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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  October 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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the boy's mother hannah ashley who kidnapped him. the grandmother has custody and ashley had threatened to take her baby back current recent visits. the chp activated the alert in 31 northern california counties but there's no word on where she may be headed. ashley drives a silver 2005 subaru forrester it has a california license plate with number 5 j kz255. to the wet weather headed our way another round of rain in the bay area tonight giving you a live look at a very dark and cloudy san francisco. officials with the van fran bay ferry announce just this afternoon that service from south san francisco to alameda and oakland not running due to the stormy conditions. instead there will be buses from the south city ferry terminal. also a massive tree came crashing down in berkeley like this afternoon. it fell over at college and alcatraz at about 3:30 this afternoon fortunately no one was hurt here because that's a very busy intersection. but you can see the impact
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destroyed a section of the sidewalk and part of the road. we're told that strong winds and dry rot are what caused the tree to fall. bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin to talk more about all this. what are we looking at here? >> a lot of too with the trees abandon other trees that may tall over the next week they still have their leaves on them. we have winds like today we're going to see rain. it weights the tree down you're going to notice that the next week or so more rain and wind as well. we'll see a lot of branches down. we're not deep in the fall. it's raining out there now. here's where the rain is falling mainly north. there is wind we've been talking about that. the winds have been fairly significant. >> we've seen fairly gusty winds plainly along the cold front and inland bay valleys. you see satellite loop not change for some reason. let's go live picture.
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this low pressure center is just the beginning of more weather coming our way. right now as you look towards future tower some sprinkles over there. we've had a trace amounts around the bay area in the last couple of hours. maybe three tenths of an inch in san jose pardon me in santa rosa. as we head into the evening into that morning commute it's going to get wet. we can see up to half inch of rain and even more in some places. there's a bigger storm behind this. it's going to be wet and kind of windy stormy week ahead. see you back here with specificing on that and the latest computer model. >> looking forward to the update. thank you, bill. today is the last day to register to vote in the upcoming election and many voters in san francisco say the november ballot has so many races an so many propositions frankly they are overwhelmed. rob roth live in our newsroom after talking with voters election officials and candidate rob about the possible ripple effects of such a large ballot. >>reporter: the van fran department of hecks says more people in the city are registered to vote than ever
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before more than 500,000 people are now registered. but in addition to selecting the next president those voters have a lot of other decisions to make some say too many. on this last day to register to vote a steady stream of people came into the department of elections an got in just under the deadline. that includes one man who originally moved here from illinois. >> i followed the election very closely, and it's been a hoot. what a hoot. >>reporter: maybe the presidential election but it has not been such a hoot for many san francisco voters some are casting their ballots early in the city hall basement. >> incredibly long. >> lots and lots of issues on this one. you had to do your homework. >>reporter: a lot of homework. these are the voter information guides for the california ballot and the van fran ballot. the state ballot is 222 pages long and includes 17 propositions, but that's nothing compared to san
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francisco's which weighs in at over 300 pages and includes 25 propositions. dealing with issues from school bus to homelessness to police oversight. we went to the neighborhood center where a group of senior citizens gathered for lunch. we asked what they thought of the number of decisions they are being asked to make. >> it's a bit overwhelming. >> in what way? >> i feel like i can't address all the issues. >> i can't get enough educate myself enough to make a educated answer i will not. i will not vote on it. >>reporter: ian kalen spoke with seniors today he's one of 9 candidates running for the van fran school board. he worries about voters burning out in less publicized races. >> when the ballots become so complex that people don't vote much at all or don't finish the ballot that's not democracy that's a disservice. >>reporter: department of elections director is concerned people may be so overwhelmed they could accidentally miss voting in some races.
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>> our concern is that people are going to vote and they are going to forget to turn a card over they are going to miss a contest several contests for measures. >>reporter: it's been said people get the government they deserve but no doubt many in san francisco are wondering what they did to deserve all this. >> i live in san francisco i'm trying to make head or tails of what i'm going to be voting on too. rob thank you very much. election officials in the bay area say they are seeing a spike in registration contra costa county reports nearly 600,000 people are registered there up from 556,000 back in 2012. alameda county has more than 873,000 registered voters. that's more than 60,000 back in 2012. in santa clara county the number is more than 850,000. there are now just 15 days to go until the presidential election and lauren blanchard tells us today the state of florida is the one to watch.
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>> florida you guys are a checkmate state. if hillary wins florida she's going to be president. >>reporter: democratic vp nominee tim kaine capitalizing on his running mate's slight lead in the battle grounds state of that where early in person voting began today. donald trump hoping to close that gap by kicking off a campaign blitz there holding a number of rallies over the last 24 hours. urging voters to get to the ballot box early. >> leave here and vote or we have wasted a hell of a lot of time, energy and in my case a lot of money. >>reporter: hillary clinton's team seemingly encouraged by the polls now looking to help their party take back the senate. the former secretary of state spending time in new hampshire today where a key senate seat is up for grabs. >> she's independent, she knows how to find common ground and how to stand her ground. unlike her opponent she has never been afraid to stand up
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to donald trump. >>reporter: some pollsters say the clinton campaign strategy might be a smart one as republicans hold the senate now but the rift in the gop have left some seats in danger of flipping. >> these close senate races in new hampshire and north carolina even in ohio the republicans are actually fairing pretty well. >>reporter: tomorrow clinton and trump will be criss- crossing the sunshine state where over 1 million people have already mailed in their ballots. in washington lauren blanchard foxnews. we have new information tonight on a bus crash near palm springs that killed 13 people. 11 of the 13 victims have now been identified they include 9 women who range in age from 52 to 72. also a 62-year-old man and the bus driver who was a 59-year- old man from los angeles. in fact all of the victims were from la except for one woman who was from palmdale. they were all coming home from a casino early yesterday morning when their bus slammed into the back of a big rig on interstate 10. in addition to the 13 people
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who died 31 other people were injured and four of them are listed in critical condition tonight at the hospital. one passenger who survived the crash described what it was like. >> i jump out i went around i seen a lady outside and then i go to the driver i call he was still alive. >> the national transportation safety board is investigating what caused the crash. the agency says it's too soon to speculate but they say their investigators will be in riverside county compiling evidence for about away week. work crews ruptured a natural gasoline in san rafael. it happened shortly before 11:00 this morning in the 1400 block of lincoln avenue near linden lane. pg&e officials say a contractor sawed through a one and-a-half inch gasoline. they evacuated several buildings in that area. no one was hurt. pg&e says its crews arrived there on scene shut off the gas and will the line repaired by
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about 3:00 this afternoon. the business of legal marijuana was the topic of discussion in oakland today. if california voters approve the proposition to legalize marijuana on the upcoming ballot minorities are hoping to have a major role in the business side of it. tom vacar was at a meeting today where the focus was  getting people in on this multibillion-dollar industry. >> especially minorities much of this hinges on the passage of prop 64 leading in the polls supports as high as 64% in one poll. >>reporter: at owe she's jack london square jazz club the opportunity for legal cannabis conference gathered minorities hoping to get into the business. also here potential funders and verse for what will be a booming business if recreational use is authorized. >> a multibillion-dollar industry growing at about a 29% compounds annual growth rate. >>reporter: mr. dayton says so far cannabis has no multi-
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national or mega size institutional investors in bulk because they are waiting for federal legalization that's still a few years off. so that makes the potential for small and medium investor enormous. especially minorities. >> among my group of investors diversity is a big issue and really wanting to make sure that they are backing diverse teams because diverse teams are the ones that do the best. >>reporter: form ersan fran mayor willie brown says minorities mean to stake a claim and they deserve seat at this table. >> the tech world award the people of color we don't want that to happen in the candice industry. there's no reason in the world why the people who formally did it illegally on the streets can't do it for a fee legally. >>reporter: in fact even those with previous felonies could get into the business if prop 64 passes. >> stop incarceration of many people of color especially black men. >>reporter: sue taylor is the first african-american senior citizen in california to be
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awarded a permit to open a marijuana dispensary which she'll soon do in berkeley. she's a former catholic school principal and senior activist who is now alameda county commissioner on age. >> most seniors use cannabis for pain and for sleep. i find that the cannabis helps many, many of the patients i've worked with have been able to eliminate most of those pharmaceutical drugs. >>reporter: and so now it's really up to california's voters to decide whether we will or whether we won't. tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. >> you mention that the prop is lead from the polls with the one poll has 64% support. in the case does it neat need a simple majority or two-thirds majority. >>reporter: not being a tax might trip the two-thirds requirement. this is simply a up or down vote. if it gets 50% vote it's up and it's looking like we probably will.
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>> tom vacar in our newsroom. tom thank you. a robber try to sale a man's camera near the name must cliff house dragging him by their car. it shows what the suspects initially left behind. with rain on the way and winds blowing there's a lot of concern about trees falling over. we showed you this big tree that came down this afternoon in berkeley at a very busy intersection. coming up what some homeowners are doing now to try to make sure their trees stay safe. it's going to be a wet week ahead. we're seeing showers out there tonight beyond that more rain. see you after the break. is the internet back on? no. is the internet back on? no! is it back - no!
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it'll get cooler. it'll get warmer. it's called weather. we need some global warming! we need leaders who get it. so that we can move away from coal and oil to clean energy. i'm tom steyer. if you want to do something about climate change, you can. please. register and vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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now to breaking news happening at san francisco sky fox flying over a homicide scene on the 100 block of addison. this is in the glen park neighborhood of san francisco. officers say they were called to a report of gunfire a few hours ago at 1:30 this afternoon. those officers found a man in his 40s with a gunshot wound. paramedics were called but they were unable to save the man and he was pronounced dead at the scene. we're working to gather more information on this homicide investigation that's currently underway in san francisco and we will bring that new information to you as soon as we get it. there are questions about how much rain trees can handle right now after several years of drought. lee martinez is in san rafael with the concerns over large trees there and wet weather that's on its way and what homeowners are doing about it. >>reporter: wet weather hairs it just now stared raining. earlier i had called to five different tree removal
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companies in the marin county area. none of them could talk to us today they were so busy fielding calls from homeowners asking for these trees to be removed. now san rafael has a lot of trees like this eucalyptus tree here. this one in particular doesn't have a whole lot of land keeping it sturdy. that's the concern when we get a lot of wet weather out here. i talked to some locals who said they never really for most of the year never really gave much concern to the trees now we're expecting a lot of rain they are starting to look at the trees a little bit harder now. san rafael appeal for many homeowner is its nature. a planned community between all the trees. >> i've grown up with eucalyptus trees my whole hive and to me they are part of home. >>reporter: a very persistent drought has killed 30 million trees in california. dry trees become weak trees. >> i think the drought's concerning all around for any kind of tree especially eucalyptus i suppose. >>reporter: eucalyptus trees present a bigger threat of
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wildfires. the van ralph fire chief says eucalyptus trees ignite faster and can help sends embers far from being blown from its top branches. in petaluma last month a fire that started on highway 101 ended up destroying four homes after the fire child the eucalyptus trees. >> i always thought they were kinds of well regulated. >>reporter: marine county removal tree services have backlog of homeowners requesting the trees being taken down. a san rafael man was killed in his yard when a tree fell don on his deer park avenue property. officials say by their observation the tree didn't appear to be dead or severely damaged. >>reporter: now public works hasn't returned our phone calls yet as to whether or not they are going to be removing trees and if so how many. we've seen a few of them with these xes some of the public lands talking to one of the tree removal service companies they said if you have a tree on
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your property it is your responsibility so you should be checking them regularly to see if they do have any dry damage any rotting, and any parasites bark beetles. you want to make sure your tree is not leaning either. >> lee once again the x on the tree means what? >>reporter: we're not exactly sure. locals say they were told that this one might have been slated to be taken down we've seen a couple of chopped trees. we called over public works to get confirmation but we have not at the time of broadcast. >> lee martinez in marin county. thank you. there are also some warnings out about the potential for flash flooding as the rainy season starts. the state is urging people to keep an eye on the forecast and know the risk in their area especially in places prone to flooding. cal fire says it's installing early warning system rain gauges that are linked to local emergency response systems so it can keep a close eye on those rain totalss. in the van take cruz
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mountains people are keeping a close eye on the forecast. they are worried about a new round of storms we've been talking about and especially those storms could trigger mudslides. the loma fire destroyed 12 homes and burned 4400 acres earlier this month and is concern that the coming rain could wash the ash and mud down slopes and into homes that fire crews were able to save. the van take clara valley open space authority says recent rain soaked the ground and that means any new rain is likely to run off the slope and could potentially cause problems. >> each successive storm adds more and more saturation to the grounds to the point where it can no longer hold it with mo vegetation to hold the soils into place there's a large concern about large events coming down the hills. >> preparations for this latest round of storms are already underway. in fact farms and other rain protection at this hardware store have s nearly sold out. check out this picture that was taken from the van mateo
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bridge. raindrops on the windshield. there's a little rainbow in the sky. the picture was sent in to us by an tish a wright. let's check in with chief meteorologist bill martin he's tracking the system. and bill during the break we were talking about obviously live in san francisco wondering how much rain we were going get you said maybe a couple of inches by saturday. >> over the course of this week this pattern progressive pattern it's motte just one and done it's not just tonight and tomorrow morning it's a series of weather systems. the stronger of the two weather systems appears to be showing up later on in the week thursday, friday time frame. some of the models suggesting over 2 inches of rain for much of the bay area by the end of weekend. right now the showers are are scattered and they are light. what's very noticeable the wind out there i mentioned it earlier lee was doing a story about the trees falling over it's the time. year when you get wind little wet it weights the trees the leaves vent fallen and leaves get compromised. we had drought too. look at the rain around the area most of it is in the north
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bay half inch of rain heaviest north bay valleys he petaluma area two tenths of an inch. if you're worried go look at the root base and you know what kind of trees you got just look and if you start to see the root ball coming up a little bit you see almost like an earthquake fracture just a crack that's an indication that the tree's root system is compromised you want to definitely have a tree doctor come outlook at it. especially with the big tall pines. there's the rain out there half moon bay getting scattered showers. walnut creek getting scattered showers. i had wind gusts today i didn't have them but there were wind gusts today up in petaluma area in the oakland hills up to 40 miles an hour. couple unsubstantiated reports of 50-mile an hour winds. san jose 20 sustained. gusting to 30. that's changing the southeast win. sfo gust to go 24. this wind direction changes the
5:22 pm
flight to take off and landing pattern sfo i imagine there's delays right now. you know that to. usually have to shut down one of the runways streamline operations. so if you have flight plans out today or tomorrow check your carrier. big change in winds gusty winds will change runway configurations. few sprinkles out looking at the bay. overnight lows mild because even though this is a fall late fall weather system early fall weather system, a lot of its origins are coming from the tropics. that keeps temperatures warm and it also holds a lot of water in the air. that's why the rain looks like it's going to be pretty productive as we go through monday, tuesday most of the rain authority that's whopping now we get into this thursday friday event that's going to be, well it's a ways out it will be significant. all good though we can take a lot of rain. it's funny how it doesn't rain it's bad. rains too much it's bad. it's the soft thing yeah it's time for rain. ware we're going to get it.
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commute tomorrow morning will be compromised a little bit and thursday, friday commutes might be a little sketchy. >> i hate to admit it i was out watering today and i thought watch the news later. why did i spends all that time watering. sounds like a good storm. >> yes. >> bill thank you. robbers go after a man at a popular tourist spot in san francisco. the victim doesn't want to give up his expensive camera and you see right there what happens what happened he was dragged several feet. but there's another part of the story that left one of the suspects running after the getaway car. coming up a little bit later new at 6:00 tonight whistle-blowers exposing what they call floor able conditions at a bay area animal shelter. what shelter officials say these pictures don't tell the whole story.
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. >> in san francisco police released dramatic video shows a man being dragged by a car right near the cliff house. it happened after robbers stole his camera 6789. >> as crime reporter henry lee tells us investigators have made an arrest but they are looking for more suspects seen on this video. >>reporter: take a look at this video it shows the victim a 28-year-old san francisco man being dragged by a honda civic moments after he was robbed of an expensive camera at ocean beach. it happened in broad daylight october 5th at scenic spot popular with tour its. there's plenty of people around. >> one of the suspects pushed the victim down while the other
5:27 pm
suspect grabbed his camera. one subject jumped in the car while the victim was still holding on to the camera and actually dragged him in the middle of the street. >>reporter: the victim suffered abrasions to his arms being dragged 10 feet. watch what happens next here you see one of the suspects chaiing after that same car. seems like the suspects inside forgot about one of their own. >> it looked like he wasn't able to get into the car immediately. >>reporter: he managed to guilty in the car further down the hill. officer tracked down the car and arrested this man. police won't say what role he allegedly played. he's pleaded note guilty to a robbery charge. four others are are still at large. >> there's a level of violence we're concerned about especially with him being dragged in the street where he could have gotten run over by another car. >>reporter: if you recognize this car or know who any of the other suspects might be san francisco police want to hear from you. in san francisco henry lee ktvu
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fox 2 news. it has been a violent year so far in san jose. already this year 40 people have been killed the latest a mother who was shot yesterday morning. that is 10 more than than were killed this all of last year. coming up what we've learned about this victim and possible suspects. a fix for one problem causing another problem in san francisco. how new affordable housing units could impact where some kids go to preschool.
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for the second time in five days san jose police trying to solve another homicide. this after a mother was shot and killed outside of a home early yesterday morning. so far this year there have been 40 homicides and that is well above san jose's total last year. our south bay reporter jesse gary at police headquarters. what do they think might be behind this spike this violence. >>reporter: they aren't exactly sure it could be a spike in gang activity although there's no direct evidence linking it to that. the city's gang task force will be targeting hotspots around the city as a way of equaling disturbances before they can erupt into full blown violence and hopefully prevent another family having to suffer this kind of grief. >> this is going to impact now not only obviously the victim that's now deceased but the entire family and also you have a victim that survived, but
5:32 pm
yet is going to have to live with you know this incident for the rest of his life. >>reporter: family members say laura garcia was beloved by everyone. a sweet woman with no enemies killed by multiple shots fired early sunday morning. garcia and her family were having a party near a home in the 1900 block of lavon avenue in east san jose. the crowd came under attack. >> there was a small group gathered outside the residence and these two suspects approached and opened up on the group. if you have a small gathering of people and someone starts shooting indiscriminately at that group someone is going to get shot. >>reporter: garcia mountains mother to a teenager and second unidentified victim were rushed to a nearby hospital he survived with nonlife- threatening wounds. she died in the er. her death marks the 40th homicide so far this year a sharp increase from 2014 which saw 32 and last year which had 30. >> when you have a homicide we look at all the angless the
5:33 pm
relationships was there any debt, was there any drugs involved, gang activity we get a look at that in general to see why this particular group was targeted. >>reporter: police have also i debit find the 39th homicide victim killed last wednesday. he's 17-year-old you will we are to salas he was shot and killed while sitting in a parked car near duff hill park. two gunmen suspected although police do not have any suspect information. if you have information about that crime or the one from sunday you are asked to call san jose police. lastly laura garcia's family planning a candlelight vigil in her memory starts at 7:00 tonight. we're live san jose police headquarters jesse gary ktvu fox 2 news. >> jesse going back to that homicide i know that the detective mentioned they are looking at this to see, find out why that group was targeted, but nothing else about the motivation? >>reporter: no. the group was outside i talked to the family they were just
5:34 pm
outside and apparently two gunmen walked up and started firing. i asked about the victim, laura. they said sweet woman. i asked about the male unidentified who was there. that he they say he's a inlaw but nice guy as well. it's not really clear why this group was tacted maybe it's a case of mistaken identity. >> so many questions to be answered thank you. in san francisco police are investigating a bizarre incident at the westfield mall involving armed men with creepy clown masks. police say a mall security guard was on a routine patrol yesterday afternoon when he came across three men in a stairwell on the market and powell side street of the mall. police say the men had clown masks and that one of them had a gun. fortunately no one was hurt investigators say men ran away before police arrived. >> two of them had those creepy clown masks holding it in their hands and another suspect brandished the handgun showed it to the security guard
5:35 pm
and then all three of them fled on foot out the emergency exit on to market and powell. >> it's not clear what the men were planning. police are hoping that mall surveillance footage will provide clues to help track them down. and there are extra officers at uc davis after reports of a creepy clown on campus there. the school set out an alert to students about 8:30 last night saying there were reports of someone wearing a clown costume possibly armed with a knife. police searched the area, but they were not able to locate the clown. staff arrived at a school in sonoma county this morning to find graffiti all over campus referring to donald trump. now it happened at cali cal make he language academy. the word truthful was written in 10 different spots along with the phrase build the wall higher. >> the school is about 75% latino. police are using surveillance video to try to find those
5:36 pm
responsible. a frightening accident this morning involving a school bus an wrong way driver in sacramento county. the wrong way driver sideswiped the bus and the bus flipped over. it then hit another car that went into a ditch and the wrong way driver slammed into a tree and suffered major injuries. all the people on the bus suffered only minor injuries because they all had seatbelts on. the bus driver also was able to swerve and avoided what could have been a head-on collision. >> luckily it was side swipe not a head on the bus driver was able to recognize the vehicle was on the wrong side of the road and too took he vey sir action. >> the bus was carrying four special needs students from the elk grove unified school district. the driver of the car that went into the ditch was uninjured. officers will be trying to determine why the driver who caused the crash veered into on coming traffic. >> it has been served thousands of children for more than 50 years but a well-known san francisco preschool is closing to make way for affordable senior housing. forest hill christian plans to
5:37 pm
bulldoze its church and preschool there on 7th avenue near laguna honda hospital that will happen in the summer of 2018. but as terry moriarity tells us parents and teachers are fighting to save that school. >>reporter: story time at forest hill christian church preschool. you it's something 4-year-old stella looks forward to. the school is closing its doors. >> tears are running down my face i thought i was going to be retiring at this school. >>reporter: director mary ravine 0 received a letter in may indicate go school on church property would close so 150 units could be built for affordable senior housing. >> we should not be eliminated we belong here. >>reporter: flynn a peralta has been a teacher here for 30 years. >> this place to me was my life. >>reporter: the school would like to co-exist with the
5:38 pm
seniors inviteing them to events like the halloween parade and christmas party but the church said there's only so much land an offering up all of it gave forest hill christian better chance of securing funds from the city for the senior projects. >> it's a huge disappointment. she's in her first year now i have to go get her on a wait list somewhere else which is going to be tough with so many places already being so filled. >>reporter: church officials say they accepted the proposal because their congregation only consists of about 15 people and they simply can't afford to keep up with all the repairs that this facility requires. for example every winter when it rains they say part of the hillside comes down and floods the building. >> i was very sad. we moved here from virginia just in january and the school has opened its arms and welcomed us in this in a manner no one else in san francisco has. >>reporter: finding a place to relocate the school close by with little or no overhead seems impossible. >> i just wanted to do whatever i can while i can and
5:39 pm
go down with a smile on my face knowing i tried. >>reporter: in san francisco tara moriarity ktvu fox 2 news. it's not what people who rely on obamacare wanted the here. the details about the double digit rate increases being predicted for next year. >> plus the lawyers they put together best ross tore in the nba tomorrow we get to see it. players talk about the anticipation of the first game of the season. because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians...
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the white house released figures today showing the coast of health insurance under the affordable care act is expected to go up by 25% next year. consumers will also have fewer plans to choose from because three major healthcare companies are scaling back their participation next year including signa, aetna and united healthcare. however, the same time there is good news federal subsidies are also going up so the administration says more than 70% of people getting coverage under obamacare will do so for less than $75 a month. enrollment opens on november 1st for coverage taking affect on january 1st. the government today issued new guidelines for automakers on how to protect their vehicles from cyber attacks. the guidelines would have cars default to a safe operation scenario if a cyber attack was
5:43 pm
detected. it advises carmakers to protect the owner's personal data. jeep and tesla have already modified their onboard software the pub. they may be the most famous pair of shoes anywhere in america. the ruby slippers worn by judy garland in the wiz hard of oz are getting plaintiff needed help. the miss season yan has raised $300,000 to help reserve dorothy's slippers. more than 5300 supporters in dozens of countries offered donations after the museum launched a kick starter campaign last week. split son yan officials say to see wind covered shoes have deteriorated from exposure to light and moisture. they say most of the money raised will go toward research on constructing a new case to better protect the shipers. the fundraising success is has prompted the museum to ask for money to presearch the costume that the scarecrow wore in the movie. a story has ago erred a lot of people national guard
5:44 pm
memberships who paid to relee enlist and are told to give the money back. why the pentagon is demand they give the bonuses back. the best shooter in the nba today steph curry showed off a new technique. what is it this guy can't do. coming up next the first game of one of the most anticipated seasons ever. it all happens tomorrow. appens tomorrow. . we're track taking wet forecast for your morning commute more rain coming in the five-day i'll have it all right after the break.
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. new information about the effort to try to keep the raiders in oakland. according to reports the fortress vehement group has been identified as the potential money behind the group led by 49ers hall of famer ronnie lot trying to get a stadium deal in oakland. the money management firm has more than $72 billion in assets. in addition the ceo of another entertainment has joined forces. the problem is raiders owner mark davis has already publicly committed to moving the team to las vegas after they approved a hotel tax there in nevada to help pay for a stadium there in las vegas. now to the warriors and they finished last season with the best record in nba history and then they added one of the best players in the game. >> they sure did kevin durant tomorrow the new season kicks off. ktvu scott reese shows us how the warriors are preparing to what is probably the most
5:48 pm
anticipated season in their history. >>reporter: it's safe to say kevin durant is acclimateing to the bay area. >> trying to get out touch the people a little bit let they will know i'm here. >>reporter: he spent the weekend bouncing around local hotspots and bouncing literally in the moshpit at kanye's concert. >> nuts. it was nuts. i was was telling my trend the whole summer he wanted to get in the moshpit. >> i saw got a great workout last night. >>reporter: more important ackley makes on the court progressing nicely on multiple levels. >> there's a high level of column rad are you you can't fake. >> light years beyond 3 weeks ago. he's really picked up on just kind of the way we play. there's a little chaos but there's some pattern to the chaos, and i think he's embracing the chaos for sure. he loves the movement he loves
5:49 pm
to make plays. i think he's really adapting well and fitting in well. >>reporter: good to know on the each of the most eagerly anticipated season opener in franchise history. durant's arrival makes the nba's most interesting team also its most polarizing. the warriors will be the most loved and hated club in the league. >> with success comes hate. kd being here definitely adds to that, but with the success we've had people are going to hate us anyway. some people say we're villains, who cares. winning games or not winning games that's what matters. >>reporter: win they will. a lot. rarely has a franchise in any sport entered a season with this level of expert expectation with that comes unprecedented pressure. there or note knot anything less than a title will not suffice. >> win championship, that's what has to happen every year. >> we're all under pressure but that's a good thing.
5:50 pm
i mean, the alternative is maybe we can win 30 this year instead of 25. who wants that. >>reporter: we won't have to wait long for a good litmus test of the new look coach kerr saying it's always fun to play them may as well do it right away. the players a little more ambivalent of b the opponent. draymond green noting there are 29 other nba teams an this is one game out of 82. scott reese ktvu fox 2 news. so scott showed us kevin durant is exploring his new home in the bay area. our question for you tonight is this. what do you think kevin durant should do to get the bay area experience and we've had a lot of responses coming in. >> yeah. michelle tweeted us this. the view of the golden point gate from forth point. >> another twitter users winchester mansion napa valley wine train t. ash bury the tour and san francisco going to alcatraz. let us know what you think post
5:51 pm
on our facebook page tweet tuesday the #ktvu. i grew up here in berkeley and i'll tell you what i think is the bay area experience mud bath in calistoga. >> i've never done that actually. >> it's one of the things you do it once and you say i did it. have you ever undone it. >> no. that's an interesting choice. >> it's so weird getting into a hot tub of mud. that is to me the ultimate bay area experience. >> there are so many things. come on look where we live there's so much to do. you get in that environment it's kind of like you're back to the earth in mud. >> i have to check it out. >> it's fun. >> i haven't had a massage either. somebody said ever. no. never had a massage. >> mud bath massage bill. >> get to the rain out there there is rain showing up. it's pretty light for the most part. it's about .3 or three tenths of a an inch of rain showing up
5:52 pm
santa rosa green rolling through. rain has been pretty significant ahead of the front we noticed that two hours ago. clover dale getting moderate rain. petaluma. doing a tour of the bay area showing you where the rain is and where it is not. concord little break laugh yet. this is real light stuff. the atmosphere's moist. you know what else is interesting how warm the temperatures are we got temperatures out there still in the 60s. tomorrow's highs are going to be in the 60s low '70s. indicative of this very subtropical arm airmass. that arrow that's a sound wind when it comes from the stout. santa rosa wind that's a southwest winds. so the south wind indicative as well. storm system coming in. not just one but series. we got a bunch of stuff coming our way. sustained wind right now at sfo at 24. gusting to 24 sustained at 13. there's the clouds that is just ripe and ready to rain. that's where we are. we got very progressive pattern we talked about it a lot last week. here comes the first one rolls through here comes the second
5:53 pm
one which do you see where that moisture comes from? a lot of southerly moisture on the next one. it's going to get wet. model says tonight more showers and then tomorrow morning early the morning commute looks wet and then tomorrow afternoon's commute not so wet. that's your day basically tomorrow. morning commute looks wet. lunch time kinds of drizzly little wet out there. how do we do in five. the models are going after this pretty hard we're going to see a lot of rain up north. i'm going to take you into saturday. look at the rain forecast as we head into san francisco into satisfaction at 5:00 coming up on four inches of rain in santa rosa. there's the five-day forecast it's all good. it's exactly what you need. >> that's great stuff. okay. bill thank you. >> thank you, bill. well california national guard members were offered a bonus to reenlist and now wee wee are several years later and they are being ordered to pay the money back leaving many of them feeling betrayed. >> in minutes here new at 6:00
5:54 pm
whistle-blowers exposing what they call deplorable conditions at a bay area animal shelter. shelter officials say these pictures don't tell the whole story.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
thousands of california national guard members are are suddenly in debt to the government. they are being told this they were overpaid to reenlist and they need to return those bonuses. more on why the pentagon wants
5:57 pm
the money back. >>reporter: for two decades sergeant first mass class brian sloater has been serving his country in the national guard but lately he's been fighting a different battle at home. >> it's been hell. it's been he. if there's any kind of ptsd i've suffered it's been from this not from anyplace i've been. >>reporter: in 2007 less than a year after the orrville resident returned from deployment he was offered a $15,000 bonus to reenlist. >> i did exactly what that contract asked me to do i trusted my commanders i trusted that general. >>reporter: years later he was ordered to pay back the money he received. the reenlistment bonus was handed out by the california national guard illegally. maj. gen. matthew beaver says there was widespread fraud associated with those bonuses. >> almost across the entire 54 states territories and the district of columbia there was fraud associated with these bonuses student loan payment programs. in california it was a significant amount of fraud.
5:58 pm
>>reporter: a recent audit revealed shower was one of 10,000 soldiers ordered by the pentagon to return the money they got before going to war. >> the california national guard does not have the authority to relieve those debts. >>reporter: maj. gen. beaver says the national guard is trying to help the soldiers appeal and avoid paying their debts. voter's appeal water congratulateed he filed a class action lawsuit to try to help the thousands of others who were placed in this same unfortunate position. still voter is left feeling he betrayed. >> trust is totally betrayed and these are the people that are in charge of us. harge of us. another october storm moving into the region. bringing wind and rain to the bay area at this hour. tonight we're tracking the conditions and even more wet weather on the way. good evening everyone i'm heather homes in for julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. the rain has returned to the bay area. look at the conditions from sky fox above the east bay just about an hour ago.
5:59 pm
dark clouds you can see the raindrops there on our lens as the storm system is slowly moving south. >> berkeley officials tell us strong winds and dry rot played a part in this massive tree coming down late this afternoon. happened around 3:30 there at college alcatraz avenues. no one was hurt but as you can see all the damage there to the sidewalk and to the street. >> a different kind of wind story at ocean beach in san francisco. kite surfers taking full advantage of the conditions today on the water. >> chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking it all from our weather center now. >> the rain's coming down not that hard yet. the north bay has received the most rain anywhere from two-tenthss to half inch of rain north of santa rosa. those showers all glide south tonight and tomorrow morning everybody is wit wet by the morning hours. lot of showers -- light showers falling in fremont. rainfall accumulations san francisco redwood city .02, very light so far. tenth of an inch in heavier
6:00 pm
spots but it's been a light beginning to this but it really is just the doors open and now it's game on. tonight had he ever year rain will move down overnight through the bay area. when i say heavier tune of quarter inch to half inch in some pots. there's the petaluma shot you can see some showers as well over in vallejo in fairfield. you see more showers as we work our way south a little bit down towards danville and san ramon walnut creek. san jose not seeing much yet you see this whole area coming your way and it's going to be wet on that morning on the tuesday morning commute. this is number one. there's really one or two more behind us that actually have a lot of grit. they got a lot to them. i'll look at those next time i see you. with the storm comes some slick roads and some cases a slow commute. >> you can see behind us here our live drive time traffic map all of those red lines that you see there are areas where it's slow going and the


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