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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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police surround a san francisco high school and launch a search after four students are shot and four suspects are still seen running from the campus. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm ken wayne, frank somerville is off tonight. the shooting happened at 3:20 this afternoon in the parking lot of june jordan high school and that is in the city's excelsior district. we have some developing news from ktvu amber lee live at san francisco general hospital
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tonight. amber? >> reporter: we are at sf general where at least one of the victim is being treated. one girl and three boys were shot. the girl is suffering life threatening injuries and undergone surgery. around 3:20 this afternoon at june jordan high was letting out, police responded to calls asking for help. >> stand by we are getting more calls from inside, five gunshots heard. >> reporter: police say they initially found three students who had been shot in the campus parking lot and that the teens managed to make their way into the school. >> we went in tactically and cleared the school. we deemed it safe and secure. >> we went classroom by classroom. >> reporter: witnesses reported seeing four males leaving the scene on foot. the three victims were taken to the hospital. the two boys suffered non-life threatening injuries. >> i had to lock the door. >> reporter: she saw and heard
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the commotion as police arrived at the school. she has lived here for 53 years. >> i was worried about it, you know, because we've never had something like this happen. >> reporter: about two hours later a fourth victim, a teenage boy walked into the bayview police station suffering from a non-life threatening gunshot wound and was taken to the hospital. the boy is also a student at june jordan. school officials say that there will be classes tomorrow. >> we will have increased emotional support and police security around the building. >> reporter: police say this appears to be a targeted shooting, but they did not say what the motive may be. >> and these days i would live terribly, so we never knew what was going to happen. >> were you scared? >> yeah. >> reporter: police say that they do not believe the students or the suspects are students at the school. investigators are looking for surveillance video of the area and they are asking for witnesses to come forward.
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>> all right, amber lee live in the city, thank you, amber. and just in a man is dead after police say that he detonate add pipe bomb inside an oakland health clinic tonight. the explosion happened about 6:30 inside the san antonio neighborhood health clinic on international boulevard. the man was in a wheelchair, investigating the case as the potential suicide. the bomb squad was called in to check for any secondary devices, no one else was hurt. and the third and final presidential debate is now less than 24 hours away. as the candidates make their final preparations, a new poll indicates that hillary clinton is going into this debate with a six-point lead. but they show clinton has 45% compared to 39% for donald trump. among likely voters nationally. ktvu's ross palombo joins us live in las vegas with the latest from the campaign trail, ross? >> reporter: well julie, not only is hillary clinton ahead nationally, but the latest polls says she is ahead some
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seven points right here in nevada. that poll is coming out today. that is hard news for donald trump especially because his name has been a part of the bright lights and the big casinos here along the las vegas strip for years. in fact trump international hotels right there, they were the epic center tonight of an impromptu debate. >> shaking up the political debate with just one small sign. below this giant name. >> and now i'm a veteran and it is one lone veteran. >> i'm already participating in this debate. >> reporter: despite the lack of issues and plenty of name calling here. >> my issue is that he is a lunatic. >> reporter: even those at this small debate have high hopes for the official one just three miles away. here at the security, cameras and entire stage is already set. hillary clinton is already here after flying in and behind closed doors preparing.
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>> tomorrow night is going to be drastic. >> reporter: donald trump spent the day campaigning in colorado. >> he is home sleeping and i'm working. and the way that it will be in the white house. >> and all of this after they defended them for allegations that he sexually assaulted several women. >> why not? why three weeks before the election? and accusing my husband that he's not the person that i know. >> reporter: but today they are weighing in on the claims that the election is rigged. >> there is no evidence that it has happened in the past or that there are instances in which it will happen this time. and so i would advise mr. trump to stop whining. >> reporter: that same criticism reverberating here tonight. >> why is he behaving like a child? why do the tweets upset him? >> reporter: like this veteran badly outnumbered here. >> if i vote for the bastard it
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won't be crooked hillary. >> i'm an individual, i'm testing my vote for clinton. >> one shaking head and one voter at a time. >> my one vote may mean something. or trump may end up in the white house. >> reporter: well by all accounts, donald trump is at his hotel tonight, no word yet from his campaign. exactly what he is doing. hillary clinton got her first, julie, she has been here for several hours. her campaign says that she definitely spent the afternoon preparing for tomorrow night's final debate. >> and ross there was a lot of talk during the last debate about who would be in the audience. are you hearing anything about who will be there tomorrow night? >> reporter: you know we are hearing mark cube ban and others will be there. but on the trump side it won't be as dramatic as the last debate. remember that he invited several of the accusers to attend the debate as they did show up with dramatic moment. but this time around donald
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trump has invited president obama's half brother malik obama, accepting the invitation as they will be staying here tomorrow night and supporting the republican nominee. >> and we will all be watching, ross, thank you. you can watch tomorrow's debate right here on ktvu fox 2. it will start at 6:00 tomorrow evening. we will also be live streaming the debate on and our ktvu mobile app as well as on our facebook and youtube pages. the man that heads wikileaks has lost his internet access. julian assange has been under political asylum in london since 2012. as the wikileaks site has published scores of damaging e- mails from hillary clinton's campaign. today the government of ecuador says that they have temporarily restricted assange's communications. ecuador denies their claims that they made the move at request of secretary state john kerry. the san francisco board of supervisors is considering cutting ties with wells fargo
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bank for the city businesses in the wake of the bank's fake account scandal. and the employees of the company created two million fake accounts, to meet the bank's aggressive sales goal. thousands of workers were fired and the ceo resigned in the wake of the scandal and that the supervisor and they introduced that resolution today, but they say that wells fargo business practices are hurting the average customers. >> reporter: the city of san francisco can no longer atoday to do business with the predatory ceo culture of wells fargo. >> and santa clara county supervisors voted today to suspend all business with wells fargo. and last month california's treasurer cut ties with the bank. the full san francisco board of supervisors is set to vote on the measure next week. >> wells fargo released a statement today that reads in part that they are committed to fix what went wrong and to restore the public trust. we have already provided full refunds to customers that we have identified is having accounts that could have been
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unauthorized. on wall street, they made moderate gains today with netflix leading the way up almost 20% on third quarter results. the dow jones was up 75 points to close at 18,161. nasdaq gained 44 points and the s&p rose 13. new at 10:00, a vote tonight rolling back some of san jose's controversial medical marijuana controversies. allowing delivery of pot right to people's homes. buddy's cannabis, one of 16 dispensaries left standing after the city wide crack down. >> yes, ken at one point the city had more than 100 dispensaries. many of them are operating illegally as i suspected the owner of this dispensary and the new changes are a good balance, yet they still have some concern. >> and in a 10-1 vote, they would loosen some of these regulations for the pot club. among the changes, allowing the shops and instead of one
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including one outside the city. they could also share their sites and by products from around the state. >> i think that we will be post changes that are reasonable, to a pretty robust program. >> and now their own buddy's cannabis, he is happy that he could buy from a third party that they do not have the commercial kitchen to make edibles and the other concentrates, yet he does have issues with the biggest change allowing the deliveries to the patient's home. >> first of all that it would cause the security risk that you could be having the drivers go out thousands of dollars worth of valuable products in their car that you're going to have virtual strangers going into their homes of the patients. >> and it ends here, you know what, we need to make sure that we're ready for it and that they are not trying to figure out regulations later on. >> reporter: san jose police chief eddie garcia says that they are operating in the city and the change will allow the deliveries from 8:00 in the morning until midnight. and only the patients who are
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21 years or older. >> we hope that it will be less and that people will be going to the legal alternative that we have. now ultimately there will be characters that are not going to follow those rules and we'll have to deal with that as they come. >> reporter: pamela grossby uses medical marijuana to treat her migraines. she feels comfortable driving to the dispensary for her safety. >> i was kind of sketchy about it and i didn't know who they were, i didn't know if they were working. if they were a real dispensary. >> reporter: and all of this comes as voters in november will decide whether or not to legalize recreational pot. i'm told that if proposition 64 passes, it would not affect san jose's medical marijuana rules. live in san jose ktvu fox 2 news. e revolutionaries who made an im-- revolutions who made an impact. new at 10:30 how they one
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member found the black panther party 50 years later. it affects their relationship and their jobs and all their worldly possessions to join this movement of people. >> the rain is over for now, we've got some sunshine and increasing temperatures to talk about. a second victim has died and the search intensifies for whoever opened fire at a marijuana grow house. a live report from sonoma county coming up.
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new information tonight in a triple shooting in sonoma county over the weekend. today authorities confirmed a second man has died. sonoma county sheriff officials say that the shooting happened in a marijuana grow house just outside sebastopol. ktvu salute e vita ristorante is is live where the double homicide is a high priority for investigators. debora? >> yes, julie, they have been on this since the weekend and when those three people were shot at their grow house outside sebastopol. it's a supplier or two for those dispensaries that it did not stop this deadly dispute. >> reporter: the violence that erupted on the rural property appears related to the argument or robbery, three people were shot on saturday night and only one is still alive. >> it's a working theory right now that they would have something to do with the marijuana sales that went bad. >> sunday as investigators would process the scene they would seize both growing plants and process their marijuana. this is home to the 36-year-old
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who was shot to death in one of two houses on the seven acre site. >> and there are no break-ins. >> the victims and the attacker may have known each other. >> we don't know who they are right now, we don't know the relationships. >> a second man a 28-year-old was rushed to the hospital, but they would remove their life support after three days. the 23-year-old woman unidentified for her protection, managed to call 911 after she was shot several times. >> this is a targeted crime, so they are not dangerous to the general public. >> three people are being shot. and the suspect has left, no further description at this point. >> the sheriff's department is assisting through their leads, calling them promising, that the others have not panned out. they are saying very little about motive or the legitimacy of the grow operation. >> it is illegal and it is a cash crop. >> the property appears abandoned now. gardening supplies are
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surrounded by the wand and chain linked fences -- by the chain-linked fences. a single bouquet lays on the windshield of a victim's car in the driveway. >> there's a lot of money involved in the marijuana trade. it is a very common place for violent crimes to occur where people are growing marijuana. >> reporter: the young woman wounded remains here at memorial hospital where her mother has said that she is expected to survive. julie, the sheriff's department is looking for any tips that could bring this shooter or shooter to justice. >> all right, debora, live tonight in santa rosa, thank you. the highway patrol in marin county is investigating a crash that left three young men dead including two brothers. authorities say that the car was traveling west on the remote part of sir francis drake boulevard just after midnight. the toyota corolla slammed into a power pole going full speed before impact. the driver was identified as 18-
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year-old chance maurer of novato. the two passengers were brothers, chancellor argall and lancelot argall. >> i couldn't believe it at first. i just heard lance's name and then i heard that his brother was in the car as well. then it hit twice as hard. >> the chp says that all three young men were wearing seat belts. they all died at the scene. two people suffered life- threatening injuries trying to run across the freeway after getting into a fender bender on walnut creek. the man and woman rear ended another car heading south on interstate 680. nobody was hurt. people in the other car were getting ready to call 911 when the man and woman dashed across the northbound lanes. they were both struck by a passing car. authorities say that searchers have found the wreckage of a small plane reported missing in the sierra. crews with the civil air patrol spotted the wreck west of south lake tahoe. ground crews then accessed the
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plane. the body of a man was found outside the wreckage. the the plane left idaho sunday with only the pilot on board. so we're tracking that forecast. it did warm up a couple of degrees today, it will warm up a couple degrees more tomorrow. there's no fog along the coast. a beautiful night out there. it's kind of chilly and definitely feeling fall like. overnight lows are going to get into the mid-40s. maybe some low 40s as well and some patchy valley fog. right now they are well to the north. the radar, that's bad reflectivity that you're seeing there and no rain happening now. the current temperatures are in the 50s. it will be chilly though. as you're noticing it in the morning hours, clayton, the valley up by vacaville and out towards winters, you're not getting frost quite yet. maybe you are, but i don't see any as you're getting overnight lows down into the 40s where it will be very chilly. your day time highs tomorrow, no coastal fog and the forecast highs, oranges are 80s.
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so we will be back to the last couple of days, which has been green and yellows, 60s and 70s. but as we head into tomorrow, you're going to see a lot of oranges. tons of 80s in the inland areas. upper 60s to the low 70s around the bay and the mid-70s in between, which is what you would expect with the nice temperature profile. this is the wednesday as we head into thursday, friday, saturday these temperatures will come up to the point that we would see some reds showing up as we head into your thursday temperatures with those warming up more. a nice pleasant mild pattern. that's tomorrow, warmer still throughout the week. then we will talk about the next chance for some showers as well as that is actually in your five-day forecast. we'll see you back here. a deadly hit and run that authorities are calling a homicide. >> and it is truly a senseless act. up next what we have learned about the victim and the suspect under arrest. >> who will win the national league and who will go onto the
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world series. game three for the cubs and the dodgers later in sports. plus, a suspected fire bomb that was arrested. what we're learning about the man accused of setting more than a dozen fires in the east bay.
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fremont police announced an arrest of a man suspected of setting more than a dozen fire in recent months. corey jason minhoff was arrested on friday. officers found him near the scene of the last fire in the area set back in mid-july. and all 16 fires were e set in their warm springs neighborhood. investigators say he lives near all the fire scenes. they say he was booked on suspicion of arson. police say they believe he acted alone. new at 10:00, san leandro has a new police chief. the city manager announced that 45-year-old police captain jeff tutter is now the permanent chief. he took on the role of acting
10:23 pm
chief after sandra left. as police say he was trying to stop a thief. henry lee has more on the victim remembered by family, friends, and colleagues. >> reporter: flowers mark the spot where takeshi watanabe was killed. watanabe known as terry to his friends had worked at true world foods for 23 years. now the suspect 27-year-old kadeem edwards could face a murder charge. >> truly a senseless act. >> reporter: i spoke to watanabe's wife of 27 years off camera. she broke into tears and said he was a good man. co-workers at the san leandro company also asked for privacy. but her friend told me watanabe
10:24 pm
who worked with the boy scouts was a very kind and thoughtful person and always followed the boy scout oath and law. >> and police say he was doing just that on monday morning when he tried to stop a suspect from stealing from his business. >> he stood up for what was right and he stood up to protect true world foods even though it was wand palette -- wooden palettes he did what he thought was right and doing so tragically lost his life. >> reporter: the suspect fled the scene, but not for long. oakland officers spotted the same pickup truck near a palette recycling center in east oakland. that's when officers say that the suspect jumped out of the truck, but was found hiding underneath a car. >> and two diligent officers from the oakland police officer and the ones who spotted this and helped solve this case within five and a half hours. >> reporter: san leandro police stopped by the oakland police department to personally thank them. >> we're trying to do our job. >> just doing our part, sir. feels really good to find the man and to have him answer for
10:25 pm
his crimes. >> reporter: police arrested him on suspicion of murder. edwards' driver's license is currently suspended for the second time because he was a, "negligent operator." he has numerous convictions on his record including ones for speeding. alameda county prosecutors will decide this week whether to formally charge him with murder. he's being held for now without bail. in san leandro henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. commemorating 50 years of the black panthers. >> it's a reunion of those who made it. >> up next a look at what the movement accomplishes and how it is now being recognized in the new light by some. plus, exchanging your phone at the airport. how samsung is working to keep their troubled galaxy note 7s off of planes. i'll get you dancing... ♪
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♪ to the diggy diggy diggity do. ♪ ♪ this is my town. if you dont know now you know. ♪ ♪ do that thing that you do. ♪ ♪ i'll show you a new move. ♪ ♪ check out the diggy diggy diggity do. ♪ ♪ i'm gonna flippity flop to that clickity clock. ♪ we're staying out tonight. won't leave. ♪ ♪ by now, i hope you've figured it ou♪. i'll give you more than you'll ever nee♪.
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new at 10:00 the black panther is commemorating 15 years after being founded here in the bay area. the movement was found in oakland in 1966. >> this week the former members will gather to recognize if the organizations and their latest views would show you the black panther co-founders to hear their personal story and reflect on the places of history. jana? >> reporter: ken and julie, frederick and newton worked side by side with hewie newton who co-founded the black panther party. she doesn't usually do interviews, but tonight she and another former female panther share their stories of the panther's past and their hopes for the future. >> reporter: in west oakland, the black panther parties roots go deep. the panther's history is her history too. >> i'm 64 now. so that was, i guess probably
10:29 pm
about 17 or 18. >> reporter: this photo shows her as a fresh face teen just before she met panther party co- founder hewie newton who she would marry 11 years later. >> what do you think when you look at that? >> i think that he has no idea what is in stored -- i think she has no idea what is in stored for her that she would have no idea what her like is going to look like. but she had a lot of hope and no idea. >> reporter: and now she is among the surviving members of the black panther party that sprang to life in oakland from 1966. she says that images of the black panther parties showing young black men armed with guns do not show what she feels is the real legacy of the party. the idealism. of lifting up african americans through community survival programs. >> and seeing people in this very park and registering people to vote, making sure that the seniors had a safe route to and from paying their bills and getting their
10:30 pm
groceries, to make sure that people had shoes on. this is what was the bedrock of the panther party. >> reporter: the black panther's explosive growth in the 1970s into an international organization with chapters in 48 states was targeted by the fbi. it is a group, which has had a controversial place in history, commemorated now in a new light by those who lived it. >> and people gave up everything, they sacrificed their families, they sacrificed their relationships, their jobs, all of their worldly possessions really to join this movement of people. it's a reunion of souls who made it. >> reporter: gail asolli dixon is one of those souls. >> revolution, change. >> reporter: an artist who drew for the black panther paper. dixon hopes that their goals then in some way have helped pave a path for younger generations now. >> i like to quote dr. martin
10:31 pm
luther king. he says that the universe is long, but it moves towards justice. all of us have been bending that arc towards justice. it is the young people's turn. they have to be creative given their set of circumstances, which is different from when we were coming along. >> reporter: frederica newton hopes that this week will be a chance for dialogue to hear from those who live the black panther history firsthand. >> i would say to learn from our victories and our mistakes. to have the courage of your conviction and learn, learn from us. >> frederica established the hewiep. newton's foundation. they work to educate people about the black panther party history and also to continue community programs in literacy, voter outreach, and public health. >> jana, thank you. well the black panther party's 50th anniversary conference starts thursday and runs through sunday with workshops and exhibits at the
10:32 pm
oakland museum of california and laney college. on saturday a free rally and concert will be held at franco gala plaza downtown. then on sunday there will be a ceremony to dedicate bobby hutton grove. the san jose police department is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for marketing consultants to help fill hundreds of job openings. the department has said that the shortage of officers is at crisis levels. police officials have contracted with the marketing firm civilian incorporated to better frame their hiring message. >> marketing consultants could be very valuable in presenting a more positive image of the police department in helping to recruit maybe prospects that might be a little bit on the fence deciding where they want to go. >> they signed that $200,000 contract with the firm that could be renewed each year for up to five years. samsung is taking steps to make sure travelers don't take their banned smart phones on board airplanes. they ban the samsung galaxy
10:33 pm
note 7s after a series of fires involving that phone. as ktvu marin nailor announces. >> reporter: it seems everywhere that you look at sfo you see a traveler with a phone in hand. but now this phone is considered a forbidden hazardous material. that they have banned the samsung galaxy note 7s from all airplanes, including both carry- on and the bagged luggage. that it will be enough to travel with it, especially that the risk is that it could catch on fire as you would do the battery issue. now, at sfo they are setting up the inspirational debts this week. during our time no travelers were seen exchanging phones and the company made it clear that the only people who could do so are those with the airline ticket. in a statement, samsung told ktvu that we urge all galaxy note 7 owners to exchange their device or obtain a refund
10:34 pm
before they would arrive with their airport. we know that it will be an inconvenience to their customers, but it has to remain a top priority. >> it is very scary as we spoke to the husband and wife just after they flew in from the east coast. >> so there is a notification overhead, seeing that all samsung galaxy note 7 phones were banned on any flight. >> and our airline sent us a statement by e-mail prior to our departure and stating that they have banned that phone if you could leave it or trade it in. >> reporter: they say anyone with the phone will not be allowed to board and they will face a fine in criminal charges if they would try to hide it. and tsa says that they are not actively screaming for the phones, but if found they are sending them back to the airline ticket challenger. >> and that it will be something that will affect the branding. >> and they say that after they address the security issues
10:35 pm
when phone that the next question is when will they choose to rebrand that note or get rid of it altogether? sfo ktvu fox 2 news. >> president obama and first lady michelle obama would host their 13th and final state dinner at the white house tonight. the obama has been greeted by the prime minister and her wife earlier this evening. mrs. obama wore a gold gown designed by versace. the president delivered a speech that included some jokes about the current presidential election. >> we will look up at the dome of the u.s. capital and to marvel the touch of the media. and then again some days of the presidential campaigns could seem like their infernos. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi joined a slew of italian heritage invited to the dinner including the designer armani and gwen stefani who performed at the event.
10:36 pm
charges downgraded the california mayor accused of playing strip poker with teens. >> obviously i'm pleased with this juncture in the case. >> the latest with what the mayor calls is an attempt to prevent his re-election. we are tracking that forecast that's warming up just a little bit out there to be cold overnight. what about your weekend? we'll talk about that as well. we'll see you back here after a couple of breaks. plus, what this could mean for the mexican drug lord.
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10:38 pm
a felony charge against the mayor of stockton was reduced to a misdemeanor today in a case involving a teenager at a summer camp. the mayor says that the charges are motivated to damages of the re-election campaign. >> would it affect your life or
10:39 pm
your family? and if anybody is charged with something they didn't do would they affect you? >> anthony silva is accused of secretly recording the game providing alcohol to minors, denying the charges saying that it was accidental and all the teenagers were at least 18 years old. he now faces a total of four misdemeanors in the incident. >> the mexican judge re-- presiding over el chapo was shot to death. the shooting was caught on surveillance video. he lives about 45 miles west of mexico city. joaquin el chapo guzman is wanted in the u.s. on drug trafficking, money laundering, murder, and weapon charges, but he is fighting extradition. a few days ago they said he could be extradited next year. this year's nominee is for the rock 'n' roll hall of fame
10:40 pm
that were announced today. among the first-time nominee is wrapper who lives in marin and attended the high school. pearl jam, journey, jane's addiction, all among the other artists that are getting their first nomination for the induction into the hall of fame. repeat nominees included janet jackson, the zombies, and i should say they will be announced in december. >> that is a lot of good names in there. a piece of art meant to empower women. >> i thought if i could show women of people. that it might help. >> up next they unveil what happens in the east bay. >> it is warming up. chief meteorologist bill martin will have a complete bay area forecast when we come back.
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woman: how do we protect them from $4 billion in new cuts to california schools? man: vote yes on proposition 55. woman: prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. man: not on working californians, not small businesses. no one. woman: instead, prop 55 simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. man: so those who can most afford it continue paying their fair share... woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive.
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a stunning 50-foot tall structure was lit up tonight in san leandro. this bold work of art was meant to bring a message to everyone that sees it. >> ktvu aliana gomez spoke to them saying that the idea is as timely as ever. >> they would embrace the skin she's in. the truth of the beauty stands about 50 feet high, visible to anyone coming and leaving. >> it is needed to be the iconic image of the transformation that's happening and the focus on the men, women, making it safe for women. >> reporter: imagine where they would feel safe.
10:44 pm
that's the idea behind the truth is beauty, the horrific childhood memory was the inspiration for the work of art. >> i was 75 years old and my friend who was raped by a stranger outside my house as my mother told me about it. and really shocked me. >> reporter: nothing was ever done and no one was ever held accountable, creating that wound so deep they could never let it go. >> i thought if i could show the people, you know, even though that they are new that it might help. >> reporter: it took 14,000 hours, but the truth is that they would come alive, resonating with women. >> i remember after it happened to me in 1985 when i was recognized at the bart station. i was met with disbelief about the police department, my mother. >> reporter: truth is that they
10:45 pm
would stand for their change. but they agree that they would call on the women in the community. >> truth is beauty. it is just beautiful. >> reporter: tonight, they were lit up in honor of their domestic violence awareness month. ktvu fox 2 news. continue right through the bay area into the weekend into the early part of the weekend, the highs from today by a couple of degrees. a few low 80s tomorrow. and it starts off a little chilly in the morning, you end up warm with the highs in the inland valleys, the low 80s perhaps that there is no fog at the coast. maybe a little valley fog. all you're seeing are the raiders.
10:46 pm
they are showing you the false returns if not rain, but we will show you the clouds to the north of us. that system that blew through dropping over a half foot of rain in october for parts of northern california. that is something you don't see every day, that's good stuff. sot winds are out there right now light. the winds tomorrow will be light. air quality is good and the fire danger is down. overnight lows with a light wind that will be chilly in the mid-40s with a chance for a little bit of the patchy valley fog as well. be prepared for that tomorrow morning and only because they would call it ground fog because they will be wet and the dew point temperatures will be reaching them quickly right at the ground. if you have been driving through the pocket here and where you would be driving along the bowl and the fog would be right down there, that the fog is forming right at the coolest layer, so the ground fog, the radiation fog. and all the same thing. but when they would form it is super nasty as they could just
10:47 pm
make that brutal and you could drop into the bowl or drop and it is all there. if you have ever had that experience then you know what i'm talking about. that you'll see that often and warmer as we would head into wednesday, thursday, and a little bit into friday that it does not get hot that we will see the mid-80s with a couple of the upper 80s towards thursday and friday and the eastern edges of the viewing area towards their livermore valley area, but it will be nice. >> fire danger is not on the tip of the tongues, but the rain was extremely helpful. snow in the mountains. and the five-day forecast, there it is. just cool mornings, a very fall- like weather forecast. and that is fall in a nutshell for you. so nothing really earth shattering here, but a very nice pleasant pattern i would say that they would take us right into the bay area weekend. >> all right, sounds really nice. thank you, bill. >> sports is next.
10:48 pm
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l mark is here to tell us about the cubs and the dodgers. >> well, let me tell you this, there are a lot of people all over the country right now that are just freaking out. if you know anything about
10:51 pm
their histories, they have had so many disasters in the past 180 years particularly in the post season. the exhibition game in san diego close by as they are checking it out. they might be a cub fan early on in the third inning, the base hit as jake arrieta was about to become a loser 1-0 and soon to be 3-0 and grandal is looking like he has them clinching just one. yeah joe is a little worried. creating in the off season as they would launch their 400- plus shot. rich hill gave up at least two hits, no runs, struck out six.
10:52 pm
6-0. and they are shut down, get this that they would have zero runs and just six hits in the last two games where they will be down 2-1 for them tomorrow night. and they will be whipping it up in l.a., not so much as you would see them down 3-0 in this series as they would need to mail it in and check their body language of the toronto blue jays as they would stay alive with their great hall of famer. from days gone by and the last world series title in toronto. but the third inning, that he just cranks it up and he is pumped. the 1-0 lead for the fifth as they will be leading 2-1 and it is donaldson with the glove at this time. and the tieing run that it will be what they think that they will be dead, but not so much.
10:53 pm
still 2-1 with the two-run single. the 4-1 lead and the final is 5- 1 and if ever there was a teen that would look alive trailing three games to one in the series that i would have to say it is toronto against cleveland. and it is game five tomorrow. too much assembled talent for the sharks to let what happened last night repeat themselves again back east to houston again as they would give up seven goals. tonight, completely different story. but they let that rookie into the net to take care of business. offensively they are just pounding the net. 1-0. now it is 2-1 in the second period. incredible, passing the hurdle as it would be the first goal of their season. certainly not their last, but a 2-2 game. joe thornton has one of their
10:54 pm
passes deflected that would just about nail them right there to hit the glass and shatter it. think about. meanwhile the final molts of the game, regulation 2-11, with a nice redirect right here from thornton and the game winner, about two minutes left. we've got to mention the nets, winning their debut as a net minder for the sharks 3-1 as they take care of the aisles. the 49ers to say the least as i would think that they were hoping for that just a little bit of hope, something different with a change of quarterbacks. they didn't get it as the defense is just completely out for buffalo and colin kaepernick in their first start. you would have to get for a guy that has not played competitively really and just a mop-up step against the rams
10:55 pm
and the opener. he was rusty, 187 yards passing, just one touchdown and announced that he would start at levi on sunday. everybody would get an opinion. but how about the assessment of themselves? >> i know that there would be throws that i should have made and i want to make to correct this week. but we have opportunities out there to take advantage of those when they would present themselves to us. you know that would allow us to help them win. >> there you go. the bleak times on the football field, but it is quite the opposite in milwaukee over the weekend. the 7th grade class and a young kid will get a dream of a lifetime. he always wanted to score a touchdown and that he did thanks to the teammates. it is a rare genetic distorter,
10:56 pm
as he would fulfill the lifelong dream that he's in the 7th grade. into the end zone on his first career touchdown. nobody is happier about that kind of event than the youngster himself. >> i just want to thank all the teenagers for helping me, making sure i don't get ill. >> the smile tells you everything that you'll need to know about that turn of events. >> i love it. so he doesn't get killed. >> all right, go eddie, thanks, mark. thank you for joining us tonight. join us tomorrow for mornings on 2. >> if you miss any portion of this newscast, you can catch the rebroadcast starting right now on ktvu plus. have a good night.
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okay. okay, here she comes. together: happy mother's da-- aah! what are you wearing? you don't remember this shirt? you made it for me for mother's day in kindergarten. it's adorable. it's perverted. it looks like you were felt up by that creepy guy around the corner. ew! why him? 'cause he's got, like, freakishly tiny hands. thank you! i cannot believe you kept that shirt. of course i kept it. i'm your mother. i keep everything you make me. please take that off. oh, when i'm dead. today is my special day, and i am gonna enjoy me some coffee. you know that's a pencil holder, right? i do now. jay: go first. no, you can go first. manny, go first! no, jay, you go first. ah, somebody give me a present! oh, jay, a diamond necklace! [ laughs ] thank you! you deserve it. go ahead, kid. happy mother's day, mom. oh. [ gasps ]


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