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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  November 11, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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attackers were not protestors but anarchists. >> i know what black block looks like. they just meld into the crowd. >> reporter: he said that peaceful protestors came to his rescue. >> three or four protestors jumped on top of me and tried to pull people off. >> reporter: the protestors gave kyle ludowitz aid. he said that the experience will not stop his work and he appreciates the protestors for their help. >> he they sat me down. a street medic helped me out. they said, this is not us. facebook ceo mark
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zuckerberg is defending his company against claims that fake news on facebook impacted the election. he called the accusation crazy. he said that hoaxes existed before facebook was created. he added that face news accounts for only a small percentage of stories on facebook. still six in 10 americans get their news from social media. the ceo of the food delivery company grubhub is backtrack being from an e-mail he september after the election. it said, i reject the nationalist, anti-immigrant and hateful politics of donald trump, if you do not agree with this, reply to this e-mail with
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your resignation. >> if you voted for trump lu feel uncomfortable am you can say hostile work environment. or if they fire you later, he has given them a good cause of action. his heart is in the right place but it's not smart. >> he said that the message was he does not tolerate discrimination in the work place. >> three days after voters approved the use of recreational marijuana, hide row hydroponic spops -- hydroponic shops are showing an increase in business. >> the customer base has been
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between 20 and 40. now we are getting the 60 years old and 75 year old demographic. >> reporter: now that pot is becoming normalize, not only is the older crowd coming in, they were to participate. >> people are coming in and asking questions, like what do you think. >> californians can grow up to six plants per household. those that can get seeds are going to places like midtown sacramento hiez row upon iks. >> people my age, in their 20s, -- hiez row -- hydroponics. >> people my age, in their 20s.
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>> reporter: john hudson at grower's supply house estimates a 40% increase in business. >> people have going to try and fail. >> reporter: this man who wants to open a dispensary said it's so much more than dropping a seed in soil. >> i think that people are not going to be growing as much weed as people think. >> reporter: he believes that more people will find themselves at dispensaries looking for what is already harvested. coming up, a hazmat situation that sickened dozens of people. >> meet the woman whose dance move at a warriors game are going viral. >> i decided to done my sweater
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and get up and dance >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. in san francisco today workers sifting through a pile of recycling became sick from toxic fumes. they said they had itchy eyes and skin. 24 people were treated at the scene. two employees were taken to the hospital with nausea and chest pains. the source of the fumes is not
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clear. they may have come from cleaning fluids or paint left in a recycling bin. >> bin. starting at 10:00, work will begin to reconfigure lanes. the number of traffic lanes on van ness will be reduced starting monday. overnight work is expected to continue throughout the year. it's part of the reconstruction that will have bus only lanes running in the middle of the street. >> we have a story about a mom from redwood city. she is become an internet sen assumption because of her dance moves. we talked with the mom that dominates the dance cam. >> reporter: she knows how to
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cut a rug, warrior stills. she dazzled fans. >> the dancing mom is what everyone calls me. >> overnight this former school teacher shot to internet fame. >> after the election i figured that people needed something upbeat. so i put on my sweater and danced. >> she has no formal dance training. >> i dance silly and people laugh. i think it has gotten people's spirits up. >> reporter: when she's not busting a move, this 60 something mom is an artist. she admits that the warriors
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christmas sweater was a gift for her son that did not fit him. >> i wore it. then they said, get up and dance. >> reporter: she even taught me a few of her moves including the over the head thing. >> there it is. >> reporter: this funky fan said she held back. >> i was going to do this but i didn't. >> she has a new routine prepared for sunday's game. >> that's great. >> reporter: she just has three requests for the warriors. play her song. give her more dance space and turn the volume up. >> thank you. >> she's just priceless. >> i loved her attitude.
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it certainly lifted my spirits. just let loose. >> are you going to dance on the dance cam? >> no. she seems cool though. a remarkable recovery for a bay area little girl. >> it shows who i am and that what happened to me will get better. >> how she is doing three months after being hit by a car and nearly killed. some changes for tonight in the short term. the clouds are moving in. we let you know if the showers stick around for the weekend forecast and what is coming up next week. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. this forgs>> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break er the break -- portion of ktvu fox news sponsored by foster farms. a little girl hit by a car is making a remarkable recovery. doctors from san francisco general and ucsf were able to save her life. we check on how she's doing. >> it's relaxing and fun. >> reporter: kylie is painting a picture of an owl, she says he shares the characteristics of a doctor that saved her life. >> it gets your mind off of things that make you feel sad
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or mad. >> reporter: she said she's sad when she thinks about the accident that almost killed her. her and her grandmother were walking on the street when she was hit by a car. she is traumatic brain injury and broken bones. >> i hate to say it but there was not much hope but we keep the hope going. >> reporter: kevin is raising her as a single dad. she had two surgeries. kylie kres her medical team for saving her life. >> we get to her early and we were aggressive. it was great on the day after surgery when she started to move around. >> reporter: her doctor said
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she was spirited in her desire for survival. it took three weeks before she could sit up but it wasn't long before she could walk t. we take care of patients after traumatic brain injury, patients like her make it worth it. >> this afternoon she gifted one of her surgeons a painted she made. she wears a helmet to protect her head. she will need another surgery in a month to replace a bone in her skull. she proudly shows us her scars. >> they show who i am. >> it's hard to believe, but
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it's happening, everyday, you know, she is with me and i still think, is that reel? >> reporter: this is ktvu fox news. we have some breaking news to show you from san francisco sky fox over market street. you can see antitrump protestors marching down market street towards justin herman plaza. they are blocking part of market street. this is going to have traffic implications. it's not a big crowd but they are in the street as they head towards justin herman plaza. there is another protest in oakland. that has remained peaceful but people are concerned as the night goes on, that protest
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could turn vie leapt. this is live pictures of a protest in san francisco. we want to turn things over to our meteorologist for our look at the forecast. >> maybe a few showers first thing saturday morning but it's not going to impact the whole weekend. first thing in the northern half of the bay area. route now mostly cloudy skies over much of the region. we have a southerly wind. it feels mild. a cold front is moving in tomorrow afternoon and that brings in cooler air. we have clouds and scattered showers across the bay area. this is in the upper level. a fie slight showers in parts
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of the north bay. rainfall towards clover dale. a better bet as we head into tonight and early saturday morning. here's our live camera looking towards oakland. mostly cloudy skies, a blanket of clouds over a good portion of the region. this is santa rosa, you see this number going up tomorrow morning with a chance of showers at 3:00. this is the first system saturday. most of the rainfall is up to our north. then another round could be moive in tuesday into wednesday next week. saturday, clouds, it's a warmer sunday out there as the system moves through. north bay showers early saturday. then mostly cloudy skies for the first half of saturday. the possibility of a few light
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showers or a sprinkle tomorrow morning. skies partly cloudy for the afternoon. sunday it's warmer out there. not a deal breaker, just a few clouds and showers. temperatures in the 60s to 70 for afternoon highs. we are cooling off. it's been a warm week across the bay area. clearing skies by monday. then maybe storms tuesday into wednesday. rain in the bay area. i know a lot of people are excited about the sierras snow. still to come in sports. interesting news for the oakland raiders and their move to las vegas. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. all right jason joins us now with a possible new development and maybe some good news. >> this thing with the raiders is a long way from getting done. the nfl commissioner has indicated that he would like to see the raiders stay in oakland and the nfl owners feel the
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same way. the nfl does not want mark davis to move the team despite the fact that there is a stadium deal there. they see oakland as a more attractive option than las vegas. the nfl will be focusing on the charger's stadium first. the chargers now have the option to join the rams in la. if they decide not to go, the raiders could move to la. if it comes to that, the nfl owners would rather see the team in las vegas. for giants fans, if they want the team to shore up the bull pen, a giants official told
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yahoo, we are getting one of the big closers. mark was in town to meet with the giants. he got 47 saves with washington and pittsburg and had a 164 era. the rockers are also said to be interested in him. the giants also met with chapman. the price tag is likely higher. remember this classic moment. back in 2002, game five of the world series. snow scoops up baker's son and carries him to safety. a bat boy back than. he is all grown up now, he is coming to the bay area. baker is heading to cal on a
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baseball scholarship. he batted 368 for granite day action so baker is coming to the bay area. in the meantime stanford is kicking oof its college schedule in shanghai, china, they getting a close personal look. they toured the city and checked out the sights and scrimmaged a team there. american sports are going global, more and more. cal opened their football season in australia. the raiders are heading to mexico. so now stanford in shanghai, china. >> a nice turn out for soccer.
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cal versus stanford. a one nothing lead. look at cal. then he deflects it in. it ties the game at one. then the first overtime. a couple of headers. right into the net. that's foster. 12th goal of the season. he takes off his shirt as stanford beats cal 2 saw one. >> -- two - one. we have more live pictures of the situation in san francisco. antitrump protestors are marching down market street. they have reached the ferry building at the height of the commute. that's going to cause some issues. more live coverage coming up on the seven on ktvu fox news plus. >> we have more coming up on
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ktvu news after the break
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