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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  October 18, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> another lady pulled up a little bit. and then we three lifted the car. >> the woman is expected to recover. >> a bay area university now pledging to do more to protect students from sexual assaults. the letter just released by the university's president. the nfl owners are gathering in houston this morning, one day after the governor of nevada green lights a new tax to fund a raiders stadium in las vegas. ♪[music] >> good looking fall morning. crisp, clear, blue skies over the city of berkeley. cal bears by the way if you're wondering do not kick off on saturday. they host the ducks out of eugene, oregon on friday night for a little college football here in the bay area. welcome to the 9, everyone. alongside sal castaneda and
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gasia mikaelian. i'm mike mibach. busy newscast for you. nfl owners meeting in houston. no vote expected but a lot of discussion about the potential move to las vegas for the raiders. first let's check the weather with sal. >> a major crash on 680 up to highway 24. there was a crash that resulted in no injuries. but then two of the people tried to run across the freeway. and then they were hit by a car. or a couple of cars at least. southbound 680 is affected. this is the area here. and 680 is just a parking lot from concord down to walnut creek. southbound 680 is slow because as you pass the scene, you can see quite a bit. again, we don't know why the people got out of the car and ran across the freeway. but that's always -- it's just a terrible idea to try to run across a freeway. they did get hit. and the injuries are severe. we're trying to find out more. but it's a good area to avoid.
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up to the north bay, that's where the chp is investigating a violent crash that claimed the lives of three men. >> allie rasmus just received new details from an investigator and has the latest. >> reporter: the chp says based on its preliminary investigation, it appears speed was a factor in the crash. they believe that's the case simply because of the extent of the damage to the car involved. the tow truck hauled away the wreckage. the white toyota corolla was almost unrecognizable. three men inside the car died in the wreck. investigators say they were heading westbound on sir francis boulevard around midnight when they hit a power pole, crossed on to the opposite side of the road and slammed into several trees. drivers who frequent the road say the windy conditions can be treacherous. >> especially when it's -- especially when the road is wet. or when it's drizzling. >> reporter: this was the only vehicle involved in the crash.
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the marin county coroner has not identified the victims yet. but chp officers say they appeared to be young adults, possibly in their early 20s. they were all wearing seat belts at the time of the crash. right now the preliminary investigation indicate that's speed was a factor. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. happening today, the nfl owners meeting begins in houston, texas. oakland raiders owner will give them an update on the possible move to las vegas. the owners however will be gathering information about this possible move this week at their meeting. that's why nevada or i should say nevada governor sandoval signed legislation approving a hotel tax hike that would raise millions for the $2 billion stadium.
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>> very, very sad. i raised my son to be a fanatic. he texted me and said they're going to nevada. i want my son to be wrong so bad. >> the oakland mayor is holding out hope to keep the raiders. they are working on building a new stadium. the president says he made a commitment to nevada and vegas and has never used another city as leverage. the question of the day is about the potential raiders move. many fans stayed loyal when they moved to l.a. if it happens again, the question is would you stay a raiders fan if the team moves to las vegas. >> let us know what you think by posting a comment on ktvu's facebook or tweet us by using the #ktvu. we will read your responses later in the newscast. jury selection begins today for the trial of garcia-torres began yesterday after a number
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of delays and four years after the 15-year-old disappeared from a morgan hill bus stop. azenith smith talked with the family and friends about the long wait. >> reporter: two months after sierra went missing, authorities arrested then 21- year-old garcia-torres, calling it a stranger abduction. investigators pointed to his dna on sierra's clothing in her bag. her dna was found inside of his volkswagen jetta. he pleaded not guilty. >> grief. overwhelming grief, along with being in limbo. >> reporter: sierra's father saw garcia-torres for the first time in august for a preliminary hearing. the most difficult part for him, details of hair being found in the trunk of the car and markings on her clothing
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indicating that she had been dragged. the father has a hard time looking at garcia torres on court. >> i'm trying to focus on what is happening in the courtroom. i don't really look over there very often. >> reporter: recently though he says he has been able to watch home videos of sierra. even though he may never know what happened to her. >> i've tried to come to terms with maybe i'll never know that. but i'm still trying to find out. >> it's so sad. it's so horrible that he would come to that. that he would have to conclude that. but he is absolutely right. >> mark's 12-year-old daughter poly was kidnapped in 1993 and killed by a stranger, richard allen davis who confessed to the crime. >> steve and i belong to the club that no one wants to
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belong to. >> that case took three years to go to trial following a change in venue. >> am i shocked by the slow pace of the criminal justice system? no. i think it's obvious that we have a broken criminal justice system. >> reporter: a justice system that plays to the defendant, he says. he expects that defense attorneys will try to discredit sierra and challenge his mental state. the two big differences is poly's body was found two months after she disappeared. a dedicated group of volunteers including these four, meet once a month to search for sierra. all of them searching for answers. >> i hope he finally says something. that's all we want, is closure. >> reporter: as for sierra's father steve, his hope is for justice. although he says he lost a part of himself the day that sierra was taken. >> it's never full closure.
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it will only be helpful answers. >> reporter: prosecutors have also charged garcia-torres with attempting to kidnap three other women in morgan hill prior to sierra. sierra's parents wants the death penalty if he is found guilty, saying that the death penalty fits the crime. azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. >> we are talking about jury selection that is underway. >> right. potential jurors are told that the trial could last six months. >> that has to be the biggest challenge. how do you find 12 jurors and throw in the alternates and get them to hang out for six months and listen to the evidence. >> they will bring in a lot of jurors. 80 to 100 or maybe even more. then you begin to ask them before they even fill out the questionnaires, can you stay with us for six months? a lot of people will say no i'm self-employed. you do this to me, i can't pay
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my rent or anything. that panel will be gutted the first day. >> based on that, what kind of jury pool will we see once we finally get it. >> you will see government workers where the government will pay for the jurors to come in. you will see older people that are retired. >> right. >> you will see bigger corporate-type people where corporations are willing to pay that type of money over six to seven-month period for a juror. so it really limits that jury pool. >> if i'm on the defense, i'm like i don't like anyone. you say we can move it. >> well, if -- if -- remember, during this trial, prior to the trial, there was a change of venue motion. and the judge denied that. but keep in mind, that is still open. because if you get jurors that come in and say, look, i have read about it and reading about it doesn't exclude you from the jury. if you say i have read about it and made up my mind that torres is guilty and you get a lot of people saying that and you
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can't get a jury, then the judge has no choice but to move it. >> you as a defense attorney, what kind of juror are you looking for? is there something that you're trying to represent your client in the best way possible. what are you looking for in a juror. >> the biggest thing is this is a death or special circumstance jury trial. so they need death qualified jurors. those are one that's will say, oh, if we convict him, we will give the death penalty. we will consider that rat least. those are more conservative people. the defense wants the less conservative type people. they want a little more liberal where they say i have a little problem with the death penalty. >> i may be opposed to the death penalty. >> remember, they're filling out the voir dire questions on the questionnaire. then the judge puts it over until november 13th or so. the election is the 7th.
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what is one of the issues, 62 or 66. it's about the death penalty. if the voters of california say no death penalty. then i think this jury does not need a death qualified jury. so it puts the defense in a better position for the type of jurors they will get. >> how big is an obstacle that this is a murder trial without a body? the body has never been found. >> there have been trials, especially here in alameda county, when i was a d.a. here, there was in burkely that was tried. remember, hahn was convicted of a first degree murder without a body. once he was convicted, then the defense went to the d.a.'s office and said to the d.a., look, we will tell you where the body is if you reduce this down from a first to a second. the d.a. then went to the family and said what do you want to do? the family said they wanted closure on this. obviously he did it.
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where is the body? and they negotiated on that. i would think that sierra lamar's family has to be considering that. if it goes to death, a death penalty, then the defense will go to them and say let's negotiate. we will tell you where the body is, take death off of the table. most d.a.'s leave that up to the family and say this is your loss. you tell us what to do. i'm sure that the santa clara d.a.s would do that. >> if you're a prosecutor in the case, what is your biggest concern going into the trial. >> that the evidence goes in the way it is. the biggest concern for the defense is you have this allegation of special circumstance murder. but the big kicker here, three other victims are going to come in and say he tried to kidnap me. can you imagine a juror saying you're frying to kidnap three other people and you're saying you didn't do this. >> good luck on that one. they didn't sever the case. >> if you're his lawyer, do you put him on the stand. >> i almost think that you have
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to. but so many defense attorneys are afraid of that. he already made a statement that he didn't know her but her dna was found in his trunk. they tried to keep that out. they couldn't do that. you put that on the stand and that comes out. i bet they keep him off of the stand. >> thank you. >> coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, the latest on the race to the white house. donald trump's wife is speaking out after the allegations that his husband assaulted a number of women. changes being made at this university after two alleged rapes of two students. the statement that was justish i'd. i'd-- just issued.
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honey, is the internet back yet? yes!! i need to let her know that i like this! i like, like, like, like... i haven't seen a movie based on a comic book in so long. i know. we're over here internet people! get high speed internet from at&t. with over 99% reliability. at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm, you internet's on. >> 9:15 now. people who get social security benefits will receive a small cost of living increase next year. the social security administration announced benefits will go up by .3%. they say the increase will be
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small because lower gas prices are keeping inflation down overall. there was no increase this year. so .3% is something. let's take a look at stocks. the dow jones is going strong. up 96 points. a similar story on the s&p and nasdaq. . turning now to the presidential race. donald trump is doubling down on his claims of a rigged election. >> and more hacked e-mails from the clinton campaign are released. >> garrett teny reports from washington on the effect this is having on voter snooze hillary clinton might be up in the polls but her e-mail controversies seem inescapable. the fbi has also released documents which include claim that's in 2015 a senior state department official proposed a quid pro quo to the fbi in an attempt to change the classification of at least one
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e-mails. both agencies say the deal never took place. >> we looked into this. there was no quid pro quo, even suggested. there wasn't an inkling of that. >> reporter: that hasn't stopped donald trump from calling this latest allegation worse than watergate. >> this is a criminal act, a conspiracy that included hillary's deleting and bleaching of 33,000 e-mails. >> reporter: addressing trump's most recent controversy, his wife melania is speaking out for the first time since the tape of her husband talking about women lewdly surfaced and accusations from nine women saying that trump sexually assaulted them. >> that all of the allegations should be handled in a court of law. >> reporter: while clinton is taking a break from the campaign trail to prep for the final debate, her daughter, first lady michelle obama and bernie sanders are in arizona, hoping to win over the traditionally red leaning state. both candidates will square off
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tomorrow night in the debate that will be moderated by our very own chris wallace. you can watch it here on fox. >> you can also watch that debate on ktvu fox 2 news. it airs 6:00 p.m. our time. we will have reports before after on ktvu and ktvu plus. if you won't be near a television for the debate, watch it on or the mobile app or even on facebook. >> i wouldn't miss it. following the top stories in our news room, let's go to dave clark. >> here are some of the stories we're following. students at uc berkeley have been alerted to two sexual assaults happening off of campus over the weekend. in the first case a female student claims she was assaulted friday night at a party. in the second case, another student says she was sexually assaulted saturday morning at a party by an acquaintance. no arrests have been made. police are not saying if the
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two assaults occurred at the same fraternity. some san jose state students say school officials should have responded faster to rape allegations against a member of the water polo team. and the university president responding in an open letter, promising to make changes, including better communication and support for victims and reexamining when to send out alerts after sexual assaults. students say that is an important improvement under the circumstances. >> the school is just trying to do its best with the situation. there's not much that they can do. it already happened. they're trying to make it better for the future. >> the freshman student accused of rape was questioned by school officials and was banned from the campus but he was never arrested. and he returned home to serbia which does not have an extradition treaty with the u.s. a gun shop is closing after 23 years. bulls eye shooting range and firearm store in san rafael
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will close this thursday. the owner couldn't come up with an agreement with the landlord. the paper also says that bulls eye is the only public shooting range in marin county. it was often used as a training facility for the san raphael police department, those are some of your morning headlines from our news room. mike, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, dave. a deadly hit and run in the east bay. what investigators say may have sparked the deadly incident. we dance on the salsa team together, and it's like a lot of power in what we wear.
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>> a public memorial is being held for two palm springs police officers ambushed ten days ago. the service for the officers will take place at the palm springs convention center at 11:00. governor jerry brown and california attorney general harris are among the 10,000 people expected to attend. 26-year-old gang member has pleaded not guilty to shooting and killing the officers. lesley zerebny had just returned to duty from maternity
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leave. the president of the nation's largest police association is apologizing for the mistreatment of people of color. >> there have been times that law enforcement officers because of the laws enacted by federal, state and local governments have been the face of oppression to far too many of our fellow citizens. >> terrence can you thinking ham is the police chief in wellesley, massachusetts. he spoke in san diego at the conference of association of chiefs of police. he says that past injustices have created a mistrust between minority communities and police but today's officers are not to blame for the past. 125 inmates at santa clara jail are on a hunger strike, demanding better conditions. the inmates sent a list of de planneds to the sheriff last month but she has not responded yet. they want changes in jail cell assignments and consignment and better clothing.
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>> some of these individuals, they can't even get their proper hygiene or the proper clothing that, you know -- that every individual needs to have. have. >> the sheriff's office has enacted reforms. inmates receive six pairs of underwear on two. the inmates are being monitored for signs of distress. the uneaten food is being donated to the salvation army. authorities of bangladesh say they know who funded the july 1st terrorist attack in a restaurant where 20 people were killed. the $100,000 in funding came from three men from bangladesh. one was a pediatrician who fled to syria with his family to join isis. the two others were a retired army major and a man who donated the proceeds from selling an apartment. both of those men were killed by police in raids. reportedly the three men belonged to a band of local
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militant group. isis claimed it was behind the attack. warplanes are temporarily ending airstrikes on the city of aleppo. the russian defense ministry says the airstrikes were suspended to prepare for thursday's temporary truce it to allow syrian rebels to leave aleppo. the forces and army will observe a humanitarian pause on thursday for militants and civilians to leave the city. the city has been subject to intense airstrikes that have caused hundreds of people and caused international outrage. coming up, the south bay judge at the center of a recall effort is under scrutiny again. the new allegations of bias against judge aaron persky. because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians...
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every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56. >> welcome back. nfl owners meeting in houston, texas right now. a lot of chatter about the raiders and the potential move to las vegas after the governor
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signed that legislation that will hike the hotel tax in vegas to raise money for a new stadium. we want to know if you're a die hard raiders fan, are you still going to be a fan? i have no choice i'm loyal to the name because of this tattoo. rj says i won't know for sure until they move. maybe but not as hardcore. either way, can't root for the niners. chris says i've been a fan since i was a child. i have moved between pa and nevada myself. >> tired of supporting the -- tired of -- tired of moving the team. i will support them. brian brooks also just tweeted me and i'll read, as a season ticket holder, i would drop my seats so fast. stay in oakland. oakland is home. we appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us throughout the
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morning. our hashtag we ask you to use is #ktvuthe9. police have made an arrest in the deadly hit and run case involving the theft of wooden pallets. oakland police caught the suspect after a five-hour manhunt. officers spotted edwards in a white pickup truck that matched the description of the vehicle in the hit and run. the incident began with a dispute at the warehouse in san leandro. investigators believe that edwards was trying to steal pallets but confronted by a store worker. edward drove off in the white truck, intentionally hitting and killing that worker. >> they found it abandoned as they made the u-turn. this man was walking away. they were able to apprehend him without any incident. >> edwards is being held without bail on the charge of suspicion of murder. there is a large black market for stolen pallets. the employee who was killed has
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not been identified yet. we're learning more about a north bay father who is accused of shooting at two police officers while they sat in a coffee shop. >> the man was wanted in the questioning of the accidental shooting of his 2-year-old son. >> alex savage has more on why the man targeted police officer snooze this north bay officer is accused of leaving his 2- year-old son behind after the toddler accidentally shot himself. this was on sunday afternoon. and then just a few hours later, authorities say this parolee who was wanted for questioning in connection with that accidental shooting showed up at this starbucks store and tried to ambush two vallejo police officers as they were sitting, taking a coffee break just inside the front door. this store is on lincoln road, near interstate 80. police say 41-year-old adam powell was wearing body armor and carrying an illegally
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modified assault weapon with a 70-hound magazine. he pointed the gun at the two officers and apparently tried to fire. but the weapon jammed. surveillance video shows powell running off with the officers chasing him down the street and into the nearby neighborhood. they caught up with him a block away and shot powell three times as he was still trying to clear that weapon. authorities say powell was wanted for questioning after his 2-year-old son adonis somehow got ahold of a gun and accidentally shot himself at a home early in the afternoon on sunday. now according to authorities, powell was at home at the time of the accidental shooting. but then he left before officers arrived at the scene. police say the gun the little boy used to shoot himself was nowhere to be found inside of that home. we talked with the boy's grandfather who tried to help the injured child who was suffering from a gunshot wound to the neck. >> he is adorable man.
9:32 am
he is adorable. that's my boy. that's my boy. my youngest grandson. >> the gun was fired inside of the room. and there's no indication that anybody else fired the gun. so the presumption is that the juvenile got access to a firearm inside of the room. >> reporter: that little boy remains in critical condition this morning at children's hospital in oakland. and at the same time his father, adam powell, also remains hospitalized after being shot by the officers. he is in critical but stable condition. authorities have not said at this point why they believe he tried to attack the two police officers. but the chief of police here in vallejo describes this as a premeditated ambush. investigators also revealed that powell drove by the starbucks store about six minutes earlier, saw the two officers sitting inside and then walked up to the front door with the weapon and tried to open fire on them. in vallejo, alex savage, ktvu fox 2 news. moving from vallejo to san
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francisco, the officer that was shot on sunday is still in the hospital with his family by himself. tara, you're hearing that the downs family has received some good news. >> reporter: that's right. doctors believe that the partial paralysis that is in his right leg will improve with time. great news for the family. as you all know, on friday night, officer downs was shot in the head. his family has actually met with the family of the suspect. they have actually offered the downs family their condolences. i'm told that meeting went extremely well. while downs is now in stable condition, we know that he had to undergo surgery to remove bullet fragments from his skull. doctors are hopeful that he will regain feeling in the leg. his wife and his father who is
9:34 am
a retired sergeant has been by kevin's side since the shooting and are requesting privacy at the time. over the weekend, there was a steady stream of politicians at the hospital. while appreciated, it was a bit overwhelming for the family. they just want to focus on their son and him getting better. >> with all of that said, were you able to make contact with the family? >> reporter: i was actually able to make contact with the family of the suspect. i spoke with his father on the phone yesterday. he was very nice. but the family is not speaking at this time. they just lost their son. a freeze frame from surveillance video shows nicholas mcwherter. he was trying to buy a knife. he fought with security and ran off later shooting officer kevin downs in the head. he was surrounded an hour later where officers shot him. he later died in the hospital.
9:35 am
my sources at sfpd indicate that mcwherter had been living out of his van in front of a home on 17th avenue. he was raised in pacificca along with his three brothers. one of them called police to report him missing on the day of the shooting. he suffered from mental illness and had gone off of his medication. they were concerned about him. >> tara moriarty, live for us. thanks, tara. this time the case involves the college of san mateo football player who was convicted of sexual assault. the 18-year-old was sentenced to several weeks in jail and ordered to take a year of domestic violence classes. but the court records show that he rarely attended those classes. once the absences were discovered, judge persky revised the schedule to smith could make up the classes on nongame days. >> the judge had many, many
9:36 am
opportunities to hold this young man accountable and to make sure that he served his sentence. i think that it also is about the fact that judge persky clearly sent a message that football was more important than violence against women. >> earlier this year, judge persky sentenced brock turner to six months in jail for multiple accounts of sexual assault. that sparked a national effort to have the judge recalled. crews are resuming the search for a small plane missing in the sierra nevada. it was returning to sacramento from idaho when it disappeared. air patrols have been scouring that area but strong winds, rain and even snow are making their job difficult. icult. >> sometimes it's really difficult to discern between an aircraft and the snow or the ground or even the trees and stuff like that. if there isn't bright colors. even then, you know, it's like looking for a needle in a
9:37 am
haystack. >> searchers on the ground are also looking for the plane. no word on the identity of the pilot. no other passengers were on board. and it's time for our weather. steve, you said that fog season is almost over. >> usually you get to the middle of october and there's not much left. we start looking for the inland fog. we had the coastal variety today. no doubt about it. there is still some around. it is lifting a bit and working its way around. what was there was really thick. i think we will see down on the deck fog late tonight and tomorrow. because high pressure will start building in. we have a typhoon, slash, hurricane. category 5. super typhoon heading towards northern philippines. wind is 160 miles per hour. so if you have travel plans there, maybe taiwan or north of hong kong over the next 48 to 72 hours, you might have to deal with this or try not to deal with it at all is probably
9:38 am
the best advice. it does not look like it will weaken and recurve back towards us. that's what happened over the weekend that gave some areas torrential rain. that does not look to be happening yet. we will keep an eye on it. there is the fog that sal mentioned. it is starting to retreat. we had thick fog and rain this morning in fort bragg. but right now i don't think there's much left. had pretty good rain on the north coast. but that system has moved inland to mount shasta and red bluff. now we're seeing a lot of 50s. the lows are 5 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. mostly sun today. upper 60s and a lot near 70. tomorrow will be warm. not hot for us. upper 70s and low 80s thursday and friday. that starts to break down and then cooler weather and increasing clouds on sunday. rain on the way for next week. you may have to wait until monday or tuesday. the big news is southern california. they will get the heat this
9:39 am
weekend and high fire danger. >> thanks, steve. the rain that we got over the weekend we needed. pockets of the santa cruz mountains saw 10 inches of rain. that helped to fill the reservoir in south santa clara county. overall reservoirs in the county are at about 40% capacity. officials are hoping for a very big winter. >> we have seen years where you have a good start like this and the rest of the winter peters out. we're hopeful that we can continue to have a rainy year and have an average or above average year. age year. >> the water district also says conservation efforts from people in the community are helping to make a difference when it comes to ending the drought. hundreds of people in the vallejo area of green valley are being told to boil their water after a 14-inch break was discovered in the pipeline, leaving the green valley water treatment plant. crews are currently replacing
9:40 am
the broken section. those north of green valley and reservoir roads are asked to use bottled water for preparing food or brushing teeth. california's first dog is finally back home. last week we reported sutter brown was undergoing emergency surgery for cancer. sutter was in the hospital for about ten days. yesterday he was taken home. california's first lady and brown tweeted when sutter got home, he rolled around in the grass and sniffed all of his favorite places and then took a nap. sutter turned 13 years old last month. a couple in san francisco pleading for help after a streak of very bad luck. >> we're hoping for a miracle. what they are desperately trying to find in and out before their son is born. and a powerful message from a fire captain in san jose. what he wants teenage drivers to know before they get behind the wheel and why he says the issue is so close to his heart.
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>> checking back on a developing story we told you about at the top of the hour. alex savage has just arrived on the scene on interstate 680. alex. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. we should point out the scene just was cleared a short time ago. and the information we have from the chp is the two people running across the northbound lanes of 680 just north of olympic this morning suffered major injuries after being let by cars. they are in the hospital today right now being treated. and, again, the scene just cleared a short time ago. we will show you where it took place. i will bring in the california highway patrol to explain
9:44 am
exactly how this happened. this began when these two people got into a crash on the southbound side of the freeway and they tried to get off the freeway? >> yeah. it appears that it was a property damage collision that happened on the southbound side, approximately 8:10 this morning. then we started receiving calls of two pedestrians who attempted across the northbound lanes. and then they were subsequently hit. >> and they were right -- they were right in the middle of the lanes here when they were struck. the cars that struck them remained at the scene. >> yeah. it appears that they were in the middle of the lanes when they were struck. and then the other involved party stopped immediately at the scene. >> reporter: when you get into a fender bender like this and your car is maybe in the fast lane, there is that inclination to get out of the car and to the side of the freeway and to a safe place. what should people do in a situation like this. >> in that similar type of location, try to get to a safe area. for where that collision
9:45 am
occurred, it was in the southbound direction. there is a center divide there. you can remain in your car with your seat belt on and wait for emergency personnel to arrive. if it is possible to move to the right shoulder, move to the right shoulder. >> reporter: i appreciate you taking the time to give us the update on the crash. two people who got into a fairly minor accident in the southbound lanes of 680, crashed into another car. they tried to run across the northbound lanes of the freeway. both of them were struck and seriously injured bypassing cars on the freeway and both remain hospitalized with major injuries. >> thanks, alex. in just about an hour at 10:30, the san jose chp fire department and police department are teaming up to remind teens about the dangers of distracted driving. >> it is part of national teen driving safety week. one of the speakers is the san jose chief fire. he lost his own daughter in a
9:46 am
distracted crash last year. >> captain, so sorry for your loss from all of us at ktvu. good morning to you. you have said in the past that your daughter's death was 100% preventible. >> that is exactly right. natalie's death was 100% preventible. >> why is it important to travel and go through the emotions of talking about it. >> you're absolutely right. first thank you, gasia, mike and sal for giving me this opportunity to talk to the public about natalie and about her story. it is hard and it is difficult. but something that we do so other families aren't affected the same way that we are. natalie was a beautiful bright young 15-year-old girl who lost her life one week before her sweet 16th birthday. she was a passenger in a vehicle that had a driver that
9:47 am
was, one, shouldn't have had teens in her car and, two, was driving too fast and was distracted by the back seat passenger. that accident because of -- because of that accident, we lost my beautiful natalie. and that is why we go out and we tell her story through impact teen driver, through otherrings such as, you know, chp, san jose police department, and san jose fire department. and we're able to get that story out. so we're hoping that parents and teens see a reflection of themselves in natalie's story and our story and they think about that when they get behind the wheel. especially as young teen drivers, you know, for that one brief flash saying boy, i saw that young girl and how much she had ahead of for for her life and her parents' hopes and dreams and how it was all dashed in a blink of an eye. and i don't want that to happen. so i'm not going to be the one
9:48 am
who is going to get behind the wheel with my friends in the back and be distracted with the car, with the cell phone. i'm not going to be the one that makes those poor decisions. that's why we do it. we know it's difficult and hard. as we go up there and we talk and often we choke back tears because we think of natalie. but we know that she is here with us, not the way we want her to be. but she is happy we are telling her story and her story is getting out there and making the impact in everyone's lives. >> captain, can you talk about the sense of invincible. we don't take any risks. but the 15, 16, 17-year-olds out there, it's a couple miles home. it was just one beer. i'll just send a quick text. talk about the feeling that you're trying to get the teens to realize is false.
9:49 am
>> yes. absolutely. you know, teenagers, human beings as a whole are not invincible. it's easy to feel that way when you have your life ahead of you. you know, when you're a teenager and thinking about college or thinking about your next steps and what you're going to do and on the weekend you think there is nothing that will go wrong. even as parents we think we have our children, we're happy. nothing can possibly happen to us. but that is entirely false. a poor decision, you know, picking up that cell phone, talking on the phone, looking at that text. you know, someone distracting you in the back seat. that split second decision has a lifetime of regret and remorse that can -- that is right there, that is ever prevalent. you know, it's -- it's a notion that we need to get past. there is no invincible. these vehicle that's we drive are thousands of pounds. like you said, taking your eyes off the road for just that
9:50 am
split second can have a detrimental impact and can kill somebody. the driver of the vehicle, it wasn't her intent that night to go out there and get in an accident and kill one of her best friends. natalie's intent was not to get in the car that night and to die. but that is what happened. and that is something that everyone needs to be aware of. the decisions that they make have long, long lasting impacts. >> captain, thank you for sharing your story with us. i know it's hard but what you're doing will make a difference for other young people. >> thank you, captain. >> thank you very much. thank you, gasia, mike and sal. we appreciate it. you take care. have a great day. >> and to you. now to the city where it's a devastating story for a couple there certainly hoping for a change in their luck. they're desperately trying to find a new place to live before
9:51 am
their new baby arrives. their apartment caught fire earlier this month. the voucher ran out so they started a gofundme account and raised $9,000. but then their truck broke down. they are thankful for all of the money raised and items they have been given but they need to find a new home and there is nowhere for them to go. >> we're hoping for a miracle. we're hoping somebody is out there who has a one-bedroom. >> i want my son to have everything. i worked really hard to get him the things that i wanted to get him. >> the couple have had offers to stay with people for a night or two. but they need something permanent with the baby coming soon. all of the money they raise will go straight towards renting an apartment. we have a link to the gofundme account on just click on web links. coming up next, helping cancer patients reclaim their identities. identities.
9:52 am
>> she said it's me. i look like me. and she was beaming. the free service offered to help those undergoing cancer treatment deal with hair loss.
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> this month is breast cancer awareness month. ktvu is partnering with the american cancer society as part of the making strides campaign. >> hair loss is often a side effect of treatment. while many consider that minor, there are others that feel it affects their whole sense of
9:55 am
self. >> there is a service in the south bay that helps women reclaim their identity and it is free of charge. >> and this is actually a really important program of the american cancer society. and i feel very strongly about it as a breast cancer survivor and also someone who had experienced hair loss at an early age. >> here women fighting cancer takes some of the power back. >> they come into here as a safe, warm environment. one on one with a volunteer. and we give them the opportunity to try on different styles. you can see we have some beautiful wigs here. wigs have come a long way. >> they have. >> and we teach them how to care for the wig, treat them other options. hats, scarves, other things that they need to move forward. >> it is a room built with love on community donations. >> we want this room to look look a salon, to make women feel good about themselves. >> reporter: here they don't
9:56 am
want about cost but about fit. when it's right, you know. >> she said, it's me. i look like me. and she was beaming. >> reporter: in a tough time in this room, there is both laughter and relief. >> so many times women in here are smiling. and yet there's tears. there's also tears, tears of joy, tears of relief. gives them back their life. >> and, again, ktvu partners with the american cancer society during this breast cancer awareness month. there will be two making strides walks. one this saturday in san francisco. and then one the following week in san jose. for more information or how to register, just go to and look under our web links section. a new list for the nominees for the rock and roll hall of fame are out this morning. ♪[music] >> janet jackson made the list of nominees for the second year
9:57 am
in a row. tupac, pearl jam and depeche mode are being considered. they must have released their first single 25 years ago. the winners will be announced in december. >> i like all of those bands. >> yeah. >> who is your favorite? >> depeche mode and maybe janet. >> we can leave with some janet jackson. >> why don't we. >> we will be back here for your noon broadcast. >> yes, you will.
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