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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  October 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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tuesday, october 18, and i am pam cook. good morning, i am dave clark, and let's take a look at the weather. if you're in the north coast, some rain, but fog here. this is doing a strange dance at marin county, and it is along the coast with a little bit moving over the bay, san jose reporting cloudy skies. the mere fact that it is there is pretty impressive, usually by mid-october we say goodbye. crescent city, eureka and northern mendocino county and over to mount shasta, the line looks to be at fort bragg willits north. it will not amount to too much south of that. mostly sunny here after the 40s and 50s, the load -- low cloud deck making it cool for some, 46 in san ramon, and walnut creek at 45, lafayette 47.
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the fog that giving way to sunshine with high pressure tomorrow kicking in. today 60s and near 70. 6:01 am. let's start at the bay bridge, taking a look at what we have up to the pay gates, 15 to 20 minute commute and continuing to look good once you get on the bridge in that san francisco. taking a look at oakland it near the college them, traffic looking good. heading south it is beginning to slow a little bit near the hayward area, and fremont clearing the accident southbound 80 on the right-hand side admission. all of the activity is slowing people down past the auto plant. it will get better by the time you reach 237 but there is unexpected slowing even though the lanes have been cleared. 6:01 am.
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a developing story in marin county, three people killed just after midnight when the car hit the tree on sir francis boulevard. they had just reopened of the road.>> reporter: 15 minutes ago, sir francis boulevard was closed next to the samuel p. taylor park, but chp has opened the road again. the tow truck called away the car involved in the cracks about one hour ago, one vehicle involved, but the three victims killed in that toyota corolla that is only a mangled metal. it appears they were wearing seatbelts but this happened of my west of the entrance to the samuel p. taylor park, and they do not yet know the ages or
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identities of the victims of but they are younger adults possibly in their 20s. all three victims were wearing seatbelts, but the car hit the power support paul -- pole, and then slammed into the trees.>> there is wildlife out here, and you throw in the driving, alcohol, and this is an ongoing investigation as we look at all of this.>> reporter: the investigators do not know yet what caused that crash, whether it was speed or at the driver may have hit the animal and veered off of the road, but there is quite a bit of wildlife, and we saw quite a few deer on our way up here. sir francis boulevard is now open again in both directions. the time is 6:03 am. authorities have made an arrest in the deadly east bay hit-and-run case that may have started with the theft of wooden pallets as the oakland
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police caught the suspect last night after a five hour manhunt. they spotted kadeem edwards in a white pickup truck matching the description in the hit and run from yesterday, and the incident apparently started with a dispute at the true world foods a warehouse in san leandro. the believe he was trying to steal the wood pallets and was confronted by a store employee, and edwards then drove off in the white truck intentionally hitting and killing the store employee. >> a description was given and law enforcement agencies throughout the san francisco bay area, mainly the oakland police department. knowing that a lot of people that recycle the pallets come to this city to do so. >> edwards is being held without bail on suspicion of murder, and there is a large black market for recycling stolen wooden pallets, and it store employee that was killed is not yet been identified.
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more fallout from the deadly officer involved shooting in el cajon in southern california, 14 people arrested october 1, protesting the shooting death of the uganda refuge alfredo alonso on september 27, mostly for unlawful assembly. the demonstrators have filed a lawsuit saying that the police illegally ordered them to disperse by letting their civil rights. the president of the largest police association and the nation is apologizing for the mistreatment of people and collar. >> -- of people of color. >> there have been time that law enforcement have been the face of oppression to far too many fellow citizens. >> terrence cunningham is the police chief in wellesley, massachusetts, speaking at the annual conference at the international association of the chief of police, saying that the past injustices have
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created mistrust between the minorities and the police, but that today's officers are not to blame for the past. uc berkeley alerting students about two sexual assault reported off-campus, investigators say the first case the female student reported being assaulted at a party friday night, and in the second case the student said she was sexually assaulted by an acquaintance at a party saturday morning. no arrests have been made, and the police are not saying whether the two assaults occurred at the same fraternity. the san jose city council is considering several new regulations on medical marijuana weeks before the california voters decide whether to legalize recreational pot. the issue before the city council include whether to allow medical marijuana dispensaries to offer delivery service, and another proposal would allow the rates third dispensaries to grow medical marijuana at two locations. the san jose police department has come out in favor of
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allowing the dispensaries to deliver the marijuana to clients, and that should cut down on the illegal delivery companies that are currently offering the service. the marin county shooting range and gun shop is closing after 23 years, the bull's-eye shooting range and firearms stores shut down thursday, and the owner said that he could not come to an agreement with the landlord. the paper says that the bull's- eye is the only public shooting range in marin county, often used as a training facility for the san rafael police department. it is 6:07 am. following the attack on the two vallejo police officers, and the suspect is tied to the accidental shooting of a small child ins as soon city, coming up the big question about the case that the police are trying to figure out. new plans for san francisco to transport people underground, the two busy quarters where the subways are being planned. they prey on our children, spending billions.
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addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. president obama and the first lady are getting ready to welcome the prime minister of italy. we are right outside this morning of the white house for the state visit. tonight you can see the guards in place, and tonight there will be a state dinner in honor of the italian minister at the white house were 500 guests are expected to attend. the 13th and last state dinner
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for the obama presidency. there is the president obama and first lady michelle obama, getting ready to host the last state dinner.>> beautiful weather. >> it must be very nice in washington dc with her having a sleeveless dress on.>> i believe the limousine will drive up with the italian officials as well. we are live from the white house on mornings on 2. it is 6:11 am. several new developments on the campaign trail, fbi documents raising questions about corruption in the state department tied to the hillary clinton email scandal. donald trump so i is defending his -- wife is defending his campaign. >> reporter: the fbi documents are creating new problems for hillary clinton, allegations that she mistreated the
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security detail while serving as secretary of state, and a top aide tried to bargain with the fbi as part of the attempted cover-up. >> we are in the final stretch of the campaign. >> reporter: hillary clinton is preparing for the debate, appearing by video for a glitzy broadway fundraiser in new york last night, and the campaign dealing with new revelations about the email scandal, one of the top lieutenants undersecretary of state pat kennedy trying to convince the fbi official to declassify the email in exchange for giving the fbi more access to more countries, including iraq. a clear case of the quid pro quo offer to protect clinton, and something trump quickly seized upon. >> quid pro quo, in other words a deal, felony corruption by any standards undersecretary
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kennedy, and needs to resign. >> reporter: trump campaigning and doubling down on claims the election is rigged by the media and fraudulent voting, but still stinging after the accusations from a number of women of sexual misconduct. melania trump offering interviews defending her husband saying he has apologized to her in the way that he is spoken about women in private, but she says the accusations of misconduct are political. >> why now, a few weeks before the election. >> reporter: all of this timing has her trump, and making the debate tomorrow night in las vegas even more critical. you can watch the debate here tomorrow night on ktvu fox 2 with coverage beginning at 6:00 here billy bush, "access hollywood" host fired due to
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his role in the release of the tapes as donald trump talks about using his fame to grow up and kiss women, and billy bush says "i am deeply grateful for the conversations i've had with my daughters, and for all of the support for my family, friends and colleagues, i look forward to what lies ahead." stepping up the efforts to transport people underground, reviewing plans for the subway vision project, exploring new possible underground routes across the city with most people in san francisco wanting a subway along the geary boulevard and 19th avenue. there is no timetable for the proposed subway project. it is 6:14 am. and how are we doing this morning, sal? >> there is some trivia, at one point in the 1960s they wanted
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a freeway along the 19th avenue, but that was the plan to connect to 80 through the park to the golden gate bridge. >> i remember when i first moved here people complaining about the traffic in la, but i was kind of surprised that you are driving along the freeway and then the next thing you know, you are on the city streets. let's take a look at highway 4, looking at 680 and 24 getting more crowded driving highway 4. this is slow back to antioch through pittsburg all the way to concord with 680 getting slower from concord to walnut creek. the bay bridge toll plaza backing up for 20 minute delay, and nothing unusual on the bridge to keep you from getting into san francisco, a lot of congestion. southbound add down to
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milpitas, and earlier crash, and there is a lot of activity going on, trying to get the cars on the tow truck, this was an injury accident, and the lanes are open but the traffic is low for 1 to 2 miles southbound on 880. don't let it take you by surprise driving toward 237 and milpitas. mostly quiet conditions with coastal fog giving way to mostly sunny skies, ran up north. the pacific continues to be active, and at least the western pacific. all eyes are on this super typhoon, and it is a category five, and the satellite intensity showing 155 miles in climbing, and heading toward the northern island of the
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philippines, in between taiwan and the philippines, moving near hong kong. this is been active, and it looks to be moving more off toward the east -- excuse me, the west, and that is key, and we had the re-curbing of one last week that gave us a tremendous amount of moisture. moving more toward inland. low clouds and fog filling in, rain continuing, and northern california still dealing with some rain, but on the back edge as this moves through up through humboldt county, and in the door hundred sacramento valley, along fort bragg, and partly cloudy in mendocino county and lake county. 40s and 50s, 10 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. menlo park and stanford, atherton and los altos mid-40s.
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27 in truckee, 48 and 47 in ukiah in sacramento. low clouds and fog, not widespread but more than we've seen and a little bit. this system moving through with high pressure building in starting tomorrow, taking us through friday for the warmer temperatures, upper 70s and low 80s. today just at 70 for the inland areas, upper 60s near 70 around the bay, low 70s inland. i don't see much changing, the warmest at santa clara valley, morgan hill and gilroy. 66 in the city with fog keeping daly city and pacifica, half moon bay on the cooler side. mostly sunny and warmer taking us into friday, mostly sunny saturday, increasing clouds on sunday. and we have talked
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about a lot of rain appear. >> i told them to get ready. >> an unusual amount of rain for this time of year. >> seattle has already had 6 inches of rain, 4.5 inches above average for the month. they have had a series of systems moving in. it looks like they will get a break.>> i'm glad i gave several umbrellas to brian flores.>> but i've heard that you are not supposed to use umbrellas in seattle or they will think you are a winner. the unmanned spacecraft on its way to the international space station, and nasa launched the rocket from virginia, but the private aerospace and defense company built the rocket, the first successful flight since the explosion two years ago during the launch which destroyed the launchpad, $50 million spent to repair the launchpad. the cargo ship will arrive at the space station on sunday.
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6:19 am, learning more about the man accused of shooting the san francisco police officer, coming up, where he lives and what the family is saying about his state of mind. >> it happened by chance we were down the road, or by god. >> the heroic life-saving effort caught on camera, the amazing actions of the good samaritans after they saw a woman pinned under a car on the side of the road.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the reign of the weekend was great after years of drought, santa cruz mountains seeing 10 inches of rain, and that help to fill the reservoir and south santa clara county, and look at all this water. the water district said that overall the reservoirs in the county are at 40%, but a long way to go to make up for the years of drought.>> we've seen years were we have a good start and the rest of the winter will peter out. we will hope we can continue to have a rainy year, with an above average year. >> the water district says that the conservation efforts from the people in the community are making a difference when it comes to the drought. it looked like a winter in the sierra nevada yesterday
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with several inches of snow falling in the higher elevations, causing drain jurors -- dangerous driving conditions and requiring chains in the passes, getting up to 1 foot of snow. squaw valley reported 6 inches of snow. this is giving the ski resorts hope that the upcoming season will be a good one. 125 inmates on a two-week hunger strike at the santa clara jail demanding better conditions. they collected the boxes of the kind eat meals yesterday, sending a list of demands to the share, and the inmates want changes in the jail cell assignments, that handling of solitary confinement and better clothing. >> some of these individuals cannot even get the proper hygiene, the proper clothing that every individual needs to have.>> the sheriff's office says they have enacted summer forms, the outdoor time is
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doubled, inmates on the hunger strike are being hydrated and monitored for distress, and the uneaten food is being donated to the salvation army. a federal judge in san francisco is due to hear from the volkswagen owners against the automaker $10 billion settlement after the judge gave the deal: mary approval in july. volkswagen would spend the $10 billion to buy back a repair 475,000 volkswagen and audis with 2 l diesel engines. the owners would get $5000 the owners would get $5000-$10,000 each. more than two dozen people have signed up to address the judge, and last year it was discovered that volkswagen had fitted many of the vehicles with software to pull the emissions test. the group of good samaritans in new jersey lifted a car and rescued a woman that was pinned underneath it. the car hit a tree sunday afternoon and she was ejected, and the car landed on top of
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her. you're looking at the police dashcam video joined a group of people rushing in to help, and one person said she did not think twice about jumping in to help. >> the car was smoking and the horn was blaring, and i was in a complete panic. i knew i had to get her out, i did not even worry about my own safety. >> another lady pulled up in a little bit, and the three of us lifted up the car.>> the woman they helped to save is expected to recover. >> incredible story. the governor of nevada approving the hotel tax to build the new football stadium that could be the new home for the raiders, but what would need to happen for the raiders would officially moved out of oakland. new details emerging about the north bay father that investigators say tried to ambush the two vallejo police officers sunday night and we
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will tell you about the accidental shooting of the little boy that could be connected to this violent encounter. taking a look at marin county, highway 101 in san rafael approaching the 5 am her change, traffic looking good -- 580 interchange, traffic looking good on 101, and also one 580 heading to the bridge, not bad. 60s near 70 with fog, some rain to the north. woman: how do we protect them from $4 billion in new cuts to california schools? man: vote yes on proposition 55. woman: prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. man: not on working californians, not small businesses. no one. woman: instead, prop 55 simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. man: so those who can most afford it continue paying their fair share... woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55
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to help our children thrive.
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woman: vote yes on prop 55 and they lied about it thatfor now they're lying about prop 56. if you don't use tobacco, you don't pay. smokers pay - their fair share of the 3 billion in health care costs all taxpayers are paying now. and there's one more thing: our kids. every state that's significantly raised tobacco taxes has reduced youth smoking. please. vote yes on 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it. good morning and thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 on this tuesday, october 18, and i am dave clark. i am pam cook, and thank you for joining us, it's just about 6:30 am.
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we have little bit of rain have been mendocino county, overall today in the 60s, near 70 along the bay, low 70s inland. temperatures bumping up more so tomorrow with one system to deal with. the season is getting late, but still some coastal fog favoring parts, san francisco south and a little bit over the bay, san jose has ran up the north coast. in the northern sacramento valley and mendocino county, with the line it fort bragg and ukiah getting a little bit of rain. that appears to be the cutoff line. overall we are too far to the south. 50s and 40s on the temperatures, including 49 at morgan hill and your roi, 48 in santa cruz, boulder creek, and santa clara and saratoga at 50. low clouds and some light shower activity to the north, mostly sunny, high 60s and low
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70s. where do we begin?>> we begin in oakland with the east bay traffic firing up, and this is at the maccarthur maze coming around the corner to the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see how slow it is, and no particular reason. we have new crash reported on westbound 80 at the toll plaza, no injuries. it looks like they pulled over to the right inside, but that did not cause this low traffic, slow due to the volume this morning getting into san francisco. tuesday is traditionally very busy on the morning commute. we are seeing slow traffic this morning on 880 south, and earlier crash near the mission boulevard exit south of mission boulevard. it took a while to get that out of the lanes, but still quite a bit of activity on the shoulder, and traffic is slow. you can see the nimitz freeway
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filling in on 880 south. a crash at the off-ramp on 680. 6:32 am. learning more about the father accused of trying to shoot two vallejo police officers while they sat in a coffee shop. the ex-con was wanted for questioning in the accidental shooting of his two-year-old son. alex savidge is in vallejo with what we are learning about the possible motive. >> reporter: good morning. authorities described this as a premeditated ambush, and the motive is unclear. what is clear is that this is pure luck that the two officers were not injured, both sitting inside the front door of starbucks having a coffee break, and this is at the lincoln road at interstate 880 in vallejo. the parolee armed with the illegally modified assault
6:33 am
weapon walked up to the front door, and the 41-year-old adam powell pointed the gun at the officers and tried to fire at them, but the weapon jammed. the surveillance video shows a powell running away from the store with the officers chasing after him, and they caught up with him a block away, and they shot powell three times as he continued to try to clear his weapon. >> he was obviously a danger to the public, a man with an assault weapon with a collapsible stock, high- capacity magazine.>> reporter: this is the cell phone video of the two-year-old son adonis, and authorities say that powell was wanted for questioning after this little boy accidentally shot himself at the home in suisun city hours before the violent confrontation in vallejo. powell was at home at the time of the accidental shooting according to the investigators, but left before the officers arrived. the gun that was used in the
6:34 am
accidental shooting was also gone from the home. neighbors in the area are having trouble understanding exactly what took place.>> i know that my two-year-old did not have the dexterity to grab a gun and pulled the trigger. if they grabbed it off of the table or something, that might be something, but this does not sound right.>> reporter: investigators are trying to figure out exactly what was going on when adonis shot himself in the neck. the boy remains in critical condition at the children's hospital in oakland. at the same time taught him -- at the same time, adam powell remains hospitalized in critical but stable condition. they have not said why he would try to take out the two vallejo officers on sunday night, but clear he was stalking the officers, and he apparently drove by the starbucks store, and that was six minutes before
6:35 am
he walked up to the store, and he saw the officers sitting inside, and then a few minutes later he walked up to the store and tried to shoot the officers, but again, the gun jammed and the officers are okay. >> this is such a mystery, very confusing as to what happened, and why it happened.>> reporter: a convoluted story certainly, and i think more pieces of the puzzle will falling the place. in terms of the actual motive for the attempted ambush at the starbucks, that remains unclear this morning. >> thank you for the update. it is 6:35 am. more information coming out regarding the man suspected of shooting the san francisco police officer in the head, 26- year-old nicholas mcwherter of pacifica died sunday from injuries suffered in the shootout with the police. they released a surveillance photo from the sporting good store where mcwhirter tried to
6:36 am
purchase of knife, and he fought with the security, ran off, and later shot officer kevin downs in the head. they said that mcwhirter was living out of his band -- van most recently parked on 17th avenue. >> he was parked outside of my house for several days and i was concerned because i have a family and children. >> mcwhirter grew up in pacifica along with three brothers, and one brother called to report a missing, and he suffered from mental illness and had recently gone off his medication. this is a picture of officer downs, expected to survive but suffering paralysis on one side of his body but the officers are hoping he regains movement. a memorial held for the police officers ambushed and killed in palm springs 10 years -- 10 days ago's, and the
6:37 am
service for antolin garcia- torres -- jose 'gil' vega and lesley zerebny will be held , 10,000 people are expected to attend. the 26-year-old gang member accused in the killings pled not guilty, and lesley zerebny had just returned to duty after giving birth to a baby four months ago. a hiking trip turning deadly for two lifelong friends from san jose, authorities recovered the bodies in the remote area 100 miles north of phoenix sunday morning. investigators have identified them, and sheriff's deputies say they were playing near the waterfall with family members and friends late saturday afternoon and they disappeared. the search teams were unable to get to the remote location until the next day. the drowning of the san jose men were the second and third in the same arizona creek. >> due to the time of day and the nighttime ascending by the
6:38 am
time they arrived, any rescue operation was suspended because this is a very remote area, a 1 mile hike in, a 1 mile hike out. we would not put anybody in the water due to the safety concerns. >> the creek in central arizona has been the scene of similar tragedy in the past. search crews resuming the search for the small plane missing in the sierra nevada since saturday, returning from idaho to sacramento when it disappeared saturday, the last known position was that rugged area southwest of lake tahoe. air patrols of been searching the area, but strong wind and rain, and even snow making the job very hard. >> sometimes it's difficult to discern between the aircraft between the snow on the ground or even the trees. it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. >> the searchers on foot are
6:39 am
also looking for the plane, and we do not know the name of the pilot, and no other passengers were on board. the raids on one plane blamed for the tense moments at the hayward airport, the planes getting off of the runway after landing, and for some reason the left brakes locked as the plane was coming down, and the plane skidded onto the adjacent field, and the two people on board were not hurt and the plane was not seriously damaged. the nfl owner meeting beginning today in houston, mark davis presenting an update on the proposed move to las vegas. the relocation vote is not expected until january, but the owners will be gathering information this week. that is when the governor brian sandoval signed the legislation approving the hotel tax that would raise $750 million for the $2 billion stadium.
6:40 am
>> it's very sad, and i raised my son to be a fanatic and he texted me that they would be going to nevada, and i'm hoping he is wrong. >> the open mayor libby schaaf hoping to keep the raters, and they continue to work on the new stadium project, but mark davis is denying speculation that he is supporting the las vegas bill as an attempt to pressure oakland saying he made a commitment to nevada, never using another city as leverage. if you live in san francisco, you may send them to choose which internet provider you want, and right now the apartments only get the tenants a choice of one or two internet providers. and the property owners cannot stop the tenants from signing up with a certain company, but they can refuse to allow access to the lines in the building, but supervisor mark farrell wants to change that, introducing legislation to require property owners to give building access to all state
6:41 am
licensed internet providers. san francisco honoring planned parenthood with the colorful tribute, lit up in think to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the organization, mayor ed lee and the department of health representatives there to take part in the lighting ceremony, and they take care of healthcare, abortion services and sex education for men and women in the u. s. one person not commenting on the nobel decision to award the bob dylan, the nobel prize literature, bob dylan himself is not made one single comment since receiving the most prestigious literary prize last week. he was attending a rock festival in the california desert with mick jagger and keith richards congratulating bob dylan, but bob dylan never said a word about receiving the prize, and the swedish academy said they gave up trying to
6:42 am
reach him. we still do not know whether bob dylan will attend the awards ceremony in december. those that receive social security benefits will get a cost-of-living increase next year, the social security administration announced benefits going up by .3% saying the increase is small because the lower gas prices are keeping inflation down, and there was no increase this year. it is 6:42 am. 10 deaths that could be linked to the medicine for the babies, the warning from the fda. coming up, san jose state taking a stronger stance against sexual assault, and the reform under consideration following rape allegations against the member of the water polo team. crowded in the east bay, 24 westbound is slow, lafayette slow and on the way the oakland. coastal fog with
6:43 am
temperatures close to 70 degrees for many, and a warmer pattern coming up. she saw the boots and fell for fall all over again. was she expecting to find the perfect designer boots at such an amazing price? no. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, new this morning, authorities in bangladesh say they know who funded the terror attack in the restaurant where 20 people were killed. the $100,000 in funding came from three men in bangladesh, and one was a pediatrician that fled to syria with his family to join isis. the two others were retired
6:46 am
army major and demand that donated the proceeds from selling his apartment, both men killed in the police raids. reportedly the three men belonged to a band of local militant groups. isis is claiming responsibility for the attack but the government of bangladesh says that the local militant group was behind the attack. new this morning, russian and syrian warplanes are temporarily ending airstrikes on the city of aleppo, the russian defense minister said the airstrikes were suspended to prepare for the thursday temporary truce to allow syrian rebels to leave aleppo. russia says the sources -- forces and syrian army will observe a humanitarian pause letting civilians and militants safely leave the city. aleppo is the syrian largest city dealing with intense airstrikes that have killed hundreds of people, causing
6:47 am
international outrage. the north carolina governor is bowing -- vowing to hunt down and prosecute those responsible for bombing the republican party headquarters, and they are looking for clues. no one was inside the building at the time, but the office was badly damaged. flammable liquid was thrown through the front window and someone spray-painted the anti- gop slogan reporting -- referring to nazi slogans on the wall. >> that is a terroristic assault on my right, your rights or anybody else's rights regardless of whether you are a democrat or republican. >> many democrats outraged over the firebombing, setting up a go fund me page to reopen the office, hitting the goal of collecting $10,000 within a few hours. the police in arizona investigating the bomb threat called into the republican
6:48 am
party headquarters in phoenix, and the threatening message left on the voicemail in the office yesterday afternoon, and the phoenix workers gave the all clear after searching for several hours. the fda is investigating a possible link between natural teething products and bad reactions in more than 400 babies, the reactions that include seizures, shortness of breath and vomiting. the fda says there could be as many as 10 deaths, the parents are being advised not to purchase certain tablets and jails -- gels being marketed as homeopathic teething to prevent pain. workers on strike at the jim beam distilleries in kentucky, being forced to work long hours to keep up with the demand, some saying they work up to 80 hours a week, and they have not been able to reach an
6:49 am
agreement with the company but negotiations are expected to continue today. jim beam says they have plan in place to prevent the shortage during the talks. and we are watching the roads, along with the maccarthur maze. >> slow along the berkeley curve, and earlier crash at the bay bridge not causing much of a backup because he was already backed up at the toll plaza. here it is coming around the corner to the bay bridge, and when you look at the bay bridge, backed up this morning. a lot of slow traffic in the area, and we go to 880 into east bay, southbound slow from hayward down to milpitas with earlier issues being blamed. 680 slow out of pleasanton, and looking at the silicon valley commute, 85, 280 and 101 filling in as well as we approach the heart of the commute. low clouds and fog over the coast and a little over the bay, mostly sunny today unless
6:50 am
you're up north, mendocino county and lake county dealing with cloud cover and very light rain. 60s to near 70 along the bay, low 70s inland. those low clouds filling in a little bit at many locations, and up north we can find rain, a little bit and mendocino county, but washing out a little bit. getting a view splash and -- -- showers, at fort bragg, but not a lot left. a pretty good rain is we continue through 6 inches of rain in seattle, and they are getting good ran. -- rain.>> cam mentioned they don't use umbrellas up there, and that is true, generally a nagging drizzle for weeks on end. it's also called the oregon
6:51 am
mess -- mist where it hits and misses us, an old joke. napa and 43, upper 40s to mid 40s, windsor and sebastopol, petaluma and mill valley is well in here. 48 and 47 in ukiah in sacramento with low clouds giving way to partly cloudy skies to the north. this type pressure build in tomorrow beginning the warming trend taking us into at least friday. things will begin to cool off and an increasing clouds over the weekend, 60s and 70s on the temperatures with everyone pretty close. upper 60s to low 70s along the bay, and the coast has mainly low 60s. temperatures in the north bay, south bay and peninsula, and nbc all within a few degrees of each other. warmer friday, mostly sunny saturday with increasing clouds on sunday, possible rain on
6:52 am
monday. it is 6:51 am. the convicted drug dealer offered clemency by president obama, coming up the reason that texas inmate says that he would rather stay in prison. jury selection is underway and the kidnapping and murder case of sierra lamar, and what made the potential jury members gasped in the courtroom.
6:53 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 6:54 am. the triple shooting in the remote part of sonoma county does not appear to be random, the 36 year old man died in the attack saturday night, another man and woman critically injured at a house in the role area of sevastopol -- rural area of sevastopol. there was a marijuana garden on the property but they are not saying whether that had anything to do with the shooting, and detectives are searching for the suspects. jury selection continues in the san jose trial of the man accused of kidnapping and killing the morgan hill teenager sierra lamar, and the jury search in the trial of antolin garcia-torres started yesterday, four years after sierra lamar disappeared from the bus stop, and her body was never found. there was a gasp in the courtroom after the judge told the jury members that the trial could last week's months. they filled out a request to be
6:56 am
excused or 831 page jury questionnaire -- 31 page jury questionnaire. >> this is a treasure trove of information for the prosecution particularly because they want law and order type jurors that will convict in the case. >> they will question hundreds of jury members, and the number will be trimmed down to 12 jurors and six alternates. friday at the fremont main library a man went into the women's bathroom, it in the stall and tried to record video of the young girl on the phone. the girl went to get help and the suspect was detained until the police arrived, and the 26 rolled man is facing charges of peeping, drug charges, charges of annoying and molesting a child. the city of san francisco marking the anniversary of the earthquake by welcoming the new fireboat, saint francis, and
6:57 am
the name picked them the entries submitted by the elementary school kids. the vote is 88 feet long -- boat is 88 feet long, pumping up to 88,000 gallons of water permit, the third fireboat for san francisco. two uc berkeley students were sexy assaulted over the weekend, and what the police are saying that the cases may have in common. three weeks after the police shot the unarmed man and el cajon, the lawsuit filed over the protest that took place after the deadly shooting. if you don't use tobacco, you don't pay. smokers pay - their fair share of the 3 billion in health care costs all taxpayers are paying now. and there's one more thing: our kids. every state that's significantly raised tobacco taxes has reduced youth smoking. please. vote yes on 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it.
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>> three women killed in a crash in marin county overnight. where it happened and the impact it is having on traffic right now. we're live at san jose state university where the university president is vowing to make changes following the alleged rapes of two of its students. we will tell you what she plans on doing and what students are saying about it. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00 this tuesday, october 18th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and other good morning.
7:00 am
and good morning. i'm dave clark. i think we can handle the forecast today. >> yeah. not too bad. a little bit of fog. getting long on the tooth on the fog season. maybe the inland fog. but it's coastal right now. 60s there. maybe a hint of drizzle. some of it has made it inland as well. oakland will end up with 60s and 70s. you can see the low cloud deck. not a lot but it's there for some. a few showers from fort bragg. mendocino county, decent rain moves in on the north coast. it is falling apart as it moves towards mount shasta. 44 for santa rosa. the 24-hour temperature change, two to 9 degrees cooler for some. napa airport,


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