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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  November 1, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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share questions with the campaign prior to primary debate. warnings on two starts now. >> this is ktvu warnings on two. thank you for joining us it is tuesday, november 1st p.m. i am dave. a lot of trick-or-treaters out last night despite the rain braving the psyche conditions, who is that? we're looking at some of the video from the castro district in san francisco. bless you. it was raining on and off through the ninth -- through the night. there were partygoers out there. this year a lot more subdued event compared to last year that's when the city sanctioned an official halloween celebration and the cast room. that is a dinosaur. that i knew.
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>> there are some good costumes out there. >> are you going to talk about what you were? >> i wore my costume and it was a raincoat and unfortunately not boots. i wore tennis shoes and after stepping inside of you puddles my feet to the sox were soaked. we were warned and we were prepared. >> out south they were okay. it did not really rain until late. >> unfortunately we were in marin county six-nine trick-or- treating. as soon as we were wrapping it up it stopped. >> you know the historical average just went up. i was asking. what percentage do you think it rains here on halloween? >> we are about done -- october is going to go down not only here but along must -- much of the west coast is the greatest rainfall ever. some -- we will get to the totals here let's get everything together.
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november 1st. things have to change. this was it in the last in the series and i know it wasn't much but we've got some around fremont heading back towards saratoga towards san jose and deliver more in the back into the santa cruz mountains. this looks to be the last. this will be at the. a little breezy here out of the west southwest and picking up later. 50s, 60s up although kelsey ville says what are you talking about? mid 50s for many and our system goes through a lot of clearing and we will have mostly sunny skies after the rain ends. 60s on the temperatures. and now with a not so scary traffic report we hope is our weather report. so far not a lot going on. we had an accident on the peninsula north bend one
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oelwein on keyhole. we are starting with the tracy commute and the traffic is moving along well on 580 westbound as you drive in the area no major problems getting out to the valley and over to the main part, one of the busiest commutes and that would be the dublin interchange in the traffic is going to be okay. we have had fender bender's because it is wet. this is a look at interstate 8080 and the traffic is moving along okay. just had an accident reported northbound 85 on the connect around eastbound to 237 and you can look at the bay bridge toll plaza in that traffic is moving along okay. accidents are popping up because of the still wet roads but still the traffic at the bay bridge looks good. 4:03 let's go back to the desk. >> a man tried to kidnap a girl in pacifica. it was reported just before 5:00 near hippie boulevard on fire crest avenue. the man honked his car at the
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horn and yelled for him -- for her to get in the car. she refused and tried to force the girl into the car but she got away. police described the suspect as an indian man between 30 years old and 40 years old about five- foot six with the trim you beard wearing a black shirt and jeans and black shoes. the suspect's car described as a newer model black volkswagen four-door sedan had tinted windows and texas license plates two young girls in santa rosa hit by pickup truck while trick-or-treating. that happened just before 7:00 near rain dance ray and sworn drive. afforded-year-old girl and the 9-year-old girl or crossing the street when they were hit. the 4-year-old was not hit with a 9-year-old taken to the hospital. we are told she was briefly unconscious but that she woke up and was talking before being put into the ambulance. the driver stopped and is
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cooperating with the investigation. please -- police do not think drugs or alcohol were a factor. 45:00. one week away from the election date. >> some polls say a tightening race and others suggest little has changed but janet talk to a political analyst and campaign volunteer about the race to the finish line. >> hillary clinton's lead over donald trump has slipped from seven points to just over four points according to the latest politics polling average. donald trump told his supporters that clinton is corrupt and pointed to the new probe into e-mails by her aid. >> her election would put our country in a constitutional
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crisis that we cannot afford. >> hillary clinton campaigned in ohio addressing the issue has not. >> i know they will reach the same conclusion when they lick at my e-mails last year, right? >> emerson polls in key battleground states show a tie in ohio at 45 points. florida is a tossup. clinton 46 and 45. in north carolina clinton is up by three points 48-45 which falls within the margin of error as well as wisconsin which is a six-point lead. nevada has clinton up by two points. >>reporter: the e-mail issue sets up a final week that could see the tightening of the race further. >> her job is going to hang onto the swing states because that's where the election will be one expect a call center in oakland volunteers say their main focus is getting clinton's loyal supporters nationwide out to vote.
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>> for the most part we are calling people who are supporting secretary clinton who are going to stay with her. >> a call center also it calls going out from republicans for trump. >> the undecideds are fairly small in number and it is usually some issue about the economy that they are interested in. i have not had a single person discuss the e-mails. ktvu fox two news. >> senate minority leader harry reid wrote a letter to james comey saying his announcement about the new investigation may have violated the hatch act. that act bans the fbi from using their authority to influence an election. in other news the and then has cut ties now with democratic political strategist donna brazil because of hacked e-mails released by wikileaks. she's the interim chairwoman of the democratic national convention and a paid contributor for cnn the release of hacked e-mails suggest donna brazil shared questions with the clinton campaign before the
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cnn sponsored debate during the primaries. cnn denies the allegations donna brazil has not specifically commented on those hacked e-mails. >> back at home oakland fire investigators are looking for the cause of yesterday's weak fire at an apartment complex near lake mayor and it started around 5:00 p.m. yesterday and you are watching it with us on mornings on two. this was near leicester and hanover avenues in the building that was under construction. the fire sent embers raining down forcing more than 150 people to evacuate. luckily the people nearby in the homes were not learned. some were damaged by heavy smoke and the water used to put out the fire. one-man woke up to panic and chaos. >> get up, get up and there's a fire and i look up and i see the bright orange and open the door and the fire was in my face.
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>> officials say at least $1 million damage was caused by the fire. 10 people who lived near the fire were displaced and helped by the red cross. no one was seriously hurt nevada police have. >> -- have arrested a woman who was hit last tuesday near roland and redwood. the man died at the scene. on sunday morning and officer  found a car that had damage consistent with a pedestrian crash. cars owner was interviewed and arrested on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter and felony hit-and-run. in concord a man found dead in kirker pass road was hit by two cars including a clayton police car that happened at 230 this morning. concord police say the driver call 911 to say he hit something concord police found a man lying in the road pronounced dead at the scene. investigators learned that just prior to the 911 call a clayton police officer reported that he
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accidentally hit a man who was lying in the road 49:00. california's fourth open enrollment season to sign up will begin at this time it will cost you more. for the first time many obamacare premiums are going up an average of 13.2%. a lot lower than the national average of 25%. administrator say the increase is due to rising healthcare costs for specialty prescription drugs and the end of a federal subsidy that reduced premiums. open enrollment continues through january, 31 right now for 10:00 and narrowing the search for san francisco's next police chief. the big decision expected tonight and its impact on picking the cities next top cop accusations the 49ers are playing outside the lines. how stadium operations are paid
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for. still a nice commute and a lot going on and that's the way we like it as we take a look at highway four, you can see traffic moving along pretty well as you drive through. very good rain up north at the golden gate not much south but we have one more system to come by and we will cleared out. new month and new weather pattern. 60s today.
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could win their first world series since 1948. the indians have a 3-2 lead over the cubs. yesterday we're seeing the cubs wearing halloween costumes as they left for ohio. the indians stay loose as they worked out a progressive field if they beat the cubs in game six they are the first sports team to win a championship at home since the browns in 1964. game six is with us right here at ktvu to and pregame coverage begins at 4:30 right after our 4:00 news and you can see the rest of our newscasts on ktvu plus 414 and the san francisco 49ers hitting back against allegations from an auditor that says the team used taxpayer money to help for maintenance. the 49ers suggested the audit was politically motivated. more on that coming up.
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>> the 49ers ruffled leathers taking over neighboring soccer fields and now it's an and deeper whole after preliminary audit says taxpayers are footing the bill to help operate levi stadium. >> if we found out -- if we find out how much your using they will pay back expect an independent auditor says general fund money is being used to help pay for security, santa clara police officers and city funds may have been used to replace stadium sod seven times last year. that violates measure j passed by voters in 2010 that state not a cent of taxpayer dollars be used on levi stadium. >> the fact that we have to .5 years and they have not provided what they are supposed to provide or dealt with us in a professional and respectful manner, we are standing up for ourselves and fighting for our city. >> the 49ers issued a memo claiming he is acting more as a
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consultant looking to give credence to unfounded allegations of financial malfeasance on part of the 49ers to coincide perfectly with the election season goals. it went on to say no general fund money or other city funds have been used for stadium authority operation. as the team is in the process of sending and reformatting budget documents as requested. >> i think it was a matter of time before the whole thing was going to go up like this. never is with santa clara and in light of the audit she is calling for more financial transparency. at the public building in a public situation and we have right as a public to know what's going on the mayor has threatened to take over management if the 49ers do not comply. the city council is expected to debate the options at the next scheduled meeting in two weeks.
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>> halloween and the giants outfielder hunter pence. he's worn some really interesting halloween costumes and this year he and his fiancie, look at that they dressed up as characters from napoleon dynamite. hence was as napoleon and it's pretty perfect and alexis was pedro. last year they dressed as wet bandits from the movie home alone. i think he has met his met -- met his match with that fiancie. >> if you can laugh at yourself and be silly that's the key. >> what do you think? >> i think they looked pretty authentic. >> as a matter of fact when i first saw it i didn't even look at it i just thought -- look at his hair. and his face? look at his mouth. >> she did good too. >> they did a very good job. >> very funny.
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>> he had to shave all the facial hair. >> right. >> good morning, everyone. all right let's get on the road now if you are in gilroy gilroy commuter from gilroy to san jose you can get on the road and get up to the area without any major delays up through morgan hill and up into san jose. continues to be a nice looking commute with no major issues. traffic is moving along well as you get into the main part of the west valley. looking at the san mateo bridge , that traffic looks good heading out to the high-rise and it is a nice looking drive all the way to the peninsula. their kid -- there clearing up kehoe and westbound bay bridge is light coming into san francisco. 4:18 and let's go to steve. >> i am voting for pedro. >> are you? yes. >> all right, good. >> i have that shirt.
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>> very well done. for those of you who don't know napoleon dynamite is the movie. it's a movie. >> what a month for rain. if you did not hear this yesterday we have an observer and crescent city and his name is ronald thompson. once in a while i calls -- call them ronald coleman but that's my mistake not his he has had 20 inches of rain this month. this month. he had 1989 as of yesterday when he e-mailed to me. average is about five inches. unbelievable. there are records from seattle to portland all the way down here and even up in the sierra, one of the wettest october's going back to the 18 hundreds. i think there is only two that were wetter. we will get to these numbers. there is not much left. may be a little bit and northern lake county.
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the rainfall was a half inch to an inch. marin county parts of napa and sonoma and mendocino and lake south of that and we're still getting a little bit more from livermore and down to san jose if you have to travel that direction may be 680 and the snow looks like it is done. still highway nine back into scott's bailey santa cruz moppet -- mountains right back to santa cruz proper, expected to turn westerly. 50s on the thames and east bay temps upper 50s mid 50s and we will see some breaks in the clouds. 32 in truckee, 51 ukiah and snow mix and we will take whatever rain mix we can get in there is one more little batch and after that they come down -- they calm down. high pressure building in and that's dryer air spilling in and that will clears out. this is on the backside and
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when we turn the page here for a couple of days we see mostly sunny skies with a lot of fog. today 60s on the temperatures and they don't change too much but there will be fog in the forecast wednesday, thursday, friday okay with increasing clouds with some rain to the north on sunday. >> just heard from heidi hawkins. good rain up in red block. >> the further north you go. >> our observer who had 20 inches? >> crescent city. he had 1989 as of yesterday. think about that, in october. >> that's a lot of rain. >> that's fantastic. the smith river the klamath all those they need it. >> i have a rubbermaid garbage can that i have lined and i have it sitting under the downspouts. it's already full. it is full. i need to get another one. >> i am not seen the hills get
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this green this fast. >> it's nice. it is lovely 4:21. creating a special experience for six children ended with thousands of dollars missing. >> i am not reliable for that i am $20,000 in debt. >> the bay area company under special investigation. >> the protest by protesters and stormed a big bank in san francisco.
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welcome back it is 4:25. abate area bishop will fly to standing rock to support protesters. the bishop and the members plan to help keep the peace between activists and the police. the three billion-dollar oil pipeline project threatens water supply -- supplies as well as endangering native artifacts. about 1000 people camped out there and besides clashing with police protesters are now dealing with a brush fire near their campsite. >> we looked up on the hilltop and there was a car up there and we saw headlights. so we started looking at him and pretty soon the car stopped and he's driving erratically and then you saw fire light up.
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>> that fair comes days after police in riot gear clear demonstrators from highway roadblock in the meantime the demonstration has sparked protests around the country. a group of people took over the lobby of the citigroup center yesterday morning. they want citibank to stop funding the project. 12 protesters were cited and then released. i know burn season begins today at san francisco's ocean beach. no bonfires are a loud until march. during no burn season national park service crews will remove and clean beach fire pits and reinstall them for the spring and summer. it coincides with the winter spare the air season. 4:26 a.m., businesses are planning towards the holidays that includes the turkey maker butterball and for the first time butterball is going digital so you can text them with questions about your tricky. they start taking questions thursday november 17th through
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thanksgiving. they expect the most asked question to be how long does it take to thought-out the turkey? it happens every year. >> or you if you forget to pull it out. >> 4:27 a.m. and it's a contentious issue for years and it's back on the election ballot. coming up city leaders are trying to figure out how to regulate the recreational use of marijuana if prop 64 passes bay area muscles at risk and what is popping up in the waterways that has official -- officials worrying about your health we are looking at a commute or traffic is moving along well . if you are driving along to 80 of toward highway 17. this portion of fox two news sponsored by foster farms. california grown.
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came --
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the wonderful music of johnny nash. beautiful. live pictures from our ktvu roof cams looking out at the bridge and around the bay area and the water. i can see clearly now because the last of three storm system have passed. it's going to be a bright day. thank you for joining us. tuesday the first day of november i am dave. >> good morning i am pam cook and it's 4:30. the day of the dead, are we going to have a clear day? >> mostly sunny. it's mostly pretty after the lane -- after the rain clears through. >> rain totals favored the north although there is rain down toward san jose. lake sonoma .80 in fairfax where i heard it was pouring .66 and upper lake and lake county .60 and gran


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