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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  October 25, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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inside the warriors arena. ♪[music] >> i see my seat. >> way down court side. >> yes. right behind steph curry and kevin durant. >> nice. david will be there. i'll be there in spirit. i'm told by die hard warriors fans it's like christmas. they open up the season here at home. we will see kevin durant with his new team. allie rasmus will show what you is happening and all of the goodies you can get if you are lucky enough to be going. >> i'm dave clark. that is gasia. steve paulson is working really hard because of rain. >> finally getting some. the totals northward were hard to believe. we saw the same thing with the santa cruz mountains last time. this is the last oomph and then it will move through the areas.
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look at the rain totals. sleepy hollow 1.71. and then napa three quarters of an inch. there was not as much rain up in lake county and also mendocino county. sonoma county took honors here. look at santa rosa. then san rafael, 1.66. sausalito, .12. this was the line north where the heavier rainfall was. the system moves through. south san francisco as well. and also still going in marin county. san raphael back over to the richmond bridge and over to berkeley and san pablo bay. it's been missing there in the last 24 hours. south, south and there's going to be pretty blustery conditions and mild on the
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temps. in the mid-60s here. a few upper 50s. but very mild and persistent breeze for the last two days. we will get a break on wednesday. then the next system will give us widespread rain but not until probably thursday. 60s and 70s and maybe even mid- 70s. sal, it took a while, but i know that san francisco has rain and the east bay. that has probably caused issues. >> it has. we have had a lot of fender benders. most the kind where people get involved in the crash and pull to the shoulder. but it slows the traffic. let's start off with the macarthur maze. that is taking a lot of time. almost an hour to drive from the brimming to the macarthur maze. the traffic will be busy up to the bay bridge toll plaza. when you get to the toll plaza, the traffic is backed up. we have had a lot of minor
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incidents in the east bay commute. i want to mention if you are on a schedule, give yourself extra time. you can see that traffic is going to be busy on highway 4. and 680 we had an earlier crash on 24 westbound. so the traffic from walnut creek to oakland is jam packed. this will not be a good commute for you. it normally takes ten, 15 minutes. this morning it is taking half an hour through the same drive. in the south bay, traffic will be busy this morning. 7:03. we will talk about that next time. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. scary moments for san jose police. an officer-involved shooting was prompted when the suspect rammed a car into a police car. janine de la vega is live at the scene. is this going to affect classes this morning, janine. >> reporter: it doesn't look like it will. parents are being escorted in
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to drop or students. that's also what they're doing for the workers that work at the kellogg's factory where the shooting happened right across the street. this is the crime scene where the shooting happened. here is the suv that police fired at. police say around midnight, the driver came around a corner and hit an occupied patrol car off of julian and 27th street. the suspect then backed up and rammed the patrol car a second time. that's when two other officers who were on foot got involved. >> the two other officers who were on foot ended up using their service weapons to shoot at the suspect vehicle. the suspect vehicle fled and was later found unoccupied about a half a mile away. patrol officers then searched the area and located a person who we believe may be the possible suspect. we have taken him into custody for a warrant pending further investigation.
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>> reporter: police found the suspect vehicle actually in a carport at an apartment complex at mckee and king. we got details that the k-9 tracked the suspect close by. we asked the police why the suspect hit the patrol car. they don't know the motivation. but the suspect was driving a stolen vehicle. and that vehicle was stolen from o'connor hospital. there is surveillance footage showing that theft. the suspect has a misdemeanor warrant for an unrelated crime, resisting arrest. the officers and the suspect none of them are hurt. and they are thinking -- we just spoke with a police officer. they are thinking that the investigation will be wrapped up soon in the next hour and they should open up wooster avenue after that. >> it should not affect the school behind you. thank you, janine. a deadly crash involving
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two oakland patrol cars this morning. it happened at 35th avenue and brookdale at about 3:00 a.m. the impact killed the passenger in the suspect's car. and the driver suffered critical injuries. no police officers were hurt. and no one was inside the civilian car that was hit. we will have a live report at 7:30. new this morning, 25 people rushed to a hospital in vancouver canada after a flight from sfo to london was diverted to vancouver. it landed because several crew members became ill. flight ba286 carried about 400 passengers. the canadian broadcasting corporation says 25 passengers and crew members were taken to hospitals, treated for smoke inhalation. british airways put the other passengers up at various hotels and rebooked their flight. we will move back to the other big story. that is the weather as it is raining in parts of the bay
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area. an american elm tree crashed down outside of an apartment computer at college and alcatraz boulevards. that part of college avenue was closed to northbound traffic for 40 minutes as police investigated the scene. drivers are adjusting to dealing with wet roads during the morning commute. sal has been reporting. not so many problems this morning. but the numbers are increasing as more and more drivers are getting on the roads. the chp wants to remind us of special rules in the rain. >> it is safest to drive in the middle lanes. the roadway is crowned in the center so the fast and slow lanes are the first ones to flood. >> most people feel comfortable driving on wet streets. but they told us they worry about other drivers. they don't think they are as careful or capable as they are. although the rain and the
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wind have caused problems, there are really benefits of the storms we have had this month. the rain is helping to fill reservoirs according to water district officials. east bay mud had the second dryest year two years ago. the situation is better partly because of the storms this month. reservoirs are about 80% full now. one watershed has five inches of rain above average. don't forget you can download the ktvu weather app for all of the latest on the storm. it is absolutely free for android phones and iphones. basketball is back in oakland. the golden state warriors tip off the new season tonight at oracle. >> they can call me if they need me. along with the new season, the warriors will have a new look on the court as well. allie rasmus is at oracle arena right now. so what can fans expect to see this season, allie? >> reporter: they can expect to see the newest star kevin
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durant playing alongside steph curry and green. a lot of fans are cautiously optimistic this could be the beginning towards a rematch between the warriors and cleveland cavaliers. that is still eight months away. warriors season opener, they take on the san antonio spurs. look around oracle arena. they have the stage set, t- shirts and free stuff for the fans on the seats out here. we will thank you what is on the t-shirts in a little bit. let's show you video from practice yesterday. league mvp steph curry bouncing the ball off of his head to get it into the basket. there is a lot of focus obviously on the team's newest star, kevin durant. having the former mvp and current mvp on the team has been great for the sales and jersey sales. >> curry has led the jersey sales for the past two years.
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when we first got kevin, we saw an influx of durant jerseys. not a lot of fans have the jerseys so there will be a push for that jersey. >> reporter: meanwhile the coach says getting the team to work together is a work in progress but that is obviously the end goal here. >> this year there are big adjustments to make in terms of lineups and getting comfortable together. >> reporter: now, what you're looking at here is a photo that someone took of kevin durant riding bart over the weekend. this picture has been retweeted and liked more than a thousand times. it captures the excitement that bay area fans have for the beginning of the season. the new star, the star forward on the team. back out here at oracle arena, there are still tickets available on the resale market. it will probably sell out.
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fans coming out here will get some of the free shirts. if you're wondering who is pictured on the shirt. this is craig sager. he is a side line reporter known for his flashy suits. he is battling leukemia. the warriors are selling additional shirts to benefit the leukemia research foundation. that is what is happening tonight at oracle. tipoff is at 7:30. >> i was wonder hog was on the t-shirts. craig is a great guy. allie, thank you. i appreciate. >> our question to you this morning is this. >> what are you most looking for to this season? let us know what you think. post a comment on our ktvu facebook page or tweet us with the hashtag #ktvu. a little girl whose father was one of the police officers in palm springs killed in the line of duty, the police
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department showed support as she returned to school for the first time since the tragedy. hillary clinton's lead is growing for the race in the white house. why donald trump says the latest polls are wrong. it's a wet commute. and that means more delays for you if you're trying to get anywhere in the bay. look at the backup to the bay bridge. this pretty much says it all. a lot of commutes are like this this morning. for some areas not a drop. but it is pouring in marin county right now. we will take a look at impressive rain totals coming up.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. the bus driver in the deadly weekend crash near palm springs had a questionable safety record. the l.a. times says the driver was sued twice for negligence after other crashes, one where three people died. the paper also reports his
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company received at least six unsatisfactory ratings from the chp. that driver and 12 passengers were killed on sunday. the bus coming back from a casino slammed into a big rig on interstate 10. just two weeks ago here until election day. most polls show hillary clinton's lead over donald trump is growing. but trump says those polls are wrong. >> they are phony polls put out by phony media. and i'll tell you what, all of us are affected by this. and what they do is try to suppress the vote. this way people don't go out and vote. but we're winning this race. >> trump argues that most polls oversampled democrats and points to recent elections like the brexit vote where the polls were inaccurate. president obama took digs at trump on jimmy kimmel where he read a tweet from trump that said that president obama would go down as the president worst
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ever. >> @realdonaldtrump, at least i will go down as a president. >> they both campaign in florida today. >> remember that naked donald trump statue, the one that popped up in san francisco's castro district a couple months ago, one that turned up in los angeles has been sold at auction. the naked trump was the most talked about piece in saturday's auction, selling for $22,000 to an anonymous buyer. part of the proceeds will go to a national immigrant advocacy group. another statue that popped up in cleveland is also being auctioned this week. there were other statues in seattle, miami, new york, and new jersey. now the one in san francisco, that was confiscated by the police. the time is 7:16. you might want to leave a little early because sal is reporting wet roadways. it leads to traffic problems. we know the rest. >> yes. highway 24 is not looking good
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right now. as you drive from walnut creek to oakland. a very slow commute this morning. that's because of an earlier crash near the tunnel. it has been cleared out but the traffic is very slow on 24. on the other side in oakland it is slow getting down to the 589 interchange. at the bay bridge, backed up for a 25 to 30-minute delay. hayward to fremont has filled in earlier than normal. dunbarton bridge is crowded. 17 is kind of behind schedule because of an earlier accident on northbound 17. traffic is backed up out of scott's valley down to the valley. 7:17. let's go to steve. >> sal, we have really heavy rain parts of marin county. watch out for 101. i would think that your screen would go yellow if it hasn't
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already. >> all right. >> no , it might be on the back side of this from mill valley which hasn't had a lot of rain. north of that, there's been a ton of rain. we're getting heavy rain in tibberon. it is intense. incredible rain totals, especially from the golden gate north. napa three quarters. after that, then sleepy hollow probably had more than that. cal stowingstoga hills getting some rain. look at that all over two and a quarter. look at san raphael, 1.66. fairfax, 1.58. sausalito had .12. that was an hour ago. that might have changed.
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the east bay getting some. over san pablo bay heading over to hercules and american. mendocino and lake county getting rain. but the heaviest was to the south. south of 12 and south of 15. southeast up to santa clara valley. we've had a south/southeast breeze for two days now. that's why the temperatures are high. parts of the east bay and south bay, mid 70s would not surprise me. one projection of 76 out in east san jose. i didn't go that warm but i wouldn't be surprised with 74. los altos at 63. maybe another hour and we will get a break. you can see how the line is lifting there because this system is digging off shore. that will tap into a pretty empress i have system.
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that will move in here late thursday and into friday. today, 60s and 70s. morning rain. kind of hit and miss. it's all pretty much oakland north and south and east of that, there has been that much. a break on wednesday. then rain returns on thursday. it looks like widespread into friday and probably more rain late saturday and into sunday morning. one more system tuesday and then we get a break. >> this is interesting. >> yes, it is. >> thank you, steve. a man was fatally shot in san francisco's glenn park neighborhood. in 15 minutes, the bay area film maker who police say did it. also keeping your baby sleep while you're both asleep. the new sleeping guidelines just released by the american academy of pediatrics.
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woman: how do we protect them from $4 billion in new cuts to california schools? man: vote yes on proposition 55. woman: prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. man: not on working californians, not small businesses. no one. woman: instead, prop 55 simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. man: so those who can most afford it continue paying their fair share... woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive.
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>> this is what students saw when they came to school yesterday morning at the public charter school in windsor. the word trump spray painted on walls, doors and steps and painted in a prominent spot, build the wall higher. >> everybody was like why would they do this? it's our school. >> they felt harassed. they felt violated. they felt as though their school had been abused in some way. >> this is the only school in
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windsor that was targeted. all of the students learn in both spanish and english. about a three quarters are latino. there's a new study suggesting that the brains of young boys who play one season of youth football change. a study by doctors at wake forest university says the brain's white matter that help the brain communicate with the rest of the body changes after a couple of months of the collisions related to football. the doctors admit they don't know exactly what the changes mean or if they last long. most research is focused on professional football players. but now doctors want more studies of the more than 3 million children who play the game. >> the developing game is particularly susceptible to different kinds of injuries. so we have to be careful in youth. >> now researchers hope to track children through five seasons of youth games and practices. they want to see if the brain changes get worse if the
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players stay in the game longer. coaches say in the meantime they will keep encouraging kids to be smart about how to use their head in games. new guidelines show that infants should share a room with their parents to help prevent sudden infant death syndrome. the american academy of pediatrics say babies should stay in their parents' room for at least six months and up to a year. they say the baby should not sleep in their parents' bed or any other soft surfaces. the academy says room sharing can reduce the risk of sids by 50%. every year 3500 babies buy in the united states by sleeping related death, including sids. this is the first time that doctors have clarified just how long they should share a room. the time is 7:25. a bay area landlord accused of damaging his own tenants' cars. >> it might be a random vandalism.
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but this sort of thing has been happening to this apartment complex for as long as i have been here. nonstop. >> the charges the landlord now faces and the possible motive behind the alleged crimes. one man is dead after a car plows right into a police investigation. we will have new details for you coming up. good morning. we see traffic delayed this morning by some wet weather. even though it's not raining hard, it has been raining hard enough to cause accidents and also to slow traffic down. we will tell you more about highway 24, one of the slowest commutes in the bay area. even we're getting rain from san francisco over to the east bay, marin county getting a lot of rain right now. heavy totals up in sonoma county. we will take a look at those coming up.
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>> take a look at this picture. you can see it is gray and soggy around san francisco. a couple of drops on the camera even. lots of clouds. no sun to speak of. just think how happy your plants are. this is the rain we have been needing for so many years. we're going to talk more about the rain in a moment with steve. we welcome you back to mornings on 2 on this tuesday morning, october 25th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> just drive careful. >> very careful. >> i'm dave clark. we are checking the weather. steve paulson we need to hear from you this morning. >> a lot of it is north. it looks like things are
7:30 am
lightening up a little bit in marin county. in the last half hours, reports of torrential rain. it looks like things are on the back side of that. i keep trying to update these. i tried to squeeze that in. four inches of rain. that is from terry. that says 4. i will fix it later. i believe it, terry. so i believe it. other locations, calstoga hills, sleepy hollow, probably more than that. napa that's west santa rosa 2.17. san rafael, now 1.77. fairfax, 1.67. angela king says it was pouring
7:31 am
in tiburon. i had to drive my kid two blocks to the bus stop. that's how much it is raining. we are getting some in the east bay. san francisco had a little bit. that seems to be wiping down. i think we're about done. this was the last oomph moving through. kind of hit and miss up to lake county and napa county and parts of the east bay as well. south wind in oakland. it should lighten up later tonight. 50sand 60s. very mild. peninsula temps also mild. look for the highs to be in the 60s and 70s. the rain will end and then we get a break later today and tomorrow. sal, you have things popping up quick, i see. >> we do have a lot of slow traffic. you mentioned marin county. it is indeed slow in marin county to san rafael and approaching the golden gate bridge. a couple crashes have been cleared but it is definitely slower than you normally see it
7:32 am
in marin. mostly from rolland boulevard and approaching the golden gate bridge. traffic getting into the marin county area. of course the east shore freeway, that entire stretch is slow from the bridge down to the maze. that is taking an hour. 680 is slow. highway 24. all slower than normal because of the wet weather. as steve has been saying, it hasn't been downpours for most people but wet enough to slow commutes and cause fender benders. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic will be backed up for 25 minutes. san jose is getting slow. northbound 280 crowding up. it gets slower as you get out of camera range here. up to highway 17 and the west valley, all of the freeways are slowing into the west val i but it's not raping in downtown san jose right now. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we continue to follow a
7:33 am
developing stories in oakland where one person was killed after colliding with three other vehicles, including two oakland police cars. investigators say the car plowed into an unrelated shooting investigation. christian. >> reporter: yeah. crews cleared that scene just about 45 minutes ago and have reopened 35th avenue in the area of brookdale. as you said, two investigations underway here in oakland. one a shooting. and then two, that car crash after a car came plowing right into the shooting investigation. now, we have learned that the passenger in a red car was the one who was killed in that crash. the driver was taken to highland hospital in critical condition. police have confirmed that investigators were already in the area investigating that shooting. we learned that the shooting happened around 10:00 last night. one person transported to the hospital by his wife. that incident happened right there. and then just about a block away at 3:00 this morning, police tell me they were investigating that shooting and a red car came southbound away from 580 at what police are
7:34 am
calling a, quote, high rate of speed. that red car plowed into a parked police car. that police car then hit another police car and a civilian vehicle. the passenger in the red vehicle died on scene. the driver taken, again, to highland hospital in critical condition. now, police are investigating a possible case of vehicular homicide. at this point, no word on the identities of the people inside the red car. no word on the officers involved. but the good news we're hearing that none of the officers involved were injured. no word on the condition of the man who was shot which was the first incident that brought investigators to that neighborhood in the first place. so at this point, the last word we had on him was he was at highland hospital in critical condition as well as the person behind the wheel of the car that plowed right into that shooting investigation. >> thank you, christian. boy, what a morning. thank you, christian. the time is 7:34. a bay area film maker known for documenties in san francisco is
7:35 am
now accused of a deadly shooting. kevin epps was booked on suspicion of homicide and being a felon in possession of a gun. yesterday afternoon police were called about a shooting inside a home near san jose avenue in the glenn park neighborhood. sky fox flew over the scene as police were blocking off that house. investigators say that epps shot and killed a man in his 40s. police are not saying anything about their relationship or a possible motive. ktvu interviewed epps for a special report back in may of 2006. he has several films to his credit but best known for the 2001 documentary straight out of hunters point, focusing on how drugs and violence affected his neighborhood. an amber alert remains in effect for a sonoma county baby by his mother who does not have custody. the little boy disappeared on
7:36 am
sunday from a home in guerneville. now these are two photos of his mother, hannah ashley. she is suspected of taking the child on sunday. but the chp activated the alert on monday, when child protect pitch services reported that ashley may not be able to properly care for the little boy. she may be driving a silver subaru forester with the license plate on your screen. no word on where she may be going. anyone with information about this case is asked to call 911. the time is 7:36. today the naacp will announce plans to sue the hotel in redwood city because of a neuro virus outbreak that sickened many members. it happened two years ago at the state banquet. and they're claiming more than 50 people became violently ill during the dinner and that the hotel did not do enough to help the victims. 12 people were taken to the
7:37 am
hospital, including former oakland mayor harris. a landlord is facing felony charges after officials say evan calizeed cars that belong to his own tenants. he was trying to raise the rent for new tenants. the landlord was arrested and charged with felony vandalism after three tenants came forward to say he damaged their cars earlier this year. the san mateo county d.a. says the felony charges are justified. >> but we think it is stuff an egregious event that it warrants the felony treatment. most landlords would not do something like this. when they do, that is taking advantage of our people who need the rent control. >> tenants in rent controlled apartments pay $1,000 for a studio unit. people in the area can pay twice as much. he could be sentenced to four months in jail if convicted.
7:38 am
we made a number of calls to his attorney. but our calls have not been returned. the city of concord trying to keep the rent from going up there. city leaders are considering a moratorium in place for rent increases over 3%. they want to create a board to deal with disputes between tenants and landlords. the newspaper report that's since 2012, rents in concord have gone up 30%. right now it costs about $1,500 for a one-bedroom apartment in concord. the daughter of one of the explain palm springs police officers returned to school for the first time since her father was killed. but she didn't do it alone. a group of police officers surprised 8-year-old vanessa vega and gave her hugs yesterday. she showed up at the home and gave her a police escort to school. when they arrived, they walked her to a classroom, took a few photos and then each officer gave her a hug good-bye.
7:39 am
vanessa is the youngest child of officer vega. he has eight children. well, a pop-up clothing store is coming to san francisco friday to serve san francisco's homeless community. it's called the street store. now, it's been organized in other cities but it's the first for san francisco. the customers will be able to browse through donated items on hangers and shelves as they would in a regular store and they will be able to pick up to ten items for free. the worker from google is putting together the event with the help of community services. she says the goal is to give the homeless choices and dignity through shopping. now, this event is friday. but donations, they're still welcome. and they're needed. you can drop off lightly worn clothing at 1350 folsom street between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. today. we're covering a police shooting in san jose.
7:40 am
we will tell you what prompted officers to open fire. there is growing outrage this morning, alex. >> there certainly is. thousands of national guard members in california ordered to pay back enlistment bonuses they received years ago. we will tell you how lawmakers are planning to come to the defense of those service members. we're seeing the traffic very slow in many areas. it has been a brutal commute getting to the bay bridge. but all of the commutes are wet. this is a look at the richmond bridge approach. you can tell it is raining now. some totals hardly worth mentioning. others are incredible. a couple four inch amounts to the north. more on that coming up. sixty-one will help lower costs for everyone, including vets. believe me. not them. vote yes on sixty-one.
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>> welcome back to mornings in
7:43 am
2. militants in pakistan wearing suicide vests stormed a police academy overnight and killed more than 60 people and wounded 120 others. most of the dead are police cadets and recruits. some pakistani army personnel who responded to the attack were killed as well. the militants waged a gun battle that went on for at least four hours. the attack caught many of the recruits asleep in their dorms and forced trainers to jump off roofs and run for their lives to get away. one attacker was killed. two others died when they set off bombs they were carrying. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. also this morning, lawmakers are working on ways to help thousands of national guardsmen who have been ordered to pay back enlistment bonuses given years ago. alex savidge is in the news room. outrage is growing from service members.
7:44 am
how is congress responding to this. >> good morning. they are planning to make action. lawmakers are working on various ways to help thousands of california national guardsmen ordered to repair enlistment bonuses given to them years ago. they are asking the defense department to stop the repayments and look at ways to wipe away the debts. almost 10,000 national guardsmen were given enlistment bonuses to return to iraq and afghanistan. some soldiers were paid $15,000. but audits show the service members were not entitled to the payments. now they're being asked to repay the money. brian is a guardsman who lives outside of sacramento and he says he was given a bonus to return to combat in 2007 and he says being told now to give the money back feels like a betrayal. >> it's been hell. it's been hell. if there's any kind of ptsd that i have suffered, it is
7:45 am
been from this, not from anyplace i have been. >> and he is now filing a class action lawsuit on behalf of fellow soldiers being told to pay back the bonuses. the money was offered at a time when reenlistments were down. the defense department believes that fraud was committed in awarding those bonuses here in california. also this morning, we are learning that congress apparently got a heads-up, they knew about this particular issue with the bonuses about two years ago. but, dave, they did not take any action at that time. >> what a story. alex savidge in our news room. thank you. >> okay. >> the 112th world series starts tonight. the chicago cubs and the cleveland indians have the two longest active championship droughts in al of baseball. game one progressive field in cleveland because the american league won the home field advantage in the all-star game. the indians have not won a
7:46 am
world series in 68 years. but that is second only to the cubs. they have not won in 108 years. and keep looking. there are former as and giants on the team, including the start for the cubs, lester. he paid for the as in 2014. the cubs finally making the world series is pushing ticket prices sky high. you can buy a luxury house or a house for the price that some people are asking for the tickets. once the cubs knocked the dodgers out, ticket prices jumped. for example, box seats on stub hub going for $50,000 and more. one person is even asking for $100,000 a seat. and believe it or not, i'm not kick you, somebody else is asking for almost a million dollars. >> i think it's unfortunate that the average fan can't go to a game like this. most of the fans that will be
7:47 am
there are going to be season ticket holders in some way, shape or form. >> one ticket vendor says the lowest ticket price in cleveland, $980 for a seat, which is not considered bad when you think that a standing room ticket at wrigley field in chicago is going for $2,200. the world series you will see it right here on ktvu fox 2. game coverage starts at 4:30 this afternoon. you can watch our newscast at 4:30, 5:00, 6:00 and 7:00 on the ktvu plus channel. i'm watching sal because you are watching our commute which has been a wild one this morning. >> it certainly has. a lot of people quite frankly just drive too fast for the conditions. and then when they have to stop, they realize this isn't stopping because the roads are slick. that's what happens in a lot of the collision that's we have. let's go to the richmond
7:48 am
bridge, westbound 580 getting over to san rafael. backed up for a mile approaching the bridge. it will be one of those commutes where it is heavy and slow. when you get into ma written county, eastbound 101 slowing down from northern novato down to central san rafael. the problem with this commute is you say it is only 25, 30 minutes but you will see that some of the drive just getting to the bridge this morning has been very slow. let's look at 80. slow from the bridge all the way down to the maze. 580 is slow out of castro valley. 880 is slow from hayward. this is not your typical commute. leave yourself extra time to get where you're going in the same amount of time if that makes sense. don't think of it as a normal commute today. 7:48. let's go to steve. >> that is true. >> yes, sir. >> for most. thank you, sal. it looks like things are finally calming down in marin county which had 45 minutes of
7:49 am
torrential rain. some of this continues to move across. almost done here. maybe a little over san rafael. i cannot keep up on the totals there. my goodness. especially into marin county and sonoma county. they took the bulk from this. this is from terry. there was an observation, higher elevation west of hillsberg and windsor that had four and a third. i believe it. windsor, about three inches of rain. sonoma two and a half. lake sonoma, 2.45. .45. napa only three quarters at least so far. that was the northern part of town. you go southern, there wasn't that much. st. helena 2.68. san rafael, 1.77.
7:50 am
fairfax 1.67. yet you go south to san francisco and the golden gate bridge, you can't find much. the sun is breaking through for some. 56 in daly city. with .11. that's it. south wind. there has been a south/southeast breeze. capcapitola. a rainbow. so we will get some sun today as the system lifts out. we're about done with this. rain around discovery bay, antioch. not much left. a little bit in the east bay. again, hardly worth mentioning. less than a couple one hundredths. south wind will still be with us. mild and muggy. temperatures could be almost tropical like. 59 sacramento. it looks like we're about done with the rain. the reason that this is happening, this system is digging here. as it does, it just lift that's
7:51 am
ban northward. that's why we will see a decrease in the rain. we will get a little break tomorrow. then look this is accelerating towards us. it will be here thursday. the rain won't be focused on marin county but it looks like everybody will get in on this. i'm concerned for the santa cruz mown tees. they had a foot of rain a week ago. not much out of this system. there will be another system. 60s and 70s on the temps. tomorrow we will get increasing clouds and very mild to muggy and warm. but then rain thursday and in friday. a little break saturday. but not much. next system saturday and sunday. >> thank you, steve. you're welcome. fans are really excited. in 20 minutes, we will bring you a live report from inside oracle arena and outside for the season opener. plus, more trouble for san francisco based twitter. the new layoffs just announced
7:52 am
by the company.
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> taking a look at stocks. the dow jones started low, bumped up high. now it is on the losing side again. it is down by about 50 points. s&p also on the negative side losing just 7 points. san francisco based twitter reportedly planning to layoff as many as 300 employees. according to media reports it could make the job cuts before releasing the earnings on
7:55 am
thursday. last year twitter announced plans to layoff 306 employees. twitter has been fielding acquisition offers but a number of buyers have backed off. nordstrom plans to hire more than 11,000 temporary workers for the holiday season. 9500 of those jobs will be in nordstrom and nordstrom rack stores. the rest will be for the e- commerce business and in warehouse and support positions. they are hoping that good customer service will bring more shoppers into the stores. fewer choices for those with health insurance under the affordable care act. premiums are expected to go up by 25% next year. just yesterday the white house confirmed the increase in health care cost because three major companies are all scaling back their participation next year. there's a bright spot. the obama administration says federal subsidies are going up. which means that 70% people
7:56 am
insured under the affordable care act will pay less than $75 for coverage. enrollment starts november 1st for coverage at that starts january 1st. two men and two women were riding the river rapids ride at dream world in australia when two were thrown from the raft. the park has never experienced any previous problems with this ride before. officials will be at the theme park today trying to figure out what caused it to malfunction. the time is 7:56. a car crashes into two oakland police vehicles. what we're learning about the driver and the mom that's led up to the deadly crash. are the presidential polls correct? donald trump says no. hillary clinton is banking on them. i'm doug luzader in washington. more from the campaign trail just ahead. this morning's commute hasn't been great. a lot of slow traffic all over the place.
7:57 am
even slowing on highway 4 as you come up towards concord. nobody can beat the santa cruz mountains a week ago with the rain. but there were impressive totals in marin county and sonoma county. we will show you those coming up. c'mohappy birthday! i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin.
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7:59 am
>> officers fired at a suspect overnight in downtown san jose near a school. we will tell you what prompted them to shoot. we will have a live report coming up. plus, wind and rain around the bay area this morning. look at the pictures. the damage already caused and how this wet weather could affect your commute. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2.
8:00 am
>> good morning. thank you for joining us on tuesday, october 25th. i'm dave clark, in more mike mibach. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. you can tell it is gray and cloudy behind us. >> yes. >> wet as well. steve, the rain is making its way to the heart of the bay area now. >> it is. we're almost done. >> okay. >> in the south bay, hardly anything. not a drop for some. especially fremont down to san jose. marin county was in there with sonoma county the. in the last half hour, they made up a lot of ground. there's a fine line between heavy rain and not that much rain. the line was around sausalito for a while. san rafael, fairfax, sleepy holly, wood acre getting tremendous rain. it is just about done. windsor almost 3. how about that. heavy rain overnight. sonoma two and a half.
8:01 am
lake sonoma, 2.45. napa three quarters. ra minute county and sonoma county took the honors here. santa rose over 2. san rafael 1.77. more than that to the west. allen peter says says 101 northbound is slippery and sloppy the whole way. it looks like it is lightening up. south of mill valley, they have all over the map rain totals. there is some finally making it out to parts of southern napa canyon. i'll tell you, this was all that rina county and sonoma county for most locations. breezy to windy conditions today. we are starting to see an end to this rain. the next system will be late
8:02 am
wednesday and if not thursday. look for a muggy day today. some mid-70s possible. certainly towards santa cruz and santa clara valley. >> all right. we are looking at the accident list pile up here. fender benders because people are not going that fast and getting into high-speed collisions. but just a lot of fender benders and people pulling off and taking insurance numbers and that kind of thing. this is a look at the east shore freeway. it is taking 70 minutes from the bridge to the macarthur maze. when there is little traffic, it takes 20 minutes. that is adding an extra hour. if you were to drive this at 4:00 in the morning, it would take you 20 minutes. that's what we're dealing with here. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic there is going to take another 30 minutes to get on. as i look at the maps here, marin county definitely very slow traffic. that's where a lot of the rain
8:03 am
has been. novato to central san rafael, highway 37 is still slow. backed up from highway 4. and highway 24 is not good from lafayette over to oakland much that's what you're dealing with. a lot of slow traffic. i want to mention, both of the oakland freeways, 580 and 880 getting into the downtown oakland area is very slow. 8:03. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. developing news from the south bay. san jose police shot at a suspect overnight in the downtown area. janine de la vega is out there now. and the police say the man was driving when he threatened police officers. so what happened? >> reporter: yes. he rammed into a patrol car. right now this happened right on wooster avenue. we have a traffic jam on this road. there are apartment complexes and rocket ship discovery
8:04 am
school and the kellogg's factory. people are allowing them to leave. it is causing a traffic jam. parents are trying to get the kids to school. the shooting happened right across the street. they are curious and concerned. they are being escorted in. wooster is still blocked off. they have not told us how many shots were fired at the suv. it was hit in the windshield and other areas. this started around midnight. the driver of the suv hit an occupied patrol car off of julian and 27th street in the downtown area. the suspect rammed the patrol car a second time. that's when two other officers got involved. a lieutenant described how it went down. >> the two other officers were on foot and ended up using their service weapons to shoot at the suspect vehicle. the suspect vehicle fled and was later found unoccupied about half a mile away. patrol officers then searched the area and located a person
8:05 am
who we believe may be the possible suspect. we have taken him into custody for a warrant pending further investigation. >> reporter: we asked police why the suspect hit the officer's patrol car in the first place. they did not know. there were no words exchanged or any confrontation. they told us that the suv that he was driving was stolen. it was taken from the hospital of o'connor hospital in san jose. there is surveillance video from that location that police are reviewing. the suspect has a misdemeanor warrant for an unrelated crime, resisting arrest. officers still need to be interviewed. we are told that they are uninjured and that the suspect they have in custody is also not hurt. we're thinking that the crime scene technicians are starting to wrap things up. but, again, right now still -- still roped off. and they are trying to get the people who live in this apartment complex out of here so that they can finish everything up. back to you. >> thank you, janine de la vega in san jose.
8:06 am
thank you. in the meantime early this morning in oakland, one person was killed after a speeding car plowed in two police suvs at an unrelated shooting investigation. a red car that was speeding hit the two police cars and a parked car at 35th avenue and brookdale about 3:00 a.m. the passenger in the suspect's car was killed. the driver suffered critical injuries. no police officers were hurt. and it appears that no one was in the parked car. the police were out there investigating a shooting that occurred about 10:00 last night. a man was wounded and was taken to the hospital by his wife. so far no arrests have been made in that case. new this morning, weather problems are causing delays of nearly two hours at sfo. a british airways flight from san francisco to london was diverted to canada because a number of crew members fell ill. there were about 400 passengers
8:07 am
on board. the canadian broadcasting corporation says that 25 passengers and crew members were taken to local hospitals for smoke inhalation. the other passengers were taken to hotels and rebook today other flights. let's talk hoar about the rain and the weather. it is raining in parts of the bay area, which you know. yesterday in berkeley, a 50- foot tall tree crashed down at college avenue. believe it or not, no one was hurt. the wind toppled that tree. that part of college avenue was closed to northbound traffic for about 40 minutes while the police came out to inspect the scene. we are expecting rain to continue on and off through the morning commute. and i'm sure that you already know, the chp just reminds you, turn on your headlights when your windshield wipers are running. drive slower on the wet roads. and give more space between you and the car in front of you. despite the rain we had earlier this month, there is still a lot of oil on the roads which
8:08 am
makes everything more dangerous. a lot of the drivers we talked to say they are confident about how they drive in bad weather but they worry about other drivers. >> you don't want to have deal with the conditions on the road but how people react to the conditions. and you just don't know how safe other drivers are in the rain. >> a little bit nerve racking. mainly not so much me being uncomfortable about it, but more other drivers, the way they behave in the rain. more nervous about that than my own driving. >> the chp says be aware, you're less likely to slip and slide in the middle lanes. the highways are built so the water drains to the far left and right. you can download the ktvu weather app for the latest on the storm. it is absolutely free for android phones and iphones. just two weeks to go to election day. both donald trump and hillary clinton are zeroing in on the swing state of florida. trump is arguing the polls are
8:09 am
wrong. clip relying on outside help. doug luzader reports from washington. >> reporter: based on recent polls, donald trump has a big deficit to overcome over the next two weeks. that assumes that the polls are correct. donald trump is suggesting that the polls are actually rigged against him. >> how are you feeling about florida, mr. trump. >> very good. >> reporter: donald trump may feel good about florida but his campaign has reasons to worry. hillary clinton has a four- point lead there. trump says that the numbers are not right. >> they are phony polls put out by phony media. and i'll tell you what, all of us are affected by this. and what they do is try to suppress the vote. this way people don't go out and vote. but we're winning this race. >> reporter: trump argues that most polls oversampled democrats and points to recent leks like the brexit vote in the u.k. where polls were widely inaccurate.
8:10 am
>> for once and all. >> reporter: hillary clinton in the meantime who is also in florida today is banking on the polls being correct. and her campaign has new swagger. openly mocking trump and his supporters for this ad for tin foil hats. president obama appeared on jimmy kimmel last night and piled on reading a trump tweet calling obama the worst president ever. >> at least i will go down as a president. >> reporter: but for the clinton campaign, there could be a real danger in overconfidence. >> the last thing that you want to do it tell them you're winning two weeks before an election and they don't feel like they need to go out and stand in line and cast a ballot. >> reporter: that's why you hear both candidates talking about early voting, trying to get their supporters locked down. 37 states offer some form of early voting this time around. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> thank you, doug. a little girl we're talking
8:11 am
about. her father was shot and killed in the line of duty. the show of support from fellow officers as the little girl went back to school for the first time. >> reporter: and basketball is back in oakland. the warriors will take on the san antonio spurs for the season opener. we are looking at the free stuff that the fans will get and also fans' hopes and expectations for the season. some improvement but a little bit of slowing here and there on the commute, especially here on the east shore. not a drop for some. it won't stop raining for others. especially up in marin county. we will take a look at it.
8:13 am
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>> he is a bee loved and respected side line reporter. he is battling leukemia so he won't be at the game reporting. but the warriors giving him a shoutout with the shirts. he is known for his flashy suits. they will be supporting the foundation. let's show you the video of practice. the last one before the regular season started. steph curry one of his impressive impromptu practice shots we see him do from time to time. bouncing the ball avenue of his head to get in the basket. they are talking about kevin durant and the hope that the
8:16 am
regular season start could be the beginning towards a march towards a rematch between the warriors and cavaliers. fans are already talking about it. >> they're willing to share the ball. that is what makes them very dynamic. they share the ball. and nobody cares who scores. >> kevin durant was a great addition. some people talk bad about it. i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: out here on the court later on tonight. we're showing you a live picture offer acarine a tip-off is fewer than 12 hours from now. the preparations are already underway. there are still tickets available for tonight's game on the resale market. they are expecting to sell out closer to the start of the game. a lot of ex sighsment for fans here tonight and the team and the fans are ready.
8:17 am
back to you. >> thank you, allie. >> that brings us to our question of the day. what are you most looking forward to in this season? >> we're getting a number of responses as you might expect. here are some of them. christina says for another beautiful nba finals ring for the warriors and great plays. spending over $500 to take my kid to one game and sitting up in the upper bowl. talk to us through twitter and facebook. all right. the time is 8:17. sal, you've been as busy as the warriors now with our morning commute. is it lessening a little bit now. >> a little bit. >> okay. >> because it stopped raining in some areas. it is still slow. it takes a while to recover, dave and gasia. as you know. let's look at the east bay commute. the traffic will be busy on 880. this will be busy on 580 as you drive to oakland. so if you think i'll just take
8:18 am
580, that's not a great idea. i'll tell you why. we can actually show it to you on the maps. it is backed up to castro valley and all the what i to oakland. that is not a good alternate. 880 slows near highway 92. we've had our share of crashes. a lot of fender benders in the rain. this is a look at the bay bridge. it looks like it is dry now. a new accident just popped up a few minutes ago. westbound 84. and we also have an accident at williams road. just a lot of slow traffic out there. today is the day to give yourself extra time. at 8:18, let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >> you're welcome, steve. >> good morning, everybody. for some, a few hundredths, no rain at all. for others, it is still raining. a little bit up in napa county, sonoma county up to st. helena.
8:19 am
parts of lake county. still rain being reported along highway 12 and marin county. not done yet. but almost done. almost done. there is a band south/southwest coming up from western marin county. for the most part, not a lot left for most locations. it was coming down good for a while, especially in marin county. two and a half to four inches of rain. winds are almost 3. sonoma, two and a half. lake sonoma, 2.45. oakmont, along highway 12 near kenwood, 2.33. that is sleepy hollow. two inches of rain in sleepy hollow. some say we are near san rafael and i swear -- they don't swear. i feel like we've had more than 1.77. but that's what i have seen so far. santa rose, concernville, st.
8:20 am
helena, two to almost three inches of rain. in other places, my good friend bob, only .7 in danville. enough to keep the sprinklers turned off. that's it. south of that there wasn't much. there's a little bit left to the north. but hidden valley. now, mendocino county had an inch and a half. sonoma county and marin county were the winners as far as totals. we are getting breaks in the clouds now. it will be a muggy day. temperatures in the mid-70s for some. as pockets of sun showing up. i think that's the theme here. we're just about done with this system. it is lifting northward. we're losing a lot of the energy there. this will enhance the next system. that's not in here until late
8:21 am
thursday and friday. another system on sunday. the next system is going to give widespread rain to everybody. and carry that into sunday as well. if you missed out this time, don't worry. it is on its way. 60s and 70s. san jose is like when is our turn. i think thursday. santa cruz mountains already had plenty. warm tomorrow and muggy. rain thursday and friday. maybe off and on rain. but then a break on saturday and another system on sunday. no snow in the sierra. you don't have to worry about that. >> it's a warm storm. >> yes. >> new information coming in about the volkswagen emissions scandal. we will have the breaking news story next. and guidelines to keep your newborn baby safe. the recommendations that include how long you two should sleep in the same room.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
>> welcome back to mornings on 2. just a couple of minutes ago a judge in san francisco approved the settlement proposed in the volkswagen emissions scandal. the judge agreed to let vw pay american owners of audi and vw diesel cars $15 billion for their cars. vw will start making offers and issuing checks next month. vw had already admitted it created a way for its cars to cheat on u.s. pollution tests. a long standing preschool in san francisco is closing for good. in the summer of 2018, forest
8:25 am
hills christian church will bulldoze the school located on 7th avenue. senior housing will be built on the land. the church says it can't keep up with repairs or afford the upkeep. >> tears are running down my face. i thought i would be retiring at this school. >> some teachers are campaigning to relocate the school. but without strong financial backing, the prospects do not look encouraging. new research says that infants should share rooms with their parents to prevent sids for at least six months up to a year. but the doctors say they should not sleep in their parents' bed or on any other soft surfaces. the academy says room sharing can reduce the risk of sids by 50%. 3500 babies die in the u.s.
8:26 am
from sleep related deaths. doctors had previously recommend that parents share their rooms with infants but this is the first time that they clarified how long. if you have a cup of coffee by your side right now, you're not alone. dave clark and i are way ahead of you. the u.s. is becoming the most caffeinated nation in the world. now, u.s. demand for coffee is expected to grow 2% a year until the year 2020. while demand in traditional coffee drinking places like europe and brazil is expected to fall. >> that is a serious story. we need that coffee. >> yes. >> the time is 8:26. it was vandalism with a political message. the graffiti that targeted a school with mostly latino students. >> reporter: a car plows right into a police investigation. now one man is dead. we will have details for you coming up. good morning. still very slow in many areas. if you are driving on highway
8:27 am
24, it still has not improved on the way up to the tunnel. all very little or nothing. that's on the rainfall. marin county and sonoma county, impressive totals. to the south of that, not much. but more coming thursday. more on that coming up.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> the time is 8:29. welcome back to mornings on 2 this gray tuesday morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark. in for mike mibach. steve, you're not doing much this morning. >> no. i have my feet up on on the desk. lots of rain up north.
8:30 am
the rainfall was anywhere from two to four inches from marin county up to northern napa county. lake county was an inch to an inch and a half. marin county had heavy rain not too long ago. there is still a little left near forest knolls. jan says sal, i hope you're listening, constant medium rain here. bumper-to-bumper at highway 12. >> i believe it. >> i believe it too. >> thank you, sal. not much areas to the east. north maybe a little bit up into lake county. not as much there as in marin and sonoma. it will be partly sunny, mostly cloudy not too far away. and very breezy and muggy. we will wait for the next system. it will give everybody widespread rain. that is late wednesday into thursday. 60s and 70s.
8:31 am
you're not surprised. >> i'm not surprised. >> yeah. >> we have had slow traffic on every commute. >> yeah. >> all it takes is just a little bit of rain. it's just the idea. everyone slows down. >> right. >> and then there is somebody who doesn't. then we have wrecks and sometimes we have people going slower and that's what happens. >> yes. >> let's take a look at the bay bridge. we're keeping an eye on it. not raining there right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks like the traffic is dying out. it helps our commute quite a bit. things are getting more normal here. i will say that we have had slow traffic getting to the other side of the bridge. 280 is slow. slow from daly city down to san bruno. we have a new crash. that's making the pacifica commute very slow. 680 looks like it is 6:30 in
8:32 am
the morning. backed up to 24. usually it has cleared up by now. but we have had slow traffic on westbound 24. at 832 being, one more thing. 280 northbound on the right looks beat -- better. 280 southbound is looking better. one person was killed in a crash that involves two oakland police vehicles. it happened as officers were investigating an unrelated shooting late last night. christien kafton is live with what he has learned this morning. >> reporter: yeah. we will get new information on this incident. it happened on 35th avenue and brookdale avenue. run us through some of the detail below zero this -- details about this. this started as a shooting investigation. >> yes. our officers were investigating a shooting that took place
8:33 am
earlier. while our officers were on the scene, we had what is called a perimeter set up. we had a couple of officers inside their vehicle. all of our patrol vehicles were parked at the time that the suspect vehicle came into our perimeter scene, collided with -- causing a chain reaction. so five cars were damaged during this. the concerning part for us is that the suspect vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed. so we want to remind everyone, especially with the weather, everything that is going on, slow down. let's take care of each other. slow down. unfortunately one person did die during this accident. additionally, the officers who were there investigating the scene of a shooting, some of those officers were also just shot at last saturday evening. so we have the same officers trying to do an investigation, like we saw last saturday. and now they're impacted by a
8:34 am
driver who we believe at this time may have consumed alcohol. so this may be dui related. goes into a situation where they should have slowed down, used caution to go around the patrol vehicles. collided into them. causing that chain reaction where five cars were damaged. we have someone who unfortunately lost their life last night and others still in the hospital. again, we need to slow down. everybody needs it take care of each other. especially at a time when we are seeing unfortunate incidents occur in our city. >> thank you very much for the update. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: we will check in later to learn more about the investigation. guys, again, this incident started out as a shooting incident. the shooting investigation. officers on scene, conducting that investigation into that shooting. and this completely unrelated vehicle came plows into the
8:35 am
investigation. one person in critical condition at highland hospital still. is the last update that we had on the condition of that person. one person dead at the scene. the individual from the shooting incident was taken to the hospital in critical condition as well. >> yes. again, we need to slow down. let's all take care of each other. and we're approaching the holidays. drinking, driving, designate a sober driver, take alternate forms of transportation. let's all take care of each other. >> thank you very much. that is the latest information on this. and the message from oakland police is to slow down, especially if you see an investigation underway. >> thank you, christian. the time is now 8:35. here is a look at the other top stories we're following. investigators are looking for the motive behind an attack just after midnight on a san jose police officer. that officer opened fire on the suspect when the suspect rammed his suv into a police car twice. the officer was not hurt. that suspect is in custody. and we are getting reports
8:36 am
of more and more downed trees caused by the weather and the storm. a 50-foot-tall american elm tree fell down yesterday in berkeley. and we just heard of a tree that fell down on dry creek road in napa and knocked downpour lines when it went down. that area is blocked off right now. and if you're driving, you have to take alternate routes. a film maker known for his gritty documentaries about life in the high crime san francisco neighborhood is accused of a deadly shooting. 48-year-old kevin epps was booked in on suspicion of a homicide and being a felon in possession of a gun. police received a report of a shooting yesterday afternoon inside a home on addison street in the glenn park neighborhood. sky fox flew over the scene as officers were roping off the house. investigators say he shot and killed a man in his 40s. police are not commenting about his relationship or divulge a
8:37 am
motive. ktvu interviewed epps for a special report back in may of 2006. he has several films to his credit but best known for straight out of hunters point. he focused how drugs and violence impacted the neighborhood. an amber alert we told you about yesterday remains in effect for today, a baby abducted by his mother who does not have custody. the little boy disappeared sunday from guerneville. he weighs about 15 pounds. now here are two photos of his mother, hannah ashley. although she is suspected of taking the little boy on sunday, the chp activated the alert on monday when child protective services reported that she may be unable to care for the boy. she may be driving with a gray subaru forester with the license plate on your screen.
8:38 am
no word on where she may be going. anyone with information about the case is urged to call 911. the daughter of one of the palm springs police officers killed in the recent shooting went back to school for the first time since her dad was killed. but she did not go alone. a group of police officers surprised 8-year-old vanessa vega. they showed up at her home and gave her a police escort to her school. when they all arrive, they walked hadder into the classroom and a took a couple of photos before they hugged her good-bye. officer vega and lesley zerebny were killed while responding to a disturbance call. a school where there are mostly latino students were the target of graffiti and police are investigating this as a hate crime. the word trump on the walls,
8:39 am
doors, steps and painted in a prominent spot, build the wall higher. that's a reference to donald trump's immigration plan. ation plan. >> everybody was like why would they do this? it's our school. >> they felt harassed. they felt violated. they felt as though their school had been abused in some way. >> this by the way was the only school in sinned sore that was targeted by this. all students here, they learn in both spanish and english. three quarters of the children are latino. the time is 8:39. new details on the thousands of national guardmen ordered to repay the enlistment bonuses. what congress is asking the defense department to do. we see a lot of slow traffic out there, especially in the east bay commute. san jose is getting a little better. it's not raining there right now. but traffic is still slow into the valley. most of the rain is done. but still some up in the north
8:40 am
bay. a mostly cloudy warm day on tap. more on that coming up. alright, how's this for a tv show. sous chef. lawyer by day, prep-cook by night. also, his name is sous. no. sloppy joseph. a middle-aged man who's trying to get his life together, but he can't - he's to sloppy. huhhh - no! here you go. i got this. i get cash back so it's like everything's on sale. with the blue cash everyday card from american express you get cash back on purchases with no annual fee. everything's on sale! a home shopping show takes place on a sailboat. that's the one! banana boat dessert on me. look at you being all lactose tolerant. it's more than cash back. it's backed by the service and security of american express.
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8:42 am
>> this morning, lawmakers want federal action. guardsmen have been order today
8:43 am
pay back their enlistment bonus. >> alex savidge is here to explain the outrage growing over this. >> it is growing. the service members feel betrayed. they were offered bonuses to reenlist. now the pentagon is asking for the money back. congress may have known about this issue with the bonuses two years ago but didn't take any action at the time. nearly 10,000 california national guardsmen were given reenlistment bonuses to return to duty in iraq and afghanistan during the height of the conflicts. some paid as much as $15,000. but recent audits show the service members were not actually entitled to the payments so now they're being asked to repay that money. brian is a guardsman who lives outside of sacramento and says he was given one such bonus to return to combat in 2007. >> i did exactly what that contract asked me to do. i trusted my commanders. i trusted that general.
8:44 am
my trust is betrayed. these are the people in charge of us. >> he is filing a class action lawsuit on behalf of his fellow soldiers being told to pay back the bonuses. it was offered at a time when enlistment was way down. they needed boots on the ground. they believe there was fraud committed in california in terms of how the bonuses were awarded. right now the action being taken by congress, you have in congressional leaders asking the defense department to stop the repayments. and you also have some of the same lawmakers working on legislation to wipe away the debt owed by all of these service members. >> because i can imagine for one, the money is gone. it has been used. >> yes. we're talking about money that was given to them ten or more years ago. >> right. >> and the principle of i was asked to serve my country and i did and now you're doing this
8:45 am
to me. >> yeah. you need to hold up your end of the deal. >> i would bet in a political season, it will eventually go away. >> it has already become an issue on the campaign trail. >> sure. >> and it may become a bigger issue in the coming weeks. >> thank you, alex. >> helping to get you out the door. we will check in with sal castaneda to do just that. >> and right now we still have a lot of slow traffic around the bay. let's start off with trying to get into san francisco, which so many people are doing at this hour. this commute has not improved. at least it's not worse. it is a 25 to 30-minute delay. it will take you a while to get to this point on 580 and 24. let's take a look at the other commutes here. highway 24 still very slow through lafayette and orinda. it is improving some through the tunnel. it gets better on the oakland side. 280 in san jose, on the left is southbound 280. a little bit of a slowdown. northbound 280 around the
8:46 am
corner, i'll put up the maps to show you, the traffic into the valley is still slow near 17, 85 and also 101. there is a little more room beginning to develop as we get closer to 9:00. 8:46. let's bring steve in with today's weather. >> sal, get a lot of sleep wednesday night. thursday will be another big day. that won't just favor the north bay. there were good rainfall totals in parts of napa. but marin, wow, and sonoma. i'll show you those in a bit. not so much into mendocino county. a little bit trying to work its way into southwest of marin county. back over to point rays. we're almost down with this. almost done, he says. so a steady light rain can add
8:47 am
up there. but, again, nothing to write home about. it has been there. it looks like it's about done. there are a few breaks in the clouds. four eventville, 3 inches of rain. windsor almost 3. oakmont, highway 12 near kenwood, 2.33. sleepy hollow, 2. other locations picking up rain. occidental, 3.21. mount st. helena, three and a half. west santa rosa, 2.29. harriet says we have had heavy rain from yesterday afternoon. the most i saw was kelseyville. 1.8 6. so, again, it was okay rain but the heavier rain was west and
8:48 am
south of you. still, there is another system that has to move through. maybe it's moving through on my computer right now because it is not moving. i'm going to have you to stand by to stand by. we will get a break later today and tomorrow and then the next round on wednesday night into thursday. >> you gave us what we needed. it is trending on twitter. but not good news for twitter employees. why twitter will cut its workforce. it is time for our instagram picture of the day. take a look what was sent to us by the corgi con. good morning everyone potty. we love seeing your photos, especially when they're this cute. send them to us on instagram and use the hashtag #ktvu.
8:49 am
because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56.
8:50 am
>> taking a look back at the opening bell from earlier this morning. trading has been underway for almost two and a half hours
8:51 am
now. and we are going to take a look at the numbers on the dow jones. they are down still but just slightly losing about 40 points at this moment in time. a lot of big corporations are releasing their quarterly earnings today, including apple. we will have that for you later. twitter reportedly plans to layoff as many as 300 employees. there are report that's twitter could make the job cuts before releasing the third quarter earnings on thursday. last year twitter announced plans to layoff as many as 336 employees, or about 8% of its workforce. twitter has been listening to acquisition offers but several prospective buyers have backed away. upscale retailer nordstrom will hire more than 11,000 temporary workers for the holiday season. it is 3% fewer than last year. 9500 of those jobs will be in nordstrom and nordstrom rack
8:52 am
stores. norm stroud is hoping that good customer service will bring in more shoppers to stores. millions of americans may have to pay more for health insurance next year. premiums under the affordable care act are expected to go up by an average of 25% next year. that could mean fewer choices for people who are covered by obamacare. that increase is because three major health care companies, cigna, aetna and united health care, are all scaling back participation in this next year. open enrollment will start november 1st. tonight the chicago cubs and the cleveland indians play game one of the world series. it starts at progressive field in cleveland. now, the indians haven't won a world series in 68 years. that is second only to the chicago cubs who haven't won in 108 years. the cubs finally making the world series again is pushing ticket prices sky high. you can buy a luxury car, even
8:53 am
a house in some cities for how much some people are asking for the tickets. ticket selling sites reported huge jumps in prices. for example, box seats on stub hub are going for $50,000 and higher. one person is asking for $100,000 a seat. believe it or not, someone is taking it to the next level, asking nearly $1 million per seat. but you can watch it for free by staying where you are. we are bringing the world series to you on ktvu fox 2. our game coverage begins at 4:30 this afternoon. if it's news you're after, we have that for you too. watch the newscast at 4:30, 5:00, and 7:00, over on ktvu plus. >> i'll take your offer, gasia. up next, this surveillance
8:54 am
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8:57 am
>> san francisco police hope the release of surveillance video will help find the people responsible for a robbery in which the victim was dragged by a car. take a look at the top of your screen. a 28-year-old san francisco man was dragged by a honda civic after being robbed. he suffered cuts and scrapes to his arms. a different video shows a man chasing after the car. police believe that the suspects drove off and left one of the accomplices behind. police are concerned about the nature of the crime that happened in broad daylight. >> two subjects approached him and one -- one of the suspects pushed the victim down while the other suspect grabbed his camera.
8:58 am
>> police have arrested 19-year- old pedia. he pleaded not guilty. officers have still looking for four other suspects in the case. san francisco police department has identified the two officers who shot and killed a man accused of shooting their fellow officer two weeks ago. officer kevin downs was shot in the head october 14th. he is expected to survive but may suffer paralysis. responding officers chased the suspect. mcwherter shot at them and they returned fire. nathan chu and dominguez why identified as the officers who shot him. for the first time, high school students could earn college credits for courses they take during the school day. they would offer classes at five high schools next semester. the subjects would range from hospitality to finance.
8:59 am
and still in the city, san francisco is getting close tore resolving one of the most common complaints from people who live there. the examiner reports that the city is moving forward with plans to replace the sodium street lights with led lights. led lights can run for 20 years so you don't have to replace them as often. there were more than 6400 complaints about burned out street lights last year alone. the city is asking forbids and they are due in two and a half weeks. a pop-up clothing store is coming to san francisco this friday to serve the homeless community. this is a first for san francisco. customers will be able to browse through donated items on hangers and shelves like a boutique. and they will be able to pick out as many as ten items all faux free. with you worker from google is putting together the event, along with help from the community services group. the goal here is to give
9:00 am
homeless people choices and dignity through shopping for essentials. the event is friday but they can still use donations. >> the unexpected face of breast cancer. ktvu's claudine wong introduces us to a local survivor telling his story through the campaign real men wear pink. plus your favorite disney movies brought to life on ice. we're joined live by two skaters from the show making its way to oakland. ♪[music] >> a little madonna for you on this tuesday morning. it is rainy and soggy, it is gray. but our spirits are high because today we get to see the warriors take the court for the first time in the regular season. and i'm hoping with


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