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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  November 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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fukushima in japan. >> after rants, rapper kanye west upsets more fans. >> he doesn't really respect his fans and more about his self. >> the announcement today about the rest of west tour. the four on 2 starts now. an investigation is under way in sonoma county in to a little girl's death. it was her own father that killed her at a church police say. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm heather homes. hillsburg police arrested the dad for killing his 4 year-old daughter. police believe that 42 giradi mendez drowned his daughter in a baptismal pool at st.'s john's church. he carried his unconscious daughter to the police department and had his 9-year-
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old son with him. officers tried cp rand an ambulance then rushed her to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. as i mentioned, the church on mathason street is close to the hillsburg police department where he was arrested and booked at the sonoma county jail. we will have a live report at five state your name breaking news out of tennessee where authorities say six people were killed in a horrible school bus accident. the chattanooga tennessee fire department tweeted out these pictures. you can see the school bus on its side and sliced nearly in half by a tree. authorities say there were 35 children on that bus ranging in age from kindergarten through 5th grade and at 23 people were sent to the hospital. we are working to get more information as soon as we do. we will bring it to you. more breaking news to tell you about in japan where a tsunami warning is in effect
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following a major earthquake in the same area devastated by the 2011 quake and tsunami. the u sgs says the magnitude quake hit at 6 local time. off of the coast fukushima. it has been downgraded to a 6.9 earthquake. officials are telling people to get to higher ground and a few small tsunami waves have reached the shore and smaller than expected and some with good news an. officials say tsunami waves can get bigger over time and there is no word of any injuries or damage stemming from the tsunami or the earthquake. operator of a nuclear plant in fukushima in the process of being dismantled says there is no more abnormalities.
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>> governor rick perry and a pa prospective staff are meeting with president-elect donald trump. >> as the clock ticks, president-elect donald trump spent the weekend meeting with a list of heavy hitters and the political and entertainment world. >> i have tremendous talent and people and some incredible people to be working to make america great. >> while mr. trump is interviewing them to join their administration, his senior advisor kelly ann conway pointed out not all of them were there for a job. >> most people that meet with him won't be in the cabinet. but they will have given their advice and counsel and shared their experiences. >> with a position of attorney general f.b.i. director and cia director named last week more announcements are expected before thanksgiving. the trump campaign hinting
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former marine corps general james maddis could be tapped to the the next secretary of defense and mitt romney second of state. >> i can tell you that the president-elect donald trump was very grateful that the governor mitt romney came in and they had a good meeting. it was a warm and substantive exchange. >> mr. trump has more meetings planned at trump tower new york including with former texas governor rick perry and mary mary fallon. in washington, joe waldman. ohio congressman tim ryan challenging nancy pelosi for her leadership post saying they are ready for new energy saying there is an appetite for change within the party. >> the question is how bad does it have to get. we lost 68 seats since 2010. we have the lowest majority or the lowest number we have had
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in our caucus since 1929. >> president obama praised nancy pelosi when he was asked whether democrats should give her another term. he credited with many of his administration's accomplishments. a round table discussion at a san francisco high school today regarding racism and bullying in the wake of the presidential election. california lieutenant governor gavin newsome hosted it. and like in san francisco where tara, i understand that gathering became emotional. yes, emotions definitely ran the gamut from sadness to anxiety to anger. lieutenant governor newsome says he wanted to hear how students felt and today he received an earful. >> just as the tears were flowing at san francisco's burton high school this morning, so were the fears.
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>> it just made me feel sad because i didn't realize how many people didn't like it here. >> students sat down for a round table discussion with lieutenant governor gavin newsome and many immigrants in the u.s. illegal league i am worried. >> many felt threatened by president-elect donald trump anti-semantic rhetoric. >> deportation fears became real overnight. >> i don't know what will happen to my family but i will stick with them and cherish them. >> the southern poverty law center says there is over 400 allegations of intimidation and harassment nationwide in the week following the election. more than one-third taking place in colleges. racist graffiti was reported in danville. >> i think one incident is inexcusable.
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and what is amazing is the extraordinary silence from the president-elect donald trump. and president-elect donald trump says nothing about what happened here in danville. >> newsome says trump's reclamation to bullies is not enough. >> my mom is an immigrant. >> karen is scared. >> i am stuck here by myself. >> one white girl told the crowd she was hurt by the white supremacists and shunned by classmates of color. >> a lot of people are talking about it and i can't speak to them. >> but everyone here says the discussion game them more grit anders to fight for what is right. >> i will keep doing what i am doing. trying to achieve what i want. because he can't stop me.
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the superintendent says the letters are going to immigrants that are here illegally. and wants to create a hot line on hate crime on school campuses and there is a higher level of accountability. like in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty. some raw emotions. >> some people in oakland says they were attacked by police. the lawyers guild in san francisco say that officers rode up on sidewalks on motorcycles and pointed a less lethal weapon and sprayed chemical agents. the group says one protestor's skull was broken because of the force. >> the first time they unleashed tear gas they were in
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peaceful mode. the narrative is that they only respond when they find that people are engaging in behavior that is unlawful. it is a false narrative. >> the oakland police say they investigate all uses of force by officers and its internal affairs division will accept complaints. >> susan says oakland high school is mourning the death of a student. the victim is 19-year-old antwon williams and ran track at oakland. it happened at the south shore lanes bowling alley. right across from the south shore shopping center. investigators say that they are still trying to determine a motive and that no arrests have been made. our crime reporter henry lee is on the story and will have more coming up at five. san leandro police released a picture of a minivan believed to be involved in a shooting and crash that left an elderly couple hospitalized. investigators say that the
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black 2015 dodge caravan was involved in a shoot out with a nissan altima on doweling boulevard last thursday. it crashed head on into a car carrying an elderly couple. the woman will be okay but the man is critically injured. the police believe that it is a rental vehicle and asking to check the returns. people are trying to make sense of a tragic accident that left a four-year-old boy dead. >> police say that their car backed over the boy outside of a birthday party at a senior center and alex savage with new details about the young victim and the outpouring of support from the community. >> it happened sunday afternoon during a child's birthday party at the vafisha senior center. a 12-year-old boy hopped into this car to charge his cell phone when it started to move in reverse crashing into a 4- year-old boy who ultimately died from his injuries at the
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hospital. he has been identified as mawhen hetti deer of el sa vanti and another boy 13 was hit by the car and survived. this morning people touched by the accident have been coming to pay their respects. >> it is just tragedy right now and it is around the holidays and it is something that doesn't happen in our town. in a small town so it is just -- it really hits a heart. >> lorie came here with their grandson and left a blanket for the little boy they never met. >> just so he could have something to cuddle with. >> all three boys involved in the accident were attending the birthday party yesterday. police are now trying to figure out where the 12 year-old boy was sitting in that car and why the car started moving. >> but we do know from a preliminary statement given last night at the scene is that the child was in the car attending to recharge his cell phone. unknown where he was and
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placement in the car. >> stephanie wasson that lives near the scene says her heart breaks for the children that were involved including the 12- year-old boy inside the car. >> i couldn't imagine having to live with that. even though it was nobody's fault, he still knows about it. >> police are still investigating the exact circumstances of this accident. they are interviewing witnesses here at the birthday party yesterday and also taking a closer look at the car to make sure that everything was working properly but at this point investigators say it is unlikely everybody involved will be facing criminal charges. alex savage, ktvu fox 2 news. police targeted simply because they are police. coming up, the arrest just made after a suspect ambushed and killed an officer writing a ticket. weekend rain turned the la river into a torrent of water. coming up next.
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the early morning rescue after 4 people were trapped. partly cloudy and cool and breezy out there. i'm already tracking the next storm coming our way. i will have a look at what you can expect for the tuesday
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coming up.
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the santa cruz sheriff's department released video of a teenage stabbing suspect. deputies shot and killed 15- year-old luke smith saturday
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morning. they say he stabbed two people and one critically. when deputies found smith they say he had his knife and they found nonlethal force before opening fire. investigators say that smith raised a knife in a threatening manner at a canine officer and that's what prompted a deputy to fire. police officers are under fire in four separate vehicle. one officer was shot while writing a ticket. a 20 year veteran in san antonio texas. >> we have learned that a suspect in the san antonio shooting case has now been arrested. we have more on that deadly
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incident. >> a dangerous weekend for police. an officer fatally shot while writing a traffic ticket. benjamin marcone outside police headquarters by a driver that pull up from behind. a male suspect remains at large. >> in st. louis a sergeant was shot twice sitting in his police vehicle. the 46-year-old was able to call for assistance and is expected to survive. the suspect later shot and killed in a shoot out with officers. >> shot twice in the face without provocation. this gives us a strong idea of how dangerous it is to be a police officer. >> two other police officers shot on sunday, one in gladstone missouri. another in sanibel, florida. though it is not clear if those were also targeted attacks. the four incidents are just the
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latest in a string of law enforcement shootings this year. two iowa officers fatally shot earlier this month and there were high profile killings of police officers in dallas and baton rouge this summer. according to the officer down memorial page, 127 police officers have been killed in the line of duty this year. prior to sunday's shootings. in dallas, casey steegal, fox news. within the last half hour san antonio police have arrested 31-year-old tyrone mccain. they don't know the motive for the killing of that officer. a few clouds remaining and
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for your evening partly cloudy skies expected. as we go to the second part of the evening. patchy fog and as we get into tomorrow we will be tracking the next storm. let's take a look at the east bay where we have again a mix of sun and clouds out there. temperatures on the cool side and warmer than yesterday with a bit more sunshine. but still a little breezy. 62 right now in santa rosa and 67 san francisco and oakland, livermore and san jose at 60s. the winds, west and northwest anywhere from 10 to 15 and reporting gusts up to 26 and san jose 15. as we get into your evening hours. we are looking at just a brisk northwest breeze and partly cloudy skies and a little bit of a residual moisture over the sierra and that will wind down as we get in the evening hours. tomorrow morning, the headline cook just how chilly it is. temperatures will sink back in the upper 30s and santa rosa and napa looking at low 40s and concord 39 and the morning low
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expected in around livermore and patchy fog for the valley locations, perhaps a little bit around the coastline and around the bay not bad but cool. 49 expected in oakland and 46 san mateo and 52 degrees for san francisco. afternoon highs a lot lot where we landed. upper 50s to low 60s. in the second part of the day increasing clouds and by tomorrow night looking at that rain beginning to move in the north bay right around 6 or 7:00 and continue to sweep around the bay area through evening. tomorrow 63 oakland and 62 in concord. coming up i'll detail the next system that should arrive by tomorrow night lasting to wednesday and what you can expect for the rest of your holiday week coming up pim. >> thanks, rosemary. firefighters rescued four homeless people trapped by the raging la river and an inch of rain from the storm. turned the river into a torrent. swift river crews saved two men
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and two men early. la county firefighters said they did warn people to get out before the storm and for some reason these four decided to wait it out. they go up and down the river trying to get the people out. there are people that live in the river and we do have this issue every time we have some heavy rains. we end up having to come down into this region and make some rescues. >> now the four were taken to the hospital to be checked out for hypothermia. the oakland raiders play in mexico city. it is the first time the nfl has held a regular season game south of the border since way back in 2005 but it is part of a growing trend to build nfl devotion outside of the u.s. up next it is not just the nfl looking to broaden its fan base but colleges and other leagues
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are too. >> oakland raiders have a game tonight against the houston texans. technically a home game even though it is being played thousands of miles away in mexico city. the first one since they played the cardinals years ago. this is a step in global sports. this year alone. four nfl games are being played outside the united states. >> the hope is to gain more international fans. scott reese reports it is not just pro teams anymore.
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even college teams are heading overseas. >> american pro-sports have not been indigenous to america for several decades. the nba debuted in tokyo and since then, baseball, hockey and football have followed suit. >> quite an atmosphere in england. >> and domestic teams are competing on foreign soil. primarily because the dollars make sense. >> the fluid that runs through sports is green. >> the nfl is the poster child for the globalization trend. international games are up to four this season. three in london and one in mexico city. where the raiders will play the texans on monday night. >> they got a great fan base in
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mexico and so our proposition to them was we have a strong desire to take you to mexico city and we were fortunate that they were receptive. >> well, some more than others. >> i think for us. honestly. i prefer that to not be our home game. >> you are taking a way a local market. is it best but there is a tremendous hispanic following of football. >> mexico makes sense because it is geographically close. >> football is king out there. great to be able to give them something that they have not seen regularly and something that is different to them. i think that in itself will allow us to gain more fans internationally and from that, we will be able to travel pretty much anywhere and everybody will know what nfl football is. >> it is not the professional leagues globalizing the fan
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movement. >> universities think about athletics as the front porch of the university. the thought emerged, while if globalization is important for the universities there is a role in terms of athletics because of the gospel. >> that gospel spreading all the way to the far east, to stanford basketball team opened its season against harvard in shanghai. >> it may be hard to put a tangible number on how does that help you get a recruit or does it help that people in china are watching the games. long term they can provide a lot of benefits. >> this on the heels of cal football playing its season opener in sydney. >> australia is a football loving culture. we had 60,000 people for the football game and that tells you the level of interest. >> it was just an experience for our young people and good financial thing for our athletic department. so it made accepts -- sense on
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a lot of different levels. >> expanding the bank account that brings us back to the nfl and the possibility of expanding the league outside of u.s. borders. >> we don't do a lot of things perfectly anymore. we do sports and entertainment as good as anybody in the world and i think it will happen but you have travel circumstances and you have a union that is concerned about its players. >> all of these situations come right back to the original point where can i made the most net profit? >> scott reese, ktvu, fox 2 news. one of the things pay attention to, the altitude as the stadium in mexico city is 7200 feet above sea level. half a mile higher than denver's mile high stadium and that altitude could require adjustments by the players as well as trainers. >> still to come here. some have blamed fake news
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stories for altering the presidential election and others have ideas how to fix the problem. coming up next. we talk to a former editor at facebook. kanye west's strange behavior from the onstage rants to showing up late and cutting concerts short. while some think something is
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terribly wrong.
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facebook ceo mark zuckerberg says the company is working to weed out fake news stories while speaking to news leaders. zuckerberg acknowledged the role that social media plays during elections. he says websites including his have a responsibility to ensure accuracy and fairness. one step will be to make it easier for losers to flag the phony reports. >> talking about eliminating fake news is former facebook editor adam schroeder. >> speaking as a facebook user. i don't believe a majority of the things that i see on facebook and i ten to skip over them and that was steal during the case during the election. everything is agenda driven. in your opinion how big is fake news. >> i think it is such a problem that it can influence
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businesses and influence elections and it could influence the reputation of a school and it should be dealt with. >> really it is staggering. facebook has something like 1.8 billion users and 44% of americans say that they actually get their news from that site. so if the news is not accurate obviously therein lies the problem. >> right and it is a problem just beyond like fake news is a different problem than biases and in the last years people have been critical of bias and the media and fake news is libelous and it is defamatory often and it can definitely impact the sheer number of people engaging with the fake news. >> so adam in a case like this, what is done about it?
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what should facebook do? >> the first thing to do is find a way to make it clear that people are consuming fake news. you know censorship is not the answer but people should know the news they are consuming is factual and accurate. >> how specifically would you do that? who would be the person out there to decide this is fake and this is real. >> the best way is by having a team journalist and people that are trained in deciding what is true and what is accurate. in order to do that on this platform you would need a lot of journalist. one option is crowd sourcing and fact check to go to public and that has seemed to work well for other things like wikipedia. it has had problems, too, but i
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think generally anything would be better than ways in place. >> how often did you come across these fake news stories and what did you do about it? >> they popped up. every hour. multiple times in an hour. it was mostly a lot of our job was making sure that these kind of fake stories didn't trend so making sure. the thing is what we would do is essentially revisit saying this is not a real world topic right now and it may be in the future so right now we will just say for the next 24 hours we are not going to touch this. maybe a news event tied to it in the future. >> in your opinion what facebook could do is hire a number of journalists to go over the story to determine if they are real and fake.
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do you see facebook doing that and gets how serious a problem this is? >> i think that they are finally starting to see some of the comments that mark zuckerberg has made in the last few days and starting to acknowledge that there is a problem. and i think he understands that there was a mistake to let go of the rest of the team. and in the past by the decisions that facebook made, it didn't seem like they cared much about editorials and that the news that people was getting was fair and balanced and i would like to see hiring of more journalists and that kind of thing. thanks so much for your insight. we will have to see what facebook does. appreciate your time. >> the federal banking regulators has imposed tighter restrictions on wells fargo. they require wells fargo to get advance approval from regulators before making a wide
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range of business decisions. regulators have not said why the terms of the agreement it had negotiated with the bank in september are being altered back then wells fargo greed to pay 185 million-dollars to settle charges involving unauthorized customer accounts. the company that makes epipens is refusing to testify at a congressional hearing to discuss the my land 465 million- dollar settlement over claims it overbilled medicaid for the allergy drug. congress grilled the ceo over the huge increase. the price from epipens have gone from $57 in 2007 to more than $600 this year. the company will start selling a generic version for $300 for a pair. big gains in energy drove stocks higher and all three major in decks set record highs
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today after a jump in crude oil prices. the dow was up almost 90 points and the nasdaq and s&p closed up. well a desperate plea for donations after several bay area community groups say they are still in need of hundreds of turkeys to help families in need this thanksgiving and, of course, running out of time here. janine de la vega tell us more how families are struggling. reporter: it is the first time maria jimenez is receiving free food for a thanksgiving deal. her husband and daughters live in a one bedroom and his paycheck in construction doesn't go far. >> it is doubtful because the dinner for six is a little money that i can save for my daughters for paying bill and rent. >> 4200 families signed up to receive a free holiday food box at sacred heart community service in san jose.
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plenty of fixings like potatoes and beans and vegetables but not enough turkeys to hand out. the charity needs more birds and they answered the call like for this woman that dropped off 54 turkeys. >> we are helping people. >> second harvest is providing food to people during the holidays and short on food and cash during the holidays. >> anything that people can give is appreciated. we can provide two meals to the community. >> nonprofit workers say the wage gap between low wage families and jobs continue to grow. the holidays can be stressful. a lot of that melted away because of the generosity of strangers. >> have a good thanksgiving. >> sacred heart is passing out holiday food boxes wednesday and they could use more help. if you would like to donate you
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can go to and click on information. reporting from santa fe. janine de la vega fox 2 news. volunteers are accepting curb side donations you are encouraged to drop anything like that off and any clothing. st. anthony will donate 3500 meals for the holiday. just in time, snow in the sierra. coming up, a look at what you can expect if you are heading to the mountains this week. and plan on heading to the mountains, you will need the snow tires and the chains. our weekend storm has moved out and the next system already on the way. i will have a look at what you can expect at homecoming up. this portion of fox 2 news is sponsored by dodge.
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the snow came at a perfect time. several big ski resorts including heavenly and squad will open in time for the thanksgiving holiday. we got several inches of snow in the valley. >> if you are thinking of heading there rita has a look at the road conditions. >> we are out here in donor, summit and take a look. lots of snow for snow buildup out here and right off of the side of i-85 eastbound in donner summit and take a look.
4:44 pm
i would say this is 2 to 3 feet of powdery snow. take a look and, of course, if you are coming from the bay area to places like borral, that means you will get a lot of fluffy snowboarding and snow. all of that fun stuff because they opened last friday and that means a lot of bay area commuters going after that area to have a lot of fun. right now it is about 32 degrees. 7000 feet above ground and conditions are pretty cold if you are coming up here for thanksgiving though just make sure to double-check your trunk, that you have some chains because it is going to be snowing on wednesday and interests up here so they might have some chain controls. and cal train saying if you are going down hill and up hill in this area, slow down. they say maximum 40 miles per hour just to be on the safe
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side. if you are coming out here you will be in for a treat. i'm rita mcconnell. back to you. what a pretty stop there. let's go to rosemary orozco to look at the bay area forecast and after rain and more rain on the way? >> yes. more snow for the sierra. if do you plan on traveling be prepared. you will find slick roads and dangerous conditions. giving you a few across the bay. we cleared out nicely. partly cloudy skies and temperatures a little on the cool side and a little breeze out there but not too bad. a nice fall afternoon. changes are in store though. 57-degree right now san francisco, low 60s in oakland and 61 in brentwood and in the south bay of san jose 60s. as we get to the evening hours, the temperatures will continue to cool and can expect the patchy fog with us and tomorrow morning but right now you can see the northwest breeze in the bay area and we are dry. where we do have a little bit of residual moisture.
4:46 pm
the sierra continuing to dry out. but already on its way, the next system here that will be in the bay area. at least the north bay may clip the drive. dry conditions and mostly tuesday and for some, all of tuesday should be dry and cool. as we get in the afternoon increasing clouds and now into tuesday evening. by 6 or 7:00 in the north bay and assuming it stays on track as we get to 8:00 or so. 9:00 into the patrol bay and by 9 or 10:00 it is moving to the south bay. so for the north bay, we actually have a little bit of roadway for the evening drive and for the central and south bay, it will hold off to the evening while it pushes out. wednesday morning with a few scattered showers and wednesday looks like it will be dry and the next system looks to pull in on black friday. so if you are going to be shopping, that will be the next opportunity. as far as rainfall amounts anywhere from a tenth of an
4:47 pm
inch to .3 with this next system and we have a few rounds coming our way before the end of the week. a winter advisory in place for the sierra starting at 6:00 tomorrow afternoon and last until wednesday and noontime, all the way down to 5000 feet and a few inches expected and the higher peaks will pick up. and that's good news. the higher elevations, a few inches and a foot in some spots. temperature-wise, a chilly one, upper 30s to low 40s and this could be the headline as we start. patchy fog and cold conditions as we get in the afternoon. partly cloudy skies and turning cloudy by the evening and temperatures in the upper 50s to low 50s for the afternoon. 61 in san francisco and 62 degrees in areas right around concord. the extended forecast taking it day by day, tomorrow night and wednesday morning, the next round of rain on thanksgiving and friday comes along and for folks coming out, may need the umbrella because we have the
4:48 pm
next system coming in by saturday morning we begin to dry out and a third storm approach by sunday. okay? >> that's good. a little bit of rain and time to dry out. perfect. julie joins us now with stories we are working on. including julie moore information about the suspected homicide in sonoma county. >> a father under arrest killing his 4-year-old daughter and the disturbing set of circumstances that police found at a church in hillsburg that is being treated as a crime scene. >> viewers were shown horrific pictures out of tennessee. a number of children were killed after a school bus crashed and hit a tree. we are working on these stories and more and we will have it for you coming up at five. such a sad scene. still to come here, kanye west puts an abrupt end to the rest of his u.s. tour.
4:49 pm
in a moment, the latest twist in what is several days of
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bizarre behavior. kanye west is canceling all of the remaining dates of his tour. >> this after he abruptly called off his show in los angeles last night hours before he was supposed to take the stage. many fans did not get the word until they had shown up to the venue and they were clearly fed up. >> i don't have the same respect for him, you know. obviously he doesn't respect his fans. >> i am not going to go to his concerts again. i am mad. >> on saturday kanye west cut his concert short in sacramento
4:52 pm
after 30 minutes. he showed up an hour late and performed a few songs and went on a rant about beeonse and jay z. and he talked about donald trump and ticket reporters will get refunds. now sources are saying that west is exhausted from touring and working on his fashion line, tmz harvey levins says that he feels something is seriously wrong. >> he is saying he is exhausted and wants to focus on his family and be around his family. he is saying there is no problem between him and kim but something is wrong. >> kanye west married to kim kardashian and keeping a low profile when she was robbed of tens of millions of dollars of jewelry in paris. >> big news from soccer.
4:53 pm
the u.s. soccer federation have fired the head coach of the men's national team. the president of the u.s. soccer federation made the announcement he led the team to a gold cup final and the second round of the gold cup but recently the team has not performed nearly as well including this month when they lost their first two games to start the final round of qualifying for the 28 team world cup. >> warriors star seth curry visited a young boy battling cancer. brody has leukemia and his hero is seth curry. he spent an hour with him in indianapolis at the hospital. they face timed with curry and his daughter riley. when curry takes the court he will be wearing a brody strong bracelet. brody calls the meeting
4:54 pm
awesome. i am sure it was. you look at brody, what a face? >> what a nice story. >> a fundamental change to the catholic church. what he said about abortion and forgiveness. the four on two will be right
4:55 pm
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back. palo alto tesla owns the
4:57 pm
biggest solar panels. the acquisition of solar city closed today. tesla ceo is also chairman of solar city wants to sell solar panels through tesla's stores. they can power their homes and charge their vehicles. >> a ground breaking announcements from pope francis as lauren green says the pope has extended indefinitely the power of catholic priests to forgive abortions. >> pope francis continues the transformation of the church announcing monday that all priests can absolve a woman that have had abortions. and the medical staff that participated. >> the sin of abortion is inclusive and the forgiveness extends to those that participated. >> it continues a special exemption for the year of mercy
4:58 pm
giving priests the power to absolve the sin of abortion and the church's stance won't be changing soon. the pope staunching reaffirming his decision that abortion is a graver sin. >> it is a huge responsibility. a grave sin? >> the catholics are welcoming it and saying it is a signal of the pope's vision for a more welcoming catholic church. >> no human action is bigger than god's grace and mercy. remember there is always a new beginning. >> in the catholic church those that perform abortions face automatic ex communication. there's no sign that pope francis is considering a change to that rule. in new york, lauren green, fox news. a dad facing a murder charge after allegedly killing
4:59 pm
his 4-year-old daughter. >> and police say the little girl drowned in a pool where children are baptized in hillsburg and investigators believe it was no accident. a bizarre set of circumstances surrounding that little girl's death. the police were notified after her father showed up naked holding his daughter screaming for help. >> the crime scene was at a catholic church. cristina rendon joins us with the details after speaking with relatives. cristina. >> the family is in shock and describe the man as a loving father. police say that father and two of his children were the only ones inside the church last night. the church stays open for anyone that wishes to worship and they say they believe this
5:00 pm
man walked across the street through a parking lot that is in front of us asking for help. take a look. 42 year-old mendoza are hillsburg and facing a murder charge. around 8:30 they heard a a man yelling for help. they say the man had his 9-year- old son with him that was partially closed. after interviewing the 9-year- old they believe that the girl was intentionally drowned inside the church in the baptismal pool and officers were shocked. >> unusual. our last murder in hillsburg in december of 2008. we are a low crime rate and safe commune and something like this is unusual.


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