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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 25, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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ago killing the passenger in the speeding car. the suspect car slammed into the vehicle at 35th avenue not far from interstate 580. the impact of the crash killed the passenger in the suspect car, and the driver suffered critical injuries. no police officers were injured, and no one was in the civilian car that was hit. we are on this story in following this, and we will bring you more information as it comes in. in the south bay san jose police are busy investigating an officer-involved shooting that occurred shortly after midnight. we have the latest in the details. >> reporter: we are in downtown san jose on worchester, and this is the neighborhood near julian and 27th street. the police have worchester blocked off and this is where the officer-involved shooting occurred. we go to the video, and we took
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this overnight, and this was around midnight. the officers were patrolling the area downtown when a car came around the corner and hit a patrol car with the officer inside. that vehicle at some point rammed the patrol car again, and it is unknown whether the drivers in the influence. there are two other officers that were on the scene and they fired their weapons at the driver. we spoke with a lieutenant a short time ago and here's what he had to say. >> the two officers were on foot, and they used to their service weapons to shoot at the suspect vehicle, and the suspect vehicle fled, later found unoccupied a half-mile away. the patrol officers searched the area and located the person we believe may be the suspect, and we have taken him into custody for a warrant pending further investigation.>> reporter: the vehicle was found as you heard in a neighborhood near the regional medical
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center. we are told that the suspect was arrested with the help of the canine that tracked down the suspect. we are also told that the suspect had a misdemeanor for resisting arrest. they are making sure they have the right person, and as far as the officer account of what happened, we do not know if these are veteran officers, but we know they have yet to be interviewed. they will be put on administrative leave because of the investigation, and also to note, they were not injured, and all three officers involved, the one in the car was sent to the hospital as a precaution, and that person did not fire. the officers that fired their weapons were also uninjured, as well as the suspect that is in custody, no injuries. we will continue to update this situation and we know there is a kellogg's factory in a
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discovery school. -- and a discovery school. ran part of the forecast this morning. -- rain is part of the forecast this morning. >> from the golden gate northward but some rain is in the mix as this system list to the north, cloudy skies, a lot of moisture and humidity. some of the rain totals are incredible up near windsor, 2.79, occidental 2.64, lake sonoma 2.45, sebastian will to in the third, st. helena 2 1/4, and there are other areas, burned bill, cloverdale, rohnert park and all over 2 inches of rain.
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san rafael 1.10, and south of that we have a few 100. we will continue to get light rain, but nothing heavy. in the north bay they could see steady amounts. the breeze big factor again today, warm and muggy, breeze 60s on the temperatures. this system coming in from the west southwest, almost done with the rain, and some of you will not encounter any rain. clouds rolling in for more rain, and this one will take it more to the south of the golden gate thursday night and friday. 60s and 70s. good morning. we have slow traffic and went roads, making it a little bit of a tough commute. we start off with the commute into livermore from altamont pass area, traffic is busy coming in from tracy. no major problems.
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205 traffic is a lot heavier than it was even yesterday, so give yourself plenty of extra time. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, light into san francisco, and no major problems in san jose along northbound to 80. that is the northbound side of highway 17. we spoke earlier about the problem caused by the rain in this latest storm, but there are benefits, that rain is helping to fill the reservoirs. two years ago the east bay had his second driest year, but the situation is better partly due to the storms this month.>> our reservoirs are 80% full and we have received 5 inches of rain in the watershed, and that is way above average.>> we still have to wait and see how much rain we get in the coming
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months, and see how much snow falls in the sierra, and east bay water restrictions will continue, so the landscape cannot be watered for two days after we get rain. as a reminder, you can get weather information any time on the free fox to weather app. known for the life high crime san francisco neighborhood, accused of a deadly shooting, 40-year-old kevin epps is booked into jail suspected of homicide, accused of being a felon in possession of a gun. the police had a report of a shooting on addison street near the san jose avenue. officers were broken off the area, and investigators say that kevin epps shot and killed a man in his 40s, and the police are not commenting about the relationship or the motive. we had interviewed kevin epps inmate 2016 -- in may in may
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2006, best known for his documentary, "straight out of hunters point" talking about how violence and drugstore up his neighborhood. a baby that is believed to be abducted by his mother that does not have custody, henry massey disappeared sunday from the home in kernville where the grandmother has legal custody, and this is the mother of henry, hannah ashley, 35 years old, suspected of taking the child on sunday. chp activated the amber alert on monday after child protective services reported that ashley may not be able to properly care for the baby. ashley may be driving a silver 2005 subaru forrester with the california license plate 5jkz255, and we have no word on where she may be going. if you have any information,
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call 911 or two weeks until election day, and donald trump and hillary clinton focusing in on one swing state, particularly florida. hillary clinton depending on outside help, and trump saying that the polls are wrong.>> based on the recent polls, donald trump has a big deficit to overcome in the next two weeks assuming that the polls are correct. >> reporter: donald trump is arguing that the polls are rigged against him. >> reporter: donald trump me feel good about florida, but the campaign has reason to worry, the recent polls giving hillary clinton a four-point lead, approaching the lead she is carrying nationally. >> those are phony polls put out by the phony media. i will tell you what, all of us are affected by this stuff. they tried to suppress the boat, in this way -- they tried
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to suppress the vote, in this way they hope people don't go out and vote. >> reporter: saying that the polls are widely inaccurate.>> hillary clinton also in florida today. >> reporter: hillary clinton is banking on the polls being correct, and her campaign is openly mocking trump in his supporters with this ad for tinfoil hats, president obama appearing on jimmy kimmel show and piling on reading the truck -- trump tweaked calling obama the worst president ever. >> at least i will go down as a president.>> reporter: there could be a danger in the clinton campaign of the overconfidence. >> the last thing you want to do is tell them you are winning two weeks before the election, and they don't feel they need to go out and stand in line to cast a ballot. >> reporter: both candidates
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talking about early voting, trying to get the voters locked down. an elementary school in sonoma county that is mostly latino students, the target of political graffiti that the police are investigating as a hate crime. here's what the students saw at the public charter school in windsor, the word, "trump" sprayed on the walls, core doors in steps, and also "build the wall hire" -- higher" spray- painted. >> they felt harassed and as though there school of been abused in some way. >> this is the only school in windsor that was targeted, all of them learn in spanish and english, three quarters of them are latino. the hot topic ahead of the
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november elections is medical marijuana, the public opinion show shows the people poised to approve prop 64 to legalize the marijuana for recreational use. people are interested in getting into the business side of the marijuana, focusing on getting minorities involved in this multibillion-dollar industry. willie brown says that people of color deserve to have a seat at the table.>> the ward of people of color, we do not want this to happen in the cannabis industry, no reason why these people cannot do it for a feed lately, and doing it in illegally in the streets before. they have no institutional investors involved because there waiting for it to be legalize federally, and there is a potential for small and medium investors to get involved.
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the bay area landlord accused of damaging his tenants cars to force them to move out. on alone could be random vandalism, but this sort of thing is been happening to this apartment complex for as long as i've been here, nonstop. >> coming up, the charges the landlord is facing, and the possible motive. why the safety advocates are worried about the public response to this huge auto recall. right now were looking at a commute that is okay, getting busier on highway 4 heading to concord. the weather is not too bad, mostly rainfall north of the golden gate with incredible amounts, but better today.
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there is a recall for honda, 310,000 older cars with the takata airbags that have a hijinks abrupt ring to cause injury or death. last week one of airbags ruptured and killed a woman in southern california. 300,000 of these recalled cars have not yet been fixed, and honda said it mailed letters, placed ads on facebook, made phone calls and even visit in person to the people that on
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the cars, and safety advocates want to take care of any recalls before they can renew the registration. the san francisco judge must make the decision on the largest auto scandal settlement in history of america, today is the deadline to approve or reject the offer from volkswagen to buy back from the owners all of the cars involved in the bw emissions scandal. -- vw emissions scandal, and the judge said he is inclined to give it the approval, but wants to consider the owner objections for a few more days. it is 5:16 am. the latest consumer report listed the most reliable cars, and for the first time in 30 years, the american brand made it into the top three. lexis was number one, the parent company toyota was number two, buick coming in third, putting it ahead of 26
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other brands from around the world. the least reliable brands are from the same company, deadly the ott-chrysler cars, ram trucks ranking last, the ott, chrysler and dodge at the bottom of the list, and tesla ranking just ahead of them at 25th.>> a few windshield sprinkles. all it takes, even if it's just sprinkling a little bit, just a little bit of water on the road, and that means people are driving and they cannot stop in time. we get more crashes, and hopefully that will not happen. we are seeing more fender bender's out there as we take a look at the commute, gilroy traffic moving okay. no major problems driving through. there have been quite a bit of small fender bender's, and so
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far they have not caused a lot of slow traffic, but the oil on the road is coming up, and that is what is causing some of these collisions. as we drive into the main part of the valley, not a bad commute. also looking at the golden gate bridge, southbound 101 is a little bit wet heading to the south, and we will see if the marin county commute will be slower due to the wet weather. at the bay bridge, a little bit of rain, a enough to wet the roads, so give yourself an extra 10 to 15 minutes. it is 5:18 am. look at that line, raining at the golden gate but not on the bay bridge, a distinct line. there were some incredible totals northward from the golden gate, ran in napa county. -- marin county and napa county, of to mendocino and lake pretty good rain. letting up for some but still pretty steady, winter getting
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heavy rain, 2.79, occidental 2.64, sevastopol 2.36, st. helena 2.24, kentfield almost an inch, napa .65, mill valley .40. more in marin county, fairfax 1.41, san rafael 1.41. all getting to to two in three quarters. there is still some coming up but it's lighting up a little bit, so that rain taking aim at santa rosa, windsor and rohnert park. calistoga northward, not as much rain in mendocino county, about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inch. very mild, 60s on the temperatures, in the warm sector with humidity through the roof. a little cooler for a few,
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kelseyville .49, cannot that had the most rain at 1.5. 60 san rafael and mill valley. mild temperatures, 43 in truckee, 52 in ukiah. this is a warm system, so no snow in the sierra. there is a lot of energy racing across and it will arrive on thursday and into friday. this next system may be more of a front for the areas south of golden gate, especially the santa cruz mountains. you can see everybody gets in on the mix for impressive totals heading toward thursday night, friday and into sunday as well. 60s and 70s on the temperatures, and if you can get any sun breaking through, it will feel tropical. rain returning thursday and friday with the next system coming in saturday afternoon and evening and into sunday.
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it is 5:20 am. california national guard members are angry at having to pay back reenlisting bonuses to return to the war zone. >> i did exactly what the contract asked me to do and i trusted my commanders. >> but congress is doing that could help them years after returning home from the battlefield.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the folks at the peninsula humane society saying they are not being taken care of properly, and sang in that understaffing in bad conditions are being ignored. >> there was already in existing hole vetted not been fixed despite we had asked several times for the facilities and management to come by to inspect it. >> the nose are being damaged with little done to improve them, assuming collapsed in the room that is housing cats. >> these are unfortunate situations, and were not happy about any of them, but we feel there are reasons they have occurred. >> the management of the humane society said that the timing of the allegations are suspicious because the union employees
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have been in contract talks for over a year. the wild fox that bit of woman and her dog in sonoma county, testing positive for rabies, and the woman was written in september, and she was vaccinated afterwards to prevent rabies. the dog was attacked earlier this month, and that dog is devin vaccinated as well. with an update to the thousands of california national guardsmen that were ordered to repay the enlistment bonus they were given to return to duty in afghanistan and iraq, and asking the defense department to stop the repayment, and the bonuses were offered at a time when reenlisting was down, and they say that fraud was committed in california awarding the bonuses and two other national guard units, but the troops say they follow the orders and now they feel betrayed. >> if there is any ptsd i have suffered it has been from this, not from any place i have been.
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>> filing an appeal of the order to repay the bonus that was granted, and now he is filing a class action lawsuit, trying to help thousands of others that are being told to repay the money. it is 5:20 am. more information about the major norovirus outbreak at the hotel two years ago in with the naacp plans on doing later today. the warriors beginning a new season and opened about >> from that historic nba collapse. a little bit of slow traffic, and on highway 24 still looking okay as you drive west toward art oakland -- toward oakland. lifting out of the area with totals in the north bay off the charts, coming up.
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breaking news in oakland, a speeding car slammed into two oakland police cars and another driver, and the passenger in the speeding car was killed. all of this happened near brookville avenue not far from interstate 580. you can see from these pictures how widespread the scene is, and we will have the latest on what happened in a few minutes. welcome back to mornings on 2 on this tuesday, october 25, and i am dave clark. i am gasia mikaelian in for pam cook, and let's turn to
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steve paulson. there are some areas that have not had any rain, solano county had hardly anything, marin county over an inch, in some locations not a drop. anything north of the golden gate getting the honors. we have a little bit of rain moving in some areas that have not had any, a little bit this morning, but in winter, occidental, lake sonoma in sebastopol all getting over 2 inches, and kentfield .94, napa .65, mill valley .40. you could easily find over an inch for some, 2 to 3 inches for some as well. santa rosa, rohnert park, cazadero all over 2 inches, and some are really good. some get .01 or nothing. this rain we missed -- left out
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of the area, calming down but leading up and not much at all. maybe a tenth of an inch for a few, but not much in the areas south. this breeze will be with us through the day, mild with upper 50s and 60s on the temperatures, pittsburg 66, and look for the rain to let up with this system lifting northward. live another system that will come in thursday and friday. that will get the south of the golden gate wet. 60s and 70s on the temperatures. it is 5:31 am. i want to let people know that i'm not very short period -- that i am not very short period . i have not 5'3" or anything like that.
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the other day somebody said they thought i was very short, and i thought that was funny. let's go to the salon can get before i get in trouble. vacaville, airfield in vallejo has slowed traffic coming up in vallejo, coming up toward the carquinez bridge. i do not see any crashes, but when it gets wet people have a tendency to slow down, and sometimes we don't get the crashes. this slow down is a little bit pastor this accident, vallejo slow traffic already coming through solano county. let's move along and take a look at 880 northbound and southbound, traffic moving okay in front of the oakland coliseum. the parking lot is a little bit dark. if you're driving at the bay bridge, the metering lights are on, backed up for a 10 minute
5:33 am
delay. bringing you the very latest on breaking news we've been telling you about in oakland.>> one person has been killed after a collision with two oakland police cars, and were at the intersection at 35th in brookdale where the investigation is underway.>> reporter: good morning. this is an active investigation, and you can see that 35th street is shut down in both directions in the area of brookdale as they piece together what happened at 3 am. you can see in the distance this red vehicle, there was a passenger that died in the incident, and the driver is in critical condition. the officers in the vehicle that were involved are not injured. we were hearing that investigators were in the area investigating another incident, and we heard there was a shooting at around 10 pm. one person was transported to the hospital by his wife in that incident, one block from where this crash occurred.
5:34 am
the police have not confirmed what they were investigating, but it 3 am this morning we have a report that the red car was either fleeing from the scene, passing by the scene, and that car collided with two police vehicles in a parked car on the side of 35th avenue. the passenger died at the scene in the driver was taken to the hospital in critical condition. noah word on -- no word on the identity of the people in the car, but we are hearing that the officers were not injured. this is still under investigation, and we saw the crime scene investigators on the scene, and we will start to talk with some of these investigators to try to find out more detail. this was a fatal collision. >> at this point we do not know whether the driver of the rate card to easily crashed into the police cars or just happen to have veered into the police
5:35 am
vehicle? >> the situation is developing. >> reporter: investigators are still learning what happened, and this could've been a vehicle passing by the scene, or could've been fleeing the scene, but at this point that is unclear. we are going to try to talk to the investigator to get clarity on what happened earlier this morning. >> thank you, christian. it is 5:35 am. the san francisco police department has identified the two officers that shot and killed the man accused of shooting a fellow officer, officer kevin downs shot in the head october 14, he is expected to survive that could be paralyzed. they chased nicholas mcwherter to stern grove who been shot at them and they shot back. nicholas mcwherter died of his injuries, and the officers that shot him were officer nathan
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chu and paul menendez. they generally will release the names of the officers within 10 days of the incident. the landlord or the peninsula has been accused of vandalizing the tenant cars hoping they will move out so that he could increase the rent to the market rate. >> the tenants live at the apartment complex in east palo alto, and we spoke with those that lived there that suspect the landlord has committed more crimes.>> and starts right here. >> reporter: john has lived at this apartment complex in east palo alto for three years and showing the damage done to his car last year. >> on its own it could be a random vandalism but this is been happening at this apartment complex for as long as i have been here, nonstop. >> reporter: he has his suspicions on who is behind it, especially after talking to the landlord who suggested he move
5:37 am
out. >> when you tell your landlord you been vandalized and he tells you you may want to consider moving out. >> reporter: and three other tenants came forward saying he had damaged their cars in the past summer, surveys video obtained shows what the tenants are claiming is the owners car shooting out the window of the tenants car with a bb gun. according to the da, the landlord motive is to force them out to raise the rent. >> we think this is such an egregious offense that it warrants a felony treatment, most landlords were not think of doing anything like this. but when they do, the we think this is taking advantage of those that need rent control. >> reporter: they are charged the landlords son for attempting to intimidate a victim, both surrendered after arrest warrants were issued last month, out on their own were cognizant, calling what they did extortion. >> you have a guy that is a lot of money, the landlord with millions of dollars, and here
5:38 am
he is taking the time to shoot out the back of the cars, key the cars in causing harm to hard-working individuals, not something you want to hear. fox 2 news. the naacp and announcing it is suing the sofitel hotel over the norovirus that sickened dozens of of -- of the members, more than 50 people became violently ill during dinner, and the hotel did not do enough to help those that were sick. so people were taken to the hospital, including the former oakland mayor harris. the release of new surveillance video will help to find the people responsible for the robbery where the victim was dragged by the car. here's the video of the 28-year- old san francisco man being dragged by the honda civic moments after being robbed of these expensive camera at the cliff house near the ocean
5:39 am
beach. he suffered cuts and abrasions, and a different video showing the man wearing the white clothing chasing after the car, and they believe the suspects drove away leaving one of the accomplices behind. investigators are worried about the violent nature of the crime in broad daylight. >> the two subjects approached him, and one of the suspects pushed the victim down, and the other suspect grabbed his camera.>> the police have arrested one man, 19-year-old tacoma -- jacoba padea and the police are still looking for four other suspects in the case. looking for how to get a job in the restaurant industry, students at the marshall high school will learn how to get the first job in the restaurant business, representatives of bon appitit, google, the olympic club in the voting
5:40 am
bakery will teach the students -- vote dean -- boudin bakery, the third year of the program teaching young people to connect with the restaurant professionals. check it out on our website, under news links. kevin durant making his season debut for the golden state warriors, and the warriors opening up at 7:30 pm tonight. here was the scene at practice yesterday, steph curry showing off tricks, and does that even look back to appreciate what happened. the warriors facing the san antonio spurs, and last season the warriors beat this first three times and lost wants. -- once, in the coaches says the season opener is different.>> this year there's more of a feeling out process
5:41 am
that will happen over the next two weeks. we are not settled on the location or how this will work, still experimenting. >> the warriors will go on the road for three games and be back next thursday night when they host the kevin durant former team, the oklahoma city thunder. the world cup series starting tonight with the chicago cubs in cleveland indians, the two longest active championship droughts in all of baseball, the game is at progressive field in cleveland because the american late won the home-field advantage in the all-star game, and the cleveland indians have not won in 68 years, the title drought only second to the codes who have not won in 108 years. there are several oakland a's and giants of both teams, including jon lester, who pitched for the a's in 2014. the world series is right here on ktvu fox 2 2, and covers
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begins at 4:30 pm, and you can watch our newscast at 4:30 pm, 5 pm, 6 pm and 7 pm. one step closer to reality, coming up, the program replacing the traditional streetlights with the longer- lasting led lights. those using obamacare will have to pay a lot more in premiums going up by 25%. looking at a commute and east bay that will be a little bit slower due to the wet weather. not raining hard, just enough to slow down the commute in many areas. light rain moving through, but all of the totals are up in the north day, a break later today. i'll get you dancing... ♪
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woman: prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. man: not on working californians, not small businesses. no one. woman: instead, prop 55 simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. man: so those who can most afford it continue paying their fair share... woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. at a theme park in australia, two people were killed, and they were writing the ride in the dream world when two were thrown off of the ramp, two more were trapped underwater, and the theme park said they had never have problems on the ride before, and officials will try to figure out what caused the problem. millions of americans expected to pay more next year for the health insurance, the obama administration confirming premiums going up more than 20% under the present health care law, leading the criticism, especially from the republicans. >> it has been announced that americans are going to experience another double-digit spike in the premium for the obamacare. >> the obama administration confirming americans will see an increase in the health care costs next year.
5:46 am
as part of that health care reform law, republicans are condemning the announcement, and house speaker paul ryan releasing a statement, "families are stuck paying the higher premiums, and democrats only want to double down on obamacare. there is a better way, republicans are offering the plan to repeal obamacare and replace it." amy m's are expected to rise by an average of 25%, consumers will see fewer insurers offering plans on the government exchange. >> it's not only the premium, it's the deductible, cast out of your pocket.>> reporter: hillary clinton didst the scene -- distancing herself from the campaign, and donald trump talking about healthcare. >> donald trump has to talk about what is going to do to replace it.>> it's only getting worse, not only for you but
5:47 am
also for the country because the country cannot afford it. >> reporter: the white house is predicting obamacare moment will grow about 9% in 2017. it is 5:47 am. we have some wet road and rain in the forecast. >> that's right, not much rain, but it only takes a little bit to make the morning commute slower. traffic will be busy in many of these commutes, 80 in vallejo, traffic is slow driving through. do not be surprised when you arrive at the carquinez bridge and benicia bridge, give yourself plenty of extra time. traffic will be busy driving -->> let's go to the live pictures. the altamont pass is very slow on tool five and 580.
5:48 am
here's a live look at interstate 80 north and southbound, traffic is busy. it is not stop and go, and at the bay bridge they have turned on the metering lights with no major issues. we have the commute getting slow. 5:48 am. some of the north bay or golden gate northward totals very impressive. to the south hardly anything. but there will be a little bit of morning rain, but we are about done in the next couple of hours. some of this is still coming up from the west southwest, but it kept going up toward windsor, cloverdale. occidental, lake sonoma, sevastopol, st. helena. canfield is okay, sleepy hollow 1.71. kentfield .94, napa .65, mill valley .40.
5:49 am
russian river, the same, and over 2 inches, cloverdale 2.10, and santa rosa 2.04. fairfax 1.41, san rafael 1.10. after that hardly anything, a quarter of an inch at pacifica, and some areas not one drop. nothing at crockett, benicia or vallejo. there is still some coming up, but it looks from calistoga northward up to lake county in mendocino county. there is still some scooting through, the breeze south that 21, south-southeast in oakland at 18. san jose in mountain view up again, the peninsula, santa clara valley, and some of the wind gusts in the higher elevations could be rather blustery. 60s on the temperatures, very mild. before in palo alto, stanford
5:50 am
also close at 63. a few upper 50s and a lot of 60s, mid-60s for a few. the rain will let up and lift to the north, and this system will deepen, and lifting this backup to this line. this next system is on its way, taking aim more widespread, and it will not be favoring the north bay, more into the santa cruz mountains. in the next five days through sunday, really good totals, so be advised. we are better off today, wednesday is fine, the transition day. we may start on thursday okay, but coming up from the west southwest early thursday morning and bringing in the rain moderate to heavy for the santa cruz mountains. after a foot of rain a week ago, we need keep an eye on that. more rain barreling in late thursday, friday and late
5:51 am
sunday. 60s and 70s on the temperatures, and you may feel like you are on the tropical islands, humidity, breeze and windy at times. mid-70s tuesday into wednesday, rain thursday and friday with the break saturday, and the next system late saturday and sunday. we need to cover up that halloween costume with the rain jacket on monday. >> we will have a little bit left over monday and tuesday. it is 5:51 am. the bay area rents going up, and a new report saying that may not necessarily be the case.
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my mom marnie and then she died life. of lung cancer. so i have a personal interest in helping prevent smoking. i'm tom steyer, the co-chair of the yes on 56 campaign. every year, nearly 17,000 california kids start smoking. a third of them will die from their addiction. tobacco taxes reduce youth smoking. please. vote yes on prop 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. there is a $50,000 reward for information on the two shootings that occurred in oakland over the weekend, a drive-by shooting at 77th in bancroft injured seven people, and 45 minutes later a block away more than a dozen police officers ducking for cover after someone fired shots at them. no one was hurt as the officers doing follow-up work on the drive-by shooting, and there are no evidence that the two shootings were connected. one person was detained and investigators are trying to figure out whether he is connected to the incidents. the corner has identified the man that was shot and
5:55 am
killed sunday morning outside of the hotel at the sfo, dane trepo was visiting someone when he was killed and targeted, and so far no arrests have been made closing for good, the foresthill christian church planning to bull does -- bulldozed the school, 150 units of affordable senior housing will be built on the land, and the church says that it cannot keep up with the repairs or afford the upkeep.>> tears are running down my face, and i thought i would be retiring from the school. >> some teachers are campaigning to relocate the school but without funds, it is not looking courage and. city leaders are considering putting a 45 day moratorium on place on rent
5:56 am
increases, and they want to create a housing hotline and avoid the suits between the tenants and landlords, and since 2012, the rent in concord has gone up 30%, and it costs about $1500 for a one-bedroom apartment. paying less to live in the bay area during the month of september, the rent flipped 1.5% in oakland, different from the reports earlier in the year saying that renters were saying rent decreases in san francisco and san jose, but the open rent was shown to be up. several big companies reporting big quarterly earnings today, apple reporting after the closing bell, and they predict that the revenues have slipped for apple, the last time that happened was in 2001. they say some of it is due to the timing of the release of the iphone 7, and they expect to seek stronger sales for the holiday shopping center
5:57 am
quarter. early this morning, a life report from the scene, the passenger died in the driver is in critical condition. slightly slower commute in trouble spots you need to avoid, coming up. impressive totals, mainly to the north with some rain right now.
5:58 am
5:59 am
we are following two separate incidents involving the bay area police departments, an officer- involved shooting in san jose, and hours later, someone in a speeding car was killed after the car slammed into two oakland police suvs. the rain and wind hits the bay area, the damage done and how the wet weather will affect your morning commute. mornings on 2 continues. it is 6:00 on this tuesday morning, october 25 and i am in early for pam cook, gasia mikaelian i am dave clark, and
6:00 am
steve is working on the forecast. >> most of it in the north bay or north of the golden gate, but some of the areas are getting some rain, the peninsula and east bay a little bit, and the santa cruz mountains, areas south, everything from marin county northward, unbelievable totals that are still adding up. windsor 2.83, calistoga hills 2.65, sebastian -- sevastopol 2.36, sleepy hollow 1.71, mill valley .40. there are heavier totals, and again san rafael over in it, fairfax 1 1/2 inch. cloverdale, re-unido, all to do two in three quarters. -- all 2 inches to two


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