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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 15, 2016 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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the 10:00 news on ktvu starts now. i didn't think it was going to be that strong. down quarters -- downpours trenching the bay area. live coverage tonight.>> the same system working through the northwest. two touching down tearing up portland.>> i think we should take a drug test.>> trump questioning whether clinton is
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on drugs. a san francisco officer fighting for his life after getting shot in the line of duty, his condition worse than first thought. >> there been a lot of reports of this about him being grazed. it was a lot more than that. i am ross palombo.>> i am alyana gomez.>> let's take a look at the first piece of video we have. severe weather all over the bay area tonight. severe storms battering the bay area. the north bay hit the hardest. this was the scene mac in sonoma county.>> the downpour causing terrible conditions. take a look at this video. along the coast, waves rising higher and higher this afternoon. a live look at
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the golden gate bridge. is a little calmer. it's not over yet. >> monie francis is live where a neighborhood got what it out. >> we would begin with mark tamayo, monitoring the weather and the rain out there.>> it has been a busy day in the weathercenter with heavy rainfall in the north bay this afternoon, moving across the region through the evening hours. take a look at the rainfall totals. we are adding to the totals we had yesterday. san rafael, nearly half inch of rain. here's what's happening on the satellite and the radar. as you can see, the bulk of the action focused in the southern portion of the bay area. things beginning to dry up. some low-level moisture. you can still have spotty drizzle or light showers.
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close to santa cruz and gilroy, quite a bit of activity on the radar. take a look, out toward santa cruz, ben lohman over the past two days picking up over 2 inches of rain. they could pick up more rainfall later on tonight and into tomorrow. as far as wind speeds, the winds have backed off a bit but still a bit of a breeze out there, 8-12 miles an hour and more strong winds. they have been backing off to nearly 40 miles an hour in san jose. we still have more rain chances in the forecast. we also have the weather to talk about. heavy rain, strong winds. the storm is causing serious delays and problems. we're live with the very latest.>> reporter: we're on matteo avenue in millbrae where some homeowners had pretty nervous moments. you can see there is still
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street letting. take a look it would it looked like an hour ago. there is about 4 inches of water. the water was right up against a couple of homes. thankfully, there was no property damage. the wind is causing problems at sfo. as wind gusts reached 40 miles an hour and i support outside, inside, the screens at sfo filled with delays. being delayed because of inclement weather is something they have come to expect, but still a delay of two- 2-3 hours his frustrating. >> they charge you for wi-fi after an hour and a half. it's a bummer, and inconvenience.>> reporter: out in the elements, gutters overflowed with rain in san
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rafael. although the rain was slick, people at the film festival welcomed the downpour. >> i love it. i would travel for rain like this. this is awesome.>> it's perfect.>> reporter: there was minor street flooding across the north bay as people came face-to-face with the second wave of this force -- first series of storms. >> i didn't think it was going to be this strong, but it's all right. i like the way it smells after it rains. >> reporter: at sfo, total of 246 flights were delayed and 47 were canceled. i am told you should expect that ripple effect to continue into tomorrow. >> monty, you have been out there all day long. our people taking this seriously and driving slower?>> reporter: people are taking a slower although we did see a couple of fender bender's out
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there today. people are pretty happy for the rain but they also know that we're in this drought and it's something that we need.>> monty francis live in mill mary. the severe weather knocking out power to thousands in the bay area. a live look at bj any -- pg&e's outages. tonight these people are in the dark. crews are working to restore what they can. download the ktvu weather app and look for us on facebook and twitter for more. in oregon, the same -- same storm system brought two confirmed tornadoes. they uprooted trees and damaged businesses and homes. fortunately there were no reports of deaths or injuries. the next -- one tornado was a ef-2.>> a friend said look out the window. we did and there was a funnel cloud coming.>> winds are whipping through the state, which still has 10 active tornado warnings in effect.
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a developing story in the bay area. we're learning more about the officer shot in they had riding night in san francisco. officials say he is expected to survive but his injury is worse than originally thought. today san francisco's police chief revealed the officer did not know the suspect was armed when he and another officer came to the mall with reports of a mentally disturbed man. leigh martinez has been following to develop that's -- developments tonight.>> reporter: police are pulling for one of their own to recover from a gunshot wound to the head. sources have identified him as kevin down. he is been on the force for two years. >> i know there have been a lot of reports about this being a slight wound. it was a lot more than that. 1 cm down and this may have been a fatality.>> reporter: toni kaplan says the injured
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officer was shot in the head, the bullet traveled along the upper portion of his skull and fragmented. the officer is conscious but still critical and has body paralysis because of the injury. on friday night, down send another officer came to the lakeshore shopping center after a report of an erratic man threatening people. security pointed out the suspect in the officers approached.>> the officer had no clue he had a firearm. before he knew it, the suspect fired on them. >> reporter: he ran and police quickly had the park surrounded. >> the suspect emerged on the bushes on 28 avenue and attempted to flee. several officers chased the suspect and became an officer involved shooting.>> reporter: the officer late on the ground.>> they did everything they could to make sure the subject had a fighting chance. >> reporter: police have not said of the suspect suffers
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from mental illness but the shooting comes days after chaplin sent a letter to the four saying in the past five years, sfpd has had 20 sfpd has had 20,000 encounters with people in the throes of a mental health crisis. both are being treated at san francisco gen. the suspect's identity has not been released but the chief says he was shot last night and did not provide further detail into his injury. he is listed in critical condition according to police. amy martinez, fox 2news. the mayor released a statement saying, i received one of those calls that you never want to receive as mayor, the one that tells you the police officer has shot in the line of duty. my thoughts remain with the officer and his family. a shooting spree in a los angeles restaurant ends with three dead and a dozen injured. officers was bonded to shots fired around 12:30 a.m.
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and the west adams district. there are about 50 people inside the business during the shooting. people who live in the area say it's usually quiet there. >> we don't really have any problems. it is that type of community that everyone knows everyone living here. to hear that, it's shocking. i can't believe this really happened a few doors down from my house. a suspect was taken into custody. police are looking for another suspect. the genders and ages of the victims have not been released. donald trump now apparently accusing clinton of doing drugs just before the last debate.>> she is getting pumped up for wednesday night. i don't know what's going on with her. at the beginning of her last debate she was all pumped up at the beginning. at the end it was like take me down. i think we should take a drug test.>> wikileaks release
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transcripts of paid speeches to goldman sachs. the clinton campaign has not confirmed the authenticity of the transcript. jennifer griffin has the latest. >> reporter: wikileaks uploads it's 80s round of emails. this latest batch includes transcripts from three paid speeches clinton made to goldman sachs back in 2013.>> hillary speaks in secret to goldman sachs and then lies to the public with her public position.>> reporter: in one speech about dodd-frank, the wall street reform bill passed by the obama in the straight and: clinton tells goldman sachs executives who mostly opposed dodd-frank that she supports it for political reasons, saying, there was a lot of complain about dodd- frank but there was a need to do something because for
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political reasons if you are an elected member of congress and people are losing jobs and shutting businesses and everybody the press is a it's all the fault of wall street, you can't sit idly by and do nothing. what you do is really important. clinton campaign has responded by saying that the hacking is more evidence of russian interference to help trump.>> russians are engaged in attempts to attack the election. we have to win big so we can send the message to anybody else. don't think you can come in here and mess around with our election. >> reporter: podesta is firing back at julian assigns, posting a picture from a fundraiser with the caption, ibec and lobster is better than the food at the ecuadoran embassy. that's where the founder of wikileaks has been holed up for the last five years. wikileaks is still promising to release thousands of more documents between now and election day. in las vegas, jennifer griffin,
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fox news. coming up, a car plunges off a bridge. >> we heard a skid, bang, and the vehicle went airborne. >> a car plunges off a bridge. at 10:30, the events that turned the fun amusement park trip into a tragedy. stanford facing notre dame tonight, trying to avoid a losing streak. the details coming up in sports wrap. mark davis makes a big announcement. the announcement he is -- action he is taking to stay in oakland. the news continues in 90 seconds.
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to help our children thrive. dennis byrd, former tulsa football player who saw his career and after a neck injury, was killed in the crash in oklahoma tonight. the highway patrol says the crash sent two others to the hospital. he became a legend when he defied his doctor's prognosis and walked weeks after he broke his neck in a jets game against the chiefs in november 92. domain disrespectful, that's how ruth bader ginsburg described colin kaepernick's protest. she has since had a change of heart. the quarterback told the mercury news that he was disappointed to hear what the justice thought about oppression. she said her comments were
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inappropriately harsh. new details on mark davis. he made an announcement saying he plans to play at the oakland coliseum for two more years and bring in super bowl championships back to the bay area. this before moving to loss vegas. presumably in time for the 2019 season. yesterday, lawmakers approved a measure to raise $750 million to build a new stadium in las vegas the measures now there's the government gov. who will sign it on monday. dramatic video, three people rescuing a driver after she drove right into a pond. the 68-year-old woman you can hear screening was trying to back into a parking spot when she hit the gas instead of the brakes. the car went into the pond and started seeking. she did make it out and good samaritans helped bring her back to store. -- sure. she was cold but unhurt. a long road to recovery for
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southern states hit by matthew this month, particularly north carolina. death toll in the tar heel state rising today to 26 after two people were found submerged in their vehicles in cumberland and wayne county. most victims were killed while driving or walking through floodwaters. residents are working to get back to normalcy. >> there are many difficult days ahead for north carolina and many of our citizens. the hurricane has been with us for 10 days.>> reporter: judges in georgia and north carolina ordered the states to extend voter registration deadlines. food, clean water, and construction materials are making their way into haiti. it is one of the areas worst hit by matthew last week. entire towns were virtually
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obliterated when matthew passed over the area and more than 500 people have been killed by the storm. the haitian government says more than 1.4 million people urgently need help there. our local forecast for today, we're talking about the rainfall and the wind. winds picked up earlier today but the advisory has expired. you can see some of the gas throughout the afternoon across portions of the bay area. as you can see, there's not too much left. still moderate rainfall across the santa cruz mountains. more rain towards gilroy. this portion of the bay area getting soaked right now is the main action is focused on this portion of the region. as far as the bigger picture,
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another one today moving in northern california. you can see a stronger one in the pacific. this will generate rainfall by this time tomorrow. here is our live camera looking out towards the golden gate bridge. here we have gusty winds and downpours earlier this afternoon. a flash flood watch posted, not a warning but a watch. a heads up that there is a possibility of flash flooding towards the burned zones here. the paloma and some brought us fires are to the south. you have to keep your eye on that potential because we have this frontal system that could stall out in portions of the santa cruz mountains and the south bay. that will be into sunday. here is our forecast model tomorrow morning, 6 am you'll see a lot of clouds, possibility rain showers, the highest chance will be down toward morgan hill and illinois. you can see this could be the potential problem. that could lead to excessive rainfall and with that a flash
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flood watch. 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, rainfall flaring up, could be heavy and parts of the south day. by tomorrow night, another system comes on board. this will be sunday night, apm, rainfall developing the north bay. this could produce a thunderstorm as well. sunday night, holding onto a shower chance. we on that we're talking about a big weather change. we could be talking about some or 80 degree temperatures. we will have more on that coming up in a few minutes.>> you might want to check the wheels on your car. tire makers have issued recalls affecting 265,000 vehicles. there is a defect that causes cracks in the lower sidewall that can cause air to leak out. continental tires is recalling tires made in may of last year installed on almost 15,000 general motors drugs and suvs. continental says the tires have a problem that could cause
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excessive tread wear or noise. éber is being sued over wheelchair accessibility. a lawsuit has been filed in district court. papers say they pay little attention to disability laws. the company responded with a statement saying éber is committed to increasing mobility and freedom for all writers including members of our communities who are disabled. a late start for a smart train service. trains were supposed to be rolling before the end of the year but problems with engines and traffic signals delayed the start. officials want the system to be safe and reliable. the first section of the track will run from san rafael to the santa rosa airport. l2 under fire for discrimination. what a flight independent is accused of saying to a doctor during a medical -- attendant
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is accused of saying to a doctor during a medical emergency. people in yemen trying to get back on us soil. announcer: if the hardest part of your day
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a beautiful sight to see out of finland. the aurora borealis made a big appearance in the video from travel magazines website. it is the result of collisions between electrical particles from the sun that enter the atmosphere. delta is pushing back against the doctor who says she was a victim of discrimination on a flight from detroit. in a facebook post, to make across as she tried to come to the aid of another passenger having medical episode. she says the flight attendant didn't believe she was a doctor, asking her for credentials when she did not have with her. another doctor, an older white man, responded and gave medical aid. delta says they have zero tolerance for discrimination
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but they also say the other doctor showed them his credentials delta is investigating. two americans held captive in yemen are free after a brokered deal. the man worth flown to oman in the arabian peninsula and -- following their release. it's not known why these men were held the gesture is seen as part of the us involved deal for ehrlich aide to rebels wounded from saudi arabia -- arabia air attacks. 30 people dead after a suicide bombing in a rock at a funeral in baghdad killing several women and children and elderly people. the attack comes as security forces are prepared to retake the northern city of mosley. the group has claimed responsibility for the bombing a people are dead after another airstrike in that country, this time on a medical depot. the attack is thought to be the work of a syrian government or russian forces. a human rights organization
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says they targeted the center of the village in the check point of a group that opposes the syrian president. most of the deaths came from a building where medicine is usually stored. in switzerland, secretary of state john kerry met with diplomats to find a new way to end the violence in syria. carre says new ideas are being explored but there was no agreement on concrete action. a cease-fire collapsed just last month. coming up, following the storm system hitting the bay area. mark tamayo is tracking the heavy rains and fierce wind back and what you can expect sunday. an suv crashes into the side of a building. with stream of events that led to all of this coming up next.
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heavy rain and fierce winds bringing slick roadways to the bay area, thousands without power. tonight we're tracking the fallout from the first significant storm of the season. a live look right now. outside, the conditions calm. this picture of the bay bridge toll plaza. that is not the case as the storm heads south. mark tamayo is here to tell us everything we can expect.>> and unsettled weather pattern. did you get caught in a downpour week>> very lucky today. dinnertime we were headed out.>> you avoided raindrops. there might be more tomorrow. the storm track is fairly active to the north. the radar right now you could still see the rain moving in the central california. we have a lot of development appear up to our north that will generate some more rainfall by this time tomorrow. the next system is setting up with sunday. right now there is a radar loop over the past few hours moving across the bay area. we had intense down spores --
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downpours in the bay. the coverage has been backing off a little bit. still some activity to the east of morgan hill and gilroy, the foothills there. also for the santa cruz mountains. we'll have to keep an eye on them over the next 24 hours because the frontal system moving through will stall out to the south, that can generate more rain like the area where more rain could develop. that could before sunday and into sunday night across the mountains. that is the activity right now. hold on for the rain chances tonight. tomorrow, let's talk about the rainfall forecast sunday. we're eventually talking about clearing with 70s and 80s. a lot more coming up in a few minutes. developing in southern california, four dead and others injured after a pickup truck careens off the freeway ramp and drops down into a park. it happened in san diego on a ramp from interstate on a ramp
10:31 pm
from interstate 5 to the coronado bridge. two injured were seriously hurt including the truck driver. if he survives he will face charges including dui. >> we heard a skid, bang, and the vehicle went airborne. he flipped two or three times. he landed topside on the canopy and the wagon wheel. my girlfriend ran, everybody came to get her and lifted the vehicle up and flipped it over.>> chicano park is 60 feet below that roadway. alameda county firefighters say just north the bay fair shopping center, deputies were chasing us stolen porsche when they hit the building. the driver ran off and was arrested a few blocks away.
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a petaluma man is in critical condition after being hit by a car. it happened around 7:45 on lake hill drive. this 23-year-old was walking west in the bike lane when he was hit by a volkswagen golf. the man was taken to the hospital with major head injuries. volkswagen driver is cooperating with investigators who say alcohol does not seem to be a factor in the oxidant -- in the accident. california's home to one of the dangerousness -- most dangerous roads in the country. it says between 2011-2015, highway 99 had the most deadly collisions of any highway in the nation. it spans 124 miles. using numbers collected from the national traffic and highway safety administration, report finds 264 deadly collisions on highway 99. some are questioning how the
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findings were found.>> we have not had a chance to check out the data and the methodology.>> caltrans is not ready to take a position on the study yet. they are quick to point out that they have spent $1.3 billion to improve safe the along that same stretch of highway. today mark put one of its new train cars on display. they parked one of the pleasant hill station. cousins came to see it around the bay area. the new cars will have quieter rides, new comfortable seating and digital screens. many liked what they saw.>> now this is great. it looks like more spacious. it's great. >> if you would like to see one of the new cars, you can see it up the macarthur park station in oakland between 11 and four.
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demolitions teams imploded another underwater pierre at the bay bridge.. he five -- pierre e5 disappeared after an implosion. caltrans says they used 8000 pounds of explosives in that blast. the next implosion is set to take down. e4 using 12,000 pounds of explosives and two weeks. a trio of wildfires burning in western nevada has opted the governor to declare a state of emergency. the little valley fire broke out yesterday around 1:30 a.m. it is burning in the mountains between like tahoe and washoe valley, north of carson city. the fire has destroyed 22 homes and is threatening dozens more. 3 mi.2 of timber have been burned so far. a different way of using
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sports. this statement this officers trying to make. life and death. 600 dollars. of abuse. prop 61. important step forward. the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. passes - the ballot.
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a major television milestone. the simpsons 600 episode. it's the longest running animated series, the longest running sit on and the longest- running scripted primetime series. tomorrow night will be the simpsons halloween salute. you can watch it at 8 pm right here on ktvu fox two. i'm sure you will be
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watching. from there to indiana city, we are being, officer is taking things in a different way. the south bend police officer doesn't use his arms and hands to different traffic. he uses a light saber to let drivers know when and where to go. the star wars prop gets lots of attention.>> it has a great positive feeling. everybody loves to talk about him. kids smile. >> reporter: the officer says he gets the most attention when people are stuck in traffic after a notre dame ballgame. it is been a pretty active weekend weatherwise across northern california. moderate to heavy rainfall, gusty winds as well. we have gusty rain in the second half of the weekend. that part of the forecast coming up. you can see today's system moving downtown toward central
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california. upstream we have more development. this will be a factor by this time tomorrow. here you can see the main rain. thing starting to dissipate but we have quite a bit of activity in santa cruz county and also outside of morgan hill. it looks like this towards livermore and fremont. activity toward sunnyvale as well. we are not completely done with rainfall, pretty good downpour in sunnyvale at last check. i will hold onto some rain count -- clouds, it will not be an all-day rain event. winds and backed off quite a bit. still a bit of a breeze out towards oakland. winds testing at 22 miles an hour. some more wind reports with sfo. they had agustin right around 40 earlier today. winds checking in 9 miles an hour. our live camera at the golden gate bridge, things drying out
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as well. still mostly cloudy skies over a good portion of the bay area. for the raiders game tomorrow we start told on to the chance of showers. temperatures will be in the 60s. definitely a bit of a breeze, around 20, possibly 25 miles an hour. very active storm pattern. this is the jet stream, we're talking about multiple systems. then another one for sunday evening. that will be an interesting set up for this one. this was a rain producer today. it will stall out somewhere along the central coast. that could generate along this boundary some more significant rainfall, especially towards the santa cruz mountains. the burn areas towards the south. the santa cruz mountains, anywhere, that could lift the crowds and squeeze out more rain all. they could easily pick up a good one-2 inches depending on where the front sets up.
10:41 pm
watch the burn area right around the lomar fire. you can see as we take this in the sunday morning the bulk of the action will be focused down toward santa cruz county. this is sunday, one p.m. this could generate excessive rainfall. we will watch the radar for a tomorrow. sunday night, more activity moving in from the north. sunday, it reason rain chances in the north bay, spreading to the south. monday morning, the chance of a few showers. monday will scale back the rain probability throughout the day. monday will probably more -- probably be more dry then wet. 60s to 70, it will be breezy once again with winds around 15- 25, maybe 30 miles an hour. a chance of wind advisory again. into monday the chance of the shower if you want to dry out a little bit for tuesday wednesday and thursday, is going to be pretty good backup into the 70s and 80s.>> we are
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getting the full range once again.>> in october we have had sierra snow, record heat and now we're talking about 5 inches of rainfall.>> we could use it, though. >> that's a good point. that doesn't for us on the 10:00 news. thanks for joining us. sports wrap is coming up next. san jose state and sanford in action tonight. it took her relics for game one. appelbaum is up next with details in sports wrap.
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fox 2news on sports wrap
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starts now. hello, everybody. college football saturday straight ahead. we have to tell you about a great game, cubs dodgers, game one, from wrigley field, that's magic johnson and bill murray in the house, three-one him cubs. bases-loaded he -- adrian gonzalez singles. fowler bobbles the ball. dave roberts loves it. gonzalez is pumped. bases-loaded for miguel montero and there he goes. grand slam off joe blanton, the third pinch-hit slam in postseason history. cubs fans nearby are loving it. cubs take game one 8-4. game two tomorrow 5:00. the cavaliers, the team


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