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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  November 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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to chinese parents. >> i came here when i was five. >> being able to work and get that social security number. it was amazing. >> but the deferred action for childhood arrivals program may be in jeopardy under president- elect donald trump. he is promising to appeal this action created by president obama and by immigrants called dreamers. >> it is a limited understanding of the value of what the folks have to offer. >> these are talented people that have tremendous skills and education and value and we wouldn't be able to find somebody else to fill that job if we didn't have someone like dianna here. >> wong knows her daka friends are scared. >> they said we have gone this far. what do we do now? do we go back in the shadows and strangely for me, i feel hopeful resistance.
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>> she plans to fix the program and change the perception that immigrants are criminals. >> what is the difference, they still want to work hard and provide for their families. >> since the launch of daka the program has helped more than 700,000 undocumented immigrants to work here in the u.s. and recently obama urged president- elect donald trump to think about endangering the status of dreamers. >> and cristina. there are programs such as dream sf that help people such as dianna wong find work and what are the programs doing now to help people. >> they are still helping people and letting people know that the program is still in effect and taking place and saying that the applications and renewal applications are still being processed by the u.s. government and we will wait to see what happens when trump is inaugurated in january. >> cristina rendon in the newsroom. thank you. it is unanimous paul ryan has won the nomination of his republican colleagues for another term as house speaker. ryan says he is grateful for the nomination and is pleased
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to have the support of president-elect donald trump. the republican leaders from wisconsin still must be formally elected to the post and that is expected to happen when the new congress convenes in early january. nancy pelosi's days as the democratic house leader may be numbered. house democrats dried this until after thanksgiving and that could spell trouble for the leader from san francisco. some party leaders say it is time for change following the election of donald trump. no former challenger has surfaced to replace her but congressman tim ryan has emerged for house democrats looking for a new direction. retiring california senator barbara bokter has introduced legislation to abolish the electoral college. she made it in a tweet one week after hillary clinton won the popular vote but lost the presidential election. experts say it is a long shot
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that bill will pass. a proposed constitutional amend to require 2/3 majority by the house and senate and ratified by 3/4 of the state. donald trump is a month away from being sworn in as our 45th president and plenty of drama when it comes as to who will be part of the administration. president obama is still processing the election results. joe has more from washington. >> i was surprised by the election results and i have said so. reporter: president obama speaking from greece during the last overseas trip as commander and chief denying responsibility for the election of donald trump. instead blaming the republican's desire win on america's desire to try something new. >> sometimes people just feel as if we want to try something to see if we can shake things up. >> house speaker paul ryan who
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had contentious moments with president-elect donald trump during the republican primaries says he is all in. >> welcome to the dawn of a new unified republican government. >> 70% of the people in this nation think america is going down the wrong path. they said get on a better way and path. that's our job. >> but twistsen turns of the transition continue. gop primary foe turned supporter dr. ben carson says he has no interest in a cabinet position and mike mccall is pushing to become the head of the federal agency he oversees in congress and former new york city mayor giuliani is in the running for secretary of state as democrats are urging president-elect donald trump to fire steve bannon already appointed chief strategist. >> donald trump needs to banish the bannons of this world from his administration. >> as president-elect donald trump works to build his administration house democrats
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are agreeing to delay their elections citing the devastating results from election night. president obama's trip to greece has brought out thousands of demonstrators. riot police in athens were called out after there was an area declared off limits to protestors. some left winged greeks protest from the military leadership. the president's visit comes two days before the anti american demonstration. a uc berkeley grad student accusing one of her profess of sexual harassment is speaking out. the student says it took her a couple of years to come forward because she says she was afraid that if she did it would impact her academic future. we spoke with that young woman and we have more on the story. reporter: well, julie this young woman says years and years of abuse and harassment is what she endured while working and studying with the
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professor at u c berkeley. the victim eva haggard says she feels validated after seeing the findings in the report and getting a lot of the support from her campus community. the professor in question is 61 year-old nazar al saa an architecture professor. she says he took aliking to her from the beginning and things escalated when they were leaving a meeting. he offered to dry her home in her car and she says he put his hands and propose they become close friends and asked her to go to las vegas with him. she says that was a tipping point and she stayed silent about his behavior for years. >> what really i experienced was four years of constant manipulation undermining and abuse of power when i was extremely vulnerable student that needed his approval to move forward with my educational plans. eva says she came forward and gave the university ample time to respond and then decided to go public with her
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story on sunday. now her fellow classmates are standing behind her to express frustration with a process they agreed with. the professor is tenured at u c berkeley that means administration is prohibited from sharing information with students in regards to investigations into misconduct. that is where the frustration comes with students. i reached out to u c berkeley officials and say there was a meeting to protect the students here. while decisions were made in support of students' needs that they feel it is important that students learn about the next steps directly from them. so they say the students will find out in the coming days what their plans are moving forward in terms of what they are doing to keep the students safe. i will have more details on this investigation and report coming up at six. live in berkeley. ktvu fox 2 news. prosecutors have file
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murder charges against a woman from san jose accused of a triple killing. 61 year-old danna rivers faces three counts of murder along with special circumstances. she is accused of killing 57- year-old patricia wright and her partner 56 year-old charlotte reed and accused of killing their 19-year-old son. found outside the family's home bleeding from stab wounds and later died. before he was killed rivers is accused of shooting and stabbing his parents and setting the house on fire. police have not released a motive but there are reports that it may have involved some kind of dispute over property. we have new information involving a deadly shooting at an airport in oklahoma city. the deadly gunfire took place earlier today in the parking lot of the wil rogers world airport. authorities have identified
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the victim as a 52 year-old woman that worked at southwest airlines. they are saying it is an isolated incident. there was a man attacked in utah and one of the victims in the attack is in critical condition. the alleged attacker was a student and with no previous discipline problems. no word on the motive. a pay wage for people that earn the minimum wage. how high the pay may go up. the smart train promises to ease heavy traffic in the north bay but so far no day is set for when it will start running. coming up, the three major issues causing it to go off track. >> one of the premier resorts in lake tahoe is planning a billion dollar expansion. the features of this contentious plan. >> the lights here on the
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afternoon commute. more rains and showers in the forecast. i will have the five day after
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the break. muni is saying to be prepared for delays this week. an transit agency plans to close one lane of direction in each direction part of the rapid bus project to leave center lanes for bus use. the lane closures on venice will begin sometime within the next few nights. earlier it was expected they would begin tonight. >> the fight over a huge development in the squaw valley
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ski resort is coming to a head. the board of supervisors is considering whether to approve plans for a new high rise hotel and condos and indoor water park and movie theater complex. the environmentalists suppose that 300,000 square foot project and many people that live in lake tahoe are opposed. they have gathered 400,000 signatures to oppose it. >> our customers are demanding something more in the experience at the ski mountain and something more in terms of recreational opportunities. >> the plasser board of supervisors could decide on whether to green light that project. >> let's get a check of the weather and you can feel it change. almost drizzly and let's get more rain later tonight. >> we are. a little bit more tonight. maybe more in the morning and
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kind of like today. rain and not a big deal but the rain is going to be significant when we are looking for a wet period. here is the statistic loop and the moisture moving through and none of it is organized. widely scattered. i have seen up to .2 in morin county and more point 01 and .02 and along the coast. and as you look at the closeup you see eureka getting rain up to a quarter inch and light thus far and this is the beginning of a significant pattern change or shift. it will take us in the bay area weekend and beyond with potentially wet weather. 62 in napa and remember yesterday we were in the 60s and low 70s and several degrees cooler in fairfield and several degrees cooler in livermore. a big cool down and not near as
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much cloud cover. an indication of high clouds that will continue to come in for the evening hours. what is going on? unsettled weather pattern that takes us right into the bay area week end. this is where we are tonight at 10:00. and you can see it is mostly cloudy and maybe a sprinkle and you seeling areas offshore. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. and now you are basically in the morning commute. it is dry. now you are in the afternoon commute and it continues to be dry. thursday, similar and then it ramps up again with a much stronger series of weather systems. not incredibly strong but stronger and that system wants to get going and the systems want to get going in here saturday afternoon. really right into a good portion of next week. that is the story. next couple of days, a little nicer than it was today. a little more sunshine.
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cool mornings and mile daytime highs and wednesday, thursday and friday and boom we are into it with the jet stream that will drop down to our latitude and be in a position to get us multiple days of rain and good stuff and snow in the mountains. so a little snow will be nice and dry and the mountains have been dry except for october and for the last few weeks and this pattern looks like it could be productive one and it will start up this week and what you are seeing now today sort of just getting things up. the pump primed i guess. >> heavy fog driving home. the same thing tonight. parts on the freeways that i had to slow down. >> it was bad and i think tomorrow and tonight because the ground is wet i think instead of the coastal fog that there is a little bit, the valley fog is what you are referring to, a good opportunity for that. >> never ceases to amazing me how a little drizzle can backup traffic. heading towards the cut there bumper to bumper.
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>> really? >> yes. heavier than normal. >> rain can be nastier because it is slicker and when it rains a lot, it creates this slick. heavy rain will be easier to driver than this light rain. >> your advice is to slow down. >> tech companies accused of playing a role in swaying the election what facebook and google are doing to counter that independence stolen. thieves make out with a special van driven by a paralyzed woman. the search for the vehicle. it is everything. my independence. so for most people they get in the car and go somewhere and they can walk anywhere and for me it is -- it is just so much
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more than a car. twitter responded to the concern for users that they are being harassed and threatened online. the san francisco based company is enhancing a mute function on the platform that will make it easier for users to block content that they find objectable. it will allow users to block specific accounts and mute keyword and phrases. twitter is making it easier for users to be harassed for hate speech. a vote for new rules for people that use air b and b to rent out their homes. the board is expected to approve a 60 day cap on short- term rentals. the mayor could still veto it if it doesn't have support from
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8 supervisors. currently homeowners registered with the city can rent out rooms on a short term basis without any limits if the owner remains on-site. if the owner is not on-site there is a limit of ninety days per year. google and facebook are promoting bands of fake stories. three days ago google search engine posted a bogus story claiming president-elect donald trump won the popular vote but hillary clinton had more. facebook has been under fire for fake stories showing up in users news feeds. >> this thanksgiving is slapping -- shaping up to be very busy. 148 million americans are expected to travel which will make it the busiest since 2007 because of consumer confidence and the cheapest gas prices in nine years. more than 43 million of those travelers are expected on the roads and travel experts say that don't make the mistake of
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leaving too late. >> some people say i will go in the office and work a half a day and hit the road and a lot of others are thinking the same thing so you want to avoid that wednesday before. >> the expected upswing in drivers may have to do with airfares that have gone up 21% and at the same time security experts are working to make sure that events including the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york are safe after a threat in an online magazine run by isis. bruno mars is hitting the road with 85 day world tour that includes a stop in the bay area. >> this 2017 world tour kicks you have in a europe and comes to north america in july. he will appear in san jose on july 20th following a performance in sacramento two days earlier. tickets go on sale monday.
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right now a debate over minimum wage, over the minimum wage is happening in the south bay. >> it is hard to survive. everything is so expensive. coming up next. high high the minimum wage could be going up. also ahead. she spend her short life helping others. her friends and co-workers and family gathered to say goodbye. how the sheriff's volunteer is
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being remembered. happening right now san jose city council is poised to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour. jesse gary has the latest. jesse. reporter: julie they are still at it and debating and they started debating at 4:00 in the afternoon and councilmembers are looking at three different proposals to raise it to $15 an hour over the next three years. they are debating the guts of proposal. three different ones and broad consensus on bringing fiscal relief to some of the lowest wage earners in san jose. >> if it passes i think it will help everybody, not only me. >> it has been an uphill struggle financially during her decade of employment with mcdonald's from part-time to full time but there's consistent money gap. >> it is hard to survive.
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everything is really expensive. >> the rents keep going up and people can't wait. >> outside san jose demonstrators gather to follow the lead of five other cities by raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2019. city statistics show it would mean a $3000 raise for 115,000 workers. mayor sam lacardo. >> the increases that are scheduled through 2019 are substantially faster than inflation and faster than rent, growth that we have seen. through a period of rent growth. >> but some business owners and nonprofits worry raising the minimum wage will reduce their part of the pie. and result in price increases for businesses such as 4th street pizza. >> we are paying out more money on the labor costs and it is kind of effect that everything
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goes up. i feel that sometimes the minimum wage increase leads to just prices going up. >> city staffers say the increase could mean job loss and slowing some business growth. but supporters argue that overall community benefit will outweigh the burden if there is uniformity. >> i expect that we will have something all to celebrate and that is the ability to lift the standards and to help many thousands of san joseians survive here. >> the city of one of find in the county considering raising the minimum wage up but the devils in the details whether there will be exemptions for teenagers and implementation in january of 2017 or june of 2017 and that's for the first process in this and there will be two more going up to 2019. the mayor is getting comment for and against and they may
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take a dinner break at 6:30 and take some time and eat dinner and come back and power through this and the rest of the things on the agenda before they get done and this could be a late night here at city hall, guys. >> jesse. earlier this year. the state legislation raised california's minimum wage to $15 an hour and why is san jose taking this action. >> the state is planning to raise it to $15 an hour in 2022 and 2023. 22 for larger businesses and 23 for the smaller ones and the city of san jose will beat the state by two years and a dramatic impact for tens of thousands of workers in the city. >> jesse keep us posted. thank you. in san francisco. thousands of marchers shut down market street to protest the
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dakota pipeline in the midwest. >> they marched from civic center plaza to the offices of the army corps of engineers. they locked arms and blocked access to the building. the 1200-mile long pipeline would carry crude oil from north dakota to illinois but the army corps of engineers have not issued a final permit. protestors said it could risk the water and damage sacred sites for the sioux tribe of north dakota and there's concern about climate change. >> we should be investing in renewable future. i believe that fossil fuel dependency will lead to more climate change. >> that was singer michael frante and he performed for the crowd today. no reports of any arrests and police reopened market street after protestors ended the demonstrations this morning. a woman that was killed was
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laid to rest. henry lee says that fellow explorers came from around the state to honor karla rameriz segoviano. >> 21 year-old karl rameriz segoviano wanted to be a deputy. she dedicated her life to helps others. >> a couple stabbed and set the explorer on fire in an east land park and both in jail and charged with murder. >> and on tuesday the focus was on segoviano. >> although you are no longer here we are happy knowing you are in a better place. >> her fellow explorers all volunteers lined the rose of
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the church. it was supposed to be the next chapter in her life. >> karla so much more to do. and karla had goals. >> on the same day she was laid to rest the sheriff said she was supposed to be interviewed for a paid job with the cadets. >> the explorers came across the region. adam lloyd is alunite that lost a -- lieutenant in a shooting over the week. >> we are all law enforcement and all family and it is important to come out and show our support not just for her but for her post. it is hard on everyone. >> it is amazing to see the amount of support that she had
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because of the life that she lived. but at no time should the mother and her family have to go attend the funeral services for their 21 year-old daughter that was murdered. >> henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. sonoma morin smart train is promising to help with the traffic grid. we are at the petal luma station. tom, how did the test go. reporter: there are issues when you put together a complex system like this. once up and running it should be sal latory and dee choking and helping to deescalate the
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commute. >> smart train officials hope to help passengers from santa rosa and san rafael sometimes this late spring. the three issues remain. the diesel engines have a design defect requiring changeouts for december paid for by the engine maker. >> we decided to pro actively replace those engines prior to the opening so that set us back a bit. >> the significant problems with signal and protection systems are an issue requiring time to de bug. >> so we are actually running more trains and more frequently at an increased speed and that will help us figure out what we need to do to make sure that the gates are operating at one hundred percent efficiency. >> finally smart has yet to receive approval of the operating rules from the federal government because some small towns have petitioned the federal railroad administration to grant no whistle quiet
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zones. >> we are required by federal law to blow the horn at all of the crossings. >> the biggest warning is safety making sure that everyone knows not to trespass onto the tracks. >> we are still seeing people parked on the tracks and walking on the tracks and that's dangerous and also illegal. >> besides helping decongest the highway 101 it has the potential to bring tourists from hillsborough and cathatti and this is a good for the local economy. >> we would love to see more people in ca thatti. we have the one block downtown and all of the bars and local restaurants and it would be great. >> now the critical extension from san rafael to there should be completed in 2018 and the inyou stations north of santa rosa are awaiting funding so no word on that but the system should be up and running by the end of spring and for those of
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you keeping count the end of spring comes in june. reporting live. tom vacar, fox 2 news. tom, the traffic on 101 between san rafael and santa rosa is awful. what kind of a difference do they think the train will make? >> it depend on the usage and it depends on whether people will want to put up with the traffic or pay a little bit of a premium to be on the train. so we don't know yet. pretty much people are fed up with highway 101. sometimes it takes to get from nevada to san rafael 35 or 40 minutes. there is likely to be a large adoption and to take a few hundred or thousand cars off of the road you do a lot to make it better. the only problem is a lot more people are moving up here these days. tom vacar in petaluma. thank you. a man didn't think about twice before diving into a lake to save a little boy.
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why at&t thanked him with a new iphone. collin kaepernick answers questions about his decision not to vote in the presidential
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election. with the first pick in the 2016 nfl draft, the los angeles
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rams select jarrett goth. quarterback, california. >> 7 months after being picked number one overall former cal quarterback jarrett goth will get on the field and play for the la rams. today the rams name him as the team's starting quarterback for the game on sunday against the miami dolphins. the rams still have a game against the 9ers. they will play san francisco on christmas eve. collin kaepernick replaced blaine gabardine was saying a lot of things. >> it has been interesting to watch the evolution of collin kaepernick. the 49ers are happy that there is a story line to talk about besides the losing streak that on sunday could tie the record at 9. >> the evolution of collin kaepernick has been as steady as the reasons for the one and 8 record. by now his stance on the
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national anthem is well-known and his reasons for not voting in the presidential election a little less well hashed. >> i thought about the process and what i could and couldn't do. and you know once again the system of oppression is what i have an issue with. >> more than one way to create change. >> in addition to the social change there is a new and somewhat improved on the field kaepernick. sunday's game in arizona was probable the 49ers best since the win in week one. in the 4th game as a starter. kaepernick seem to be regaining the rhythm and consistency that made him the talk of the league four years ago. >> i can jump right back in and be a higher percent on top of my game. it took awhile to get in the rhythm and everything that is happening in the offense and becoming more and more every week that i feel comfortable with what is going on and how we are getting done and being
5:42 pm
able to build on those. >> one thing that can't be missed is much more willing to engage with the media than he was during jim harbaugh's tenure. >> i am comfortable with everything that i'm saying. what i represent and who i am and at that point there was a situation i didn't feel comfortable talking because i didn't want my word to be known. we have opportunities to win football games and that's my focus with the patriots and we have to do everything we can to get a win. >> the 7 weeks will determine kaepernick's future with the 49ers. he can choose to be a free agent when the season ends. >> you probably have to call these 7 weeks an audition process. kaepernick can decide if he wants to return to the 49ers, if not, how much from there is among the rest of the league while the 49ers can decide whether they want him to be
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part of a future that looks very uncertain. is this not unlike just about everything else concerning the 49ers. you are going well how will it turn out? i don't know. >> if he didn't return to the 49ers, do you see any teams wanting to pick up a collin kaepernick. >> it depends on how bad the quarterback situation is. but there is no question about the fact that there comes along with collin kaepernick a lot of baggage. do you want your press conferences dominated by things other than football. that is what coaches talk about when they talk about distractions and right or wrong as the cause may be many football coaches don't know there's such a thing because their entire life is about football, football. anything that detracts from that for probable most coaches is something that they are not real happy to have on their team. nice to see collin kaepernick talking and smiling because there was awhile there where it almost seemed like quite frankly his head got too big and he wasn't saying anything and a little too cool for school and now he is back
5:44 pm
to the real collin kaepernick and having fun on the field. >> it has been interesting to watch the evolution of him as we have watched him since the day he was first drafted. he was a very humble backup to alex smith when he was first here. and took a lot of direction and instruction from alex smith and then the starter and his answers became one word answers and two-word answers and maybe a product of the fact that his head coach didn't care if he talked to the media or not and now that he is a social activist, he is smiling and wants to talk to everybody. interesting, i guess would you have to say evolution to watch the young man these days. >> speaking of that, they are having a great season and it will be fun to see goth out there. >> and nice to have alex smith as the quarterback. interesting. thank you, joe. he saw a little boy in the water and did not hesitate jump into save him.
5:45 pm
>> i started to cry. it was definitely a sad situation. because i wasn't sure but i believed the end of the that he would come back and he did. >> the training this man received just one day before that played a crucial role in the rescue. and i'm tracking that forecast we had some sprinkles and maybe a few more tonight. that will break off and it will rain. i will have that that long range model in the forecast when i return.
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in florida a man is being called a hero for his quick thinking that saved a child's life. he jump into a lake to save a boy whose face down was in the water. the man says his faith and something he did a week ago are what helped him to save that little boy. >> henry tate iii is connected once again. he is been without a phone for the weekend. >> i was all right. my girlfriend didn't like it. but ... >> the phone was not lost or stolen but was badly damaged by water. henry remembers how it happened. he will probably remember it for the rest of his life. >> i saw him floating and i ran up. >> he was coming out of a nap saturday afternoon and his girlfriend's mother telling him that people were screaming outside about a missing 2-year- old. >> i put my shoes on and clothes to help out with finding him and by the time i made it back outside they had let me know he was in the
5:49 pm
water. >> when he saw the 2-year-old boy in this water by his margate apartment complex he did not hesitate but took off his shoes and dove in. >> pulled him out and performed cpr and we got a breath out of him and a woman turned him over in feel position in perfect timing and thank god for the police, they got there in the nick of time. i started to cry. i started to cry. it was definitely a sad situation. because i wasn't sure but i believed at the end of the day he would come back and he did. >> henry just moved to florida from tennessee two weeks ago and just got cpr certified one week ago. he credits his training and his faith for the courage to move as quickly and confidently as he did. and while the little boy recovers in the hospital. henry hopes his actions will move others. >> hopefully the story can inspire others to get out there and get cpr and to be certified. i want to thank everyone for
5:50 pm
showing me this appreciation and i am just glad that kid is okay and he will be blessed to see his 3rd birthday. along with the new iphone. he got a waterproof phone case just in case. and we are tracking the showers out there. there is light ones. not enough to be an issue or measure up. i have unconfirmed report in the north bay up to .2-inches of rain. .03, light amounts and that will continue to tonight as the system, the weak system is well- organized. it cooled off. a good five and ten degrees because of the cloud cover and the sprinkles. we might see a sprinkle late tonight using the spin and up by santa rosa. a sprinkle by the davis area. temperatures in the 60s but as we go into tomorrow. we should see gradual partly cloudy and clearing in the afternoon. today was cloudy for the most part outside and there is a
5:51 pm
live shot and here is the story with the wet ground anticipating valley fog. the temperatures will go down especially in the north bay. there is a temperature that is assigned to a dew point. and the dew point tonight in the north bay 48 degrees when the temperatures drop to 48 degrees. the fog forms at the ground. it is dense and forms by the ground and that's why the visibilities are low and dangerous. the coastal fog we have seen in the bay area, a little bit this morning should be pretty obvious tomorrow morning. so be ready nor that as you get up and travel around especially in the north bay. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and then partly sunny and mostly sunny all day and highs in the 60s. not a very warm day. mid 40s probable and the long range model since this thing is over i pushed all the way through to friday and this is the major pattern shift. so there is friday afternoon
5:52 pm
and evening. here is saturday afternoon and that's 24 hours and this thing keeps going and keeps us in the wet flow and 8:00 a.m. on sunday keeps us wet and more wet on to monday morning and then the pattern still stays low latitude. with that. that is as far as i can go. that's tuesday and the idea being the jet stream shifts and if it transpires next week starting saturday will be pretty wet through the week on and off. there's the five-day forecast. temperatures on the cooler side and showers start on saturday afternoon. mid-morning afternoon. and they keep going. i think next week is wet and the best part is saturday morning. the cal stanford game on saturday. going to be wet. >> yep. an afternoon game. so that first half may be not wet but the second half will. a major expansion celebrated at a resort in
5:53 pm
sonoma county today. >> 2, 3 and there we go. congratulations to the federated indians of rancho riffa. >> the people got a tour of the 175 million-dollar, 324,000 square foot expansion. there's an outdoor pool and spa and 200 guest rooms. the tribal chairman says the new 20,000 square foot ballroom will bring conventions to grayton. >> 700 people can sit and have dinner and that is not that kind of facility north of the golden gate bridge. >> it is the first major expansion at the casino since it opened three years ago. coming up tonight at six. independence stolen. incredibly thieves make off with a special van driven by the paralyzed woman you are looking at here. >> it is so much more than a car. me being able to go where i need to and before it was a
5:54 pm
challenge for me.
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a new report shows that the high cost of housing is costing more people to move out of the state. the number of people that are leaving california for somewhere less expensive. reporter: a lot of locals that we have been speaking to are not surprised by this new data. for example, we are here in the
5:57 pm
cammian neighborhood and a 3 bedroom house that is only 1500 square feet is selling for almost one million dollars. the real estate data form core logic found that for over home buyer in california there are three selling. the sellers are moving out of the golden state. between 2007 to 2014, 625,000 people left california and many moved to texas, oregon and nevada and arizona. fed up with the high housing costs and turning to states where it is more affordable. one local homeowner says she is thinking about moving to colorado or north carolina. >> we are thinking about moving because when our kids graduate. they can't survive. they will be leaving with us until they are 35. they can survive on the outside world. >> the economic boom and job market in california is still attracting people here but
5:58 pm
pushing others out. recent data from core logic shows that the housing crisis has cooled but a high demand because inventory is low and why cities are building vertical that are high-rises in urban areas. cal students standing together to protest a professor accused of sexual harassment and the student says she waited for years to come out because of fear. >> i was a student that needed his approval to move forward with my educational plans. >> that woman, a grad students endured four years of manipulation and abuse of power before coming forward with her story. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. today dozens of fellow students stood with her after a new
5:59 pm
investigative report backed up her claims. reporter: well frank and julie dozens of students at uc berkeley gathered outside the halls to protest the process that the school administration is taking in the investigation. the process that they are calling a protection for tenured professors as opposed to students. >> what do we want safety. >> when do we want it now. >> now. >> dozens of students calling for safety and demanding change in the way the investigation is being handled. 61 year-old nasar addsad is a tenured professor at uc berkeley which means that they are prohibited from sharing allegations of misconduct. i spoke to the victim and says he took a strong and strange likeing to her from the beginning and things escalated. she was asked out on dates and after years of harassment she
6:00 pm
came forward. >> i experienced four years of constant manipulation and abuse of power when i was extremely vulnerable student that needed his approval to move forward with my plans. >> she also tells me that having the support from her classmates has brought her to tears. the students signed a petition asking the chancellor to consider a process for students. and i talked with the assistant that was part of the protest and here is what he had to say. >> we want to see the university step up and make sure it happens expeditiously and need it for students that feel vulnerable right now. >> school officials that i spoke with say that they have discussed ways to address the student safety and will be disclosing the details with the students over the coming days. frank and julie back to you. hundreds of stanford students walked out of class to protest the election of donald trump as president.


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