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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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two san francisco supervisors are moving to drop wells fargo bank from city business after the settlement with regulators. >> the bank is accused of creating millions of fake accounts. alex savage is live at city hall where the resolution will be announced later today. >> reporter: if it passes, the resolution would end san francisco's business relationship with wells fargo. i'm told the city has a couple billion dollars invested right now with wells fargo. that money would be moved elsewhere and supporters of the measure say they're doing this because they believe that wells fargo's business practices are hurting average customers. >> the city of san francisco can no longer afford to do business with the predatory ceo culture of wells fargo. >> reporter: the supervisors are introducing this resolution which would cut ties altogether with wells fargo. the bank has come under fire recently after it was revealed
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that employees created more than 2 million fake accounts without the consent of customers in an effort to meet management's aggressive sales goals. the ceo was grilled by members of congress about the scheme and later resigned. activists are still worry about the new ceo. saying he may not be serious about changing the banking culture. >> we will be left with thousands of vulnerable customer who's have lost faith and trust in our banking system. we need to do everything that we can do to repair that. >> the banks as we call them the banksters, have really gotten away with murder. murdering the dreams and the hopes of working class people, who have been robbed of their
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children's inheritance. the dignity and their pride. because a bank is too big to fail. >> reporter: last month, california's treasurer took similar actions, suspending many of the state's financial ties with wells fargo because of the scandal. supervisor avalos says the city of san francisco has a relatively small amount of funds with wells fargo. some retirement bonds, some debt financed with the bank. but this would cut all ties with the bank. the full board of supervisors will vote on the measure next week. just a few minutes ago, i got a statement from wells fargo in response to the resolution. it says wells fargo is committed to fix what went wrong and restore the public trust. we have already provided full refunds they say to customers we have identified as having accounts that could have been unauthorized. so, again, this resolution will be taken up by the full board next week.
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>> thank you, alex. two people are sewer yesly injured after being hit by a car on 680 in walnut creek. the chp says the two people got into a crash and were trying to run across the northbound lanes to get off of the freeway when they were hit. the chp has this advice for anyone caught in a similar situation. situation. >> where that collision occurred, it was on the southbound direction. there is a center divide there. you can safety pull in the center divide and wait in your car and wait for machine personnel to arrive. if you can go to the right shoulder, go to the right shoulder. >> the driver says -- the chp says that the driver stopped and is cooperating with the investigation. allie rasmus has details from investigators. >> reporter: the chp says based on the preliminary investigation, it appears speed was a factor in this crash. they believe that's the case simply because of the extent of the damage to the car involved. the tow truck hauled away the
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wreckage. the white toyota was unrecognizable. just a heap of twisted metal. three men died in the wreck. investigators say they were heading southbound on sir francis drake boulevard around midnight when they hit a power pole, crossed on to the opposite side of the road and slammed into several trees. drivers who frequent the road say the conditions can be treacherous. >> especially when it's -- when the road is wet or when it's drizzling. >> reporter: this was the only vehicle involved in the crash. the marin county coroner hasn't identified the victims yet but chp officers say they appeared to be young adults, possibly in their 20s. and all three men were wearing seat belts at the time of the wreck. chp investigators don't know what caused the crash but right now the preliminary investigation indicates that speed was a factor. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news.
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turning now to the presidential race. hillary clinton and donald trump getting ready for the third and final debate tomorrow night. >> it comes as trump makes claims that the election is rigged and more hacked e-mails from the clinton campaign are released. gary has the latest from washington. >> reporter: hillary clinton might be up in the polls but her e-mail controversies seem inescapable. addition to a new batch of e- mails being leaked, the fbi has released documents that say a senior state official proposed a quid pro quo to the fbi in an attempt to change the classification of at least one of the e-mails. both agencies say the deal never took place. >> we have looked into this. there was no quid pro quo, even suggested. there wasn't on an inkling of that. >> reporter: that hasn't stopped donald trump from calling this latest allegation worse than watergate. >> this is a criminal act.
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a conspiracy that included hillary's deleting and bleaches of 33,000 e-mails. >> reporter: addressing trump's most recent controversy, his wife melania is speaking out for the first time since the tape of her husband talking about women surfaced and was followed by allegations by nine women claiming that trump sexually assaulted them. >> that all of the allegations should be handled in a court of law. >> reporter: while clinton is taking a break from the campaign trail to prep for the final debate, her daughter, michelle obama, and senator bernie sanders are in arizona hoping to win over the traditionally red-leaning state. both candidates will score off for the final debate tomorrow night that will be moderated by our very own chris wallace. you can watch it here on fox. in washington, fox news. >> in remarks to the white house this morning, president obama answered a reporter's question about donald trump's allegations that the election is rigged saying that trump
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needs to, quote, stop whining and go make his case to voters. >> whenever things are going badly for you and you start losing, you blame someone else, then you don't have what it takes to be in this job. >> president obama said in the u.s. historically even after a bitter political contest the person who loses the contest, congratulates the winner and we move forward. he called this unprecedented and say the allegations are baseless. uc berkeley is alerting students about two reported sexual assault at off campus fraternities. both allegedly happened over the weekend. in the first case a female student reported being assaulted at a party on friday night. in the second case another student told police that she was sexually assaulted by an acquaintance at a party saturday morning. no arrests have been made. police are not saying whether the two assaults happened at the same fraternity. some san jose students say they
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wish the university would have acted faster in response to recent rape allegations against a member of the water polo team. the university president vowed to make changes including improving communication and support of victims and reexamining when to send out alerts following sexual assault reports. students say it's an important step forward under the circumstances. circumstances. >> i think it's -- it's, you know, reasonable for them to do that. i mean, i wish it didn't have to happen that way. i wish we were a little more informed. but i mean, at this point, they're trying to do their best to make sure that we all feel safe. >> the freshman student accused of rape was interviewed by school officials and banned from campus. but he was never arrested and went back home to serbia which does not have an extradition treaty with the united states. still to come at noon, a presidential welcome at the white house. who the president and first lady are honoring during their
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final state dinner. taking a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. a lot of blue sky this tuesday afternoon. and it's looking like it's going to get a lot warmer. rosemary orozco will be back with your forecast. also the city of san jose considering major changes to regulations of medical marijuana. the issues being debated at today's city council meeting. anyone with type 2 diabetes knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? what if you could... love your numbers? discover once-daily invokana®. it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor
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>> san leandro police have identified a man arrested after a deadly confrontation. edward of richmond may have been trying to steal wooden pallets when the victim intervened. >> investigators say they made the arrest thanks to very alert oakland police officers. >> reporter: emergency crews say the employee of true world foods died in the parking lot about 11:45 monday morning. witnesses say he was run over and killed while trying to stop the driver of the white pickup truck from taking wooden pallets from the parking lot. >> they were going that way. the driver was going that way. >> reporter: five hours later, in oakland, neighbors saw chaos at the corner of 12th street, one block from a pallet recycling company. stacy saw the chase. >> i was coming outside to get my dog because she was barking. and i looked to the back and i see a truck rolling with no driver in it. >> reporter: two oakland police officers have been patrolling the area about 5:00 and spotted the white ford f250 pickup
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truck with a red dealer advertising plate matching the suspect's vehicle. when they turned around to stop the truck, the driver had abandoned it and ran off. >> they gave chase and came back. >> the officers found him hiding under a parked vehicle on 8th avenue. >> reporter: investigators brought witnesses to identify the suspect and confirmed the vehicle which had damage to the front end matched the images on surveillance tape at true world foods. investigators helped process the evidence at the parking lot, including a drone to get aerial images of the scene. a police chaplain was sent to comfort the family of the employee. >> he played the tragic price of trying to do what was the right thing to do. our hearts go out to the victim, all of the employees at true world foods and the family of the victim and his friends. >> police have just released the victim's name, identifying
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him as 54-year-old watanabe. a group of teenagers in the south bay got a reality check on how easy it is to get distracted by driving. students were put through a driving course in the parking lot of regional medical center. they had distracts from loud music and texting and talking on a cell phone. law enforcement and hospital staff spoke out saying the number one killers of teenagers is preventible car crashes. the fire captain lost his daughter in a car crash last year and talked about how teenagers need to be more aware. >> they're barely getting used to the road let alone having the distracts of their friends and music and someone in the back seat, you know, that could be snapchating or doing something like that. that's how this accident happened. you know. and, you know, because of that, we don't have natalie here with
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us. because of that i'm here today telling you her story. >> family members of other teenagers who died in distracted driving crashes were also on hand there at the event. the program is part of a national teen driver safety week. emergency responders urge parents to pay attention to their own behavior in their vehicles because their children are watching and going to model what they're doing. demonstrators and police crashed in el cajon overnight over the deadly officer- involved shooting there three weeks ago. police refused to reveal what started the scuffle. but demonstrators say a taco shop wanted police to take down a make shift memorial because it was distracting business. the man was shot and killed during a confrontation with police. meanwhile 14 protesters who were arrested at another protest are suing the city saying their civil rights were
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violated. the police association is apologizing for the mistreatment of people of color. >> there have been time that law enforcement officers because of laws enacted by federal, state and local governments have been the face of oppression to too many fellow citizens. >> terrence cunningham is the police chief in wellesley, massachusetts. he spoke yesterday in san diego at the association of chiefs of police. he says that past injustices have created a mistrust between high another communities and police but that today's officers are not to blame for the past. president obama will host his 13th and final state dinner at the white house tonight. the italian prime minister and his wife are among the guests. the president and first lady welcomed to the white house today. there will be meetings before the state dinner tonight. more than 500 guests are expected to attend. a man in texas is the first prison inmate to reject a clemsonence eoffer from president obama. jones is serving time in
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federal prison on drug dealing charges and has six years left on the sentence. as part of the clemsonence eoffer, he would have been released a few years early but he would have enrolled in a residential drug treatment program. he turned down the offer. the president has commuted the sentences of 700 people, most serving time for nonviolent drug crimes. the san jose city council is considering regulations on medical marijuana weeks before the voters decide if recreational marijuana will be legal. another proposal would allow registered dispensaries to grow medical marijuana at two locations. the san jose police department has come out in favor of allowing the dispensaries to deliver marijuana to the clients. the police department says that should cut down on the illegal delivery companies currently offering the service.
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let's check weather because things have warmed up and brightened up from where we were this morning. >> you're right. we had a cool start this morning. mostly sunny skies this hour. we will continue that way through the afternoon. temperatures are climbing. today a subtle bump in the numbers. as we get into thursday and friday, 10 degrees or so of warming compared to what we will see today. giving you a view here. storm tracker 2. just a little bit of patchy fog off of the coastline. for most of us, a sunny afternoon. temperatures in the 40s this morning. you can see definitely a better hour. we have 63 half moon bay. 65 san francisco. mid to upper 60s for the north bay. mid to upper 60s for the inner east bay with a lot of sunshine out there. in the south bay, 65 degrees. 64 at sfo. 67 in palo alto. and 66 in woodside. temperatures at this hour a tad warmer like in fairfield, santa rosa, up by 4 degrees. around the bay, we're up and
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down. down by 2 in oakland. up by 2 in palo alto. temperatures will continue to rise with all of that sunshine. we continue to be in a bit of a transition. the ridge of high pressure that brings us the warm-up is moving in. here is a look at winds. breezy in novato at 18 miles per hour. concord reporting 13 miles per hour. and fairfield at 7 miles per hour. temperatures slightly warmer today. even warmer on wednesday. thursday and friday actually look to be the warmest numbers. and the models have backed off a little bit. yesterday we were thinking upper 80s by thursday and friday. now it looks like low 80s for the inland cities. still beautiful weather for the second part of the week. and beautiful today. here is a look at the afternoon highs. 67 san francisco. into the south bay 71 for san jose. low 70s expected for the inner event abay. to the north bay, more of the
12:20 pm
same. 73 expected in santa rosa. 71 in napa. getting into your extended forecast, by wednesday, temperatures now low to mid to upper 70ing around the bay and inland. with sunny skies at the coast. our temperatures will be coming up here as well. thursday and friday look to be the warmest days. mid 70s at the coast. low 80s expected for inland communities. temperatures drift as we get into your bay area weekend. still looking and feeling quite nice with 70s in the forecast for saturday. slightly cooler on sunday. turning cloudy on sunday as we begin to see a switch in the weather pattern, back to the possibility of wet weather for next week. >> looks great this week though. >> yes. >> thanks, rosemary. >> you're welcome. more concern about the recalled phones from samsung. the reason that a representative from the company is at san francisco international starting today.
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and they lied about it thatfor now they're lying about prop 56.
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>> all right. taking a look at the big board. the dow jones as you can see a lot of green. up 80 points. the nasdaq is up 50 points. >> netflix has good news at this noon teem. >> reporter: united health, the largest health care insurer and the first to report earnings hitting it out of the park. rose 23% in the 3rd quarter.
12:24 pm
and boosted its full year outlook. the company making news for its recent decision to bail out of the obamacare exchanges after it would book $850 million in losses on the policies this year. netflix shares surging has more than three and a half million people became subscribers last quarter despite a price increase in the u.s. spending $6 billion next year on 1,000 hours of original content. another computer problem for the airlines. jetblue, virgin and southwest airlines suffering technical glitches tuesday morning, preventing customers from booking or modifying reservations on domestic flights. the problem has since been resolved. domino's pizza dishing out a big rise, sending shares to a record high on wall street. the pizza delivery chain leading rivals when it comes to
12:25 pm
digital orders. >> today, a federal judge in san francisco is scheduled to hear from volkswagen owners fighting the $10 billion settlement in the emissions scandal. the judge gave preliminary approval to the deal in july. vw would spend the $10 billion to buy back or repair 475,000 volkswagens and audis with 2 litter diesel engines. owners would get $5,000 to $10,000 each. more than two dozen people have signed up to address the judge. last year it was discovered that vw had fitted many of the vehicles with software to fool emissions tests. samsung is helping people at sfo get rid of their galaxy note 7 phones. it has representatives at the airport to exchange phones and giving refunds on the spot. the phones are recalled and have been banned from all u.s. flights after more than 100 reports of the phones catching
12:26 pm
fire. samsung will have phone exchange booths set up at other major airports around the world. a san francisco couple with a baby on the way is asking for help after they lost everything in a fire. >> paul chambers spoke with the couple who say they are desperate to find a new place to live. >> i don't know what to do and we have nowhere to go. >> reporter: luke and rachel baker are looking for a new place to live. >> it's depressing coming back to realize something that we had so nice is gone now. >> reporter: the couple who are 7 months pregnant lost everything that they own when the apartment caught on fire on october 7th. the two were only inside for 20 minutes when they smelled smoke from an apartment directly beneath them that was on fire. >> i just want my son to have everything. and i worked really hard to get him the things that i wanted to get him. >> reporter: the couple decide today start a gofundme account which has raised $9,000. but as things start looking up, they had another set back. their truck's motor blew three
12:27 pm
days after the fire. and until this morning, the red cross put them up at this apartment. but that voucher ran out. >> we're hoping for a miracle. we really are. we're hoping that someone is out there who might have a one- bedroom. >> reporter: the couple are thankful for the money they have raised and items they have been given. until they find a place, they have nowhere to put them. the two say the most important thing is the health of their unborn child. >> so many people want to help him and give him things and do things for him. and like i said, he's not even here and he doesn't even know how this community loves him. >> reporter: the couple says every dime they raise will help them rent a new apartment. the only problem is they need to find someone who will accept their section 8 vouchers. >> honoring two police officers killed in the line of duty during an ambush. the show of support from officers across the state and a memorial service underway in palm springs. and the case of sierra
12:28 pm
lamar from a missing person's case to a kidnapping investigation and now a murder trial. hear from searchers, friends and family after the case finally goes to trial after four years. hey, ready for the big meeting? yeah. >>uh, hello!? a meeting? it's a big one. too bad. we are double booked: diarrhea and abdominal pain. why don't you start without me?
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>> the public memorial service is underway for two palm springs police officers ambushed ten days ago. >> as many as 10,000 people are
12:31 pm
there to honor officers jose investigate aand lesley zerebny. we want to show you inside the palm springs convention center where the memorial is being held. let's listen in to one of the officers about to address the crowd. >> i would say good morning but i think we are now in the afternoon. so good afternoon, everyone. mike mibach vega and i have "the honeymooners" -- i'm mike vega. he is known from his early top years as ponch. [applause]
12:32 pm
>> i was told that i only have three minutes to speak. but how can you describe a man who has had a 35-year career in three minutes? well, you can't. so i'm going to talk until i'm done. [laughter] >> some of the best memories of gil were the special moments that he shared with his closest friends. especially having lunches with him almost every day and having his coffee and doughnuts specifically on thursday mornings. not a cliche. he also loved to golf. he wasn't the greatest golfer, but his outfits and infectious smile more than made up for his game. gil was a classic example of a cop's cop and a gentleman's gentleman. he always stayed true to his
12:33 pm
morals and values. and he never veered away from doing what was right. he always came to work and hardly ever called in sick. he had a great sense of humor and a big appetite because he sure loved to eat. >> here we are listening in to the memorial service for the two palm springs police officers killed in the line of duty. mike vega addressing the crowd there, calling his good friend gil vega a cop's cop, a gentleman's gentleman. >> the officers were killed on october 8th after responding to a domestic disturbance call. police say 6-year-old john felix shot them through the door with an assault rifle. police say felix is a known gang member. he has pleaded not guilty to the crime. officer vega was a father of eight who was getting ready to retired. lesley zerebny had just
12:34 pm
returned from maternity leave. we're learning more on a man who opened fire on a san francisco police officer friday night, striking him in the head. the suspect suffered from mental illness. >> reporter: a freeze frame from surveillance video shows 26-year-old nicholas mcwherter inside the big 5 sporting goods store friday night. he was trying to bought a night, fought with security and ran off, later shooting officer kevin downs in the head. >> 406. officer down. all units to respond. >> reporter: more than an hour later, mcwherter was surrounded where officers shot hip. he later died in the hospital. sources tell ktvu he had been living out of his van, most recently parked in front of this house. >> he parked outside of my house. it was there for several days. >> reporter: jeremy says that police towed away the van saturday night. >> that is crazy.
12:35 pm
>> reporter: neighbors are just now learning his identity and the fact that he had a gun. >> i don't think i ever saw the guy. i might have but there is always a lot of people in and out of the house. >> concerning because i have a family and children. >> reporter: he grew up here along with his three brothers, one of whom called police the day of the shooting to report him missing. he had struggled with mental illness and recently gone off his medications. the mcwherter family met with the downs family to offer condolences. downs had to undergo surgery to remove bullet fragments from his skull. his family including wife and father who is a retired lieutenant have been by his side since the shooting. they are requesting privacy at this time. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. >> jury selection resumed today in the trial of the man accused of kidnapping and killing
12:36 pm
morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. jury selection finally began yesterday after a number of delays. it comes four years after lamar disappeared from a morgan hill bus stop. her body has never been found. there was a gasp in the courtroom when the judge told potential jurors this trial could last six months. they filled out either a request to be excused or a 31- page questionnaire. >> this is a treasure trove of information particularly for the prosecution because they want to get law and order type of jurors who are going to convict in this case. >> attorneys are expected to question hundreds of potential jurors. the jury pool will eventually be trimmed down to 12, as well as six alternates. jury selection began after four years of delays with multiple changes in judges as well as defense attorneys. >> azenith smith spoke with sierra lamar's family, all of whom have been waiting for the case to get underway and a father who also knows their
12:37 pm
pain all too well. >> reporter: in southern santa clara county lies a small town of morgan hill, population 41,000 people. known as a suburb for silicon valley, it is also rural county. pink ribbons cling to poles, tattered yet still in tact, symbolizing the search for sierra lamar. >> there's a sadness here that you feel. you can't help but feel as you drive by. >> reporter: and a lingering feeling full of questions. this marks where the 15-year- old would catch the school bus. but on march 16th, 2012, she never made it. a desperate search ensued. hundreds of people went looking for her. no sight of sierra, except authorities found her cell phone and a bag tossed in the field two miles from the bus stop. the majority of searchers never met sierra. >> there has been over 1150
12:38 pm
searches over 55,000 person hours involved in this from the beginning. >> i just put myself in their shoes and it's a horrible thing. no parent should ever have to go through that feeling. >> reporter: this group coming from different walks of life. yet united, motivated to find the high school sophomore with a smile as big as her glowing personality. her best friend, jenna foreman, a year older, is now graduating college. she keeps a key chain of a red shoe to remember sierra. >> the marcheddest point is knowing that you can't wake up and call her and say what are you doing. do you want to hang out? oh, you're 21 now. let's finally experience all of these first things much that's the hardest part, knowing that she won't be able to experience all of the firsts that we got to experience. >> reporter: two months after sierra went missing, authorizes arrested then 21-year-old garcia-torres calling it a stranger abduction.
12:39 pm
investigators pointed to his dna on sierra's clothing in her bag. her dna was found in his volkswagen jetta. garcia-torres has pleaded not guilty. >> it's grief. overwhelming grief, along with being in limbo. >> reporter: sierra's father saw garcia-torres for the first time in august for a preliminary hearing. the most difficult part is grand jury transcripts where it was revealed that sierra's hair was found in the car and markings on her clothing indicating she had been dragged. he has a hard time looking at garcia-torres in court. >> like i say, i kind of just try to focus on what is happening in the -- in the courtroom. i don't really look over there very often. >> reporter: recently though he says he has been able to watch home videos of sierra. even though he may never know what happened to her.
12:40 pm
>> i've tried to come to terms with maybe i'll never know that. but i'm still trying to find out. >> it's so sad. it's so horrible that he would come to that, that he would have to conclude that. he is absolutely right. >> reporter: mark's 12-year-old daughter polly was kidnapped in 2003 and killed by the suspect. >> am i shocked by the -- by the glacial pace of the criminal justice system? no. we have a broken criminal justice system. >> reporter: a justice system that plays to the defendant, he says. he expects defense attorneys
12:41 pm
will try to discredit sierra as well as examine garcia-torres' mental state. the one big differences between the two cases, polly's body was found two months after she disappeared. groups of volunteers still search for sierra. all of them searching for answers. >> i hope that he finally says something. that's all we want is just closure. >> reporter: as for sierra's father, steve, his hope is for justice. although he says he lost a part of himself the day that sierra was taken. >> it's never full closure. it will only be helpful answers. ers. >> reporter: prosecutors have already charged garcia-torres with attempting to kidnap three other people in morgan hill prior to sierra. the family says they want the death penalty if he is found guilty, saying that the penalty
12:42 pm
fits the crime. ironically jury selection begins two days from what would have been sierra's 20th birthday. azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. a big meeting for the oakland raiders is taking place today. coming up, the latest on the team's proposed move to vegas. and it looks like a warm-up is on the way. there's a live look at the golden gate bridge. rosemary is back with another look at the bay area forecast.
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>> it is day two of what is expected to a long battle to push isis out of the last major strong hold in iraq. >> iraqi forces are take the lead and getting assist from the u.s. military. connor powell reports from the midst l east. >> reporter: iraqi forces slowing their advance on mozul. fighters were able to take control of nearby villages and pushing the line of fighting east to some 20 miles away from the city. >> this is a decisive moment. the leader chose to announce. >> isis in control of the city since the summer of 2014. more than 25,000 troops are taking pa effort in the long awaited effort to retake the area. iraqis are leading the operation. but their forces are being helped by the u.s. military airstrikes and advisors on the
12:46 pm
ground. >> this certainly will not be an easy struggle. we are confident that brave iraqi forces with the support of the international coalition will eventually be victorious in this effort. >> reporter: mosul is the strong hold in the country. the red cross asking all those fighting to put civilians first. >> it means not targeting civilians and not attacking american facilities or personnel. it means avoiding the use of weapons in heavily populated areas. >> reporter: the pentagon says there are about 5,000 american troops on the ground in iraq. americans are on the outskirts of mosul but behind the front lines. russian and syrian warplanes are ending the airstrikes to prepare for the temporary truce to allow syrian
12:47 pm
rebels to leave aleppo. the forces will observe a humanitarian pause for eight hours on thursday to allow civilians and militants to safely leave the city. aleppo is syria's largest city and has been subject to intense airstrikes that have killed hundreds and hundreds of people and caused international outrage. a group of good samaritans in new jersey lifted a car and rescued a woman who was pinned underneath it. the vehicle hit a tree and the woman was ejected. then the car landed right on top of her. police dash cam video shows the group of people rushing to help. one person says she did not even think twice about jumping in to assist. >> the car was smoking. the horn was blaring. >> i was complete panic. but like i have to get her out. like i didn't even worry about my own safety. >> another lady pulled up a little bit. and then we three lifted the car.
12:48 pm
>> and the woman they helped save is expected to recover. well, nfl owners began meeting again today in houston, texas. and oakland raiders owner mark davis is expected to present an update on the team's proposed move to vegas. relocation vote is not expected until january at the earliest. but the owner willing gathering information this week. that's why nevada's governor signed legislation yesterday approving a hotel tax hike that would raise $750 million towards a $2 billion stadium. >> very, very sad. and i raised my son to be a fanatic. and he texted me and said they're going to nevada. i want my son to be wrong so bad. >> the city continues to work on a new stadium project. mark davis denied speculation that he is supporting the vegas deal in an effort to pressure oakland. oakland. the cleveland indians are
12:49 pm
one way away from a trip to the world series. game three was in toronto. it was not a clean start for the indians. he got ten stitches on his pinky after a drone accident. in the 4th, the indians went up and never looked back. the indians won 4-2 and have a 3-0 lead in the series. the cubs and dodgers continue the best of 7 tonight in los angeles. that series is tied at a game a piece. game three can be seen on our sister station. the game starts at 5:00. clouds overlooking oakland. very pretty day, rosemary. >> it is a nice quiet fall afternoon in store. temperatures will climb in the next few days. and way out in the extended forecast, the possibility of rain coming back to the bay area. it is all good. giving you a live look as we take a look at the blue sky there in the distance. you can see the golden gate bridge. here is a look at the satellite view. try to help illustrate what is
12:50 pm
going on. we do have the trough in sight, the one that brought us nice rain over the weekend. it is shifting well inland. we are beginning to see a ridge build over california. and this ridge strengthening over the next few days is going to help bring us the warming trend. mostly clear skies. a little bit of patchy fog off of the coastline. that's about it. we will have cool mornings and warmer afternoons for wednesday, thursday, friday. here is a look at the temperatures right now outside of your door. 64 san francisco. mid-60s in oakland. 70 degrees reported in berkeley. upper 60s for the inner east bay. as we head to the north bay, 66 in napa. and 68 for santa rosa. 65 in san jose. shift to the inner east bay. 70 degrees for antioch. 64 in la fayette. as we get into the second part of the day, temperatures today only slightly warmer than what we had on monday. wednesday we continue to see temperatures rise. thursday and friday look to be the two warmest days of the
12:51 pm
entire week. here is a look at the futurecast. we will remain with mostly sunny skies in the afternoon. you can see very clear out there. temperatures 60s and 70s. let's take a look at the north bay first where we have 71 expected for novato today. 68 in sausalito. into the east bay, nice and mild here. 70 for oakland. our south bay locations looking at upper 60s to low 70s. los gatos going to 73. 71 brentwood city. 66 in the city of san francisco. and low 60s right along the coastline there with partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. your extended forecast as i explained a moment ago, temperatures will continue to climb as we get into wednesday. thursday and friday, low 70s to low 80s in the forecast. even at the coast with a bit of an off shore flow, mostly sunny skies. so a nice couple of days as we begin the weekend, temperatures will cool just some. but still very pleasant fall- like weather in the forecast. if you're going to be out
12:52 pm
shopping for pumpkins or maybe decorating the house, you're in good shape there. the possibility of rain could come back as early as monday and tuesday. >> but we will enjoy the rest of the week for now. >> yes. >> very pleasant. >> much needed supplies are on the way to the international space station. the successful launch following a devastating launch pad explosion. life and death. 600 dollars. of abuse. prop 61. important step forward. the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. passes - the ballot.
12:53 pm
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12:55 pm
>> market closes in six minutes. green on the dow jones. up 76 points right now. >> city planners in san francisco are stepping up their efforts for underground transportation. reviewing plans for the so- called subway vision project which is exploring new possible underground routes across the city. an online survey shows most people in san francisco would like to see a subway along gary boulevard and 19th avenue. at this point there is no specific timetable for these proposed subway projects. an unmanned space craft carrying thousands of pounds of supplies is heading to the international space station. a private aerospace company built the rocket. the company's first successful flight since an explosion two years ago during a launch destroyed a launch pad. $15million was spent to repair the launch pad. the cargo ship will arrive on
12:56 pm
sunday. a new list of nominees for the rock and roll hall of fame is now out. ♪[music] >> janet jackson made the list of nominees for the second year in a row. tupac, pearl jam, and depeche mode were also nominated. a total of 19 musicians are being considered. to be eligible, the artist must have released the first single 25 years ago. the winners will be announced in december. we're a day away from the final presidential debate to be held in vegas. >> ross is there and will have a live report as each candidate tries to sway voters weeks before the big election. that is coming up today on the 4 on 2. thank you for joining us here for the news at noon. rain is coming back in a few days. so enjoy the sunshine outside if you can. don't forget that ktvu is always here for you at
12:57 pm, facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, everything. we will see you back here for the 4 on 2.
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