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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  October 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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spots but it's been a light beginning to this but it really is just the doors open and now it's game on. tonight had he ever year rain will move down overnight through the bay area. when i say heavier tune of quarter inch to half inch in some pots. there's the petaluma shot you can see some showers as well over in vallejo in fairfield. you see more showers as we work our way south a little bit down towards danville and san ramon walnut creek. san jose not seeing much yet you see this whole area coming your way and it's going to be wet on that morning on the tuesday morning commute. this is number one. there's really one or two more behind us that actually have a lot of grit. they got a lot to them. i'll look at those next time i see you. with the storm comes some slick roads and some cases a slow commute. >> you can see behind us here our live drive time traffic map all of those red lines that you see there are areas where it's slow going and the red squares snow where incidents accidents
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have been reported. >> want to give you a live look at the monday evening commute. this is highway 237 in millipedes traffic backed up as you can see heading east. >> here's interstate 08 in berkeley. the university avenue crossing at the top of the screen. it is backed up in both directions tonight. >> kind of what we see whenever the rain starts to fall. also reminder for you get the very latest on the weather conditions from our ktvu weather app we're posting updates on twitter, facebook and instagram. to developing news out of sonoma county where there is an amber alert for missing baby and sheriff's deputies say his mother is the suspected kidnapper. ken wayne has been following the story. he's in our newsroom with more information. s. >>reporter: the baby disappeared sunday morning from a home in guernville but it wasn't known until today that the baby might be in danger. the amber alert was issued 2:00
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this afternoon. 7 month old henry massey. authorities say his grandmother has legal custody and that his mother may not be able to adequately care for the child. we have two pictures of the boy's mother hahn that ashley one is a booking picture from last year that's on the left. it's not clear what she was arrested for. the other picture is a dmv photo from 2012. sonoma county sheriff's deputiess say she took the baby from his crib. they reportedly learned about her inability to care for the child from child protective services. the sheriff's deputies say ashley is driving a silver 2005 subaru forrester and there's a license plate number 5 j kz255. the highway patrol activated the amber alert across northern california but there is no word on where ashley may be headed with that baby. anyone with any information is asked to call 911. ken thank you. >> san francisco police say a suspect is in custody in the
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deadly shooting in the glen park neighborhood. officers say they were called to a report of gunfire on addison street near san jose avenue 1:30 this afternoon. now those officers found the man in his 40s with a gunshot wound. paramedics were called but could not save him. and he was pronounced dead at the scene of the shooting. so far police have not released any details about the person who is in custody or relationship to the man what was killed. a $50,000 reward is out for arrests in the shooting that left 7 people wounded in oakland on saturday night. police say officers came under fire when they they responded to the scene at # 7th and bancroft. officers took cover behind their patrol cars fortunately none none of the offices was hit. one shooting victim was treated and released but 6 other people were still in the hospital at our last update. investigators say one person has been detained but it's not clear if he's connected to the case.
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whistle-blowers exposing what they call deplorable conditions at peninsula humane society. a group of workers at the shelter is speaking out saying that the animals are at risk. christina rent doesn't live in the newsroom. >>reporter: we're talking about a group of union employees. they say the public doesn't really know what's going on behind the walls of the peninsula humane society in san mateo so they are sharing video and pictures to prove it. this is video showing a pit bull named max his head trapped in the fence of a kennel at the peninsula humane society. a worker capturing the video last week now speaking out. >> there were already an existing hole in that kennel that had not been fixed despite the fact we had asked several times for facilities management to come by and inspected. >>reporter: among more than a dozen shelter most say under staffing and the poor conditions are going ignored. >> kennels have been damaged
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with little done to improve them, a ceiling collapse in a room housing katz. >>reporter: they claim it's resulting in animals dying like litter of kittens allegedly not fed properly over the summer. >> when we voice our concerns these kittens were sent to foster care where they all passed away. >>reporter: whistle blowers say there's a case of a dog dying last december from over heating after being in a cage inside a humane society vehicle with temperature of 96 degrees. the management says the dog had been rescued from a hot car but that the employee failed to bring the dog back to the shelter immediately and no longer works for them. >> there's been some un fortunate situations we're not happy about any of them, but we feel like there's reasons why they occurred. >>reporter: lisa van bus kirk says max is doing fine now. she claims it was not damaged before last week. the other allegations of high turnover aren't true though she admit the facility is 60 years old and in need of repair. >> we're the organization in the community that will take any animal in any condition at any given time 24 hours a day
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and no one else in the community can could do that. it's very safe for them here picks workers say this has nothing to do with money but the welfare of the animals. >> it's already been intimidating environment with our management it's not new. we come to this every day to come and work to be here to support each other and support the annals. so, guess what we'll be here tomorrow. >> management says those workers should not fear retaliation but the timing ills suspicious because the president of the peninsula humane society is overseas on vacation and union wormingers have been in contract negotiations for more than a year and i must add that the union representative was object hand but says this is not about their contribute negotiations it's simply about exposing what is happening inside. >> christina what about the problems with the rundown kennels and the building itself. >>reporter: you management says the humane society they have been talking to the county they have let them know this condition or that the conditions inside are not good
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and that plans are apparently in the works for new building at that same location in san mateo but a date has not been set yet. >> all right christina rent doesn't in the newsroom. thank you. the deadline to register to vote in california is midnight tonight and once you're registered the next hurdle is tackling the ballot itself. rob roth tells us the ballot is huge and many voters say they are a little overwhelmed. >>reporter: on this last day to register to vote a steady stream of people came into the department of elections and got in just under the deadline. that includes one man who recently moved here from illinois. >> yeah i followed the election very closely, and it's been a hoot. whey hoot. >>reporter: maybe the presidential election, but it is it has not been such a hoot for many san francisco voters some are casting their ballots early in this city hall basement. >> incredibly long. >> lots and lots of issues on this one you ho to do your
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homework. >>reporter: a lot of homework. these are the voter information guides for the california and san francisco ballots. the state guide is 222 pages long and includes 1 propositions but that's nothing compared to san francisco's which weighs in at over 300 pages and includes 25 propositions dealing with issues from school bus to homelessness to police oversight. we went to the pa they are 0 neighborhood center where a group of senior citizens gathered for lunch we asked what they thought of the number of decisions they are being asked to mailing. >> it's a bit overwhelming. >> in what way? >> i feel like i can't address all the issues. >> if i can't get enough educate myself enough to make a educated answer, i will not vote on it. >>reporter: ian kalen spoke with seniors today he's one of 9 candidates running for the van fran school board. he worries about voters burning
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out in less publicized races. >> when the ballots become so complex that them don't vote much at all or they don't finish their ballot that's not democracy that's a disservice. >>reporter: and the department of elections director is concerned people may be so overwhelmed they could accidentally miss voting in some races. >> our concern is that people are going to vote and they are going to forget to turn their card over they are going to miss a contest. >>reporter: it's been said that americans get the government they deserve, but no doubt many san francisco san francisco says cans are wondering what they did to deserve this. bay area counties are reporting a rise in recommending sisters before the midnight deadline contra costa county reports 600,000 people are already recognize centered there up up from 556,000 in 2012. alameda county has more than 870,000 registered voters up from about 810,000 in 2012. and in santa clara county the
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number is over 850,000 up from 817,000 in 2012. coming up at 6:30 donald trump and hillary clinton making their final push for votes. their message tonight to voters. leave here and vote or we have wasted a hell of a lot time, energy. >> we're tracking that rain morning commute is going to be damp. more rain after that. i'll let you know the timing on the next two weather systems. up first caught on camera. a man robbed and then dragged by a car near the cliff house. we're going to give you a closer look at the evidence here that could hopefully lead to an arrest.
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if you want to do something about climate change, you can. please. register and vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. societies take a look at this surveillance video here caught on camera a man robbed and then you see at the top of the screen there dragged by a car. tonight san francisco police are looking for the people who are responsible. >> crime reporter henry lee joins us. help are you police have made an arrest but still looking for more suspects of it that's right one person is in custody but looking for at least 4 other suspects. take a look at this video it shows the victim a 28-year-old san francisco man being dragged by a honda civic moments after he was robbed of an expensive camera at ocean beach. it happened in broad daylight october 5th at scenic spot popular with tourists there's plenty of people around. >> one of the suspects pushed
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the victim down while the other suspect grams of crack his camera. one subject jumped in the car while the victim was still holding on to the camera and actually dragged him in the street. >>reporter: victim suffered abrasions to his affirms watch what happens next one of the suspects chasing after that same car seems like the suspects inside forgot about one of their own. >> it looked like he wasn't able to get into the car immediately. >>reporter: that suspect managed to get back into car further down the hill. officers later tracked down the car and arrested this man 19- year-old gentleman coble padilla. they won't say what role he played. he's plead not guilty to a robbery charge. four others are still at large. >> there's a level of violence we're concerned about especially with him being dragged in the street where he could have gotten run over by another car. >>reporter: police are asking anyone with information about any other suspects to give them
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a call. >> kind of reminds me a little bit of a situation we have near lombard street where people are being robbed of cameras or iphones. does this kind of thing happen at the cliff house very often because that's a total tourist area that's always crowded. the happened in broad daylight. right there with so many people around. >> it's fair to say that all the tourist spots are hot beds for criminal activity. now i will say i just learned also that this suspect who is in custody had been out on bail for auto burglary back in july. so judge released hill on his own recognizance. at least that guy is known to the police for other kinds of crimes. >> thank you so much behind are you. to the south bay where san jose police are investigating the 40th homicide of the year. 32-year-old laura garcia was shot and killed in east san jose early sunday morning. she was with other family members outside her home on lavon avenue when a group of men approached there was an argument and one of the men
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started shooting garr zoo see a and another man was hit but garcia died at the hospital. >> this is going to impact not only the victim but the entire family also you have a victim that survived but yet 'tis is going to have to live with you know this incident for the rest of his life. >> police have not made any arrests. garcia's death marks the 40th homicide in san jose as i mention so far this year that's up from a total of 30 homicides in all of last year. concerns tonight about the conditions of trees here in the bay area after several years of drought many are worried that some trees are now compromised and won't be able to handle all the rain expected to come our way. some homeowners taking matters into their own hands. >> lee martinez spent the day in san rafael. >>reporter: san rafael's appeal important many hope ownerses its nature. a command community between all
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the trees. >> i've grown up with eucalyptus trees my whole life to me they are part of home. >>reporter: but a very persistent crowd drought has killed 30 million trees in california. dry trees become weak trees. >> i think the drought's concerning all around for any kind of tree especially eucalyptus. >>reporter: eucalyptus trees also present a bigger threat of wildfires. the van ralph fire chief says eucalyptus trees ignite faster and can help send embers far from being blown from its top branches. in petaluma last month a fire that started on highway 101 ended up destroying four homes after the fire child the eucalyptus trees. >> i notice my commute home have been cut down but not very many. i thought they were well regulated. >>reporter: marine county tree removal services have a backlog of homeowners requesting the trees be taken down. on friday san rafael man was killed in his yard when a
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eucalyptus tree fell down on his property. fire officials said by their observation the tree didn't appear to be dead or severely damaged. one tree removal company says if you have a tree on your property it is your responsibility to take care of it. so should be checking your trees regularly as to see if there's any damage to it if there are any pair parasites or beetles you need to have the tree removed. officials also warning about the potential for flash flooding as the rainy season starts. the state is urging people to keep an eye on the forecast and know the risk in your area especially areas that are already prone to flooding. cal fire says it's installing early warning system rain gauges that are linked to local emergency response sells so they can keep a close eye on those rain totals. tracking the radar the heaviest rain moving into the bay area the central bay area right now. you see heavy rain up around santa rosa in the clear lake area you see half moon bay
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getting some heavy rain here. those heavy showers are going to move down through fremont over the next hour or so. this is the heaviest shower activity is really just moving through the bay area now. this will keep the grounds wet for tomorrow morning commute. we're looking for plenty of rain to continue as we head into the bay area kind of mid- morning. there's another shot there you can see the showers north bay you can see santa lynn a getting shower activity coming a little closer petaluma. it's just a wet afternoon commute out there. you can see concord has some scattered showers dan very lafayette heavier in orrin today berkeley. the heaviest spot right in that area around the peninsula. this is some heavy rain. moderate rainfall coming down. next time you see me we'll talk about the rest of the morning commute and the next system coming which is much stronger. still to come here tragedy on a highway in southern california. >> let's just say lots of tears. >> up next we've learned the
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names of most of the people killed in that deadly tour bus crash that happened near palm springs. later in sports we'll hear from the warrior kevin durant on the start of a new season tomorrow with his new team. mark ibanez will have all the sports. >> plus a school in the north bay targeted by vandals and the message left behind appears to be political.
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we can't go back to the years of devastating cuts to public education. so vote yes on prop 55. prop 55 prevents $4 billion in new education cuts, without raising taxes on anyone, and with strict accountability. budget forecasts show if we don't pass prop 55 big cuts that hurt our kids are coming, and california will suffer budget deficits all over again. so vote yes on 55. because it helps
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our children thrive. . frightening crash in sacramento county this morning
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involving a school bus and a wrong way driver. the wrong way car sideswiped the bus and flip it over it then hit another car before it slammed into a tree. the four students and two adults on that bus were all wearing seatbelts. suffered only minor injury. the wrong way driver had major injuries. officers will be trying to determine just why the driver who caused the crash had veered into on coming traffic. we're learning more tonight about that horrific crash near pam springs over the week. 13 people were killed including the bus driver. court records show that he had actually been sued at least twice for negligence behind the wheel including for a crash that killed 3 people. gigi grass yet has the latest on the investigation. >>reporter: horror on a highway after casino tour bus 44 people onboard crashed into a rack tractor-trailer the impact so great the bus was actually lodged 15 feet into the bed of that trailer. 13 people, 10 women and three men including the bus driver were killed instantly.
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11 of the victims have been identified as 66-year-old isis bell jimenez. 5 #-year-old rosa ruiz. 62-year-old gustavo green. 72-year-old soy la aguilera. 72-year-old my lag gross gonzalez. 57-year-old concepcion korver a. 63-year-old. air sell he dehey. 69-year-old dora valdez rodriguez 52-year-old el via sanchez. 71-year-old anna gomez. and bus's driver and owner 59- year-old. including myrna lavender a's sister-in-law 41 others were injured some critically. the accident happening 5:15, 10 west outside of desert hot springs as the usa holiday tour bus was returning to los angeles from one of its
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regularly scheduled trips to the red earth casino. >> i had a little memorial service for him and the family of the victims on my bus last night. we was in prayer and it was just sad. it was lots of tears and everything on the bus last night. >>reporter: myrna says she also knew the driver who died who she identifies as elias. she's been going on casino trips with him for 20 years. >> good driver, good person, never drink. >> what do you think happened? >> i don't know what happened. i don't have no idea. nobody knows. everybody is in shock. >>reporter: the driver whose truck was hit sustained minor injuries but was released from the hospital yesterday. on his way homey spoke to a cab driver about the accident. here's what big rig driver bruce will to say. >> got in my truck and looked on the back seen a bus you know sticking out. >> ntsb says it won't speculate
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on what caused the crash but the highway patrol says there's no indication that the bus driver applied the brakes given that there were no skid marks on the pavement. the truck may have been traveling slowly because of construction in the area. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next with a last minute push for votes. she's independent. she knows how to find common ground and how to stand her ground. >> up next the efforts today on the campaign trail with a long selection cycle entering the home stretch. >> also ahead today's effort to relocate hundreds of refugees from a huge camp in france that saw violent clashes over the weekend. plus bay area lawmakers discussing the possibility of legalizing marijuana. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next. they're bringing crime, when mexthey're rapists.ople... are you going to have a massive deportation force?
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you're going to have a deportation force. we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall. that's not america. we're all californians. i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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to our top stories northern california amber alert is in effect for a 7 month old baby from guernville. sonoma county sheriff's deputies say the baby's mother hahn that ashley is s suspected kidnap they are think she took the child from the hole of her grandmother who has custody. ashley drives a silver 2005 subaru forrester with california license plate. strong winds helped bring down a massive tree in berkeley late this afternoon. the tree came crashing down at
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college and california alcatraz avenue at 3:30. no one was hurt you can see the impact tore up a section of the sidewalk and also part of the road there. a person at the scene told us the tree also had extensive dry rot. midnight is the deadline to register to vote in california for the upcoming november election. today we saw a steady stream of people coming to the department of elections in san francisco. the state ballot is 222 pages long and includes 17 propositions and in san francisco voters have 25 more propositions to study up on. the department of elections is concerned that people may be so overwhelmed they could accidentally miss voting in some races. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. the finish line is now in sight in the 2016 presidential race. >> election day two weeks from tomorrow. today the candidates are in florida. foxnews reporter lauren blanchard tells us this comes as people there like here in california are already


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