relaxing there in the water. not only bothering the fish, just kind of chilling out and munching on some plants. >> i have seen deer drink here quite a bit, so at first that's what i was thinking, but quickly i realized, oh, wait a minute this is a bear, andy just slowly and just very gingerly just kind of climbed over. he's got to be at least 300 pounds, something like that. >> he said this is would makes living in the mountains such a join. and he says he's not planning on doing anything to try to get rid of the bear. >> the fish must have been a little surprised and worried. coming up, russia and the u.s. in strong disagreement.
4:54 pm
>> how the violence in syria caused a rif between the two countries and the tough talk issued by russian officials. "the four on 2" will be right back.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
international aid efforts reached haiti as locals try to regain normalcy post hurricane matthew. us military helicopters have
4:57 pm
been flying food and medical supplies to the hardest hit corners of the country. victims still in dire need of food, clean water, shelter in medicine. the un says at least 1.4 million people need emergency aid after being hit by the strongest caribbean storm in nearly a decade. hurricane matthew killed almost 1000 people there and haiti. troubling developments in syria, activist groups say at least 65 people have been killed in aleppo the last 3 days. >> as the death toll rises russia has strong words for the us. ahead of -- ahead of syrian cease-fire talks, in london with more. >> reporter: russia not mincing words when it comes to ties with us , tensions highs over allegations moscow may be trying to influence the upcoming presidential election. as well as disagreements over the civil war in syria. washing cutting off talks with the russians after cease-fire brokered by the country's unraveled last month.>> the
4:58 pm
feeling is getting stronger that the departing us administration is using the scorched earth policy in bilateral relations. >> strong words coming out of a meeting between secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign minister. the 2 were said to speak in person about syrian peace efforts on saturday and switzerland. secretary carry and the minister holding talks as deadly violence rages in aleppo. >> we consider any civilian loss of life as a result of the conflict in syria to be one too many. it is the reason why we are trying so hard to get a cessation of hostilities. >> reporter: civilians have been going without humanitarian aid since july, the un says the syrian government is partially approved a plan to get assistance into the war-torn country, but aleppo is not included. the un estimates some 275,000 people are trapped in
4:59 pm
eastern aleppo. and activist groups says more than 300 people have been killed since the cease-fire failed. in london fox news. bracing for impact, the preparations underway as the bay area gets ready for serious rain. not that far off. good evening i am frank somerville i am julie haener, we begin with live coverage, jesse gary live in the santa cruz mountains where some people are boarding up their homes damaged by the fire ahead of the storm. first 2 are cheap mineralogist, how long until the rain starts? >> probably in the north bay after 3 or 4 pm, it will hit hard. the storm north america north in california toward seattle and portland, a historical storm in terms of rainfall in wind event. it's a big deal may be as big as the columbus storm.
5:00 pm
for us, on the south and. good news. we get a bunch of rain, but hopefully without side effects and mud slices. dry ground fortunately, the burn area is a concern but rainfall simulations, look at the moisture plume. let's go 3000 miles, look how far it extends. coming off a dying typhoon being sucked up into this zonal flow, headed mainly , you can see the focus in the yellow , the pacific northwest. we're on the south and, we'll get a break, but i to tell you the heaviest rainfall will come out of the coastal hills. marion county you could see 8 to 10 inches, 48 inches of rain in the coastal hills. check of the rainfall accumulations the next 5 days. up to a foot of rain in crescent city working your way down santa rosa a couple of inches, but we could see more than 3 or 4 inches in marion county.


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