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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 24, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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wet weather pushing across the bay area tonight. this is the first of two storm systems set to bring us rain this week. that second storm should be even bigger. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie. >> i'm frank somerville. a weather alert tonight as rain returns to the bay area. steady downpours hit the north bay first starting early this afternoon. ktvu's camera captured this video in sonoma county where the rain filled down spouts and
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gutters. >> the storm has been packing winds. we found kite surfers taking full advantage of this gusty conditions. we have live team coverage for you with reporters checking out soggy evening commutes and troubled spots. we go to chief meteorologist bill martin on where that rain is falling right now. >> most of the rain has been falling out over the last 24 hours in sonoma cown -- sonoma county. we've got .1 inches of rain in san francisco, .1 inches in oakland. .25 inches in the santa rosa area. the rain has been very light, but it continues to pick up throughout the evening hours. showers are continuing through the north bay. that line of shower is coming through, the frontal passage for tonight and tomorrow morning. it'll leave the roads wet and there will be a little bit of the wet road coming for the sky tomorrow.
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there's the current loop as most of the rain is pretty much moving to the north. here we are tomorrow morning at 1:00 a.m. the front will come through. there we are with your scattered showers now, continuing for the morning, but not the heaviest rain, which should be tonight. but tomorrow it will start to clear out with more showers getting ready to start coming back in. this is storm system number one. in the north bay it's been massive with four inches of rain. everywhere south say santa rosa it has been relatively light. when i come back i'll talk about this system, tomorrow's forecast, and what you could expect as we head into a stronger system number two. the rain had a lot of drivers on edge during their evening commute. as bill mentioned it could be raining tomorrow during the morning commute. amber lee is in berkeley tonight after talking to both drivers and chp. amber? >> reporter: hi, we're overhooking interstate 80 here in berkeley. it's quite windy, but it
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stopped raining for a while. traffic will move slowfully both directions. commuters were put off by the rain and on guard and driving defensively. around 6:15 as dusk was settling in, drivers had their headlines on the wet roadways made them more aware of other motorists around them. >> maybe not so much me, but the other drivers. they're more nervous about that. >> hectic. i feel like nobody knows how to drive in the rain. they get very apprehensive and start using their brakes way more than they should. >> reporter: further east near the magazine street exit around 3:20 there was a single-vehicle crash that left this toyota scion on its side. chp says that the driver suffered major injuries and
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that the rain at the time of the incident may have been a factor. >> make sure your headlines are on. >> reporter: chp cautions motorists to avoid driving through standing water. >> you'll be amazed how little water it takes to move a car. it is safest to drive in the middle lane. so the fast lane and the slow lane will be the first one to flood. >> reporter: one driver stayed up late this evening to avoid the peak mute traffic. >> i don't want to have to deal with not only the conditions on the road, but how people react to the conditions. you don't know how safe other drivers are in the rain. >> reporter: another driver is considering alternate routes to get to work tomorrow morning. he'll depend on his smart phone for help many finding the best option. >> i asked siri and google maps as well. >> reporter: you're looking at chp advising drivers to bring
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their patients along with them tomorrow morning and to leave plenty of time to get to where they need to go. frank? >> amber, thank you. now ktvu jana katsuyama in walnut creek. there were a few problems because of the storm, but generally this is good news. california has been in a drought now for several years. >> certainly with the storm coming it could bring some flooding and wind damage issues, but overall we checked with the water district officials in the east bay as they say that the rain is is helping to fill the reservoirs. >> reporter: rain would have people popping up the umbrellas. restaurant goers are taking cover inside. >> usually the radio is e pretty packed. it's been raining and more people want to sit in the dining room or bar area. >> so this week of wet weather and strong winds causing a concern for you.
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>> reporter: outside their apartment crashed onto the college avenue building in berkeley uprooting the concrete falling right on the driveway where he was just in. >> i just left the building about an hour ago. >> reporter: a stroke of luck that no one was injured. pg&e crews shut off power to one broken line. the storm brings more power problems later in the week. but those concerns are all set, helping with the -- helping with the drought. >> reporter: east bay officials say that so far so good. >> our reservoirs are about 80% full. we received about five inches of rain in the colonial water shed, which is way above average. >> reporter: but the true test will be rain in the coming months and snow in the sierra. east bay officials say that watter restrictions will not
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land in place after two days. >> i definitely do not watch that very often. save water as much as possible for sure. >> reporter: when you eat out, no water at your table unless you ask. >> right when you arrive you have to ask for it just because we are still in a drought regardless if it is raining or not. >> reporter: really water district officials are hoping that people can conserve now and that it'll pay off later on when we hit the dry summer months. >> jana katsuyama in walnut creek tonight. jana, thank you. a reminder you can get weather information any time with the fox 2 weather app. it's viable for smart -- it's available for smart phones and tablets. authorities say that his mother is the suspected kidnapper. the chp issued that alert for 7- month-old henry massey. the baby disappeared yesterday morning. now authorities say that the grandmother has legal custody.
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we want to show you two photos of his mother 35-year-old hannah ashley. deputies say she took the baby on sunday morning, but chp says they couldn't activate that alert until today when they heard from child protective services that ashley may be unable to properly care for the child. sheriff deputies say that ashley drivers a silver 2005 forester. with license plate number of 5jkz255. there's no word on just where she may be headed. san francisco bay's twitter is planning to lay off as many as 300 workers possibly as early as this week. according to bloomberg and others, they could announce cuts up to 8% of its work wees lease. twitter has been trying to find a bidder, but a number of those have backed off. over the last year, twitter has
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lost 40% of their market value. well, the long election cycle has reached that home stretch and the latest public opinion poll suggests that the presidential race is hillary clinton's to lose. with election day two seeks to tomorrow they have a lot to learn with down ballot races. >> florida, you guys are a check mate safe. if hillary wins florida she's going to become president. >> reporter: democratic v.p. tim kaine helping to stomp for hillary clinton. donald trump hopes to kick off with a campaign blitz there holding a number of rallies over the last 24 hours, urging voters to get to the ballot box early. >> leave here and vote. we have wasted a hell of a lot of time, energy, and in my case a lot of money. >> reporter: hillary clinton's
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team seemingly encouraged by the polls, now looking to help their party take back the senate. the former secretary of state is spending time in new hampshire today where a key senate seat is up for grabs. >> she is independent, she knows how to find common ground and how to stand her ground. unlike her opponent, she has never been afraid to stand up to donald trump. >> reporter: some say that the clinton campaign strategy might be a smart one as republicans hold the senate now, butteriesing has left some seats in dangerous of fishing. >> reporter: tomorrow they will be crossing the sunshine state where over a million people have mailed in their ballots. in washington lauren lauren fox news. >> the democratic party's new number one megadoner who -- mega donor who has given about $35,000 in an effort for a fee
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to donald trump. politico says he was motivated after hearing trump's rhetoric at the republican convention. the number of washdot groups are showing a common cause of asian americans, advancing justice as they said they are responding to donald trump's assertion that the election is rigged, calling on his supporters to prevent fraud. common case is that they would plan to make sure that voters aren't being intimidated. today is the last day to vote, the toughest part is yet to come. people, they stream into the elections office today. others were there to vote early. many more still have to read through the ma'am mouth voter registration -- mammoth voter
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registration guide including $17 -- 17 million pages for 25 additional propositions. one school board candidate is worried about voter turnout. >> when they become so complex that people don't vote much at all. that's not democracy, but a disservice. >> the san francisco department of election, they say that more people in the city are registered to vote this year than ever before. ahead to want vandalism with a political message. new at 10:30 the graffiti targeting the latino schools. >> in case you're wondering, they want to know who would do this and what their motivation is. >> let's track the weather into your morning commute and afternoon commute for your tuesday and beyond that where we've got some rain to talk about with the storm system number two. we'll see you back here. a 74-year-old landlord and his son are accused of targeting rent controlled tenants. what they are suspected of doing all in an effort to raise
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the tenants lived in rent controlled units in east palo alto where we find azenith smith. the landlord that the da says
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is 74 years old and was motivated by the desire to raise rent? >> reporter: yes, the rent under rent control for a one- bedroom apartment was $1,100. the going rate for the same apartment was $2,800. they say that the landlord is behind three cases of vandalism they suspect he has committed a lot more. >> reporter: john lived in this apartment complex it in east palo alto for three years showing the damage to his car after someone keyed it last year. >> alone it might be your random vandalism. but this sort of thing has been happening to the apartment complex for as long as i have been here non-stop. >> reporter: he has the suspicion on who is behind it especially after talking to the landlord suggesting that he would move out. >> when someone looks at you saying there is a lot of vandalism and you ought to consider moving out as a landlord. >> reporter: turns out
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authorities charged that landlord with vandalism after three other tenants came forward saying he damaged their car this past summer. surveillance video obtained by ktvu shows what tenants claim is the owner's car shooting out the window with a bb gun. according to the d.a.'s office, the motive to force them out so he could raise the rents. >> we think that it is an egregious offense. most landlords would never think of doing anything like this. it is truly taking advantage of sort of our people who need it. >> reporter: authorities also charged his son for attempting to flee. they are now out on their own recognizants. >> here you have a guy with a lot of money, a landlord, with millions of dollars. here he is taking the time to shoot out the back of the cars
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and key cars, and cause harm to hard working individuals. it is not something that you'll want to hear, right? >> reporter: and calls to the landlord's attorneys were not returned. the d.a.'s office says if he is convicted that he could face up to four years in prison. his son could face up to a year in county jail. >> boy this sounds pretty unusual. >> reporter: it is highly unusual. in fact heather i talked to the da and he says that in his four decades in san mateo county he has never heard of anything like this happen before. i also spoke to a victim who says this will not be tolerated and he will not give into bullying, hoping that the landlord and his son are held accountable. >> we will continue to follow this case, thank you. now to san francisco where police say that a suspect is in custody tonight in a shooting death of the glen park neighborhood. officers were called to a report of gunfire on addison street near san jose avenue at
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1:30 this afternoon. officers found a man in his 40s with a gunshot wound. paramedics were called, but unfortunately they were not able to save him. tonight investigators have identified the man under arrest. 48-year-old kevin epps. authorities have not said whether helps had any kind -- epps had any kind of a relationship to the man killed. new at 10:00, the names of the two officers who shot and killed a man accused of shooting kevin downs a few weeks ago on october 14. downs was shot in the head and he is expected to survive, but he may suffer from paralysis. a responding officer's chase and alleged shooter to stern grove. they said that he opened fire on them returning fire. he died of his injuries at sf general. the two officers who shot him were identified today as officer nathan chew and officer paul dominguez. it is department protocol to release the name of the officers within ten days of the incident. there's a new outcry that
10:19 pm
thousands of service members return their reenlistment bonuses handed out a decade ago. members of congress are asking the defense secretary ash carter to halt collections as they work on legislation to clear the debts of soldiers. reporter allie wolf who unknowingly accepted a bonus that he wasn't entitled to. >> reporter: for two decades sergeant first class brian soother has b been serving our country in the national guard. but lately he's been fighting a different battle at home. >> it's been hell. it's been hell. if there is is any kind of ptsd that i have suffered it's been from this, not from any place i've been. >> reporter: in 2007 less than a year after the orrville resident returned from deployment he was offered a $15,000 bonus to reenlist. >> i did exactly what that contract asked me to do. i trusted my commanders, i trusted the general. >> reporter: but years later he was ordered to pay back the money he received.
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the reenlistment bonus was handed out by the california national guard illegally. major general matthew beaver says that there was widespread fraud associated with the bonuses. >> almost across the entire 54 state territory in the district of columbia with fraud associated with these bonuses. in california there was a significant amount of fraud. >> reporter: strother was one of 10,000 soldiers ordered by the pentagon to return the money they got before going to war. >> the cal national guard does not have the authority to relieve those debts. >> reporter: the national guard is is tieing to help the soldiers appeal to avoid paying their debts. his appeal was granted and he also filed a class action lawsuit to try to help the thousands of others who are placed in this same unfortunate position. still he's feeling betrayed. >> they knew the people that were in charge of it. >> reporter: the federal investigation found thousands of bonuses were handed out to
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boost recruitment. back in 2007 the national guard former bonus pleaded guilty to fraud and was sentenced to 30 months in prison. so we are tracking the rain, a big weather system up here in the gulf of alaska. all of this activity is going to continue to keep us unsettled through tomorrow. it will break off tomorrow and into the end of the week with scattered showers in between tuesday or in between tuesday night into thursday. but again they get going on thursday and friday with the highers right now. >> it will be mauled by scattered showers as we would talk about four inches of rain in northern sonoma county. but still the moisture is in the area still on the russian river putting water up there. the student is good for all of us, but the cloud cover as i want you to notice the forecast
10:22 pm
clouds tomorrow. showers near 70. that's all you need to know that it will be a warm moist atmosphere, kind of drizzle spending off and on and then after lunchtime a few more sprinkles, as they would get going at 2:00 a.m. there is your -- your 7:00 a.m. then lunchtime with a few showers lingering. afternoon commute should be fine. next storm comes in on thursday and friday. we'll talk about that. >> all right, thank you, bill. robbed then dragged by the getaway car. ahead tonight the search for four suspects who targeted a man's expensive camera right outside the house. but first allegations of rundown conditions and chronical understaffing. how a bay area shelter department has responded to allegations that they properly play. mark ibanez, one team could have surprise jetters. we will hear about it next in
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sports. you can watch game one right here. coverage starts at 4:30 tomorrow. you'll find all the regular news cans on ktvu plus. my mom marnie smoked her whole life. and then she died of lung cancer. so i have a personal interest in helping prevent smoking. i'm tom steyer, the co-chair of the yes on 56 campaign. every year, nearly 17,000 california kids start smoking. a third of them will die from their addiction. tobacco taxes reduce youth smoking. please. vote yes on prop 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it.
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a group of workers claiming that the animals there aren't being cared for properly. >> the whistle blowers say they are at risk. but cristina rendon tells us that the facility is safe and they blame those disgruntled union members. >> oh dude. >> reporter: this is video showing a pit bull's head trapped in the kennel of the humane society. a worker capturing the video last week, now sticking -- now speaking out. >> there is an existing hole in that tunnel that did not exist despite the fact we asked several times to these facilities and management to come by and inspect it. >> reporter: among more than a dozen shelter employees saying that understaffing and the poor
10:26 pm
conditions are going ignored. >> reporter: they have been damaged with little gun to improve them. the ceiling collapsed. >> reporter: and they claim that the animals are dying like a litter of kittens that were not fete properly over the summer. >> these kids are sent to foster care where they all passed away. >> reporter: they say there is also a case of a dog dying from overheating after being caged inside a humane society vehicle with the temperature of 96 degrees. management says that the dog has been rescued, but that the employee, they failed to bring that dog back to the shelter immediately and they no longer work for them. >> there have been unfortunate situations that we're not happy about any of them. but we feel like there are reasons why they occur. >> reporter: they say that max is doing just fine now biting through their fencing claiming that it is not damaged before last week. saying that the other allegations of high turnovers aren't true, though she admits that it is 60 years old in a need of repair. >> we are a an -- we are an
10:27 pm
organization in the community that will take any condition 24 hours a day. no one else in the community could do that where it will be very safe for them to come here. >> it has nothing to do with money, but the welfare of theanimals. it's not new, we come to this every day to come and work and to be here, support each other, the animals. guess what we'll be here tomorrow. >> reporter: management says that the timing of these allegations are suspicious because the president of the humane society, they are overseas on vacation. the union workers are currently in contract negotiations and they have been for more than a year though they say that it will be a separate issue as we are also told that they're in the works to build another facility. still to come here new information in a tour bus crash that killed 13 people. what the chp is reviewing tonight about the crash and the bus driver behind the wheel.
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we need some global warming! we need leaders who get it. so that we can move away from coal and oil to clean energy. i'm tom steyer. if you want to do something about climate change, you can. please. register and vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. misare investigating the discovery of -- of a political graffiti. among the words trump and build the wall higher. the vandalism was found this morning at cali mecca in windsor. debora villalon, police are investigating this as a hate crime? >> they are largely because it did not happen in any other school. the word trump in more than a dozen places right here on this
10:31 pm
spot. it is something that students could not help, but see. it's a public charter school. more than a thousand students. >> this isn't who we are or what our community is, but the word trump and trump 2016 was painted, to build a higher wall, referring to the candidates and their immigration plan. it is our school. they hope that kids would not see it, the talk of the school day. >> they felt harassed, they felt violated, as if their school had been abused in some
10:32 pm
way. police will be looking at their video from the campus security building. >> i feel bad for the kids that had to see it today. >> reporter: it was meant to intimidate. >> when somebody says that they were interested, it is obvious what they are trying to say. >> that you could be denied who you want to be. >> reporter: in 20 years here this teacher cannot recall anything like this vandalism and blames the political climate. >> they brought that out in certain segments of the population, you know, that it does feel like they could behave inappropriately and that it's okay. >> reporter: this mom has been close to tears just thinking about it. >> i didn't see that coming. i'm guessing that we don't expect it. and again to involve the kids. it was hurtful. >> reporter: the incident will spur up some family
10:33 pm
conversations too. >> all my cousins have to go back to mexico. >> i know how highly teachers think of their students. >> reporter: the principal is uplifted by a hand full of letters. >> i'd like to help clean up this incident. >> reporter: written by former students in high school. >> i hope that we could stick this together. >> to ask them to deface their school. >> why children? why violate the sacred place for a safe place for children with that kind of a message? >> reporter: police are not certain that they will get quality images from the surveillance cameras here as they are certainly looking for tips to these vandals. live in windsor ktvu fox 2 news. and now to palm springs with the highway patrol, there is no indication that the bus driver involved in the deadly accident over the weekend ever applied his brakes. 13 people on that bus were killed. it was returning to los angeles from a casino. and the chp says that there
10:34 pm
were no skid marks on the pavement that would have shown if they were slowing down to avoid slamming into the back of the big rig on i-10. the truck was apparently slowing down because of construction in the area. we are also learning more about the bus driver who was among the 13 people killed. court records show that he has been sued at least twice for negligence behind the wheel including for a crash that killed three people. the sister-in-law of one of the victims of yesterday's crash said that she rode the same bus to and from the casino and they knew that driver well. >> a good driver and a good person and they never drank. >> reporter: what do you think happened? >> i don't know what happened. i have no idea. >> and all the victims were from los angeles except for one woman from palm dale. the victims included ten women ranging in age from 5 to 7 -- from 52 to 72. 31 others were hurt, four of them critically. san francisco police
10:35 pm
released video of a man being dragged by a car near their house after robbers stole his camera. one person has been arrested, but as the crime reporter henry lee tells us that the search continues for other suspects. >> reporter: take a look at this video. they show the victim a 28-year- old san francisco man being dragged by a honda civic just moments after being robbed from an expensive camera at ocean beach. it happened in broad daylight on october 5 at the phoenix spot. there are plenty of people and. >> one of the suspects pushed that victim down. while the other suspect, they grabbed his camera. when they jumped in the car and while the victim was still holding onto the camera and actually dragged him in the middle of the street. >> reporter: the victim suffered abrasions to the arm after being dragged by ten feet. but watch what happens next. here you see another man and one of their suspects chasing after the same car that it seems like the suspect inside forgot about it. >> it looked like he wasn't
10:36 pm
able to get into the car immediately. >> reporter: that suspect managed to get back into the car further down the hill. officers later tracked down the car and they arrested this man the 19-year-old. police will not say what role he played, pleading not guilty to a robbery charge. four others are still at large. >> there is a level of violence that we're concerned about with them being dragged into the street where he could have gotten run over by the other car. >> reporter: if you recognize the car or know who they might be san francisco police want to hear from you. in san francisco henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. and all eyes are on apple tomorrow. why the company's earnings release may mark the end of the 15-year streak. plus, a long-time pre- school announces that their days are now numbered. the news is coming as a shock to the community. they will track a long range forecast for shots that will be showing you significant rain. not just for the next 24 hours, but towards the end of the week. coming up in two minutes a
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today congressman mike honda dropped his legal claim that his rival's campaign was stealing information. the two were in a bitter fight for the 17th congressional seat in the south bay. honda claimed that rohan's campaign manager that once worked as an intern used his access code to steal the donor and strategy information. the mercury news is now reporting that the two sides have agreed to exchange documents to put to rest any lingering questions. well methamphetamine who have the insurance -- services are offering fewer choices for next year. the white house released that staggering figure on premiums
10:40 pm
today, but also said that federal subsidies are going up. that means more than 70% of those people will do so for less than $75 a month. but they have fewer to choose from because of three major healthcare companies that are scaling back their participation next year. enrollment opens november 1 with coverage taking effect. wall street is getting the lift from corporate earnings including at&t's acquisition with time warner. they advanced 77 points today. nasdaq was up 52 and s&p 500 was up 10. a number of big companies announced earnings tomorrow including apple, caterpillar and general motors. apple may report a rare decline in revenue after the markets close tomorrow. most analysts are expecting that apple will post revenue numbers about 8% lower than a
10:41 pm
year ago. the last time that happened is in someone. however the launch of the iphone 7 should help apple's bottom line as they head into the city. 32-year-old laura garcia was shot and killed in east san jose early yesterday morning. she was with family members outside her home on lavonne avenue when a group of men approached. one of the men started shooting. garcia and another man were hit. the man survived, but garcia died at the hospital. >> this is going to impact now not only obviously the victim that is now deceased, but the entire family. also you have a victim that survived, yet they will have to live with, you know, this incident for the rest of the other's life. >> police have not made any arrests. garcia's death marks the 40th homicide as i mentioned in san
10:42 pm
jose up from a total from last year. still to come rain in the bay area overnight. another storm is on deck. our chief meteorologist bill martin will walk us through the wet week right after the break.
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10:44 pm
a long standing pre-school in san francisco has announced they'll be closing their doors. forest hills christien church plans to bulldoze their pre- school near laguna hospital in 2018 to make way for 150 units of affordable senior housing. the school has been around for more than 50 years, but the church says they cannot keep up with repairs or afford to keep the operating school costs. >> there were tears running down my face. i thought i'd be retiring at this school. >> some teachers are fighting to relocate the school. they say without any overhead
10:45 pm
the prospects aren't encouraging. we're tracking the showers that are lingering around here. none of the rain for most of us have been not heavy. but i just got a message. and so some of the areas, you know, i mentioned sonoma county. but the rain is tapering off once you get south of petaluma tapering off rapidly with half an inch of rain in their headlands there. it's just a persistent light rain. there's not a real heavy light rain falling at this hour, but you see the light rain falling out of the san rafael camera. monday and tuesday that's today and monday morning and the system that we're watching. then we will get a break on wednesday. then thursday and friday we get back into it with another stronger system number two, which again that four inches of rain up in sonoma county in the last 24 hours you shift that a little further south and we're
10:46 pm
looking at a couple inches of rain in san francisco or oakland. so this system number two on thursday and friday. looks to be significantly stronger for the bay area. and so i have laid out the model for this long range model forecast for the resolutions that will be really low. tiveing you an idea. tomorrow afternoon there you are, right? we will give you a break as they should be dry. then wednesday, look at the plume of moisture, where they will shift south on thursday. you're not seeing yellows or oranges, but it will rain and that will be significant. thursday afternoon then thursday night on friday still raining another system tees it out on friday, saturday, sunday. >> i still got it with a lot going on. over the course of that five- day forecast that it will not
10:47 pm
be hard. it won't be hard for us as we get into your thursday, friday, two inches for san francisco and almost three inches where they keep upgrading. by saturday that is saturday night and sunday as they will keep calming that it shouldn't be a problem or anything like that, maybe some tree issues. but it will be a persistent rain that will get you started on thursday morning, lasting right through your bay area weekend. this is just opening up the storm doors much wider. >> all right, bill, thank you. coming up next possible treads with the -- trades with the philadelphia eagles and the 49ers. well have more details next.
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10:50 pm
i was talking to a former 49ers. they need to come back with the same team that they left with, but that might not necessarily be true. joe staley is the target of several teams wanting the offensive lineman. and so they have some
10:51 pm
discussions evidently there. and then earlier this evening it is apparent that tori smith is also on the block. the wide receiver who has been underutilized to say the least by the 49ers mainly because they don't have anybody that could get him the ball in a regular basis. apparently serious discussions with the philadelphia eagles. niners would like to unload his five-year $40 million contract. he's got 13 catches this year for 199 yards and just a couple of touchdowns. the trade deadline by the way is november 1. meanwhile times are much better for the oakland raiders. they are 5-2 and the fans are watching television tonight, monday night football hoping that the silver and black could take over sole possession of first place, but it didn't work out. you saw the game last night with the field goal kickers having major problems making fun of the crew? he boots one from the same distance as last night's miss to charles woodson. they were not able to do it. but the field goal kicking is a
10:52 pm
little tougher than what it looks like in this ball game where scoring was tough for the texans, not c.j. anderson who had 170 yards rushing for the touchdown there. the denver broncos will take a 7-6 lead over the texans, doing a great job just putting together a team there. trevor seimenian as they will pass it. denver is 5-2, as are the oakland raiders topping the afc western division. now imagine the scene tomorrow night with the arena and that ballpark. not even 100 yards away from each other in the evening as they will accept their rings for winning the nba title. we will not talk too much about that. just about the same time it will be the world series in game one in starts for cleveland. the cavaliers, they may have a few fans that will be wandering over to check them out.
10:53 pm
also the starting pitchers were announced for today's game, tomorrow night's game. corey kluber will work for the indians. jon lester for the cubs. indians have had five days off. the cubs just polished up the dodgers saturday night of course. their slugger chris bryant likes to go against a team that he has not had to face before like the indians. >> hopefully that they don't know your vote that some of the other team -- your secrets that some of the other teams do. >> it's an organization in the team, but at the same time you never know when you'll get a second chance to do this. so there is a, that does add some weight to the scenario here. all right meanwhile some more pretty good news for the cubs, their left-handed slugger. he's been out most of the year with a serious knee injury, but he's working out here as you'll
10:54 pm
see him here with their -- see him here in the league showing up for game one as the cubs designated a hitter. he's worked very hard to get his act back and healthy. that's not great news for the cleveland indians. that guy can hit. you'll see game one right here on ktvu fox 2 as the cubs go to cleveland game one. that'll go six to seven games. we'll see about that. we'll have our own excitement in the bay area tomorrow night. the unveiling of the kevin durant, steph curry, so on and so forth super stars prevail. golden state warriors today at practice as they ready up for the san antonio spurs tomorrow. steph curry unveiling a new shot in his repertory off the hinges there right there on the head shot. he's been the subject as he is the new kid in town and he likes it, the fact that every move will be scrutinized.
10:55 pm
apparently he's ready for it all. bring it on. >> i think that they are looking for something to grab on to. we understand that. that is one thing that i did understand coming in here that they will use it as a headline. that'll be a learning experience for me to use all the coverage around the team. >> yeah, there will be plenty of it. meanwhile the warriors endure themselves to their fans with a lot of humility. things didn't work out well last year losing game seven. steph curry not wanting to hide from it. take a look at the latest commercial for underarmour where it is basically put it in the rear-view mirror, but he's not shying away from what occurred. >> that's fresh, that's new. >> now that makes that old. >> all right, steph curry
10:56 pm
there. he says to bring it on, let's put that behind us. it is now ancient history. maybe not ancient, but it is working its way out of the memory bank for them to bring it on and this will be without question the most highly anticipated season ever for the golden state warriors. it starts tomorrow. i just think that it will be the strangest season that we have ever seen because there will be so many things going on with this team and that it is almost like the media, they would like to see some havoc occur. you know the headlines yesterday said who will be the leading scorer? let's bring it on. will it be steph, kevin durant, draymond green? >> you're going to hear it all. all starts tomorrow. >> mark, thank you. >> we'll see you later everyone. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow night. >> good night.
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