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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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oakland unified school district is stepping down. his future job and what it means for oakland. >> and president-elect trump laying out the first 100 days. ktvu fox 2 at noon starts now u. ktvu fox news at noon starts now. >> good afternoon. new at noon, the san jose middle school student had to be taken to the hospital after being exposed to pepper spray. this happened at about 9:30 a.m. the student was suffering from skin and eye irritation. police are investigating to see who sprayed the irritant in the classroom. the fire department was called after about a dozen students complained that that they were feeling sick. >> we had to treat this as a hazardous material. the team came out. they put on protective gear including respiratory protection. they went into the classroom and located a pepper spray
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canister. pepper spray had be sprayed in the air and on one of the alms of the classroom. >> the classroom was evacuated. school officials say it has been decontaminated and students are being allowed back in. the oakland school superintendent anton wilson will be leaving his job early next year to run the school system in warning on the d.c. k.t.v.u. is live in our newsroom with more on the move and what the board of education has to say about finding a replacement. yeah, god morning. the superintendent will be staying on as superintendent until he takes the top job in washington d.c. today he was in d.c. talking to his new school district. >> in my time, i have had the opportunity to work on behalf of the young people. i see myself as having an opportunity to serve the families of oakland. the outgoing superintendent went on to thank the oakland school board for the opportunity to work here, but said, quote, there is only one
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district of columbia. it is a school district that is the premier school district in the country. a letter to oakland unified school district staff, wilson says he will be leaving not february. he started as oakland superintendent in april of 2015 after working six years in the denver public schools. now the board says it will be working on finding a replacement. now we stand in a position where we must continue to move on. i can say to you today that as a city, we do not have time to lament. we do not have time to be sad. we have to stand here strong for our children. >> the board is set to meet next monday. at that time, they will get the wheels rolling on finding a new superintendent. they say they are looking for a candidate who is committed to the community school's work that the district has already done, guys. the big shake-up for parents. i know that. >> absolutely. >> thank you. ousters we're hearing from house minority leaders about how democrats plan to push back
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against the agenda for president-elect donald trump. the congresswoman spoke at a prayer breakfast in san francisco. alex savidge calling us with her call to action and her somewhat uncertain future. yeah, congressman tim ryan is challenging pelosi for her seat as the house minority leader, but pelosi said today she expects to hold on to that leadership position. she says even though democrats were soundly defeated until the elections, she is ready to fight back. we are a city that has love in its heart. >> the featured sequel at the annual thanksgiving prayer breakfast. the event held this morning in japan town. faith leaders and community organizers from across the city were on hand for the event, and afterward, pelosi talked about
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what democrats on capitol hill can accomplish in the face of total republican control now. she says she wants to focus on jobs, stopping the prieftyization of the va and protecting medicare. pelosi says she is willing to work with her colleagues across the aisle including incoming president, donald trump. >> if we can find common ground on other issues, we have a responsibility to do so. if we had bonn, we would have had a big housing bill. you know, things that meet the needs of the people rather than give tax breaks to the wealthiest people in the country. and call that job creation. >> we can't just be wallowing not our grief. we have to be up and at' em inspired by people of faith whose lives are dedicated to making the future better for people.
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now, congresswoman pelosi said she has called president donald trump. she talked with him about her legislative priority. she said she had a conversation with vice president-elect mike pence a short time ago. she said specifically told pence that she was troubled by the administration's pick of steve bannon of adds chief strategist. bannon is the former head of bright bart news. the movement. he's come under fire with his ties to white supremacies. she says that in response that mike pence said he did not share her characterization of steve bennett. you can see house minority leader nanci pelosi already pushing back against the incoming republican administration, and also again, she is up for reelection. that election for the house minority leader's seat will happen tomorrow. but again, pelosi expects she will hold on to that seat.
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>> we'll wait and see. alex, thank you u. president-elect trump is heading to florida for the thanksgiving holiday later today. before leaving, trump is meeting with people he is considering to be a part of his administration. the president-elect released a video outlining executive actions he plans to take during his first 100 days in office. >> i will form late a rule that says for every one regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated. it's so important. >> >>reporter: reporter gil waldon is tomming more on the story from washington. plans for the first. foregoing the traditional news conference held by previous presidents elect, mr. trump, instead turned to youtube. in his own video saying his agenda will be based on a simple core principal putting america first. among his promises for the first 100 days, negotiating new trade deals, removing regulations on businesses, and deporting undocumented immigrants who have committed
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crimes. notably absent from mr. trump's agenda, his pledge to repeal the affordable care act and his vow to build a southern wall. the wall, i don't think they'll be a wall across the entire border. he has kind of admitted that now, but the enforcement agenda will happen. >> >>reporter: are mr. trump also appears to be backing off another controversial campaign promise. he won't pursue investigations into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mailer is very while secretary state according to media reports. >> i do hope that all the things that donald trump said about how crooked she was that we just don't let it go. >> >>reporter: trump tower remains bustling with activity and anticipation. yesterday, mr. trump met with members of the broadcast media while today he plans to head to the new york times despite this earlier tweet. i canceled today's meeting with the failing new york times when the terms and conditions in the meeting were changed at the last moment. not nice. one of president-elect trump's
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strongest supporters chris christie says he has no plans to accept a cabinet position. instead chosing to serve out his term as new jersey governor. in washington, fox news. and in his video, the president-elect said he intends to withdraw from the transpacific partnership and negotiate what he calls fair trade deals. he also pledged to cancel restrictions on developing oil and coal in the united states. and he also promised to develop a plan to protect the nation against cyber attacks. the oakland raders won a big game last night in mexico city. they are now eight and two for the first time in 15 years. it was a nice come from behind win. the raders tied the game in the 4th quarter. they won with a derek karr pass to amari coop we are less than five minutes to play. the 35-yard score put oakland on top. the final score is 27-20. >> was it maybe one of our
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cleaner games. we showed tremendous grit. we have an opportunity late in the game to seize control and did and made the plays we needed to make to get a hard- werened win. >> >>reporter: the raders have a short week. they're going to be hosting the carolina panthers sunday at the coliseum. early this morning, we caught up with the team as they arrived back at rader's headquarters. it took a few minutes to revel about their 8-2 record. and being alone in first place in the afc west. >> nothing pretty about the raders. >> and i love that last part. >> and and to keep the raders in oakland. tonight, the santa clara city council will ask the 49ers to turn over the -- follow the law and turn over documents. those documents could determine if the 49ers had withheld or spent money that should be going to the city's general
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fund. if if the team refuses to hand over those paper, tonight, the city council has prepared a warning letter and informs the 49ers they have breached their contract. they'll have 30 days to produce the document or the city may initiate steps to take over stadium management. coming up, a police chase that started in san francisco and a deadly crash in the south bay. what the suspects were wanted for. >> and also taking a look outside. temperatures on the chilly side all around the bay area. a lot of clouds as well. meteorologist who is here with what we should expect. and we are following a developing story out of southern california. up next, what search teams found in the wreckage. everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet.
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we are following a developing story out of southern california where a small plane crash. the pilot's body was located there at the crash site. no one else was onboard. the single engine piper went down in the san gabriel mountains. the ontario airport lost radio contact with the plane around 4:30 this morning. the wreckage was found about two hours later. the san bernadino sheriff office and the ntsb are investigating the crash. five children died monday when their school bus slammed into a tree in tennessee. the driver is facing five counts of vehicular homicide. the reporter has the latest
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developments. a nightmare sew far owe for parents in chattanooga, tennessee. several children are dead and many more injured after a school bus crash monday afternoon. 37 elementary school students onboard when the bus flipped on its side and smashed into a tree. it took almost two hours for first responders to get all the children off the mangled bus. >> the most unnatural thing in the world is for a parent to mourn the loss of a child. there are no words that can bring comfort to a mother or a father, and so today the city is praying for this families. >> >>reporter: authorities say the bus driver, walker, was arrested following the incident. the 24-year-old is facing multiple counts of vehicular homicide as well as charges of wreckless driving and wreckless endanger. speed is expected to be a contributing factor in the crash. the ntsb is investigating. >> we are looking into what caused the accident in order to
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try to prevent it. >> >>reporter: the school district is holding counsel -- could be -- one parent says he doesn't know how ho is going to tell his first grade son that his friend is among those killed. >> that has been our challenge all night long to see how we are going to tell him and break the news to him. he doesn't understand death right now. i don't know how to explain it to him. and expect to remain on scene for seven to ten days. their investigation into the cause of the crash could take up to a year. in atlanta, fox news. >> police in philadelphia are looking for whoever left the package that exploded into a downtown apartment building. the package included the device. early this morning thinking it contained medicine. investigators think. the man is being treated for
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injuries. and a strong earthquake yesterday was an ever aftershock of the deadly 2011. devastated five years ago by an earthquake and, thesunami. the earthquake triggered small waves and injured 14 people. it initially said it was a magnitude 7.4. the usgs later downgraded that to 6.2. a few small waves reached shore but they were smaller than expected. no major damage. the nuclear plant which is still in the process of diagnose bug dismantled did not sustain any additional damage. as i look out the back door, i can see the clouds starting to roll in. >> these clouds ahead of a storm that will brg us some rain later tonight and into wednesday morning. we have a lot of cloud cover. mid to high-level clouds ahead of the system. there is a beautiful system as we look across areas of berkeley at this hour u. temperatures are a little cooler because of all the cloud cover.
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the shot looking forwards san francisco, and san francisco right now is 57 degrees. 54 at santa rosa. upper 50s oakland, livermore and san jose checking not right about 60. your 24-hour temperature change down by five degrees in fairfield. livermore down by three. in oakland, a few degrees cooler at this hour than where we were yesterday. as we take a view of the winds generally light out there. they are going to be light as we get into the afternoon picking up just a little bit. not too bad. but again, looking at the next system already beginning to approach northern california. there is all the cloud cover here over the bay area, and if you look to the north, than is the system that is going to bring us some rain. thankfully, it looks like it is going to miss the evening drive. it is going to come late tonight into early tomorrow morning. i'll show you that with the futurecast model. temperatures coming down just slightly. we're into 7:00 or 8:00 and now approaching the north bay and areas of san francisco. but notice the rest of the
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central and south bay is still try and we are already into this evening again by about 8:00 or so. 9:00 or 10:00 is rolling into the central bay. and into the south bay it takes until about 11:00 midnight before it swings through. tomorrow morning, we wake up with a few scattered showers and then we are dry for the rest of the wednesday. thanksgiving day alts looks dry friday. we could have more rain on the way. that will be the next opportunity for some rain. here is a look at what you can expect as far as accumulation anywhere from a 10th of an inch to a quarter inch. maybe a little bit more for the north bay. half inch of less is awhat we are expecting with this next system. going to bring know of the snow. getting out of town from 6:00 until tomorrow at noon. and you could see eight inches or more. afternoon highs inth upper 50s to low 60s.
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and 61 in oakland. and mostly cloudy. cool. and but dry until we get into tonight. here is a look at the extended forecast. temperatures will be on the cool side today and tomorrow. as we get into thanksgiving day, again, it's going to be a dry one, but it's going to be a chilly one. by friday, we are clouding it up once again. if you are going to be an early- morning black friday shopper, i think you're in pretty good shape if the storm remains on course. it is going to take to late to mid afternoon. saturday could be a rainy day and scattered showers will be in the forecast for sunday as well. here at home, we'll be in and out of the rain. if you are traveling to the sierra, be prepared. don't forget the chains or the snow tires. thank you. when it comes to news on the internet, some students may have trouble at the -- the 7800 students from middle school
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through college. students could not tell a difference between a real online news story and an ad labeled that sponsored content. there has been growing pressure on some companies to eliminate phony. some suggesting that fake news may have affected the course of the presidential election. both google and facebook say they plan to stop grouping fake news websites along with legitimate ones. if you are watching your waistline, here is something to keep in mind. all that turkey, mashed potatoes, turkey, cranberry sauce, everything, works out to 4500-calories and a whopping 229-grams of fat. that includes appetizers and desserts, but for some perspective, it would take you an hour of jogging to work off one tiny little piece of pie. one slice of pie has 477- calories. i think for me, thanksgiving is a day where nothing counts. no. everything goes. it's the holiday. >> it's fine. >> plenty of time to run after. >> you will be okay.
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gym memberships will start to increase all the way through new year's day. apple usually sets out black friday. not this year. the message revealed just today. using our twitter pole for the chance to see your favorite teem.
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werening -- happening right now, president oba manye ais speaking at the white house to present the medal of freedom to 21 people. let's listen in to what the
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president has to say. in 1973, a critic wrote of robert de niro, this kid doesn't just act. he takes off into the vapors. it's true. his characters are iconic. a cecilian father turned new york mobster, a mobster who runs a casino. a mobster who needs therapy. a father-in-law who is scarrier than a mobster, al capone, a mobster. robert combines dramatic precision, and it turns out immediatic timing with his signature eye for detail. while the name deniro is shy nan mouse with tough guy, his true gift is his sensitivity he
12:25 pm
brings to this role. this new york artist didn't stop at becoming one of the world's great actors. he's a director, philanthropist, cofounder of the tribeca film festival. of his tireless preparation of learning the saxophone to remaking his body, he once said i feel i have to earn the right to play a part. the result is honest and authentic art that reveals who we really are. in 1976, lauren michaels implored the beatles to reunite on his brand new show. in exchange, he offered them 3000%. >> that is certainly a more light-hearted moment from president obama as he is speaking about each of the 21 men and women who he is about to award the presidential medal of freedom. you just heard he mentioned the creator and head of saturday night live. also diana ross will be awarded. oakland's own tom hanks is going to be presented the medal
12:26 pm
of freedom. he was mentioning the great actor robert deniro. i guess this is one of the more exciting, interesting, and smear taping moments of the presidency. this will be the last time we see president obama doing just this, bringing you the ceremony. we'll keep monitoring it in the news. >> the dow jones. >> the dow jones industrial average hits 19,000 for the first time ever. the dow hit 18,000 two years ago. for the second day in a row, the dow, nasdaq, s and p 500 as well as the rug subpoena vest sell 2 through.
12:27 pm
they will be joined by fast food, and childcare calling for wages at 15% an hour. it is a nationwide protest being called the day of disruption. apple is celebrating black friday. the tech giant doesn't always celebrate the shopping event, but they are with deals still to be unvailed. google search results lean liberal. the conclusion with the debate of internet companies. the study found half of searches for political terms on google produced more liberal- leaning websites. google denies allegations that it is bias. and mcdonald's coffee is taking flight. canada's west jet airlines will be the first airline to serve mcdonald's coffee on all of its flights. mcdonald's beat out starbucks and tim horton's for the exclusive contract. more on in new york. here at home, the search
12:28 pm
continues for a bank robber in santa rosa. the reason he didn't make a clean getaway. >> and a high-speed chase leads to a deadly crash. still to come, why police were pursuing the teenagers inside the car. next, we found out kanye's $is the one. they warned cops when they showed up kanye would get violent. serve a turkey, don't serve a turkey. bring classic flaky crescent rolls, or not so classic pizza sticks. and don't forget something sweet, and golden brown fresh from the oven. set the table, set the coffee table, set no table at all. the only rule to follow on friendsgiving... is make it your own. happy friendsgiving. warm up with pillsbury.
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you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today.
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one teenager sr. dead and the other under arrest. >> ktvu tells us how this all unfolded. >> this was a very violent crash. all that is left now here at the scene are the cars that were hit by the honda civic that went flying through this parking lot. the driver is now behind bars. take a look at there video that captured fort of the police chase. it started before 12:45 this morning not san francisco. police there alerted the chp that they were following two armed robbery suspects, and the honda civic they were traveling not had just gotten on to highway 101 heading south. we're told the honda was traveling more than 100 miles an hour. the chp chased it to sunny vale. the driver lost control on surface streets near el camin ordinary care and freemont. >> we're going the high rate of speed the entire way. at this point, we lost control of the parked cars. the vehicle overturned. the passenger was ejected and was pronounced add at the scene. >> >>reporter: the driver was pulled out of the car. he was treated for minor
12:32 pm
injuries and booked at the santa lara county jail. the chp has identified him from san francisco. he was booked for vehicular manslaughter, evading police and driving under the influence of drugs. business owners in the strip mall where the crash happened were in disbelief but relieved it didn't happen when it was crowded. >> he was moving. we have had a couple of things like this, not this bad, coming through the parking lot. that driveway is a lunch ramp. it looks like that is what happened all the way down the parking lot out to the street. >> >>reporter: a spokesman says officers felt they were justified in chasing the suspect given the dangerous speed he was traveling and the crime he was wanted for. could face more charges related to the robbery in san francisco. he is being held without bail. reporting from sunny vale, ktvu, fox 2 news. a father accused of drowning his four-year-old daughter inside a church is due in court later this afternoon. police say 42-year-old ordaz intentionally drowned his daughter sunday night in the
12:33 pm
baptismal pool at st. john the baptist catholic church while his nine-year-old son watched. police say he then august oned naked to the police department while holding his daughter and screaming for help. >> he was naked at the time our staff encountered him. we have information about that but it wouldn't be appropriate to comment. >> >>reporter: his nine-year-old son was with him partially clothed. his daughter later tie died at the hospital. police have not released details on the moment. being held at the sanoma county jail on a murder charge. more hateful graffiti is found. homofhobic graffiti was written on a bus. last week, you'll remember we reported the words white and color were written above urinals in the boy's bathroom and a california high school in
12:34 pm
leaves the building. that dye usually saves the money in the suspect's hands and clothing. >> the dye is pretty permanant. it stays on for a long time. it is very sticky and hard to get off. if anybody comes home with red dye on their hand, we need to receive a phonecall. >> >>reporter: investigators are looking whether in robbery could be linked to other recent robberies. asking for the public's help to find a man who attacked
12:35 pm
a woman last friday. the woman walked out of the station around 8:00. if friday night, police say the man followed her and as she approached in 159th avenue, he hit her in the head several times and stole her cell phone. inisles gaiters say he was hit so hard she suffered severe facial juice. if you have information, call police. the west san francisco mall was evacuated because of a small fire. the fire department was called after smoke in an elevator shaft around 5:30 at the coach store. the fire was put out, and about an hour later, employees and shoppers were allowed back into the mall. no one was hurt. san francisco is in the early stages other ever a program that would formalize what are called ghost bike memorials. the bikes are painted white often surrounded by candles and flowers chained to posts where bikerider who is died inth city. the parents say they were stunned when their memorial forum was removed. temperature city says it has an
12:36 pm
informal policy of allowing temporary public memorial, but doesn't usually take them down after a couple of weeks. now city leaders are looking into allowing year-long permits for memorials that don't obstruct traffic. thanksgiving is a couple of days away. many are thinking of what they are grateful for, especially one homeless woman in the bay area. make me feel like i was family, you know, and he made my kids feel comfortable. >> the reason she is thanking an east bay medical center. also, we'll take a live peak outside. do not be deceived. it is cold. taking the temperature and will talk to us about what is happening in our own neighborhood. ,i,88rwow
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12:39 pm
happening today, teaming up. one of the families getting some much-needed help. for the last year and a half, they have been living in their vehicle after both parents lost their job. the mother's part-time job pays for gas for the vehicle, but the biggest challenge is finding a place to give their eight-year-old daughter letisha a bath before school. >> we would use a lot of baby wipes and make sure they are good and nice and clean. then we would go to a bathroom and wash ourselves down like a mini bath. >> >>reporter: each night they go to the city team ministries in san jose to get a meal.
12:40 pm
about 5000 santa clara county families will get meal vouchers. they will be passed out between 1:00 and 4:00. this thanksgiving, a bay area woman is grateful for the medical care she received just last week. >> she is homeless but had emergency surgery. she told the doctors, nurses, and social workers there made a huge difference in her life. >> i inez franklin choice is back at the hospital accompanied by her daughter. it's been one week since the single mom was discharged after emergency gall bladder surgery. only this time, it's not pain that brings her here, but gratitude. >> you came at my baby, you cry with me. >> >>reporter: last monday, she was rushed to the emergency room when she became ill. you made my kids feel comfortable. >>
12:41 pm
>>reporter: the social worker is part of the medical team. >> here is someone that is really easy to be present with. >> i think we have a great staff here. >> and straight humanitarian. >> we have been homeless since august 8th. >> scraped up enough money. the 49-year-old says the family became homeless when their landlord put their home in antioch up for sale. >> my children have never experienced homelessness ever. and it was just very hard for me. >> >>reporter: during this break time, she says the hospital staff showed compassion. >> i just want you to meet my baby. this is one of my nurses. >> >>reporter: nurses would sit by her hospital bed during their breaks. inez says the surgeon also went beyond the call of duty fixing
12:42 pm
another medical problem, hernia in addition to the emergency gallbladder surgery. >> and it is a help for us to help parents through a tough time like that and to reasure her because she was nervous about surgery that everything is going to be fine. >> she really did something that was beautiful. for me. and i am very grateful to you for what you did for me. she did it for my family. >> >>reporter: she feels better now than she has in a long time. she hopes to find affordable housing soon, and on this thanksgiving holiday, she's grateful to be aleve with her family. amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. and rosemary. those storm systems lining up in the pacific. >> not one.
12:43 pm
let's take a look at what is going on outside our doors. the transmission is underway with all those clouds in place. mid and high level clouds overhead. they'll be thickening up as we get in the second part of the day. by tonight, that storm is going to bring us a little bit of rain. here is a look across san francisco. still a beautiful view. >> we can't get enough of that view. >> giving you a view of what is going on. looking at a little bit of rain coming our way. could see a little bit on the radar early on. into tonight and tomorrow morning, that is when the rain is going to sweep through. the good news as i spoke in the last half hour, looks like it is going to miss the evening drive. rainfall amounts not too impressive from a few 100ths to a 10th of the inch. the further north, the better chance you pick up a quarter inch or a half inch. this system will be sliding from north to south. here is a look at where we are right now with all the cloud cover over the bay area. here is a look at where the
12:44 pm
rain is. and the north corner of california seeing some of this as we get through the second part of the afternoon, we'll start to march our way. it looks like 7:00 or 8:00 before we see some rain move into sanoma county. here is tuesday afternoone a dry one, a cloudy one. and this has changed just in the last hour. and it looks like 6:00 or 7:00. the evening drive looks completely dry. as we get into 9:00 or 10:00 and moves through the central day. and then 11:00 or 12:00. at the end of the south bay. it will break apart a little bit. it won't be as heavy as what the north bay is expected to see. tomorrow morning, we'll wake up with a few scattered showers and then it's out of here and we're dry wednesday, as well as thanksgiving day. the next storm is expected to arrive on friday. giving you a view of the advisory in place for the sierra. if you are getting out of town, expect to have slick roads and perhaps white out conditions at
12:45 pm
times from 6:00 this evening until tomorrow. all the way down to 5000 here we are friday at 5:00 a.m. it looks mainly dry, but in the evening hours, we are looking at that rain. it could last into saturday. here we are now. sunday. and more rain in the forecast. we'll be tracking it for you between now and then. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. for your afternoon, temperatures will remain in the low 60s. you can see here, we are already cooler than where we were 24 hours ago. 61 is afternoon high for berkeley. 60 in san francisco. in the south bay, we have 62 expected for san jose. your extended forecast. rain tonight into tomorrow. then we get a break for wednesday, thanksgiving day, more rain coming in by friday afternoon. could last into sad. -- saturday. scattered showers possible on sunday. back to you. >> thank you. we're learning more details about the hospitallyization of
12:46 pm
kanye west. tmz said that west's personal physician was the one that called 921 and warned dispatchers kanye could become violence -- violent against police who try to help him. his patient was suffering from temporary psychosis due to sleep sleep depravation. west was taken to ucla medical center to undergo a psychiatric investigation. your home entertainment will appeal. from a robert deniro film about a boxer to an animated movie about a young boy with magical powers. jonathan hunt has more. >> we won't let you down. >> >>reporter: this week's list is full of gaming and dvd choices. >> how did two 20-something young men land a 300 million% pentagon contract. >> >>reporter: jonah hill and miles teller star in the unbelievable true story "war dogs." the pair end up in hot water after landing a government contract to supply weapons to u.s. allies in afghanistan. >> i want you to meet the best trainer in the history of
12:47 pm
boxing. >> >>reporter: hands of stone is based on the life story of legendary boxer and his trainer played by robert deniro. >> >>reporter: jeff bridges plays a u.s. ranger hot on the trail of two bank robbing brothers in hell or high water. >> you have 36 hours to eliminate the target. >> >>reporter: jason statham reprises his role in mechanic: rest recollection. this time, he's forced out of retirement to rescue a kidnapped love interest. the animated film, kubo and the two strings features the voice talents of charlize theron, matthew mcconaughey, about a young boy with magical power who is goes on a journey to change a spell. >> can you restore the balance? >> >>reporter: and out on all video game platforms is dark darkciders. in hollywood, jonathan hunt,
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fox news. a standing ovation for the miami heat wheel. we'll show you how three men are making a big difference on and off the court. over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today.
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the warriors beat the indiana pacers 120 to 838 to go undefeated on the four-game road trip. clay thompson was a huge part
12:51 pm
of last night's victory. he lead the team with 25 points. the warriors were up by 19 at the half, and they could have added three more to that if this 70-foot shot had counted. the buzzer sounded so it didn't count. curry finished be 223 points. they host the lakers, the last team to beat them tomorrow night. the san jose sharks snapped the three-game losing streak by beating the devils for nothing. the sharks struck early: a short-hand goal. brent burns also added goals. goalie martin jones had 26 saves in the shut-down avenue out. ktvu has more on the three men making a difference on and off the basketball court.
12:52 pm
it is not so much a sports story as it is a human story with basketball on wheels serving as the vehicle that takes us to a very human place, a struggle we all face in one way or another. adversity in life and the search to find the tools and inspiration to overcome them. everything - good. i left my house and was approached by some guys who shot had me. hi have so many reasons to feel bad. i have so many reasons to feel bad. my mom never babies me. my brothers never babied me. i fall, i get up. you get up on your own. you don't need anyone to help you. the only thing that is going to do is make you, what? that is what i am talking about. >> there are many ways to not only get to a place of
12:53 pm
acceptance, but to a zone where one can even thrive after suffering some of life's cruelest bless. should feel jeremy was born with spinibifida and cribral palsy. he's the champion of the basketball team but an owner of a recording studio and a rap performer. >> i live his life for me. somebody i am trying to be. ain't bragging. ain't boasting. >> just because i'm rolling h. >> it doesn't take long before one gets a feel for his indomitable spirit. >> in a wheelchair. being in a wheelchair is my life. my mom was in a car accident while she was pregnant with me. i am not different to anyone.
12:54 pm
i am me. >> i didn't really have any wheelchair friends. i had able-bodied friends. when i started playing wheelchair basketball, hey, it's the brotherhood, baby. marrow o owe grew up and suffered a life-altering you're sh your in a shooting. he discovered the miami heat wheel and a route. >> i think actually, i started feeling bad for mist. i just started taking action and i wanted to become
12:55 pm
somebody. somebody that i could be at peace documentary film called rebound. shown at the recent napa valley film festival. when the tri took the stage,
12:56 pm
they were groated like rock stars. you know how hard it is to get and keep the attention of people that age. these guys did it. it's as true in life as basketball. it's all about how you rebound. the documentary is called the rebound. >> it is being screened all over the country. looking ahead now today to the four on two. a family grieving over the loss of their dog. now, they are taking action against pet smart. >> the allegations against the store including the strangling death of their dog this is not an isolated incident. the dow jones appears right
12:57 pm
on track to close over that 19,000 mark. groan all day long not only on the dow but also on the nasdaq. s and p is poised to finish on the upside. good numbers for a great tuesday. thanks for joining us. see you right back here. ,,
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
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dr. oz: today -- megyn it's a deepy personal story and i have never actually spoken openly about it before. i went through a lot in my life. he grabbed me and attempted to kiss me. and that was the last i ever saw of him alive. the group just turned on me. these girls were vicious. i well up with tears. dr. oz: coming up next. dr. oz: we'll save lives too. you guys ready to get healthy? [applause]


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