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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  October 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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stop whining. >> ac of uniformed officers and other mourners. gathered to say goodbye to two officers killed in the line of duty.>> my heart is heavy, yet i am proud to stand before you to pay tribute to two exceptional individuals. >> the 4 on 2 starts now. a car ripped in half and horrific crash in the north bay. three young men were killed. two of whom were brothers. the investigation is still in its early stages. officials say it appears that speed was a factor. welcome everyone to the 4 on 2, i am heather holmes.>> i am frank mallicoat he in for ted. this was a difficult accident scene. it happened in the early hours of marin this morning.>> a reporter joins us live. >> reporter: here's the
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situation. what you have going on right now is the grim task of sorting through all the physical evidence. both here at the chp and marin, and also the coroner's office. the problem is, there is still more questions than there are answers. the toyota corolla was a mangled twisted wreck. in which three young marin county residents died last night around midnight. it happen on a remote tree line westbound stretch, west of samuel p2ãtaylor park. >> it doesn't appear the vehicle drastically slow down before exiting the roadway. it collided with multiple objects. >> reporter: a driver who passed by the wreck called authorities. >> they access the vehicle and were able to identify three emails that were in the vehicle. all of which were pronounced deceased at the scene.>> reporter: the driver chance
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pierre maurer , and chance pierre maurer, and chance pierre maurer were identified through dmv fingerprints. the chp says all were seat belted. the light -- road is not lighted there. there was no fog or rain at the time of the collision. test for alcohol or drugs will come later this week. >> a very tragic circumstance. our condolences go out to their families right now.>> reporter: it is important to note that this is an area where wildlife is frequently found on the road late at night. there is no evidence of collision with an animal. >> such devastating news. a man accused of intensely running over and killing a san leandro man identified as 27- year-old kadeem edwards out of richmond. edwards was allegedly stealing wood pallets at true world foods. when he was confronted by a
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company employee. police say at words drove a ford pickup truck toward the 54-year- old, killing him, edwards was spotted in the same truck by open police hours later at a pallet recycling company. the man had worked to that food company for 23 years. >> he stood up for what was right. he stood up to protect true world foods, even though it was wooden pallets. he did what he thought was right. >> edwards has been arrested on suspicion of murder. u.c. berkeley is alluding -- alerting students about two more sexual assaults. both of them happened over the weekend. investigators say in the first case, a female student reported being assaulted at a party friday night. in the second and other student told police she was sexually assaulted by an acquaintance at a party on saturday morning.
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no arrests have been made. police are not saying whether the two assaults happened at the same fraternity. san jose state students say they wish the school would have acted faster in response to a recent rape allegations against a member of the men's water polo team. in an open letter, the university president vowed to make changes including improving communication and support of victims. and re-examining went to send out alerts following sexual assault reports. students say it's an important step forward under the circumstances.>> i think it is reasonable for them to do that. i wish you didn't have to happen that way. i wish we were more informed. at this point, they are trying to do their best.>> the freshman student accused of rape was interviewed by school officials, and subsequently banned from the campus. he was never arrested and went back to serbia which does not have an extradition treaty with
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the u. s. we are learning more about a father who is accused of trying to shoot to police officers. >> the man was wanted for questioning in the accidental shooting of the two-year-old son that happen hours earlier in sioux city. alex savidge with more on the biggest remaining question. that is why he decided to target police. >> reporter: this north bay father is accused of leaving his two-year-old son behind after the toddler accidentally shot himself. this was on sunday afternoon. just a few hours later authorities say this parolee, who was wanted for questioning in connection with that accidental shooting, showed up at the starbucks store and try to ambush to vallejo police officers as they were sitting taking a coffee break. just inside the front door, the stories on lincoln road near interstate 80. police say 41-year-old adam powell was wearing body armor and carrying a legally modified
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assault weapon with a 70 round magazine. he pointed the gun at the two officers. he apparently tried to fire. the weapon jammed. surveillance video shows power running off with officers chasing him down the street and into the nearby neighborhood. they caught up with him a block away, and they shot powell three times. as he was still trying to clear that weapon. authorities say powell was wanted for questioning after his two-year-old son, adonis, somehow got a hold of a gun and accidentally shot himself at a home in sicilian city. early in the afternoon on sunday. according to authorities, powell was at home at the time of the accidental shooting. he left before officers arrived at the scene. police say the gun, the little boy used to shoot himself was nowhere to be found inside of that home. we talked with the boy's grandfather who tried to help the injured child who was suffering from a gun shoot
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wound to the neck. >> that is my boy. he is adorable. >> the gun was fired inside of the room. there is no indication that anybody else fired the gun. the presumption is that the two- year-old got access to the firearm inside of the room. >> reporter: the little boy is in critical condition. at the same time his father, adam powell also remains hospitalized after being shot by the officers. he is in critical but stable condition. authorities have not set at this point why they believe he tried to attack those two police officers. the chief of police here in vallejo described as a premeditated ambush. investigators also revealed that apparently powell drove by the starbucks store about six minutes earlier. saw the two officers sitting inside, and then walked up to the front door without weapon and tried to open fire on them. in vallejo, alex savidge, ktvu news.
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8:15 am near the national valley road exit. the chp says the two people had just crashed in the southbound direction. they were trying to run across the northbound lanes to get off the freeway when they were struck. chp has this advice for anyone in a similar situation. >> without collision occurred it was in the southbound direction. you could pull in the center divide, and just wait for emergency personnel to arrive. >> chp says the driver stopped and cooperated with the investigation. to san francisco supervisors are now moving to drop wells fargo is paying for city business after the banks recent sellerãsettlement with regulators. the san francisco bay bank created 2 million fake accounts to meet the company's aggressive sales goes.
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thousands of people were fired. if this measure passes it would sever all ties with the bank. supervisors jane kim and john al blows introduce the measure. they say that wells fargo's business practices are hurting average customers. >> the city of san francisco can no longer afford to do business with the predatory ceo culture of wells fargo.>> last month california's treasurer suspended all business with wells fargo. along with the state of illinois, ohio, and the city of chicago. late today, santa clara supervisors voted to suspend all business with wells fargo. the full san francisco board of supervisors is set to vote on this measure next week. wells fargo released a statement today in regard to the efforts underway and san francisco. wells fargo is committed to fix what went wrong, and restore the public trust. we have already provided full refunds to customers we
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identified as having accounts that could've been unauthorized. the sun is up and we can feel it. a beautiful day. >> warmer than yesterday by a handful of degrees. as we get into the rest of the week this warming trend will continue. storm tracker to helping to illustrate what is happening here. notice to the upper edge of your screen, this is the system that continues to move out of the way and toward the east. behind it we had this ridge that is beginning to build. this is what will be in control of our weather pattern for the next few days. outside mostly sunny skies from the coast and around the bay. temperatures warming up just a little bit above yesterday's highs. 71 in livermore. 72 berkeley, 65 san francisco, mid-70s and now path. san jose, 71. here's a look at the 24 hour temperature change. up by 3 degrees in livermore. up by 7 degrees in santa rosa.
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around the bay, just a minor adjustment from yesterday. the warming trend is going to continue as we get into the bay area wednesday. we will wake up with sunny skies, we do have morning clouds to start the day. he will not see a whole lot. the northerly breeze will help knock out any possibility of fog. we will call for temperatures in the 60s at the coast. a few low 80s expected for the inland communities. the winds will be light, but notice coming in from the northeast, we have the dry northeast wind. it helps to keep the fog way. we will continue with a light wind throughout the afternoon. i will have a look at the temperatures tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. we will talk about them warmest part of the week coming our way in just a little bit. coming up, a family waiting for years for their daughter's alleged killer to go to trial. we will hear from them as jury
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selection gets underway. >> a lot of tears, even some laughter, and also a call to action at today's moving memorial for those two police officers in palm springs who were killed in the line of duty.
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the san francisco police officer shot in the head last week by a suspect continues to
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recover at san francisco general. officer kevin downs suffered some paralysis on one side of his body. he is responded to reports of a man making threats when he was shot friday night. police later shot a 26-year-old suspect. he died of his injuries. san francisco police have scheduled a town hall meeting for thursday evening to discuss the incident. authorities have identified a man shot and killed by santa cruz police, 32-year-old sean art, officials say they got a 911 call about a man trying to break into a home on chase street early sunday morning. screaming he was going to kill people inside. police say when they arrived art came out it officers with a five foot long rake held over his head. you refuse couldãrepeated commands to put it down. three attempts to stop him with a taser failed. the officers were backed up against parked cars with art still advancing. one officer shot him.
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officers will be placed on administrative leave during the investigation. thousands gathered for a memorial service honoring those two police officers in palm springs. family, friends and the entire community coming together to say goodbye to 63-year-old gill vega, and 27-year-old lizzieã leslie wrote -- room as me. they were responding to a domestic students call earlier this month. it was a massive turnout. more than 10,000 people attended the service.>> my heart is heavy. yet i am proud to stand before you. and pay tribute to two exceptional individuals. we meet here today, to honor and pay tribute to their lives. and to express our love and admiration for them. today is a day of mourning, two
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remarkable people, who also happen -- happened to be two remarkable cops. our department is paying to its core by the result of this tragedy. >> the shooter responsible for this, two officers deaths, john felix has been treated -- pleaded not guilty. he is currently being held without bail. he could face the death penalty. the chief calling for a call of action. attacks on police officers must come to an end. the trial of a man accused of kidnapping and killing morgan hill teenager some are -- questions about how they feel about capital punishment. the death penalty trial may take up to six months. >> this comes nearly 4 years after this 15-year-old girl disappeared from a bus stop. our reporter talked to lamarr's
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family and friends about this long for your weight.>> reporter: two months after sierra went missing authorities arrested, then 20-year-old antoine garcia torrez. investigators pointed to his dna on sierra's clothing and her bag. her dna was found in his red volkswagen jetta. garcia torrez has pleaded not guilty. >> grief, overwhelming grief, along with being in limbo.>> reporter: sierra's father talked to us for the first time. the most difficult part for him was a grand jury transcripts were prosecutors reveal -- her hair was found on rope. and markings that she had been dragged. he says he has a hard time looking at garcia torrez in court.>> i try to just focus on what is happening in the
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courtroom. i don't look over there very often.>> reporter: recently he says he has been able to watch home videos of sierra. even though he may never know what happened to her.>> i have tried to come to terms with maybe i will never know. i'm still trying to find out. >> it is so sad. it is horrible that he would come to that. that he would have to conclude that. he is absolutely right. >> reporter: mark classes 12- year-old daughter was kidnapped from her home in 1993 and killed by a stranger who confessed to the crime. >> stephen i belong to the club that nobody wants to belong to. >> reporter: that case took three years to go to trial. >> mi shocked by the glacial pace of the criminal justice
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system? no, it is pretty obvious that we have a rather broken criminal justice system.>> reporter: a justice system that plays to the defendant. he expect that attorneys will try to discredit sierra as well as examine garcia torrez's mental state. the one caseãdifference between the two cases is poly classes body was found two months after she disappeared. >> i hope he finally says something. that is all we want. >> reporter: as for sierra's father, his hope is for justice. he says he lost a part of himself the day that sierra was taken.>> it is never full closure. it will only be helpful answers.>> reporter:
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prosecutors have charged garcia torrez with attempting to kidnap three other we -- women prior to sierra. prosecutors say they will ask for the death penalty. a group reaches out to help people survive on the streets. we will tell you the simple idea that is helping to make life a little bit easier.
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and they lied about it thatfor now they're lying about prop 56. if you don't use tobacco, you don't pay. smokers pay - their fair share of the 3 billion in health care costs all taxpayers are paying now. and there's one more thing: our kids. every state that's significantly raised tobacco taxes has reduced youth smoking. please. vote yes on 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it.
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we have some breaking news to share with you. san francisco police are responding to a shooting in the excelsior district. chopper two is over the scene right now. police say responded to a report of shots fired at brazil in the grand avenue. they have confirmed one victim in the shooting. officers are now searching that area for a suspect, and residents and businesses in the area are being urged to stay inside. the shooting occurred in the area of the june jordan school for equity. that is located at 325 legrand avenue. a san francisco unified school district spokesperson said shots were fired outside of the school. right around dismissal time. the school is currently on lockdown. this is a breaking story. we will update you as soon as we get more information. you can check out for updates as well. the san jose city council will consider several regulations on medical marijuana just before we are
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expected to decide to legalize recreational pot. it includes whether to allow medical marijuana dispensaries in san jose to offer delivery service. another proposal would allow registered dispensaries to grow medical marijuana at two locations. the san jose police department has come out in favor of allowing the dispensaries to deliver to their customers. a group of teenagers got a reality check this morning on how easy it is to get distracted while driving. teens from broadway high schools ãthe experienced newer distractions from mild music to texting, and talking on a cell phone while driving. at a news conference today law enforcement and hospital staff spoke out and set the number one killer of teens is preventable car crashes.
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chris salcido lost his 15-year- old daughter natalia and a crash last year. he spoke about how teens need to be more aware.>> they are barely getting used to the road. the other drivers that are out there, let alone having the distractions of their friends, music, and someone in the backseat that could be snap chatting or doing something like that. that is how this accident happened. because of that, we do not have natalia with us. because of that i'm here today telling you natalia story. >> family members from other teenagers who died in distracted driving crashes were also on hand in today's event. it is part of the national teen driver safety week. emergency responders urge parents to pay attention to their own behavior in their vehicles. their children are watching. they will model their behavior after their parents. as winter approaches a simple idea is helping homeless
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people stay a little bit more comfortable in the wet weather. volunteers with the city pat project are handing out more than 1000 custom-designed backpacks and san francisco. the specially designed pack are waterproof, and they also have antitheft loops to keep them secure. they contain a poncho. >> i know when i first came here , i was living in the shelter. i did not have a raincoat. i did not have an umbrella. i was soaking wet. i had pneumonia, it was very difficult. >> the city pack project has handed out more than 36,000 backpacks and 78 cities since it was founded in chicago back in 2012. president obama weighing in on donald trump's claim about a rigged election.>> i invite mr. trump to stop whining and try to make his case to get votes. >> will donald trump take the
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bay and respond to the president. we will have a live report from las vegas ahead of the final presidential debate.
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if you start whining before the games even over, if when things are going badly for you and you lose and you blame
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somebody else, you don't have what it takes to be in this job. >> president obama responding to donald trump's allegations at the -- that the election is rigged. the president says trump needs to stop whining, and to make his case to voters. he called trump's questioning of the election process unprecedented and said the allegations are baseless. we know that trump likes to take to twitter. i just checked, and so far no response. >> that is surprising. the statements, as the president and each candidate prepare for the final presidential debate. coming up tomorrow in las vegas. >> that debate will be held at the university of las vegas. ross palombo, things certainly starting to take shape there? >> reporter: you can say that. we are just about 24 hours away from the debate. it will take place right here at unlv mack center. a few moments ago the secret
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service kicked everyone out. while they do in elaborate security suite. this will take them 12 hours. on the inside the stage is already set up. they are only using part of the stage, and part of the arena inside. it will be a small -- we expect tens of millions of people will be tuning in for this third debate on tv. that is across the country. las vegas and nevada, they are watching this very closely. nevada is a key swing state with six electoral votes. right now today a poll is out saying hillary clinton is up by seven points. they are talking about everywhere. even on the street. we found one woman from california who now lives here who had some strong opinions about all of this. >> i think the debate in itself is a situation. there is trump, he says all these crazy things, but they are truthful.
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then there's hillary with all of her extra drama that she has going on. people are just going back and forth with their votes.>> the good news for the candidates is their message is getting out there. chino everything negative about donald trump, and everything negative about hillary clinton. she said everyone we talked to seemed to know everything that is out there. leading all of them to be unable to make up their minds. we will see at this debate makes any difference. it is tomorrow night at 7 pm. we will be covering it for you, live, word by word. all evening long. >> this is going to be a different format, the last debate was a town hall format. the six topics that chris wallace will be covering, immigration, one of the big ones. debt and entitlements, economy, the supreme court, foreign hotspots, fitness to be president, a lot of issues.
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do think this debate is going to stay issue focused?>> reporter: no. [ laughter ] >> as we have seen in the past i asked a very straightforward question, immigration, and they don't even answer the question. that is a popular debate tactic. it is very rare that someone directly answers any question and politics. as you well know. we do think that donald trump is going to come out swinging and go right after clinton. and with the latest wiki leaks out there, the fbi by the way says. we expect hillary clinton to go back after donald trump over the issue of sex assault in all these women coming forward over and over again. melania trump came forward yesterday. many people say that she is probably the best character witness he could possibly have.
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we will have to see what the polling does. there is a poll that says, across the country hillary clinton is still up by six points. as you well know, ted and heather, it is all about state- by-state. that is how we elect a president. in the swing states it's probably neck and neck. except here in nevada. hillary clinton is up by seven points here.>> ross, it is frank mallicoat, the senate minority are leader has been vocal the last couple days. a senator from right there in nevada. he said a couple things. he called trumpãtrump's campaign fat and ugly. he has a sickness towards women. how is that playing out?>> reporter: senator has been in office for a long time. he is immensely popular here. he is frequently an attack dog.
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you remember the last election cycle. he went after mitt romney, pretty directly. he slowed it a little bit of a lie. talking about his taxes to get mitt romney to release his tax returns. he has been going after donald trump for weeks upon weeks. when you talk to people here on the street, i was surprised to hear how close it still is. the polling is showing that hillary clinton is up seven points. every other person we talked to was voting for donald trump. what kind of impact is that have, it doesn't seem to have made any more of a difference here in nevada and we have seen across the entire country.>> ross palombo live for -- for -- from las vegas. both campaigns are focused on key battleground states in the final weeks of the race. as ross mention, nevada is one of them, plus arizona, north carolina and ohio are tossups.
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maine and nebraska at this moment are split. today we spoke with bay area voters to get their thoughts.>> i hope it's not going to be as nasty as the other two have been. i have a feeling it will be. i hope that the moderator is more fair and unbiased to both candidates. and that the media will not be influenced, and try to influence the audience one way or the other. >> i am hoping that we actually get some answers and some insight. i am trying to be positive. my feeling is that it is not going to be pleasant. i'm definitely going to watch. >> the final debate is set for tomorrow night. you can watch it right here on ktvu fox2 . we will stream the debate on you can check it on facebook in our youtube channel as well. googles new phone, have you seen it yet? it looks like an
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iphone, does it stack up with its competitor? stick around and we will talk with our tech expert >> i am tracking a bay area warming trend. what areas are likely to warm into the 80s by tomorrow. and how long this is going to last coming up.
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samsung helping people at several major airports across
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the country. get rid of their galaxy note 7 phone. they will help people exchange phones and get -- to give refunds. the recall phones are banned from all u. s. flights. samsung's embarrassing issues, the search giant is expected to release its new phone. we are joined by ktvo tech expert ryan eldredge. before we get to google, what you make of it, samsung has kiosks to take in their bad product. >> reporter: i am at the airport right now. i think it's unprecedented for samsung to set up a booth or any manufacturer to set up a booth to exchange your consumer electronic because it explodes. i think it's pretty crazy. let's talk about the pixel. >> obviously this does benefit google. >> reporter: it is the best
4:42 pm
time for google to enter the market with their own phone. this is almost 8 years to the day when the original android was set to release. this is the first time that google has controlled the entire ecosystem of the phone, from the hardware to the software to the cloud. ross mossberg from the wall street journal has said this is the best android phone has ever used. this is in the same class as the galaxy s7. the one that sam some makes -- samsung makes that doesn't explode. it is almost a no-brainer to get something like this. the cons, unfortunately they were getting reports that the battery life is lacking. google is reporting you get 13 hours of battery life. it seems like in testing, we are getting about nine hours. which would not let you go through an entire workday without plugging it in. it is also not water resistant
4:43 pm
or waterproof. i don't know if you have seen some of the new means online, apparently it's a big status thing to bring your iphone into the shower. there is no waterproofing on it at all. it is a step backwards. the camera is amazing. really great pictures, probably the best camera phone for an android out right now. the other interesting thing, we are used to unlocking the phone by pressing a button on the front, the fingerprint scanner is on the back of the phone. that makes it more intuitive to open. you never really looking at the phone and pressing the button. you are pressing it from the back when you're looking at the phone.>> that will take me some getting used to. what is the hook? is a google sweep of all of its internet power products?>> reporter: this is the purest way for you to get the android 7.0 without any of the weirdã
4:44 pm
it's a really nice experience. it is very fluid and easy to use. it is not a cheap phone. $649 all the way to $869. the specs are identical in both phones. the screen is bigger and the more expensive phone. it has an led screen. in terms of the way that it looks and its brightness and clarity and color. it is a great phone. you also have the fed -- headphone jack on the back. they do not include headphones in the box. if you are an android user and you are thinking about switching to the google phone it is a wonderful contender. if you are an iphone fan and you are stuck in their eco- system it will be harder to switch. it is certainly something to think about. >> it will certainly be interesting to see how sales due on thursday. thank you so much for taking the time. have a safe trip.
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i am not sure where ryan is going. i do not know that it would be a much prettier place in the bay area.>> i now it's gorgeous out there. >> very nice fall weather for today. temperatures came up a few degrees from where we were yesterday. a lot of sunshine out there. the winds picking up at times. 73 in santa rosa. santa rosa is one of the spots anywhere from 5 to 7 degrees warmer than yesterday. upper 60s here outside the studio. 71 and livermore, 71 san jose. we are at by six or 7 degrees around the north bay. still slightly warmer. drier air in place, warming will continue. it has to do with the ridge of high pressure which will strengthen over the bay area in
4:46 pm
the coming days. thursday will be the warmest day. we will change that up just a little bit. temperatures coming up slightly today, more so on wednesday, peaking on thursday, low to mid 80s a possibility for inland communities. even 70s at the coast. the breeze will be with us till tomorrow. it will last into thursday. the northerly winds helped to keep us dry, but keep the fog away from the coast. it's that time of year where we see sunshine at the coast. temperature for tomorrow morning off to a cool start. partly cloudy skies. 47 and ripãsanta rosa. the inner east bay low to mid 50s expected. antioch into areas around the bay, 51 redwood city. mostly sunny, 53 degrees to start your morning in pacifica. here's a look at the timeline
4:47 pm
for areas like heyward, oakland, berkeley, very similar for tomorrow. alameda you are included in their. starting out in the low 50s in the morning. by noon upper 60s. topping out in the low 70s with mostly sunny skies expected for the afternoon. the coast mostly clear conditions. 67 degrees expected in pacifica. it will be a beautiful day in the city tomorrow. 75 in oakland. a lot of 70s, 79 in morgan hill. upper 70s for livermore. 80 degrees expected in fairfield and to the north bay. 80 for napa, and 80 in santa rosa. mostly sunny and mild to warm. your extended forecast here taking it for you day by day. temperatures on thursday continuing to climb. low 70s to lower 80s. as we get into friday
4:48 pm
temperatures begin to shift just a little bit. the onshore breeze begins to return. we continue the cooling trend as we get into the bay area weekend. saturday a lot of 70s around the bay. sunday, increasing clouds and cooler. the possibility of some rain coming our way as early as monday and tuesday. if you like the warm weather get out and enjoy it. it is not going to last. julie joins us now with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the ktvu news at five. >> a school shooting near a school in san francisco. a live picture from the scene. we have just learned that three people have been shot. we understand two men and a young juvenile, it's in the area of the june jordan school for equity. we do have crews on the way to get more information. we will keep you updated on this breaking story. happening in san francisco. >> a police department in south
4:49 pm
bay is trying to make itself a little more retracted to recruit. >> reporter: the san jose police department is hiring. the marketing formãfirm we will find out that this is a common practice for the department to hire officers in that way. >> a heartwarming story, you will learn about the free service to help those undergoing transferãcancer treatment deal with their hair loss.
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and they lied about it thatfor now they're lying about prop 56. if you don't use tobacco, you don't pay. smokers pay - their fair share of the 3 billion in health care costs all taxpayers are paying now. and there's one more thing: our kids. every state that's significantly raised tobacco taxes has reduced youth smoking. please. vote yes on 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it.
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the new list of nominees for the rock and roll hall of fame is out today.[ music ]
4:52 pm
number one on the list, janet jackson making the list of nominees for the second year in a row. tupac shakur, pearl jam, shaka khan and depeche mode. a total of 19 musicians are being considered to be eligible. an artist must have released their single at least 25 years ago. the winner will be announced sometime in december. >> october is breast cancer awareness month. ktvu is partnering up with the american cancer society. >> hair loss, it's often a side effect of treatment. some might consider that minor, there are other -- others who find their hair loss affects their whole sense of self. >> there is something that helps women reclaim their identity. it is free of charge.>> this is an important program of the american cancer society. i feel very strongly about it
4:53 pm
as a breast cancer survivor, and someone who has experienced hair loss at an early age. >> reporter: your women fighting cancer take some of the power back.>> they come in here into a warm environment. one-on-one with a volunteer. we give them the opportunity to try on different styles. we have some beautiful wigs here. we teach them how to care for the wig, and teach them other options. hats and scarves and other things. >> reporter: it is a room built with love on community donations. >> we want this room to look like a salon. to make women feel good about themselves. >> reporter: here they do not worry about costs, but just about fit. when it is right you know. >> she said, i look like me. >> reporter: in a tough time, in this room, there is laughter and relief. >> so many times the women in here are smiling. yet there is also tears.
4:54 pm
tears of joy and tears of relief. it gives them back their life. >> again, ktvu partnering with the american cancer society. there will be to making strides walks. when is this saturday in san francisco, the following weekend in san jose. for more information, or if you would like to participate just go to president obama, speaking out on the fight in iraq. >> iraq is fighting for their freedom, and trying to take back the city of mosul from isis. more onto will be back.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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president obama welcomed the italian prime minister to the white house. today he talked about the fight in iraq. the fight to regain mosul from isis. he expects that fight will be hard. he expects that i rockies will prevail. conor powell has the latest. >> reporter: smoke is seeing rising over the outskirts of mosul despite a slowdown in fighting. i rocky troops already gaining downãground on isis. they are heading to larger villages. they are reaching civilians. >> the operation is going according to schedule. we have been very successful. the enemy is pulling back.
4:58 pm
they are leaving small mobile units behind. >> reporter: iraq launching an effort to pull -- the pentagon says i rockies are in charge of the long-awaited operation. local fighters are being backed by an american airstrikes as well as advisers on the ground. spokeãbut >> i'm confident that isis will be, as well as mosul. >> reporter: more than 1 million people are believed to live in iraq's second-largest city. the united nations says, some could be displaced. in the few first weeks. hundreds of thousands more maybe to flee as the fighting goes on.>> it could produce a humanitarian catastrophe. resulting in one of the largest in years. >> reporter: isis alsoãthe
4:59 pm
syrian army says militants will be met with forces. >> fox2 news at five starts right now. three young men were killed, two of them brothers. good evening i'm ken wayne. frank is off tonight. breaking news and san francisco. police are on the scene of a triple shooting right now. near a high school. these are live pictures. police say three juveniles were shot in the area of the june jordan school for equity. we learn to males and one female were shot. we do not know their ages. the school is on the grand avenue in the city's excelsior district. sky fox is over the scene right now. >> shots were fired around dismissal time. officers are searching the area
5:00 pm
for a suspect or suspects. residents and merchants are being asked to stay indoors. this is the breaking story. we expect an update from police at any time. we will bring that to you live when it happens. you can get the latest online, at a car crash killed three young men. you can barely make out what is left of that car after it crashed into a power pole. here is where the crash happened. they were heading west on sir francis drake boulevard east of platform bridge road. ktvo's tom baker joins us now from the chp headquarters. >> reporter: unfathomable tragedy. for the chp in the corner, it is the piecing together a physical evidence to find out what really happened. at this moment there really are more questions than there are answers. the toyota corolla was a mangled twisted wreck. in which three young residents died last night around midnight.


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