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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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. thousands of students pack a high school assembly in danville after racist graffiti is found in a high school bathroom. and now a similar incident on a second campus. hateful words at two schools, two days in a row. good evening. >> both incidents involve schools in the san ramon valley school district. we're at monte visita high in danville. and that school had a second meeting tonight. >> reporter: this one for parent and it went on for two hours. monte visita is in the midst of this. >> our students do not want act to define them. >> reporter: this is a high achieving school, great programs, great participation. it doesn't mean anything if you don't have a great school climate. it doesn't mean if you, if people are walking around school
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feeling unsafe. >> reporter: and this graffiti found wednesday in a boy's bathroom, the words white and colored over the urinals is a racing a question about race in a school that the population is only 2% african american. >> this is scary. >> reporter: the district barely began investigating when new graffiti showed up, the same words and the same way, as this picture from the same school last month. that perpetrator was caught and punished. a second case a few days later, still unsolved. could they be one person or more likely copycats? >> i don't want to speculate. for us all four now ugly and harmful. >> it's important we be kind to each other. >> reporter: monte vista began an assembly, all 2400 students that ran two hours long, talking about rt incident, what it says about them and their school and their willingness to do the
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right thing. >> it starts with you. you need to take on this call to action and follow through. you need to do the terrifying things of telling one of your peers. what you did is not okay. please stop. >> reporter: 100 students got up to speak. >> they shared their experiences and you could hear a pin drop. because our kids were focused and empathetic and the conversations went on. >> reporter: and it went on with parents in the evening. some suggesting more diversity training for staff and students and urging harsh consequences for any hate speech. this mom worries for her daughter a senior, and the prospect of racism rearing up here again. >> and if it happens again, then what's the next thing that is going to be written? and from that point, where does it stop? and how bad does it get? >> reporter: danville police are involved in this investigation. san ramon police looking into
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the new case there. administrators here at monte vista say for their part they're going to do everything they can to keep the conversations that started today going. back to you. >> yeah, interesting as horrible as it was, what was written in those bathrooms, it's fantastic to see all of the students coming together, all of the students talking, and we heard the principal there saying you could hear a pin drop. >> reporter: that's right. 100 kids, and they were shy and hesitant at first, but he said as soon as that line started to grow, more and more of them felt bolstered to get up and speak themselves and share their experiences. so in a way it was a door opening today. >> it sure was. thank you. five teenage girls from oakland have been arrested in a string of robberies knee b.a.r.t. stations. they're 14 to 16 years old and are suspected of carrying out 10 robberies. they mostly targeted women walking along near the west
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oakland and lake merit b.a.r.t. stations. we have this report. >> reporter: for nearly three weeks five teen girls all between the ages of 14 and 16 had been at the center of the string of strong-armed robberies across the city of oakland. their targets? women. said to be traveling solo and at times caught offguard while on their phone. the victims didn't report seeing a weapon, and some sustained injuries. none of the victims were transported to the hospital but they were physically assaulted. >> reporter: oakland police say they were singling out women walking near the west oakland and rockridge b.a.r.t. stations, i don't know why i lucked out because i was here. >> reporter: sally heard about the robberies, we taut caught her with her head down and on her phone and asked her about it. >> what would i do, i was thinking about that. i wouldn't give up my phone.
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it would be a fight. so ... [ laughter ]. >> that's all i got to say, unless they had a knife or a gun it was going to be a fight. >> reporter: a white nissan maxima is what the girls used as a getaway car. it was reported stolen from emeryville and pulled over by piedmont police on november 14th at this 7-eleven on grand avenue. employees say the teens were cornered by police. >> where are the families? >> reporter: the teens are pinned to ten cases and right now they have not been charged. i spoke to the police and they're investigating an attempted robbery and robbery that happened on november 10th. two suspects were seen driving in the same white nissan maxima that the five teens were seen driving in as well. so police are working to see if there's any connection between the teens and the suspect they're looking for.
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the alameda county sheriff's department says a u.s. marshal was shot serving an arrest warrant this avenue. it happened mere maude avenue at about 3:15 today. the suspect was a 26-year-old fugitive from louisiana wanted on weapons and drugs charges. deputies say the suspect was in a vehicle when it was attempted to take him into custody. there was a dangerous encounter which prompted the marshal to shoot at the suspect. he was treated and is in custody. police in san leandro are investigateing a shooting. the car that crashed hit a toyota prius head on. the elderly couple inside was
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seriously injured. it all started near mc kart mcarthur boulevard. it hit the prius at a high rate of speed. >> it appears that the nissan was heading in the opposing direction, hit the prius head on, sending it landing in the position it is at now. when the firefighters got here they had to use the jaws of life to extract the driver of the vehicle and some other tools were used to get the passenger out of the vehicle. >> police found a man outside the nissan suffering from a gunshot wound. he's been arrested. the elderly couple was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. police are still looking for the other car involved in the gun battle. president-elect donald trump has reportedly chosen a key member of his white house team. there is word tonight that michael flin has been offered the job of national security
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advisor. flynn spotted trump touring the campaign. mr. trump met with his first foreign leader, japan's leader, in new york this evening. and he met with other potential cabinet picks. >> people who are visionaries, people who gotten things done, haley, kissinger, people at the hop of their game. >> he's expected to meet with mitt romney over the weekend and then slated to make a victory tour, states that helped him win the white house. a surrogate of donald trump has created a furor over comments he made cited the internment of japanese americans during world war ii as a precedent for creating a registry of muslim immigrants. this is an offshoot of his campaign comments with national security. >> reporter: certainly during the campaign mr. trump made
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comments about prosecuting or protecting national security with a ban on muslims entering the country. the comment about a registry was made by higby. this happened during an interview yesterday with megan kelly on fox news. >> we've done it with iran, we did it in world war ii with japanese, call what you lfrnlt you're not proposing we go back to the days of internment camps i hope. >> i'm not proposing that at all. >> you know better than to suggest that. that's the kind of stuff that gets people scared, carl. >> i'm just saying ... >> reporter: his comparison sparked outrage and a response from muslim and japanese americans concerned about racial pro filing. >> within months after 9/11 the governmentins tuted a registration pro gam. they detained many beings many
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innocent people. they broke up families, they terrified others. >> reporter: she says renewing the registry would unfairly target muslims. he said we're going to have a look at a lot of things very closely. honda called the notion of a registry a cowardly, hateful, and unconscionable return to what reagan called a policy based on wartime hysteria. the japanese citizens league stated said this is frightening and wrong. amanda tyler says this assertion is not correct. >> there is no decision that ever upheld the internment as lawful and there's no determination on registration issue, either.
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>> reporter: there is no indication in how far the government can go in the face of civil liberties. >> the government having broader authority in times of war, but the cases themselves on the actual arguments before the court were decided very narrowly. >> reporter: they're calling for president-elect donald trump to provide clarity and explain exactly where he stands. they also say that they are prepared to make legal challenges if a registry is implemented. >> thank you. 11 apartments damaged by fire and nearly 2 dozen people without a home. the search for a cause in the south bay tonight. and i'm tracking some rain drops, not for tomorrow, but into the bay area weekend. we'll need the umbrellas for the weekend. how much we could see. and a major change at the top to the oakland a's. the new leadership aiming to build a new stadium for the a's in oakland.
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a bay area high school football player inspires his peers and adults around him. his story in the face of adversity.
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. new at ten, a high school football player who is being called an inspiration, the 17-year-old boy setting an example on and off the field. his coaches and teachers reached out to us to help share his
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story. >> amber leigh is on the campus tonight and he's turned hardships into life lessons. >> reporter: frank, this evening we met the 17-year-old during practice, and it's easy to see he's playing to win and not just on the football field. >> let's go, let's go, let's go! >> there's a lot of physical contact, it's like sport warriors, basically. >> reporter: he tackles life the same way he plays football. he has faced many obstacles off the field but he's learned to cope. >> keep calm under stressful situations, everything is not going to go your way, everything is not about you. >> reporter: he plays safety for the livermore cowboys and hoping to lead the team to its first playoff since 1999. >> mckie is the heart and soul of the team. >> reporter: mckie says his father was never in the picture
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and his mother struggles drug addiction. his older brother larry was shot and killed in berkeley. >> we lived in a house where it was filthy, no water, not a lot of food really. >> reporter: he left berkeley to live with relatives in livermore. then his mother died last year. >> no matter what my situation is, i know she loved me and i know she tried her hardest for me. >> reporter: there's sadness that his mother didn't live to see him graduate high school so he wears a locket with her ashes. >> to be able to handle himself on a daily basis in the manner he does is amazing. i am inspired by the kid. >> reporter: the fund has paid for mckie's braces but the ultimate goal of paying for his college education. >> i just am continuing impressed and blown away by, you know, his positive attitude, his no excuses approach to life, and
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his just overall, you know, fortitude. >> reporter: mckie says a college education is important to fulfilling his ultimate goal, being able to provide for his family one day. he says he wants to be the husband his mother never had and the father he wished he had. >> yes, i want to be a man. i want to just smile and tell stories to my kids and look up and say mom, i did it. . >> reporter: mckie and his teammates will be playing the wildcats on saturday tore their second playoff game. mckie says despite the hardships he's gone through he's grateful for the people in his life, including his coaches, teammates, and teachers. amber leigh, ktvu. the oakland a's are fielding a new team. they named a few president as wolff is stepping down and selling his stake in the team. a's fans are hoping the change
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in the lineup will energize efforts to build a new stadium. >> reporter: after 11 years as managing partner of the a's, lew wolff is down, selling his ownership stake to the other owners. >> keep the players, not getting rid of them, and then the a's can be back in the world series and win it. >> we know mr. wolff was a driving force behind moving the team to fremont. >> reporter: david kavl is now president of the a's. he wants to build a new ballpark. >> i want to make sure that other stake holders rs fans, business leaders, everyone can have a say where we build this stadium. >> reporter: a water front location is one the a's are considering.
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>> i don't want them to go anywhere. >> i think the a's deserve it. >> reporter: the fans could impact this decision, too. >> hopefully the a's can stay close by so we can continue to have the a's and then the raiders can stay at our stadium. >> reporter: oakland mayor is looking forward to working with the a's to build a new stadium here in oakland. wolff thanked players, staff, and fans for the opportunity to serve the team. . any fission figures show homelessness is going up in california. it found nationwide the number of homeless people is 3% lower but in california the numbers this year are up by 3%. los angeles had an increase of 7%, and san fransisco's homeless population increased the same
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amount as the state, up 3%. homeless advocates saying rising rates and the high cost of housing in california are to blame for the increase here. a dispute over a vineyard is going before a board tomorrow. it has taken them ten years to plant 200 acres of grapes. it sits in a designated agricultural district. environmental and land use groups plan to ask the board of supervisor to reject the expansion. >> it will chop down 15,000 trees in a remote mountainous region. >> the county has studied the environmental impact and they concluded that the project will have no significant impact. >> no matter what the napa board of supervisors decide the vineyard dispute is likely to end up before a judge.
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it's cold out there tonight. you'll notice it there tomorrow morning. there's a freeze or frost advisory for the north bay. second night in a row a frost advisory for the north bay. we have clear skies, the winds have died down and it's going to be downright cold. how cold it was at your house last night, it will be that cold or maybe chillier. 41 in santa rosa, down to 39 in nevada and fairfield 35 is as low as the temperature can go once the temperature reaches the dewpoint level then things condensate and then things warm. it's going to be cold. livermore valley, walnut creek, you'll see frost. it stays in effect through the
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early morning hours. second morning in a row and some temperatures down into the low 30s just above freezing in napa, and santa rosa, rain in the forecast. when i come back, we'll talk about your rain and how much we think we could see. . still to come, raider fans need a passport for the team's next home game. at 10:30 we'll look at why sports teams from college to the pros are going abroad. and drama on the court. next, 23 apartments off limits after a two-alarm fire. how the residents are coping tonight.
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♪ p is for privileges. o is for ordinarily i wouldn't. l is for layers of luxury. a is for alll the way back. r is for read my mind. and i... can't see a thing. s... see you in the morning. polaris, from united. . a fire at an apartment complex in san jose displaced 23 people today and tonight they're
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staying with family or friends or getting help from the red cross. the fire at the timber wood apartments on 7 trees boulevard damaged 11 units. the two alarm fire started at 7:30 this morning and spread to the apartment above trapping two people on the balcony. fire crews rescued them and everyone escaped unharmed. >> i don't know who was home at the time but everybody from the affected apartments made it out safely without being injured. >> no word yet on what caused the fire but one firefighter did suffer a minor injury. . thanksgiving came early for 40 foster children in san jose who received a holiday feast with all the fixings tonight. we're live in san jose where the dinner was held and it was much more than a meal. >> reporter: yes, it was. i think a lot of us take for granted we have families to go home to. for these children, this thanksgiving meal meant a lot because it was something they
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weren't used to. for life growing up it hasn't been easy. she was in and out of foster care with no stable home life. >> thanksgiving and christmas brought me down. >> reporter: 18-year-old joseph had a similar story. his story didn't turn around until after a two mont stint in juvenile hall. >> my teenage years was rough, from 13 to 17. >> reporter: they are under a program called unity care. they were able to have the fellowship that comes with thanksgiving. >> we felt there was a need to help these kids who have no one to help them. >> reporter: jan white spent the last two days cooking the turkey
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and potatoes, she been around for this annual tradition for five years. >> when i see so many kids that don't have anybody to care about them, it, it means a lot. if i can just do a little bit and make a difference in their life, you know, i've been blessed and i want to be a blessing to them. >> reporter: their help couldn't come at a better time, when the need is great. >> this year we're seeing about a 30% increase of the level of families and young people that are really in a place of displayer. >> reporter: for these children, tonight they learn what family is all about. >> they took the time out to cook it and they didn't have to spend days cooking all this food. >> reporter: it doesn't take a lot to make a big difference. >> there's people out there that actually show that they care, it's important. >> reporter: and frank and julie, the best thing i heard tonight, the young woman i spoke with says this event gives her hope that one day she'll be able to host her on thanksgiving
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dinner and bring her own family together. >> wow. >> and it was nice to see the volunteers, like jan white saying how much it meant to her. so it's win-win for both sides. >> absolutely. and it was wonderful to see those ladies and they've been doing it for five years and they've become familiar faces to those young people. >> thank you. still to come here, a walkout at u.c. berkeley. this time it was about the professor. the demands they're making. the raiders in mexico, some say teams playing abroad makes financial sense but what about the fans? >> the color a runs through all sports is green.
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. san fransisco city hall is
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bathed in purple to mark world prematurity day. it's to raise the awareness of health issues for premature babies. here in california it's one in ten. researchers have developed a blood test of having a premature baby. hospitals home it reduces the number of preterm births. if you're hoping to attend the home game on monday fight you're going to need a passport. >> that's because they're playing in mexico city. as scott reese reports, it's another example of u.s. sports trending globally ♪ when the flag was still there ♪ . >> reporter: american pro sports have not been indigenous to america for several decades. the nba debuted in tokyo in 1990. since then beings baseball, hockey, and football have
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followed suit. >> quite an atmosphere in london england. >> reporter: but these days domestic teams are competing on foreign soil more than ever before, primarily because the dollars make sense. >> the color of the fluid that runs through all sports is green. >> reporter: the nfl has been the poster child for this international trend. the international games is up to four this season, three in london and one in mexico city where the raiders will play the texans on monday night. >> the raiders we approached early on in terms of they've got a great fan base in mexico and so our proposition to them was we have a strong desire to take you to mexico city to play a game there and we were fortunate that they were receptive to the idea. >> reporter: some more than others. >> i think for us, that might be a home game.
10:32 pm
>> taking a game away from hometown market. there's a huge following. mexico makes some sense because it's geo graphically close. >> i think it will allow us to gain more fans in the national league and we can travel anywhere and everybody will know what nfl football is. >> reporter: it's not just the professional leagues globalizing their brand, we're seeing a proliveration of college games overseas. >> globalization is important for our university and there's a role for athletics to play in terms of spreading the gospel. >> reporter: that gospel spreading all the way to the far east, the stanford basketball
10:33 pm
team opened its sea againstson in shanghai. >> does it help you get a recruit or does it help the people in china watching our game, i think long term they can provide a lot of benefits. >> reporter: this on the heels of cal football playing its season opener in sydney. >> australia is a football loving culture, more and more, we had 60,000 people for the football game so that tells you the level of interest. >> it was an experience for our young people, a good financial thick for our athletic department as well. >> reporter: the common thread, expanding the brand and bank accounts, which brings us back to the nfl and expanding the league outside u.s. borders. >> we doesn't do a lot of things perfectly in america any more. we do sports and entertainment
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as well as anybody in the world. i think it will happen. you have a union concerned about its players, all of these situations come to fore and it comes back to the original point, where can i make the most net profit? >> reporter: scott reese, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> 7800 feet above sea level in mexico, a half mile higher than denver's mile high stadium and it could require adjustments by the players and trainers. in san fransisco, protesters inrupted the meeting of the u.c. regents today. a group of about 80 students had a demonstration outside and then went inside and continued to chant. they were forced to adjourn their meeting. they're debating whether to increase tuition by 2.5% next year which would amount $280 per
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student. u.c. tuition has not gone up in six years. the tuition hike is necessary to maek make up for a gap in funding. architecture professor is accused of putting his hand on a female student's thigh and making sexual advances toward her. the 61-year-old professor has denied the allegations and continued to teach as his future is considered. >> he's allowed to stay teaching, continue working with students one on one while the university knew he was being investigated. that's in accordance with their policy but we think that policy needs to change. >> they upheld the student's
10:36 pm
allegations and there's reports that the professor will not be allowed to continue teaching. we will introduce you to pink and rug. it is cold tomorrow morning when you get up but then after that it rains. the bay area weekend forecast with plenty of umbrella weather to talk about. recreational marijuana, why medical marijuana users may get a tax break.
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. police in san jose are investigating a homicide. they were called to the report of a dead body on turn house lane. they found a victim outside a
10:39 pm
residents. the name isn't being released until relatives are notified. police say the motive and circumstances are being investigated. san jose police today announced the arrest of a man who they say fired shots at two officers on sunday night. sources tell us the unnamed suspect is a gang member who was out on parole. the officers approached him in east san jose. neither officer was hit and they did not return fire. medical marijuana may get a tax break from the state. officials announced that medical cannabis purchases are exempt from sales tax. the governor's office did not immediately comment but may not be in agreement with the decision. starting in january, 2018, a 15% tax will be imposed of buyers of all marijuana and marijuana products including medical
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cannabis. a federal judge issued an injunction blocking an ordinance aimed at regulating airbnb. the ordinance levels fines against homes not registered with the city. homaway sued saying the process is cumbersome and different to monitor. the judge said they need to come to an agreement on a workable system for registration. the san fransisco district attorney's office is getting some help. their job is to make the process easier for children, the elderly. they're named pink and red and come from a training facility in new mexico. the da's office says a number of studies says interacting with support animals can reduce depression, fear, and anxiety.
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. the weekend is nearly here, we will show you how you can get into the holiday spirit in our weekend watch. also, our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking wet weather. how it could impact your weekend plans.
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. shareholders have approved a merger between tesla motors and silver city. musk's vision is to campaign the solar energy company with the electric company. solar city could weigh down tesla with its $3 pl in debt. the merger will be complete in a matter of days. stocks rose today on positive news on new home construction and strong earns from home depot and best bay.
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nasdaq added 89. and the s&p is near a record high. thanksgiving is a week from today and there are a number of things to do this weekend to get into the holiday spirit. we have examples in tonight's weekend watch. >> reporter: heading into your weekend and here are a few items happening around the bay area. pier 39 tree lighting ceremony is on saturday. this one-day celebration starts at noon, featuring live entertainment. the tree lights up nightly throughout the holiday season. san fransisco auto show gets underway this season. the international auto show will be held at the muskony center. eat, drink, and be entertained while shopping for the perfect holiday gift, the fair runs five weekend. in the east bay the crab festival is happening on
10:45 pm
saturday. it brings seafood, soul, and asian music into one event in the elks lodge. in pleasanton the fourth annual holiday stroll is set to take place on saturday from 5 to 8 p.m. 30 downtown merchants will pair up with local breweries, and bars. gets your tickets on main street i in the south bay enjoy the fair on saturday and sunday from 10 to 4 at great america parkway. come be part of a long standing napa holiday tradition at the 4 he annual gifts and time holiday fair featuring 85 local and regional artists and gourmet foods at napa valley expo. 9ers play at home, warriors, sharks, and raiders are away. that is your weekend watch. nd watch. . take those umbrellas, see specially saturday morning and sunday morning because there will be rain out there and then beyond. tomorrow is a nice day.
10:46 pm
here is what i'm tracking. nice looking system. this will be further north but it will work its way into our region saturday morning. fairly early. and that means rain saturday morning, scattered showers in the afternoon, most of the rain though before lunchtime. so here we go, the frost advisory in the north bay. 39 in fairfield and napa. it doesn't mean you will have frost in san jose and saragota i'm sure some places l you can see santa rosa down to 34, napa town to 34. some areas could be down to 31 or 32. here comes the next weather system, half your day tomorrow, make it tomorrow, because as you head into saturday and sunday it's wet and it's what it's supposed to do in november so
10:47 pm
rooting it on. keep thinking about the game and all the outdoor afternoon activities, playoff football for the high school kids, the models say, tomorrow night, that's significant. and then there ss saturday morning, that's the deal. that is going off. that is a half inch, maybe 3/4 of an inch of rain moving through the bay area. that will wake you up. this translates through and then scattered showers. so now you can get stuff down. the field are wet but you're not going to be drenched trying to watch the game. the big game starts here, more scattered showers at 6 clk 6:00. behind that another chance, another chance for rain. this is a rough computer model estimate, but couple of inches
10:48 pm
of rain far north, an inch down in monterey. next thursday and friday back into real rain again. saturday morning is real wet, windy, and then after that just scattered showers. it's good. heavy snow in the mountains as well, saturday night into sunday morning, and then again sunday night. >> the cal game is at 2:30, memorial stadium, it sounds like it won't be quite as bad. >> this front is going to be out. but at about 1 or 2:00 i think the field is wet and you're sitting dry. >> scattered showers in the area. >> windy. >> thank you. sports is coming up next and mark has his slate full tonight. duran and drake. a scary moment for one of the best line backers in the nfl. what happened to him during the thursday night game between the saints and the panthers.
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says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪ now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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. mark is here now. sharks out on the road. how can they do? ? well, they started this road trip well. 3-0, lost two in a row. i don't know what to make of the sharks. coming off the stanley cup final, appearance against pittsburgh, lackluster. 9-8 i think overall.
10:52 pm
i suppose a little worried because they're not playing electric hockey by any means and they have underachieving going on with some of the big names but they're staying in the games. i'm sure peter di vor is not happy. road trip 3-2. nice pass and that is the assist to doneskoy. belank, a big moment in his career. first ever nhl goal. the kid gets it. 2-2. blues on the power play, perron quick wrister of his own, good defensive game by the sharks, 3-2 final, and they're 9-8. the coach did not look happy. early on, i know, just a few
10:53 pm
games in, but different brand of cal basketball. stanford wants to be ranked but i think you're seeing fast paced basketball resemble another team in the bay area. cardinal versus the weaver state team none forediller. humphrey the lay-in up top. stanford cruising. 22 points, 15 rebounds, 67-49 every wieber state and the cardinal is now 3-0. that other team, the golden state warriors in action in boston against the celtics, an early game here, 5:00 our time. but everybody talking about last night and what transpired on drake night in toronto for those of you who don't know.
10:54 pm
drake is a very popular pip-hop star, on the left. look at him courtside in toronto, letting durant have an earful. and durant ignores him, goes on about his business. but after the game he seemed annoyed when drake bumped into him during an interview. >> we put on the side line 40 plus times, you put a team on the far line -- ... you put a team on the far line they're bound to score a light. >> reporter: drake night here. give me an idea of what the interaction is like with your buddy there. >> i at any time know it was drake night. >> easy going guy, drake may have overstepped his bounds a little bit there up in his hometown of toronto. a couple of teams who blew their games last thursday, both had they won would have helped
10:55 pm
the raiders out considerably and that is carl edwards, jr. pounding the panther drum. 30 second left in the half, up top cam, newton has gin, jr., that's a touchdown, 40 yards, 20-3 carolina in control of this game. fourth quarter, less than 5 minutes left, hightower smashes into luke kuechly who is hit extremely hard. went to the turf and suffered concussion-like systems, was actually hyper ventilating. obviously he has taken from the game. he it not return. he'll undergo concussion protocol in the nfl. you see a lot of concern on the field and sideline for luke kuechly. boy this was a shake, rattle
10:56 pm
and roll weekend for college football. big dogs, a lot of shake-up and another one tonight. louisville playing on thursday night football. they're right in the playoff conversation against houston. they're number five in the land with the heisman candidate jackson. jumped by houston, double pass, bonnar on the chase, one trick play after another, houston 36-10, beatdown of number five louisville, that is quite a surprise right there. and we should mention that mike trout is your almvp, and bryant of the cubs is your national mvp. that's the sporting live for tonight. >> can't get over the picture of that. >> still thinking about him. >> hoping for the best for him, but, you know, football. >> scary. >> thank you for joining us, have a great evening. see you again tomorrow.
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oh, phil, honey, you're still up. okay. (clears throat) how does this sound? "mitchell, i love you very much. "i not only love you, but i admire you, and someday i hope to..." are you firing him or proposing to him? honey, this was supposed to be a part-time job. he was gonna be done in the summer anyway. just be direct. i should have warned him. how do you tell someone they have a reputation for being lazy? mitchell? lazy? yeah. yeah. he handed in a couple of contracts late, but i didn't want to say anything because he's practically doing this for free. i can't do this! this isn't the face of a cold-blooded hatchet man. (chuckles) will you do it? (footsteps descending) hey. (sighs) oh, i'm sorry. did we wake you up? no, i was up. (kisses) i'm worried about tomorrow. my art teacher acts like i don't exist, but i have one last chance to impress him at our year-end art fair. a few students are doing living versions of famous paintings. i've chosen this one, and i'm using my own family. brilliant, right? when i told him, he said, "that's nice, alice." it's been a year.


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