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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  November 15, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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community. >> the u.s. santa cruz grad loves her job and feels like she has come full circle. born in mexico to chinese immigrant parents. >> i came to the u.s. when i was five and applied when it came on in 2012. being able to work and get that social security number, it was amazing. >> it may be in jeopardy because of donald trump. this may be affecting thousands of immigrants called dreamers and the companies that employ them. it is an understanding of the value of what the folks have to offer. using talented people that have tremendous skills and education and value and we wouldn't have somebody else to fill that job if we didn't have her here. >> she says some of her friends are scared. >> what do we do now they say,
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go back in the shadows but strangely for me i feel hopeful. >> she plans to change the perception that immigrants are criminal. >> what is the difference between americans and immigrants. they want to provide for their names. >> 700,000 undocumented immigrants are working here in the u.s. cristina rendon, fox 2 news. tuition hikes may be coming for students at the university of california and cal state university. there hasn't been a tuition increase in six years and a uc spokesperson says state funding had dropped. 72% of the costs of educating a student compared to 41% last year. the proposed tuition hike is
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$272 at the 23 cal state campuses and $280 at u c state campuses. the board will meet this week to discuss the budget. >> the state's largest public employee union have voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike. local one thousand represents 95,000 state employees including office workers and librarians and engineers and nurses. the union want more nan the 12% raise over 4 years than governor brown's administration has offered. the raise is offset by a three- and-a-half annual increase in the contribution that employees are being forced to pay for the requirement health benefit. >> a proposal for the growing cannabis university. >> the city of oakland took the first step towards starting its own bank. and christian is in the newsroom. backers were talking about the benefits. >> let's explain how it works.
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the cannabis industry has the access to banking options making it a cash and carry but leaders are aiming to change that serving the needs of the city of oakland. cannabis businesses have sprung up around oakland and most don't have access to the financial services available to other small businesses. banks are backed by the federal deposit insurance corporation and it can be difficult for canvass businesses to deposit money from a business. rebecca capelin wants to see fit is possible for the city to create a public bank. >> creating a public bank in the city of oakland could benefit the local businesses and it is also a great match for the needs of our growing cannabis industry to have access. >> the residents we spoke with says it is an idea whose time have come. >> we have seen millions and billions of dollars in cash and
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creates an environment and i am glad to seat city responding. >> cannabis businesses would not be the only beneficiaries. >> the sole purpose is to benefit the public and you wouldn't have the kinds of shenanigans with corporate banks abusing customers and not making loans available. >> that is something that tonya would welcome. >> to have an oakland based bank, bay area based bank or something like grassroots banks. something that is going to really stand by the people, the people that pour into that bank and that bank to pour into those people. >> we called about a dozen cannabis businesses and none would talk on camera but one dispensary told me that they would welcome a banking option. as it stands the businesses rely on cash transactions that can be dangerous and difficult
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to track. the council set to take up the issue in two weeks. guys, back to you. christian, thank you. coming up a deadly shooting at a u.s. airport. new information about the suspect accused of killing a southwest airline employee. the latest in the search for a gunman in late week's bay area highway. >> that kid is growing up. an update on a little boy that survived cancer and stole so many hearts.
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look at that. we are learning more about today's deadly shooting at the airport. the victim was a 52-year-old man working for southwest. he was killed near the parking garbage. the suspect was later found dead inside a truck in that garage. he had killed himself with a self inflicted gunshot wound. celina county deputies are looking for witnesses to the shooting in vallejo. that happened on friday on eastbound 8 on on american canyon road. a man was shot once in the next, hospitalized and released later in the week. the victim's 5-year-old son was in the car but was not hurt. investigators say that the shooter may have been driving a dark-colored suv and at this point there is no other description of the vehicle.
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>> people in the tahoe area are fighting back against devastating wildfires with a mountain top fire system. the university of nevada in reno is showing off one of the cameras on its web site. designed and built and maintained by the size ological canvass at the university. there are more than 20 in operation right now. and another 7 will go live before the next fire season. the fate of a huge development at the squaw valley ski resort can be decided tonight. the board of supervisors is deciding whether to approve plans for a high rise hotel and candos and indoor water park and movie theater complex. environmentalists oppose the 300,000 square foot project. many people that live in lake tahoe are also opposed. they have gathered 400 signatures for a petition against it. >> up here our riches come in a
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different form. our abilities to interact with tahoe's spectacular natural environment and the many rewards of small town living. >> the customers are demanding something more in the afternoon part of their experience of the ski mountain and other times of years and something more in terms of recreational opportunities. >> the board of supervisors will vote tonight on whether to give the project the green light. >> protestors trying to block the dakota pipeline. it would transport 470,000- barrels oil a day. and the corps of engineers is causing for more analysis. we have more on this controversial project and how it may be viewed on the incoming administration. this is heading back to court. develop energy partners is asking a federal court to declare it has no legal right to build under the missouri
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river. it comes a day after army corps of engineers further delayed the project. to allow more time to evaluate the issue. the ceo slamming the decision saying that this action motivated by politics. if approved it would run 1200 miles through four states carrying up to 575,000-barrels of crude oil a day and opposed by the sioux tribe. >> if it burst it will cause irresistible damage for millions of people along the missouri river. >> as a legal battle goes on, so do the anti pipe protests. hundreds have been arrested since august and activists are protesting across the nation.
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>> i am a mother and grandmother and i care about what happens to this planet. >> now the incoming administration could reverse course. president-elect donald trump has said he is bringing back the controversial keystone excel pipeline and this one does much the same thing. moving oil cheaper and faster. in north dakota, fox news. three years ago today san francisco turned into gotham city and thousands came out to watch the penguin and the ridder. this was miles scott and now miles is 8 years old. go who could forget this day back in 2013. the make-a-wish foundation helped miles. he wanted to be a super hero and on this day thousands of people came out and they got to watch miles rescue damsels in
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distress and arrest the joker and free kidnapped mascot. the family says that miles is playing little league and thriving. that was a great day. >> so great to see him doing well now. >> that was just his smile and seeing him in that little suit was just awesome. >> adorable. >> good for him he is doing so well. >> the bay area city planning to increase the minimum wage. >> rents going up and people can't wait. >> a vote expected tonight and what it could mean for workers. >> we are tracking the forecast. a few light sprinkles and they should be dying down. bigger sprinkles and heavier rain for the end of the week.
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happening now san jose city council is coming up with a plan to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. jesse gary explains the real question is not whether to increase the minimum wage but how soon it should be implemented. >> if it passes i think it will help everybody, not only me. >> it has been an uphill struggle financially during her decade of employment with mcdonald's from part-time to full time and consistent money gap. >> it is hard to survive this. everything is expensive. >> the rents keep going up and people can't wait. >> outside san jose city hall demonstrators gathered in hopes of pressuring councilmembers to follow the lead of five other cities in the county by raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour
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by 2019. >> it would show a $3000 raise for 1015 workers. >> the mayor says this. >> the increases are scheduled through 2019 are faster than inflation and faster than rent growth that we have seen through a very rapid period of rent growth. >> and some business owners and nonprofits worry that raising the minimum wage will reduce their share of the economic pie and the rules could be service reduction for nonprofits or price increases for mainstay businesses such as 4th street pizza. >> paying more money of labor costs and it is kind of an effect that everything goes up. and i kind of feel like sometimes the minimum wage increase kind of leads to prices going up. >> city staffers say it could mean some job loss and slowing some business growth. supporters argue that overall benefit will outweigh the burden if there is conformity.
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>> i expect at the end of this we will have something all to celebrate and that is the ability to lift standards and to help thousands of san joseians survive. >> the councilmember raises the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 20 19 they would beat the state for 3 years because that doesn't start until 2022. the meeting could continue through the evening. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. and we are tracking something inclement weather and a dry couple of weeks and that ended today. we had up to .2 of an inch up the coast and tracking it way up north of the coast there. moving to our area and the continual progression of weather and with the big surf
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because that gets here after the storms are still lingering behind. but we do have cloud cover right now with light scatter the sprinkles and scattered showers will die down and teeing up again for the week. tomorrow is basically about partly sunny and mostly sunny at times and temperatures and mostly just in the mid-60s. not very warm but i wouldn't sweat the sprinkles. as we go beyond that, that is when things loosen up. we go outside and the computer model does this. you see the raindrops and you push forward a little bit, light showers slide through wednesday night and maybe most of it is offshore and valley fog when you wake up and then that's it. you see you head into wednesday afternoon and it basically clears up. tomorrow is the day of clearing and drying and not going to be very warm per se because it is
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cooler moisture moving in. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow and looking at the cloud cover and patchy coastal and valley fog and highs tomorrow, the greens are 60s. lots of 60s tomorrow. 64 in brentwood and in antioch. the story is not tomorrow because tomorrow will be a nicer day with very little in the rainfall. and the story is here. when you get into saturday. sunday and into monday and tuesday. it looks like we got a progressive wet water pattern. saturday looks wet and sunday looks like the wettest day and continues to monday and tuesday and perhaps beyond that. get ready the wet is coming and by the book we are back into it. >> thank you, bill. big news involving garrett goff. we have the sports coming up
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next. mark is here now. 49ers? >> but all about quarterbacks. everybody knows the nfl isis a quarterback's league and let's talk about collin kaepernick specifically nicer times. remember the happy times of jim harbaugh and the 49ers and they were playing the patriots and
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they were good. playing the patriots this week and not so good. 2012 that was the place only his 4th start as a quarterback with the 49ers and they beat the patriots 41-38 and the nationally televised game and they had a big lead and they held on and a lot of fond memories. >> you know it was great feeling to go up there and get the victory and especially against a team like that. it was huge. and i think we have a similar opportunity to see a patriots team that is good and get a victory. >> frank just said it. what a different looking team that was. >> completely. >> 2012. continue the quarterback conversation. how about garrett goff. making good at cal of course but he has not played a down this year.
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finally the rams realized that they are going to have to get this guy into a game and he will start against the dolphins this sunday. the college coach, sunny dade of cal will be watching. and ready for his debut. >> i think they wanted to make sure that they brought him along and in a fashion that was going to give him the most opportunity to be successful and i would imagine that this has been their plan and make sure he is ready and put him in the game and let him play. >> meanwhile the quarterback conversation continues. how about tony romo. injured badly during training camp and then it is a guy by the name of zack prescott taking over. cowboys with the biggest story. 8-1. tony romo. should he start, no. no quarterback controversy. with a brief press conference to discuss stepping aside. >> and i think you all know something magical is happening.
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i am not going to allow the situation to negatively affect dak or the football team by becoming a constant distraction. i think dak knows that i have his back and i think that i know he has mine. >> ultimately it is about the team. >> all right. it is kind of an odd press conference if you saw the extended version. five minutes he spoke and took no questions afterwards and read his entire statement right off of the page that probable his lawyer wrote. you think that would come from the heart. speaking of coming from the heart. how about steph curry his commercials getting funnier and probably the hottest commodity. have a glimpse of his latest spot. >> elbow in. >> full extension on the arms. >> push it. it's all about the battle.
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>> don't shortchange it. >> elbow in. >> what? you got to hang that hand, baby. you know how we do it. ding a ling a ling. >> oh, man. that's really good stuff right there. pretty funny and you know everybody is a coach, right? >> that's right. >> the product has something to do with individual coaching for your young kids. and good stuff. i should mention dave roberts is national league manager and terry francona is the general manager of year from the cleveland indians. >> looking forward to seeing garrett goff. >> yes. and coverage continues on ktvu
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. look, i know you guys don't want to do this,
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but we have no choice. so, you can either bitch and whine or we can just get it over with. i got "whine." i got the "b word." yeah, well, it's in our contract to serve on a university committee. and frankly, this is one i believe in. okay, here we go. encouraging more women to pursue a career in the sciences. come on, if i was any good at convincing women to do stuff, i wouldn't have spent so much of my 20s in the shower. if you ask me, this whole thing is a waste of our time. helping women? yeah, helping anyone. people should take care of themselves. oh, like yesterday, when you made me drive you to the dry cleaners, the pharmacy and the post office? i'm not saying people can't use tools. even an otter picks up a rock when he wants a clam. you don't think it's worthwhile to try to get more women working in science. i think that's incredibly sexist of you. i believe in a gender-blind society like in star trek, where women and men


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