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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  November 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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developing news from washington as the fbi clears hillary clinton in the latest investigation into e-mails. this as both candidates cross the country in a last sprint towards election day. another day to keep their team in oakland. what they are doing to reach out to nfl owners. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. developing news out of james comey's office. he told congress today that the agency has found no reason to prosecution hillary clinton after a review of newly discovered e-mails. most of the e-mails were duplicates of ones previously reviewed and they are standing by their original findings in july.
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and today the democratic leader nancy pelosi responded to the new development. she said in a statement that while they allowed falsehood by republicans desperate to divert attention from themselves that the fbi's swift and thorough review should finally close the door. >> that comes as they campaigned in philadelphia, delivering a speech in florida where the race is now tech and neck. >> i have seen americans of every party, every faith who knows that we are stronger together. doesn't matter whether young or old, men or women, black, white, latino, asians, folks with disabilities, gay, straight, all of us are pledging allegiance. >> lebron james joined hillary clinton in cleveland.
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and their business dealings. putting trump and clinton in a debt heat making their way today giving a speech criticizing clinton for not coming to campaign in that state. >> hillary doesn't even bother -- bother to come here. she'll be a lousy president anyway. >> reporter: she has a slight edge in minnesota, which has not elected a republican president in 40 years. >> those representing both candidates were making a last- ditch effort to try to pull in votes. we have the details from the campaign trail. >> they are making a hard push hoping to pick up the last- minute votes. >> there's been subsequent stories this week about internal turmoil within the fbi. we've seen them add to the
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energy to our side. people that want today be distracted. >> reporter: their campaign chair taking a jab at trump's claims of a rigged election. >> if he is losing, everything is rigged that they will see through that and they know that this is going to be a fair election. the republican voting election and public officials across the country that have said that. >> reporter: but kelly ann conway says trump remains confident and believes he could pull out a win. >> i've changed it from their history party and the reason why they will win is because when people see a winner and they see that you could do it that you could and cause and they could pitch you in the offense. >> reporter: in the final days they are looking to expand their electoral map in the traditional blue states like michigan and minnesota and meanwhile clinton is working to bring in their celebrity endorsers to rally in key battleground states like ohio and new hampshire. and from manchester, new hampshire, molly lyons fox news. scores of people are visiting the grays of susan b.
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anthony at cemetery in rochester new york as they head into election day. of course anthony was a leader during the suffrage movement dying in 190614 years before they would earn the right to vote in the u.s. as tribute to the latest as they will be stopping by their i voted stickers, flowers, and campaign memorabilia to honor their flight. >> with fewer than 48 hours to the election day that many bay area voters are telling them that they will be taking as much time as they can to fill out the ballot as they would talk to them in san francisco today and to say that they need to do a lot of homework before making their decision on the local measures. >> that we will be outside their civic center where they need to set up their station here and those tents here for them to drive up and to hang up their mail-in ballots in person and that the polls are also open inside san francisco city hall as well. voters would need to have a lot to decide on this year. a lot of people we talked to were taking every hour, every last minute that they can to fill out their ballots.
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that there are 17 statewide propositions on the ballots, which makes their ballots the longest in the country. and in addition to that there will be 650 local measures as they need to decide on across the state along with the presidential election and their statewide races and down to local city council races as well. in san francisco voters, in addition to all of that have 25 local measures that they have to decide on. >> that's a lot. >> that's a big investment. but that is a quick process. i thoroughly enjoyed it. >> i had mixed feelings. i mean it's good to be able to qualify and put things on the ballot. at the same time it becomes overwhelming i think. >> i have homework to do. >> reporter: you haven't done it yet? >> no. >> reporter: why have you been putting it off? >> because you have all these
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ads and you're just overwhelmed and it is action time. we'll study up and hopefully the right people win. >> reporter: early voting started three weeks ago in san francisco and they did have some record numbers the first weekend for early voting to be able in terms of turnout. you can come and vote in person. here on sunday you can go to their entrance and other counties, they also have designated mail-in ballot and their drop-off locations. so in order to find out the location of those drop-off area that you'll need to go to the county website to get that information. in san francisco allie rasmus ktvu fox 2 news. a record of 19.4 million californians are registered to vote up from 18.4 million in 2012. alex diaz says that 78% of eligible californians. about 45% are registered as democrats. about 26% as republicans. and 24% of california's registered voters have no party
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affiliation. >> that if they happen to be hospitalized on the election day that you may still be able to vote. volunteers at their medical center are collecting patient names and room numbers to provide absentee ballots. so they will not miss out on voting. tomorrow afternoon those volunteers will visit the alameda and contra costa registrar offices to visit patients, registered voters, collect absentee ballots for them. tuesday morning they will then collect assigned ballots and deliver them to the polling place. remember to stick with ktvu and ktvu plus on election night for local and national results. our coverage begins at 4:00 p.m. on tuesday and goes right through the polls closing in california at 8:00 p.m. now to our weather where there is rough dirt along the coast as the video was taken by sky fox on friday and the large swells that are moving through their coastal waters tonight. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is here with the latest on the conditions. >> reporter: there is a theme over the past few days. the nice high waves out there
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with dangerous surf towards the tennessee valley beach. a lot of white water is pushing on shore near their coastline there as we will have a lot more swells in the forecast as we head towards tuesday night and into wednesday. the main reason here, you'll see a big circulation, of course with a storm and that within that storm you'll have a lot of strong winds here. those winds are creating all the surf that will eventually approach the bay area shoreline. tuesday night and wednesday between now and then we still have sizable surf out there as you can see the buildings. tomorrow a little bit of a break out there, but you can still see at least the extreme surf bit wave height of 33 feet way out there and that it will be approaching the bay area shoreline later on in the day and tuesday and wednesday and so here is the break down for tomorrow as we do not have any high surf advisories in place. but still the dangerous surf around 10 to 12 feet and then their building swells up towards wednesday and possibly the high surf warnings as they could go up above 20 feet. and with that swell towards
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their shoreline with nice weather for the bay area forecast. beaches will be extra nice, but be extra careful as they went to those conditions offshore and they will be sticking around over the next few days. as far as our weather, we'll let you know if they will have more rain chances in the five- day forecast. raiders game against the denver broncos are at oakland coliseum tonight. keep the raiders in oakland. ktvu leigh martinez is live on how fans are trying to reach out to the nfl, leigh? >> reporter: raider fans are not just hoping for a win, but they're hoping for a guarantee that the oakland raiders stay in oakland. there is one fan out here giving out these free posters, a take on the field of dreams movie quote that if you build it they will come meaning that the baseball field, here it says las vegas if you build it we won't come. saying that if las vegas builds a stadium that the raider nation will not follow.
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>> reporter: ruben brought his 4-year-old son alexander to his first raiders game. >> a couple of folks i used to bring here when i was a kid back in '97 and '98. it's a family tradition. fortous go to vegas, i mean i really don't see it. you know, it is kind of difficult -- for us to go to vegas, i mean i don't really see it, you know, that will be difficult for us. >> if the team moves they may not follow. >> it'll be a stretch fortous go out there. >> i would not fly to las vegas. mr. camera man, listen to what i'm saying. the fans are here. we were born here, we've had championships here. we've been to the ground and back up here. the love is here. >> reporter: that anger over a possible move has forced other fans into action. the group save oakland sports was giving out these signs during the tailgate and at the team's raider village party. but they want fans not to hold
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a sign, but to start writing down their feelings. >> there's 32 of their own and that's what the owners wanted to do as they would want to stay in oakland to make their feelings known recently. that he may start with their legislation recently. voting for those friends. and that fans could write that for us. >> let's go raiders. >> reporter: writing to other owners is an act that many fans say they will take the time to do. since they feel betrayed bit raiders and their own own -- from their own owner mark davis. >> our hearts are broken. are you going to break us again? i mean how far can we really go? >> reporter: now a second co- founder of save oakland sports says that they heard that raiders owner mark davis was saying that the northern california fan base was in favor. and in support of moving people to las vegas and that they said it wasn't true that raider fans in northern california want to keep the team here in northern california.
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>> all right. leigh martinez live at the coliseum. thank you, leigh. coming up, more bloodshed in syria. a rocket attack in the capital city. what a humanitarian group is saying about the deadly bombing. a new development in this disturbing case where another body has been discovered. where a woman was found chained inside a shipping container.
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and that it happened today in the capital of damascus. they say that the showing came during the morning recess. in addition to the sixth death another 25 children were injured in that attack. >> the kurdish-led syrian forces began the islamic state
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and their capital of rocka. an estimated 5,000 isis fighters are in the city and that they will be retaking them as a way to take isis from moving reenforcements between syria and iraq and that as connor powell reports that the political ram -- ramification to the fight. >> facing a two-prong assault by their troops in both iraq and in syria. and that today they have begun their military campaign to dry militants from their city of rocka as they will be under attack by the u.s. fact iraq forces. the operation of retaking the oath began three weeks ago. and that they have seized control over much of the eastern part of the city, pushing further into despite fear of isis resisting. the fighters in both iraq and syria as allies, but that their involvement in the war against
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isis is controversial because they say that turkey is encouraged as enemies, that they do not want them involved in either fight. and meanwhile in syria that they resume the rebels over syria. as the regime will continue to press for the control of aleppo that the humanitarian crisis there is only getting worse. the food and water in short supply. injuries from connor powell fox news. iraqi special forces will continue their offense from the thousands of isis fighters in mosul as civilians flee. the u.n. office plans to open 11 refugee camps for as many as 120,000 mosul residents as they also say that they are holding some civilians hostage using them as human shields. this is day 20 of the mosul offenses. authorities in south carolina found another body at rural property where a woman was found chained in a shipping
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container. the spartanburg county sheriff said that her remains were uncovered at one of two places that the suspect said were grave sights. authorities say that he has not said who was buried in either location. he's a convicted sex offender who was found guilty of kidnapping and raping a 14-year- old girl in arizona back in 1987. deputies say he has confessed to shooting four people at a motorcycle shop in 2003. the fbi and homeland security are now involved in the investigation. the uc santa cruz student critically injured by a hit-and- run driver last sunday has died as the 20-year-old alexandria arceneaux died from her injuries yesterday. she was walking home from a halloween party with friends on highway 1 around 2:00 in the morning. she was crossing the highway when she was hit. the suspect's vehicle is described as a 2010 or 2012 silver honda crv such as this one. it may have damage to the passenger side front bumper. police are now asking a local
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auto repair shop to help identify the vehicle. highway patrol officers arresting a man this weekend suspected of shooting a car an alleged road rage incident, which started about 9:00 last night on northbound interstate 680 in sunol. investigators say it appears they tried to run another driver off the road and then fire department several shots. the highway patrol spotted that car several miles to the north near their valley road in danville as they would chase the car to the walnut creek bart station where the 49-year- old male driver would try to run off. he was arrested on charges that included failing to yield and possession of narcotics. that there were no reports of any injuries in the incident. scientists are going to take a closer look at what is underneath had old faithful and other geysers at the national park. a research team planned to fly over the park with a helicopter outfitted with the device that measures changes in magnetism below the grounds as they want
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to map flow of water and scheme along the yellow stone geysers. a spokeswoman said that the team hopes to gain a better understanding of the frequent and potential deadly explosions in the park that occur when they essentially blow up. time to get another check on the weather as we want to go back to mark tamayo in the weather center. a nice day. cloudier for the weekend? but what is in stored for the rest of the week? >> warmer temperatures, it is going to feel like spring here in the bay area over the next few days. back up to the 70s. we actually had a weak system move into northern california this morning producing a few showers across parts of the bay area earlier today as well. take a look at some of the rainfall totals. not a lot to report as you can see towards sebastopol nearly .1 inches. mill valley the same. those amounts are basically fading away towards hillsburg, napa, and the kentfield area. maybe just trace amounts across the bay as well. i did see white pavement in san francisco with at least heavy mist or some drizzle out there.
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we have a pretty active jet stream, but all the energy is being focused up to the north of the bay area. right now we have lots of clouds out there with mostly cloudy skies. kind of mild still and a few rain showers up to the north right around eureka and right around cape menacino. current numbers out there, still pretty mild. we'll show you the 60s for santa rosa at 61. 67 in san jose and livermore last check reporting 66 degrees. look outside towards the bay bridge lights here. fairly nice. you can see on the bay waters not a lot of wind here actually. you have glassy conditions. winds are not too much of a factor out there. as far as overnight lows we're thinking partly to mostly cloudy skies to start out your monday morning. temperatures will be in the 40s to the 50s. here is the deal for san francisco. it's 7:00 a.m. mostly cloudy skies. 54. then by 12:00 the sun/cloud mix and wrapping up the afternoon hours partly cloudy skies. those readings in the upper 60s. so the big picture out here in the pacific we would have that
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active storm track sitting closer to the bay area for today and tom. -- for today and tomorrow. and skies will be partly cloudy as they rebuild and the latest sources for the warming on tuesday, wednesday, thursday. that they will gradually begin to cool things off by friday and to the upcoming weekend. the next chance for a few showers are not a major deal, which could be by saturday with a slight chance for right now. now at least tomorrow morning, they are showing you the clouds out there on monday morning and then into the afternoon hours, skies will become partly cloudy for your monday afternoon. we will have to keep an eye on some of the valley forks especially towards their central valley and that it could be a factor with all that moisture out there and their stable pattern to compress that fog to impact their visibilities over the next few  mornings. the 60s to the lower 70s out there for the afternoon highs and san jose at 73. san mateo at 72 degrees. a look ahead your five-day forecast into tuesday. if you can see it here an important day as we will be dry. no raindrops to worry about as temperatures will be moving back up to the upper 70s.
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in fact by thursday, the warmest locations could be close to 80 degrees, the next chance for the shower could be on saturday, which will be nice to talk about it, but at least that they need to enjoy the warm temperatures for it. >> it looks like a nice stretch that's coming up. >> absolutely, each day. >> all right, mark, thank you. coming up the raiders are playing the broncos of the coliseum as we will have an update on the games. >> 49ers would try to snap their six-game losing streak against the saints. jason appelbaum is next with sports. we'll be right back. important step forward. the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. passes - the ballot.
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it is time for the pharmaceutical industry to stop ripping off the people of this country. the entire nation is looking at california. let's go forward together. thank you all very much.
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jason is here now. we'll start with the 49ers. it's a story of two halves as they look good carrying out the second half that may turn out differently. >> throw away the second half as you can't do that, but that they lost a lot of games now. opening up the season with a win and then all downhill for them. but if you're looking for a bright spot in their latest loss that they would need to pass for nearly 400 yards in their offense as they did find a little rhythm, but it wasn't enough against the saints who would travel well and still halloween for many of them and their second quarter up 21-3. but take a look at this as they
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would need to dump it up. this might be the guy for them. 486 yards of total offense, which is good. first offensive play, mark ingram goes the other way for 75 yards a career long for him. 14 carries for ingram and seven straight runners to go over the niners. advancing mcdonald over the middle to take the 65 yards for a big play after big play. the second most of his career and the 4th quarter though, they are down by just eight for drew brees and michael thomas with their juggling pass. the second year draft pick as well and just look at their concentration here as he does not turn around soon enough as they need to give up 571 yards of offense there as they win 41- 23 seven straight loss. back on the field just three weeks after having surgery on
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his right knee, but that it will be joe flacco to mike wallace and the former steeler as he will be very, very fast and he'll turn on the jets. 95 yards, their longest play in baltimore ravens history as they lead 7-0 and they were not done yet. allen will breakthrough the line, blocks that punt. yeah, the punter was over. as he will need to swoop it up to score for the touchdown. winning 21-14 to snap that losing streak to hand them their third straight loss. both teams are tied up at 4-4. that is mike zimmer who will start the season at 5-0, two straight losses coming into the match up with the lions. now watch this as they need to go out with a hit and they miss it and then golden tate tipping it down the sidelines to leap in the end zone for the touchdown. 24-16 as they need to beat minnesota in overtime. you mentioned that game, the big match up. 13-0 oakland in the second quarter.
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the broncos don't have a first down yet in the game. >> all right, that is great for the raiders. >> yes, it is. coming up tonight on the 10:00 news the latest from the campaign trail as hillary clinton has been cleared of any wrong doing. >> also the disturbing details as we are learning about the fatal accident why they are now investigating this as a road racing incident and why they say it is becoming more and more of a problem. these stories and much more coming up tonight at 10:00. thanks for joining us tonight. good night.
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