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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 14, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. friday. >> yes. >> october 49th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. -- october 14th. you should check the windshield wipers, the storm is heading down the coast and our way. if the rain is at your home or work, we want to you post pictures to our social media using the #ktvu. rosemary orosco is in for steve this morning and it's good to see where the rain is. sometimes as we mentioned yesterday, we thought we would see a lot of rain and that slowed down a bit. >> it did slow down. it's going to march from north to south. the north bay seeing it and the south bay may not get any until 10:00 this morning. the brunt of the storm is over areas of northern california and the far edge of northern california reporting five inches to seven inches of rain that will -- the last 24 hours. for us here at home, not so
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much. i am seeing .1 of an inch at the sonoma county airport the last 24 hours. we're looking at a good amount of rain for our way today. most areas, urban areas where we live, anywhere from a half an inch to an inch. the second one is coming the second part of the weekend and this is where we have the rain now along the coast line and into bodega bay to dillan beach, inverness and point reyesiary. gurnville. -- point reyes area and portions of glen ellen, sonoma and highway 101, 29 and 12. and light rain reported over saint helena and over portions of the north bay and not seeing the heaviest just yet. it's going to take another hour or two and just be steady the first few hours. portions of the north bay into the central bay and boo 7, 8, by 9, 10, it's into the south bay. napa reporting a gust to 28
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miles per hour. santa rosa to 24. sustained at 18 for oakland. and we're going to be breezy in addition to the wet weather for today. and we're looking at a coastal flood advisory for the coast and the high surf advisory for the coasted today and the coast line is going to get battered into the afternoon. waves from 10 to 15 feet and for the afternoon. for us, we're look at two to three inches of rain for our hills and most of us seeing a half an inch to an inch and that is going to be breezy at times. we'll track the storm when i come back and we're going to see it clear out later today and another round on the way and more in just a bit. and good morning, we're looking at a comed you that is doing okay and let's go to solano county right now and we can look at solano county and say it's taking 27 minutes from vaca bill to vallejo, which is not bad and that is considering
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there is not a lot going and it might be wit in the area and looking at the bay bridge toll plaza and still dry here. the wet weather will arrive and you have a window of opportunity across the bridge when it's not wet and in the south bay, we look at 280 in san jose and that is northbound 280 on the right and light go back to the disk. >> thank you. while most of the bay area is dry for now, it's sprinkling in morin. >> and we have seen some of the roads already wet. >> and we want to check in on marin county and larkspur area? what are the current conditions there. >> reporter: we have since moved here and we're in mill valley at the manzani it, a park and ride. vehicles will be cited if parked here. high tide warning. the concern is that this is a low-lying area that could flood
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during the rain and this parking lot is empty now and there are signs of people -- were warming people to be aware. people are prepping for the storms as they roll with is the bay area. last night, we had a crew in marin county and we saw people at goodman building supply gathering everything from roof patching materials and flashlights and batteries in case there is a power outage as a result of the storm and people stocking up on sandbags because of the possibility of flooding here in marin county. the major concern, of course, with this storm is that it's set to hit in the heart of our morning commute. and that means as slow and potentially dangerous execute for drivers who are not prepared. >> and the major rain is going to be during the morning commute and anticipate a slower commute than normal. allow yourself more time to get to work and leave earlier if you can. >> and that is some very good advice. george and i, my photographer
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and i head from oakland and north toward says marin county. we encountered bands of rain and sprinkles making their way specifically on our commute and through the albany and richmond area. and it was some slow-going for us as we were making our way north. you saw the shot a couple of moments ago at the parking -- park and ride location here in mill valley and that road is wet here. the possibility of flooding and certainly you heard the good advice from the chp officer if you're going to hit the roads this morning, leave extra time in that commute and leave extra space around your car for others as they try to make wai -- their way into this rainstorm and expected to hit again in the heart of the morning's commute. >> and people knew to that area, you're at that park and ride. >> yeah. >> and if it's high tide as well, it will flood and people
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are surprised and how the water can be up to the door. >> and that is why there is a sign here, pam, as you said and there are few vehicles here and the signeds hey, don't park here. with the rain and expected high tide, this is not the spot where you want to be. >> and we're looking at the sign over your right shoulder as it changes on tv. thank you. time now, 4:37. starting next year, the justice department will collect information from law enforcement agencies on deadly police encounters. it's an ambitious effort to document information on police use of force and any death that occurs during a law enforcement encounter. and that is a response to the national outcry over deadly police shootings. new information is sheeting guns are selling faster in sacramento county than anywhere in california. the annual gun sales went up four hundred% the last 15 years in sacramento county.
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the sales have increased in other counties as well and not as much. in the bay area, santa clara county had the biggest increase. sales are up 156% and in contra costa county, gun sales are up 130%. in alameda county, up 68%. and some people say the reason is clear. >> we do not trust the government and we're having a hard time trusting each other. of course, you're going to look to protect yourself and those closest to you. >> and some people think that debate over gun control legislation at the capital might be contributing to the rise in gun sales. >> and we are learning new details about the boat that capsized in the san francisco bay over the weekend and it was finally pulled out of the water yesterday. the investigation continues to find out exactly what happened. >> reporter: the view shows crews bringing up the kalycee
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with 34 people on board. >> and once the sides of the vessel are above the water line, they saw the dewatering pump and pumped off the rest of the water. >> reporter: the u.s. coast guard on site making sure the salvage was safe, including the removal of the remaining gallons from the tanks. >> and there is minor fuel shining but it was gasoline. dissipated or evaporated quickly. >> reporter: there is no concern of an environmental threat. san francisco police are looking into what led up to the boat sinking. eight people, including a four- year-old boy were hospitalized and all are doing well. >> and this is a life- threatening incident. we almost lost a life here. the water is very dangerous in san francisco. >> reporter: they're investigating whether the kalycee was over capacity on saturday and if there was criminal negligence involved. >> and part of the investigation is to find out how many people were on board and under the age of 13 and how many had life vests. if you're under the age of 13 without a life vest, that is a
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violation. you're not allowed to have that. >> reporter: the boat is docked at the pier 39 marina where the owners keep it. it a possible that charges will be presented to the district attorney's office for prosecution and they're looking for witnesses. anyone who took pictures or video of that boat capsizing, the owners of the boat are not commenting at this time. reporting in san francisco, christina rendone, ktvu fox 2 news. >> bermuda is cleaning up after the damage caused by hurricane nicole. that storm and the 115 miles per hour winds hit bermuda yesterday causing power outages, flooding, downed trees, and very severe road damage. the schools and government offices still closed today. the high winds and surf caused boats to break from their moorings and power was knocked out in half of bermuda. the goal is weakening, moving across the atlantic and is not expected to threaten the united states. and the southeast is trying to recover from hurricane matthew.
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at least 42 deaths have been linked to that storm. 22 people killed in north carolina. it's been about a week since hurricane matthew hit and there are still evacuations and the power is still out in parts of north carolina. state officials worry that more people are still in danger because of the swollen rivers and high flood waters. and the worse damage from hurricane matthew remains in haiti. international relief organizations estimate a million and a half people are in need of humanitarian assistance. that storm killed more than 1,000 people in haiti, left tens of thousands of survivors homeless. a second american military ship has arrived to bring supplies and relief organizations and that deaths could have been prevented if more people in hate were warned about the storm. the united nations calls this outrageous and up acceptable. >> unacceptable that we can have a country like haiti in which we had -- outside of haiti watching on tv even days
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before this storm hit. it was impossible to reach people with early warning. >> access to safe drinking water is a concern. more than 200 cases of cholera have been reported in haiti following hurricane matthew. the world health organization is now sending a million doses of the vaccine to prevent a cholera outbreak. and time is 4:42. the alameda county fire department is honoring a four- legged hero. what this dalmation did during a fire to earn their praise. . >> and the end of short-term rentals like airbnb could happen in san francisco. a federal lawsuit could force the company to stop doing business. ness. good morning. we're still looking at a commute that is going to be wet, although it's not wet here on highway 4 yet, it will set the entire -- the entire region is going to have a tough commute this morning.
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>> and widespread rain in the forecast for your friday. we're tracking it this morning now falling over portions of the north bay and working south. when you can expect it in your neighborhood coming up. orhood coming up. j?j?j7
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. welcome back to mornings on 2 at 4 8:45 and france supervisors are proposing new limits on air bnb rentals in san francisco. it would limit all short-term rentals through air bn b 60 days per year and in 2014, san francisco passed a law to put a limit on 40 days per year and there is noy limit on rentals where the posts -- hosts are present -- are present. the short-term rentals reduce
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the availability of housing in san francisco; however, air bnb maintains that most clients are middle class san franciscans trying to offset the high cost of living in the city. and a five-week traffic closure begins today in milpitas and it's at -- near the great mall. ktvu's smith has more on how the project will affect the commute. >> reporter: drivers can expect more delays and detours around south milpitas boulevard near garden street. it will be close to traffic starting on friday until late november. all in an effort to get b.a.r.t. to the south bay. >> and it's pretty inconvenience right now. hopefully when this project -- it's going to be wonderful for all of us. >> reporter: part of the s.l.e.d.d. protection project, they plan to widen the street running along south milpitas boulevard and left the intersection six feet, given the new part station could affect drainage
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pattern. >> it's going to be one of the first in what will probably be a series of impediments for people who are driving around this area. we apologize for the inconvenience. >> reporter: the milpitas b.a.r.t. station is phase 1 of a $2.3 billion project, bringing b.a.r.t. passengers to milpitas and ultimately to berryes. ahead of schedule and under budget, the station is on the way to being finished. a pedestrian bridge connecting the light station to b.a.r.t. rail are built. >> and to the average person driving by, it might look like another construction site. if you know what you're looking for, it's a sleek new b.a.r.t. station rising there. >> and if you drive around milpitas, this place is going crazy. they're building everywhere. a new b.a.r.t. station. light-rail connection. all of the townhouses going in is amazing. >> reporter: he worked from the area and said it's a challenge already driving around given the construction. yet, he learned to adapt and now riding his motorcycle to and from work to santa cruz.
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>> b.a.r.t.'s going to be fantastic. >> reporter: all right, right now, 448time. >> yup -- 4:48. >> yup. >> and salhas a important job today. people want to know where the rain is. >> yeah. >> and high roads are look something. >> and sometimes the rain does affect other things. right now, we're still looking at a descent commute and i got word of a b.a.r.t. delay and systemwide through an equipment problem in downtown oakland and when they say that, it's usually a switch problem outside of the main oakland stations here. so, we'll get to the bottom of that for you. this is a look at the altamont pass. you can see the tracy commute is looking okay. it's not as busy as it would be and we're going to get a break when it comes to volume. and you know what, it's going to rain.
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i don't want to drive in that kind of weather, so we'll let you know. light move along and look at live pictures onity 80 north and southbound, the traffic is moving well in both directions and still light at this hour, getting into san francisco. new for the weather light go to rosemary. >> okay, mostly cloudy skies, breezy conditions there and over the north bay, the rain is falling and this is continuing to move south into the course of the morning hours and into the first part of the afternoon and again, the brunt of the system is tod north of us. areas near eureka, crescent city, and anywhere from five to seven inches of rain reported there. for us, we're getting started and not going to see that amount of rain and we move in closely. light rain is falling the last hour or so from bodega bay, dillan beach and inverness, point reyes into the east area, gurnville, roma park, peta lime a glen allen, sonoma and
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farther east, selina and yantville and saint helena, i should say, and right on the north edge there of napa seeing some as well. we have a few sprinkles reported over portions of san rafael and areas closer to tub u ron and sauce leado. and one -- tiburon and sausali it, o. this will move through into the good morning hours. find your neighborhood and looks like 4:00 over portions to the north and by 6:00, heavier over portions of the north bay. central bay seeing light rain and by 8 or so. it's coming down in areas in san francisco and into the peninsula, i-80 in and out of fairfield, looks like it's going to be heavy. into the 10:00 hour, right now, shifting into the south bay. areas of the south bay looks like it's going to miss the morning drive completely. by noontime, we have light rain
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and that begins to taper off. look at the north bay. mostly cloudy and clearing out the second part of the afternoon. all of us are likely to get a drop -- and looks like drying out, into the second part of the afternoon. and this is santa rosa at 4 in the afternoon and light showers into the second part of the morning and why know and wind picking up from an inch to a quarter of an inch and here we are at 2:00 in the afternoon and bringing us partly cloudy skies and sunshine the second part of the day. a half an inch to an inch for most of us and where we may see more than that are coastal hills, santa cruz mountains and that shade of purple is from an inch and a half, more than that and into the 60s this morning and the afternoon, mid- to upper 60s and near 70s. we're not changing over the course of the afternoon. temperaturewise, 68 for oakland and 70 in san jose. the extended forecast, the rain
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the first part of the day by late afternoon and drying out and that can be in good shape and scattered showers on saturday. another round comes in on sunday and we're not done just yet. >> and i heard from lela and that it's raining in fort bragg. >> oh, yeah. >> and appreciate it. >> yeah. >> thank you. and 4:52. >> yeah. >> and jumping ahead to 5. >> yes. >> and the first lady campaigning for hillary clinton and show has a clear target. >> she has a clear target. >> i know it's a campaign, but this is not about politics. it's about basic human dedense -- decency. >> coming up in the 5:00 hour, michelle obama's passionate words defending women and shaming donald trump without ever mentioning his name. g his name.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. 4:55 is the time. the dodgers will face the chicago cubs for the right to go to the world series. they beat the washington nationals in a decisive game 5 last night. after scoring four runs in the seventh inning, the dodgers are up by three and the nationals cut it to one on the two-run homer by the former dodger and the dodgers brought in clayton kershaw to pec the 9th, two
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days after throwing 110 pitches ingam 4. he gets the first-ever save and for the dodgers. the national league championship series starts tomorrow in chicago. and i got a question for you. do you love the smell of your local apple store? now you can bring it home. the company called 12 south launch error returned this, a soy candle supposed to smell like a new mac computer, pam. >> okay. >> and it sold out in two hours. the company also designs accessories for apple devices. they promise to have more candles in is to knowledge later this month. and i know you're -- in stock later this month. >> i know you're a mac person. >> i haven't noticed the smell, the new car smell. >> yeah. >> and i haven't noticed a scent in the apple store after today. i will have to check that out. >> yeah. >> and be more observant. okay. coming up in the 5:00 hour, we're following the remember is to. >> yeah. >> and getting a live report out of marin county. the rain started to come down. we'll check in and see how
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much. >> and a pickup truck barrels into a house in antioch. how close it came to the home owner and what police believe caused the dangerous crash. ngerous crash. . >> still very slows in some areas and getting slower in others. we have a commute that is going to be wet. we'll be here to let you know how low slow it's going to get. >> and the storm also bringing along with it wind and advisors for the coast. we'll check the radar and look at what you can expect for today coming up. coming up.
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. rain is expected to hammer the morning commute. we tell you how it's going to roll through the bay area this morning. >> this is ktuv news mornings on two. >> thank you for joining us, a nice look at oakland this morning. you can see a little hazy out there, we are getting some rain, it's mostly in marin county and north. we will watch it as it moves around the bay area. lets check the weather and the rain around the bay area. >> widespread rain on the way for your friday. for the early morning
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commuters, most of us are going to miss the rain fallingon your windshield but it's going to come through and everyone is likely to see wet weather today. you can see most of the moisture is to the north of us. five to 8 inches of rain over northern california. for us it's cloudy and breezy. we are seeing the rain falling over the areas of the north bay. along highway 101 and into novato, if you look to the west, it's along the coast line, napa reporting some light rain at this time. so the north bay is seeing it first, it's marching across the central and south by into the second part of the morning and early afternoon. then later in the day on


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