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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  November 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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day edition of the 4:00 on 2 i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. ktvu is your source for everything happening this election day. across the country people are making their voices heard, casting their votes for the 45th president of the united states. the campaigning is over for both donald trump and hillary clinton. the presidential hopefuls cast their ballots earlier today. hillary clinton was cheered on by a crowd of voters in new york as they lining up to vote inside an elementary school. her husband former president bill clinton was by her side ready to cast his vote. hillary clinton said casting her ballot was a humbling experience. >> so many people are counting on the outcome of this election. what it means for our country and i'll do the very best i can if i'm fortunate enough to win today. >> donald trump was met with a combination of cheers and some boos when he showed up to vote at a polling place on the upper east side of manhattan just before 11:00 this morning. his wife melania, his daughter
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ivanka and husband all arrived with him. mr. trump didn't stop to answer questions, but when asked how he felt about this historic day, he said this. >> everything is very good. >> anything in particular? >> yes, very good. >> he also joked saying it was a tough decision, but said he's confident about the outcome. then his parting words to the crowd of voters were to make america great again. that's all it is. that's what it is all about. >> so we're going to be monitoring the results all night long, both on ktvu and ktvu plus. but the polls have now closed in several states including most of florida, which is a key swing state tonight. ktvu ken wayne is here now with our first look at some results. ken? >> frank, we are just now getting the first calls coming in of states that have been declared where there is a winner. we have three of those states, kentucky, indiana, and vermont. kentucky and indiana have both gone to donald trump.
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indiana has 11 electoral college votes. kentucky has eight. the state of vermont has gone to hillary clinton with three electoral college votes. it is still very, very early in this race. these are rather small states, not the big swing states that people have been looking at closely to decide who is going to win this election. but again indiana and kentucky have gone on to donald trump with 19 votes, electoral college votes in total between those two states and the state of vermont that has gone to hillary clinton. just now here is where the polls have closed as you mentioned. most of the state of florida, georgia, indiana, the western half of kentucky, which has just been declared new hampshire, south carolina, vermont, and virginia. those are the states where the polls have just closed at the top of the hour. 4:00 our time, 7:00 p.m. on the east coast in those states. the states were particularly paying attention to the biggest one of course is is florida.
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that state has 29 electoral votes. that is a state both candidates desperately want to win. and that state is too close to call in the latest polls. trump is up in florida by .2%. that's how close that race is. the other close race where the polls have just closed is new hampshire. hillary clinton had a .6% lead in new hampshire, which only has four electoral votes. but this race is so tightly contested that both candidates are fighting for every single electoral vote to get to the 270 votes needed to win this general election. so again we're looking at those big states of florida in particular, but also virginia that has been somewhat in play and that one looks like it will be safely for hillary clinton at least according to the polling where she would have a five percentage point lead over donald trump. we'll be looking at all these sates and three states have
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been declared, indiana, kentucky that have gone to donald trump with 19 electoral votes in total in the state of vermont that has gone to hillary clinton for three electoral votes. we'll be getting more numbers. we'll have more states that are closing on the bottom of the hour including north carolina, ohio, and west virginia. of course north carolina a critical state as well of swing states, a battleground state in this election. so that's where we stand right now. frank and julie? >> yeah, ohio is also crucial, ken. we'll see you again at the bottom of the hour, thank you. and ktvu ross palombo joins us now. your thoughts on the first early return? >> no surprise in indiana and no surprise in kentucky as they have been read for a long time and no surprise in vermont that went to hillary clinton. so trump is ahead on the first electoral count so far, but it will change dramatically from this point forward. the key states have all closed or partially closed. we have new hampshire, north carolina, a part of florida. remember florida is in two separate town zones in 63 electoral votes that are at
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stake in those states alone, so it will be a very long night. but we should get an early indicator from the key states to remember that it is all about florida again. florida, florida, florida. donald trump cannot win without florida, not most likely anyway with a very odd way that you could do it and it will be impossible for them. hillary clinton. >> wisconsin, iowa, which will be very tough. >> and for michigan, flint, michigan. >> there is a possibility. it will be very tough. >> it is almost impossible for him. if hillary clinton wins florida, then the night will go very quickly after that. >> okay, let's say if trump does win florida and next up we've got north carolina and ohio. how crucial are those for donald trump? >> well, he'll need to swing all of the battleground states in order to win. and then if you flip one of the blue states right now, they are hoping to do it in michigan and donald trump has internal polling that will show they are closer than anyone thought and that the average of the recent polls would show that hillary clinton, she is six points ahead in michigan, you know, remember that michigan has been
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blue since 1992 if you flip it that it will be a huge sign that donald trump is going to be doing well across the entire country, but he'll need that. >> and what time can we expect to see the results coming out of michigan? >> by 8:00 our time tonight we'll have a sense of exactly where this race is going to go. >> and they were there until the late hours of the night, midnight rallies in michigan just showing you how important that michigan could play in this race. >> his final stop was in michigan showing you how important that it will be. we will be following that state extremely closely, as we will be waiting for all of florida to close to get the rest of the results off so that north carolina will be talking about that all evening long. but right now let's turn to the political analyst as we would have brian over here and joe garfoli joining us right now. let me get your early take on what has happened so far. indiana, kentucky, we know that those are red, no surprise there. vermont blue for hillary clinton. but what do you think that the next most important state that we're going to get some data from tonight is going to be? >> well, i would go with new
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hampshire is what we're looking for. not only for the presidential race, but for the senate race and the ballots of the senate that will be in question tonight that it is looking like it could be a 50/50 split. but if they go on the democratic column that will be good news for them. >> so many people are saying that it is not only important, but keep in mind that if they won new hampshire back in 2000 that he would have won the race, that is really a lynch pen for them back then. what do you think of florida most importantly? >> well, incredibly important and then as you pointed out i don't think that they would have a pathway to victory without florida. to your earlier question, i think that we'll know things very quickly here tonight when the polls close and at 8:00 eastern 5:00 our time that we will know a whole lot more about this race. >> let's talk about north carolina and which way do you think that it will be swinging right now? when you look at the average of the polls. any late breaking information joe that could give you any idea? >> the turnout of it, especially the african americans will be the key to north carolina. >> okay, what do you think? >> same.
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i think that we don't know yet. but if donald trump could pull it out, maybe we'll have a race on our hands. >> the emerging theme today is really all about their latino vote that there is a dramatic increase in florida and broward county that has seen their historic numbers. miami-dade seeing historic numbers as well. but we know that the northern part of the state is predominantly republican and those are the last of the votes that are counted. so tonight we're waiting to see if hillary clinton comes out in the southern part of the state with a dramatic lead that could account for any possibility of donald trump in the panhandle area. what do you think? do you think that the latino vote will make all the difference for her? >> the early indicators are that we'll see a historic turnout by the latino community. that may be the page turner for hillary clinton in florida. >> but is it going to be enough, joe? >> well if it is, it would be poetic justice because that's the activists saying of all the remarks about trump has made about it from the first day of the campaign calling them criminals. if it proves to be the swing in
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this then that will be poetic justice. >> let me jump ahead real quickly to michigan because this is such a shocker. hillary clinton as we were talking about earlier six points ahead on the average for all the polls. now donald trump has internal polling showing that it might be up for grabs, breaking with tradition that they have gone democratic since 1992. is this even possible? what do you think, joe? >> i'm always dubious about their polls because they will be showing you those internal polls as they look good and they are trying to keep the vote to come out. but the polls are still open there as they want to keep people going saying hey, you know, it'll be okay. but look we're going to win this thing. >> well, i think that the numbers have been a little squishy quite frankly, which is giving a rise to the idea that it might be a state and play and that we don't know and i agree with joe that i don't buy internal polling and that is way to drive the votes out. but just a few minutes ago that somebody is saying they are seeing a lot of activity on the
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trump side of the ledger, we don't know. >> we're going to watch it closely all night long. julie and frank, keep in mind that michigan has had severe economic trouble. they have a big portion of the middle class that feels that their jobs have been sent overseas predominantly down to mexico. so this is a place that donald trump feels that he could make a change. we'll see. he really needs that. he needs all the swing states and then to flip another state his target is most likely michigan. >> all right, much more to come with you later on. thank you. voter turnout appears to be high and that it could set records for this election. that means a very busy night for election workers across the country and here in the bay area as they would try to ensure a secure and accurate vote count. >> reporter: ktvu maureen naylor is in martinez tonight. maureen, how are things going so far? >> reporter: well frank we're told it is going pretty well. i spoke to the registrar just a short time ago. there's been a few minor problems, but nothing major. some of the minor problems include using new types of pens
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that some of the workers had questions about this morning, felt-tip pens, ballpoint. and the other early voting machines they said weren't looking, but they quickly changed those out. again, nothing major. i want to show you what's happening here again in the tally room at the contra costa county election's office. this is one of five machines that are processing the vote-by- mail ballots. stray about 40,000 ballots that have been dropped off that they are processing. if you take a look they will just go through that and the machines here, they could go through about 2,000 ballots an hour. this is a larger ballot with the presidential election, in about three cars with the control of six pages as they are working through these that it will be a busy night and once the table is completed, then things will slow down just a little bit here and a lot of the work will be done at the polls. so i want to bring in joe. he is a registered voter from the county, thanks for your time. >> you're welcome. >> things have been going steady as we have had a good turnout at their polling places
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and an excellent turnout here in the office and a lot of drop- offs. so we will be excited. >> major problems you should know and tell me about some of the minor problems you've been seeing. >> we usually have a few things that will pop up and the equipment is a little old, but we would have a problem there. that they would run out of pens for the voters to mark the ballots or just confusion over which ballot to use. so that there are little things that have happened and they have not had any major problems. >> we're going to see this slow down in a short time. what do you know about those who have a ballot? >> there is still time that they could drop it off here or there or any polling place and that you don't need to go to your polling place and to drop it in to any polling places and they are open at 8:00. >> thank you, joe, i appreciate it. i'm going to ask my photographer and you know what has been interesting because of the presidential election. go ahead, i'll follow you down here. i was asking them actually about write-in names. a lot of the people were saying
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because of the election having a write-in section, workers will call it a write in whenever they write someone in for president, we'll show you what happens. take a look over here. this is where you see a write in, you'll see it right there. i was shown earlier that i would see several bernie sanders write-ins, a qualified write-in candidate. paul ryan, mitt romney, even my dog slim. we'll be here live all night to continue to bring you more from martinez. we'll send it back to you. >> all right, thank you. our election coverage is just beginning. we'll be on for the next eight hours covering all the local and national races. so stay with us here on ktvu and ktvu plus. we also have some breaking news right now out of los angeles where there has been a shooting near a polling place. we're going to get the latest on that after the break. plus, some new horrifying details about the killing of this young woman in oakland. what police are now saying led two people to allegedly kill
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this alameda county sheriff's volunteer. some nice weather and big waves. officials are warning surfers and swimmers to be careful hoping to keep everyone safe.
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breaking news now out of the l.a. area. there has been a shooting near a polling place in azuza. one person has been killed and three others injured. the l.a. county sheriff's office said that police were dealing with at least one suspect who was heavily armed. the polling place is now in
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lockdown and voters are being kept inside. we're continuing to monitor this developing situation and we will bring you updates as soon as we get them. ktvu has learned of an apparent motive in the killing of an alameda county sheriff's explorer. our crime reporter henry lee is is here now with more on what he has been able to find out. >> reporter: from the beginning oakland police said that the killing of karla ramirez was personal, that they had nothing to do with the position of the sheriff explorer. but now they believe they know what motivated a couple now charged with murder. >> reporter: laura rogers and her boyfriend curtys taylor -- laura rodgers and her boyfriend curtys taylor are accused of shooting karla ramirez. rodgers and the victim had worked together at this kfc in east oakland. the two women developed a closer personal relationship. that sources tell me did not sit well with taylor. kfc employees told me off camera that taylor was known to be jealous and often sat in the
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restaurant. they say rodgers normally cheerful would not make eye contact with male customers, but was friendly with the women who ordered food. investigators say this jealousy was the catalyst behind the killing. the victim was found stabbed and badly burned in east oakland last thursday. charging documents say that rodgers had the victim pick her up and lurid her to the park. sources tell me that ramirez had no idea what was coming. rodgers allegedly surprised her by stabbing her repeatedly. but taylor was fully aware of the murderous plot waiting in the park with a gasoline can and a box of matches, allegedly helping to pour the gasoline on the victim. the couple took off in the explorer's car. they dump add knife, gas can, and clothe -- dumped a knife, gas can, and clothing at the motel. and rodgers told police that she had been planning to kill the victim for several days. taylor was arrested a day after
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the killing. according to the facebook page, taylor has worked at youth uprising in oakland a children's advocacy group. >> i hi that people who -- i think that people who did this don't have a heart.>> any time we lose a member of our department to this it just hurts. there's no need for it. it goes against everything that we would try to do every day and everything that we work for. karla was a part of it. >> reporter: the couple was being held without bail, a public memorial for the explorers is planned next tuesday at 11:00 a.m. at st. john's church. in the newsroom henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. well the sunny warm weather lured a lot of people to san francisco's coast today as they are warning people to be careful. the high surf advisory is in effect for the next 24 hours and the officials say that the public will need to be on guard. tara moriarty tells us how the large storm in the gulf of alaska is creating dangerous conditions here in the bay area.
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>> reporter: ocean beach and the 75-degree november weather drew dozens of sunseekers. she let the boys play hookie today and that the high surf advisory has her on edge. >> i can see that the waves are pretty strong. that i have been trying to have the boys kind of stay back a little bit. >> that we would already have one of the most dangerous beaches in america with the rip currents and the cold water. and her waves here that you'll see and larger waves with more aggressive rip currents through wednesday. >> reporter: a large storm in the gulf of alaska is sending big seas south of san francisco. bringing sneaker waves, rip currents, swells up to 20 feet. >> it is dangerous because that you can get swept for box upon box. >> reporter: they came to surf, but headed back to sure due to an hour of the conviction. >> but that side came up too
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high and sometimes after they come, you know, there is back wash that you could get sucked under. >> reporter: the officials want to remind you that there are no life guard at ocean beach. the san francisco fire department has rescued swimmers. the national park service has beach patrols. but if you want to go to a beach with life guards you'll have to go to simpson in marin county. too many stories about this beach that it is scary. it's not to be taken lightly. >> reporter: ocean beach is beautiful to look at, but ashley will save the swimming for her home beach of los angeles. >> if i'm going to go to the beach and put on my shorts and tank top and jump in the water and i'm in the water for 10, 15 minutes i could become hypothermic. >> reporter: the waters are chilly in the high 40s to the 50s with hazardous conditions impacting sonoma county to monterey. with more than 80 rescues so far this year and six deaths at ocean beach alone, officials warn to play it safe. don't swim ask and never turn your backs on the waves. in ocean beach tara moriarty ktvu fox 2 news.
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and the weather is beautiful today to be out at the beach. but yes, be prepared for that high surf advisory as we are talking about it until tomorrow afternoon. some of the waves will be quite high as we are looking at them to build up to 20 feet or above. definitely something to consider if you're going to be out and about to have beautiful weather today and it will continue to come our way as we get into the next couple of days. the ridge of high pressure is strengthening over the bay area yesterday if you remember a lot of clouds were rolling through. that has since moved on. and this has pushed that storm track well to the north of us. they are going to remain in control and bring us the unseasonably mild weather for the next couple of days. temperatures right now, 71 degrees in san francisco. 70 at half moon bay. to the inner east bay and the lower 70s and san jose outside your door and the mid-70s in areas right around napa and santa rosa and a gorgeous one out there. giving you a view here, 73 in
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palo alto and the 24-hour temperature change will show you how much warmer we were than 24 hours ago. depending on where you are and mountainview by 6:00, 3 in concord and san jose with a nice evening in stored where the winds have been light and variable. fairfield and concord are coming in from the northwest about 9 miles per hour from oakland. and tomorrow morning a cool start in santa rosa. 56 expected for oakland. 52 at redwood city. these numbers are a lot more like what you can see here this afternoon. 73 at hayward and 76 expected for livermore with temperatures cooling down as we get into veteran's day. we'll have a look at your extended forecast coming up. still to come here, legalizing recreational marijuana is on california's ballot. coming up in a moment we're going to hear from one bay area doctor who uses marijuana to treat pets. >> we are monitoring local and
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national oasis this election day. results from across the country are starting out to come in as we will have that coming up.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
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the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. and the shooting happened near a polling area. ted rowlands is in our newsroom now with details. >> reporter: frank, we are
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monitoring the situations, azuza is about 25 miles northeast of los angeles, and we can take a look at some of the images that we're getting in here from people at the scenes and the videos and some stillphotographs that you can see the high-armored vehicles from the police department entering the scene there. two people have been transported, injured, both of them critical as you said one person has been declared deceased. and some of the tweets that they were getting from the police department and explaning what will be going on and first arriving officers, they would arrive here, they would find their multiple shooting victims as they would come under fire and meaning that the officers, multiple officers, they need to return fire and according to the sheriff's department down there that those officers, they have now retreated and they set up the perimeter. the other suite from one fatality, two victims were transported in critical and one additional down near their crime area residents, clearly
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indicated that they are having a difficult time getting to that fatality that we're monitoring the situation, we'll continue to do so and that there will be a press conference that will be expected to start within the next hour to update people and that there will be two polling places within this area and there is no indication that they would have anything to do with the fact that today is election day, but that there are two polling places there, the county registrar that says that they have been impacted there and people are voting and being urged to stay out of that area if they are not there and the ones that are there are sheltering in place and also a middle school and an -- and an elementary school. live in the newsroom ktvu fox 2. >> all right, ted thank you. well california voters are deciding if recreational marijuana will become legal. there's been a quiet revolution taking place on the medical side of the issue at local pet hospitals. >> this is interesting. ktvu ken wayne tells us about the growing use of medical
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marijuana now for pets. >> reporter: at monclair want animal shelter -- monclair animal shelter, they want their patients to feel better. >> if this is a way for them to do that, they are excited about it. >> reporter: dr. gary richter has been using cannabis to treat pets for two years now. >> treating pain, inflammation, helping to control seizures, helping to control anxiety and stress, gastrointestinal problems that it is a long list. it is quite amazing that the one thing could have so many broad uses. >> usually the cannabis will come in oil form and it is given orally or in their food. that the products he uses are hemp based, legal in all 50 states and don't contain the high level of thc that are found in recreational or medical marijuana. >> if the pet is getting high,
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then they are getting too much. >> reporter: he doesn't use marijuana because it is still illegal. >> there is no legal mechanism by which a veterinarian can prescribe or recommend medical marijuana for a pet. >> reporter: and requires strict control on quality and dosage. >> and walking to the dispensary and just picking up something and then trying to give it to their dog or their cat is is really a recipe for trouble. >> but he says that over the counter hemp-based pet products can be beneficial. that if they are considering it for their pets that they should give expert advice first to avoid causing more harm than good. >> i would never suggest that somebody would get something from a dispensary that would have thc in it to give it to them and that they would need that experience in this field. >> reporter: in oakland ken wayne ktvu fox 2 news. election day 2016 is in full swing and we are beginning to learn the first results in this historic election. and here is a live look right now at new york city where
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donald trump is holding their election night event. coming up, a live report from each candidate's camp.
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so the polls have just closed in two more key states. north carolina and ohio. we'll have the first results from there momentarily. in the meantime we go to clinton headquarters in new york city. reporter joel waldman is there tonight. joel, exactly where are you?
4:34 pm
is anything going on right now? >> well frank, good evening to you, the anticipation is really starting to build that it is an empty room here. and it will be in midtown, montana. but now the supporters are starting to come in. and just a few moments ago that it will be west virginia going to donald trump and that they would call two other sates here as well and kentucky and indiana and also going to donald trump's way so far just vermont. and in their favor that it is all according to fox news. that we will be getting some of the early results this evening in already what seems to be favoring mr. trump. and of course that it will be very early in the evening. a lot of votes, they are still to be counted and tallied up. you know, this election, they would need to start up 595 days ago. they were the first candidate to announce then. that we would have 17 gop candidates, four of them. tonight it's down to hillary
4:35 pm
clinton verses donald trump. hillary clinton is voting earlier in the day. we understand that she has made her way to a hotel and the peninsula hotel in midtown manhattan. we'll need to head here shortly, frank? >> joel, it is interesting how you would have both donald trump and hillary clinton both having their headquarters in new york tonight. both of them, they are not far from each other. >> reporter: and now literally that we just saw blocks away about 20 blocks away or so on the same side of town on the west side of town. i could tell you that we came here yesterday to try to drop off some deer that they would take about 90 minutes to go around a block here. things are on lockdown and that they will be taking no chances and their security measures, that it will be very serious obviously as they should be and that both in this section of midtown and then higher up in the 50s, which is is where donald trump's election night headquarters will be this evening. frank? >> all right, joel waldman at clinton headquarters at their center in new york city here tonight. thank you. now to the trump campaign,
4:36 pm
donald trump is also in new york city here tonight, campaign staff and supporters are at what is being dubbed a victory party at the hilton in midtown, manhattan. joining us live with a live report, caroline? >> reporter: hi there, julie, i love this party as they have done many of these election nights, this one is different. a bunch of men in suits and that you do have that, it will be tight here, but we will get a shot of the crowds. among these suits you have a red hat and to make america great again that you'll have police officers and folks that are wearing bikers for trump. so it is definitely a great scene every time they announce another state going for trump and the cheers will go up. so the tally at this point, 24 electoral votes for trump. only three for clinton, but the night is young, julie. >> yeah, it is the first time as they would run for president and in quite some time and that meet know that they have not taken the stage yet, but what
4:37 pm
sense are you getting? is it very upbeat? >> that it is very upbeat and talking to kelly ann conway today, i actually ran in front of her at the building. she was pretty practical and most practical reporter. i asked what is it going to take today? what is the information that you'll need to see the election returns coming in? she says that we'll need to get all the toss ups that we've been talking about. we'll need to turn one of these states, one of these five states you don't think that will go for it, maybe pennsylvania or iowa or something like that. and that is what they are hoping because they know that path is narrower, but they still think that they could get there tonight. >> a fascinating night ahead. thank you. >> as we mentioned a moment ago polls have closed in more states including two more key swing states. let's go back to ken wayne who is in our newsroom with some results. ken? >> reporter: frank, we're still waiting for more numbers to come in, but we can tell you which states have results as of right now. west virginia first of all is
4:38 pm
the latest state to be declared. it has gone to donald trump. and indiana was declared half an hour or so ago with 11 electoral votes and another red state that will be going for donald trump and the state of kentucky with their eight electoral votes that will be going to donald trump and the only state so far that has been declared that has gone to hillary clinton is a small northeastern state of vermont and with their three electoral votes, hillary clinton has gotten that one and their big question here tonight, what happens in the big swing states? and there is a battle underway right now in the state of florida. we'll show you their national map and that you'll need to see their red and blue states and that they have been declared winners. you can see the red states there for donald trump and on the corner of the right side of your screen there that you can see that vermont has gone to hillary clinton and all the great states from ohio down through west virginia and north carolina and south carolina and georgia and florida. those polls, they have closed. those votes are now being
4:39 pm
counted. the big state in this prize, the big battle for this campaign, it is the state of florida with their 29 electoral votes. right now 47% of the vote has been counted in the state of florida. hillary clinton is trailing donald trump. donald trump has 49.8% of the vote and hillary clinton has 47.3% of the vote. so you see that it is about two points apart. the latest poll prior to the election today would show donald trump with a very narrow lead in the state of florida. less than 1%. that's how close this race is. donald trump has to win florida and all of the swing states, plus as you heard from caroline shivelly in new york in order to get to the electoral votes needed to win this election. so that is why florida is critical. north carolina also very important state as is ohio. so those are the the three key swing states in this round of
4:40 pm
votes that we're going to be looking at. the polls have closed in those states and we'll have the results shortly. as soon as we get them we'll pass them along. >> at 5:00 we've got michigan closing and the key state of pennsylvania as well. ken, we'll get back to you in a few minutes. more analysis with heaven. >> thank you very much. frank as you heard ken mention, this is really coming down to some key battleground states. florida, north carolina, ohio, and earlier today donald trump said that he thought he would do very well in those states, and will he? let's discuss with their political analyst. the senior political writer at the chronicle, nice to see you a familiar guest here on ktvu as well as joe tuman our political analyst. kentucky, west virginia, indiana, and all going to trump. >> no surprise, right? and what could we make of what we're seeing so far? >> that is miserable as planned.
4:41 pm
and that it could be the home of bernie sanders, no surprises there. >> what do you think of the fact that they will need to do well in their battleground state of florida and north carolina and ohio? and obviously so is florida. if he could pick up florida and north carolina and ohio, a couple of other states we might have a different night on our hands. >> some interesting things are happening as they will expend their voting, computer issues, long lines, so they want to be able to accommodate everybody that is looking to vote. >> i'm sure that they will. no one wants to be in that position. and can i go back to some of the states that you mentioned. in two of the states that you mentioned, north carolina and indiana we have competitive senate races where the gop and
4:42 pm
republican incumbents are up for a reelection being challenged by the strong democratic candidates. now in indiana that's todd young who is being challenged by evan bye. if that state was called for trump, it will be interesting to see what that would have for those being challenged by debora rush. and by the way that they would have two other battleground states with a woman who has a democrat challenging the incumbent. if they start to run their table by some of the other states, it's possible that she could have that effect on those women candidates. she needs to get those turned to give them control of the senate again. >> we talked a lot about that whether donald trump would have the appeal. and for hillary as well as they will have a good point and we'll need to see how they shake out as the night goes on. obviously hillary will have a lot more about their potential.
4:43 pm
>> what is donald trump's path in moving forward? >> that is key for them to do and ohio is key too. those are the folks that are the sweet spots, those folks are hurting, i spend a lot of time reporting out there and folks that have been left behind by the economic recovery as they were. and so those are people that they like the way that trump is speaking for them in some level. we'll see if they would turn out to vote as they came to rallies. but something to watch for tonight, are those people going to vote? >> and in florida you're talking about a large latin population, hispanic population. how do you see that playing out? >> the latino vote is on track to be about 15 million people this year. that's about 12% of the electoral votes. four years ago it was 10%. it might not seem like a big deal, but they're in key
4:44 pm
states, florida, texas, not necessarily this year. nevada, possibly arizona. so that is something to watch out for and it would be as we talked about earlier a big swing. >> before we go to break, joe, what are you expecting in the next hour or so as more polls close? >> i want to stay on the subject of florida. because using the local operator here, who was a political consultant is now working for mrs. clinton. trying to reach out to voters in south florida and what they perceive will be a lower turnout for them as well. that they must have a pretty good record. but it is a case that oftentimes the democrats came to vote earlier. mrs. clinton has done well. all to vote on the election
4:45 pm
day, which is how you're not going to know for a while. >> yes, that's right. it could be all night long. thank you, gentlemen. we appreciate the conversation. we will continue to follow the election 2016 when we come right back.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. despite 72 straight months
4:48 pm
of job growth there are still millions of job openings to be had. >> tom vacar went to a hiring fair to ask a historian what impact of tonight's winner might have on the economy. >> nine mothers were offering jobs where the recruiters outnumber the job seekers. since the recession ended six years ago they gained 16.7 million jobs, still 5.7 million jobs available. a good indicator ahead. >> and that's a good deal to me. >> adt is seeking to fill five bay area jobs. >> we're getting some people that are coming in and potentially people that are going in for the second interview. these days they have more jobs,
4:49 pm
but what happens after the election? brett wong is a professor at economics department. >> since 1948, in which democrats have been president has seen the economy do much better than areas of republicans. >> reporter: exceptions? that reagan's economy did well. carter's economy was marred by inflation. >> and it is puzzling that there is a very strong pattern, overwhelmingly conclude that it is unlikely to be just luck that there seems to be no single cause to point to, the recovery is complete now. going forward we'll see more patterns, that it is not complete. and few are predicting any
4:50 pm
reception for the collapse. >> it is nice that there might be a specialist. and that it is the last thing that we could need. one is too much hikes from the federal reserve. the other is a major disruption in their financial markets such as the savings and the loan crisis and worthless mortgage backed securities causing the last massive recession. tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. a gorgeous day around the bay area and this trend is going to continue. we'll be slightly warmer over the next couple of days. i think thursday will be the warmest day, but let's take a look at what's happening right now. upper 60s, mid-had 70s around the bay area. 69 at half moon bay. 69 san francisco. as we mentioned at the last half hour there is a high surf advisory in place all the way until tomorrow afternoon by about 6:00. if you're thinking about sneaking away to the coast, just be prepared for that. a lot of sunshine in oakland,
4:51 pm
72 degrees at this hour. 71 in livermore, 73 in brentwood. a closer look at the inner east bay where we have 64 in pittsburg right now. temperatures are anywhere from two to four degrees warmer than where we stood 24 hours ago. six by mountainview, up by 3 at concord and up by 5 at napa. this will continue as we get into wednesday, thursday again. it looks like when temperatures are going to pace. have a 24-hour time lapse on this as i want to show you if you pay attention that you can see how the ridge will just build in and pushes that storm track well to the north. so yesterday right about this time, you had a lot of cloud cover in the area that you can see over the last 24 hours how the ridge has pushed it. we're going to continue with this dry weather and it looks like the next several days. we were hoping to get some rain on friday and it doesn't look like that will be the case. for your wednesday and thursday mostly sunny skies with the temperatures in the 60s, the mid-70s with a few upper 70s i'm sure as you get into thursday. temperatures tomorrow morning are going to be on the cooler
4:52 pm
side. upper 40s to the lower 50s. 48 degrees expected for santa rosa and 50 for napa and san rafael. around the bay 55 in hayward and mountainview down to the south bay of san jose as you'll start at 54 degrees. these numbers are a lot like how you have started this morning. mid-50s expected for antioch. partly cloudy skies to start the day as you get into the afternoon. we will remain partly cloudy to mostly clear with a little bit of fog to start the day as well. for your afternoon take a look at the yellow indicating a lot of 70s once again. afternoon highs are starting in the north bay. 75 degrees expected for napa. 72 in vallejo and 73 for novato. the lower 70s are expected in oakland and the mid-70s expected for brentwood. the south bay more of the same a lot of 70s. the upper 70s for san jose and 80 degrees for the forecasted high. santa cruz will be a beautiful gay 60 degrees expected for their afternoon. a look here at their extended forecast. temperatures will be continuing to climb on thursday. thursday right now, it looks to
4:53 pm
be the warmest day as we would get into friday and veteran's day we actually have a nice weather, but notice that it is not as warm as where we were on thursday. we have a weak system that will bring us cloud cover. temperatures will settle in for your weekend. a low to mid-60s at the coast and the lower 70s around the bay expected for our inlandcities. so it is not bad. of course we would like to see some rain, but we have nice mild weather to enjoy. back to you. >> thank you. in a moment here we will continue with our election coverage of this historic night. will hillary clinton become the first female president or will donald trump defie the odds and become the first president with no political experience since dwight eisenhower? >> the polls are just about to close in more crucial states including pennsylvania and michigan. more election coverage coming up. we'll be right back.
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4:56 pm
our political reporter ross palombo joining us once again. polls are getting ready to close in a number of the states back east. what's the most important thing to look forward to? >> the most important thing right now, pennsylvania is about to close in a matter of minutes. then a part of michigan, most of michigan, they will close in the next few minutes. so we're looking for the big result in pennsylvania and to see whether or not that donald trump could flip a state that has been blue since '92 in michigan. and also the results keep coming in florida and hillary clinton is just now pulling ahead of broward county. that's in southern florida. just north of miami dade. that's now reporting. so remember hillary clinton needs at least 150,000 votes to be ahead of donald trump for when the rest of florida and the panhandle. >> trump has to win florida. >> he has to win florida in order to win it all. he has to sweep all the swing states. so hillary clinton just pulling
4:57 pm
ahead in florida. we're keeping a very close eye on that because it is all florida. >> thank you. and so up next here on ktvu, we are switching over to the fox news team for national coverage of this historic election. >> we're going to move over to ktvu plus for continuing coverage of everything happening here in the bay area. plus we'll be bringing you updates all night long right here on ktvu. >> so stay with us for the next seven hours on ktvu or ktvu plus. we'll be on until midnight to get you all the national state and local results. so much at stake. attorney.
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fox broadcast network election coverage continues with shepard smith right now. it's 5:00 on the west coast, 8:00 on the east coast. on a historic election night in america. i'm shepard smith at fox news world headquarters in new york city. on the fox broadcast network. hillary clinton, the first woman presidential nominee of a major political party, facing off tonight against donald trump, who defeated 16 republican rivals including senators and governors to clinch the gop nomination. the polls have just closed in more than a dozen states in the united states. including the biggest battleground of them all, the state of florida. right now, the fox news decision team cannot yet call the state of florida and frankly, it may be a minute. 75


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