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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  October 28, 2016 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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and an adult not only stood by but may have helped instigate a schoolyard fight at an east bay high school. "the four on 2" starts now. terrifying moments for passengers on an american airlines flight in chicago when the engine catches on fire just before the plane was about to take o. welcome to "the four on 2". i'm ted rowlands. >> i'm heather holmes. we're getting new information on this developing story. that flight was bound for miami and federal investigators say the trouble began with the blown tire just before that boeing 767 was to take off from o'hare international airport this afternoon. the plane's experience was being described as an engine related issue and the pilots aborted take-off. seven passengers and one flight attendant suffered minor injuries and were taken to the hospital. >> the turbine was -- the motors were spinning like they always do, and it didn't take
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off. it almost felt like it was going to and then boom. >> many of the other passengers watched in horror there on the tarmac as that plane went up in flames. what happened in chicago is extremely rare but it is a scenario that emergency response crews spend a lot of time training for. we talked to sfo's spokesperson about what happened at o'hare. >> any time an event like this happens at any airport in the u.s., we all taig interest in it. we all want to learn from it. we all want to understand what happened. we want to know the details. we're still gathering that information. there's a couple of important things that both airlines and airports train to that supports events like today. number one is, cabin crews on board aircraft train to evacuate aircraft very quickly. the goal in most cases is 90 seconds. and then airports obviously train to get personnel out to a scene as quickly as possible. at sfo we're lucky we've got three different fire stations located around the airport to really support that quick
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response time, and i'm sure that o'hare was grateful for a similar type of arrangement today. obviously a quick response time is an important part of an airport's emergency preparation plans. airport fire crews train to the. they practice it regularly. there's always drills that are happening at the airport to test this type of thing, because as we've seen super chicago today it can happen in real life. >> absolutely. it's amazing that everybody got off so quickly. only minor injuries. >> but still a scary situation. an investigation is underway in the fire in chicago. the latest tonight at 5:00. so now we want to bring you up to date on that big rig crash that caused gridlock throughout the bay area much of the day. >> investigators say they believe the truck that jackknifed was a solo vehicle accident. the eastbound crash snarled the commute for hours. ktvu's tara moriarty is live at fifth and bryant where things never really did recovery, did
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they. >> reporter: 80 eastbound has been a nightmare all day. take a look behind me. you can see what a mess it is. this isn't very unusual for a friday but we just haven't gotten a break. the earlier crash not only affected traffic in this direction but westbound as well. originally the truckdriver said another driver cut him off but the chp says so far there is no proof of that. highway patrol officers say the driver of this mangled big rig cab was lucky to walk away from this wreck. >> it had been raining this morning. the roadway was wet. possibly that with a combination of a little bit of an unsafe speed caused the collision. >> reporter: just before 5:00 this morning after turning onto the bridge the chp says the driver slammed against the left wall of the bridge, skidded for 100 feet, then jackknifed, blocking three lanes of traffic. >> there were indications possibly that a vehicle had cut him off, causing him to crash. >> reporter: but after finding no evidence of that investigators are treating it as a solo vehicle collision.
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>> we've not been able to develop any new information regarding that claim, so right now, if there is anybody who has any information, please come forward. >> reporter: at least one of the truck's 50-gallon gas tasks ruptured. caltrans brought in an environmental specialist to oversee the clean yu. four lanes were shut down snarling traffic from the bridge on 101 southbound to south san francisco and on 280 to daly city. >> i would say that on a scale of 1 to 10, probably an 8 as far as traffic. >> reporter: westbound traffic became sluggish as side streets became clogged. alex and his family were stuck for three hours. >> my daughter had a sleep study so around 6:30, we just been here ever since. >> reporter: even though the wreck was cleared hours ago, you can see we're pretty much right back where we started. if you take a look on the faces of some of these drivers, they
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look pretty exasperated. this is typical for a friday evening commute. live in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. it turned out to be the first half of a -- well, the second half of a two punch. another big rig shut down part of that road today as well. sky fox was overhead when it happened. you can see a burned out shell of the big rig. this happened near the 101 connector just before 10:00 this morning. all lanes were closed for an extended period of time. they did open this afternoon. no one was injured in that fire. let's check in with our meteorologist rosemary orozco. seems as though the rain has stopped in most parts of the bay area but i imagine more is on the way. >> yes, you're right. so we were hammered during the morning commute, it tapered off. hat since dried out in many spots. even a little bit of blue sky in some areas as we look towards san francisco. here is a look at storm tracker
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2. you can see the rain really winding down at this point. we will leave in just the slight chance of a few on and off showers because it is still so very moist out there. we have a little bit falling over the mount diablo range on the east side of milpitas and fremont but that's really about it. we'll go through the rest of tonight with partly clear skies and that possibility of maybe a few sprinkles. if you do have inc. plans, here's a look at futurecast model rolling into midnight. not a lot popping up. saturday looks to be a mainly dry day, but as heather mentioned, more is on the way. that next storm will come in on sunday. here is a look at the 24-hour rainfall totals thus far. santa rosa picking up more than an inch. oakland, .07 or so san francisco almost .08. san jose, who missed out last time around picked up a little bit more than .09 of an inch. this is all great news. again we have another storm coming in on sunday.
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this is going to be a colder storm and is going to impact the sierra passes. when i come back we will time out the next system and, of course, we're looking forward to halloween and what's in store for that day as well. back to you. >> thank you so much, rosemary. the wet roadways led to several accidents including a few in the south basement several crashes this morning caused a lot of traffic tie- ups. the driver of a truck told us while he was traveling on northbound 280 near 10th street, a car cut him off. he then hit a puddle and went right over the guardrail. another vehicle was then hit, and the air bag deployed. both of the drivers, we're told, were not hurt but one of them was trapped in his truck because it landed right on its side. >> i just hydroplaned. i lost control of the wheel and jumped the guardrail. >> reporter: then what happened next? >> i don't know, i was just shocked i was still breathing. >> all right, another vehicle slammed into the center divide on north 87 near the railway.
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fortunately here no one was injured. >> all of the fender benders today kept the chp very busy. ktvu's alex savidge had a chance to ride along in a patrol car. >> reporter: we're riding along inside a chp cruiser keeping tabs on what has been a wet morning commute around the bay area. officer henry schultz behind the wheel. he's with the chp oakland office. of course it has been wet on the roadways. the chp has been handling a fair number of crashes, but officer schultz, you've said to us, people overall seem to be taking it easy. you haven't had as many acts as you might have expected. >> true. normally on rainy days such as today, we'll have a small amount of collisions, but nothing where we thought it may have been. so it's g. it's nice to see people are taking warning to what the road conditions are.
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we are going to see more rain here in the bay area over the coming days. what is the biggest mistake you see drivers making when the roadways are wet and there's heavy rainfall? >> the biggest mistake that we see is people driving too fast, they don't allow enough time in the morning for the different weather conditions. they're following vehicles too closely, and they may be a little bit distracted. they're in a hurry in the morning. so we just want people to slow down a little bit. give a little bit of extra time. we would rather have them get to where they're going. it may take a few extra minutes. >> reporter: one of the other things officer schultz was saying was that even when the rain is not actually coming down, you can still have very dangerous conditions. the roadways can be wet, and you still need to take it slow when we have storms moving through the bay area. i'm alex is a virnlings ktvu fox 2 news. >> don't forget to download the free ktvu weather app for the very latest on the conditions.
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the app has the latest radar, up to the minute forecast. just search for ktvu in the app store. a new twist to tell you about in the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails coming now just a week and a half before the november election. the fbi says it is examining newly discovered e-mails that sources say came to life during the federal investigation into former congressman anthony weiner. fox reporter lauren blanchard with the fallout from campaign trail. >> reporter: with just 11 days to go until the election day the fbi announced they are take another look at their investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail serve, a blow to democrats who had hoped this issue was behind them. in a letter to congress, the fbi says they have learned there are more e-mails that may be related to the previous investigation of clinton's private e-mail server. the news breaking just as donald trump landed in new hampshire. >> the fbi and the department of justice are now willing to
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have the courage to right the horrible mistake. we must not let her take her criminal scheme into the oval office. >> reporter: a senior law enforcement official tells fox the latest e-mails were not found on clinton's private server. rather, as part of a separate investigation into anthony weiner's sexting scandal. wean ser the husband of clinton top aide huma abedin. >> any reaction to the fbi investigation? >> reporter: clinton and her staff traveled to iowa where she did not address this at a rally but instead focused on her rival. >> his strategy is to get women to stay home, get young people to stay home, get people of color to stay home. donald trump says he can still win. and you know, he's right. anything can happen in an election. >> reporter: clinton's campaign claire says the fbi director owes it to the american people to release more details immediately and is confident it will not produce any different
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conclusions. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. we're learning more about a deadly shooting in el cerrito that claimed the life of a san francisco attorney. 62-year-old james gilliland was shot and killed on his fronts porch on mira vista drive in el crier ritt tomorrow. gilliland practiced intellectual law. police say he had just arrived home from a social event. a short time later his wife and others in the neighborhood heard gunfire. >> there it is, an unsolved case at this point. we definitely need people to be aware to came in suspicious vehicles, because it is possible that they were parked in the area and casing for somebody. >> it's shocking and alarming to hear about homicide in our neighborhood. this is a quiet residential street that is normally very quiet. so i am alarmed. >> police have not made any arrests or identified any systems. they're asking witnesses or anybody with surveillance video from the neighborhood to give
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them a call. all right, fists fly between two high school girls, and a mother appears to stand by and watch it all unfold. plus, a story that sought of this world. we'll preview the inaugural alien convention happening this weekend in the south.
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the u.s.those of us whoof freedserved in the military are very proud of that. i believe very, very strongly in our country and what we stand for. i went to iraq in 2004 to fight for freedom. for generations, our troops have sacrificed for our freedoms. one of the most important things we do is vote - to protect that freedom. i'm tom steyer. let's make the people we're so proud of, proud of us. please. vote. vote. vote. vote.
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police are investigating a fight that took place at a bay area high school where a student's parent appears to be egging the children on. >> i'm not going to [ bleep ] >> officials say the altercation took place around 3:30 yesterday afternoon in orinda. police are investigating the incident. the principal says two sophomore students got into an argument. they won't confirm whether the mother was involved. >> this really has disrupted us as a community, and right now we're really looking to heal and to ensure that this doesn't happen again. >> the principal tells ktvu another student broke up the fight. a teacher and a coach also seemed to help separate the students. cristina rendon spoke with police, school officials, and students. she will have a full report on what happened coming up at 6:00. republican nominee mike pence was back on the campaign
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trail today, this after his plane skidded off the runway. the boeing 737 was coming into laguardia airport during heavy rain when it ran right off the end of the runway. no one on board was hurt. the faa says special crushable concrete material stopped the plane. pence said everything happened very quickly. >> it was obvious to everybody on the plane that they were hitting the brakes very hard, trying to bring the aircraft to a stop. we fish tailed a little bit, and then we passed through that part where the concrete brakes apart. >> now pence expressed his gratitude to all of the first responders there at the scene and for the concern and prayers that he's received. if you are wondering if we are alone in the universe you have a chance to get some answers. just drive south to the south basement starting this afternoon the first annual alien con convention kicks off at the santa clara convention
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center. vendors, actors, and fans will be among the attendees of this three-day event which organizers say will draw up to 10,000 people and others. organizers say fan interest in popular sci-fi shows sparked the idea to hold the convention in silicon valley. >> there are a lot of fans around the world. we wanted to give the fans an opportunity to come together in one place, see their favorite stars, hear a lot of things about the topic and kind of just get together and socialize. >> there's a costume party tonight, then tomorrow and sunday, shows and panel discussions about existence of aliens. by the way that man in the robot costume, yes, there is a maine there, we'll talk to him coming up at 5:00 on ktvu plus. all right, pretty excited about that. >> very. for the first time in 71 years, the cubs getting ready for a world series game at wrigley field. we'll go to chicago where it seems the whole city is celebrating. boy, those fans, as you can
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see, are all gathering. they really boosted up the prices of bars in that area. >> $200 to get into the bar. >> yeah. forget the world series. >> worth every penny. >> okay, we'll be right back. outside our doors it's a cloudy day out there, but most of the rain has moved on. i will have a look at how long this break is dog last and when the next storm is expected to arrive coming up. the u.s.those of us whoof freedserved in the military are very proud of that. i believe very, very strongly in our country and what we stand for. i went to iraq in 2004 to fight for freedom. for generations, our troops have sacrificed for our freedoms. one of the most important things we do is vote - to protect that freedom. i'm tom steyer. let's make the people we're so proud of, proud of us. please. vote. vote. vote. vote.
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another live picture of wrigley field in chicago where the world series game three is coming up in about a half-hour or so. >> you can feel the excitement just looking at that picture. it is the first time a world series game has been played at the friendly confines of wrigley field since 1945. reporter jeff flock got an exclusive look this morning inside. >> reporter: i come to you from hallowed ground, wrigley field in chicago where as you can perhaps tell, they are ready for tonight's game three of the world series, the first world series game to be played in chicago since 1945. the stadium is ready as perhaps you see all of the rooftops out there. they will be packed with people as well as the stadium will. and this is a little bit of a behind-the-scenes look. some things maybe you don't get to see. that's the radar gun that tells the viewers how fast the
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pitchers are throwing, bagged up right now. this is the cubs' dugout. they've got heaters running in here. it was pretty warm during the day. supposed to be warmer at game time. this is where you call if you want a new pitcher. the bullpen. bring somebody in. lined the scenes, game three of the world series, and we can't leave without talking about ticket prices. take a look at these fashionable cease behind home plate, the most expensive seats. the latest most expensive particular to the game, $19,000, according to stubhub out on the secondary market. they say if this goes to a cubs clinch on sunday night here at wrigley field, it could be the most expensive scalped ticket in u.s. sports history. covering the world series at wrigley field -- i can't believe that owe on in chicago, i'm jeff flock. >> it would be fun, but that's
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really, really expensive. i get it, it's historic. >> rosemary, that too expensive? i would love to be there. >> i would love to be there, but perhaps a little bit out of my price range. >> definitely out of mine, rosemary, gee. >> let's stay here in the bay area. saturday is going to be a dry day, sunday another round of rain, so a little bit of everything. and this next storm is actually going to be a colder store. i will explain what that is going to mean to us. a look over san jose, a little bit of blue sky. we still have clouds in place. and a lot of moisture as we roll through the evening hours. not expecting a lot of rainfall. the big event was this morning, of course. most of us caught up in the morning drive, but you can tell we're still with that possibility. if you do have evening plans, i wouldn't worry, but fur worried, maybe bring along the umbrella. looks like we may have a few light showers over the bay bridge, perhaps a little bit over mount tam, then we are watching a little bit over the
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mount diablo range but it is well east of livermore at this point. i'm going give you a look at the next. it is going to be dropping out of the gulf of mexico, going to be a colder storm. so our temperatures are going to come down. it's also going to bring snow levels down. so there is a winter storm watch in the sierra. it is for sunday, driving out today, driving out tomorrow you should be fine. coming back on sunday could be a different issue. we've got right down to the pass perhaps six inches of snowfall. if you are going to be commuting to or from on sunday, keep an eye on the forecast. it is that time of year to pack the chains, if not the snow tires. here's a look at the futurecast model. we are going to dry out from here. tomorrow morning a mainly dry start. we still have just a little bit of moisture hanging around, maybe a few sprinkles but that should be about it. saturday is going to be mainly dry day. sunday morning, the next system rolls in, and it looks like it is going to come early on. this could change a bit as we get into the next couple of
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days but right now it looks like we'll start out with wet weather on sunday morning, then it takes most of the day before it runs its course. monday, we're now into halloween. everybody wants to know is it going to rain on halloween. looks like we're dry. notice this to the north of us. does it begin to pull south. we're going leave in a slight chance of scattered showers into the evening hours. most of halloween will be dry but as we get into the evening hours, we could see that especially over the north bay a slight chance of scattered showers. temperatures right now under mostly cloudy skies 61 degrees in san francisco, 70 in hayward, upper 60s in livermore. as we get going tomorrow morning under partly cloudy skies a little bit of patchy fog. temperatures will be in the upper 40s to upper 50s. is going to be a cool start in santa rosa, afternoon highs for tomorrow, low 60s to low 70s under partly cloudy skies, 61 pacifica, 68 in hey wood, 70 expected for livermore. here's a look at your extended forecast. so again mainly dry tomorrow.
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the next storm comes in on sunday. mop day looks mainly dry for most of the day. slight chance of scattered showers monday night. showers possible tuesday. partly cloudy on wednesday. back to you. >> all right, thanks so much, rosemary. >> well, thanks so much for joining us here. coverage of game three of the world series between the chicago cubs and the cleveland indians is coming up. >> we will bring you more coverage on channel 36. we'll see you there, or enjoy the game. have a great night.
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we are a fox sports. ♪ >> redemption can be measured through one's will to fight back, to overcome personal obstacles and silence any doubters. >> welcome back, kyle schwarber. unbelievable. >> for the cubs, game two was a proving ground, a moment to show they are here to stay.


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