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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 4, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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a connection confirmed between a missing sheriff volunteer and a burned body in a park in the east bay. tonight we're learning of two arrests as family and friends remember the victim. >> she could do no wrong. she was so innocent. i can't imagine what this might be happening. >> 21-year-old carlos are -- karla ramirez was beaten and stabbed and burned and left in a park in oakland. >> i'm heather holmes in for julie haener. a man and woman are both under arrest tonight for that killing. amber lee is in our newsroom. the victim was a volunteer for the sheriff's department, but her killing had nothing to do with that. >> that is exactly what they are saying. tonight i spoke with her family and friends. they tell me that it is hard to know how this loving young
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woman could be killed and attacked in this way. >> she was timid and minded her own business. even though that e she wasn't outgoing or loud, she had a huge heart. >> reporter: the friends showed us photos that karla ramirez posted. >> that she and karla bonded over similar interests, that they shared a mexican-american heritage, attended the same high school together, joining the sheriff explorer program. on wednesday night she failed to return home to this apartment building, after dropping off a friend. then a day later, oakland police respond today a report of a woman's body in the royal viejo park. this afternoon police made this announcement. >> we were able to identify two persons of interest. and take them into custody
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without incident. >> reporter: she was the youngest of three children. that they can't fathom why anyone would hurt her. it was difficult because her body had been beaten, stabbed, burned. >> for this to happen to her, it's just shocking because she wanted to be a part of the law to prevent things like this from happening to her. it is mind blowing. >> the woman under arrest had a friendship with karla, the killing appears to be over a personal matter. investigators did not release the names of the two suspects. >> i hope they get what they deserve, especially as one of them called her a friend that you could never do that to a friend. >> reporter: friends and family say that karla inspire today be a police officer and that it was a long-term goal and one she was passionate about. she was working at kentucky
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fried chicken where she still found time to volunteer as an advisor to younger cadets in the sheriff explorer program after she aged out of it when she turn it had 1. -- when she turned 21. >> she sounds like an incredible woman. did police say at all if she was actually killed there as well? >> reporter: all evidence points to the attack and killing taking place at the park. >> amber lee in our newsroom, thank you. now to the north bay where a young woman's body was found at a shallow grave. tonight investigators are trying to figure out and why. he's 18-year-old kirk kimberly. today volunteers with the sonoma county sheriff's department were back at the northern edge combing through a 10-acre site of trees and brush looking for evidence. kimberly was last seen riding his bike on october 17. friends say he was well liked by everyone who knew him and that he loved skate boarding. >> he was really nice and he
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was laid back, he was funny. he would always tell jokes in class. he would make you laugh when you're having a bad day. >> reporter: kimberly a graduate from rancho high school in june, but was not a student at sonoma state. investigators have not said how he died, but they are urging anyone who knows what happened to give them a call. new at 10:00, a student accused of possessing child pornography. police arrested 20-year-old sam crofoot on the catholic university yesterday. investigators say they seized evidence from his dorm room at usf including several digital devices containing more than 600 images. he is being held on $850,000 bail. now within the last hour we received a statement from the school saying he was not enrolled in any official university programs that would
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have brought him in contact with children. the university is confident that none of their i.t. systems were used or compromised in connection to this matter. and now to a developing news tonight, they are said to be assessing a terror threat on the eve of the national election. the information has not been substantiated, but they mentioned three states. authorities are doing everything that they can just four days before the election. >> you're in the state of vigilance. >> reporter: new york, texas, virginia all under alert tonight. after threats coming from al qaeda around election day. >> this is something that is at this moment that we are still developing the information on it. >> new york city alone has increased patrols. >> and the level of credibility
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is not clear. it is definitely not an overly specific threat. >> reporter: both hillary clinton and donald trump's campaigns will be in the city along with thousands of high- profile supporters. >> we want to urge everyone to go about your business that there will be a lot of folks out there to protect you. >> reporter: meanwhile with just four days to go the negative campaigning continues. >> you cannot be president of the united states if you don't know when to shut up. >> reporter: mark cuban lashing out at donald trump while clinton herself calling trump a dangerous choice from pennsylvania. >> think about what it would mean to entrust the nuclear codes to someone with a very thin skin who lashes out at anyone who challenges him. >> he was in new hampshire today bashing her over e-mails. >> how can hillary manage this
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country when she can't even manage her e-mails? >> reporter: the fbi's october surprise is boosting trump's standing. the newest score cards still show a tough path though for donald trump, but some very good news for the gop as ohio moves from a toss-up state to a leaning republican. trump has tightened the hold while democratic new hampshire could go either way now. as for those worries over the hacking attempt, senior administration officials are confident in the system saying that it will be hard for anyone to alter the election results. we have late-breaking news about voter registration. they say that democrats have one million more voters this year with a lead overt republican voters where they have 45% of those voters and with those voters across the state of california.
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a new poll gives hillary clinton 20% lead in california, but both are viewed negatively by voters. they would view hillary clinton unfavorably. 65% with an unfavorable view of donald trump. they are register today vote next tuesday. and a legal battle is brewing over procedures. today a federal judge in ohio issued a restraining order against the gop and the trump campaign. >> yeah, lawyers for the ohio democratic party said that trump's call for supporters to gather at poll sites to prevent a rigged election could lead to intimidation of voters. ktvu jana katsuyama is here now to tell us about the intense scrutiny that both campaigns are preparing for come election day. >> both of the campaigns are planning to have poll watchers at the sites. the democrats and the republicans both already fighting in the federal courtroom. there are legal battles underway in six states with hearings continuing even now at
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this 11th hour. >> and the political battle has taken a new front to get out to vote and their legal battles, ensuring that their votes are valid and counted. at the san mateo office in burlingame, he is in charge of poll watchers, that they are signed up to watch the sites, calling the hotline if they suspect (mark) any -- suspect any person -- and we have attorneys on site if they suspect anything. >> they need to stop crooked hillary. but lawyers are filing lawsuits in multiple states, accusing the campaign of encouraging them to confront voters at the polls. there are court hearings in new
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hampshire, pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, nevada. the dean of law says that the battles will continue on election day. >> and the federal judge ruled that the state's purging of voters, that it is unconstitutional. >> reporter: the former federal attorney says that they will have staff designated to be at the election polls. all to be a poll watcher there in the battleground state. mcdougal says that all the trump poll watchers are being trained to avoid confrontation. >> we're trained to be respectful. we're not going to be confrontational. we're not going to be belligerent. if we see something, we'll call it to the polling inspector's attention. >> reporter: and late this
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afternoon, we learned that arizona, the judge there has denied an injunction against the republican party. so there is a god going on. reminding everybody that you need to stay outside 100 feet if you will be doing any campaigning. >> and how does this compare to elections in the past? >> i asked them about this and that some of the scrutiny has come after past elections where we have seen legal challenges. one thing they mention is that a lot of that lead to a case law, some of that could be resolved quickly. >> no doubt about it. so many eyes on this election, thank you so much. in the meantime the clinton campaign got a boost tonight in a star-studded concert in cleveland.
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the show happened just ahead in the key battleground state. it was a part of the get out to vote concert at cleveland state university. rapper jay z also took to the stage. stick with ktvu and ktvu plus for election night. results. our coverage begins at 4:00 in the afternoon. jitters over the upcoming election would help send wall street lower. the dow started higher on a positive jobs report, but ended up closing down. s&p 500 fell by three. the last time they dropped nine days in a row happened all the way back in 1980. coming up, the start of grab season is now just a few hours away. at 10:30 the preparations are underway by the sports fishermen all along the bay
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area coast. i'm tracking that weekend weather forecast. it'll be pretty nice with some rain drops in there. up first hundreds of people are talking trash. how people in one bay area city came together last night to fight illegal dumping in their streets. everybody, we are turning up here.
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we're getting tired of this. >> that is a comment seen here in east oakland where hundreds of people showed up to hear leaders from the faith-based group oakland community organization telling city leaders about their displeasure of illegal dumping in the city. >> go down there.
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as if those areas were big targets. >> reporter: he is talking about areas like this lot near 98th avenue. as you can see piles and piles of trash and waste. sitting alongside homes where people live. >> it's an environmental and health issue that we'll need to fix, you know, that it is an instrumental cause to our health. >> reporter: oaklanders have every right to be angry about the level of dumping, illegal dumping that is happening in this city. >> reporter: back in august i did a story on illegal dumping. this is how much trash that accumulated on high street near interstate 880. on spencer street near 77th avenue. today when we went by those same places, they had been cleaned up. something that city leaders hope to keep a handle on, but they know that the odds are against them. >> in the last five years, we have seen illegal dumping double in the city of oakland. and so why we're meeting our service goals, the problem has just ballooned. >> reporter: 60% of those that do illegal dumping, they don't
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live in our city. so we've got to be able to capture not just the ones that live in oakland, but particularly those that live on the side of oakland, including putting together a strong case to take it to the d.a. >> reporter: and now they plan to use cameras like this to the city purchasing numerous cameras to read their license plates. they are leasing trucks to pick up the illegal dump site and they plan to brian more. lastly that they suggested the city leaders that not only do they pay fines when they are convicted of illegal dumping, but also to do community service so that they could also help clean up the community, council member reese says he'll take it to the city attorney for approval. >> yes, it is really bad, paul. i was driving to the gym tonight and saw people walking in the street. the reason why they were walking in the street because there was so much garbage on the sidewalk that they needed to walk in the street to get around it. >> reporter: that is very true. let me tell you i went to two places in august. those places surprisingly were cleaned up. i was really shocked by that. when we did the story the first
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time a week later that it was still there, but today two months later it's gone. >> that's great news. paul chambers in oakland tonight, thank you. and tonight a surgeon from ucff is in jail on $2 million bond accused of selling narcotics to his own patient. university police arrested dr. christopher owens yesterday. he's 49 years old, a vascular surgeon at v.a. medical center affiliated with ucsf. in that twist his girlfriend 35- year-old danielle patello was found dead on tuesday in the home that they shared. owens has not been charged in her death, but a source tells ktvu that she died from an overdose from the drug ghb, which is commonly known as the date rape drug. a neighbor said that he was stunned to learn of her passing. >> it is just calm and mild. just normal. >> dr. owens was booked on 99 counts related to the sale of
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opioids. he is set to be arraigned on those charges next week. well you may have noticed that maybe your mail carrier has been making deliveries a little later than usual. some people here in the bay area say that their mail is arriving well after midnight. tom vacar with what's behind those delayed deliveries. >> we started receiving our mail between 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. at night. >> reporter: the councilwoman susie says that her personal mail as well as her neighbors and constituent mails sometimes arrives late or not at all. >> they would get my mail delivered even as late as 2:00 a.m. >> reporter: checking the mailbox on a certain time is a ritual, especially for those expecting checks or prescriptions. >> so when it doesn't come, it is very annoying. >> reporter: the bay area postal service spokesman says that they are well aware of the problems and what it causes. >> we have a staffing issue in some of our offices. we have vacant routes. now what that means is that most routes have full-time
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carriers that are assigned to it. those that are vacant, well other carriers have to come in and divide up the route. once they are done with their own route. >> reporter: the other carriers have been working a lot of overtime while the postal service tries to hire many needed new carriers. >> overall we are probably looking at a little over 600 city carrier systems alone. those are people that need to deliver the mail. >> reporter: for a government agency once believe today be a dying dinosaur suffers from growing pains. >> actually it's an increase in overall mail. in particular the online shopping that is going on right now. we're seeing double digit increase in parcels. >> reporter: because ups, fedex, and many retailers use the postal service. and this year they expect 18% more parcels than last year. parcels that take more space and work to deliver. >> which is why we're currently looking at an $8 billion investment in new vehicles to handle it. >> reporter: and that work will last for decades to come.
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>> until somebody figures out how to e-mail a sweater we're going to deliver it. >> reporter: the growing pains might continue for some time to come. tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. the temperatures dropped off a couple of degrees today. they are going to be a little bit cooler tomorrow. i mean the temperatures today were a little warmer by a couple of degrees and they will cool a couple of degrees tomorrow. here we are in santa rosa on saturday, santa rosa at 70 degrees. 71 today in san francisco 65 tomorrow. so slightly cooler. we are seeing more clouds out there. from this weather system, which will cool things off and change the texture of their weekend from what we would have today, which is very warm to cooler. still be pretty mild, but not as warm. we had upper 70s here too. 77 degrees in morgan hill. winds are slightly on shore now, which means that the fog wants to return. we have temperatures that are outside that are cooler. it is going to be chilly. tomorrow morning's overnight lows will be in the north bay especially in the upper 30s and the lower 40s with the patchy
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valley fog as well. here comes that coastal fog for tomorrow morning. you'll see it all along the coast changing the texture for sure. much cooler, which has been in the 60s. tomorrow they will be in the upper 50s. and then those temperatures tomorrow, yellows are 70s, the greens are 60s. your forecast high will with slightly cooler for your bay area on saturday. and then saturday night, that system will need to move in and we have a chance for a few sprinkles that are showing up for saturday night and sunday morning. i'll have the computer model lined up the next time i see you. >> all right, thank you, bill. well, another disturbing discovery at a property where a missing woman was found chained up like a dog. >> we did find out that there was a body and they need to celebrate on this piece of property. up next the latest from south carolina. and also the warriors were on the road to l.a. tonight taking on the blazers. ktvu scott reese has highlights coming up at 10:45. plus, what will be huge and i mean just huge praises for
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the cubs. all the sports coming up later. and also ahead disney and drones. why you could soon see them flying over the happiest place on earth. important step forward. the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. passes - the ballot.
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when most of us make a mistake, officewe own up to it.anks. but not madison nguyen. her vote to slash the san jose police budget was disatrous. one hundred officers were laid off. crime spiked twenty-seven percent. and when nguyen was warned her that cuts left police short-handed, she passed the buck. blamed the police for "spinning information out of control." mrs. nguyen, it's crime that's out of control. blaming others. risking our safety. madison nguyen is the wrong choice for assembly.
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it is time for the pharmaceutical industry to stop the entire nation is looking at california. let's go forward together. thank you all very much. in new york we're learning more about a police sergeant killed in the line of duty. he's a 19-year veteran and a father of two young children. they responded to reports of a home invasion in the section of the bronx when they fled from the scene. the suspect was heavily armed, ending up being killed in the shootout. the other police sergeant was wounded, but expected to survive. a body was found today at a rural property in south carolina where a woman was held captive for more than two months inside a shipping container. the man accused in this kidnapping made his first court appearance today, todd kohlhepp is a convicted sex offender who
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was found guilty of kidnapping and raping a 14-year-old girl in arizona in 1987. deputies say a tip lead them to this property where they found the woman chained inside the container yesterday. prosecutors say that the victim told investigators that she saw kohlhepp shoot and kill her boyfriend. >> we did find a body in a grate on this piece of property around 10:00 this morning. >> it's not known yet if they are remains of the kidnapped boyfriend. they were leaned to the property for a clean up job. there may be other bodies as well. new at 10:00, a legal deadline that would change how condemned inmates are executed. this comes just days before california voters are able to vote on the death penalty. they propose using a drug instead of the three-drug
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combination used a decade ago. they submitted this new protocol where they have about 750 inmates on death row here in california and florida. and the federal aviation administration issued a four- year waiver allowing the drones to fly. the operators must have a remote pilot certificate as they say that they asked permission to flee the drones for entertainment purposes. fresh crab is going to start coming out of the water tomorrow. we are on the coast for the countdown. plus, details on the deadly canoe action this afternoon on the russian river.
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happening now a fisherman along the bay area coast is getting ready for the start of the recreational crab season. we're just two hours away from the start of the sport. >> this year promises to be a good one without the toxic algae that kept pots out of the water last year due to the water. >> we are live where fishermen are excited. >> reporter: yeah, at one minute past midnight it's on. the campgrounds on the sonoma coast are full. boats and trailers are already lined up, ready to launch when they can. in ten days commercial crabbers will join in. >> we will drop our pots at 12:01. >> reporter: it's an annual adventure. by law four people can take 40 dungeon -- crabs. >> reporter: they hope that they could take them back


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