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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  November 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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his eviction was overturned. >> the latest on his appeal. and the dancing warrior fan breed on the house in oakland, now she is breaking the internet, the 4 on 2 starts now . contract painters working at a credit union in san jose hit by an out-of-control car and one of the victims did not survive. welcome to 4 on 2, i am ted rowlands i am heather holmes in san jose research on the scene of the crash that led to the death rate it happened at the intersection of little orchard in kerzner and that is where we -- where we find jesse garrett standing by with information. >>reporter: within the past 30 minutes flat bed tow truck that you see just moved into
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position and they will be removing the one vehicle that was lodged inside of the credit union as police continue to take measurements as part of the investigation. we do have video in one of two vehicles is still in the lobby of the alliance credit union building. police say just before noon they started receiving calls for helping people reported a car crashing into the credit union, the dodge charger was traveling west and the toyota previous was going south on little orchard turning west. the two collided and the charger was knocked into the building way to contract painters were inside working. both men were hit.>> it's not clear whether they were immediately inside or outside the building but there is remodeling going on inside the business and they were painting. they were hit when the vehicle entered and hit the front of the business and went inside. >>reporter: police say it is unclear if they were on scaffolding at the time or whether they were standing on
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the floor when they were hit, one victim was pronounced dead in the second is being treated at a hospital er, we do not have a word on his condition in their identities have not been released. i talked to the senior vice president for alliance who said it was a one-day paint job with the business scheduled to reopen to run it will be closed tomorrow and will reopen on monday. you see the flat bed tow truck is parked perpendicular to the sidewalk and it is trying to remove the dodge charger that's resting inside the credit union building for a little more than four hours now. they will try and get that removed and once that is done they can open up the street so if you are headed up this way or headed home out, kerzner westbound is closed and that is causing a bit of the traffic delay. we will have more information on this in the next hour. thank you. president-elect donald trump is beginning to put together his team to help
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with his transition to the white house, in the meantime president obama continued the message for a peaceful turnover, lorin blanchard has more. >>reporter: president-elect donald trump unveils the team that will help him unveil from candidate to commander-in- chief. mr. trump replacing chris christie with vice president- elect mike pence as the chairman of his transition team, three of the trump children will play important roles alongside former new york mayor rudy giuliani. >> all of my work has been out of great loyalty and friendship. >>reporter: outgoing president obama has a special veterans day message as he does his particular divided nation after a long campaign season. >> when the election is over as we search for ways to come together, to reconnect with one another.>>reporter: those in washington talk about unity and americans across the country
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continue to peacefully protest election results although some have turned violent. >> protesters this is an unlawful assembly. >>reporter: a top republican says it is part of the process. >> we have an open availability to complain about what you want and it's about as american as apple pie. >>reporter: when democrats look for answers on what went wrong they also need to choose a new chair and names being floated our former governors martin o'malley and howard dean as well as keith ellison, in washington, lorin blanchard, fox news. one member is from silicone valley, peter teal and it's unclear what role he will play. more protests are planned tonight and today we are learning that a photojournalist and a uc berkeley graduate student covering one of the protest was actually attacked and beaten, the martinez spoke
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with him and he described his attackers as anarchists. >>reporter: photojournalist said his experience in covering american protest has been certain that his attackers were anarchists and not demonstrators, they were dressed all in black, faces covered by scarves and masks they were carrying backpacks and they were violent with members of the media. he has covered complex stones in egypt and syria and also in oakland, and wednesday night he was on broadway between 17th and 19th st. also in oakland, and wednesday night he was on broadway between 17th and 19th st., street police had not yet made it to and a group of people were vandalizing the block, he said he started taking pictures of bonfires being set in the street when a group smashed through the storefront window behind him. it was then that someone blindsided him, hitting him on the side of the face and he fell down.
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>> a mob of people came up, about four people, white men in their early to midshipman 20s that were massed and they kept attacking me and hit me several times in the face and then it turned into a tug-of-war on the ground for my camera .>>reporter: he lost one camera to his attackers in the camera on his neck was ripped apart, 3 or 4 peaceful protesters came to his rescue and they escorted him to the end of the block to get help. he was treated at the hospital and suffered us fractured cheekbone but no concussion. he was out wednesday night reporting for the online news site oakland north and he filed a police report with the police and is working on getting replacement cameras. >> this is an experienced journalists and you mentioned other areas that he has covered, has a given him pause to cover more protests in oakland? >>reporter: he has been covering protest for a long time, he went to school in washington and has lived in
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oakland for six years, he said he is not of braid -- afraid of the city he calls home but he says the majority of the people are very peaceful so he does not have a fear of going back  out there, in fact he wants to get back out there that he needs a replacement camera and some of his uc berkeley colleagues have offered to lend bears to him and he is trying to get it go find me site up for a replacement. >> so unfortunate when some of those are just bent on causing problems. thanks. after time off president- elect donald trump went back to twitter to talk about the demonstrations across the country. he wrote just had a very open and successful presidential election now professional protesters are protesting, very unfair. trump was taken off twitter in the final days of the campaign and he later tweeted, love the fact that the small groups of protesters have passion for the
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great country and we will all come together and be proud. with protest planned tonight around the bay area we will stay on top of the story and we will have up dates on ktvu at 5 pm and online on police are questioning one person in connection with a triple homicide on wbr -- dunbar drive just after midnight and as ktvu tells us federal authorities have joined in the investigation into killings that could be domestic violence . >>reporter: oakland police were first on scene following the report of shots fired in the area, officers arrived and discovered a dead man outside a home in smoke coming from inside, officers called fire crews and discovered 2 women inside and they detained one suspect. >> we are questioning a person that is involved and we are still in the process of gathering evidence and witnesses and we are in the early stages of the investigation. >>reporter: they are not saying much about this but a source
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close says it was a domestic related case and they are also saying that they are not searching for anyone else. >> no one is in danger at this point. >>reporter: the fbi arrived on scene to assist and oakland police say they can bring investigative equipment and expertise to the case and neighbors say they were awakened by sirens early in the morning and police are not confirming the identity of the victims that they think they know the couple involved in their son who may have been the victim. >> i see them in the neighborhood walking around from time to time but i did not know them, i just see them walking around i did not the -- know them. investigators said a crime scene is extensive and they expect to be there until at least this afternoon. crime reporter henry lee is following the story and we'll have an update coming up later at 5 pm í new at 4 pm another bay area police department will be looking for a new chief, kenton raney announced that he will
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retire at the end of the year and he joined bart in 2011 in the wake of oscar grant's shooting. the general manager said he has been a strong advocate of community policing and it may take five months to recruit a new chief, deputy chief ben farrell and jeff jennings will both have the opportunity to serve as acting chief. two people were taken to the hospital after hazmat incident at a recycling center. firefighters at the scene shared these pictures and 26 workers felt ill at the ecology center on pure 96. the are shifting through recyclables from the came across toxic materials in the fire department team isolated the material and determined it was part of someone's trash that should not have been thrown into the recycling. >> they determined it would be normal standard products that
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people throw weight in the trash and that has dissipated and it is no longer a threat to the building or the general or immediate area.>> the two people hospitalized had chest pain and nausea that were not life-threatening. there she is, i love her. >> she is taking the internet ice storm, i defy you to not watch her, she is unbelievable. we are learning more about the dancing warrior fan from the bay area. >> i love her moves. honoring america's veterans we take you to the events that pay tribute to those serving our country. tracking the weekend forecast we have some raindrops to talk about as we head to the next 12 to 14 hours and what you can expect to the bay area saturday and sunday. this is my park. i'm like the mayor here.
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this is the new comfort food. hey, abby. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again. tomorrow the city of pleasanton will dedicate a new veterans memorial is on land donated from pioneer cemetery and civic leaders join together to raise the money to build this, it has marker showing all branches of the military and plaques with the name of veterans from pleasanton have died in battle. >> charles perry is here and he is the earliest reported casualty and he died two months after the end of world war i. >> the dedication presentation starts at 10 am tomorrow morning. in the meantime in the south
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they of veterans day parade was held in downtown san jose and before it kicked off city and county leaders said they had made tremendous progress in housing bets that were on the street. according to a 2015 count there were 700 homeless veterans in santa clara county and a campaign called all the way home was launched in one year later they help find permanent housing for 510 veterans. they partner with landlords to make this happen we spoke with someone who just received the keys to his new home today. >> it is like i won the lottery and this is just the beginning because the real journey begins and staying focused and going to school, continuing to work. the county board of supervisors allocated a half- million dollars in landlord incentives to be used as gratitude payment and security deposits and they are working to make this a permanent resource to help the former ball
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populations in san jose set aside $5 million to launch a rehabilitation program that will allow them to accept federal payment vouchers. president. obama urged all americans to learn in the example of those who served and help force unity after a bitter election.>> we report on the president's final veterans day as commander and chief. >>reporter: on veterans day people across the country are showing respect for those that serve and served in uniform and it's been marked today with praise, ceremonies and memorials. the highest event was president. obama laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown before making remarks honoring the american veterans. >> you once wore the uniform of our army, navy, marines or coast guard. we owe you our thanks.
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>>reporter: the president talked about bringing a fractured nation together just days after one of the most contentious elections in modern history and he urged the country to move forward saying it's the best way to honor the services and sacrifices of those that fought and died for america.>> whenever the world makes you cynical and you doubt that selflessness is possible then stop and look to a veteran. >>reporter: hundreds of other events across towns and cities and obama says that vein thank you should not be confined to one day and a sustained effort needs to be made. >> only a small percent serving in the armed forces and 99% are not. we must do more than just simply say thank you for your service. >>reporter: the veterans affairs administration says it's in the process of setting up veteran engagement ports to connect veterans with the
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community resources they will need as they transition. in washington, foxnews. we will check with our chief meteorologist, bill martin. it looks nice out there. >> a beautiful day out there and temperature still on the mild side, 60s and 70s and so looking at the coast it's kind of cloudy out at the clubhouse and here's the system that we are tracking and you see this green representing some rain in the far north bay and you can see in here as we come in close maybe a few sprinkles around cape mendocino and you can see the nature of the system how just generally weak it is in the is coming apart in this area and gradually this whole area will slide down overestimate but it is extremely weak so a chance of the sprinkle is there but if you get wet it will be like. maybe 0.01 or 100th of an inch. maybe a bit more but i doubt
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we'll see a 10th of an inch anywhere south of santa rosa. 70 in concord and 70 in walnut creek, these are the current highs or current temperatures. highs tomorrow will be mostly in the 60s and 70s. a bit cooler because of cloud cover, we had those 2 days, wednesday and thursday very warm with 80s and today temperatures down more into the 70s and marble drop to the 60s and low 70s with lots of cloud covers and a chance for a sprinkle. san francisco's forecast to my morning is cloudy with a chance of the sprinkle in the morning and pretty much san francisco north and then around 8 am the sprinkles could translate south torrance redwood city in san jose. not a dealbreaker and do not change your plans, there's lunchtime in san francisco and it's a beautiful day everywhere else the entire bay area is partly cloudy and partly sunny and lots of upper 60s and a nice day after that early chance for a sprinkle. thanks will. 13 years ago this month
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scott peterson was sentenced to death and we look into why his family believes he deserves a new trial.
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today on segment to the notorious california murder case that put scott peterson on death row, peterson's wife lisi and their unborn son connor were killed just before christmas in 2002, i interviewed him in 2003 before his arrest. now there are questions about
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the evidence used to convict him.>> we the jury find the defendant, scott peterson guilty . >>reporter: when scott peterson was found guilty of double murder and sentenced to death 13 years ago his family began the long process of trying to get him a new trial, his mother jackie passed away three years ago but the rest of his family and his legal team continues to fight for his freedom. >> ultimately the goal is justice for lacey and connor we have an unsolved crime and everyone thinks it is soft and it's not. might daughter is eight months pregnant and she's been missing since this morning. >>reporter: she was eight months pregnant when she disappeared from modesto in 2200 is messy. they searched through the peterson's home and her story touch people around the world, hundreds of volunteers help to search for the mother to be that they did not know but had
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fallen in love with.>>reporter: initial searches turned up nothing in her family believed she had been kidnapped while walking the dog. >> please bring our daughter home. >>reporter: police immediately folk and is -- focused on scott because of the way he acted the night she was reported missing. over the next few days while investigating in searching the home they focused on scott but lisi's family came to his defense. >> we love scott, he loves lisi, they love each other. >> there is no evidence whatsoever that points to him, they were way off base assuming that. >>reporter: a few weeks later everything change, peterson it turned out had a girlfriend name amber frey. >> scott told me he was not married, we had a romantic relationship.>>reporter: before going public she worked with police recording more than 12
4:25 pm
hours of phone conversations with scott peterson. >> i could care for you. >>reporter: on new year's eve just before a vigil for lacey scott was on the phone with amber pretending he was in paris. >> are you there? i am near the eiffel tower. >>reporter: the tapes proved pivotal at trial and michael wister number 4. >> he was not in paris and he was casually speaking to his lover on the phone what they were looking for his wife? >>reporter: it took jurors eight days to reach the verdict . >> i would not be surprised if his conviction was not overturned. >>reporter: there was never forensic evidence tying him to the murder. no scratches, no fire evidence no murder weapon, nothing that ties him to the crime.
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>>reporter: the night before she disappeared she talked with her mother by phone at 8:30 pm, prosecutors believe she and her baby were killed sometime later that night or the next morning. they believe scott then transported her body in the back of this pickup truck to his warehouse where he had an office and storage shed, they believe he moved the body into the 14 foot fishing boat which he then drove to the berkeley marina to dump his wife and son in the san francisco bay. even prosecutors admit they are not sure how he did it. >> i've never seen a case where the prosecutor did not prove how, when or how.>>reporter: the evidence shows that at 8:40 am the morning she was missing someone was online at the peterson home, shopping for women's clothing and a sunflower umbrella stand. lisi had a sunflower tattoo on her ankle. then at 10:30 am scott logged onto his warehouse computer for 26 minutes sending a holiday
4:27 pm
email greeting to his boss and looking up how to assemble a woodworking tool he recently purchased. >> at the time according to the state kid killed his wife earlier that morning and she was in the truck, outside on a public street and he was inside on the internet looking up how to send holiday greetings, that is a psychopath. people that think he is a psychopath that is taking you and the rest of the family for a distorted ride by not admitting guilt, what do you say to them? >> i guess i would circle back and ask them what piece of evidence makes you think he is guilty and be specific. >>reporter: the most damning evidence is that lisi and her son's body washed up where he was fishing. >> that is the probable cause but his alibi was so widely publicized. >> of course it is
4:28 pm
incriminating, everyone knew where he was an anyone killed lacey knew where to put him. >>reporter: his attorney and family believed he was convicted because of his affair with amber frey and the audio recordings played for the jury. >> how did you grapple with that not knowing how he did it? >> my believe is that was a typical soft kill, strangulation in the home. >> without leave evidence? >> no. the fact that no one can tell you how he did it is not nearly as important as the fact that they can tell you that based on all of the evidence and testimony he did do it.>>reporter: the peterson case is the subject of three new documentaries. a witness said he observed a pregnant woman being put into a van in the third titled trial by fury that makes the case that scott could be innocent is expected for release next year. >> if you think scott peterson
4:29 pm
is innocent and should be released, you are wrong, he should not be released and he is not innocent.>> his family and attorneys think otherwise if they think he did not do it who do they think dead? >> they think she was kidnapped and maybe interrupted a burglary that took place across the street from their home around that time on christmas eve or she was out walking her dog, there were reports of her being out walking the dog and then she was kidnapped and then they believe because she was kidnapped in the case got so much publicity that the people that had her knew what to do with the body and throw it in the bay because it would frame scott peterson. that is what they believe. what is interesting is everyone thinks he did it but when you look at how he did it, that is what the family says, if you think he did it, tell us how?
4:30 pm
we were just discussing that when you start to connect the dots it is difficult to do. >> coming up we talk more about this on the verdict with our leave -- legal expert about the ballot measure that would expedite the death penalty process and how it will affect scott peterson and other cases on inmates from death row. and the ceo of grubhub is feeling the heat, it is a food delivery service and we will look at his letter to employees that some believe threatened from supporters, coming up after the break.
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the ceo of the food delivery startup grubhub says he welcomes employees of all political beliefs, this is after a firestorm after a postelection email, the companywide email said i absolutely reject the nationalists and hateful politics of donald trump, if you do not agree with this statement then please reply to this email with your resignation. he said that to all of his employees and he said he was not asking for people to resign, he says he intended the message to just say that his company does not tolerate discrimination in the work place. can anything be done for trump supporters? michael cardoza is here. it seems like a knee-jerk thing
4:34 pm
from the ceo who blasted out but how can this come back to haunt him? a young ceo with his heart in the right place, we do not want that type of attitude in our company but it is not something you say to everyone because if you voted for trump you will fill very uncomfortable there and you could say it's a hostile work environment and i am out of here and now i am suing you or if they fire you later they've certainly given a good cause of action to come after him so the heart is in the right place but not very smart. speaking of donald trump is the president-elect and will be president soon. is he exempt as commander-in- chief expected they have to push legal actions back? >> the best i can do is go back and say remember paula jones worked in arkansas and brought a lawsuit against president. clinton for sexual offenses
4:35 pm
while he was the governor. the supreme court went through that and said perfectly fine, it is outside the scope of your job and not within the job description. that lawsuit can go forward. the women that are thinking about or are suing donald trump will have a clear street to go down or an avenue to go down to sue him because he is president they can go. >> the death penalty, californians voted to expedite the process, what happens to those people like scott peterson that we were talking about that are on death row? he has both of his appeals already briefed and filed and rebutted. i think they're waiting on one state rebuttal and they are locked and loaded, does this affect him? to see up to go backwards? how will it be handled? >> it was a great piece and you
4:36 pm
and i went through that, we were both down there during the scott peterson trial and to have lived that is something i certainly will never forget. as i looked at your piece today i thought away, that brings up memories. does he have to go back and do other things? no, they will move forward with the appeal and with the proposition 66 did is streamline the process. keep in mind that once a death penalty verdict comes back then they have to appoint an attorney and under today's circumstances the supreme court believe it or not takes three, to five years just to appoint an attorney. >> what this proposition did was open up and say if you do appeals than the guesswork, you will do death penalty appeals. i do not know how they will get away with that because a lot of attorneys are going to say i am not qualified to do death
4:37 pm
penalty is and i'm not doing that. it is not indentured servitude and they will have problems without me want to get it done within five years, can they get it done within five years expect it is a possibility and there is due process but there will be a lot of legal arguments and not does not obviate the supreme court of the united states because after we are throwing california than the person convicted says let's go to the supreme court now. >> it will be a work in progress and we will have to see how it pans out. >> it will be interesting and we hope it doesn't turn out like texas where the executed two people that were later exonerated. that's why you don't want to go too fast, you cannot undo that. thank you michael cardoza. to san jose where there was a suspected drunk driving crash at forth in santa clara right outside of city hall, one pedestrian was killed in a tv news crew was injured. a suspect did drunk driver in a white pickup crash -- caused
4:38 pm
the crash and an elderly man walking in front of city hall was killed in a tv reporter in a news van suffered minor injuries. >> it is more upsetting to realize you have so many pedestrians in this area and a lot of vehicular traffic and obviously something bad happened here and caused a collision and it's possible that the pedestrian was an innocent victim. the driver of the car involved was not hurt. anti-isys is making strides in iraq is the battle wages on the fight comes amid accusations of war crimes by syrian rebels. and updates to overcome. tracking the weekend forecast with some raindrops and temperatures on the downtrend with all of the clouds, we will see you back here in just a minute.
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let's get comfortable with our food again.
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the us-led anti-isys coalition in syria is making progress in the city of rock and coalition fighters are in the northern outskirts of the city liberating thousands of civilians, john henne tells us that this comes as the russian military accuses syrian rebels of using chemical weapons in their fight against the regime. >>reporter: the us coalition advancing on isis capital is making fast progress and syrian forces announced friday morning that they have completed the first phase of the campaign to
4:42 pm
retake the city and the reigning 50 villages that will take several months to complete, thousands of civilians are now fleeing from areas under the occupation. >> it was hard and exhausting to get out, we went to the outskirts and slept on the ground, we left our houses and have no idea what happened to them.>> they got us out and brought us here and they brought us food, drinks and water and thank you that we are doing okay. the russian militaries calling for an independent investigation after it uncovered evidence that the syrian opposition used chemical weapons against the side forces tiered chlorine gas and white phosphorus were used during the recent fighting in the city. there is an -- has been no response from the un or the rebels and the obama administration said their main
4:43 pm
focus with russia has been securing support for a lasting cease-fire to end this crisis. we support anything that would provide access and we would call on the russians in the regime to allow access. >> this comes as syrian forces build up in preparation for an all out assault. in jerusalem, fox news. the biggest and brightest super moon of the century will light up the night sky in a couple of days, on monday the middle be closer to earth than it has been in 70 years and it will appear anywhere in the country with a great few and the best time to go out as after sunset when the moon rises, anytime sunday night or monday morning will be prime viewing for saying this, just make sure you have a spot with
4:44 pm
a good view of the sky away from tall buildings. and it should be a spectacular sight. the super moon is creeping us out and messing up communications and it will not make another appearance until 2034. >> this is super bigger. that works. i am watching on the internet because you can see anything you want on their basically, the surf contest over in maui and there is a huge wave break and they did not have mavericks this week but they wanted to get this contest off. >> they're going off in this well right now at about 30 feet and the day after tomorrow the swells will get here and it's about two days from hawaii to hear so a giant swell is out in the pacific. that is because it is so active
4:45 pm
out there and you see a couple of spinners, there is one and there is to in the pacific has been unusually active. this is big serve for early in the season and you expect 30 and 40 foot waves in january and february but sometimes in november. we've gotten on this a bit early and we had bid -- big waves in october. you can see some scattered showers and that is the beginning of the system that we will track through the bay area as we head into the overnight tonight into tomorrow morning if we get one hundredth of an inch i would be impressed and there was one goes in inverness and bodega bay. this whole area translates south overnight into tomorrow morning and you get what's going on over here, just widely scattered. when we do get into this it will be widely scattered and very light. current temperatures in the 60s, 68 right now and 73 in livermore so cooler than it was yesterday and we had some warm
4:46 pm
days. cooler still on this means upper 60s and 70s. what country is that? >> -- what kind of tree is that? >> i feel like that is a bay tree, it is not woke. >> this system comes into night brings us clouds on saturday and warmer on sunday. sunday will be the nicest day over the weekend and you see this system go through and the strong part will be up here and when a cold front goes through and we won't really see this because it's not much of a cold front. sprinkles and showers are gone and there is 5 pm. it's really a nonevent except that it could be wet on the roadways.
4:47 pm
sunday is the nicest day on the weekend mostly sunny and pretty warm, 70s and upper 60s. sunday afternoon we go into monday and then here's a system appear that will begin a progression of weather systems moving into our area as we go to the middle and end of next week and we will have this nice wet pattern, sunday is the best day of the weekend and 70 degrees in fairfield and 70s in livermore and then the five day forecast and a morning sprinkle. it looks like a lot but it will be very little, sunday is the nicest day and then we go to this unsettled period next week and beyond so we could have some wet weather like we had in october. i know someone will call and tell me about this tree but i do feel like it is a bay tree and someone trimmed it up as well. >> we've had that camera there for 20 years. >> it just happened to be in the shop. bill have you seen the
4:48 pm
video of the dancing warrior fan? >> yes, how do you get that good, do you spend a lot of time in the mirror? let show people in case they haven't seen it. i just love her, she is getting down. >> does she say i'm going to nail this or does she just happened a couple of cold ones and then get up and go? >> we are actually talking to her at 5 pm and we will talk to her. >> i just love that she does not care and all eyes were on her and she is just getting down. i love it, it is great. >> she is awesome and we will talk to her at 5 pm and i cannot wait. coming up, one of the cities that is tired of congestion on residential streets due to rerouting by map apps, see how they are coping
4:49 pm
with it and fighting back to keep their streets clear, that is coming out.
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i'm a substation electrician my nwith pg& varela. when i was 17 years old, signed up for the united states army and i started serving and i now get to serve the customers of pg&e. i get to help other families. and that's what it's all about. when i came back from iraq, couldn't find work. then i found pg&e's power pathway program. here at pg&e i'm successful living in eureka with our two beautiful kids with a brand new career all because of the power pathway program. if you are a veteran, go to and hopefully your life will change like mine did. together, we're building a better california.
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fremont city leaders are trying something new to prevent gridlock on their streets. >> they are working with mapping apps by google to try in ease congestion, they will start a pilot program that implements restrictions and signs are posted saying that drivers can no longer make trends from certain residential streets near mission boulevard, they hope it will stop freeway drivers from cutting through service streets into neighborhood, the city is telling google about the new restrictions. >> it is a good idea and volunteers should strict to the
4:52 pm
-- stick to the freeway so volunteers and emergencies can get where they need to go. >> these go into a fact on monday. get ready for major changes on the mess -- van ness avenue. many left turn lanes will permanently be removed and the number of traffic lanes will be reduced from 3 to 2 in each direction starting monday and overnight work is expect it to continue until the end of the year. it is part of the major reconstruction that will eventually have dedicated bus only lanes running down the middle of the street. >> it will not be fun in the interim but the payoff is nice. coming up. >> it makes you so great to have a buddy there. as much as you rescued him he
4:53 pm
has helped you as well. coming up, canines coming to the aid of our nation's veterans in the program that is bringing servicemembers and dogs together, we will tell you about it when we come right back .
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on this veterans day here's a look at the men and women that serve or have served. according to u.s. census data from 2015 there are 18.8
4:56 pm
veteran america. million and a half are women, 9.3 million federal -- military veterans are younger than 35 there are 930,000 that's alive today that fought in world war ii and to underscore there's sacrifice and heroism almost 4,000,000 veterans suffer disabilities while in service. while many national chains are saying thank you with freebies and deals there is a list of some of those national chains. ihop offers red white and blue pancakes for free, little caesars, red lobster and outback steakhouse also at baskin-robbins they will donate $.10 for every ice cream scoop sold. a special program helping veterans with ptsd canines for warriors provide service dogs along with a three-week training program giving service members the chance to bond with
4:57 pm
their new convenience. anita vogel shares one veteran story. >> reporter: many people like to start their morning with a relaxing walk with their dog. now medical experts are realizing that spending time with dogs can have a therapeutic effect on veterans who are suffering with ptsd. >> i was hospitalized in the psych ward. i said i will end it if you don't help me do something. mac after tours in iraq and afghanistan his army veteran said symptoms of post dramatic stress disorder were killing them. >> i couldn't figure out what was going on. i couldn't think and things are always foggy. >> reporter: diagnosed with depression and prescribed nine different medications, he heard about canines for warriors your it is an organization in jacksonville, florida providing specially trained service dogs for that's -- veterans with ptsd. they are put through special training and veterans spent time working with the dogs and the result- >> it is like watching a blossom
4:58 pm
. you can see them come out of their shell. you can see them smile again, left again, tell jokes again. like they did before the war. >> reporter: medical experts say it's proven met animals can help overdue stress. >> that companionship is fundamental to the benefit of anybody suffering from ptsd. >> reporter: chris has had steel for two years and cut down his medications to just to. >> it makes you feel not so low. i have a buddy. as much as you rescued him he's helped you to. >> reporter: he says since working with his dog his suicidal thoughts have all but disappeared. he wants all veterans to know it is not a sign of weakness to ask for help in fact it saved his life. if you would like to more about canines for warriors you can look them up on their website. anita vogel foxnews.
4:59 pm
three people found dead at eight burning oakland home. investigators say they were shot and stabbed. hello i am heather holmes. >> i am afraid emeryville. the two women and a man were killed at a home in east oakland and they are investigating this as a triple homicide. it happened there 92nd avenue. and san leandro. our crime reporter is in the newsroom and have they have a woman in custody. >> reporter: that woman is being questions. that's my questions. the victims are two women and one of their sons. shots rang out at about 12:20 early friday morning on dunbar drive in east oakland. and officers arrived they found a man outside get from stab wounds and spotted smoke coming from the garage. please call firefighters and two women were found dead
5:00 pm
inside. both had been stabbed and shot. the victims have not been identified, but neighbors say they are couple, two women in their 50s and their son. but they were no btt family. >> reporter: a woman found bleeding at the scene was detained by police. but we are questioning a person that was involved in we are still in the process of gathering information and witnesses. we are in the early stages.>> reporter: police are not disclosing about a person close to the situation said it involves a domestic dispute. >> just the investigation is ongoing. >> reporter: the evidence response team was on scene for most of the day. oakland police say they can bring investigative equipment and expertise to get a case. they suspected the sarpy block away from the scene that neighbors say showed up a week ago. >> it is very shocking. they seemed like they would have -- would not have had any internal issues. we never heard


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