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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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santa clara county where there's a report of an active shooter. jessie just arrived on the scene. take it way. >> reporter: i'm a half amile away from the scene. deputies have blocked the road. we're half a mile away. this is taking place in the 94,000 block of oak knoll circle in los altos hill. one person was outside of the home on oak knoll circle, shooting into the home. apparently someone on the inside had a gun and was shooting back out towards the street. and so right now sheriffs deputies are keeping us far from the scene. we have seen the sunnyvale police department and their s.w.a.t. technical unit race through here and other sheriffs deputies, officers, captains, et cetera have passed through here in the past ten minutes. other than that, we don't know too much what is going on
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because it's around the corner. we don't know if there was a shelter in place for residents. one person said that her friend lives beyond the hedges and doesn't know what is going on. she doesn't know if she should stay in the house or not. we're trying to get word if there's a shelter in place. one person on the outside shooting towards the house and a person inside the house shooting back out. we will come back with you with more information once we have that. >> jessie, do we know if the person inside knows the person outside, vice versa. >> reporter: i can't hear what you said. you're breaking up. you're asking what. >> does the person outside know the person inside and vice versa. >> reporter: if the person inside is -- one more time. >> jessie, why don't we do this. i'll let you go. once he has more information for us, it is a breaking news
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story. that is a quiet, quiet city there on the peninsula. the question of course is does the shooter know the person that he or she is shooting at and vice versa. >> and if anyone is injured. right. the rain slowed the morning commute for many and left thousands in the dark. >> alex savage is live from the bay bridge with the impact on the commute. >> reporter: the impact was widespread. we have seen a steady rain all morning long. we are here at the bay bridge toll plaza. as we show you the scene, the roadways are quite wet. a lot of water on the roads. very slick conditions. that certainly made for a tough commute for a lot of folks. drivers take it slow this morning. the storm dumped a decent amount of rain and brought wind as well, especially on the bridges. the chp says they were busy dealing with crashes and spinouts all morning long. not just problems on the road.
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bart was dealing with significant system wide delays this morning. it possibly stemmed from this storm. there was a power outage in daly city that put bart a little behind schedule. in some cases trains were an hour behind schedule. riders say the delays weren't a huge problem. >> i heard that while i was driving to bart. okay. there's a delay but still a train there for me when i got there. it didn't seem so bad. t seem so bad. >> reporter: and in downtown san francisco this morning, the rain was heavy at times. we saw a lot of people who pulled out the umbrellas already to go. we even spotted a dog outside with his yellow rain coat on, taking a little stroll. his owners had him well prepared. that's probably because of the fact that they're here visiting from washington state. >> making the best it was. >> tell me how this guy is prepared here. >> he's just venturing out. he is a puppy. this is new to him. >> enjoying the rain.
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>> yeah. loving it. i'm from seattle. i think i brought it with me. >> we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: here is the video we captured early this morning in richmond. the sky lit up from what we believe was a blown transformer in the area. pg&e was dealing with a number of weather related outages all morning long. what they say is that the dust tends to build up on the power lines when the weather is dry for as long as it has been dry. and then a small amount of rain can produce mud on the lines and that can spark power pole fires which is what we saw this morning. i just got off the phone with pg&e a short time ago. they say they have 23,000 customers still without power right now. most of those outages are in the east bay. richmond, pinole and some of those areas, pg&e crews are on the ground as you can imagine trying to get the lights back
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on for all of those folks. >> thank you, alex. rain causing problems out there on a lot of the highways. chp says the slick roadway likely caused a truck to overturn on 101 just before 8:30 this morning. the truck was in the northbound lanes when the driver lost control near the north san pedro off-ramp. debris went into the southbound lanes, sending one person to the hospital with minor injuries. >> southbound is the commute side. imagine you have a box truck flying over the center divider right at you. we're fortunate that nobody was killed. >> drugs or alcohol did not play a role in the crash. mark is here behind us. the rain is widespread now. >> yeah. it is making its way to the south bay right now. take a look at the rainfall totals over the past 24 hours. this is the five-day forecast. showers for today. if we could switch over to the other weather computer.
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you can see rainfall totals. and the numbers adding up as advertised up in the north bay. 1.19 inches. kentfield over an inch of rain. hillsberg, .67. that amount is tapering off. we are adding to the totals right now in concord and oakland. here is the live camera looking at the golden gate bridge. still slick roadways. the theme today, a warning, be extra careful on the roadways. they are slick and a lot of ponding if the rain line moves to the south. the inform he cuss of the heaviest rain has been up to the north. especially here. close to cape mendocino. reporting over 6 inches of rain. over 6 inches of rain in that one storm report. you can see the coverage up in the north bay. petaluma and portions of san raphael as well. there is the coverage. even more action moving into san francisco. east bay neighborhoods for oakland and out towards 880, downpours there. shifting the map to the south,
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finally making its move closer to scott's valley and los gatos as well. as the rain lifts over the hills, the moisture gets squeezed out. by the time it gets to san jose, not as much action. that's what the radar is showing at 3:00 this afternoon. that's the deal in the short term. but then into the weekend we're talking about another system, especially for saturday evening. we will talk more about that coming up. >> okay. but tonight's evening commute should be drier than this morning. >> yeah. the chance of a few showers. in terms of the organized rainfall, it should be moving out of town. >> good to hear. just 24 days until the presidential election. donald trump is fighting back against sexual harassment allegations. >> and hillary clinton's camp dealing with fallout from the leaked e-mails. >> reporter: in the past 48 hours, at least four women have come out accusing donald trump of sexual misconduct. the allegations against the gop
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nominee follow the leak of a tape where he was caught on a hot mic talking about women's genitals. and now it is catching up to trump who is trailing hillary clinton by 7 points in the latest fox news poll with the democratic nominee scooping up more women and independent voters. >> the only poll that matters is on november 8th. >> reporter: trump denies the sexual misconduct allegations calling them lies. >> we already have substantial evidence to dispute the lies. it will be made public in an appropriate way and at an appropriate time. >> reporter: hillary clinton's most powerful surrogate, president obama questioning the support of trump. >> you say you're the party of family values. you weren't appalled earlier when he was saying degrading things about women? >> reporter: and the clinton camp grappling with more wikileaks e-mail releases. one showing a plan to push up
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the illinois primary that they hoped would benefit democrats. >> today the board endorsed hillary clinton saying she is politically flawed however donald trump is a damaged human being. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. a driver in antioch has been arrested on suspicion of dui after crashing his truck into a home. it happened last night just before 7:30 on lone tree way. he hit two parked cars and slammed into the house. the people in the area were evacuated until the gas in the area could be turned off. one person inside the home suffered minor injuries. >> one occupant at home at the time. and the vehicle just missed him. it hit a bearing wall and that occupant was on the other side of it. he is going to the hospital with injuries to be evaluated. >> police say the driver was still sitting inside the truck when they arrived. the driver was not hurt. jury selection will start
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monday in the trial of the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar. she disappeared back in 2012. her body has never been found. garcia torres has pleaded not guilty to the crime as well as three other attempted kidnappings from 2009. jurors will first fill out a questionnaire and lawyers will review the answers and question prospective jurors next month. 12 jurors and up to six alternates will be chosen. the trial could last six months. police in san jose arrested a ymca youth counselor on the suspicion of lewd acts with a minor. taylor smith of san jose is facing a felony charge. the girl attended a ymca after school program at the middle school and the acts took place last month. smith was arrested on wednesday and booked into the santa clara county's main jail. investigators say there is likely a connection between a string of armed robberies happening around the uc berkeley campus. six robbies have been reported since last saturday. many of them happen late at night when students are walking
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on streets near the universities. in most of the cases a man with a gun demand backpacks and runs away. an investigation is underway into a disturbing discovery on a bay area university campus. coming up in the next half hour, the graffiti that is now in the spotlight and under investigation. first on the rain falling across much of the bay area. mark will be back to tell us how much rain is expected in the coming days. it's time to get rid of these killer cops. there was a lot of anger at a sacramento city council meeting. the exchange between demonstrators and council members over a controversial police shooting.
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>> all this week, we have been breaking down the 17 propositions appearing on the statewide ballot here in california. today ktvu's monte francis has a look at the changes to the legislative process as well as initiatives dealing with revenue bonds and medi-cal. >> reporter: it's called gut and amend. a catch phrase known well at the state capitol. it refers to a common practice when a bill is gutted and replaced with something different, often giving opportunity for special interests to sneak in right before a vote. prop 354 is aimed at preventing that by requiring lawmakers to publish legislation online three days before they vote on it. it would also increase
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transparency by requiring the legislature to post video footage of public hearings within 24 hours. prop 54 was funded by conservative billionaire charles munger junior. it could headache it harder for lawmakers to strike deals. let's say that you break your arm and end up in the hospital. in california, you're charged a daily fee ranging from $145 to $600 to help fund the state's health program for the poor. well, that fee is set to expire next year. prop 52 would make that fee permanent and would guarantee the money is used for medi-cal and not diverted to the general fund. the state's high speed rail project could run off the rails if prop 53 passes. general obligation bonds already require voter approval. but prop 53 would require statewide voter approval of any
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government project funded by $2 million in state revenue bonds. prop 53 also has a rich backer, delta farmer, who spent $4 million of his own money on the measure. he also opposes another huge project that could be stymied. governor brown's plan to build a pair of tunnels under the delta. finally prop 51 would authorize the state to issue $9 billion in bonds to repair and build schools across the state. $5billion would go to k-12 schools. $3 to modernize the school. $2billion for community colleges. and $1 billion for charter schools. prop 51 is largely funded by the building industry and opposed by governor brown who thinks the measure doesn't do enough to help poorer school districts in the state. monte francis, fox 2 news. >> it was a rowdy city council meeting in sacramento last
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night tie today a police shooting from last summer. >> the block is unlocked. it is time to get rid of the killer cops. >> protesters stopped the council session for 15 minutes, forcing them to leave the main chamber. the council told demonstrators don't disrupt or they would leave. the protesters said if you want to leave, leave. >> we have to go after certain people. that's what we're going to do. >> believe in yourself. >> the police here, just like around the country, have become so disrespectful of the citizens. >> city officials say the police and community must work together. the city has spent a lot of money with body cameras and the officers have more training than the state requires. the protesters were protesting the deadly shooting last july where the man was shot 14 times. relatives say he was mentally
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ill. the u.s. justice department will collect data on deadly police encounters. to record police use of force and any death that occurs during a law enforcement encounter. the program is in response to the national protests over deadly police shootings. a wildfire forcing mandatory evacuations in the lake tahoe area. it is off of cascade lake and emerald bay. el dorado county. the fire was reported at 1:30 this morning. 500 people are being asked to evacuate and 500 are being asked to leave voluntary. the cause of the fire is under investigation. with that, let's check in with mark tamayo. hopefully people are getting precipitation up there. >> yeah. they are picking up light rainfall at the airport in lake tahoe. winds could gust to 40 miles per hour or even stronger, way stronger up to the ridge tops. that is a concern.
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at least they're picking up rainfall in that area. we have mostly cloudy skies. still the rain drops and the wet roadways. the rain band a factor across the bay area moving to the south. take a look. the big headline for today into saturday and into sunday, a wet pattern. gusty winds as well. winds around 20 to 30 miles per hour. as you can see on the satellite the main action is up to the north, up on the north coast. there's the rain band finally pushing into the bay area, approaching the central portions of the bay and the south bay. the intensity has been picking up over the past couple of hours. right now things are drying up a little bit up on the north coast. come closer to the bay area and show you the current numbers out there. a few 60sand spots in the upper 50s. a cooler day out there. and with all of the surf, we have this, a coastal flood advisory in place for today. high tide at the golden gate bridge was just about an hour
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ago. we have inflated water levels near the immediate shoreline. that coupled with high surf advisory. waves around 10 to 15 feet. be careful near the immediate coastline. rainy pattern setting up. another system will be developing by saturday night and into sunday. rainfall spreads to the south today. a bit of a breeze out there as the initial system comes on board. and then another one. now for saturday, it looks like saturday morning, we have the possibility of a couple showers. mostly cloudy skies and the possibility of a pop-up shower. rain develops saturday evening. that lasts until sunday morning. here is the forecast model showing you. rain clouds out there, late this afternoon. into the evening hours, possibly a break. now, throughout these times still a chance of a pop-up shower. here is saturday morning, 10:00 a.m. look what happens 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. rainfall regrouping to the north bay. going to the south saturday night.
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sunday we have the possibility, a fairly good chance, scattered showers likely into your sunday forecast. for today, 60s and 70s. rain tapering throughout the afternoon hours. still the chance of a few pop- up hours. in the five-day forecast, rain clouds to talk about, especially saturday night. and then scattered showers into sunday. and then partly sunny skies into tuesday. mike and gasia, we already saw today the rainfall with the commute and the roadways is dangerous. take it slow. >> yeah. that commute across the richmond san raphael bridge this morning, two hands on the wheel. >> the wind was up there. we will tell but a 911 dispatcher who was arrested and the emergency calls she is accused of hanging up on.
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>> technology stocks making some of the larger moves out there in the market this friday afternoon. you see the dow jones up 66 points. the nasdaq is up 6 points. financial stocks are also up after several major u.s. banks reported strong third quarter results. >> reporter: reporting profits stronger than expected. jp morgan chase hurt by low
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interest rates. the results are stronger than expected. citigroup says the profits fell 11% from a year early to $3.8 billion. that was better than expected. americans are spending their money once again. retail sales rose last month as shoppers spent more at the car dealerships and restaurants. but we cut back at department stores. and that may have retailers nervous ahead of the holidays. we're also buying and drinking less orange juice. americans have been questioning the nutritional value of the drink. a 12-ounce glass contains 150 calories, 35 grams of carbohydrates and sugar that is almost as much as a bag of m&ms. netflix is paying chris rock a reported $40 million for two stand-up specials. that is a lot of money. no word on what the specials will be called or the topics that he will cover. that's business. for more, log on to
12:26 pm >> samsung's recall and replacement of the galaxy note 7 will cost the company a lot of money. samsung could lose $3 billion over the next two quarters because of the discontinued phones. samsung stopped production of the phones because of reports of overheating and catching fire. some airlines are taking extra precaution looking to prevent fires caused by overheating phones. alaska, american, delta are adding fire containment bags to the planes. they are designed to hold phones or other devices that could fire. this is in response to the fires linked to the galaxy note 7 phones. a 911 dispatcher is arrested for hanging up on caller. she is accused of hanging up a caller telling them ain't nobody got time for this. the dispatcher has been arrested and under investigation after her supervisor noticed thousands of
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calls that lasted under 20 seconds. seconds. >> if someone calls in to report an incident, whether the person feels like it's an emergency or not, you should have time for it. >> in one incident she hung up on a caller reporting a robbery at a convenience store. the man called back and spoke with a different operator. by the time that police arrived, the store manager was shot ask killed. how this closure will affect your commute in the short term but help in the long- term. a swastica and antigay slurs are found on this campus. we will show you video related to the investigation and hear from students.
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>> and we are on storm watch this friday afternoon. rainfall totals, i just updated the maps, they have been adding up in the past hour. south bay, not so much. take a look at the numbers updated. santa rosa .63. probably the biggest change was for oakland. .27 now. concord went up to .17. they picked up a tenth of an inch over the past hour or so.
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you can see the frontal band pushing across the bay area. coming in closer, widespread coverage out there, especially up in the north bay. as we come in closer to st. helena, napa, fairfield, moving the maps closer to san francisco and portions of the east bay as well for oakland and san ramon and dublin. it has been picking up over the past few hours. most focused over the coastal hills. not so much in san jose and morgan hill. but the rainfall will be picking up a bit into the afternoon hours for portions of the south bay as well. we're talking about another system that will impact your weekend plans. more on that in a few minutes. >> thank you, mark. a swastica and antigay slurs were written inside a dorm at santa clara university. >> reporter: what happened here in the early morning hours last saturday has set off a fire storm on campus. a swastica drawn in blood on a
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poster inside of an elevator. and on the fourth floor bulletin board, somebody wrote antigay slurs. video shows two men in the elevator and using blood to draw something. >> i was astounded. i would never expect colleges from this college to do anything like that. >> reporter: campus safety services has identified students they believe are responsible. the university is also investigating how surveillance video from an ongoing confidential information was taken and distributed without authorization. the president issued a statement to students saying, quote, i encourage you not to stand by and ignore what has happened but to discuss openly why such attacks of hatred are rep rehencible. i know you will not allow the individual or individuals who have de faced our facilities and shamed our school to think that we at santa clara will tolerate such actions. >> i definitely wouldn't expect someone from santa clara to be
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doing something like that. i know it was two guys and they thought it was funny and leaked on the internet. they weren't thinking about their actions and not something that represents the school that well. >> reporter: this is the latest case of vandalism. the week before, several people are shown on another leaked surveillance video de facing and hitting an art installation on campus. the display showed 43 wooden silhouettes representing student who's were kidnapped in mexico in 2014. the display has since been taken down. the president of the university is holding a forum next tuesday to talk about the recent events and discuss how to move forward as a community. students say those responsible should be punished. >> i would ask for expulsion. i think that is not okay in any world or at any school. i don't know what they were trying to prove by doing this, but i definitely think that there was some sort of violent intention or just -- it's an offensive vandalism and that shouldn't be accepted here and it won't be. >> reporter: following the
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investigation, the university says there will be a conduct hearing to see if students will face sanctions. janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. we're learning new details about the sexual assault of a female san jose student by a water polo player. she she was attacked at an off- campus party over the labor day weekend. initially she blamed herself until she found out that another student was attacked at the same party and that's when she reported the incident. the d.a.'s office is reviewing the case. the water polo player has left the country. five weeks of detours and delays begin today due to the closure of a busy intersection in milpitas. it is happening on south milpitas boulevard near the great mall. azenith smith tells us this has to do with the construction of
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a new bart station. >> reporter: drivers in milpitas can expect more delays near garden street starting friday until late november, all in an effort to get bart to the south bay. >> so, yeah, it's pretty inconvenient right now. hopefully when the project is finished it will be wonderful for all of us. >> reporter: as part of the project, the road will be wide especiallied along south milpitas boulevard and lift the intersection six feet. it could affect drainage patterns as well. >> it is going to be one of the first in a series of impediments for people who are driving around this area. and we apologize for the inconvenience. >> reporter: the milpitas bart station is phase one of a $2.3 billion project bringing bart passengers from warm springs to milpitas. ahead of schedule and under budget, the station is well on its way to being finished. a bridge that connects the bart
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station and a parking garage are already built. >> to the average person  driving by it may look like another construction site. but it's a really neat sleek bart station that is rising in the area. >> if you drive around milpitas very much, the place is going crazy. they're building everywhere. a new bart station, light rail connection, all of the town houses going in is amazing. >> reporter: tom works in the area and says it's a challenge driving around given the construction but he learned to adapt, now riding his motorcycle to and from work to santa cruz. >> bart is going to be fantastic. jump on bart and go to the giants game and fight traffic. that will be sweet. >> we introduce you to a group of women working to make breast cancer awareness month a year longest. >> the pink plate effort has been going on for years. the next few months could determine whether the idea
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becomes reality. >> reporter: california's roadways are packed. consider the millions of cars going back and forth every day and you understand why these two believe it's the perfect platform for a life-saving message. >> we're super excited. we believe this is a legacy we can leave behind fouror families. this is something that will go on and keep saving people's lives every day. >> reporter: it is a simple idea. a pink license plate that reminds everyone who sees it that when it comes to breast cancer, early detection saves lives. >> for us, it's having that reminder out on the roads. >> reporter: but these two women have more in common than just this effort. both are married, both are moms who grew up and still live right here in the bay area. >> i was born and raised in fremont. that's where i met my high school sweetheart. we have been married for 23 years. we have four kids. and all boys.
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oldest is 21. youngest is 7. >> i have a husband of 22 years. and three boys who are now men. 20 and twin 18-year-olds. >> reporter: both are fighting stage 4 breast cancer. >> and in 2011, when i was 36 years old was when i was first diagnosed with breast cancer. at 39, i was diagnosed with breast cancer. having stage 4, you know, it's going to come back. it's just a matter of when. and how strong and aggressive it will be. >> reporter: both will also tell you they ignored early warning signs. >> i had what was called dimpling. so it kind of looks deformed, if you will. and i kind of just threw it aside like, you know, mom of four kids, you know, getting older. things are kind of changing. i let it go for a while. >> i had a lump that i had ignored for several months. it was large and painful. and i was always under the impression that breast cancer didn't hurt. so i ignored it. i was a busy mom.
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>> reporter: and when the diagnosis finally came, it was devastating. >> my oldest at the time was a sophomore in high school. thinking am i going to see him graduate. my youngest was two. am i going to see him start kindergarten. >> reporter: back in 2007, at the age of 39, rush was given just two years to live. >> the hardest part for me was to sit my boys down who were ten and eight and say i was going to die. i'm not going to be here when you graduate high school. i'm not going to be here when you go to college. i'm not going to be here when you get married and have kids. and i think that was the hardest part. >> reporter: through the pain came a strength they never knew they had. >> then you get to a point where you fight. right. and you just -- your strength comes out and you just think to yourself, i'm not going to let cancer take away from seeing my children grow up and being here for a while. >> god did it for a reason. for me to learn to live. i'm a very shy person. and so i feel like he's given
12:40 pm
me a voice, needing to help other women not go through what i went through. >> reporter: it's that passion that drives them and other members of the survivors sister group to fight so hard for the pink license plate. >> for young girls, look at that cute pink plate. for the mom to say it's cute but here is why it's a pink plate. >> reporter: while it has been years in the making, the women say the biggest challenge may be ahead. >> it is so much harder right now than when we start touchdown four years ago. we need people to preorder the plate. with he need 7500 preorders. and we're at 3500. >> reporter: the deadline is next july. if they don't hit that number, there will not be a plate. but the women say they are confident. they know what it means to fight. >> this is my life. you know, this is how it's going to be for the rest of my life. i can sit here and dwell on it and be sad about it or i can just move forward and continue the fight and live my life.
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>> reporter: they know what it means to beat the odds. >> my twins just graduated high school. they just left for college. it's exciting that i get to be a part of these milestones. >> reporter: and this is their legacy. >> early detection is our main focus. because like heather and i, we waited. we, you know, didn't go and have it checked when we should have. >> still to come in this noon hour, new developments about a possible move by the oakland raiders. the vote that just happened. plus the giants looking ahead to the next season. the clubhouse is cleared out. the giants preparing for the 2017 season. coming up, the possible roster moves and who is already out. we will check back in with mark tamayo about where the rainstorm is right now and how long the rain is going to last.
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>> new at noon, a plan to put $750 million in hotel tax dollars towards an nfl stadium in las vegas has passed its second major hurdle in the nevada legislature. the nevada assembly voted 28-13 to approve a bill that raises taxes in vegas. it needs final approval over the state senate. the plan to draw the raiders from oakland will bring 25,000 construction jobs, 14,000 permanent jobs to the area. the opponents said it gave
12:45 pm
money backed by a casino mogul who could afford to pay for the whole thing himself. the raiders would need final approval from the nfl owners in order to move the team. the dodgers will face the cubs for the right to go to the world series. they beat the washington nationals in a game 5 last night. after scoring 4 in the 7th inning the dodgers were up by 3. the nationals cut it to 1 on this home run. the dodgers brought in kershaw to pitch the 9th, two days after he threw 110 pitches in fame 4. he would get his first ever save and get the victory for the dodgers. the national league championship begins tomorrow in chicago. catch the game on our sister station and the american league championship series begins tonight. the fans are looking ahead to 2017. the giants cleared out the locker room yesterday at the ballpark. this is something that the giants fans did not want to see
12:46 pm
happen until sometime next month. now the front office is in decision making mode. six players are eligible for free agency. >> we have every commitment for 2017 to return to a championship caliber club. resources will be expended as necessary to get us there. e. and way to get going right now immediately to plan 2017. >> and the giants have already made a couple changes. they announced that third base coach and first base coach were relieved of their coaching duties. no word who may replace them. take a look at the back window in oakland. an hour ago it was pouring. now it's just sprinkling. >> yeah. it is tapering off this afternoon gasia and mike. we're holding on to rain
12:47 pm
showers throughout your friday. and then into the weekend. planning more wet than dry heading into the weekend. although there will be breaks out there. lots of overcast out there and wet roadways. be extra careful on the roadways for today. and right on through the weekend. it doesn't take much with a steady downpour for 10 to 15 minutes to cause a puddle to make the roads more hazardous out there. we have a storm series out in the pacific. you see it developing out here. one moving on shore right now. another one is set for the weekend. as we come in closer, there's the coverage across a good portion of the bay area. from the north all the way to the south. and here is the coverage up in parts of the north bay. closer to vacaville and fairfield. closer to san francisco and daly city, totally covered here. out towards san ramon and blackhawk and dublin, we have more action. walnut creek still rainfall. a lot of green to show you on the radar. not showing you in the way of
12:48 pm
yellows and reds indicating severe rain. but moderate across the bay area. rainy pattern setting up out there. you can see a continuous flow of moisture. so far for today, the south bay not picking up much rainfall. rain showers informer this afternoon. the first one setting up, system one for today. and then another one, that will be into the weekend. rain develops late saturday. and then into sunday we're talking about some rain showers as well. the key with the sunday system, the front is going to stall out somewhere. some of the forecast models suggest it might stall out closer to the santa cruz mountains. we will have to keep an eye on the placement where the front decides to stall out. in terms of rainfall, here is a general preview. half an inch to two and a half inches of rainfall. you can see we're favoring the santa cruz mountains picking up the most rainfall. keep an eye on the forecast model updates to see what the front does. 10:00, still mostly cloudy skies. we will take this into tomorrow morning.
12:49 pm
probably the best chance to get outside for a break with maybe a few pop-up showers out there. here is what happens late saturday afternoon, saturday evening. system number two comes on board. 10:00 tomorrow morning, talking about rainfall. you can see into sunday, this forecast model trying to keep the front focused in the south bay and closer to monterey bay. sunday, 4:00 p.m., maybe another round of rainfall developing to our north. that could be a factor by sunday night. temperatures this afternoon, 60s to low 70s out there. not a big change with temperatures. we're kind of cool to mild weather pattern out. you will notice this not a strong cool front that cools off the bay area. still mild out there. rain developing saturday night. showers likely into sunday. partly sunny skies on tuesday. mike and gasia, we have been talking about the wildfires, especially in santa cruz county. if the front stalls out generating steady rainfall, that could cause erosion problems. >> from the loma fire.
12:50 pm
>> yeah. absolutely. yeah. >> thank you, mark. video of a shark going into a diver's cage is now going viral. >> it's in the cage. >> oh, my god. >> this close call was posted on youtube by user gabe and garrett and shows a great white breaking into a shark cage off of the coast of mexico. in the video you can see the shark leap out of the cage. and moments later, the diver comes out unharmed. the person who shot the video says the diver ended up outside the bottom of the cage and remained calm until the shark left. they also say the diver is very experienced dive instructor. i don't care how experienced you are. >> right. >> to have the great white. >> absolutely. >> right there next to you. >> that was on my bucket list. >> not anymore. >> erase that right off of it. still to come, we're looking ahead to your weekend watch. from pumpkins to sand
12:51 pm
castles, there are a lot of ways to enjoy the bay area this weekend. rosemary orozco will have it all for you coming up.
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
>> from bacon, beer and bike riding to pumpkins and pet adoptions. >> there's something for everyone on tap in the bay area this weekend. rosemary orozco has your weekend watch. >> get a look at this little
12:54 pm
cutie. her name is alice. alice and a thousand other pets will be looking for a good home this weekend. they're available for adoption at the bay area pet fair and adopt-a-thon going on in san raphael. more than 70 shelters are coming together to create one of the largest adoptable pet events around. the pet fair will be held at the marin center saturday and sunday from 10:00 to 5:00. or roll over inform fairfax for bike-toberfest. it is saturday from 11:00 to 5:00. in san francisco, it's the 27th annual hill festival. vendors and live music will fill 20th street this weekend from 11:00 to 4:00. or head to ocean beach for a sand castle classic. the competition among architects, engineers, designers and local elementary school students goes from 11:00
12:55 pm
to 4:00 on saturday. looking for good music? check out the music festival running saturday and sunday. is includes a lineup of two dozen artists and a great time will be had at the 4th half moon bay pumpkin and art fest. a parade and a run. this year's festival goes 7:00 to 5:00 saturday and sunday. in the east bay, celebrate berkeley's harvest festival at cedar park rose from 11:00 to 4:00 featuring a food and garden expo in addition to live music and a kid zone, pumpkin bowling, a rock climb wall and more. the fest of lights offers fun for the whole family including dancing and a kid zone. that's on saturday at memorial park from 10:00 to 5:00. enjoy bacon on everything at the bacon festival of america
12:56 pm
in san jose. it's from noon to 7:00. in sports, raiders and quakes are home. and sharks and 49ers are away. the safeway open is being held in napa. i'm rosemary orozco and that is your weekend watch. ch. >> more than 90 million people around the world have experienced the phenomena of disney's the lion king. now you can too. register to win four tickets. the actual date of the show is subject to availability. to enter go to our facebook page and click on the contest link to fill out the entry form. entries accepted through 11:59 tonight. you must be 18 years old and a legal california resident to enter. each has a retail value of $320 and provided by disney productions. see the official rules at
12:57 pm under contests. thank you so much more raking ktvu your choice for today add noon. we're always with you at, twitter, facebook, mobile ktvu might be your best bet if you have to hit the road today. the rain continues. we will have an update on the gray scores on the 4.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
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dr. oz: all new "oz," it's one of life's biggest mysteries. what does it really feel like to die? we investigate the final seven minutes before death. plus, burned out smartphones are making headlines. >> it just started shooting sparks and fire all over the room. dr. oz: really destroyed. how safe is your smartphone battery? we investigate. coming up next. dr. oz: today, two big investigations you can't find anywhere else. first up, the actual physical experience of dying. those last few moments have been long


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