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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  October 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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residents and merchants are being asked to stay indoors. this is the breaking story. we expect an update from police at any time. we will bring that to you live when it happens. you can get the latest online, at a car crash killed three young men. you can barely make out what is left of that car after it crashed into a power pole. here is where the crash happened. they were heading west on sir francis drake boulevard east of platform bridge road. ktvo's tom baker joins us now from the chp headquarters. >> reporter: unfathomable tragedy. for the chp in the corner, it is the piecing together a physical evidence to find out what really happened. at this moment there really are more questions than there are answers. the toyota corolla was a mangled twisted wreck. in which three young residents died last night around midnight.
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it happened on a remote tree line westbound stretch of sir francis rigged boulevard west of a park. >> it doesn't appear the vehicle drastically slowed down before exiting the roadway. >> reporter: a driver called authorities. >> they were able to identify three mails that were in the vehicle. all of which were subsequently pronounced deceased at the scene. the driver was killed along with two brothers. our positively identified through their dmv fingerprints. the chp says all were seat belted, but the road is not lighted there and there was no fog or rain at the time of the collision. test for alcohol or drugs will come later this week.>> a very tragic circumstance here, and our condolences go out to their families.
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>> reporter: this is in an area where wildlife is frequently found on the road late at night. there is no evidence anything like that happened. again, the evidence is being checked and rechecked. we will know more about this later in the week. two people are hospitalized with life-threatening injuries after trying to run across the freeway after they got into a fender bender at walnut creek. the highway patrol says the man and women wear and did another car as they were driving in the south bend intersection. the people in that car were getting ready to call 911 when the man and woman dashed across the lanes. they were both struck by a car. this happened at 8:15 am. the chp advises people in a similar situation to stay in their car. >> were that collision occurred
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it was in the southbound direction. you could pull into the center divide. remain in your car with your seatbelt on. wait for officials to arrive. >> the chp says the other drivers involved stopped in are cooperating with the investigation. he died trying to protect his company. a man who was run over and killed by an alleged thief was remembered as a husband and father and dedicated employee. henry lee joins us now. >> reporter: his name was takeshi watanabe. an employeeãthe 54-year-old man tried to stop a theft in progress and paid with his life.>> flowers mark the spot where takeshi watanabe was run over and killed as he tried to stop a man from stilling pallets at a business. takeshi watanabe noticedãthe suspect 27-year-old kadeem
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edwards could face a murder charge. using a ford pickup truck as a weapon. i spoke to watanabe's wife of 27 years. she's broke -- she broke into tears. watanabe who worked with the boy scouts was a very kind and thoughtful person. he always followed the boy scout oath. police say he was doing just that on monday morning. >> he stood up for what was right. he stood up to protect true world foods, even though as with -- was wooden pallets. tragically he lost his life yesterday.'s best -- >> reporter: oakland officers spotted the same pickup truck near a pallet recycling center in east oakland.
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that's when officers say the suspect jumped out of the truck but was found hiding underneath the car. >> two officers, the ones that spotted this, and helped fiveã solve this case within five and half hours. >> we are just trying to do our job. >> reporter: the police arrested him on suspicion of murder. edwards drivers license is currently suspended for the second time. he was a negligent operator. his numerous convictions on his record. >> prosecutors will decide this week whether to file a former -- formal murder charge. three hikers from the bay area who disappeared in a remote area of this year have been found safe after an extensive search. the trail was located near sheep camp and tuolumne county south lake tahoe. 62-year-old stephen morale is,
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christine ricks, the new aruba were reported missing monday night after they failed to return from a trip on sunday. the sheriff's office says that rain over the weekend may have been a factor in the group getting stranded. the nfl owners meeting began today. oakland raiders owner mark davis will reportedly present an update on the teams propose moved to las vegas tomorrow. he said he would have something to say after that happens. the owners are not expected to take a vote on the move until january at the earliest. nevada governor signed legislation yesterday approving a hotel pack site that would raise $750 million for the proposed $2 billion stadium. stop whining, that is president obama's message to donald trump about republican candidates. the election is rigged. hillary clinton dealing with her own problems with more
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email leaks. despite the emails a fox poll shows clinton with a six-point lead nationally. 45 percent to 39 percent with likely voters. the final debate is moderated by chris wallace and is set for tomorrow night in las vegas.>> reporter: a simile confident hillary clinton heads to las vegas ahead of the final presidential debate. according to a university pull clinton is ahead of donald trump by seven points in the state.>> this debate is going to be pivotal. this debate could decide this election. >> reporter: like arizona where they are investing millions of dollars in dispatching high- priced -- profile circuits. the accusations of quick pro growth. an official tried to pressure the fbi to change the classification on at least one of clinton's emails. donald trump sees on both of those controversies. >> if i'm elected president i
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will push for a constitutional amendment to oppose term limits on all members of congress. >> reporter: president obama waited on the gop's claims that the election is rigged. >> there is no evidence that has happened in the past. or that the -- it will happen this time. i would advise mr. trump to stop whining , and go try to make his case to get votes. >> reporter: in a possible sign that -- his campaign has invited pat smith the mother is sean smith to be a guest tomorrow night. new at 5:30 pm we will go live to las vegas. ross palombo is there and he will walk us through the last- minute preparations for this final presidential debate.
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>> bay area cities and counties are lining up to cut off wells fargo after its fake accounts scandal. how realistic is it for local governments to stop doing business with the bank.>> warnings posted all over about a certain type of smart phone. how samsung is making it easier to replace that phone if you happen to be flying out of sfo. >> temperatures on the increase. fog will be around as well.
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news conference with the very latest on the shooting. three people shot. >>. >> the san francisco police department and we have heidi anderson. the pio for the school district
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and the pio john baxter, the incident took place and they received a phone call from a staff member saying they needed an ambulance and the secondary call came in and placed. secondary call came in and placed into dispatch. they responded and were notified there were several victims inside the school. the school was dismissed and placed on lockout. it means that anybody who left the school is out of the school. those who remained in the school will be locked into the school and secured until the scene is rendered safe. we had three victims located inside the school. fire responded immediately and transported the victims to the hospital. we have one victim listed in
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critical condition. one female victim with life- threatening-injuries and two male victims listed with non- life-threatening injuries. they were rushed to the hospital. upon further investigation, we determined it was not an active shooter and the incident took place inside the parking lot of the school. four suspects were seen running westbound on brazil, this street in that direction. still an active preliminary investigation. all of our information is still preliminary. based on that, we believe that there may have been a specific target in this incident.
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and that's all we have. >> can you clarify, were they shot in the parking lot or school? >> in the parking lot? >> were all three shot? >> correct. >> three victims shot and the incident happened in the parking lot and they ran into the school. >> where on the body? >> in their lower extremity and one in the upper. >> the critical one in the upper extremity? >> correct. >> when officers responded immediately, they thought it was an active shooter, they saw the victims inside the school. they started to do a search by search, looking for the suspect, thinking that the suspect may be in the school. we found out after the fact, this didn't happen inside but outside of the school. >> what can you tell us about the victim? their age? >> i can tell you, right now, the victims are all juveniles. in their teens. you mentioned four suspects? >> there are four male suspects
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last seen running westbound on brazil. >> any description? >> they were all dark upper hoodie and dark jeans. >> are they students? >> we're still looking into it. >> i'm still looking into that. >> what evidence do you suggest that one of the three students was targeted. >> this was not a random shooting and they don't come here to randomly shoot, we believe this person may have been a target. and we're already investigating that. we're looking into that. >> again, you got to understand, it's preliminary. the information we are giving you, just happened. as we get more information, we'll update you. >> we spoke to students who said one young man saw 8 people come up the sidewalk and stake
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out and wait for a young woman. are you talking to students and heard information like that? >> we don't want to speculate. it could be a chaotic scene and there are people running in all directions. people might assume things or see thing differently. they're being interviewed and questioned as to what they saw and what occurred. >> could the victims have gone inside the school [indiscernible]? >> so once the officers went inside, they cleared room by room and informed the teachers and they took the students out. once they determined, the officer determined that the scene was secure, they allowed them inside and transported the victims. active shooter scenarios happen quickly and you have to attack it aggressively and you can't wait. if the suspect is inside and
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taking out students, you have to go in and can't slow down. this incident was cleared out quickly. and they did it in a secure manner and they were able to transport the victims to the hospital in time. >> how many shots fired? >> multiple shots. i don't have the exact number. >> [indiscernible]. >> too early to tell. >> you may have said this, all three were students? >> correct. >> and one of them was the intended target or that the target was missed? >> we think one may have been the intended target. >> we're still looking into it. >> you're listening to a police spokesman describing what happened at the june jordan high school in san francisco, this started about 3:20, just
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to recap, a school resource officer, a police officer stationed at that school got a call saying there was a shooting and police and ambulance was needed and three students outside in the parking lot that were all apparently hit by gunfire. we know one female student is in critical condition at this hour. and at the hospital. two male students are not in life threatening condition. but they were injured and the search is ongoing for four potential suspects seen fleeing westbound on brazil street in the excelsior district. it happened at 3:30, at june jordan high school. three students shot and one girl is in critical condition. two boys listed as non-life- threatening injuries. again, four suspects all described as boys, running from
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the area. westbound on brazil, an active certain is underway. we're continuing to follow the latest in san francisco. and when we learn more we'll bring it to you. tracking that weather out there, nice day again. warmer in some places or about the same. little bit of fog this morning. and valley and coastal fog and temperatures are going to be warming up. and then rain we had a couple days ago and that's over and now a dry pattern. and then next week, or the weekend, something may develop again. downtown oakland, you can see the skies out there and weather systems to the north and no rain. yesterday we had showers at this hour, but now it's drying out and temperatures are 73 in
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concord and low 70s in the warm spots. and then and the bay, 60s and 70s. lows will get to the 40s and valley fog is a possibility. you get cool enough, and temperatures are down to the 40s and moisture at the ground. usually allows the dew point to increase and the dew point is the temperature. and that dew point temperature tonight in santa rosa is 44 or 42, when it reaches that you get fog. that's ground fog. the dew point gets reached more rapidly at the surface and the fog forms. you've seen that, just right down on the roads. like a snake. that's what makes it dangerous. it really is thick on the ground. tomorrow, lunchtime, san francisco, 68, not a bad day and good air quality.
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and no fire dangers. that's nice. fair skies, and # 71 and then outside, upper 70s and maybe low 80s. the warm is begins. temperatures have come up and they'll come up tomorrow. you'll notice it on your wednesday. temperatures in places like concord and livermore. 79 and 81, that's wednesday. we'll talk about thursday and friday and saturday and sunday when i come back. the and updates on the samsung smartphone. they sent representatives to the busiest airports. including sfo to help travelers and make sure they don't travel with the phones. we were there with the look at how the recall and travel ban is affecting travelers. >>reporter: it seems everywhere you look at sfo you find a traveler with a phone in hand.
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but no this phone is considered a forbidden hazardous material and they've banned it, the note 7 galaxy, from carry on and bagged luggage. >> you can't travel with it. it could catch on fire. >>reporter: samsung representatives are set up to help exchange the phone. no travelers were seen exchanging phones and they made it clear the only people who can do so are those with an airline ticket. they said in a statement, we urge all owners to obtain a refund or exchange it before you get to the airport. >> it's scary. >>reporter: we spoke with this husband and wife after they flew in.
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>> there was a notification overhead, saying that all samsung galaxy 7 phones were banned on any flights. >> then our airline, they sent us a statement by e-mail prior to our departure saying they banned the phone. >> they said anyone with the phone will not be allowed to board and face a fine and even criminal charges if they hide it in checked luggage. their agents are not screening for the phones but they're sending them back to the ticket counter if they find them. >> it's something that is going to affect the branding. >>reporter: tech watchers said after they address the security issues, the next question is whether they choose to re-brand it or get rid of it altogether. bay area cities and councilman to cut off business with wells fargo.
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the latest move to getaway from the san francisco bank following the scandal. and the latest fire to hit the fremont area. one of several arsons, the charges now filed and the arrest made. a woman vanishes from a target, the plea to find her and the description that police hope helps locate her.
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and they lied about it thatfor now they're lying about prop 56. if you don't use tobacco, you don't pay. smokers pay - their fair share of the 3 billion in health care
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costs all taxpayers are paying now. and there's one more thing: our kids. every state that's significantly raised tobacco taxes has reduced youth smoking. please. vote yes on 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it. two san francisco supervisors are moving to drop
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wells fargo from city business. >> and they're not the first to cut ties with the bank. ktvu heather holmes joins us with more. >> well, this latest move by the board comes in the wake of that major financial scandal. bank employees crated 2 million phony accounts to meet sales goals and the ceo ultimately resigned. it would server all ties that san francisco has with the bank and they've been kicked out of a program that helps low income people open checking accounts. and they're introducing the measure today, wells fargo's business practices are hurting average customers. >> the city of san francisco can no longer afford to do business with the predatory
5:27 pm
culture of wells fargo. >> we'll be left with thousands of vulnerable customers who have lost faith and trust in our banking system, we need to do everything we can to repair that. >> now last month, the treasurer suspended all state business with wells fargo along with the state the of illinois and ohio and the city of chicago and santa clara voted to suspend all business with wells fargo. they released a statement, it reads, the bank is committed to fix what went wrong and restore the public trust. the public trust. and the full san francisco board of supervisors is going to vote on this proposal next week. >> and the san jose police
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department is going to recruit those to hire police officers. industry experts say it might be a good idea. and i'm russ and what the odds that hillary clinton wins? or donald trump wins, betting tips are straight ahead. they're bringing crime, when mexthey're rapists.ople... are you going to have a massive deportation force? you're going to have a deportation force. we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall. that's not america. we're all californians.
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i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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tomorrow night, the third and final presidential debate and millions expected to tune in. a look at the stage being built at the university of nevada, las vegas, people said they hope to hear a discussion on the issues but not holding their breath. >> hope they're not going it be as nasty as the other two and i hope the mod moderator is more fair. >> they're going to bicker about personal issues, not issues that are important to us. >> i hope they're talking about real issues. but that's not the tone of the campaign. they're speaking different languages, i think. >> people said they hope chris wallace keeps they can focused
5:32 pm
on the issues. >> ross palombo has a look at what lies ahead and joins us live. >>reporter: well, the final debate is 25.5 hours away, and even here in las vegas, everything is big and it's about the fireworks and huge casino and the lights and even here, this is a big deal. hillary clinton is here. and donald trump is on his way and the stage is ready. it's set. just one day before the debate, and the security has stepped up with barricades and police and hundreds of cameras clicked in and dozens of back drops and the final stage is set an outside of the arena, nevadans are gearing up. >> it brings jobs out here but the business of deciding even here may not be over.
5:33 pm
>> the debate in itself is a situation, people are like, going back-and-forth with their votes. >> >>reporter: everyone is talking about the debate and talking about the election. the city of las vegas and the entire state is a key battleground state in the race of for the white house. 6 electoral votes and clinton is 7 points ahead and maybe why she looks so confident. >> this debate is pivotal and could decide the election. >> the allegations, they're not true. >> and melania is defending her husband that he sexually assaulted several women, saying it's part of a conspiracy. >> why now, why weeks before
5:34 pm
the election and what they're accusing him of, that's not the person i know. >> trump's claims that the election is rigged. >> there's no evidence that that's happened in the past. or instances it will happen this time, i advice him to stop whining. >> will he repeat the claims on this stage and after this security and coverage and debate conversation, with it even mart? >> have you made up your mind? the odds are hard to calculate even on the strip. >> hillary clinton can't change your mind? >> no way. >> i will never vote for her? >> i'm not sure. >> well people still undecided as you heard. again the debate is in 25.5 hours, hillary clinton arrived here 2 hours ago and ken an
5:35 pm
julie, she's in her hotel. she's in there doing debate preps. and we're preparing and have all of it live, word by word at 10:00 p.m. and a complete wrap up. and it looks like donald trump might have to pull out a straight flush to win this election. what are you hearing in terms of the enthusiasm of voters on both sides. talk that clinton voters think she's got to won and may not come out to vote. >> hillary clinton has had an enthusiasm gap for months an donald trump not so much, but the national polls show hillary clinton 7 points ahead, so will her people get out and vote? hard to say, on the street here, it's not about anyone being excited about one
5:36 pm
candidate over the other. what they're talking about is who they hate more than the other. so, is that the motivor? we'll see at this point? >> anyone's guess. >> ross, thanks. >> a look at fox news' state by state projections and a few interesting states, including texas, that leans republican but not solidly. the key string states, pennsylvania and florida are leaning democrat. in this projection, clinton has 307 electoral votes. you can watch the debate on ktvu fox 2 and we'll live
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stream it and facebook and our youtube channel. it's no surprise that the san jose police department is hiring and the shortage is at crisis levels. but what is surprising, they're hiring a marketing firm to fill openings. and jesse. is this a common practice. >>reporter: i put that to the executive director of the national association of police organizations and he said no it's not common but he adds, a good idea. by comparison, larger departments handle it in house. still, an audit here last spring planted the idea of having them hire help to help them hire help. might be a good idea. >> looking forward to partnering with this marketing firm. they're going to help us direct that marketing and advertising. and the groups we want to
5:38 pm
reach. >>reporter: open secret for years, the sjpd runs short staffed and the hiring sign is out an city leaders hope the passage sends a flood of applicants. >> the police department is a $300 million organization and the biggest challenge is recruiting and ensuring we get the best and brightest. >>reporter: they contracted with civilian incorporated to do marketing. they have officer in silicon valley and in southern california. >> marketing consultants are valuable, they provide a more positive image and help recruit prospects that are on the fence deciding where they might like to go. >> >>reporter: hiring comes at a
5:39 pm
time where being a beat cop involves greater risk and scrutiny. >> we are competing against other larger police departments and they're paying more. >>reporter: the goal of the marketer is to mold perception and make the sign seem like these, the hot, hip, place to be and the happening place to launch your career. >> they see the opportunities and i think that once they're here, they feel good about it and they want to stay. >> >>reporter: it hinges on the passage of measure f. the mayor said of the voters he talked to, most if not all who understand the issue are behind it. the key is to reach those people who haven't heard or don't know, so city leaders are
5:40 pm
campaigning here for the passage of measure f f. harsh words will colin kaepernick, opponents say he's done and a distraction. kaepernick's response to that tough talk. it could end up as at largest settlement of any automaker. how much vw has to pay. honey, is the internet back yet? yes!!
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in syria, the united nations scrambles to take advantage of a cease-fire. drone video shows what is left in parts of the city. russian and syrian troops agreed to a halt for a humanitarian pause. the idea is to get aid to those who need it. but aid agencies said they're being held back by attacks on convoys and hospitals. >> we remain ready to proceed with medical evacuations and to provide life saving assistance into the town. by any and all means at our disposal. >> the russians said they'll stand down later this week. that temporary cease-fire are aimed at separating the militants from the group. more than 10,000 gathered to remember two fallen police
5:44 pm
officers in palm springs. family and friends and an entire community came together to say good-bye to 63-year-old jose vega and 27-year-old leslie and they were shot and killed at a domestic disturbance call. he was with the force for 35 years and she had just comeback from maternity leave, she leaves behind a husband and 4- month-old daughter. the driver of that pick up that plunged 60 feet will be arraigned in the hospital. the chp said navy technician remains hospitalized and suspected of driving under the influence. it killed four people and injured nine others gathering at a park for a festival. harsh words about colin
5:45 pm
kaepernick and his abilities as a quarterback. he responds to criticism that he's terrible and a distraction. this isn't something you see every day, a deer for a swim in monterey bay. and we'll talk about the warm up, tomorrow we see 80s and then it gets even into upper 80s. up
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a new quarterback but the same results for the 49ers and opposing players are taking shots at colin kaepernick. >> now 6 season with the 49ers and we've seen several faces of kaepernick. that was the case again today. >> he's the starting quarterback and that means you'll be scrutinized about what you do on the field and not whether you stand during the national anthem. most don't use the opportunity to trash their opponents and an anonymous player was quoted as saying he was done and he's terrible and more of a distraction than a contributing member of the team. >> that's an opinion, and everyone is entitled to it. we focus on what we can do this week. >> he's taking the high road, largely, now about football. this isn't the one word answer
5:49 pm
that he of the jim harbaugh era. >> and it's a more media friendly way to talk in football clichis. >> we have to stay focused. and take it one game at a time. getting this first win to break this losing streak will be huge and that's our focus this week in preparation. >> how about the goals for this week's game against tampa? >> a win. that's what we're preparing for and our focus is on that. we want to make sure we're having a good week of practice and everyone is on the same page and everyone is focused and ready to go on sunday. >> kaepernick was asked more meaty questions like was he told he has to restructure his contract if he wanted to play? >> no. >> the big question about this team, it's desperate for a win and looking at the schedule makes it difficult to see where
5:50 pm
it's coming. >> and the questions for kaepernick aren't easy to answer. >> criticism was coming in many directions. an article was written about calling for the ouster, and they likends the liken the situation to a tire fire. and lisa was in a tweeting mood. and then it was pulled down. >> wow, coming from all sides. how do the teammates seem to be responding? >> well, i don't know they're responding to it. on a team that's desperate for a win. they have one win now. and it's pretty hard when you look forward to the schedule, to say, where is that next win coming from? i've been around them, and this is about as dire as i've seen
5:51 pm
it. >> they're calling for the owner's head and they're own family is. >> she wasn't actually doing that firsthand but drawing attention to a column that did call for that. and you know, we've said this, the one person you can't fire is the owner. and we haven't heard from him? >> he's gone quiet now. we have a request to talk to him and we'll keep on top of it. federal judge in san francisco said he's quote strongly inclined to approve a $15 billion settlement in the volkswagen emission cheating scandal. he's going to make a final decision by october 25, they heard testimony from several angry volkswagen owners who felt duped. the government said volkswagen fitted many of their cars with software designed to fool emissions tests. if approved, it's the largest involving any auto scandal in u.s. history. taking a dip in the ocean
5:52 pm
is something you wouldn't expect from a deer, but look at this. a woman in monterey took this video of a deer. possible it jumped in to escape a threat but it looks like the deer is enjoy it. the video was shot at 8:00 a.m. yesterday near the coast guard pier. >> you see deer in lakes but never in the ocean. >> never, i think julie is right, it was dodging something. >> a bullet? >> cool though. interesting to, we'll, no, i've seen, okay, i've seen, down in santa barbara at the ranch, it's private property and we saw big mountain lion tracks and they ate the dead things along the beach. dead seals. nice to see the tracks instead of the mountain lion. >> here's the temperatures
5:53 pm
around the state. and country. warm, record warmth towards texas, 86 in dallas and temperatures have been warm around this southern southeast. and well, just around dallas an albuquerque. right now, 86 in dallas and 79 in st. louis. and there are two hours beyond us. and it's dark. offshore, a few clouds and fog. and valley fog is a possibility. and we go into this warming trend. highs are warmer than today. the warming trend due to the high pressure and not just tomorrow but really right through your bay area sunday. we're going to see 80s tomorrow and mid and upper 80s perhaps as we head to your bay area friday. we'll see how it works out. 79 in brentwood and 77 in livermore and air quality is
5:54 pm
good and fire danger is down and snow in the mountain tops around lake tahoe. a classic fall pattern. something on sunday, a chance, and right in here. a nonevent, but it's interesting because beyond it, when you get to the next week, i know it seems a long way off, it looks like it wants to open up again. october can so often, can go by without any rain. and here a chance for more rain. good. >> the songs rhythm nation an california love and personal jesus all have something in common. they're written by rock and roll hall of fame finalist, that's next. update, breaking news that we're following, four students shot in the parking lot of a san francisco high school. one the victims is a girl and
5:55 pm
in critical condition. police said two boys suffered non-life-threatening injuries and the fourth walked into a police department with a gunshot wound. they were at june jordan high school. they're searching for four suspects, boys who were spotted around away. coming up at 6:00, the latest on that triple shooting, four people shot and the victims and the search for the gunmen coming up.
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shares the netflix scored by 20%, following it added 370,000 subscribers in the u.s. and 3.2 million internationally to the streaming service during the third quarter. it sent the stock up $19 to 11 $8 a share. they have 86 million subscribers worldwide. the nominees for the rock and roll hall of fame are out today. >> janet jackson made the list for the second year in a row and tupac and deporch mod was dominated. and they must have released their first single 25 years
5:59 pm
ago. the winners will be announced in december. ktvu fox news at 6:00 starts now. a shooting injured four students and the latest from the scene. good evening, i'm julie haener and i'm ken wayne. >> and now the breaking news, four students shot and injured at june jordan high school, that's in the city's excelsior district. these are live pictures. >> the teenage girl is in critical condition and heather holmes is following the latest in the newsroom. >> we just got an update. they said in addition to that female students badly wounded, three males have non-life- threatening and they're minors and they said it does appear it was a targeted shooting, not random. >> sky fox, over the scene and they were shot in the parking
6:00 pm
lot and three of them ran inside to the school to get help and we learned a short time ago that the fourth showed up at the police station. and they put the school on lockout, non-allowed in or out. they treated this as an active shooter situation and searched room by room for the suspects. >> it was not an active shooter incident and it took place inside the parking lot of the school. four suspects were seen running westbound on brazil in that direction. >> right now, police are continuing to search for the four suspects. the only description, they were wearing dark jeans and hoodies. we don't know much more se


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