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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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we'll tell you the speed of the bus was so significant that when it hit the back of the big rig, the trailer, the trailer entered about 15 feet into the bus. >> a horrific collision in southern california. 13 people are dead after a tour bus and a big rig collided on interstate 10 near palm springs. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. in addition to those 13 people killed, 31 others were injured.
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federal and local investigators on the scene tonight trying to determine the cause of the crash, which is the deadliest in california in years. >> it happened in desert hot springs on one of southern california's most traveled freeways. tonight we are learning most passengers were jolted away by screams and the grinding of the metal on metal. kelly wright has the details. >> more than a dozen people are dead and at least 30 others are injured after a tour bus on a trip to a casino crashes into the back of the semitruck. on interstate 10 in california near palm springs early sunday morning. authorities say that the bus is traveling in a high rate of speed compared to the slow moving traffic. >> the speed of the bus was so significant that when it hit the back of the big rig the trailer, it entered about 15
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feet. you can -- so you can see the potential impact. >> with so many people injured, the paramedics were treating many of them at the scene. patients were taken to three hospitals with one handling five intensive care cases. >> our team was designated to take care of an evaluation from the very beginning called a mass casualty incident. >> most people were asleep at the time and they might not have been wearing seat belts, causing them to be thrown throughout the vehicle as they say that they would have unusual injuries. >> the victims were unrestrained and therefore flown through the air and ended up sustaining facial problems. >> authorities are hoping that they could find a data recorder of the wreckage of the bus, unlikely that there is one since it is an older bus. in new york kelly wright fox
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news. new at 10:00 san francisco police are reporting a creepy clown sighting this time at westfield mall just this afternoon. they say a security guard spotted three suspicious people, two were holding clown masks. this happened around 3:15 this afternoon. police say the suspects all ran out of the mall towards market and powell streets and appears they are still at large. seven people were wounded during a shooting in oakland last night. as of this morning one man was treated and released and the other six were still in the hospital. all the victims were between 27 and 45 years old. investigators have not made any arrests, but one person was detained being questioned in according to the shooting. as they investigate the shooting they needed to take cover when shots rang out. they crouched behind the patrol cars. no one was hit. a 28-year-old motorcyclist was dead after a hit-and-run crash in pittsburgh with the suspected drunk driver.
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the collision happened just after 7:00 last night on east lilage road. police say they found the motorcyclist unresponsive and were unable to save him. some witnesses ran after the occupants of the suspect vehicle and they helped police locate the driver. he was arrested and identified as 25-year-old angelo childs. a 22-year-old man is under arrest for trying to rob a pharmacy. they say he walked into the rite aid on decoto road and handed the clerk a note demanding prescription pain medication. the clerk tipped off the store manager and luis pantoja ran away without any medication. pantoja faces several charges including making criminal threats, criminal robbery, and possession of a controlled substance. all right, taking a live look outside. beautiful shot of the bridge. we will just call this the calm before the storm with rain and
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cooler temperatures that are on the way. our meteorologist mark tamayo has more on when you could expect the weather. it is hard to believe. >> yes, it is so nice all weekend long happening just a few days ago with temperatures maxing out in the 80s. we will change things up once again as we head into your monday morning and beyond and that they could be open for a good portion of california as we are tracking two storms. the first one moves through tomorrow. primarily if you can see that they were focused up to the north bay with a lot of energy in the pacific and their active jet stream setting up. you can see the big dip in the upper level winds, the trough when they need to generate a portion of the region. right now they're tracking rain showers up to the north along the north coast and near eureka with more cloud cover. here is the front approaching close by. that'll be the main source of some organized rainfall tomorrow. but primarily up into the north bay. as far as outside right now,
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it's fairly quiet with increasing high clouds, partly to mostly cloudy skies. you're mentioning the north bay in places like santa rosa with mostly cloudy skies and the chance of rain by 12:00. you'll fear that they will be painting more rainfall by 5:00 and especially into the eveninghours. we are dry right now, but things will be changing into your monday morning, eventually your monday afternoon. we'll talk more about your five- day outlook with more on that in a few minutes. the latest on the race for the white house. democrat hillary clinton is gaining ground against the republican candidate. he spoke today at a church in durham, north carolina where she criticized their view of inner city problems and solutions. >> they say that all of our problems will be solved by more law and order. and they paint a bleak picture of inner cities and the african
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american community. my opponent did it again in the third debate. >> mrs. clinton is encouraging voters to take advantage of early voting to put more distance between her and donald trump and also urging voters to choose democrats for other offices straight down the ballot. president obama was also on the campaign trail today for clinton and democrats in nevada. >> competing for the job i currently hold. you got a guy who proves himself unfit for this offense every single day, every single week. and on the other side you've got somebody who is as qualified as they have ever run for the presidency. hillary clinton. >> the president was in las vegas asking people to vote for the democratic candidates for the house and the senate. donald trump held a rally in florida today a day before
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early voting will begin there with a new abc poll that shows trump is trailing clinton by 12 percentage points, citing a different national poll that shows he has the lead. >> invest your business daily to the most accurate pole from the last election and the two elections before that. just announced that we are leading nationally by two points. >> this evening's rally was the first of several florida campaign events. florida is a crucial state for both candidates, but some analysts say if trump does not win florida, then he will not win the election. well tomorrow is the last day to register to vote in the presidential election, which is now less than two weeks away. including here in california, an e pert says that early voting could account for as much as 40% for all the votes
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cast this year. live in the registrar's office where early voting there is is already at a pretty fast start. >> reporter: yes, even on the sunday we would see a good amount of people come by to drop off their votes. according to the register's office, half a percent of the registered voters have voted ask and several reports are suggesting strong early voter turnout that could spell trouble for the gop ticket. trump supporters disagreed. voters are fired up, hoping to make their votes count this november. >> i really want to give my opinion and voice my opinions. the best way to influence the government is through the ballot. >> i'm excited about the election. of course it is important for america and our president. and the presidential candidates that pick the one we want. it is our right to do that. >> reporter: according to the
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register's office, 850,000 people have registered to vote and that is a higher number than four years ago where they will be predicting an 85% voter turnout. >> in a presidential election, people are excited and they want to vote early as we mailed out about 585,000 ballots and have been issuing more ballots since then. >> reporter: all the voters are registered democrats voting among party lines. the registrar's office says that they have the highest registration in the county. the associated press is reporting democrats are seeing strong early voting numbers in key battleground states, north carolina and florida, which isn't good for donald trump holding ground in ohio, iowa, and georgia. >> it could be a historical election and the first female president. again i'm a democrat, so i'm going to support my party. but i didn't like what the republican party represented. >> several reports are suggesting trump's rhetoric that the election is rigged, they may discourage turnout
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among republican parties. the campaign would call those complaints far from the truth. >> it's a battle cry and an election against the establishment. >> reporter: again you can do so online and go to the election office, but the deadline is tomorrow night at midnight. >> yeah, already so many people casting their ballot. thank you very much. coming up the hotel homicide coming up after a shooting. what police are saying about the crime. plus, it was a very scary circumstance that he says he will never forget. >> the scariest thing that ever happened. it happened over a couple of weeks hi started losing vision in my right eye. >> we'll introduce you to a man who had his life torn to pieces. the trial he faces and the one musician that turned it all around and brought his dream back to life. life and death. 600 dollars. of abuse. prop 61. important step forward. the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. passes - the ballot.
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in burlingame police are looking for a motive in their first homicide of the year. the deadly shooting happened outside the hotel. >> reporter: sunday morning guests had brief interviews before they could leave the
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hotel. >> we were stopping to see if they had heard anything. >> reporter: a man was shot outside the hotel. and however they came to the hotel. but they do not believe he was a guest and they don't know if he was there to visit someone. the killer hasn't been caught. this morning they were allowed to continue at the hyatt. >> there is a stereotype amongst the tattooers, what not. that it is a coincidence that it happened here. >> reporter: they do not believe that they were connected to the convention. >> and obviously that we're upset by what happened here this morning. but i can assure you that they were not convention goers.
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just random that it happened here. >> reporter: they believe they were targeted and it was not a random shooting. police have identified the victim. but the jell manager says that the hotel is fully cooperating with the investigation, but they do not have confirmation from police. in burlingame leigh martinez ktvu fox 2 news. police are investigating that city's 40th homicide of the year. one person was killed and another injured. this morning they were called to lavonne avenue. they found a man and woman suffering from a gunshot wound. the male victim though is expected to survive. police are looking for a baby that they have been kidnapped by his mother with
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brown hair and his mother is 35- year-old hannah ashley. she does not have custody of the child and the child may be in danger. all traveling with california plates. a -- authorities say that percy lawrence has been located, reported missing after walking away from his home around 10:30 last night. investigators say he suffers from a medical condition and could have become disoriented. being ordered to repay bonuses after they signed up to serve in iraq and afghanistan. audits revealed overpayment by the national guard. faced with a shortage of the truth, bonuses of $15,000 or more were offered. nearly 10,000 current and
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retired guardsmen received notices to repay some or all their bonuses. >> taking drastic measures to try to cut costs. a they're scheduled to close all, but one courthouse. from friday december 23 through january 2. during that time there will be a limited staff in that courthouse. they will not offer any to the public. shining a light on what they could have on one mental health. people are more likely to develop anxiety or their moodies orders. they say that people could lower the stress by walking spending time in the park. more than half of their population is expect today be living in big cities by the
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year 2050. of course wrapping up a pretty nice weekend out there, feeling like fall out there this afternoon. the storms will be developing. right now some rain showers just up to the north and the west towards eureka. most of the bay area is showing you partly to mostly cloudy skies. the current numbers, 62 in san jose, san francisco 59. concord at 62 degrees. a live camera looking towards their bay bridge for your sunday night. very nice out there with no fog to talk about just the high clouds, increasing throughout the day. partly to mostly cloudy with the first thing tomorrow morning and a chance for the showers. the -- we always talk about the storm reopening once again as we cannot see the timing there, which is perfect. first one set for monday and tuesday and another one for thursday and friday as things
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will get developing here into the pacific. now the rainfall, it will take its time for tomorrow. sky cast in san francisco showing you cloudy skies, 55 degrees. still mostly cloudy skies at 12:00. then by late in the afternoon mostly cloudy skies. but then by the evening hours, that could be changing. here is is what our forecast model thinks as you can see tonight just mostly cloudy skies. then we'll take this into tomorrow and the possibility of the shower, but the best chance will be up in the north bay at 11:00 a.m. in the morning. then by 5:00 it is kind of a delayed start here with some rainfall targeting portions of sonoma county. then throughout the evening hours that rain will be moving through to the south and notice that it is not too much action in the south bay throughout the day on monday. it could be changing though into tuesday. we will talk more about that and more rain clouds in your five-day forecast with a complete forecast at 10:40. in between newscasts you can stay up to date with the latest conditions outside by downloading the free ktvu weather app. there you'll find the live radar and up to the minute
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forecast, available for both am and android devices. just search for ktvu in the app or google play stores. well, 100 people would fight against the san francisco bay current fights to find a cure for blindness. the fifth annual alcatraz swim was held this morning. participants made that one and a half mile from alcatraz to christy field. it's for anyone who has been affected by eye disease created by ron and laurie hirston. laurie suffers from an incurable disease causing her to lose her eyesight. they hoped to build a platform to help restore and eliminate -- eliminate blindness. brad snyder took part this year. he lost his sight when he stepped on an ied while serving afghanistan in 2011. >> thankfully i was able to find solace in sports. i found that in the
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paraolympics with some success in london. i just got back from rio and won gold as well. i know how difficult the life without vision can be so we want to find a way to help restore the sight for the 10 million american inflicted by these diseases. >> he's pretty inspirational. all the money raised goes to a foundation called for that man that might see it in san francisco. so far more than $161,000 has been raised. coming up, 49ers are in the middle of their longest losing streak in eight years. jason appelbaum is up next to tell us who is in the hot seat. raiders are going in the opposite direction. how this win was different from the others to keep the raiders on the road. jason has all the sports coming up next.
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alla lot of it's a hoax.bal warminit's a hoax. it'll get cooler. it'll get warmer. it's called weather. we need some global warming! we need leaders who get it. so that we can move away from coal and oil to clean energy. i'm tom steyer. if you want to do something about climate change, you can. please. register and vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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all right the 49ers and the raiders are going in a completely different direction at this point in the season as you've got to think over in santa clara that some of these heads will roll pretty soon.
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>> right, they won't get rid of the owner. it's his first season, chip kelly as you've got to figure that trent might be the guy after the season or some time during the season. you just don't know, but they would have talent right now as you mentioned the good, the bad. let's start with the raiders. let's roll with the raiders for a second as they came into the game with jacksonville tied at 4-2. but then you have to put together a complete performance. that changed today with a great job out in jacksonville. baaing home where he would coach for nine seasons getting on the board for murray without the last two games. derek carr steps up, throws it on the run in a perfect pass. just great over-the-shoulder catch by michael crabtree. raiders are in business three plays later. rewards them for the great catch at 20-6. raiders up at
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half time. 4th and 24. kind of a bad snap. look who runs off with the kings, who is a great athlete to run for 27 yards. he got the first down. that was steve. later in the drive, murray up the middle just nine yards from their touchdown to put the game away. first blowout win of the season 33-16 now 5-2 and a perfect 4-0 on the road where they will stay in florida because they've got tampa next sunday. that was six weeks ago as you might have expected, a lot of the emptiests at levi with the 2-3 bucs in town. kaepernick would get the start and played okay for a part of their game, which looked good here rolling to the left, throwing a little bit across his body with 154 yards on the day as they couldn't stop the
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run. just 45 yards up the middle. setting up the field goal. and 19 yards for the touchdown as bucs lead at half time 17- 14. this is bad. this is bad with a couple of niners into each other. didn't need help to cause this fumble as curly and burbidge run into each other. winston to mike evans with the second touchdown of the game. they score 27 unanswered points where that look says it all. they lose 94-17 with their first six-game losing streak in eight years. we do have a season finale here. quakes in cincinnati. sporting kc delivers on the
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penalty kick. quakes finish the season is 8, 12, 14 and they missed out of the playoffs. 49ers and raiders are going in a different direction. will kaepernick start is the question. do they go back to blaine gabbert or christian ponder. >> maybe a week of rest will do some good. >> players have eight days off with a whole week off. some would be wise to return to the headquarters to prepare for the next game. >> thanks, jason. a violent home invasion in georgia has left two children dead. overlearning about -- over learning about this crime as they search for a suspect and a motive. >> it was a terrifying condition causing them nearly all their eyesight. how one man is looking at
10:28 pm
thelegendary singer to make a big come back.
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a violent home invasion left an 11-year-old and 15-year- old dead. no one is in custody and authorities are trying to piece together exactly what happened. police believe at least one intruder broke into the home early this morning and shot the young people. several other children were also inside, but none of them were hurt. the parents were not home. >> this morning at 5:00 a.m. we received a call that someone made entry into the home and was shooting. there is word today that the homeless man shot and killed by police in tulsa on friday was a veteran. cell phone video recorded by a
10:31 pm
witness to that shooting. the man was holding a knife walking in and out of traffic. police say he refused to put down the knife so they first tased him. he was pronounced dead at the scene and later identified as william frost. while some mourn the death of the homeless man, others were upset that shots were fired at a busy intersection. >> i mean cars were around. >> reporter: the two officers have been placed on administrative leave while they conduct an internal investigation. this is the 6th officer- involved shooting in tulsa this year. a bay area man is tapping into the power of a legendary singer to turn his health around.
10:32 pm
jonathan has had a passion for singing. >> if it is possible to make a living from singing then i'm going to make every shot i can. two years ago he was on a different path who didn't realize that he had sleep apnea. >> the scariest thing that ever happened, it happened over a couple of weeks when i started losing sleep in my right eye. >> i stopped breathing for ten seconds when i was sleeping. i was also taking my life putting it in jeopardy. >> reporter: he is now 97%
10:33 pm
blind in his right eye that's when he decided to follow his passion to try to find an agent. >> instead i got a text saying do you want to go to germany for three months to play frank sonatra? even in germany he found audiences hungry for old blue eyes, even if his are brown. >> i just need to give the audience a little piece to connect the dots to the movement that they have. when you sing those songs and
10:34 pm
you sing well then people want to believe. ♪ [ music ] tonight he performed at the wells fargo center, the dream of performing with a full orchestra fulfilled. >> frank was the phoenix rising from the ashes.
10:35 pm
his life mirroring that of the chairman of the board. >> i never really thought about patenting myself after him. because when things are bad you can dwell in it or just walk away or say you know what i have a lot of life left and i want to be good at it. it is a good movement on that. >> he has more shows coming up in the bay area of morgan hill. he'll be at fine steins in san francisco. that'll be on thursday and friday november 3 and 4th. he also wants to remind you if you snore it would be a good idea to check with your doctor to see if you have sleep apnea. >> i had no idea that it could
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lead to low blood flow and you stop breathing while you're sleeping. >> to think of the power of frank sonatra is pretty incredible. >> yes, when he got sick and lost his job he had the passion for singing. all of a sudden these opportunities opened up, timing out with the 100th anniversary of frank's birth. things are looking pretty good. >> a great story. >> thanks to mark quinn. all right, well it is a crime strategy called cease fire. we talk to oakland police about their strong and targeted enforcement pressure on gang members. and here we go with rain that's on the way for parts of the bay area. meteorologist mark tamayo is is up next with with when and where that change is coming. i'll get you dancing... ♪
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if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it. nintendo is bringing a blast to the past this holiday shopping season. the new nes classic edition is the original console released back in 1985 with games built into the system. it is sure to deliver a way of long-awaited hit list for old and new gamers alike. center it is easy to plug in and play and fun to relive all your childhood gaming memories. or if you want to share those memories it is super easy and fun. >> it retails for about $60 and it will be in stores starting november 11. according to the industry experts, the at&t deal. it could be a sign of things to
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come. the $85.5 billion acquisition was just announced yesterday. by buying popular programmers. most experts say it will take some time. well, it was a pretty nice weekend out there. feeling like fall with the temperatures dropping off steadily. you probably noticed a few extra high clouds in this afternoon as well. a lot happening in the pacific. three to six days at least. if you can't see it right now, i'm looking at the upper level low with the big trough here. and eventually we'll be talking about rain back here in the bay area, especially over the north bay for tomorrow. you can see some of the rainfall rates up here to the
10:41 pm
north. that rain line will gradually work to the south with a lot of overcast, partly to mostly cloudy skies. you'll probably notice that the wind speeds are up as well. that's a gust to 32 miles an hour. the wind speeds on this panel are not as strong. but here is a flag as you'll get a bigger workout this evening with the high clouds moving in through the region as well. periods of rain with another system out here, which could be a factor for thursday and friday. north bay rains will be developing, taking its time then showers are likely for tuesday moving through the southwest. but the better of it into friday with the exact placement of the low that will be an
10:42 pm
uncertainty. that'll dictate how much rainfall we could get. potentially it could produce heavy to moderate parts of the rain. this forecast model through friday, you can see it is is generating a lot of rainfall up to the north. san jose over half an inch and santa rosaria poaching an inch. a possibility of a light shower at 10:00 a.m. then throughout the afternoon hours, the bulk of the organized rainfall up to the north with a chance for scattered showers around the bay itself. then the rain line will gradually spread to the south. but then on tuesday, here we go on tuesday with scattered rain showers moving across the bay area for tuesday and a break on wednesday. they'll be watching that system number two later on in the week for thursday and friday. at least through tuesday .1 inches, possibly over an inch and a half. temperatures for tomorrow, 60.
10:43 pm
warmest location is approaching the 70-degree mark. san jose 70 with half moon bay at 63. a look ahead to your five-day forecast with a lot to talk about here with the rainfall developing up in the north bay, especially by late in the afternoon and evening hours. showers likely for tuesday and wednesday. chances of rain on thursday, which looks like rain on thursday and friday and tracking those rain drops for you as well with just a heads up if you are getting those halloween costumes ready. looking long range. >> duly noted. >> thank you, mark. violent crime is on the decline in oakland. police are crediting an innovative strategy that reduces gun violence. ktvu henry lee has more in tonight's crime files. >> reporter: it's a crime strategy called cease fire. police warrant some of the most violent gang members to put down their guns or face the consequences.
10:44 pm
>> we identify individuals who are at risk of being shot or being engaged in violent crimes. we reach out to them, offer them a way out. then let them know that they will be held by the community and law enforcement and the district attorney as well. >> reporter: the program has had much success. homicide on a steady decline. last year the crime rate was the low nest a decade. >> we are actually surpassing those numbers. >> reporter: we oftentimes talk about cease fire as a way of reducing violent crimes much more. the three major tenants of number one reducing shootings and homicides. people are going in and out of jail. the third most important component is our relationship with the community. >> it's a carrot and a stick approach as they would warn you
10:45 pm
in no uncertain terms that there will be just one path they need to take. >> it's a simple one, given the person to answer to their test. it is kind of hard to fail. >> reporter: ultimately it is all about saving lives. >> more importantly putting them in a position to win and succeed where they will not go back and to end up in jail. it's not about what they do, but how they do it and about the optics. they don't want to leave a negative footprint as they move forward. >> reporter: for crime files henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. well sports wrap is just a few minutes away. jason appelbaum has a preview of what's coming up. >> reporter: well the 49ers seemed to have hit rock bottom. we'll break out what went wrong against tampa bay later on. we will tell you all about the raiders at 11:00. up next a battle to
10:46 pm
deliberate mosul intensifies with more fighting. a closer look at what is being done to try to eliminate isis in iraq. because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians...
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every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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u.s. defense secretary ash carter was in northern iraq today. to retake the city of mosul. as colin powell tells us, he heard from kurdish leaders about their new offenses to take out the terror group. >> reporter: iraqi and kurdish groups continue to move closer to mosul. they have captured the town just eight miles outside mosul is. they remove yet another obstacle for iraqi forces.
10:49 pm
they are finding many roads and streets laced with bombs. today u.s. secretary defense ash carter visited iraq to assess the progress of the operation. while still stressing this battle that they would take time, u.s. officials say so far iraqi forces with the help of u.s. troops have made progress. as iraqi forces prepare to head into mosul, secretary carter wants to see the operation to isolate isis fighters in syria as well. the fight for mosul is without controversy as they would have some 500 groups in iraq. and they say that they will participate in the liberation of mosul, a move both american and iraqi leaders are against.
10:50 pm
>> reporter: pope francis spoke in italian asking people to pray for mosul. he also expressed sorrow for the loss of the innocent children with more than a million civilians in that nation that mosul is on the verge of a humanitarian crisis. messrs. now to something really remarkable. this 4-year-old girl speaks seven languages. she is 4. her name is bella. her performance on the russian talent show has gone viral. not only does she speak russian, but speaks spanish, english, chinese, french, german, and arabic. >> i speak french, chinese, and russian. >> a girl. >> her father says she learned the languages playing games.
10:51 pm
well athletes jumped from a bridge that is 1,200 feet high in southwestern china this weekend. they jump from the bridge and try to land on a bull's eye. okay american john winklecotter took third place. okay, we have ideas for your halloween costume. goodwill could offer a good halloween deal for you.
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my mom marnie and then she died life. of lung cancer. so i have a personal interest in helping prevent smoking. i'm tom steyer, the co-chair of the yes on 56 campaign. every year, nearly 17,000 california kids start smoking. a third of them will die from their addiction. tobacco taxes reduce youth smoking. please. vote yes on prop 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it. all right halloween is coming up, an opportunity to let your imagination roam free. >> tom vacar tells us you can do a lot of good for those that need it. >> reporter: goodwill industries may have the unique
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halloween costume you've only dreamt of. this social ayenisei, the fun is for real and so -- social agency, the fun is for real and so are the people they serve. >> halloween is the busiest season of the year. it is very important to us. >> reporter: so all 31 goodwills in san francisco, san mateo, and marin county stores are stocked with a huge array of choices. >> we're able to offer vintage clothing, hats, accessories, donated items you won't find anywhere else. when you're looking to put together a costume that's exciting, different, that will really be thrilling to your friends and make a splash party, then definitely goodwill is the place to come. >> i shop here every year for myself and my kids. if we can't find something, then we will supplement. >> reporter: besides all the costumes you'll make, there are literally hundreds of donated former halloween costumes that are hugely discounted in excellent shape and ready to
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go. >> i still think that it will be worthwhile and i love having this as a solution. >> reporter: their mission, to assist folks that are down and out to get up and recover. >> everything that we generate here in sales leads back to the mission to help people get back to the work force and find a job. 100% of our proceeds go back into the mission. >> reporter: enough said as goodwill has great deals. tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. >> that is where i got my halloween costume. >> what will you be? >> off with her heads the queen of hearts from alice and wonderland. >> she might need to bring an umbrella. >> yes. that will be a good accessory and possibly long range for the night of the 31st. >> all right, thanks a lot. have a good night.
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straight ahead a happy homecoming. how they got hot in the sunshine state. >> yeah, the truth hurts. how they made history not in a good way. two days before opening night. white warriors will feel the need to defend their honor. the cubs are in the series, how they are reacting to the story 71 years in the making. sports wrap will be celebrating responsibly, more or less. now fox 2 nissan sports wrap will start now. hi friends thanks for checking out sports wrap. who wouldn't lo


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