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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 27, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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what it means for your evening commute. >> thousands in italy are trying to find shelter after a pair of earthquakes strikes the same area devastated by an earthquake in august. >> ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. >> a live look at san jose and we have seen scattered showers across the bay area and more rain is on the way. >> and for that we go straight to mark -- monitoring the weather. >> the storm is still on schedule, especially for this afternoon, mid- to late afternoon into the evening hours. this morning we had scattered rain. it was not a significant producer to impact the morning commute. lots of cloud cover and the
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rain -- up to the north and to the south. we'll come in closer and show you the action in the east bay. light to moderate cells. milpitas. and the focus for the heavy rain will be from santa cruz county to the south as this system -- this is actually a system that has moisture pulled in from a hurricane. when you get the dynamics and the moisture. that will enhance the rainfall especially to the south of monterey bay. as far as the system for today, thursday and friday, the heaviest rain in the coastal hills. and3/4 of an inch to 3 inches far places like the santa cruz mountains and to the south. at 2:00 this afternoon, scattered rain and then things developing by 4:00 and that will continue into the evening
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hours. i think the afternoon and evening commute will be more of a challenge in the area. and friday morning, talking about more rainfall as well. so a lot to talk about with the second system and another for the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. and residents are getting ready. >> alex savidge is live in the city of orinda. alex-- >> reporter: we haven't felt more than a few raindrops in the east bay in morning. but the heavier stuff is on the way for the afternoon and evening hours. we're on highway 24 in orinda, we want to warn you the commute could be problematic. and drivers are bracing for the potential of traffic backups and also getting ready to brave the slick roads. >> i drive slower and i'm more
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cautious than normal. >> how about your fellow drivers? do they do the same? >> no, it's scary. >> and you can hook that bad boy up to your gutter. >> reporter: with the storms headed our way over the next couple of days, people are stocking up on supplies today. the owner of maraga hardware and lumber showed up the items people are buying. he's selling gutter extenders that move the water away from the home. and gutter strainers that strain out the large objects and a lot of tarps, flashlights, and batteries. with the heavy rain arriving later today. he's expecting a lot of customers will be scrambling trying to get ready for the storms. >> we'll get very busy. not everybody is prepared for the weather. and all of a sudden it starts raining, and people are running
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around buying flashlights for batteries. they'll be picking up supplies. >> the world has become that way -- do it at the last minute. >> if we had canoes and kayaks, we'll get you one. >> reporter: we'll see if you need a canoe. several inches of rain expected to fall over the next couple of days, and there are concerns about flooding. the city of concord has opened up three sand bag stations at the city's main work yard. the sandbags are free. and lots of other sandbags around the bay area in many other cities as well. we're in the east bay in orinda. the rain is not falling yet but it's coming, trust us. in the next few hours it's going to start to pick up. >> i think of new year's eve
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2005 when i was covering the storms. download or weather app for the latest on the conditions. our weather team posting updates on facebook, twitter, and instagram. a freeway onramp is back open after the chp closed it overnight to investigate a homicide. >> a man was found shot to death and officials had to cover a wide crime scene. >> reporter: behind us is the ramp for interstate 80 and a man was found shot and killed this morning. police believe at this point the shooting may have started at the park and ride or the conflict that led up to the shooting may have started there. the victim may have been running up the ramp when he was shot. all we know about the victim is that he is a latino male.
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we don't know his approximate age. you could see evidence markers for the shell casings. and chp is going to try and find surveillance video from nearby businesses to help with the investigation. >> trying to get any investigative leads. there's a gas station on either side of the freeway. and we'll do as much as we can to obtain all that info. >> reporter: the chp got the call this morning about a person lying on the shoulder of the ramp. at first they weren't sure if it was a pedestrian that had been hit. but then they saw that the victim had been shot. the road is back open in both directions. investigators say they'll spend a lot of time going through the grass and brushy areas around the ramp and the park and ride.
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san leandro police are searching for a string of burglaries. in this video you're about to see two suspects approaching a fence outside a home before breaking in through a rear sliding door. the two suspects arrive in what is believed to be the honda civic that has paint damage to the top of the car. they are asking anyone in the community with surveillance video to step forward. in san francisco, police used cell phone locating data to arrest a suspected purse snatcher. 7:30 last night. a woman told police two men grabbed her purse and took off. when officers approached the car, it drove away and crashed into another car. two suspects ran off and police
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were able to arrest one of them and the phone and purse were recovered. arrests were announced in a fraud scheme in india. the government announced an indictment against 61 people in the united states and abroad, including five call center groups. the d.o.j. says 15,000 people were tricked into paying $300 million. most victims were immigrants or elderly. >> the individuals demanded immediate payments from the people they called to avoid deportation, to avoid arrests or to cover supposedly unpaid income taxes. >> they demanded prepaid debit cards. the doj reminded people that real government officials never
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call to demand payment or ask for debit cards. a hardware failure is causing big problems at a number of dmv offices in the bay area. some offices got back online yesterday. the dmv is urging anyone who has business at its offices to check the website. polls are tightening with just 12 days to go before the election. >> today the presidential candidates are once again scrambling to key swing states to try to sway voters in their favor. >> reporter: donald trump is holding three campaign events in ohio today. but yesterday he appealed to african-americans in north carolina. the republican nominee calling for a new deal for black america, including tax incentives for inner cities and micro loans for african- americans to start companies
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and hire workers. >> i will be your greatest champion. i will never ever take the african-american community for granted. never ever. >> hillary clinton heads to north carolina today with arguely her most positively wind woman, michelle obama. clinton is ahead by 2 points and continues to be dogged by a flood of leaked e-mails. as well as the obama administration announcing that affordable care premiums are set to skyrocket. >> we've got to get everybody out to vote. >> it appears that every one of those votes will count. donald trump has cut hillary clinton's lead in half according to a new poll. the democratic nominee is ahead by 3 points within the margin of error. >> i think it's more about issues like what monica was talking about. obama care, cost of living, the
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economy, and jobs. >> he abandoned his endorsement and says he's going to vote for him because hillary clinton is that bad. still ahead, a confrontation at a sacramento rail station quickly escalates after a man is asked for proof of a train ticket. >> one cop, two cops, three cops, and they had him against that wall there. and the next thing you know -- boom. >> one onlooker was compelled to pull out a phone and start recording. changes at twitter including layoffs and the shut down of the app vine.
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twitter is laying off 350 employees, 9% of its staff, earnings beat wall street expectations. the job cuts were focused on the marketing and sales teams. last year twitter cut 300 jobs. the company also announced today that it's shutting down its vine app. those are short videos that loop on your twitter feed. apple is hoping to secure its hold on the laptop market with the long awaiting release
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of the mac book pro. >> reporter: just came outside from inside the show and tell and the big talk is about the mac book pro and there are upgrades for the iphone 7 and seven plus and another app to talk about. let's look at our video. tim cook told a roomful of reporters and apple employees that if people have access to apple products, they can push humanity forward and that could get a push from the mac book pro on the 25th anniversary of the power book. the big sell, the new touch bar at the top and the touch i.d. it lets you sign into the computer the way you would using a finger. put it on the touch i.d. and sign in or the other person will sign in and it will log
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you off. the touch bar lets you control key functions and edit pictures, music, et cetera. so it's a nice little feature. the new redesign should help apple through a time when sales have been lagging a little bit. >> the iphone is still the cash cow for apple, no question about that. and you have ipods that are declining, and mac has been -- cannot really rebound for a while as i was saying but there's an audience out there. a considerable amount of people out there ready for a replacement. so we should definitely see an impact on this lineup and then the mix of products that should help sales. >> and you heard her say that the iphone is still the cash cow. the cash cow is getting a memory feature in the photo
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library. and there's an app for apple tv. they want to build apple tv as the future where you go to watch all of your shows, movies, et cetera, tied in to all of your apps. that's the big surprise. the mac book pro if you're a mac book pro users, this is your moment. if you're not so much, it has a lot of bells and whistles and a lot of stuff to get used to. it's a lot more powerful and the display is much brighter, et cetera. if you're into that and you've been waiting, now is your opportunity. the price point starts at 1499 and up. microsoft is showing off its all in one touch screen desktop called a surface studio pc. the screen has higher definition than 4k. it will be available this
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holiday season and a specific date has not been released. the price is expected to start at about $3000. a long awaited plan to bring super high speed internet service to the silicon valley -- city leaders are disappointed but are in talks with other companies. >> we're working with at&t and facebook. and it's not the same thing as a community wide installation but we're flexible. >> products in other parts of the country have been suspended. 130 workers are being laid off. a lot of precipitation stacking up out there in the pacific. >> the heavy rain is scheduled to move in later today, especially between 4 p.m.
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and 8 p.m. tonight. the rainfall rates will be increasing. it will be changing over the next few hours. a lot of moisture being pushed to central and northern california. the key is we have a hurricane in the pacific. and some of the moisture -- we'll zoom this out. >> the circulation down there. essentially, moderate to heavy rainfall across the state. right now on the satellite and the radar, just clouds out there and some returns on the radar to show you as we come in closer and parts of the east bay, the showers beginning to wind down. and still showers over the hills and outside of livermore and back to the santa cruz mountains. we had more rain this morning and a few scattered showers for this portion of the bay area as well. lots of cloud cover looking out to the golden gate bridge.
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you can see the glassy conditions. and the winds are not much of a factor at all. we don't have any wind advisories to worry about. and we have to worry about the flash flood warnings. over the past 24 hours, not amounting to much yet, just a few hundredths of an inch. i promise the rainfall will pick up later on today. thursday and friday, this is round two of this week. rainfall a big range, 3/4 of an inch to 3 inches closer to the santa cruz mountains and points south. and we have a flash flood watch that begins this afternoon for the sew brother face -- sobranes burn zone. periods of rain for today and
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rain likely for the friday morning commute. and then we'll take it to the weekend. chances of rain saturday, especially in the north bay. and rain becoming likely saturday night to sunday morning. the updated forecast model, you can see the rain line gradually increasing in intensity. tomorrow morning, some scattered rain -- persistent rain friday morning between 5:00 and 8:00, just in time for the morning commute. and then we should have a bit of a break in the action later in the day on friday. this afternoon, 60s and periods of rain, and picking up in intensity. a lot to talk about here in the 5-day forecast. and we have that rain cloud, especially for friday morning, chance of rain on saturday, especially up in the north bay. sunday morning rain and we're counting on the dry weather forecast for monday, halloween. trick or treaters should be dry. just a few high clouds, keep the umbrella. you'll need to keep it close
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by. crews at the rain mammal center are heading out to inspect a dead whale that washed ashore. we told you about it yesterday on the news at noon. marine mammal experts say it's a male blue whale on the list of endangered animals. they plan to conduct a necropsy to determine how the animal died. a pair of earthquakes in italy rocks the area. after the break, a look at the damage and why officials say most people were able to get out of harm's way in time.
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at least one person is dead following two earthquakes in italy. >> now as amy kellogg reports, authorities are scrambling to try and find housing for thousands who are without a home. >> reporter: an all too familiar scene in italy. this 15th century church collapsing during an earthquake. it was one of two powerful quakes to hit the central region wednesday. several aftershocks followed. >> the situation is terrible because there's considerable damage. >> the first quake hitting with
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a 5.4 magnitude shortly after 7 p.m. local time. and the next 5.9 coming two hours later. authorities say the initial quake caused people to flee their homes saving lives. >> >> translator: thanks to the quality of the building construction we have limited buildings that have collapsed. the ones that have collapsed were already heavily damaged on august 24th. >> reporter: this summer's quake devastated the area, destroying parts of three towns, and killing nearly 300 people. a tall red building which survived the august earthquake, did not make it through wednesday's quakes. concern is growing about the problem of housing the victims of the quakes. many of their homes are simply uninhabitable. and the use of tents is
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unacceptable with the dropping temperatures. the people of california may see their electric bills go up if state regulators approve a pg&e proposal. at the time it say customers would not see a long-term price increase. and now pg&e is notifying customers that they'll raise rates from 2018 through 2025. that money would pay for projects to replace energy now being provided by diablo canyon. you can see that the dow is on the downside after being in the green for much of today's session. nasdaq is down by 35 points. and the s&p 500 is down by five. an alameda based coast guard crew makes a massive drug bust off the coast of central
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america. it's 2 tons of cocaine with a street value of $3 million. a man asked for proof of a train ticket and a confrontation quickliest lates.
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my mom marnie and then she died life. of lung cancer. so i have a personal interest in helping prevent smoking. i'm tom steyer, the co-chair of the yes on 56 campaign. every year, nearly 17,000 california kids start smoking. a third of them will die from their addiction. tobacco taxes reduce youth smoking. please. vote yes on prop 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it.
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a coast guard cutter is in san diego offloading thousands of pounds of cocaine seized at sea. 2tons of cocaine was seized off the coast of central america. the suspects were in a semi submersible boat. five smuggling suspects were arrested. cocaine has a value worth more than $73 million. >> our counter-drug efforts are helping to slow what has become a tidal wave of narcotics flooding in to the united states. >> between october and september, the coast guard says it sees more than 1600 pounds of cocaine. that's a record for the service. we're learning about the contra costa firefighters who are on paid administrative leave. it happened at the walnut creek marriott hotel when four guests
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refused to leave a room. 31-year-old firefighter andrew desmond and his girlfriend. as identified were a 32-year- old firefighter -- johnson and his wife. his photo comes from the facebook page and his wife's picture from instagram. the four were at the hotel for a charity event. there was a scuffle between desmond and two officers. >> well, we basically want to see exactly what happened and let the facts come out in the case. and we'll make evaluations based on that. we take the public trust very seriously, and we want to make sure we get that part of it right. >> one of the firefighters was booked on charges of assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. >> we apologize for this
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unfortunate incident at the site of our charity event. a stolen car suspect was shot earlier this week. he is still in the hospital in serious condition. a friend of his said he had been showing off a new paint job on his car when police pulled him over. police say that week was reported as stolen. he stepped on the gas as the officer approached the car. they fired several shots but his friends say police used excessive force. >> multiple shots, [ indiscernible ] for what? >> the officer was hospitalized with cuts to his head and other injuries. he is expected to be okay. in sacramento, a vital struggle
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that forced a struggle. [yelling] >> get down right now! >> a violent struggle at the 13th street light rail station. 34-year-old golden smith wrestling with two transit staff and two police officers. the woman with him, stacey bledsoe appears to be trying to slow down the scenario. >> one cop, two cops, three cops, and they had him against that wall and the next thing you know, boom, it just broke out. they started grabbing him. and from what i seen, one of the officers punched him in the face. and i heard him screaming. >> reporter: much different than regional transit's account. >> in an ideal world we don't have to get physical but the
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reality is that people don't always comply. >> he refused to sign a citation and all of this happened when they found a strange notation on his parole status. >> reporter: the officer is seen trying to grab his arm. that's when the person struck the officer in the face. and they are both trying to grab the arms to get him handcuffed. the second officer is struck several times. >> they asked him and he didn't stop which is how they say all of that started. >> no, actually, he was going through his back-back to find his i.d. >> the woman was held away from the struggle and tasing by her hair. >> i've never seen anything like that, not in real life. >> what you see in the video is
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the officer struggling to prevent her from interfering. and see how he can help his partner. >> i just had to. just in case they shot him. >> the taser was the only weapon used in the incident. as for the regional transit officers, they have not been placed on administrative leave. they are expected to return to duty today. an east bay high school is dealing with a serious flu outbreak. bathrooms are getting deep cleaned and disinfectant wipes are being handed off. >> the present to of the class was gone and it was pretty much empty. we checked with the two schools closest to clayton valley. they had a total of 16 students. a spokesperson says that's
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normal. and they are not seeing any large numbers of flu related absences. a unique grand opening. a street store pop-up at 8th and howard right next to the sanctuary homeless shelter. >> this shop caters to the hopeless. and all of the merchandise is free. >> we're sorting women's clothing over there. shirts and sweaters and tops. >> here in the basement of an office building south of market street. volunteers are sorting donated clothes. the merchandise for the first ever street store for homeless people. >> we have men's dress pants and stuff like that. >> mallory burke is a volunteer with episcopal community services. >> start folding these. >> the clues will be displayed
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on hangers, and homeless people will be able to choose what they want. >> they started overseas and has never been tried in san francisco. when word went out through social media, clothing donations came pouring well before the official day for donations. >> we have a lot more than we had anticipated getting. we thought we'd have to go out and buy more clothes. but we are glad we don't. >> shirts, sweaters -- >> among those volunteers was this man. two years ago he was homeless and now he's off the street and doing well. >> i remember this organization being there for me in my time of need. and i feel this is a great way to pay it forward.
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volunteers are putting up fliers. >> in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. forecasts in the east bay found two surprises inside their fire truck earlier this week. >> follow the sounds and you will find two tiny kittens right inside the hose beds of the truck in newark. a cat may have used the cat as shelter to give birth to the kittens while it was parked outside. the kittens are expected to be just fine and could be up for adoption in the near future. a big name linebacker applies for reinstatement to the raiders. and we'll check with mark the high owe.
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ferry ridership is up sharply and growing fast. now the water emergency transportation authority is racing to keep up with the demand. they dedicated a north bay operations and maintenance facility on mirror island.
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first responder transportation and disasters, and post disaster recovery. >> where are needed, what the possibilities are. and then a definitive plan to build out the capacity of the and to make sure that they safely run and that we fulfill our responsibilities for emergency response. >> reporter: after any emergency, the bay provides excellent transportation paths. >> we have seven boths in progress or approved for development. >> reporter: captain chuck ellis has been in the ferry service for 36 years. >> this boat holds 349 passengers. the new exercise will hold 450 passengers. biggers, faster, and adding more boats to the surface.
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>> reporter: some will use a different power source other than diesel. passenger counts are up 72%. >> you're looking at a four boat schedule. four boats and we pack them on and there's overflow. >> the smaller travel shorter distances and facilities at the ferry building are being expanded. >> the crews can work on more parts of the boat more often. including these engines which they can repair quicker and with far best less expanse. i see all over the bay. and it's going to be incredible. >> each passenger represents one less commuting car.
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bell valley -- deer is -- belvedere has a deer problem. >> it's become a health hazard. more than a third of all residents want the population managed. officials have suggested surgical sterilization but many say that's a tough sell. >> it's not pretty and there's no way to pretty it up. but if you're going to put deer down and operate on them, it's not going to be a pretty sight. >> a gentler option would be to dart the deer with a contraceptive vaccine. that would have to be done every year. many people think this will go to a public vote. a mountain line was seen running across palomar drive. it ran in front of their
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vehicle. it was not aggressive. taking a peek outside, we are preparing ourselves for the rain moving in over the next couple of hours. a little bit of a break and a few scattered showers. the activity will be ramping up unfortunately just in time for the afternoon and evening commute. the cool cloudy conditions -- it's not even cool. temperatures are on the mild side. on the satellite right now what's interesting with this weather pattern, this is hurricane see more, and just by looking at the satellite, you can see that some of the moisture is getting pushed to the north. and that's being brought up by a trough. and that will enhance the rainfall, especially from points just to the south of the bay area. right now we have lots of clouds in place and a few scattered showers, and we'll come in closer to parts of the north bay. a little bit of green showing up to saint he will lee in a,
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and saint he -- helena. and this thin ribbon to livermore and tracy. and the santa cruz mountains, some green. trying to detect the rainfall a little bit of activity around morgan hill. a few light showers for this portion of the bay area. solid overcast and a few light showers. thursday and friday, today and tomorrow, this will be the second in a series of three storms that will impact northern and central california. the heaviest could have amounts of -- we have this upslope low and you can squeeze out more rainfall. and the santa cruz mountains could have 2- to 3-inchings, and a flash flood watch towards the soberanes burn zone.
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the rainfall around 3 to 4 inches and flash flooding will be a concern with debris flow there. thursday and friday, and then another weekend storm, especially by saturday night. for today, periods of rain picking up and the afternoon and evening commute. tomorrow morning, that's be more of a challenge. another chance of ran on saturday. and rain likely to kind of a thin ribbon. 7a.m. friday, here's the friday morning commute. and give yourself extra time or if you can work from home, that would be a good plan as well. and later in the day frit, and then it really ramps up saturday evening. as you can athe green justicing
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across the bay area. and then we're watching the system for saturday. temperatures mainly in the 60s. and the winds are not much of an cinch. chance of some rain. and increasing clouds for monday of next week for halloween. the rain should hold off until 8:00 or 9:00. the guys -- just give yourself extra time and be careful on the roadways for today and tomorrow morning. troubled raiders linebacker alden smith has reapplied for reinstatement to the nfl. his one-year suspension ends november 17th. the oakland general manager says smith is working hard.
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he went to rehab in 2013 as a member of the 49ers. now to the world series where the chicago cubs beat the cleveland indians 5-1 to even the world series one game apiece. >> here comes -- >> kyle schwarber is back after tearing knee ligaments in april. jake arietta took a no hitter before giving up. bam in game -- stole a base. that means a free taco promotion. next wednesday between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. the world series moves to wrigley field in chicago.
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game three is set for tomorrow. and you can watch our newscast on ktvu plus. cal takes on usc in los angeles tonight. both teams are unranked but the trojans are favored. corral has a slight disadvantage after last night nightie's vimmery. the religion toens have won the last is it times and -- the last 12 times and they face the bears. coming up. a star restaurant in the city of san jose. after the break, we'll hear from the owners about what setting them apart.
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it's the highest honor you can guilty in the restaurant business. and now the city of san jose has a restaurant with that distinction. >> the owners of the portuguese restaurant -- >> reporter: the name means wine seller. the restaurant has been awarded
12:55 pm
the coveted michelin star rating. >> we were like in shock. there was no other reaction or yelling. >> we yelling after. >> reporter: the michelin guides honored 50 bay area restaurants with stars, but this is a first for the city of san jose. an unexpected surprise for the husband and wife owners whose intention is to offer authentic portuguese cuisine in a city known for innovation. >> why only in technology? >> it's where this family is from. >> the owners' daughter at 23 years old is likely one of the youngest female chefs to earn a michelin distinction. >> if you work hard and focus and follow you dreams and dedicate your attention to something you believe in, it will pay off.
12:56 pm
jessica and her fiancie, the executive chef were already on the michelin radar after working in libson at a -- lisbon at a top rated restaurant. >> there's sharpness and unique flavors. >> reporter: this san jose native reserved a table as soon as the ratings came out. >> there's culture in san jose and you hope that other restaurateurs will latch onto that and we'll see more and more restaurants and there'll be competition. >> ktvu fox 2 news. big money behind ballot initiatives. >> and today we'll speak live with billionaire -- that's today on the four on two. taking a look at the big board, just a few minutes away from the closing bell. the dow jones is down 26 points
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in mixed trading this afternoon. and the nasdaq is down 36 points. twitter stock is not moving despite the news that they'll lay off 9% of their work force. we're tracking the rain that could make the morning ride a rough one tomorrow. the u.s.those of us whoof freedserved in the military are very proud of that. i believe very, very strongly in our country and what we stand for. i went to iraq in 2004 to fight for freedom. for generations, our troops have sacrificed for our freedoms. one of the most important things we do is vote -
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to protect that freedom. i'm tom steyer. let's make the people we're so proud of, proud of us. please. vote. vote. vote. vote.
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